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I have seen many fellows doing iholr
spoons but 13111 Harkor aualtut tho
world bar nono for going tho oxtromo
It would hRTO mattorad Uttlolf Bill
could have kopt hU courtship to himself
he might bare worshipped In secret nil
his days and no one have been any tho
But the extravagant rush into polish
betrayed tho poor clerk Tho dyod hair
and abstracted air combined his deep
blushes whonovor tho subject of lovo was
mentioned however casually tho ro
mantic air that sat so 111 upon him his
visits to the theaters In hopes of a chanco
glimpse of his Idol tho hours he moanod
about listlessly all holpod to make him
a target for the Jokes of his frlonds and a
fund of amusement for the office
Meanwhile he was not at all unhappy
Ah the Joy of Btandlng by tho aron
rollings of an evontng whon oho had van
ished fib in his enraptured sight and he
know her to bo In the drawing room
could see at rare intervals her shadow
illt across the bllDdl
Tholrasclblo landlady frightened Mr
Ilnrkcr out of his seven senses nearly by
sending a grim Bervant one evening to
uslc him to be kind enough to just step
lit If be would bo bo kind and Just speak
to tho lady of tho house
In no condition to face tho flery looktng
femalo ho caught a gllmpso of standing
realty in full baUlo array ou the door mat
in tho hall the startled lover no sooner
lioard tho message than ho bolted as if he
had purloined tho boardltig house plate
It would be ho argued impossible to re
turn attor such an inglorious escape ex
copt In disguise and to call and boldly
iwkloseo a lady whose name he could not
glvo was an achtovomolit tho timid clerk
could not venturo on
What a stupid follow Flpklns ono of the
other clorks at Old Bs wnsl At least
Bill thought so and how ho disliked html
jlho enormous lmpudonco of that fol
low ho would murmur to hlmsolf I
would give a quarters salary poor as I
nm to bo like him Thoro is nothing he
would stick at It is disgusting But what
a bjossing it must bo to live on such com
fortable terms with onesolf
Flpklns wob very slovenly no one would
havo tolorated a clerk with such a shock
head of hair except Old B
But Just as Bill Harkor had begun to
persuade himself that his lovo suit was in
vain and that his best plan was to try
and forgot a passion that appeared so
hopeless this brassy Fipklus was sud
denly seized with tho favor he was recov
ering from
Thero was no mistaking the symptoms
Other motives might have induced Tlp
klns to have had his hair cut but
only lovo could havo induced him to curl
It Thoso paper cuffs clean even on a
Saturday woro co acluslve If not that
reckless disregard of olllce hours In tho
morning thnt restless looking at tho
clock in the evening could not be mis
Flowers tool When did Flpklns care
for flowers boforof while now tho Btroet
Arabs watched for his coming
Harker noted him narrowly Would
this cad bo successful Jn the thorny mazy
paths of lovof
He half desplsod himself for ever lov
ing If so vulgar a creature as this Flpklns
could be smitten or could smite
Then when 7 o clock struck or rathor
was striking Flpklns caught up his
flowers from the bottle on bis desk set
his glossy hat jauntily on his detestablo
head and bado his fellow clerk good night
BlllHarker followed him almost tho mo
mentkq went out and as ho felt Instinct
ively would bo the cose Flpklns made
straight for Leicester Square and went
straight into the boarding house Harker
had so often watched But and this
staggered him Fipklus went down tho
area steps Justus tho potman might have
done with beer not at ull like a gentle
manly suitor f of tho hand of tho namolesB
What could be tho meaning of thlsf
Was it a clandestine meeting Scarcoly
so for he had gone In with tho ossuranco
of a frequent or of an expected guest
Ioor Harker paced th6 street In agony
What could ho do
To think of having his loved one snap
