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Will be r JJr t o
lowlne TIuooh
T 0 THRUM Fortstreet
f H SOPEH Merchant street
Xrloo O OontH
Two Cliincsc were arrested yesterday
for violating the Sabbath
The Palace trumpeters made an un
earthly noise last night
ii i
Romance of a Glove an interest
ing storiette is on the fourth page
Another lot of standard works has
heen added to the Honolulu Library
Illlll 1 I II I
There was a run on red shirts in the
stores by firemen on Saturday evening
Subject at the Seventh Day Adven
tist meeting this evening The 2300
days of Daniel 9 All invited
Mr Hradlcys horse Redwood died
on Saturday It was valued at 500
and favorably known on the track
To morrow being the Kings birthday
and a legal holiday the Honolulu Li
hrary and Reading Room will be
Under the law against obstructing
the streets just proclaimed the Marshal
has ordered the fruit sellers to leave
the street corners Hard but honest
The opening of the Merchants Ex
change on Saturday night drew a large
but very orderly crowd Mr Geo
Cavenagh proprietor of the Club
House dining rooms served a superb
lunch to 270 persons
- 1
The first of the exhibitions of fancy
billiards by Mr Morris to be con
tinued during the week will begin at
eight oclock this evening in the Hotel
billiard room where all who take an in
terest in the game will be made wel
in i 1 1 11
The tall flagstaff of China Engine
Company which survived the fire in a
very charred state has been cut down
t u was in me way uestues ucini
gerous The Bell Telephone Cos
poles in that part of King street arc be
ing moved a point
1 - 1 1
Professor Van Slykes lecture on
Friday evening was illustrated with
experiments and very instructive
as well as entertaining The course is
r to be continued with lectures on air
I water food etc ahd it will be a pity if
tney cannot be given in a hall in town
t so as to be available to all
Toaoltora Meeting
J A meeting of the teachers of the
city belonging to the Teachers Associ
ation of the Hawaiian Islands will be
held this Monday afternoon at four
oclock in the parlors of the Y M C
A building to make arrangements for
the annual meeting
i L L Van Slyke
For several years the second week in
November has been observed by the
Young Mens Christian Associations of
America as a season ef special prayer
for young men and the work among
them The Honolulu Y M C A
v will unite in this observance Noon
day meetings will be held in the
association rooms every day this week
except Tuesday at 1225 oclock for
thirty minutes Members and friends
ladies included are cordially invited
Topic to day From Self Willed Exile
to Home Luke 1511 24
llifle Match
There is to be a rifle match tomor
row Tuesday morning on tire Hawa
iian Rifle Association Range between
teams of six men each from the
ation and the Honolulu Rifles The
Association team will be Dr Urodie
Edward Hingley C Nichnl J N S
Williams J H Fisher and C B Wil
son the Rifles so far as known W
Unger Frank Higgins J W Pratt and
W C King Some members of each
team belong to both bodies Tlu
match will be ten rounds each at 200
Home manufacture should always
I be civen preference on even term
i much more when it has odds to offer
Cigar dealers therefore should
I- tlt Ii ci 10 rinirf1 1 IT sell
J W Hfngleys make several brands
Iof which are superior to any imported
article for the price
Mr D W Pratt will have a reopen
ing of the Oceanica restaurant removed
Btj Hotel street this evening
E P Adams Co will sell the
I furniture of Mrs Monsarrat Union
street at ten this morninfr
I As a true tonic effective invitjorn or aim
feenulne anneHzer DiilTvs Malt Whisky is
Iho Bast Tonio
Mr Hcnrv Hllllncs Washington D C
Kwritesi I have used your Duffy Inre n ai
IWhlsky for medicinal purposes Asaioim
consider It superior lotlie nurmreus ui rV
tions which ore now Hooding the land a stim
ulant liquors
Termination of a Trait
In the Supreme Court at Chambers
on Saturday before His Honor Justice
