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h AV1H ff hiiIo Dully nt tho 11-
loWllllZ fllUIHHS
I J J M OAT Jk A Co Merchant Mnct
i TO THRUM Port street
Piloo G ContH
The Japanese training ship Tsukuba
liad target practice off port yesterday
Subscribe for the Herald now so
that the carriers will know your plncc
by the first of October
VUt MMtr Iwtln itirt Linn flrfv
engine to replace the one ruined in the
h biu fire is expected soon from the hast
11 -
11011 wco v niaciiiiiuiicivruu ncm
to the Coast on business connected
h with the 2000000 loan will be home
I by the Mararaa this week
fViL IJw Cl
Chung Quai Sou the hack driver
who uavc evidence in the Soi Yung
f shooting case was yesterday arrested
for perjury anu let oui on 1000 nan
Sixty one Portuguese immigrants
comprising 15 men 11 women anu 33
children were shipped to I amakua
Mill Hawaii by tne schooner
hinc last evening
Mr Godfreyreporter for the Gimttc
is going to have the picture of the
members in his book of proceedings
In fact it was for Zips enterprise
that the house was taken
li Smiths Planetnrv Almanac and
Weather Guide to be ready in Novem
ber will contain times for sowing in all
latitudes from 20 to so deer North It
S will be on sale in Honolulu l
A merchant here received advices
from San Francisco of rt big operation
If to make another corner in grain Bar-
Plcy jumping from 80 to 95 cents a
hundred showed that the movement
V 11
nau uegun
It is said that the Royal Brass Band
comprises the greater portion of the
standing army of the Sandwich Islands
From this it may be inferred that a
very harmonious feeling pervades the
army South Australian Chronicle
I was never exactly buried alive
said an old shopman recounting his
experience but I once worked a week
in a place that did not advertise When
I came out my head was almost as
white as you iec it Solitary confine
ment did it
According to the London Universe
Father Damicn a Jesuit is dying of
leprosy caught while ministering to the
lepers near Honolulu The Universe
considers the heroism of the priest
more exalted than that of the late
General Gordon Exchange
h -
At the Lyceum tins evening tne
subiect will be The True Mode of
a- ir ri u 1
Mneptimr fir nt R jn thn mnllnr nf
ni wo 1 -
chasing a lot for the church will be
brought before the congregation It is
urgently desired that every member
should be present
A gentleman in Messrs G W Mac-
farlane Cos office received by the
Australian mail a sample of sugar from
Swallow Darhams Hanibledon
plantation Cairns Queensland It was
made by a secret process the
ous element being supplied to the
fiers The crystals are very sparkling
slightly gray in color but the sugar is
much damper than 1 lawaiian washed
I Sugar men will no doubt find the sam
ple interesting
Poll no Court
One case of drunk 6
Jas Murphy assault and battery
forfeited bail 6
A Kcae having opium in his pos
session fined 50 and sentenced to
imprisonment at hard labor for fifteen
Ah Chung assault and battery sen
tenced to imprisonment nt hard labor
for seven days Appealed to Supreme
It Court
Five natives were sentenced to im
prisonment at hard 1 ibor for one month
each for assault and battery
Ah Sing burglary proscution
withdrawn Win Jordan violating
express rule No 6 fined 5
and 3 costs
Waikini Kona deserting wile re
manded for judgment until the 30th
An Eai tliijualco Exporlouoo
Mrs M Thompson of Honolulu in
a letter to her husband Col
1 son dated Richmond Va September
II -I 1 1 lWlWlMf -
experience with the earthquake
1 send you a paper con
taining an account of an earthquake
shock which made me have a very
nervous dreadful spell for fifteen min
utes I am in a third story and my
room was so shaken by what at first I
thought was a violent wind storm and
in a few moments the rumbling sound
together with the noise of the furniture
and everything in agitation the floor
