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The Daily Herald
Will 1o for flttlo Dixtty nt llio
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1 5 THRUM Fort street
f If SOPLR i Merchant street
JPrloo O OontH
A new carriage company is pro
jected with telephone connections on
the Merchant street stand
A case of drunkenness and one of
disorderly condjet composed the en
tries at the Station last night
The Minister of the Interior calls
for tenders up to the 4th prox to
erect a shed at the kerosene warehouse
Mr H R Macfarlanc is going to
start with the new yeara wagon de
livery of the famous Ahuimanu Ranch
His Majesty yesterday received
the officers of the Chilian war
training ship Pilcomayo at the
The Intermediary division of the
Supreme Court will sit to day having a
docket of six criminal and five civil
cases on appeal
The seats for the dramatic perform
ance this evening are nearly all taken
at Wisemans office so that persons not
yet placed will have to be spry about it
Captain Ashford has postponed the
regular drill of the Honolulu Rifles till
to morrow night on account of the
dramatic entertainment in the Opera
House this evening
Dr Robert McKibbin has removed
his drug store to Chief Justice Judds
building Fort street Mr Henry
Hebbard drayman has removed his
office to Lucas Clock building room
lately occupied by Messrs Laine Co
Dr Webb is reported as having said
that he saw a Chinaman probing the
Asylum road with a ten foot pole a few
days ago and on asking him what he
was doing was informed by John that
he was looking for his hand cart
The Honolulu law library has just
received the following additions
Boones Code Pleading 2 vols and
Corporations Haws Jurisdiction of
Courts and Parties to Actions Deering
on Negligence and California Reports
vols 61 66
The Christmas entertainment of the
Bethel Union Sunday school will be
held this evening at the Lyceum at
seven oclock Besides the children of
the Sunday school their parents and
friends are cordially invited to be
Both ends of Liliha street have been
put on record ns in a deplorable state
When the returns are in from the mid
dle section it will probably be
found that the thoroughfare is like
Paddys gun that could be made as
good as ever with a new lock stock
and barrel
The repairs of damages by fire were
done to the Pacific Navigation Com
panys building by Mr H Bertelmann
for 650 and th J whole amount of in
surance due or building and goods
263176 has been paid in equal
shares by Messrs Bishop Co and
Mr A J Cartwright
There were various persons appoint
ed according to different reports last
evening to the office of Deputy Mar
shal The Marshal has not yet how
ever selected a man for the office and
until he does so will conduct pfosecu
tions himself in the Police Court and
conduct other business of the office
In connection with the new appoint
ments to the Supreme Court there
will also be changes in location of the
offices of Judges Bickerton and For
nander Marshal Kaulukou and Police
Judge Dayton The two first men
tioned gentlemen will occupy the room
now used by the Marshal in the Gov
ernment building the Marshal takes
possession of Judge Bickcrtons quar
ters at the Police Station and Judge
Dayton will occupy a room adjoining
the Police Court room
A terrific storm of wind and rain
accompanied oy tnunoer broke over
the city about one oclock vesterdav
afternoon It only lasted about a
quarter of an hour but made the gut
ters rivers and the harbor a boiling sea
The brigantinc Clans Spreckels while
being towed to sea was blown foul of
the steamer Iwalani knocking off some
of the bracket work on the latters
deck houses The barkentines Mary
Wmkleman and Amelia parted their
stern lines and had to let go anchor
1 iiiiii
Police Court
The Police Court record vesterdav
bore the following historical entry
Wednesday Dec 29 1886
As Jiujqe R F Bickerton having
been promoted to the Supreme Bench
as third Associate Justice and his suc
cessor not being appointed therefore
al cases for hearing to day are remand
d to the 30th inst
Try Martinelli Cider It 1 absolutely pure
MacUrlarte At Co agents