Preston the application Of Hon A F
Judd and S H Dole gnardians of
Irene H Ij minor was heard The
pctltin Yhich was filed October
4th sets forth that the ward was mar
ried to one Charles Augustus Brown
September 30th said marriage opcr
ating as a termination of the trust
The guardians therefore asked that
their accounts as such be approved
and that they be discharged from
further responsibility in the matter
From the previous proceeding had in
the estate it is made evident ilnh hn
trust was almost whollv under Hi nun
agement of the first named guardian
he being- nominated by will of the
father of the ward Hon Mr Dole
being appointed only to fill the vacancy
caused by the resignation of the late J
Komoikechuehu co guardian The
estate is the late Hon John Ii who
held position as one of the Associate
Justices of the Supreme Court up to
the time of his death His will devised
all of the property to the daughter with
a proviso that one tenth of the income
be applied by the guardians to chari
tableobjects The date of Mr Judds
appointment is June 1870 and his
management of the property judging
from the records of the Probate Court
has been a prudent and successful one
In l872ahniif flip tmf thf nvprntnrc
of the will wound up their administra
tion tne yearly income ot the estate
amounted to about 1200 but in the
year ending July 1886 the income of
the estate had swelled to about 6ooo
per annum showing the most careful
management on the part of the guar
dians The accounts submitted were
for the three months endint September
30 showing receipts 416060 and
payments 379785 The accounts
were approved and the guardians
ordered discharged and their bond can
celled Mr and Mrs C A Brown
art nnw nn n vicir to tlir TTnitprl Rrntnc
His Honor the Chief holds a power of
attorney for them during their absence
The balance in hand 36275 was
paid by the guardians to the attorney
in fact whose receipts for same was
On Friday Hopu got 15 days hard
labor for assault and battery on Ah
Saturday Ah Hu was tried for assault
and battery on Ah Tong when a motion
for his discharge was taken into consi
deration by the Court Ah Tong was
remanded a second time for assault and
battery on Ah Hu
Ah Kui was tried for deserting his
native wife Milcka She testified that
they arrived in Honolulu from Hilo
last Sunday that her husband expen
ded 50 cents for food tor Herself and
two children that day but nothing
since that she lnd not seen htm since
Monday that if she spoke to him he
spit at her that she had been hungry
and others had fed herself and children
and that he had deserted them for six
months at Hilo when she had to go to
work for Austin The case concluded
by the reconciliation of the parties in
Tito Fortucuoso Pjipor
The Luso Hawaiiano of last week
notes a number of Portuguese young
men having joined the Y M C A
that has started for their benefit a
course of English It regrets that this
privilege was not provided long ago as
knowledge of English is indispensable
n nrnsneritv here There is an article
on the California wines of Aruad
adzthy Co also one complaining of
the doings of R beeman Hawaiian
consult S Miguel as having in some
respects hampered emigration from the
Azores to these islands a letter de
nounces bad treatment alleged to have
hppn nmmitted on a Porturruese sub
ject by employees of Oarhu Prison
Chief Justice JudJ is congratuiateu on
the completion of three years at the
head of the Judiciary Foreign and
local news poetry and a pleasing local
story complete the bill Advertising
patrdnage shows continued increase
and he circulation is said to be grow
ing largely The paper is altogether a
Tlio Soooiul Concert
There was another splendid house
fr hp Honolulu Y B Clubs sec
ond concert on Saturday nipht
Although the programme with a slight
exception was the same as the night
before yet there was a great aeai new
in hi nftrformance Messrs Armstronc
ind Macfarlane particularly threwmore