swaying roughly that I thought of
nothing but the house tumbling down
over us and I ran down stairs to hear
that it was an earthquake The sec
ond shock was not so severe but it
was sufficiently appalling to terrify me
The weather was at the time very cool
at least eight or ten degrees lower than
it was the day before
Ou tlio Itom foi Honnoliolil
Mic President It seems that we
should reconsider this vote for no
statement or committee leport is be
fore the House showing any reason for
increasing the appropriation for house
hold expenses Jt has been said that
if such an increase is an insult to His
Majesty the House is responsible for
it Now I am opposed to any such in
crease and I do not think I should be
held responsible for it the majority
who carry such a vote are responsible
1 do not suppose that any one present
in proposing or supporting such an in
crease of this appropriation intends to
insult His Majesty 1 do not for a
moment suppose that the honorable
member from Hilo would ever cast re
proach upon His Majesty under any
circumstances whatever But may not
such an increase of appropriation be a
humiliation to the King Because early
in the session he communicated his de
sire to the Assembly that the appropri
ation bill should be revised with a view
to economy beginning with the civil
list Now if we ignore His Majestys
request we cither show to the public
that we dont believe that he meant
what he said or else that his wishes
have no influence with this Assembly
I feel that the support by the Minister
of the Interior to this increase of ap
propriation is a humiliation for this
Assembly Early in the session the
Minister of the Interior he may have
been the Minister of Foreign Affairs
then made a speech in favor of econ
omy vhich was so good that it was ap
plauded by the Opposition he said
tin cvenuc of the country was suffici
ent for our needs and that we could
get along without any loan at all He
announced a policy of economy as the
policy of the Government we sec to
day how he is following out that policy
A few days later His Excellency ate
his own speech on economy whole
It may not be parliamentary as a
rule to discuss His Majesty in this
Assembly but when the subject of de
bate is a matter relating to his private
affairs or to his position it becomes
both proper and necessary to allude to
him personally His Excellency the
Minister of the Interior has introduced
the subject of His Majestys official
position before us and I may be
excused in referring to his remarks
I Ic has compared our ruler with the
Queen of England and other crowned
heads and said that his power in this
country was greater than theirs in their
domains This I deny it is not the
fact He says that His Majesty may
veto any law passed by this Assembly
while the Queen of England dare not
veto an Act of Parliament 1 his is a
statement that is both derogatory to
the Queen of England and untrue no
one acquainted with the history of the
English Parliament would make such a
remark He says that our Legislature
and people arc under the rule of an
autocrat now as a member of this
House I protest against such a state
ment By our constitution and laws
we arc a sovereign legislative body and
if His Majesty has an autocratic con
trol of our proceedings he has it only
by an act of usurpation The sover
eign power of this country is divided
between the King the Legislature anil
the Supreme Court and there isno
more sense in saying that the King is a
larger part of the Legislature because
he has the veto power than there
would be in saying that the Supreme
Court is the larger part of the Legisla
ture because it has the power to cancel
the laws of the land 1 am not sur
prised to hear the reverential remarks
of His Excellency the Minister of the
Interior about the divine right of
kings and his expression of political
sentiments that belong to the
fourteenth century we all know that