ped off In this atrocious manner galled
him to tho quick
Wandering distractedly about Bill Har
ker unfortunately did not soo his rival
leave the -boarding-house or he might
probably have relioved his feelings by
putting Flpklns head in Chancery As
it was ho watted and watched till he was
weary as well as drenched to tho skin by
tho rnlnwhich had been falling for some
tlmo Then ho raised the siege and wear
ily trailed oil to Camden Town reaching
the lodgings a little before daybreak
Is this yours said old B noxt day as
he carolossly picked up ladys glove and
thrcyvlt on Bill Harkers desk
Haif he dropped a bombshell ovor the
oUUfashloned railings It would scarcely
have dlsconcorted tho clerk mora than
this simple artlclo did Ha quietly an
swered blB employer In tho negative but
tne color mounted to his pale cheeks and
a wild light Irradiated his glaring eyes
Mr Flpklns porhaps has dropped It
ho said with more bitterness and moan
ing than so simplo a suggestion appeared
to can lor
Strange to say Flpklns blushed too as
ho repudiated Ml knowledge of It
Liart thought and nearly said Bill
llnrkcr as lie heard him speak
Old JJ toddled oft to his specifications
and the glovo was leftlyldg unheeded ap
parently on Harkors desk while ho
wiote on furiously
Not till ho was left ulono In the olllce
nearly two hours after did ho touch tho
glove but then ho pressed It to his burn
ing lips he noted Its dainty size unused
m he had once been to remark such mat
tersand observed that though now re
dolent of tobacco It had been scented
But with a Joy only to be appreciated by
a lover thero In this glove flung as it
wero in his path by u socret rival seemed
to be tho very clow he had been valnlv
seoking Tho name was wrltton In It or
a name wnoso siiouia it ue out hers
Fousulf That coupled with the half leal
bio F on tho blotting pad ho accepted as
conclusive poor follow llttlo dreaming In
how many other gloves he could have
found the samo name So now then ho
could wrlto to her And write he did that
same evening at uamuen Town a manly
though passionate letter detailing his
love his trials his hopes and last If not
noiuny ins position
This duly addressed to MWs Foussi
he postca ana wuiteci with what fortitude
he could muster for an answer
He had nood of patleuce It was a week
before ho know anything and then his
own lotter came as a returned paid ono
from the dead letter office the envelope
playfully annotated with Try Fishy
NOt Known Fussy Try Leicester
jtreet URA aitdjo on
i ttgrr7riiiiiMiiililiwiWAWrciii tviiwiiinriifttifsstfiivlri im n nmtnftitismmiito
Harker1 gfOaned Sd neat his bbjec
yot so strangely bafflodi
Oh tho agony of that Wesk of sdspaiisdl
A wholo week gone lost And that hor
rid Flpklns so jubilant day by day grow
ing so luxurious in his habits living on
the fat of tho land If his lunches wero 8
falreamplo talking so vulgar about lot
ting out his waistcoat triumphing In
such coarso fashlou over him perpetually
Bahl he would hoar It no longor Ho foil
it was maddening him Ho would llj
from tno neighborhood boforo ho wai
tempted to do somothlng dosDorato
BUI Harkor took a commlssson on tho
road Ho visited the wost of England II
was throe months or more before he von
tured to set his foot In London again
Tho first time ho did so ho encounterod
Flpklns by nccldent In Qrovo road
Tho rivals started Their meeting was
like tho traditional one of tho strange cat
In tho garret
Flpklns brass for onco stood him Id
good stead He was tho first to Bpoak
He held out his hand cordially
How ore you old fellow1 he sale
frankly as If nothing was tho matter
Whoever would have thought of seeing
you in this part of the worldf
Haiker did not strike him did not repol
his friendly advances In truth time had
smooth off the raw edges of his wound
And then Flpklns looked so happy lit
didnt have tho heart to distress him
Thoy adjourned to the nearest bar and
In the course of a series of rofreshels
