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t KStfaMMSSSSSttlSststa
1 for wilts Dnllv i 1 Kol
iAVlll IowIiik LMiiuom
Iji M OAT J ii Co Merchant street
ItO THRUM Fortstreet
ICRYSI Al SODA WORKS llotcl Street
lJrUus O ConlH
innir TMiiVWc
f ilUVJLU ilJJ II -
It A dead snake was found in some
hay at the Union Feed Cos store yes-
I Messrs Bishop Co received 50-
00 111 Kulu Lul iiuiii itiiiuuiiit
I The sailing of the yacht Jlrunhildc
was postponed until 8 oclock this
Mr Levey sells this morning at the
P M S S wharf the surplus stores of
jtlie ship Amana
Mr W Anderson purser of the S
IS Wilmington has our thanks lor ban
Francisco files
The S S Australia is advertised to
leave San Francisco for Honolulu and
kSydney on October 1st
I 9
The P M S S Gaelic is advertised
Ro sail for Yokohama and Hongkong
ion or about October 8th
Rev E C OKgel and wife give a
K reception to their friends at their home
on Ntiuanu avenue tins evenine
The water from Makiki reservoir will
be shut off on Wednesday from six in
the morning til four in the evening
Ir Wnrvrsf T Wnrt will cliln n lnrrrn
ji collection of curios by the next
itsteamerto a purchaser in New York
Hookano a sailor on the Lehua had
Ihts right leg broken above the knee on
Saturday while handling Ircight at
A fair audience cathered at the
Fular Monday evening concert at Emma
Square last evening A fine programme
was rendered by the band
It Ho Yuk is suspected ot having skip
ped to China as a stowaway on the bark
ILdward May bereaving creditors ol
Ei ineir uuLb lu uic tunc ui iiiuusuuus m
rnilnin f nmrnn line rnnrip tlw
- -
Br ll 1 tiA Unj1
iiigucki bcuic au mi 111 uit
inc at the Fort street callerv and is
I therefore likely to be the target for the
photographers gun
fj Mr Frank Higgins last evening
made four bull s eyes in succession at
the gallery the bullet marks on the
k center piece ranging themselves close
together in tbc shape of a diamond
Although the Wilmington did not
treach the wharf till 630 yesterday
morning the Hekaid gave the result
of the international yacht race to its
Ireaders without delaying publication
The many friends of General S C
Armstrong in these islands will be pain-
Ad to learn of his serious illness at
Hampton his physicians view his case
opefully but with the utmost care and
entire rest
The steamship Gaelics recently
f ported fastest on record 13 days 22
hours and 32 minutes between Yoko
Ehama and San Francisco was eclipsed
fin 1882 by the Arabic in 13 days 21
hours and 43 minutes
If nu l u 1
I 1 lie sciiuuucir siinuie wus uiiiiiiuicu
yesterday to take some of the Portu
guese immigrants who arrived by the
ship Amana to Pataand Haiku Planta
tion Maui She sailed last evening
taking 75 adults and 125 children
San Francisco papers mention Hon
fG W Macfarlanes arrival there on
his way to London to negotiate the
K 2000000 loan They also say that
a syndicate is to be formed in London
to take up the loan consisting of Bar-
W ing Brothers Sir Alex Mathcsen and
Two members of the Myrtle Hoat
SClub when seen last evening said that
there was no hitch in the crews training
for the coming races I he junior crew
khadbeen in training for some time past
iand were still hard at work The senior
tcrew will go into tiaining in a day or
h -
tits Majesty s six oared senior new
in the Kaiulani made the fastest time
on record between the lighthouse and
the spar buoy last evening The best
record formerly was 5 minutes and 5
seconds The above named crew made
the distance last evening in 5 minutes
and 3 seconds
n 1 1 9 1 1 1 in
The Scientific American of August
28th has a letter from Mr F L Clarke
of this city relating to the renewal of
activity in the Volcano of Kilauea As
that influential journal contained an
1 elaborate account of the suspension of
eruptions it is gratifying to see it giving
a graphic and trustworthy description
of returning activity
Cantain Roberts of the -steamer
ftSurprise has arranged to give a trial
linn nf his vil fnr thf henphr ol thp
Intending purchasers the iacilic Nav
igation Company I he vessel will sail
ui ivuiauuc til 1111 u uiuuiv iu iiiuiiuii
h Morning returning to port tlie same
irmug iuinuill miuuris mis iiiviteu
a number of residents and friends to
ccompany him
Tho Eastern Question
A despatch from Vienna to the
Times says that Kalnoky the Austrian
Minister for Foreign Affairs has re
turned to Vienna from Gastein furn
ished with the rudiments of an entente
cordialc between the three Emperors
on the Bulgarian question at least so
