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The Daily Herald
-Will Do fou Hilo Dully uttho Kol
lowlnir 1j1ioh
T 0 THRUM tort street
III S0PIIUI Merchant street
JJrlto O CotitH
General Dominis has gone to Wni
Many people visited the panorama
of the Volcano yesterday
Pacific Hose Company is to have
moonlight drill this evening
Mr Michicls will give three cornet
solos at the band concert to night
Monthly meeting
Church Aid Society Y
at 230 this afternoon
of Womens
M C A hall
A reward of ten dollars is ofTered in
this paper for the delivery of certain
personal papers at the IIkkald office
In answer to inquiries of some of
our advertising patrons it fc learned
that the holiday trade is opening
Miss Chilbcrg is going to start a
millinery store on her own account in
the place hitherto occupied by Mr
Krouses restaurant Fort street
Social of the Ladies Benevolent
Society parlors of Fort street Church
730 this evening Musical and literary
programme Cordial invitation to all
Last evening a slight accident to the
Bulletin press caused about an hours
delay in issuing that paper the edition
having to be struck off in the Gazdie
King Uros detected a fair shoplifter
in the act of getting away with an article
of some value from their store the other
evening They were satisfied with
saving their property without exposing
the culprit
His Majesty has bought from King
Brothers the crayon portrait of himself
made by the Michigan Portrait Com
pany He is well pleased with it con
sidering it the best picture of himself
yet produced
There were only two entries at the
Station up to midnight both on war
rants one being a prominent Ha
waiian for assault and battery on a
Chinaman and the other a native for
violation of the school law of 1870
Mr Levey holds a cash sale at ten
oclock today and at noon an under
writers sale of goods damaged on
board the bark V H Watson on the
voyage from Liverpool to this port in
cluding five bales of sugar bags
Mr Wm Foster hief clerk of the
Supreme Court has promulgated a
fresh order of thq Court to the effect
that appeals civil or criminal nce
entered in the Appelate Court may not
be withdrawn without leave of the
Court or compliance with such terms
as to costs and witness fees as the
Court may order
Kaipunui a native woman who died
on Emma street Tuesday last was
brought up at Waialua Oahu by the
parents of Dr Emerson Her first
husband who died twenty years ago
was a native preacher named Haia and
a Portuguese she married two years
later is her widower She was well es
teemed Among white families in many
of which she served as nurse
The public announcement of Mr J
H Wickes serious illness has been
speedily followed by his death particu
lars of which are announced elsewhere
He was a native of Bremen coming to
these Islands in 1857 andat his death
belonged to the Order of Red Men
and the German Benevolent Society
Mr Wicke was a quiet and industrious
member of the community and leaves
a widow five daughters and two sons
Police Court
Lapau and Tatewa yesterday for
feited 6 bail each for drunkenness
Keaniani for furious and heedless
diiving was fined 10 including costs
Kaaiwatto charged with assault and
battery was on trial reprimanded and
Four other cases of various charges
were remanded
Moonlight Concerts
There will be a moonlight concert
this Thursday evening at 730 at Emma
bquare 1 lie touowmg is uie pio
Overture Titus MoKirt
Kemlnisccnces of Verdi Ontljrey
Fantasia LHInokalanl Michicls
Ke Ola o ka Mo by request
Fantasia Hawaii lonoi tlnlicaleil to
If Hcrccr new Michicb
W alu ubilee new Coote
Mazurka A Home new aURl
Polka Mountain Spring new Kettvi
Hawaii lonoi
Mr Michicls will kindly volunteer at
this moonlight concert
Smoke the Wedge to be found at
C J McCarthys
for the
Coming Ex-
The management of the R II A
Societys fair has been confided to com
mittees composed of members of the
board of management with in the case
i uie siock snow the assistance of
Judge Bickcrlon These committees
met the one on Monday and the other
on J uestlay evening The members of
the stock show committee are Judge
McCully Mr Chas Lucas Mr B F
Dillingham Mr J S Webb and Judge
Bickcrton They chine to the conclu
sion after a lengthy discussion that if
a place for the show could be found
within a moderate distance from the
centre of the town it would be prefer
able to the Societys establishment at
Kapiolani Park Mr Dillingham was
appointed a committee of one to ascer
tain if Mr G N Wilcox and Hon H
M Whitney would consent to the use
of the well known premises on King
street and although another meeting
of the committee to receive his report
has not yet occurred we are in a posi
tiorlto say that he has succeeded in ob
taining a site which is expected to
answer all purposes The preliminary