Flpklns told of his intended mnrriage
which was to take place the next week at
St Giles1 church CamberwelL
It grated on Harkers fooling to notice
that Flpklns In some sort looked upon the
union as a sacrifice
Thero are proporty considerations he
said several times in a half maudlin sort
of way property considerations my
boy and folks cant afford to lose sight of
thoso In hard times like these
Mercenary wretchl How Harker de
nplsed him oven while he fraternized
with I What a strnngo cower tho fellow
always had ovor hlint ho could neither
understand nor escape from It He found
it Hard to realize after Flpklns had loft
him that ho had actually promised to be
his best man at tho wedding But It
was so thero was tho entry in his own
order book In an unsteady hand that
i ipklns had Insisted on his writing at
the bar Ho had not tho courago to do
cllno It and as he had promised honor
and curiosity both prompted him to see
tne drama to tho end
As tho two ex clerks stood waiting for
the bridos nrrlvul on tho auspicious
morning ono might havo beard Harkers
heart throb it beat like- a drum with in
tense oxcitoment
But astonishment ovorpowered every
other feeling whon as the bride entered
tho church a perfect mountain of flnory
ho recognized lu hor the dragoon like
fiery faced boarding houso proprietress
and know that It was sha Flpklns had
chosen from proporty considerations
Confused as ho felt Harkor could un
derstand that in hor case wolghty as she
was something in the shapo of bonus
would be accoptablo
Ho had little tlmo to think of all this
however for tho first bridesmaid he
found to his grout Joy was tho nameless
ono I
Her whlto glovod little hand rested on
his trembling arm as thoy walked down
the aisle after the ceremony In tho wake
of Mr and Mrs Flpklns and before thoy
reach od tho hotel whero breakfast was
laid he discovered among other things
that his lalrgcouipanlons name was not
Foussi but Castleton
Harker still calls his model of a wife
Foussi but tho glove he had treasured
did not fit her Old B who had nicked
It up mght first havo dropped It One
thing Is certain ho astonished evoryono
by marrying boforo tho year was out a
mere child and hor hand as It rested in
bis on tho wedding day looked small
enough to have been his daughters
Why Vaur GlrU Dont Marry
Motherhood Is beautiful and a babo in
the houso is a wullsprlng of joy But this
dwarfs the mind At each advent the
mothers mind goes buck to begtu anew
with the infants She loses articulate
speech and jabbers a gibberish to bogln
with its inarticulate language What an
Intellectual turablo for a Vassar graduate I
A young one In tho family gathors to its
inanities the mind df all the company
and tho visitors go away with a sonee of
sinking to intellectual vacuity All this
Is lovely und does well enough for the
present domestic state of woman but It Is
not for the emancipated elevated intel
lectual woman that Is to come She Is not
to servo as a domestic wellsprlng of joy
but as an intellectual terror Clnplnnati
Commercial Gazotte
Circumnavigation of tlm Olobe
Tho boat in which Richard Chandler is1
to start from Boston to circumnavigate
the globe will be 13 feet long at tho bot
tom with about H feet gunwale She Is
to havo water tight compartments for
ward and aft Tho only open space Jn her
will be a cockpit in tho center In width
bIio will be 4 feet and In depth 80 Inches
besides a large supply of food she is to be
fitted with llfo suits cork pickets life
lines a Boyton rubbor suit and every
thing that can comfort tho yoyager Chi
cago Herald
A riuln Simplo Stun
Gentleman lie said to tho reporters
as tho sheriff put the knot whero it would
do tho most good will you grant mo one
lost request before I diof
The reporters to a man said thoy
Then wrlto mo down as having been
simply hanged not launched into eter
nity Im no dude
This lequost caused some consternation
among the younger reporters but they ull