i U nnlE TMn littnr with
llin IIIHI IHSH mili m iw
his drum in The Skids was very
mirth provoking Mr Applebys banjo
playing again captivated the audience
while the charajters in A Slippery
Day were reinforced by an Australian
tourist and a couple after a marriage
license Mr J W Dowsett made up
ignin with signal success as the
Premier and the adventures on the
treacherous stairs caused uproarious
hilarity After an interval 01 a few
weeks to get up some new pieces the
jame company ought to give another
entertainment No imported troupe of
minstrels for a long time has given at
equal amount of amusement
Try Martilielli Cider It Is absolutely pure
Macfarlane Co agents
The rOad from Maalaea to Wailuku
is an abomination Please do not tell
the road supervisor-in-chief
We had a good rain all over
Maui and the cane is looking fine
The Government school teachers
arc taking advantage of the birthday
vacation Mr Moore vacates at Haiku
There are three photographic estab
lishments in full blast in Wailuku now
one is amateur We also have three
foreign churches in working order
Episcopal Catholic and Presbyterian
A few months ago the Catholic was
the only one that showed up
In fact Wailuku is on the boom A
social club has rented the hall and
holds entertainments at regular times
also at irregular times A literary
society has been formed and on Thurs
day night had an evening with Shake
For the first time within the memory
of man the two Protestant churches
arc on cood social terms with each
other and those now at the helms of
the two seem determined to keep them
Mr G C Williams manager of
apreckels plantation has been con
fined to the house for some weeks with
rheumatism We are glad to report
him out again
Dr Sheldon who sprained His foot
badly at Olinda some weeks ago is
better but still iisesja caile
Mr Chapman is closing out his
stock of drugs and stationery at cost
He found it did not pay Wailuku is
too healthy
G S Kalatna father of Tohn K
lama the District Judge of Makawao
has been appointed deputy while
Johnny goes to Honolulu to hookupu
the King The Likelike will not ned
any ballast if Johnny can be induced to
ride in the hold
November 12th 1886
Death of W B Wright
Mr William Boynton Wright super
intendent ofj the Insane Asylum died
on Saturday morning at his home near
that institution His age was about 55
years He had held the above posi
tion since July 1875 and his calm and
kindly demeanor made him a very
proper man for the place His trade
was that of a blacksmith at which he
worked in a shop on the Esplanade
before taking charge of the Asylum
Mr Wright was an active fireman from
the organization of the brigade until
about 15 years ago
The funeral of the late official took
place from the Bell Tower yesterday
afternoon It was conducted under
the auspices of Lodge le Progress de
lOceanie A F A M and partici
pated in by Ualiu Loucc K ot 1 and
all the fire companies m uniform The
Royal Hawaiian Band headed the pro
cession playing solemn music on the
march to the grave At the Cemetery
the Masonic and Knights of Pythias
burial rites were performed Messrs
Davis PfeifTer and Dayton leading the
exercises 1 he -King was present at
the hall of Lodge le Progres when the
fraternity assembled there There was
a long line of private carriages in the
procession besides many people on
A Hoavy Catch
Officers Kauhane Holoua and three
others raided a Chinese gambling house
on Maunakea street between King
and Hotel streets about ten oclock
last night They found a roomful of
Mongolians engaged in the game of
pakapto and captured seventeen ot
them together with a Dag ot money
and all the books tickets and appara
tus connected with the game Several
of the gamesters made their escape
from the room on the entrance ot the
poliqe The seventeen caught with
the effects were taken to the Station
and locked up
Tho Eattorn
The Hungarian papers are supposed
to be inspired to disturb the apparent