programme of the show will shortly be
published and an earnest appeal will
be made to all raisers of stock of any
description in the islands to contribute
to the fair
The committtee having charge of
the horticultural show consisting of
Hon A S Cleghorn Dr McKibbin
Mr A Jaeger Mr J S Webb and
Mr W M Gilford had a meeting on
Tuesday evening at which the general
programme of the show was decided
upon The mistakes of former years
of dividing the exhibits into too many
classes will be avoided First second
and third prizes will be given for the
best variety of exhibits and also for
the best special exhibits in certain
classes of which the following have
been determined upon subject to modi
fications as circumstances may direct
Roses ferns shrubs and flowering
plants palms orchids fruits vegetables
sugar cane cereals and fodder plants
bouquets and floral designs
The show is to be held during the
second week of May in the Societys
hall on the Government Nursery
Ijrounds on King street
The Diffusion Process
What do you think of that diffusion
process qtest ucricd the VkraiI
reporter of a scientific and practical
expert in sugar manufacturing
Oh thats all fudge its all rot
was the prompt reply
You see he added the claim is
that the test gave an increase of fifty
per cent for diffusion over the results
from crushing Now there is only
eighty eight per cent of juice in sugar
cane and we get over eighty per cent
from the crushing process Where
then does the extra fifty per cent come
Probably remarked the reporter
the test was made under the most
favorable conditions possible so that
the results whatever they were would
be better than those obtained by the
process in practical sugar making
That is so but anyway diffusion
is the great hobby of Wiley the Gov
ernment chemist and we cannot go by
his tests alone after having adopted
double crushing with expensive plant
You are not prepared to throw
away all your big crushing mills for the
diffusion process
Well we are ready to adopt the
very best process that is inventedeven
at the cost of discarding the present
expensive machinery but arc not satis
fied as yet that the diffusion process is
worth such a sacrifice
The interviewed being busy the in
terviewer satisfied with the above in
formation withdrew
Everybody says the imported Candies at llic
lSlltc are yum yum 00 ami try soinei
Miss Tuck at Miss Harrys Punchbowl
street lias received by last steamer n large
assortment of Stamping Patterns for fancy
work w
No hand book excels the Hawaiian Almanac
and Annual for reliable statistical and general
informalionrelatlng to these Islands lrice
50 cents
Now is the lime to get your Christum
Cards We have just received a large flnil
well selected htock allnuw and of the latest
designs Call and get one Kini Ilros Art
Store Hotel street tf
II you want a good smoke or y
patroulzi home industry and cal
Ulngiey s
our money
Crystal Soda Works
at I
Co Iloti
street Island orders solicited ami promptly
filled There
these dears
Hingley nor the
is no liceusu required to sell
OXstJ 1 tj
Do not forget the name J V
place Crystal Soda Works
Hotel btrcct
A Goon Kbmruy One feels better acts
hctter and is contented after aklng a plate of
Good and Iuro Ice Cream as they serve at the
Ulite Ice Cream Parlors 85 Hotel street De
licious Fruit Ices and Sherbets In cverchanging
variety The Fancy Cakes and Candies of
superior nnke and jualjty ate all the go All
orders promptly attended o King up 338
1 8S
Tin Daily IIkkald 50 cents per
month delivered
11 1 1 m in ip
As a true tonic effective invigorator and
genuine apnetirer Duffys Malt Whisky is
Try Marllnclll Cider It is absolutely pure
Maclarlane it Co agents
Yesterday the Deputy Marshal Mr
D Dayton issued posters with photo
graphs of Chun Hook affixed offering
50 reward for the recapture of the
Up till midnight no clue to the es
caped convicts whereabouts had been
reported at the Police Station Ap
parently every available officer was out
on the search for the Station was de
serted of all but the keeper
It is not thought by the Deputy
Marshal that Chun Hook is being har
bored by any of his countrymen as he
has always been avoided and hated by
the Chinese generally Chinamen say
that in China a character like that
would have his head cut off by any
Government luna findinc him without
the formality of bringing him before
a court of justice Thev sav the law
here is very light
While Chun Hook is at large there
is an uncomfurtable feclinc among all
classes of the community It is gener
ally hoped however that the rascal
cannot remain long in hiding but the
police will keep a sharp lookout that he
does not try a treacherous came on any
pf them trying to catch him
A Chapter of Misfortune