kept their word N Y Sun
flliootinc the Whlto Cranes
Louisiana sportsmen havo hitherto
beou careful not to shoot tho white crnnes
which abound In St Landry but now
largo numbers of these beautiful birds are
being killed solely for their feathers
which are used on tho wearing apparel of
womon Now York Sun
Londons Technical School
The now Pooplos palace in London will
probably bo ono of tho largest technical
schools in tho world Tho buildings aro
designed to accommodate nearly 20000
students -New York Graphic
ItallroiuW In Florida
During tho last four years more than
1800 miles of railroad havo boon con
structed In Florida
A London bride marrying n soldier had
a picturesquely clad Hindoo for hor train
bearor at a Kensington wedding not long
New South Wales hasjugtjncreased he
public debt by 137600000
Sciteral bbcrtiscmcitta
Charles Hustace
100 and 111 King St botweon Fort oiid Alakoo
Has received per late arrivals a full assortment of
Consirtlng In tt of -Family
Flour Germcfl Oat Meal Cam Meal Cracked Wheat Hrenkfast Gem Dupce Ham
and Bacon Codfish Lard Smoked Beef New Cheese Kegs Cal Duller Dates Raisins
Mustard Sauce Sea Foam Wafers Saloon and Medium llrcad Apples Humboldt Potatoes
Wheat Corn Bran Also a lull line of Cal Cracker Cos Crackers nd Cakes All ol
which are offered at lowest rates All orders receive careful attention and prompt delivery
Both Telephones No no P O Box No 37s
74 76 Fort Street Honolulu
New invoices of English and American
goods Howes Scales The latest novelties in
Lamp Goods Kerosene Oil of the Best
Quality A new Fire Proof Paint Hardens
Hand Grenades Paints Oils Varnishes
Lubricating Oils for all kinds of Machinery
Agricultural Implements Hardware Stoves
Tinware House Furnishing Goods Cutlery
George Engelhardt
Formerly with Samuel Nott
Crockery Glassware House Furnishing Hardware Agate
Iron and Tinware
Beaver Block Fort Street
The Store forirerly occupied b S Nott oppoiste SrRKCKKLs It Cos Bank Honolulu II 1
J 11 AlflERTON
Shipping Commission Merchants
Kohala Sugar Company Haiku Sugar Company
Paia Plantation Hitchcock Coa Plantatlan
Grove Ranch Plantation R Halstaad Watalna Plantation
A H Smith 4 Co Kotoa Kaua
Union Tire and Marine Insurance Company of San Francisco
tna Fire Insurance Company of Hartford
lli New Kngbuid Mutual Life Insurance Company of Boston
I M Westons Patent Centrifugal Machines
Hie New York and Honolulu Packet Line
The Merchants Line Honolulu and Ban Francisco
Dr nyne ft Sons Celebrated Medlcineffi Jjr
Wilcox k Gibbs Remington and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machl
To day September ist 1886 is issued the first number of The Daily Herald
a morning newspaper to be printed for the proprietor under contract by the
Press Publishing Pompany Merchant street Honolulu
Price Six Dollars per Annum or Fifty Cents per
All who receive a copy of the initial or any succeeding number are
Business men arc solicited to test the advantage s of The Daily Hekald
as an
A large edition will be printed each day to be circulated in Honolulu and
throughout the Islands regardless of subscriptions until a regular paying list ot
subscribers is obtained on the public becoming acquainted with the merits ot
the paper
The Daily Herald will furnish a fresh and readable record of events in
city and country It will also give from time to time as received a summary
of the latest news from the outside world in concise and systematic form
The Daily Herald will follow a straightforward consistent independent
and moderate course in the discussion of public affairs It will not be the
servile organ of any clique faction or party At tne same time an earnest sup
port will be given to measures promotive of the public welfare and to indivi
duals or organizations that may appear in the political field with claims to
popular confidence backed by worthy records and unassailable principles