cordial understanding between the
great Powers These journals evidently
view the appearance of Russian war
vessels at Varna as arl overt act and
recorpmend preparations for resistance
and an alliance between Austria Hun
gary and Italy for the purpose of oppos
ing Russian aggression
Everybody says the imported Candies at the
Elite arc yum yum Go and try samel
No hand book excels the Hawaiian Almanac
and Annual for reliable statistical ami general
information relating to these Islands Price
50 cents
Now is the time to get your Christmas
Cards Vc have just received a large and
wellselected stock all new and of the latest
designs Call and get one King Bros Arl
Store Motel street tl
If you want a good smoke for your money
patronise home industry and call jat J W
Hingleys Crystal Soda Works 69 Hotel
street Island orders solicited and promptly
fifftd There Is no license required to sell
these cigars Do not forget the name I W
Hingley nor the place Crystal Soda Works
Hotel streeti
A Goon KBMiiir One feels better acts
better and is contented alter taking a plate of
Good and Pure Ice Cream as they serve at the
Elite Ice Creani Parlors 85 Hotel si eet lie
liclous Fruit Ices and Sherbets In evcrchanglng
variety The Fancy Cakes and Candies of
superior mike and quality are nil the gol All
orders promptly attended to King up 338
Mutual Telephone Dell 182
If you want to Tcnow all the news
you must read the Hkkam
That Wnlhikl Affair
The disturbance of Friday night at
Waikiki was not at the bath house but
at the Dr Tolcr premises two houses
beyond the bath house Two men
were trying to break into the house
and Mrs Fanton who occupies it tele
phoned over to James Dodds for
assistance Mr Dodd hurried to the
place and found two men crouching
beside the fence in front One of
them when asked what he was doing
there threatened to blow the top of the
questioners head oft Mr vDodd pre
served his coolness however and de
tained the fellow until the arrival of
the police the other fellow managing
to sneak off
Ho Know IXU Duty
A good story is told of a Confederate
guard who was once on duty over in
South Carolina An officer was discus
sing war matters and remarked
You know your duty here do you
Yes sir
Well now suppose they should
open on you with shells and musketry
what would you do
Form a line sir
What one man form a line
Yes sir form a bee line for camp
sir Atlanta Constitution
Try Martinclli Cider It is absolutely pure
Macfarlane Co agents
Shipping Intelligence
Saturday Nov iJ
Stmr Likelike from Kahulul
Stmr Walaleale from Hamakua
Stmr Moknlil from Molokal and Maul
Stmr C R Bishop from Waianae and Kauai -
Stmr luatanlfrom Kauai
Schr Mana Irom Kuau
Schr Moiwahine from Hamakua
Sunday Nov 14
Stmr Kinau from Maul and llaifail
Ship Theobald from Ncwcaitle NSW
Stmr Lehua for Hamakua
Stmr Surprise for Kuau
Schr Mary E Foster for Kuau
Saturday Nov 13
Schr Emma for Kauai
From Hamakua Der rtmr Waialeale Saturday Nov
1 It Halleck Miss E Turton Mr H Turton Jr
Miss V Short Thco Severin and about 7 deck
From Kahutul and by pom per stmr Likelike Sat
urday Nov 13 Rev I II Joseph T R Foster PN
Makee J Cowan A Van Gravenmevcr T E Evans
E lUlTman E C Macfarlane Master W Corn
well Mrs SutlilTe Sister lloaaventura Sister Ho
salia Mr McDermott llrothrr Thomas C Co Dp and
daughter II N Landlord Kimakaol Judee Kalanu
and wife D D Hockey wife and servant W II Cum
mines vif and child G Irwin D Berger W II
Benton 2 prisoners and about aj deck
From Waianae and Kauai per stmr C R Bishop
Saturday Nov 13 -I D Holt wife and a servants
Lieut Gen Dominis T R Kui Miss M Kimokeo and
about 15 deck
From Kauai per stmr Iwalani Saturday Nov si
Col Z S Spalding wife and family V Knudsen wile
nnd family L A Stoli W II Rice S W Wil
cox D J Borland Capt Ross D J Campbell Miss
j w Aiapai anu wile Governess Lamhau w
lackenzle E Macfie J Hardy Ii Kruse A Fage A
Spencer and wife 3 Chinese and about 94 deck
From Madi and Hawaii tier stmr Kinau Sundav