The Recaptured Convict Makes
a Statement
What a Pardoned Rascal Did
Tlic Honor
tluit Exists
Remarkable Disclosures
Chun Hook the
Chinese burglar re
captured the other day after escaping a
third time from penal servitude has
mane a statement before His Honor
DaVid Dayton Police Justice which is
given in full below Fictitious initials
arc given in place of the names di
vulged of Chiuamen who held com
munications with the escaped prisoner
while he was last at large This is
done by request of the magistrate Mr
Dayton the Deputy Marshal was
given information of Chun Hooks
movements at different times previous
to his successful acting on that given
last Monday evening but at no time
till then was there any opportunity for
effecting the convicts recapture The
allegation in the prisoners statement
that his escape was planned and assist
ed by a recently pardoned convict is a
somewhat startling piece of intelligence
People will ask how many more par
doned rascals arc loose in the com
munity without their identity being
made known by proclamation also
what other plans to defeat justice may
they not have concocted within the
prison walls to be carried out on the
first opportunity Following is Chun
Hooks statement
Chun Hook states A 13 and 1
were in prison and we had a talk and
A B was pardoned Some that had
serious charges against them were par
doned A B told me if he was par
doned he would provide means for me
to escape and one day on the Nuuanu
road A B asked me if I had any
chance to escape So I made up my
mind to escape and I was supplied
with clothing by A 13 A B gave me
these clothing at Manoa
I left the ball and chain on the hill
side on the Pauoa side of the stream
opposite the cemetery the same night
that I left Left the ring at Manoa I
filed it off When I ran I climbed up
in a palm tree opposite the Ice Works
and remained there till after dark then
went down the stream took off the
ball and went to Manoa up the creek
I met A B on the road at Manoa
and he said his clansmen were to give
100 for me to get a passage to China
and C D of E Fs place told me
that A B received the 100
and also wanted to lay information so
that I would be arrested and that G
H I J and A B were trying to have
me arrested C D told me not to go
to any place but to come to his place
and he would dve it to mew I have
been there three times I found after
wards that C D was concerned with
the others as I was to meet him there
at 8 p m on Monday night December
27th I was in the banana patch when
C D sung out to me and I carne out
I think the reward should be divided
between four parties
Have not stopped in any house I
helped myself from some of the Chi
nese cook houses after they had gone
to bed A B promised to stow me
away in some vessel baund to China
Met him the day I escaped then met
him acain at the corner of the ceme
tery at 7 p m and he gave me a file
Then met him again on the roadside
at Manoa near the stone wall and he
gave me some crackers and the fourth
time A U was to taxe me to a vessel
going to China We were to meet at
the corner ot ii v s place at rawaa
I went down and I saw a person and
thought it was A B So I sung out
to him and it turned out to be C D
and he told me A 13 intended to get
the reward for me and that he C D
would supply me with provisions Did
not know C D before but found out
that he was a member I am not a
member of the Tong Hing Society in
Honolulu but belong to a similar one
in China
Have not had a pistol knile or any
implement Had a small knife for
cutting tobacco when I ran away but
lost it Have a wife and boy aged
eight years and an aged mother in
China Have been here six or seven
years I came in the China steamer
during the small pox of 1881 L Alo
was agent It was about China new
year Have never been in California
Was a blacksmith for tempering stone
mion rhUnls Beloncr to the San
On district of the Quang long prov
1 1
Johnny said the editor to
hnneftil are von in the first class
school No replied the youngster
who had studied the paternal sheet I
am registered as second class matter
Try Mattlnelli Cider It is absolutely pure
Macfarlanc k Co agents