these arc his views but he is behind
the times and his theories do not fit the
nineteenth century Mr Gibson in
terrupting said I was not stating
on nion but facts Mr Dole con
tinuing I will meet him just there
on the facts- This Government is not
an autocracvbut is a legislative govern
ment like those in other parts of the
world and is governed on similar
It seems to me that this vote should
be reconsidered the motion to increase
the item is a surprise to the House at
the last reading of the appropriation
bill I should be in favor of leaving
the item as it stood in amount and
making it read for Palace repairs and
grounds The household expenses
should come out of the Kings salary
that is what his salary is for In
deference to His Majestys request this
item should not be increased
A CoiiuroKiitloiiiil Romiiou
Last evening Rev E C and Mrs
Oggel held a reception at their resi
denceNuuanti Valley for the members
of the Ikthel Union congregation The
response was general a large company
thronging the spacious rooms and
verandah In the midst of most agree
able social converse the Elite ice
cream man loomed up the luxuries
and dainties he brought shedding a
cooling aroma over the happy scene
It becoming generally known that the
pivot on which the pastoral hospitality
revolved was the forty fifth birthday of
the host the reverend gentleman was
heartily congratulated on all hands and
wished many happy returns of the
occasion About ten oclock the
gathering dispersed all delighted with
their gracious and amiable reception
and in having met together under such
agreeable auspices
On the 23rd ultimo the electric light
was used for the first time in the Cabinet
Prince Napoleon who arrived at
Osaka on the 19th ultimo visited the
Castle Arsenal and Mint afterward
proceeding to Nam I Ic will remain
about a week nt Kyoto and then return
to Tokio overland
News of a disquieting nature has
been received from Corca The King
and the Bin family appear to have been
again coquetting with Russia and the
Chinese Government is said to be in
Eruptive typhus which had lately
been prevalent in Kyoto has now
greatly diminished and only eighteen
patients remain in the hospital
Cholera in Tokio continues severe
The scene of its worse ravages is now
the Kanda district Two foreign resi
dents of the capital have been at
A recent ascent of Fujiyama has dis
closed the fact that fiery vapors arc
now being emitted from fissuics in the
summit of the mountain in much
greater volumes than was the case
The standing army of Japan num
bers 31000 rank and file and the
medical staff consists of one surgeon
to every hundred men
The manufacture of handkerchiefs of
hemp 4own in Goshu on an expepri
mental scale onlyhas turned out to be
such a great success that the business
will now be engaged in extensively
A proposal has recently been brought
before the Chinese in Hongkong and
Canton by a foreigner to establish a
company to make sugar out of rice
The capital of the company h to be
250000 in 100 shares
Charles Rivington co proprietor of
the Shanghai Mercury son of Mr
Rivington of Messrs Rivington Co
publishers London and for a quarter
of a century a resident of the Far East
died at Shanghai on the 2d inst
News was received here on the 18th
inst that the British steamer Madras
Captain Plenge while on her way from
Nagasaki to Hongkong with a cargo of
Takasima coal has stranded on Tai
chiow sonic sixty miles to the south of
Ningpo on the Chinese coast and that
she would probably become a total loss
The missionaries who were at Chung
king during the recent riots there and
who were compelled to seek refuge in
the Taotais Yaman for a fortnight
have arrived at Ichang Some of them
were badly treated
A member of the American Bible
Society who left Canton last February
for a tour overland taking with him
somcooo books for sale has arrived