Nov 4 W K Castle wife and son Paul Neumann
and s rvant lion 1 fahiaann son TW Uartholm
Miss Marv Hitchcock E G Hitchcock Mils A Kan
lia MrsM Knulii and child Chunc Lung J Vierra F
II Austin Mrs Kirkland Mrs J A Kennedy and child
Judge L McCully A Rosa J Hrieht W P
heihei D Dayton W Fehloehr Miss Clara Low W A
Kinney M Loulsson I Hind Miss K Hind I Wil
cocs K F Payne D Nao e H II Renton M Hibino
G lloyaot Mrs J I Dowsett 4 children and a servants
Miss Marv Dowsett It Treadwav W II Cornell
Miss I Crockett Miss Annie Akona F J Chapman
All FooU J Richardsoif Hon S G Wilder and servant
u v anot u l wignt anu servant ij r wilder J iaV
ernier and about 144 deck
Vessols in Port from Foi oign Ports
Ger bk Pacific Olfmaii from Bremen Germany
llrit bark Ironcrag Jones from Liverpool
Am bktne Geo C Perkins Ackerman from San
Haw schr Jennie Wulker Anderson from Fannings
Am bktne Discover Lee from San Francisco
Bk C O Whitmore Thompson from Port Townsend
Ftfftne T D RnrTLl Frilt frnm Sin Franrltrn
llktne Mary Winkelman Backus fom San Fraa
Bk E I Spence Gill from Hongkong
Ship theobald Keed from Newcastle N S W
Vossols Expootod from Forolgn Portav
Am brgtrfc balina Blake from ban rrancisco due
Am bk Martha Davis F M Benson sailed from
Boitsu August th due December 10 30 To C Brewer
Br bk Martlia Fisher to have sailed from Liverpool
Auirust at
Brit bark W Ii Watson from Liverpool due October
1 20 lora acneier io
Am bk Saranac from New Vork due Nov
ember 18th Castle Cooke agents
Brit bk Glenzaber Rolteston from Liverpool due
Janua y 15 30 1887 T II D ivies Co aeems
Am UKini a n uasne rtuooara irom fort 1 own
send W T due December iS o Castle Cooke
Haw bk Lady Lampion Marston from Newcastle
du February lo ao To Brewer Co agents
Ger bk Hercules Scnacfcr from Liverpool due Feb
ruary ao 30 1887
R M SS ealandia011endorpfrom San Francisco en
mute to the Colonies
Ger bk Hyjra from Hongkong due December i tj
Am bk Forest Queen J C M Winding from San
Francisco due November 20 30
uk iuwara jiiuuc -- irom s oruana en route
to Honckoig due November 18 so
R M S S Mariposa Hayward from San Francisco
en route to the Colonies due November ij
Haw S Australia Webber from the Colonies en
route to Kan Francisco due November ao
Bktne Nellie May from Sydney due De
ceinbcr - To Wilder Co agents
The steamer Likelike bipught 507 sacks sugar j
horses and 1 bullock on Saturday
The steamer Wnlaleale brought on Saturday 118 dry
hides 33 packages sundrcs a horses and 3 pigs
The stetincr Mokolil brought ou Saturday 90 barrels
molasses I5bags wool 10 bags sugar 50 packages
sundries 80 sheep 3 bulock 39 pigs 1 mule and
30 deck passenger
The steamer C R Bishop brought on Saturday jdjo
bags paddy
The steamer Iwalani brought on Saturday 74a sacks
sugar 30 sacks pla ao sacks rice 104 green hides 5
dry hides 39 head cattle and 17 hogs
The steamer Jas Makee Is expected this morning
The bark E J Spence is discharging her cargo belo
the Fish Market
Kaiiumji November isth
Arrived November 10th at days front Poi Ludlow
American schooner J l Leeds Petersen master with
336091 feet rough lumber 54003 feet dressed lumber
50000 W C shingles to Wilder ii Co
Boat Building Shop
Rear of Lucass Mill
Subscrbe for the Herald
Jlcto bbcrtiflentcnt0
-Offer for Sale-
1 ron Tanks
Various Sims
bLc s BOrciifca2
Vienna Ktarniture
And a Large Yanetyof other Goods too Numerous to Mention
ij j ii HI it
Commencing at 9 Oclock
st prlte o
ad prueJlJO
3d prire Sid
Course From Can Buoy passing out the channel
keeping between the buoys to leeward of Spar and Bell
Buoys turning Bell Buoy to leeward to a flag boAt off
Wsiklkt rounding same from leeward to a Aagboat olf
tne quarantine urounds rounding same irom ieea
toBelliBuoy turning to windwaid pa sing t par Buoy
to leeward thence to windward of Can Buoy in the
1st prize i
and prire s
Couise -from Can BUov and around buov anchoied
off Marine Railway to starting point
3 WHALE BOATS- rive Oars
tst prize 40
