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-Will bo ftf unto TOiiUr lit tho 3Tol
T luwltiK Vluoua
i I
Imhii iFort itrcet
l Merchant Urect
ORKS Hotel Street
irloo C Cants
A ypluig man had hii feet badly cut
while bathing in the Waikahalulti
stream yesterday
Mr FIIorn is going to build com
modious ice cream parlors on the lot
adjoining hisistorc on HSfcl stredtr
The cricketers from II 13 M S
Caroline defeated the local team by
about seventy runs in the match on
- f -
Drunk va9 written opposite seven
names on the Station slate up till mid
night if there is no mistake any
t -
J D Sprcckcls Bros have bought
the bark V WivCase fpmploycd trad
ing between San liawsconnd Ka
hului fori5ooo J v
There was a California dinner at the
Club House on Saturday evening and
George can do it some more as he
keeps an ice house on the premises
Gus Brown the champion catch as
catch can wrestler and light weight
pugilist of the Pacific Coast was a
pacngcr by tho -Alameda for the
The best things to have laid by for
a rainy day nrc an umbrella and an in
surance policy in the Mutual Life In
surance Company of New York S G
Wilder agent iw
There was a rousing house at the
Hlue Kibbon League entertainment
Saturday night The performance was
one of the best yet besides being
lopped off with an ice cream festival
Charles Akau second officer of the
first police watch died yesterday after
noon He was born at Hilo his father
was a Chinaman and he was well liked
by his comrades on the force
McCarthys billiard hall and the Fort
street shooting gallery and bowling
alley were thronged all Saturday eve
ning The British man-of-wars men
take fondly to rifle practice on shore
Mr W Turner King street is mak
ing a grand display oL clocks A pass
ing glance shows a large variety of
tune keepers in the window but the
proprietor says there arc whole cases
of them at the wharf to be opened out
1 1 i
Mr II A lUchtcr proprietor of the
Victoria restaurant has his hand in a
sling from getting it crushed by an
iron door He cannot tell yet whether
the joints of the hand will nhy of them
be made permanently stiff from the
accident It is to be hoped not
The European mail for Australia ex
Alameda left New York on the 2nd
and was due at San Francisco on the
afternoon of the 8th but did not arrive
until 1110 the following day owing to
some hitch in the connection between
New York and Omaha The Alamo
das departure was therefore delayed
nearly twenty four hours
Sir William Wiseman Bart com
mander of H B M S Caroline enter
tains King Kalakaua at breakfast on
hoard that ship this morning His
Majesty gave a dinner to Sir William
officers of the Caroline Major Wode
house British Commissioner and Ha
waiian magnates civil and military on
Friday night
The Bulletin says that Mr Wil
liams manager of Spreckclsville plan
tation Maui has resigned his position
on account of ill health in favor of Mr
Morrison to take effect on June 1st
This announcement will be received
with regret as Mr Williams has made
a fine record as a successful planter
on the largest plantation in the group
At four oclock this afternoon the
Kinau sails on a special excursion for
the Volcano On her last trip she
brought word of smoke still pouring
out of Mauna Loa while a new lake
has opened up in Kilauca the destina
tion of the tourists Mr Maby keeper
of the Volcano House reports con
siderable light from the reflection of
the fire at night
t ntA4 -
1 he box plan for the tableaux and
comic performance to night was pretty
TiYell dotted over with pre empted seats
by Saturday evening It will probably
be filled up before the close of busi
ness hours to day Not only on
account of the benevolent object but
of the reputation of the actors is this
entertainment likely to prove one of
the greatest successes scored this
season at the Opera House
1 ill 111
4 nrrft w ft
No hind hook excels the Hawaiian Almanac
ami Annual or rclhhle statistical ami general
information relating to thtso Islands Price
50 cents
II you want acooi smokcloriynur
patronize hotoVVfluifiVfandlcMl nt