far as the immediate future is con
cerned Russia the despatch says
recognizes the European character
of the Bulgarian question while laying
stress upon her special interests in
Prince Alexander is invited to Bal
moral by his brother Prince Henry of
llattcnuerg the husband of Princess
The Captain of the Kavoloff the
yacht on which Alexander was first
conveyed from Bulgaria has published
an account of the journey to Ceni He
says he would have killed Alexander if
the latter had tried to escape
A despatch ftom Sophia states that
the officers of the Bulgarian army
stationed there had met and adopted
resolutions pledging themselves in
fervent loyalty to Alexander and ex
pressing themselves as confident that
lie would return to Bulgaria
A Sophia despatch says the diffidence
of the Bulgarian Government and peo
ple towards Russia is growing because
Russia is endeavoring to alter if not to
deny the promise made by her to the
Prince in person regarding the unifica
tion of Bulgaria and Eastern Roumclia
on the one hand and the independ
ence of Bulgaria on the other Rus
sia claims that the appointment of all
Bulgarian officers be vested in the
The British are establishing a coal
ing station at Thaso on the northeast
shore of the Island of Thaso The
island is in the vEgean sea off the
south coast of Roumclia and belongs
in great part to the Khedive The
island has however for some time en
joyed certain autonomic privileges Be
sides establishing a coaling station at
the village of Thaso the British are giv
ing other indications of an intention to
govern the whole island Turkey is
asking England officially whether or
not it is true that England is charter
ing steamers and making other provi
ions against contingencies and if so
what are Englands reasons for this
activity and if it is in a direction in
which Turkey has an interest
Lobouchere in London Truth says
the Ministers are desirous of prevent
ing or at least of postponing Prince
Alexanders impending visit to his
English relatives His visit on the
ostentatious invitation sent would be a
sort of defiance to the courts of St
Petersburg Berlin and Vienna The
Bulgarians are advised to select one of
their own people as a ruler and give
him a small but adequate salary
Laboucherc adds I cannot under
stand why these peasants for in the
main they are peasants should deem it
necessary to import a German Prince
with a huge salary and all the wretched
tomfooleries of a court into their
A correspondent writes the London
Times in reference to the resolution of
the Limerick Hranch of the National
League expressing sympathy with Daly
the dynamiter whom the resolution
describes as dying in a British dun
geon The correspondent reminds
the Times that when Daly was arrested
there were found in his house in Bir
mingham four letters from Brennan
which proved that it was Dalys purpose
to obtain admission to the strangers
gallery in the House of Commons to
throw a bomb on the table during a
debate the Parnellites of course to
receive a caution beforehand to absent
themselves on this occasion If
continued the correspondent Dalys
purpose had been successfully carried
out every leading statesman in the
House of Commons on both sides
including Gladstone would have been
Mr Parnells land bill is too sweep
ing to please some of the Liberals It
stops evictions where the tenant pays
half his rent
Justin McCarthy on the eve of his
departure for America gave a farewell
lecture til Liverpool- m which he said
the cause of Ireland had of late made
remarkable strides and that Parnell
had opened up an entirely new chapter
in the history of Ireland
GUuroliill for Tolornuoo
Lord Randolph Churchill replying
to the directors of the Scotch Protes
tant Alliance who recently severely
criticised his answer to their remon
strance against the appointment of
Matthews Roman Catholic to the
Home Secretaryship says he must de
cline to enter the field of polemic
theology in regard to the position of
Catholics in Protestant States He
adds that if the views of the Alliance
were pushed to a logical conclusion
they would involve the repeal of all
those acts of Parliament removing the
political disabilities of the Catholics
and the re enactment of penal laws
which a vast majority of the British
people are anxious to forget
Sir Gknrlos Dlllto
Sir Charles Dilke has returned to
London and announced that he will
re enter public life as the proprietor
and editor of a London daily news
The Pall Mall Gazette is indignant