As a true
genuine appetlier
tonic effective invlgorato and
Dully s flinu hiiis
New Judges Sworn In
The records of the Supreme Court
have the following entries under date
Wednesday December 29th 1886
Hon Richard F Bickerton having
been this day commissioned as Third
Associate justice of the Supreme
Court the oath of office is adminis
tered to him by Mr Justice McCully
in the Clerks ollice
Hon Abraham Fornander having
been this day commissioned as Fourth
Associate Justice of the Supreme
Court the oath of office is adminis
tered to him r his residence by Mr
Justice McCully
In the three insurance cases in which
C Michiels is plaintiff entered for the
January term the following stipulation
was yesterday filed by the attorneys
Stipulated that in the above entitled
actions respectively the defendants
therein have until and including the
8th day of January 1887 to plead in
said actions
His Honor
Yesterday Mr David Dayton De
puty Marshal who has procured un
numbered summons against transgres
sors during the past many years was
himself summoned to the Government
building There he was served with a
writ in the shape of a commission con
stituting him His Honor the Police
Justice of Honolulu and the District of
Kona vice His Honor R F Bick
erton promoted to the Supreme Bench
Mr Dayton has been connected with
the police establishment of this island
since 1858 first as a policeman next
s Deputy Sheriff and then when the
1 iw creating the office of Deputy Mar
shrl was passed in 1878 appointed to
1 ic new office He has therefore the
istinction of having been the first De
I u y Marshal in this Kingdom In
that position he has proved an always
cool calm collected imperturbable
judicious and industrious official those
being the very qualifications most re
quired for the place and that with a
knowledge of the Penal and Civil
Codes acquired as public prosecutor in
the Court he is now to preside over
will doubtless make him an excellent
Knights of Pythias
The annual meeting of Oahu Lodge
No 1 K of P was held last evening
at its hall on tort street at which a
goodly number of knights were present
Amongst other business transacted was
the election of officers for the ensuing
term It was proposed to have a pub
lie installation of the officers und next
Wednesday evening was fixed as the
date for carrying out the proposition
A communication was sent to the sister
lodge Mystic No 3 inviting it to take
part in the ceremonies which invita
tion was kindly accepted After install
ing ceremonies there will be a social
and dance for whicn a committee was
appointed to invite the families and
friends of the members Brother
Chas T Hoyt was elevated to the
position of Past Commander The
result of the election of officers is as
follows Chas H Clark Chancellor
Commander John D Holt Vice
Chancellot Chas W Hart Prelate
John C White Keeper of Records and
Seal Saml CDwicht Master of Fi
nance Jules A Rodanct Master of
Exchequer John Markham Master at
Arms James Veary Inner Guard
Chas B Dwight Outer Guard
The plunder found in possession of
two prisoners ctiurgcu wnu iouuni
McCandless Brothers premises while
in care of the prison overseers is made
up as follows 4 white silk handker
chiefs 1 pair white socks 1 undershirt
i razor 1 Smith Wesson revolver 6
Spanish dollars 1 do dollar 1
American l dollar 1 gold ring with
amethyst stone n cartridges How
they could have stowed away so much
spoil without immediate detection is
one of the many mysteries associated
with Hawaiian prison administration
Restaurante Espanol Calle King
Comidas a todas hosas Cafe a la
Smoke the Wedge to be found at
C J McCarthys
Smokers see what Messrs Hollister
Co have to say
Tun Daily Herald 50 cents per
month delivered
Shipping Intelligence
Schr Mlllo Morris from Koolau
Schr Kob Hoy from Koolau
Stmr Iwatanl for Kaual
Stmr Wnlaleale for Lahaina and Hamakua
Am ligtno Claus Spreckels for San Francisco
Stmr Iehua for Hamakua
Ilk Forest Queen for ban Francisco
hchr Jenny Walker for Fannings Island
SchrMiullluifor Waialua
Schr Moiwahlne for Ham kua
Schr Ilhohho for Hawaii
Schr Hhukal for Waialua
oj ifnix ikali or lcpeekeo