Mr William Miller cabinet maker
has experienced a chapter of mis
fortune recently which must procure
him the sympathy of the whole com
munity First his house was robbed
of a large amount of the savings from
his well known industry together with
other valuables belonging to his wife
and himself Next he sustained severe
injuries by a fall during the wet spell
at his residence Scaview It is ascer
tained that two or three of his ribs
were broken on that occasion Yester
day more trouble came upon Mr
Miller in the loss of a valuable horse
that had got at a bin of bran and
foundered itself It would be more
pleasing to see the old proverb Mis
fortunes never come singly knocked
out of time than to have it verified in
a succession of mishaps to so worthy a
member of the community However
proverbial fate ought to be satisfied
with three strokes like the above
mentioned even on the broad shoul
ders of Mr Miller
The Club House Dining Rooms
King street were entered from the rear
by a cool and skillful burglar between
Tuesday night and Wednesday morn
ing The cash till was broken open
but no money had been left in it at
closing time Officer Hopkins heard
a noisd within when passing the place
about two oclock on Wednesday morn
ing and he rattled the front door but
found it locked fast A Herald com
positor also imagined he heard a noise
there when going home a little later
The policeman named also found a
chair on Alakea street which Mr
Cavenagh proprietor of the restaurant
last evening identified at the Station as
his property and the only thing he
What England Does for Egypt
An important and interesting White
Book has just been issued containing
the German foreign Ulhce correspon
dence respecting the affairs of Egypt in
1886 up to June last The informa
tion is valuable especially when people
are beginning to be anxious to know a
little about what has been going on in
Egypt for the past six months By far
the most vital point to be considered is
what good the natives of Egypt have
derived and do derive from Hritisli
occupation The answer is given by a
memorandum of conversations with two
native gentlemen one of good standing
whose opinions arc much respected by
those who know him the other a coun
try squire who owns an estate not far
from Caiio The evidence of these
persons comes to this Since the days
of the Caliph Olmar Egypt has never
seen such security as that enjoyed by
the masses 1 hey are no longer ex
posed to arbitrary taxation mulct and
intimidation by those in authority A
peasant does not now live in constant
dread of arrest and exile simply be
cause he is well-to-do and has excited
the envy or cupidity of some official or
court favorite Personal security for
the ordinary Egyptian is now at last a
historical fact and not a matter of
opinion The people hardly believe
their senses in this respect and only
fear that the present state of allairs is
too good to last There is less robbery
and brigandage now than there was
twelve years ago A cadi or native
judge is quoted as giving an opinion
that Ji gyptian peasants nowauaysisuller
less ill treatment and enjoy more free
dom and becurity of person than has
ever bcfoie been known The more
intelligent of the population have begun
to appreciate those advantages and the
expression of their opinions at the pres
ent moment may no doubt be attrib
uted to a dread of an eventual relapse
into the old system of administration
The monthly meeting of the Myrtle
Iloat Club appointed for to morrow is
postponed until Friday evening of next
I I I II 1 Mini
Try Martinclli Cider It is absolutely pure
Maclarlane Co agents
Royal Marriages
The news that the Crown Prince of
Italy has been betrothed to the second
daughter of the German Crown Prince
is considered a most remarkable depar
ture from the traditions royal and reli
gious of the House of Savoy which
now for the first time in its history
forms a matrimonial alliance with a
Protestant Catholics and Protestants
are through these alliances coming
closer together every day
The other Royal marriage said to be
arranged between Prince Albert Victor
and the daughter of a German Grand
Duke is a mere invention of the poetic
journalist It is perfectly well known
that the Prince of Wales bears a strong
antipathy to some of his German kin
dred by marriage and the very last
intention he cherishes respecting his
son is to bestow him on the daughter
of a fifth rate German princeling It
so happens that the father of the fair
bride she is very fair selected by the
irresponsible chatterers for Prince Vic
tor takes his title from the tiny terri
tory of which Lever and Thackeray
made such luscious fun His Highness
of Pumpernichel - Schwipesengellern
used to be often too hard up to pay his
army of one Field Marshal three Gen