at Sir Charles Dilkcs hardihood and
publishes an article calling upon the
Queen to vindicate the purity of Eng
lish homes and the sanctity of the judi
cial oath and remove Sir Charles
Dilkes name from the roll of the Privy
A Torriblo Weapon
Specialists declare that the new
Mannlicher repeating rifle now being
manufactured for the Austrian army is
the most perfect rifle ever invented It
fires forty rounds a minute
The Extrablatt newspaper issue of
September 1 th was seized for publish
ing a description of the mechanism of
the breech of the new rifle
Cholera is increasing in Italy
Cholera is gaining ground in Austria
It is the worst at Lie a village near
Agrana Of 900 inhabitants of the
village ninety have been stricken down
and about twenty eight died almost
immediitely The people distrust the
doctors and conceal their sick as long
as possible
The suspension bridge over the Os
trawitza river in the town of Ostran in
Moravia collapsed on September 15
while a squadron of Uhlans were riding
across The Uhlans and a number of
spectators who were on the bridge
watching the soldiers were all precipi
tated into the river Seven persons
were instantly killed one of whom was
an Uhlan and many were seriously in
jured It was feared that a dozen
school children were drowned
A bridge spanning the Lagan river
at Belfast collapsed the same day as
the above Twenty persons were
thrown into the river four of whom
were drowned
bpamsh and French gunboats are
menacing each other on the west coast
of Africa in a dispute over territory
La Jiepublique Francaise publishes a
telegram which states that England
meditates a grand coup detat and will
probably proclaim Egypt British pos
sessions She will however adds the
Rtfiubliquc Franeaise do nothing until
she has a sufficient force at Alexan
Geo V Lee of New Jersey has de
feated Neil Matterson of Australia in
a sculling match on the 1 names Mat
terson was completely exhausted
while Lee beat the best previous record
to Hammersmith Bridge by ten sec
Two successful trips have been made
across the English Channel by the
yacht Volta propelled by electricity
Her time from Dover to Calais was
three hours and fifty four minutes
that of the return trip four hours and
fifteen minutes
Lord Randolph Churchill has intro
duced a civil service reform measure
which involves a thorough overhauling
of the system with reduction of ex
It is rumored among the New York
clubs that Prince Albert Victor eldest
son of the Prince ol Wales is betrothed
to an American lady
The Howard County Bank at Glas
gow Missouri has closed its doors and
placed its business in the hands of a
trustee for the benefit of its creditors
Half of the town of UrooMyn Iowa
has been burned down Loss 100
The Republicans have carried Maine
by ten or twelve thousand majority
giving Blaine an opening boom for
The Naval Department is informed
that the sloop of war Alert which has
just arrived after a three years cruiseat
San Francisco on her way back from
Yokohama ran a line of soundings
acrosss the northern track of the Pa
Hoffman Co importers of dry
and fancy goods Sin Francisco have
failed with estimated liabilities of
375000 and assets to cover about 75
per cent of that amount
PuorW huling
The steamer Idaho at Port Town
send September 10 from Alaska
brings the latest news from the Arctic
As far as was learned from the Cor
wins late cruise in the Arctic the
ini season has been unprofitable The
steamer Hear has rescued the crew of a
wrecked whaler name unknown The
bark Eliza had one whale and the bark
Coral two There is no hope for the
crew of the missing whaler Amethyst
Off for tho North Pole
A Winnipeg Canada despatch of
September 10th announces the depar
ture of another American explorer in
quest of the North Iolc It says Col
onel Gilder and his companion Griffith
started for the North lole last night
They will take the steamer lrincess at
Selkirk and proceed to Norway House
and from that point they will ascend
the Nelson rivt r and proceed to York
factory The outfit which the Colonel
takes with him weighs a ton and a half
and consists of hard tack pemiuican
and other food guns rifles rcvolveis
and ammunition scientific instruments
a hand organ baubles for the natives
etc He also takes two sledges sixteen
feet long and four feet wide After
leaving York factory Colonel Gilder
will take as little as possible with him
because of the difficulty of carrying it
Ho relics for susnetance mostly on
game secured along his route
Exciting reports have been received