at Shanghai During all this time he
had been virtually a prisoner in the
hands of Chinese officials who on the
pretext of looking after his safety pre
vented him from going where he
wanted and gave him no opportunity
of selling his books
During the late riots at Chungking
a French missionary was killed The
latest advices received by the Shanghai
Courier which carry us up to the 5th
instant are to the effect that rioting
was still going on and that Mr Bourne
the Ifritish Consul and two
anes were still detained
yamen and arp
to 150 out for fear
at the
not allowed
of their being
maltreated A further report to Can
ton is to the effect that the Tsung i
Yamen or Foreign Hoard of China
have adopted the suggestion of the
Viceroy and the Governor of Canton
and a Spucial Commissioner named
lang Vu Lin made some time ago
with regard to Christianity viz that
the propagation of Christianity should
be countenanced openly but secretly
it should be suppressed Of course there
may be nothing in all this except that
it shows what the feeling of the native
mind with regard to missionaries is at
the present time
Christian Muriloroil liy Hundreds nml
Star villi Ijy Thousands
ltt Touqulu
The Iaris Universe publishes a tele
gram from the Uishop of Tonquin say
ing that 700 Christians have been mas
sacred and forty villages burned in the
province of Manhoa and that 9000
Christians are perishing of hunger
Inturostlu to Hawaii
A Washington despatch of Septem
ber 10th is as follows In answer to
an inquiry by the Collector of Customs
at San Francisco Acting Secretary
Fairchild of the Treasury Department
decides that sugar cane is not entitled
to free entry under the provision in the
Hawaiian reciprocity treaty for vege
tables or for Muscovado brown and
all other unrefined sugar but is duti
able at the rate of ro per cent advalo
rcm as a raw unmanufactured article
under section 2513 of the revised
statutes as contained in the act of
March 3 1883
-ii 1 1 mi
Messrs McCandless Brothers yestcr
day struck water in an artesian well on
the premises Of Mr Geo Robertson
back of Col Spreckcls residence
1unaliou A very fair stream came
when a depth of 205 feet had been
reached and the boring is to be con
tinued fora few clays With a view to get
ting an increased flow
In the Legislature yesterday the
hundred and thirteenth day Mr
Son answered the oucstion of Mr
Thurston relative to the cost of immi
grants For those by the Stirlingshire
there was an outlay of 42000 of which
the planters paid 16000 I he
Amanas 50G people cost 41000 the
planters share of which would be 15
000 Women and children come at the
expense of the Government The Jap
anese Government wanted to make
emigration to these Islands free the
Hawaiian Government to rebate the
passenger tax relieve immigrants of
taxes for three years and allow each
passenger to bring 200 pounds of rice
free of duty Mr Haysclden from a
select committee submitted a substitute
for a bill to amend section 62 Civil
Code relating to licenses which was
passed to third reading The votes on
governors salaries the salary of the
Police Justice of Honolulu and items
for the volunteer companies were
reconsidered on motion of Mr Aholo
The following bills passed third read
ing to authorize the Collector General
to permit the withdrawal of alcohol in
certain cases to relieve South Sea
Island goods from duties to consoli
date the laws relating to commissioners
of private ways and water rights to
provide for a Hawaiian Board of
Health to organize the army to re
lieve residents of Makiki interest being
refused on the amount of their claims
A motion to indefinitely postpone the
Hawaiian Board of Health bill made
by Mr Dole was defeated on the fol
lowing divisioh For Darc Bishop
Brown Pahia Wight Kalua Rich
ardson Dickey Thurston Paehaole
and Dole n against Gibson Ka
noa Bush Haysclden Keau Lilika
lani Baker Kauhi Amara Kaulia