J Schr Rob Hoy for Koolau
Schr Mine niorn ior rwvu
For kauai per stmr lualanl Wednesday Dec ao
Geo 11 Ie Key Master Willie Rice ami brother Mr
Mr Myhre K A Hanson Mr Wilcox Hon B I- Kauai
wife and a children W Waterhouse R L Auerbach
and about 50 deck
Vessels in Port from Foreign Porta
Gertk Pacific Olfman from Bremen Germany
Am bktne Geo C Perkins Ackerman from San
Haw schr Jennie Walker Anderson from Tannings
Dktne Mary Winkclman Backus fiom San Fran
Am Ik Forest Queen from San Trancisco
Itktne Wrestler Sclianane from Newcastle N S W
Ilk Ceylon from San t rancusco
Ilk NeUie Slay Austin from N C N S W
Am bk Saranac from NewYork
Dgtne W II Dimond from San rrancico
Am ship Mercury from Newcastle N S W
Itktne Lureka from San Francisco
Ilk Star of Devon from Fnnnlnus Island
Itetne Claus Spreckels from San Francisco
Dktne Flla from San Francisco
Dktne John Smith from Newcastle NSW
Am tern W S Bowne Paul from San Francisco
Martha Davis llenson from Doston
Voisols Expoolod from Poroign Ports
Am brgtne Salina DIake from San Francisco due
Ambk Martha Davis I M Denson sailed from
Boston August 7th due December 10 30 To C Ilrewer
a 10
Brbk Martha Fisher to have sailed from Liverpool
August 95
llrit bk Glengaber Rolleston from Liverpool due
Janua y 15 30 1887 T II Divles S Co ajtenis
Am bktne S N Castle Hubbard from Port Town
tend W T due December 15 30 Castle Cooke
Haw bk Ladv Lampion Marston from Newcastle
due February 10 ao To Ilreuer Co agents
Gerbk Hydra from Hongkong due December i ij
Ger bk II trail from Liverpool due Feb
ruary 9o o 1887 iu Schaefer Co agents
Stmr Explorer from Apia due December
34 31
S S Mariposa Hayward from the Colonies due
January 14
Dktne Consuelo Cousins from San Francisco due
December 8 3J
Bgtne Wm O Irwin McCulloch from San Francisco
due December 25 30
Bktne Planter Perriman from San Francico due
December 95 30
Bk Caibanen Perkins from San Francisco due De
cember 38 January 5
Chilian eorveile Pilcoma 0 L A Gont from Valpa
raiso via Easter Island
The bark Martha Davis is discharging her cargo at
the P M S S Cos wharf
The schooner Robltoy arrived jesterday vilhtoo
bags of salt and will sail again to diy
- The schooner Mille Morris had 330 bags of paddy
from Ewa yesterday
The brigantine Claus Spreckels sailed sterday with
779 bags of rice 400 barrels of molasses 75 bunches of
bananas and 43 empty gasoline tanks
The barkentfne Forest Queen was taken out to sea
jesterday She had 15341 bjRS of sugar and too
bunches of bananas
The bark Nellie May is taking ballast at Wilders
wharf She will sail for Port Townsend sometime this
The ship Mercury is docked this side of the P M S S
Cos wharf where she will discharge her cargo of
The wind has been more favorable for coasting
schooners the past 3 dajs and they are taking advan
tags of it
The birk Martha Davis is the cleanest and brightest
looking vessel that has been here for some time
jpB Juthorita
Tenders will be received at the Interior
Office until Tuesday January 4th 1887 for
the construction of a shed at the Kerosene
Warehouse Honolulu
Specifications for the above work can be
seen at the office of the Superintendent of
Puollc Works L AHOLO
Minister of the Interior
Honoulu Dec 29 1886
cilcto uuevtiscments
Thursday EvengDec 30
Amateur Dramatic Pctformance of J Palgrave
Simpsv Three act Comedy
I Scrap of Paper
With the following Casts
Prosper Couramont Mr T F Brown
Baron De La Glacierb MrH WMorse
Buisemouche Mrs F B Hastings
Anatole Mr F Bishop
lUrriSTE Mr J Dowsett
Louise De La Glacieue Miss B Parke
Suzanni De Ruseviixe MrsJ D Strong
MAiitunn Miss B Makee
Zenoihe Miss S King
Pauline Miss Z Atkinson
Prices of Admission
Parqttette and Dress Circle i oo
Balcony Circle 75
Gallery -- 5
Box nlan open at T E Wisemans on
Tuesday 28th at 9 a ni
Scats reserved without extra charge Doors
open at 730 p m Performance begins at 8
tings at the Fort Street Church can pro
cure same by apphlng to the Treasurer Mr
J B Athcrton at Castlq Cooks
anainst tresnassini on the nremlses o the
subscriber on Beretania street nrxt St iouls
College Offenders will be prosecuted and
any person found on the place at night will be