erals six Colonels one private and a
drummer whereas his descendant the
reigning Duke is very decently well off
The Queen took a great liking to the
young lady who is amiable acconv
plished and beautiful The theory is
that some of the court spies like Lady
Stradbrooks of Yates celebrity who
supply paragraphs to the society papers
at 10 a paragraph being aware of the
Queens liking evolved outof it a fic
tion which is said to have given great
annoyance to the Prince and Princess
N Y World
The Waialua Road
A man just back from Waialua says
the roads between there and Honolulu
were never better than at present
They are the finest roads ever known
in the country he said If the peo
ple want to speed horses there is a
splendid track beyond the gulch as
level and smooth as a billiard table
And I never saw the cattle look so fat
They are just rolling the grass being
heavy and green A gang of road
repairers was met this side of Ewa
Subscribe for the IIkkald
At Honolulu T ceinlicr 8th of cancer Jnthestom
nth J 11 Wicke nfied 53 years 6 months it U
funeral on thU Thursday afternoon at 4 p m from his
late residence on Alaktn street friends and re tat he
sue in ited to attend without fuhhir notice
Shipping Intelligence
Wkpnksuay Dec 8
Uktne Amelia from Hilo
Stmr Waialealc from Hamakua
Schr Kmma from Hawaii
Wpunlsday Dec 8
Ilk Theobald for Timet Sound
llktne Klikitat Tor Iucct Hound
Schr Liholiho Tor Waialua
Schr Halcakaki lor Kekco
Sclir Millc Morris for Koolau
Prom Hamakua per stmr Waialeale Wednesday
Dec 8 Mr McAndrewi Mr Dickson and about 26
VossoIm in Fort from Foroign Ports
Ger bk Pacific Olfina11 from llrcmen Germany
Am bktne Geo C Perkins Ackcrman from San
Haw schr Jennie Walker Anderson from Fannings
Uktne Mary Winkebnan Uackus fiom San Fran-
Ship Theobald Heed from Newcastle NSW
lint bk W II Watson from Liverpool
Am bktne Klikitat from Part Townsend
Am bk Forest Queen from San Francisco
Ilk KHwnnl Ivifi1ti Vnm Pnrttfinii on mill In TTnrn
Lot e
llktne Wrestler Scbanane from Newcastle N S W
BkG M lowersfrum Hongkong
Am lebr Argo Falkland fom San Francisco
Am tern J C lord Grilfith from San Francisco
Voasuls Expootoil from Forolcii Ports
Am brgtno Salina Itlake from San Francisco due
Am bk Martha Davis F M Ilenson sailed from
Kostoit Aucuit 71I1 due December 10 30 To C Drewer
Br bk Maftlia Fisher tolme sailed from Liverpool
August 35
Am bk Saranac from New York due Nov
ember 1SU1 Castle Cooke agents
Urit bk Glcngaber Kolleston from Liverpool due
Janu y 15 30 tB3r Til D ivies 4 Co nxents
Am bktne h N Casle Hubbard from Port Town
send W T due December 15 30 Castle t Cooke
Haw bk Lady Lamnson Mnrston fiom Newcastle
due February io m To ISrcwcr Co agents
er bk Hydra from Hongkong due December i i
llktne Nellie May from Sydney due De
cemlieri is To Wilder Si Co at ents
Ship Mercary from Newcastle N S W due
ucicmuei 31
Ger bk Hercules from Liverpool duo I b
ruary 90 30 1887 To Scliaefei Co agents
Uk Cc Ion from San I roncisco duo Decem
ber 50
llkltio W II Diniond from San Francisco due
December 5 10
S S Australia from San Francisco due De
cember is
Haw iik Star ol Dool Lovcll front Fanning
Island now due
1 lie harkeuline Amelia arrived yesterday from Port
Townsend via Hilo with a little oser 300000 feet of
lumber for Allen as Hobtnson She was 17 days from
Sau Francisco to Hilo Her damage on the rocks at
the latter place was slight and she will go on the Ma
rine Railway here for reiirs
The bark W H Watson lias finished discharging lur
cargo she is taking iu ballast
The bark Wrestler Is docked this side of the P M S
S Cos w harf Shu is discharging her coal
The bark Iheobald sailed out of the harbor yester
iliy morning In lallast for Port Townsend
The schoonei Kninu broughtiso bags rice and 1000
bags paddy
The schooner Mille Morris took 3S0 bags paddy out
Tho schooner Hnleakda look a caigo of paddy 10
Koolau yesterday
The lark Cejlon is now 18 days out from San Fran
The baiktntine Mary Winkelman Is moored out In
the stream
1 he Uirkcntine W 11 Dimond is now 17 days out to
the steanur Kilauea Hon is being loaded with some
my i9vy mill Machinery
The American bark Matllu Davis Is 114 days out
from lloston to day
4tcb ucrttsemefuif
Have on Hand a Full Assortment
H O L rBf AY S
Furniture Picture Mouldings Frames
Etc Etc Etc
Rurnittire and Mattrasses Made Repaired
lihiiiifl Jjjjmx
-Just Received
New Lot of Cornice Poles
150 and 2po a Fct
New Lot of Windpw Curtains
100 each
Store Hotel Street between Fort and Nuuanu Streets
Saturday Monday and Tuesday
November Gfcli 8tlinixd29tli
Millinery House
Brick Building King Street near Maunakea
Goods delivered promptly MutualTelephone 387 O Ux 398
ijiltiWSil 4r - ariMtWiittauriSi
f m
t j

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