Kaulukou Kaunamano Nahale Na
hinu Aholo Kaukau Kaai Kauai and
Palohau 10 Mr Keaus bill to pre
vent cattle driving on the road at Moa
nalua was handed over to a committee
Mr Doles amendment to the Consti
tution sending the Ministry to the
Privy Council for authority to expend
money in emergencies other than those
of war pestilence invasion or public
disaster was opposed by the Govern
ment and thrown out I his effort ex
hausted the House and it adjourned
before three oclock for want of a
West Dow Co have received ex
steamer Wilmington ash sets school
bags harmonicas guitar and banjo
strings rustic frames music books and
sheet music
Tho Best Tonic
Mr Henry HillinRi Washington D C
writes I have used your Dailys lurc Malt
Whisky for medicinal purposes As a tonic I
consider it superior to the hundreds of concoc
tions which are now flooding the land as stim
ulant liquors
Shipping Intelligence
Tuesday Sept it
Ger bark Pacific from Hreinen
Schr Nellie Merrill from Waisnac
Schr Mary U Poster from Kauai
Tern Ke Au Hon from Paia
Tuesday Sept 38
Stmr Kinau for Maui and Hawaii
Stmr Iwalini for Kauai
Stmr C K ItUhop for Lahaina nnd Itamakua
Schr Kauikcaouli for Kohala r
Schr 1 colli Tor Ilanalcl
Schr Moiwahinc for Koholalele
Am yacht Druiilulde for South America
Stmr lthua for Ilamakua
Stmr Surprise for WiiLmac
bihr Kiuina for Kauai
Schr Waimalu for 1ali and Hilo
VoskoIs ill Port from Foroljrn Ports
Iltit batk Isle of Erin Nicholson from lllerpool
Am vacht Brunhildc Phelps from Monterey Cal
Am lW Ceylon Calhoun from Port Tounsciul W T
Am bktne Planter Pcrriman
Am bk Forest Queen Winding from San Francisco
Am bk Atlanta KMImau from Port Tonnseud W T
Am bk Elsinore t W Jcnks from Newcastle N
Br ship Amana from Madeira
Am bk llesper C Kder Iroin Newcastle N S W
Ocr bk Pacific Olfinan from Bremen Germany
Vossols Expoototl from Foreign Ports
llrit bark Ironcrag from Liverxjol due Oitobcr
15 10 To T II Davie Co
Am hrgtno Salina Blake from San Francisco due
Ambk Martha Davis F M Benson sailed fiom
Boiton August 7th due December lo so To C Brewer
Br bk Martha FUlicr to have sailed from Liverpool
August 35
Brit bark W II Watson from Liverpool due October
1 To F V Schaefer Co
Am bk Pacific Slope Barnes Horn Newcastle N S
W due September lo as To Wilder Co
Am tern W S llownc from San Francisco
Haw batk Thos R Foster F W Kugg from New
castle N S W due Octolier iso
Br khlp Hopoda Babcock from Newcastle N S W
duo October lo o
R M S S Marnroa Kdle from San Francisco en
roule to the Colonies due Octotr 4
Haw SS Australia WcbUr from San Francisco en
route to the Colonies due Octolier 8
From Bremen Ccrnuny per bark Pncllic Tuesday
Sept a8 W 0 Zaller and W Tfotenhauer
Fot Maul nnd Hawaii per stmr Klnau Tuesday
Sept a8 W R Castle wife and child Mrs Ashford
Mr Hirllck Jas Campbell and servant C Killman
wife child nnd servant Mrs Holt ana iervant and
alaut 8 deck
Tho bktnc Planter will probable sail for Port Town
send W T next Monday
The bark Ceylon has 6 lUhcd dlschirglns her cargo
of lumber nnd has been chartered by Mesn VUco II
Davies Co to load uir for San Francisco
The schr Ma y E Foster arrived from Walmea
Kauai yesterday afternoon Whllo beating in shu ran
ashore ontheWiiMM side of the channel The stmr
C R Bishop went to her rclirf and noon got her Into
deep water asaln
The stmr Mararoa will be due here en rouU to the
Colonics 011 Saturday next
The stmr Wilmliwton commenced loading uar yes
terday She will sail fcr Stn Fra icisoo on hcnI Sat-
I he steam chi Surprise sail for Watanae tnis fore
noon returning this evening
The schr Kinnia sails fur Kaiul to day
The stmr Ichua sails for Hawaii to day
Tin Ger bark Pacific Capl Olfinan arrived I11 port
yesterday morning 141 days from Ilirmen 0rmany
cunslgiml to lleckfeld ft Co Shi Is dcuktd nt Brew
ers wharf uIhtc she will dUcluue her cargo of general
111a chaudise
Scttcrul dlulciiiGciucnt0
VuerjoNJ nfltt