Uinf les Crystnl Soda Works 69
Weil next iloor to Horns Jlakery Island
orders solicited and promptly filled There is
no license required Jo sell flicso cigars
Ill 1 1 mini fnif r
Before Judge Preston Ah Mook
and Chock Hin convicted March i8tlv
in the Honolulu Police Court of gam
ing in violation of section c chapter
41 laws of 1886 and sentenced each
to pay a fine of 75 and 115 costs
and imprisoned in dcfaillt of payment
were brought before the Court Satu
day on habeas corpus Mr A P
Peterson Deputy Attorney General
appeared for the Marshal and Mr W
R Castle for the prisoner Counsel
for the prisoners argued that the
charge and the judgment arc fatally
erroneous that section 5 of chapter 41
of laws of 1886 provides no penalty
for gaming Counsel for the Marshal
argued that in habeas corpus parties
cannot go behind a judgment
Tlic decision of the Court is reserv
ed until the aolli inst and it is ordered
that prisoners be allowed to be admit
ted to bail in the sum of 3o each
Hearing on the writ of habeas cor
pus issued Friday in the case of the
King vs Ah Tuck was had the De
puty Attorney General for the Marshal
and Mr W R Castle for the pris
oner Counsel for Ah Tuck moved
for at discharge on the grounds of the
oral decision rendered by the dourt in
the Manuel Brito case a few days
since 1 lie Deputy Attorney General
argued that said decision could not be
cited as a precedent not bavins been
filed in writing The terms of the
prisoners conviction ncrc having
opium unlawfully in possession con
trary to section 4 of the session laws of
1886 approved on the 15th day of
October 1886 The prisoner was
A writ of habeas corpus was issued
go the petition of Wong Chew Yan on
behalf of Ah Kali and is returnable
this morning at 10 oclock Ah Kau
is a prisoner in Oahu jail having been
convicted before Z Kalai Police Mag
istrate in Kohala Hawaii upon the
charge of having possession ot opium
for sale or purchase under the statute
of 1886 that is possession and smok
ing contrary to the rules for obtaining
opium by any one made by the Min
ister of Interior it is thought he would
be guilty
Death of Captain D McGregor
Captain Daniel McGregor employed
by the Inter Island Steam Navigation
Company died at his house on School
street yesterday morning about half
past 3 oclock iWfuneral tookplace
fit 2 oclock in the afternoon the Rev
Alex Mackintosh assisted by the Rev
rM Silver conducting services in
the ritual of the Anglican Church
There was a pretty large attendance
notwithstanding the brief notice The
cause of Captain McGregors death
was typhoid fever that he attributed
to the unwholesome condition of Oahu
jail It will be remembered that on
February 16th at Punaluu this island
he became involved in a quarrel with
his sailors of the schooner
wai and in a heated moment stabbed
one of them in the breast For this he
was sentenced on March 7 th to pay a
fine and be imprisoned at hard labor
for twenty days This term he com
pleted about a week before his death
leaving prison a sick man Captain
McGregor was a strong young man
being only thirty years of age His
nationality was Scotch Much sym
pathy will be felt for his bereaved
widow especially because of the pain
ful circumstances connected with her
husbands last few weeks of life Cap
tain McGregor was well liked by his
employers and the public and the un
fortunate position he placed himself in
by that one rash act at Punaluu was a
terrible surprise to all
Police Court
Ioke is remanded till the 20th
charged with dcscrtingcontract service
Mnnucl Naone for stenling watches
money and other valuables at Koolau
loa the other side of this island was
sentenced to pay 8 and be imprison
ed two years at hard labor Manuel
escaped from the Reformatory school
sonic months ago and it appears had
been leading a freebooters life in the
outer districts until arrested
Harry did not face the music for
drupkenness but forfeited the usual
The foregoing wasall of Saturdays
business and judge Dayton looked
happy in getting a half holiday