naoieiogei nun hiwu U1N
Honolulu Dec 2
itcto 3Uiwttocmcnto
A small invoice of
Imported tlircct from Havana
Those Delicious and
Christmas and
Enjoying a twenty years reputation will be
ready for sale from THURSDAY December
23rd at
Of all descriptions decorated In HORNS
well known artistic style fiomlooto 500
or at 50 cents per pound at the
Pioneer Steam Candy Factory Bakery
Hotel St bet Nuuanu and Fort St
Both Telephones No 74
Invites attention to the following Jist of
Just received per Oceanic steamship Australia
ci iildrens books
Chatterbox 1886 beautifully bound
Frank Leslies Chatterbook do
Our Hero General TjS Grant Where When
and How He Fought
Nursery A Ii C Picture Story Magic
Dream and Fortune Telling liooks etc
CHRISTMAS CARDS beautiful designs
including Raphael Tuck Sons Artistic
Large Scrap Pictures comprising the Lord
Mayors Procession The Queen Return
ing from a Review and other grand sub
Small Shell Plaques
Childrens Toy Ulocks
Games etc etc
Family Bibles with Registers
Hills Manual
Secrets of Success in Business
Golden Key to Success
Successful Housekeeping
Den Hur
Boots and Saddles
And a large variety of popular works
large supply and variety Diaries Pocket
Books Blank Books etc etc
Bookseller Stationer and News Agent
Gazette BlockMerchanl Street
New Goods per Mariposa
Has received an excellent assortment of
CHRISTMAS GOODS among which are
Christmas cards plain and fringed ranging in
price from 5 cents upwards Dolls in great
variety large end small j Doll Carriages
Transparent slates Writing desks Dominoes
Checkers Perfume cases Christmas candles
Candle holders Tree ornaments Trumpets
Tops Paint boxes Purses Papetries Etc
Etc Etc Etc
Gillots Eslerbrook Steel Pens
Rnbber Holders Cork Holders hory and Ehony
Holders sold mounted Ivory and Hone
Folders and Paper Cutters Falers Tablet
Erasers Denlsonn Vehet Erasers
Crystal Rubber Kubbcrm wood
pencil shape Ihumli Tacks
Pencil Protectors Kubbcr
Hands of various
sties etc etc
For Stile by TIIOS fl XUllU3l
No 160 Fort Stkkut
General uucmofiimitc
Santa Cf a
Is replete with ItsJ usual variety of attractive and
seasonable Novelties for young and 1 til iMrHiTn
Consisting In part of
3iIl8cclIniicouArlA Present ntlon Hooks
second invoice of Mrs Sinclairs Indigenous
lowers of the Hawaiian Islands 1 loral
a d handy volume Poets Juvenile books
Office and Pocket Diaries for 1887
New Style Papeterles and Tablets
Portfolios Plush Goods Ladies and Gents Traveling
Cases Necessaries Work Baskets fitted Gold
Pencils Pens und Holders Charms Stylo
graph Pens Christmts and New Years
Cards with more to follow
For the Young Folks
Dolls and Doll Sundries
Heads Bodies Arms Shocs Hats Jewelry Etc
Wire Dcds and Matrasses Dolls Ou riaes Chalt
and tables Wagons Barrows Sulkies
Velocipedes Tricycles Rocking
Horses Shoo flys
Dolls Rattles Animals Malls Etc
P O IiOX 307
Croquet Sets Asstd Grades
Together with a variety of other articles which must
be seen to be appreciated
Orders respectfully solicited and filled with tare
10H Fort Street
On sale at the
King Street
Made from the Celebrated recipe of Messrs
Mellir Halbc
Crystal Soda Works
Aeratod Waters of All Kinds
Fruit SyrupGandEssencos
Our Goods ate ncliiowlcired the DUST NO CORKS
III all our Hollies
JKT Wo invite particular attention to our Patent
Filler recently introduced by which all waters used
n our mtnufacture is absolutely freed from all Im
tT Wa deliver our Goods free of charge to all parts
of the city
Careful attention ptld to Islands Orders Address
Telephone No 298
Above Pantheon Stable
Fort Sjimikt Honolulu H I
Portraits and Firt class work Satisfacti
Have Received by Late Arrivals
American and English Jams and Jellies Table and Pie Krul htar Hams Oxford Sn s
Curried Fowl Kippered Herrings Preserved llloaters Fried Eel Flndon Ifrdtocl Plum
Pudding French and American Peas Crackers Cakes Maclcmies Fine Jliscuit Is
Also a large assortment of Candles and Nuts Orders will receive careful attention and
prompt delivery guaranteed
P O Box no Dell Telephone No 349 Mutual No 149
J 6
1 i

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