Genoral Commission Merchant
Masonic Block Queen St Honolulu
of Furniture Stock Itcil Estate and
Sales Merchandise properly attendee to
Solo A o nt for
Pantheon Stnbles
Corner Fort and Hotel Streets
Livory Boarding and Salo Stables
Oil ringed for lure nt all hours of the day or night
also conveyance of nil hinds for parties going around
the island
Excellent Siridlo Horses lor Ladies and Gen
tlemen Guaranteed Gentle
Large nnd small omnibus foi picnics and excursion
Dirties carrying from to to 40 passengers can always
be secured by special arrangements
TsLnnioNR No 31
Wood and Coal Merchant
No 8a King Street Telephone Number
In both Companies 187
Wood and Coal Orders are htrehv snllritrl nnd
will be delivered nt anv locality within the cltv
Departure Bay Coal Newcastle
Coal and Charcoal
Hard and Soft Wood Sawed nnd Split always on
hand and sold in quantities to suit
Books Relating to Hawaii
Kornanders Poljncstan Uacc
Our Journal in the Pacific
Jarvcs History of the Hawaiian Islands
Andrews Ifawaiian Dictionary
Andrews Hawaiian Grammar
Whitneys Guide Hook
Miss IlirdsSix Months in the Sandwich Islands
Hawaian Almanac and Annuals 1855 1685
Hawaiian Cook Book rcised edition
Hawaiian Phrase looks
Uasy Lessons for Hawaiiaiis 1
A Pow Copies Only
Hawaiian Club Papers
Honolulu Directory and Historical Sketches ol ih
Hawaiian Islands
Hassinjcrs Cuunni House TarifTrind Digest
The Islander an 8 vo weekly Journal March 10
November 185
Together with an excellent vaiiety of
For sale by
Til OS
a run cm
Vo I IIO Fort
Scneval Jltiucvtus entente
Wenner Co
Manufacturing and Importing
r je wis jl as r s
Xo 0i Fort Street
Always keep on hand a most elegant assortment of
Ever brought to this mnrkc
Clocks Wrifolicp Hraccldfl AYoU
lots LMns LockctP Gold CIiniiiH
mill Guards Sleeve Buttons
Studs Etc Etc
And ornaments of all kinds
Elegant Solid Sllvor Tea Sots
Anil all kinds of silverware suitable for presentation
Made to order
Repairing of watches and Jewelry carefully at
tended to and executed In the most workmanlike
Particular attention is paid to order and job work
from tlie other Island
Crystal Soda Works
Aerated Waters of All Kinds
Fruit Syrups and Essoncos
Our Goods are ucknowleged the BEST NO CORKS
In all our Bottles
K3T We Invite particular attention to our Patent
Filter recently introduced by which all waters used
n our manufactures is absolutely freed from all Im
fST We deliver our Goods free of charge to all parts
of the city
Careful attention paid to Islands Orders Address
Telephone No 298
Cosmopolitan Saloon
Cornor of Hotel and Nuunnu Sts
TJmlur tho muiuiKomoiit
Have jiibt received and offer for sale
Keep constantly on hand all brands of Wines
Liquors and Beers Ice cold Beer on draught 10 cents
per class
Family and Shipping Butcher
King Stroot
can be had to order at the
05rncril Jlulicvlisemcnts
hipping Commission Merchants
Kohala Sugir Company Haiku Sugar Company
Paia Plantation Hitchcock Cos Plantatlan
Qrovc Ranch Plantation R HaUtead Watalua Plantation
A 11 Smith Co Koloa Kauai -
The Union Fireand Marine Insurance Comrany of San Franclrco
1 1 Ina lire Insurance Company of Hartford
Tim New England Mutual Life Insurance Company of Huston 1 1
1 M Weions Patent Cemrifogal Machines
TIIhj New Vork and Honolulu Packet Line
The Merchants Line Honolulu and San Francisco
Dr Inyne Sc Sons Celebrated Medicine
V Wilcox 4 Glbbs Remington nnd Wheelerfc Wilson Sewing Machl
The only ones for sae lit this Market
Halls Celebrated Plows and Breakers
From 6 lb to s In sold cheaper than any other In the market
Also Sisal Rope Usual Sizes
A fresh let of elegant Solid Silver Wauk from the Goriiam Factory
Also beautiful ai tides of Silver Plated ware from Reed Uartons Rooms
All these besides their usual assortment of Ilardwaic Lubricating Oils Etc
for House and Plantation use
Fij l

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