Chas T Gullck Notary Public
Records searched abstract ol title fiirn
ished and conveyances draw iron short liollcc
CouucripN AqENCV Mr Johij Good
Jr authored cqllectpr
EMWIYjiBNr F Marcps
special agent
dPNUKAt Uusinisss Aoency No 38
Merchant Mrce s j 1
Hell Telephpne 348 P 0 Hox 415
1 1J I ij
On the first of Jaitlary 1887
assets ofahe Mutual Life insurance
Co were 11418106334 Now is the
time to insure S G Wilder agent
Shipping Notes
S S Alameda with
American mails sailed from San Fran
cisco April 9 at 2 p m and was
docked in Honolulu at to a m April
16 Having faken in a supply of coal
she resumed tier voyage for the Colo
nics about six oclock tho same after
BarkcntinS Geo GPcrkins Captain
Ackerman arrived yesterday morning
14 days from San Francisco with a
general cargo and dccklbad of posts
and shingles She is docked at Brew
ers wharf
All the intcr lsland vessels experi
enced rough weather during the past
week The Kinau reports the Lchua
and Kilauca Hou waiting for a chance
to load on the HamakUa toast The
Mikahala andC R Bishop had to
change their ports of departure on
Kauai because of the weather
Steamer Kinau brought 4130 bags
sugar 28 hides 1 horse 460 feet koa
lumber 20 bags spuds and 50 pack
ages sundries
Steamer Likclikc brought 2586 bags
sutjar 200 bans taro 30 bags corn 52
bags potatoes and 59 hides
Steamer Surprise brought 4000 bags
Steamer Mikahala brought 2200
bags sugar 23 head cattle 754 goat
skins and 75 green hides
Steamer C R Bishop brought 2r3o
bags sugar schooner Waioli 1000
bags sugar schooner Waiehu 600
bags sugar nnd 95 rice
Arrived at San Francisco April s
barkentine Ella i4 days hence 3
brig Consuclo 15 days hence 4
schooner Rosario 18U days from
Kahului 6 bark Ceylon 20 days
hence brig J I Sprcckcls 14 days
hence 7 bark Sonoma 23 days hence
8 bajk Gengabcr 17 days hence
barkentine S N Castle 1C days
Sailed from San Francisco April 3
barkentine Katie Fhckingcr for Hono
lulu 5 bark W W Case for Kahului
bark Julia Foard for Hilo 6 bark
Ironcrag for Honolulu 7 brig W G
Irwin for Honolulu 8 schooner Rosa
rio for Kahului
Loading at San Francisco April 9 for
Honolulu barks Lady Lampson For
est Queen and Sonoma
Bark El Dorado foundered off Cape
Flattery April ist and all on board ex
cept two were lost Captain Hum
phries well known in Honolulu was
killed by being dashed against the
deck house
Barkentine J C Ford returned to
San Francisco April 2nd on account
of carrying away irpn work on main
The Great Sale To day
An body barring newspaper men
who is not well dressed within a reason
able time after Messrs E P Adams
Cos sale ofcloths to day should go
and hide outside the pale of civiliza
tion Mr Kerr one of the leading
tailors of Honolulu personally selected
the goods abroad and they arc there
in the auction room for the most criti
cal inspection There is no occasion
to miss a single clioicc eithtr for the
necessity of going out for grub is to
be avoided by the management pro
viding an elegant lunch on the prem
ises To be clothed for half nothing
and fed for nothing seldom falls to the
lot of people even in this so called
Paradibc of the Pacific -
Hotel Arrivals
Mrs J B S Scott Miss J S Scolt
Baltimore Md Miss M Larrlgan
Mrs Florence Williams Win THig
gins and wife Miss Josie Crowley San
Francisco C B Wells John L Blais
dell Kohala Hawaii H Morrison
Hilo Z S Spalding Kauai Chas G
de Bethan F L Cohen England
besides many transient guests from the
steamer Alanfeda on Saturday
eagii HOUSE
T K Moore New York F Peter
sen San Francisco Arthur Richard
s011 Chas Campbell Walter Badger
IM in 1 1 11
Diplomatic circles in Berlin arc dis
quieted over sharp aiticles against
France in German newspapers It is
believed that Germany -will send a
pointed note to Paris unless the French
press entirely chapges its tone regard
ing Alsace Lorraine
The Bulgarian regency is to be pro
longed three years when it will make
a united Bulgarian and Roumelian in
dependent kingdom electing Prince
Alexander as King Turkey to receive
a monetary recompense
Balfour Chief Secretary for Ireland