Tire undersigned would however rather point to his record as a journalist
in this city for the past two years as conductor of the Daily Bulletin than
make promises that in general estimation are valueless until justified by per
formance He can only pledge himself to do his best to produce a thorough
an influential and in every way acceptable daily newspaper
Try the Daily Herald for a month at least
Honolulu Sept 1 886 J Editor and Proprietor
tSencnil 2bbtrtfmcnte
Pure Ht M
- FOR -
Medicinal Use
Absolutely Pur nd Unadulterated
Curative Imtltuttotu
lraictibed l Physicians Evetywheie
Pure Stimulant
For the SickInaltds Convalescing Patients
Aged People
Awarded Fit Pit iik Gold Medal el
Worlds Exposition New Orleans Lattjj
ForExoollouoo and Purity
Macfarlane Co
Solo Agonts
Wenner Co
Manufacturing and Importing
S EJ W EJ JL 3E5 1 S
No Oil Fort Street
Always keep on hand a most elegant aju ortment of
Ever brought to this marker
Clocltn Watches Hrncclets Neck
lots Pins Lockets Gold Chains
and Guards Sleeve Buttons
Studs Etc Etc
And ornament of alt kinds
Elegant Solid Silver Toa SoU
And all kinds of tllver ware suitable for presentation
Made to order
Repairing of watcl e and jewelry carefully at
tended to and executed in the most workmanlike
Particular attention u paid to orders and Jot worl
Irom tne other liland
Crystal Soda Works
- manufacturers or
Aerated Watoro of All Kindo
Fruit SyrupnandEanoncoB
Our Good are acknowleged the 11KST NO CORKS
In all our Rottlet
tar We Invite particular attention to our Patent
Filter recently introduced by which all wateri uied
n our manuiacturei ti absolutely Treed from all Ini
CTWt deliver our Good free of charge to all parte
of the city
Caieful attention paid to MaiuU Orden Addresa
Telephone No 298
Waihee Sugar Company
f atockholderj of the Waihee Sugar Company held
thli day the following pcnoiit were elected to office for
tne cniuing year-
President Col Z S Spalding
yice liesldcnt P I Ilaulngs
Secretary Joseph O Carter
1 reasuier Win O Irwin
Auditor Hon James I Dowsett
Secretary Waihee Sugar Co
Honolulu November 8 1886
General Commission Merchant
Masonic Block Queen St Honolulu
QJalet ol Furniture Stock Real Estate and
Mucucnti iiercnanuise properly attended to
Solo Acont for
ifiiV on iKnt gaining seven rooms
Ticr Apuiy to
m nana son
mtim nfiiiiiitinmir
Scitcntl bbttticcmente
Ifl W PlcCIiBsney i Sons
v r
In barrels half Limit an W
Bbls Flour Golden Gate
Flour El Dorado
Crown Maui
Sacks Wheat Best
Sacks Barley Best
Sacks Corn Beit Whole
Sacks Corn Best Cracked
Sacks Bran Coarse and Flat
Sacks Beans White
Sacks Beans Red
Sacks Beans Bayou
Sacks Beans Horse
Sacks Beans Lima
Cases Nicnacs
Cases Extra Soda Crackers
Cases Medium Bread
Cases Cracked Wheal is IK bags
Cases ConMeal white 10 lb bags
Cases Oat Meal 10 lb bags
Cases Corn Starch
t -
Casks Flams
Casks L A Hams Cases R B Bacon
Cases Faiibanks Lard 1 lb pail
Cases Faiibanks Lard lb pall
Cases Kalrbanks lard 10 lb
Cases Whitneys Butter In link
I lalf firkins Butter Gilt Fdge
Qr firkins Butter G t Fdie
Cases New Cheese
Boxes and bdls Salt Codfish
Hbls Tierces Celumbta River Salmon
Cases Laundr Starch
Boies Brown Laundry Soap
Pure Java Coffee Roasted and Ground i lb tins
backs Green Coffee
Chests Japan 1 ea lb papers
CliMta Japaa lea lb papers
Boxes Ralsint London Layers
H boxes Raisins London Layers
Boxes Kalslus Muscat
Drums Citron
Boxes Currants
Cases Chocolate
Case Mixed Pickles
Cases Spices allotted l site
Sacks English Wlnuti
ISacks Soft Shtll Almonds
CaseiCahfornla Honey 1 lb tins
Cases King Morse It Co fresh canned
fiults Jellies and Vegetables
Bales Wrapping IVper exlra qua ity
Best California Leather
Sole Insole Harness Skirting and Uupeis
French and American Calfskins
Sheep Skins Goat Skins
Saddles and Saddle Trees
Thsse goods are new and fresh and will be sold t
M W McChesney Sons
No 42 quAou Straet

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