at- Melbourne of the arbitrary French
action in New Hebrides Rev M
Macdonald Presbyterian missionary at
Havana Harbor in a letter to Lieuten
ant Mar of the British gunboat
Swinger says that the French Hebrides
Company have seized lands of rhc
Native Christian Mission alleging prior
title and that the French commandant
threatened the natives with armed
lorcc it they resisted 1 he company
claimed the lands of other British sub
jects Macdonald says that the French
practically exercised a sovereignty over
the island A collision between the
French and natives is imminent
Threats have been made against Mr
Macdonald and the native Christians
and he demands assistance from the
English squadron The Premiers of
the Australian Colonies arc about to
hold a conference to consider the sit
Advices received in London from
Apia state that after the departure of
the last of the men-of-war which had
recently visited the Samoan Islandsthe
rival native Kings renewed the civil
DojinrturoTof tho Tsnknba
The Japanese training ship Tsukuba
after a lengthy visit to this port
weighed anchor at two oclock yester
day afternoon and slowly steamed out
of the harbor Instead of proceeding
on her homeward voyage the vessel
steamed slowly up and down outside of
the harbor to the surprise of persons
along the wharves About half past
four oclock last evening when the ves
sel was about two miles on the Ewa
side of the channel she ran aground
sticking fast for about five minutes be
fore she succeeded in getting to deep
water again It was learned last even
ing that the Tsukuba would cruise out
side until this morning when she
would continue her journey
Sunday Sohool Exhibitions
Kawaiahao and Kaumakapilt
churches had their quarterly Sunday
school exhibitions on last Sunday
Hon W R Castle is superintendent of
the former and Mr A L Smith of the
latter Each central school meeting
in the church has a group of suburban
schools affiliated with it Thus
the position of superintendent in either
case demands high capacity for organ
izing and managing In this last case
as on preceding occasionimarkcd excel
lence was displayed by the scholars in
both associations as to singing recita
tions and knowledge of sacred themes
AVcst Dow Co have received cc
steamer Wilmington ash sets school
bags harmonicas guitar and banjo
strings rustic frames music books and
sheet music
Tho Bost Tonic
Mr Henry Dillincs Washington D C
writes I hate used jour Duflys Pure Malt
Whisky for medicinal purposes As a tonic I
consider it superior to the hundreds of concoc
tions which arc now flooding the land as stim
ulant liquors
Shipping Intelligence
MoNiusSept 37
S J Wilmington from San Krancisco
Slmr Lehua from Hauukua
bihr Lcahi from Kauai
Monuas Sept 7
btinr Likelike for Kuhului
Stmr Mokohi fur Molokal
ap 1 raining ship Itukubafor Japan
Sihr Canute for 1al
Schr Manuolawai for Koolau
Stmr Kinau for Maui and Hawaii
btmr lualani for Kauai
Stmr C R UUliop for Lahaina and Hamakua
bchr Kauikeaouli for Kohala
Schr Icahl for llannlei
Schr Momahine for Koholalele
Am yaiht lliunhilde for boauh America
Vossols in Port from Foroign Forts
lint bark Isle of Krin Nicholson from Llserpool
Am aclit llrunliilde Ihtlp from Monterey Cal
Am bk Ceylon Calhoun from Port Iownscnd W T
Am bUne Planter lerriman
Am bk Purest Queen Winding from San Francisco
Am bk Atlanta Killman from Port Tonnsend W T
Am bk LUinore O W Jenks from Newcastle N
llr ship Amana from Madeira
Aai bk Hespcr C K dcr Irom Newcastle N S W
Vessels Exjiootoil from Foroigu Ports
tier bark Pacific Olfman tram Bremen due Sep
tember 90 30 To II Mackfeld Co
llrit bark Ironcrig from Liverpool due Ottober
1510 To T 1 1 Davles i Co
Am brKtue Salina lllikc from San 1ranciMo due
Am bk Martha Davis V M Benson sailed from
llotou Aumist 7th due December io su To C Brewer
Brbk Martha 1lsher In have bailed from ltmpool
August 95
llrit bark W II Watson fiom Liverpool due October
IM 1 o 1 A Sihacfcr Co
Am bk Pacific Slope Barnes fiom Newcastle N S
W due September io a To Wilder Co
Am tern W S Bowne from San Francisco
Haw bark II101 R Foster F W Kilgtf from New
iatle N S W due October i ao
Br ship Hospodi Dalwock from Newcastle NSW
duo October loo
14 M S S Mamma Kdie from San Francisco en
route to the Colonies due Oclucr 4
Haw SS Australia Webber from Sail 1raiclsco en
route to the Colonies due October 8
From San Francisco per S S Willmil gton Monday
Sfl7 WA rvlrinej Miss Sallle Wood Miss J C
Brodle Major Bender Mlvi Brownlow C H hpauld