moved the Aecond reading of the Irish
coercion bill Aptil 5th Sir Bernard
Saihuclson moved in amendment that
the bill would if passed increase dis
order in Ireland and anger the Union
and the Empire and therefore should
be tejectcd
The Belgium Igislafurc has passed
a bill by 86to o authorizing the Irce
Coijgo State to issue a lottery loan of
150000000 jrancs
The Japs
A slightly improved house over that
of the previous night met the Japanese
acrobats Saturday night More people
would probably have gone under the
canvas had it not been for a heavy
shower at the time of opening The
Japs however were in as good humor
as if a million people gazed at them
from the amphitheatre They per
formed as many astonishing feats as
usual the little men being particularly
Worthy of admiration In throwing
and catching sticks about half a dozen
of them one of the youngsters beat
anything of the kind ever shown in the
sawdust ring No more performances
arc as yet announced
The Marshals sale of one phaeton
and one bay horse to -satisfy an execu
tion issued in the suit of Fishcl vs
Kapcnn is off on account of proceed
ings in bankruptcy having been taken
in the case of the defendant
Smoke the Wedge to be found a
C J McCarthys
SatUAdav April 16
S 8 Alimeda from S FmriilK en roula for the
Stmr Klaftu from Hawaii and Maul
Stmr Mkchke from Knhulul nnd WAV xft
Stmr Wataleals from Kual
blmr Surprio from Kuau
Schr Sarah Kllst from Koolau
Silir lltela from Koolau
Schr Mllle Mnrrti from Koohu
Schr Wmchu from Walalua
SomjAv April 17
Slmr MlknlnU from Kauai
Stmr C R lllliop from Knuai
lllctne Geo C Ierlclm from San Kraneitco
Schr Waloll from Kuau
Saturday April 16
S S Mam da for the Colonic -
Schr lhulal for laluil
Schr Ualil for llanatcl
Tern Ke Au llou lor KaunaUUI
j if r
blmr Kinau for Maul Hawaii ami tho Volcano at 4
p m
Stmr Ilkeliko for Kahului and way lxt at J p m
lmr Surpnie for Kuau
Stmr Waimanalo for Watanae and Walalui
RUir Kawallanl for Koohu
Schr Sarah Illia for Koolau
Schr Rainbow ftr Koolau
bchr lleela for Koolau
Schr Mllle Morrii for Kdoliu
SchrWaielm for Walalua
Volutin in Port from Vurolgu Fort
Haw Ik Kalakaua Armstrong fromValpnralvi
llrlg Alllt Rowe ihilllui from South Sea Iibndl
Mtulon Minr Morning bur Turner from South Sea
Dklno Jane A Talkinbuic dinger from Ioit Town-
HUH S Caroline Sir Wm Wlwman Hart front
South America for Itrttl li Columbia
Ilk Cnllarien lerklnn from San r ranciteo
Fr bk ulle Clavey frora Newcajiile NaW
Am bktne lUcover lee from San tVancitco
Am bktne W 11 Dunond Swift from ban Hancioco
Am bktae Ceo C lciklns Ackerman ftom ban
ruary ao 30 1887 Xo Svhaefd Co ngerini
Ambk Imiour
- from Iltetpool due Feb-
Dill hark Ccmttei from Liverpool due May i
Itr tnrk K 11 fiom Newcaule N Si W
llrewcr from natton due Mai t i 1
b S Alameda Morw from San Fiancitoo duo Apr
Hark Makah from fccate NSW due April
10 30
Hrit bark Scottish Laule Singer ftom Lhcrpool
duo May i3t
Ilktne Itattie Pang Terrill from Hongkong due
April 1530
Haw ichr Jennie Walker AnJerton from Fanning
Iilaml now due
Am lurk Hope Icnhallow from Iort Towntend
due May i io
Am bktce John Wonter from Drltlth Columbia
dee May jo jo
Am bark C O Whitmore Tliompion from Dvpart
ure Day due Mav iojo
Am bktue Amelia Newlall from Port Towntend
now due
lint bark Ironcrag Jbnei fiom San Francitco
From Sao lrancitco per S S Alameda April 16
Mi Iters MU Carroll Mrs A O llawo MUt Alice
llawci 1C lone and wife Mix J Crowley T K
Moore Dr K h Miner and wife Mill II S Judd Mre
i Scott and daughter 0car while child nnd nuree
U Ilorcnco Williams lT Iorter F 1clcrico 1
Werner 17 uccingo and 14 In transit
For the Colonici per SS Alameda Aptil 16 DrS
Naitlo Major 1 i Tarroit
Irom Hawaii ami Maul peritcamer Kinau April
ifi Col 7 S bnaldins H Mormon Kfiio Auslin I
I emell O N Wilcox j N Wright KoU and son C 1
Weli J I UlaUdll US Kynnerley and wife Mr
Kbbeit Wallace Key II F Whalley Mi K Wode
houo II Lltoltln lion J W Kudu C U Makee
Geo i I art Matter J wart Mary E Low and 30
From Kahului and wat noitt n ttcamrr Lilcilile