anu prjic io
Open to all
Course From Can Buov out the channel and around
Spar Buoy keeping it on the port side and back to
place 01 starting
4-FOUR-OARED GIGS Junlor Crews
1st prize 10
and prize 15
Open only to clubs of the Association
CourseSame as third race
1 St prize 30
and prize 10
Free to all
Course Same as second race
1st prize 7
and prize 35
Fiee to all
Course Trom starting line out the chinnellraving
Spar Buoy on the poit side thence to and around in
dividual stake boats on a line with Bell Buoy keeping
same on port side in rounding and back to starting
poitit keeping Spar Bu9y on starboard side
jst prize 10
and prize 5
1st prize 10
ad prize 10
Couise Same as third race
Intermission of One Hour
During which there willtake place the following e ents
1 lug of War swimming Race 10
a Ilb RaceSt
3 Diving Contest 10
9 YACHT RACE Second Class
1st prize S30
and prize 15
3rd prize 10
Course From Cart Buoy out the channel on wind
ward side of fcpar Buoy to leeward of boat off Quaran
tine Grounds tack around same and return to siartmg
point passing on windward side of Cun Buoy
1st prize aj
and prize Slo
I Trre to all
Course Same as second race -
ii-SIX-OARED GIGS Ounior Crews
v j -
tst prize 50
and prize j j
Course Sam at third race
tst prize Sao
and prize io
Course Same as second race
i3 fouroared GIGS
and prize S15
Free to all
Course Same as third race
st prize S30
and prize 15
1st prize 60
and prize 15
Couise Same as sixth race
N B The races will be under the rules of the Ha
waiian Rowing and Yachting Association
Three or more boats to start to secure the second
prizes 1
Four or more boats tu start to secure the third prizes
Entries for iht races can now be made at the office
of Husiace Robertson with the Secretary and will
close on Monday the sjth at 5 p m
The prizes will be awarded to the winning crews at
the finlh of each race from the judges stand
Mtic n fl CnM
vlina i Tiow
Letter Can and Note Blocks of first quality paper
Legal Cap Letter and Note Blocks of ruled
Manilla paper plain Memo and Note
blocks M 11 form blocks
lur lli 31imcm
Or Paper PUT UP Iri ANY FORM Desire
too Fort Stmkt
akAfeM is4ii
Honolulu Fire Department
1836 1886
Torcliliglit Procession Paraded
The stveral companies of the Dtpartment are
Kerrbr requested tw ssemblefn the square opposite th
hall of Mechanic Engine Compaay No ton tbs
evening of
Tuesday November i6
At Seven Oclock
In full uniform with their several apparatus for the 1
purport of taking part in the Torchlight Procession
and Parade in honor of His Majestys Jubile
Route of Procession
The procession will leave the Bell Tower at 730 oj
ing to the Palace through Hotel Maunakea King
and Richards streets On leavinglthe Palace the line of
march will be through Richards Beretania Nouanu
King Fort and Hotel streets back to the Bell Tower
where the companies will disperse
A full attendance is desired Per order
Secretary H F D
Nuuanu Valley
Rooms to let with or without Board TERMS
REASONABLE The house is nw ready for occupa J
Honolulu October 21 1B86
C Limited
LltTor OrflCERSJ 1 -
P C Jones Jr President and Maaagti
I O Caktkfi Treasurer and Secretory -
Hon Wm F Aluum Aditr
C R Bisiii r Hun II Vatikmoo
TUX Uii Vroprttttr
Hotel strut BETWHtN Foar and Nuiianu
Our secret Is success we have nver failed and
will continue to serve our customers as In past
with the best the market affords at reasonable rates
Searcher pf Re ords
Office at present with Albert Smith Esq No t
Koahutnanu Street
Orders from the other Islands promptly
attended to
Ijvb Ofllcq
No 44 Merchant Street Honolulu 0
Cosmopolitan Saloon
Coruor of Hotel and Nnuaau St
a v
Under thti Mivnauomohi of
Keep constantly on hand all brands if Wines
Liquors nnd Beers Ice cold lleer on dnsugt 10 cents -
near the Hawaiian Hotel StaUes A reward f
S j will be paid the person returning he tame to K K
Darin Hawaiian Hotel No questions asked

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