lug M Rosenthal D 0 Ihompson Miss Black well 11
Durrand Mrs F 1 Scott Incs U Boissheo Oscar
White Mrs A WcWr and child II V Patten Miss
lliie Wicks Mrs M Uelle and J chlldien Jsrob
MullerSaml Allen W I Morley Paul Icinkeand
wife Jno F Harry V Scott Mm A Jenks and child
II Ioxlhos ODovvda I Ordepstcin Aiuu Mosel
wife and 3 cl dren and 51 CI Inese
1 ke stmr Lehua arrived from Hawaii yesterday
Ike Japaiese training ship Tsukuba steamed out of
the harbor at oclock yesterday afternoon
Die slmrs Kinau twalanl and C R Bishop sail to
lhe ship Amana was hauled alongside the Pacific
Mall wharf yesterday
Iheichr Wnlmalu Will sail for Papalkou Hawaii
to morrow
The schr Leahl brought jo bags rice from Haaalel
Kauai yesterday
The sailing of thp tchr Moiwahlne for Kolialalele
was postponed until to day
The ichr Kauikeaouli sails for Kohata Hawaii to
the bark Hesper nas hauled alongside the stmr
Wilmington yesterday to discharge some coal into Ihe
latter vessel
The bark Isle of Krin is discharging coal at the Inter
Island wharf
Bcitrtl Sluu crttscmcnts
THDWATKIIFROM September jo i86
from 6 a m to 4 p m
Superintendent Honolulu Water Works
TIIURE stockholders of the Pacific Navigation
Company at their office on Tuesday morning at 9
oclock September 98 1B86
Honolulu September 35 16S6
General Commission Merchant
Masonic Illock Queen St Honolulu
ol Furniture Stock Real Estate and
General Merchandise properly attended to
Solo Agont for
Pantheon Stables
Corner Port and Hotel Streets
Livery Boarding and Sale Stables
Cntriagesfor hire at all hours of the day or night
nlso conveyance ot Ml kinds Tor parlies going around
the Island
Excellent Suddlo Hurst lor Ladies and Gen
Uemeii Guaranteed Gentle
Large and small omnibus foi picnics and excursion
Earties carrying from 10 to 40 passengers can always
e secured by special arrangements
Tflehione No 34
Wood and Coal Merchant
No 8a Kins Street Telephone Number
in both Companies 1S7
Wood and Coal Orders are hereby solicited and
will be delivered at ant localits within the cttv
Departure Bay Coal Newcastle
Coal and Charcoal
Hard and Soft Wood Sawed and Split always on
hand nnd sold in quantities to suit
general Jlliberticclncitic
Wenner Co
Manufacturing and Importing
F JE W H Xj 315 Xfc 8
Xo W Fort Street
Always keep on hand a most elegant assortment of
Kver brought to this market
Clock Watclics Bracelets Neck
lets 1ina Lockets Gold Chains
nnd Guards Slcovo Buttons
Studs Etc Etc
And ornaments of all kinds
Elegant Solid Sllvor Ton Sota
And all kinds of silver ware suitable for prrsentatltn
Made to order
Repairing of watcles and Jewelry carefully at
tended to and executed in the most workmanlike
Particular attention is paid to orders and job work
from the other Islands
Crystal Soda Works
S03D A wateb
Aerated Waters of All Kinds
Fruit Syrups and Essences
Our Goods nre ackuowleged the BEST NO CORKS
In all our Bottles
SiT We invite particular attention to our Patent
Filter recently introduced by which alt waters used
n our manufactures Is absolutely freed from all Im
tST We deliver our Goods free of charge to all parti
of the city
Careful attention paid to Islands Orders Address
P O BOX 307
Telephone No 298
Cosmopolitan Saloon
Corner of Hotol and Nuunnu SU
Uiiilor tliu Ktinnsamfliit ot
Keep constantly on hand all brands of Wines
Liquors and Beers Ice cold Ileer on draught 10 cents
per glass
Family and Shipping Butcher
King Street
Haiku Sugar Compan
Hitchcock Si Cos Planlatian
II Smith Co Koloa Kauai
Ihe Union Fire and Marine Insurance Company of San Francisco
can be had to order at the
General 3luucrtiscmcnts
hipping Commission Merchants
Kohala Sugar Company
Paia Plantation
rove Ranch Plantation
Halstrad Walalua PlauTitlou
1 1 tua Fire Insurance Company of Hartford
Hie New Fnglnnd Mutual Life Insurance Company or Boston
D M Westons Patent Ccotrifiigil Machines
Ihe New York and Honolulu Packet Line
The Merchants Line Honolulu and San Francisco
Dr nne Sons Celebrated Medicine
Wilcox 4 C lbbs Remington and Wheeler i Wilson Sewing Machl
Have just received and offer for sale 1
The only ones for sale In this Market
Halls Celebrated Plows and Breakers
From 6 Ih to in sold cheaper than any other In the market
Also Sisal Rope Usual Sizes
A fresh let of elegant Solid Silver Ware from the Gorham Eaciqrv
Also beautiful articles of Siver Plated ware from Reed Bartons Rooms
All these besides their usual assoitment of Hardwaie Lubricating Oils Etc
for House and Plantation use

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