April 16 Mr Wm Wilder and ton J I Mnrlin Kev
IlllUowen Ilaldwln Mln Maud lUtdwln llro
rmnru air isonier u 11 luuev Kev w 11 names i
Stewart Mi C Turton K W Meyer and 07 deck
From Kauai per Heamrr O It Ilnhop April 17
MIj Otternun M G Corrca C G llcthan V 1 Colitn
4 Chineie and 47 deck
General AitoccliBcmcnto
General Business Agency
Skilled and Unskilled Labor Furnished
THERE Agency Hook keepers Engineers
mutation Lunas Carpenters Hostlers Cooks
Hoys elc who are seeking employment and
many of vy hni can furnish the best of refer
ences if required
Valuable real estat lit desirable lots for
salo or lease Convenient Gottacs to let on
favorable term
THE OLD CORNErJ Noites for sale
on reasonable terms A rare chance for in
1 j
Cpnvenicnlly located pa lug handsomely to
be had ut a baryain
Full particuhrs given upon application at
the Agency
Bell Telephone 348 B Q Box 413
ecto dlbbcvttscmcnts
Felix OCaliagluin
- mMMlnixkartiiMMmmtmnmKA
I II 11 I L A IB
For thoBonofit of the British
Mribvolenl Society
An Entertainment in aid of tho Aliuls or the
Society will be given at the
Monday April
School of the Vostali Lear and CordeliV
United Service The Jingle Mirror
The Gypsic Encampment
To coneltidc with the Scronuitnl Fiucc en
Mr Godfrey Brown
Clntlcs Mr V HaHincs
Dr Hanks
Airs Montague
Mr H Von Holt
Mr A T Atkinion
Mr F llishop
Miss King
Mrs Strong
Doors open at 730 Pctibrmanco to coin
incnco nt 8 p m
Hox plan open at the office of J E
I1R0WN CO Saturday Aptil tClli at
9 oclock a m
JL ami in various flavorings always on hand
also delicious Water Ices
TI10 finest ltnc of tho choicest Candioa
haye Jujt arrived per Australia
Our ttoTc and stock is in complete ordpr
and well wotthy your inspection
Hell 182
Mutual 338
Open Dally Until 11 P M
Boots and Shoes
Nuuanu between Merchant and
Streets Honolulu
I take pleasure in infurming the public that
I havcrctumid from the Coast with cm
rn or
Of Shoes selected by myself roniprisinB
Finest Ladies French Kid Shoes
Mens Fine Shoes and Boots Elegant
Cliildtciia Shoes
Aso n inc lot of v
XTx breech loading Gun jMndu by V v
Jrcencr ithcasu and nil Implements com
plete This Gun was tnrde to order nnd cot
2oqoo win uo sokt at a reiltiction ton
be seen nt J W Hlngleys cigar ore postal
uvuti if uiiv i nu uy 4iuin 3uiti
General 3tobci tocmcnf0
By order of Mr L B KERR we will
tell at Public Auction
lohrJay April i8th
At to oclock a m at our gdlcsroom
Queen Sited
On n Liberal Credit to the trade a largo
ruid varied assortment of
Gcnta Neck Wear
Tweeds Cnssimcrcs
WMto and Colored LinoiiB
One Hundred Single Suit Pieces-
and pants ilengeiis
These goods are all ncf Of Ihc lnlct pat
terns were personally selected by Mr Kerr
and offer a fine opportunity to the Iradc
Merchant Tailor
CTMortttmnt Struct
Has just received
selection of
from England n large
mm goods
Suitings Diagonals and Fancy
Comprtilng tho largest stock ever opened out
In Honolulu all personally selected by Mr
Kerr when abroad
Mr J Spencer Martin
A Cutter well J and favorably knoWn on the
Pacihc Crxwt and in the Eastern States has
bem engaged and the finest vork in tho city
will be produced nt reasonable rates
-T m t
Cloth of Various Kinds and Trimmings
for Sale tothe Trado and Others
Telephone H II Co No 4 p 0 Ilox 306
And For Sale At-
Horns stni Cindy Factory
A Few Hundred Pounds Fresh Home
Made Chocolate and Cocoa
Nut Caramels
Also 100 pqunds Fresh Home Made Chew
ing Sticks of many flavors and larger
than any imported at
Itas Steam Canily Facjoift
Hotel St between Fort and Nuuanu
To the Volcano
cursion to tho Volcano on
an exjw
1 1 I ktol
Monday April I8tii
Early Applications for Ticlsets should be
mude at the Office pf
WiibA Steamship Company
I 1 I 3 - V
AViUJama Plibtogrnpliio 1
Fort Street
Honolulu H I
Contractot and Shiililor
Estimates FumtGhed on Wood Brick or
CnblnuC miiT Cnvnoitiov NVovlc
JJono to Orriov
Sd Kinr Street
UelJTclenlione 107
If you want to know all the news
you must read the IIeiuu
1 J
m n
m 1
1 r V

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