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f 1 THRUM rortslrett
1 I sOlERi Mttchant strwt
ftVTAL SOU WOHKS Hotel Street
JPrloo O Oontn
1 MONDAY MAY j6 1S87
Dnud concert at Emma square to-
The adjourned meeting of British
residents will be held to night
A Chinaman has taken the premises
where the Victoria restaurant ran its
brief course
The Reformatory School band gave
n concert on board the Kaimiloa yes
torday afternoon
In a skirmish between Arabs and
Egyptians the latter under Gen Chcrm
sidc in the Soudan the Arabs lost 200
in killed and wounded and the Egyp
tians had forty wounded
Members of the Honolulu Utiles will
sec elsewhere Battalion order No 4
announcing a meeting for important
business this evening Those who do
not possess fatigue uniforms arc ex
pected to be there anyway
Tnc training ship Kaimiloa made a
trial trip under command of Lieut
McDonald on Saturday afternoon She
steamed out to sea as far as Diamond
Head making very slow speed The
steamer Surprise passed her easily
Kaulia a native man aged between
thirty five and forty years reported to
have lately served in the capacity of
private secretary to Princess 1oomaika
lani died Saturday evening at his resi
dence in the Queens yard Punchbowl
The native schoolhouse at Lihuc
Kauai was burglarized on Thursday
morning and the clock stolen The
clock was recovered next day by the
police and a lad named Kckoa arrest
ed He was on pleading guilty sen
tenced to five days imprisonment and
payment of costs
n i
At the regular meeting of Honolulu
Typographical Union No 37 last
Saturday evening the following officers
were elected for the ensuingterm Jas
S Turner President U G Wilson
Vice President J J Greene Secretary
W M Pomcroy Treasurer Alonzo
Kuhia Trustees
Chas A Fcistcorn R Sutherland C
K Spencer
Mr V R Castle attorney for Mr
A T Atkinson -on Saturday filed in
the Sunreme Court Clerks Office a
suit for replevin of a consignment of
printed matter against the Collector
General The latter is entered on the
file as J M Kapcna perhaps on
account of the new incumbent not yet
being officially gazetted although en
tered on the duties of the Collector
Generals office
Vr Burt captains steward deserted
the Kaimiloa on Friday Harris the
boatswain is fully believed to have got
off on the barkentine Ella for San Fran
cisco A board bill unpaid on shore
is among his memories Harry Weeks
the deserting gunner was captured
but it is said was dismissed the service
on Saturday He is one of the ship
wrecked crew of the British ship Dun
nottar Castle who reached Kauai in an
open boat from Ocean Island
Mr J A Magoon lawyer on Satur
day evening took to himself a wife in
the person of Miss Emmie Afong
daughter of Mr C Afong the well
known merchant and planter The
Rev J A Cruzan performed the cere
mony at the residence of the brides
parents the only spectators being the
immediate relatives of the contracting
parties The Herald extends its con
gratulations to the happy couple wish
ing them a long and felicitous life in
Band Concert
There will be a concert this evening
at 730 at Emma Square The follow
ing is the programme
March Tannhauscr Wagner
Overture Iphieenla Cluck
Waltr La Ghana Iluccalonl
Reminiscences of Mcyerbcc Godfrey
IM Aoao
Selection Grand Duchess Offenbach
Ballad La Faloma Rival
Sehottlsche Slightly on the Mash Send
Wulti JublleeV Cootc
Hawaii lonoi
Police Court
Manuel Phillips assault and battery
fined 25 and to costs
Christian Frcist drunk forfeited 6
Hermann Stamers drunk forfeited
6 bail
Kia drunk forfeited 6 bail
Hokano drunk forfeited 6 bail
Seven Chinese gaming remanded
to the 17th
Such is Saturdays record
Ho Who Runs Moy Rend
That the best company for the policy
holder is the Mutual Life Insurance
Company of New York Assets 1 14
000000 S C Wilder Agent nv
5W tJWrt ji
Annual Show of the Society
XExltibltH itiul XvWah
The Annunl Show of the Hawaiian
Agricultural Society took place as
announced on- last Saturday in the
Societys hall Government Nursery let
King street The exhibits in the vari
ous divisions of the advertised pro
gramme were very meagre in number
especially as such willing return was
offered by the Society in the shape of
prize awards to the different classes to
which exhibitors were offered free space
and competition As is usually the
custom in shows in this country but
few exhibits were in position on the
morning o exhibition and if the man
agement had adhered strictly to the rule
that exhibits not in place at the open
ing of the show would not be entitled
to compete for prizes many of the
lucky prize winners would have been
justly ruled out As it was the ex
hibits were small in number although
excellent in variety and in character
would have been probably the win
ners in their different classes
But few people were present up to
noon time although the excellent
music of the Hawaiian Band under
the direction of Professor Bergcr was
freely and frequently discoursed from
9 a in At 1 p tn the first notice
able installment of visitors arrived and
from that hour until after 330 the
attendance was exceedingly satisfac
tory greatly to the relief and delight of
tne naru working and somewhat des
pondent managers A fair estimate
gives the number of visitors at about
two hundred and fifty all told and the
gaily dressed and interest seeking com
pany added n charm to the exhibitions
of Dame Nature
After time had been fully given to
the visitors to examine the exhibits
presented judges were sought for bv
the active Mr jaeger one of the man
agers resulting in the appointment of
Messrs ItccJ H Hayseldcn J A
Hassinger and W S Forsyth the latter
gentleman being identified with the
culture of cinchona and other valuable
aboricultural projects But whrn the
time came for the action of their judi
cial prerogatives it was found that Mr
Hayseldcn was called away on busi
ness and Mr Hassinger declined on
account of common interests therefore
a new triumvirate was formed consist
ing of Messrs Henry Waterhouse W
R Castle and the Mr Forsyth afore
said lhcse gentlemen with Air
Frank Godfrey as their scribe quietly
made the round of the tables viewed
the exhibits and found it a very easy
matter on account ef the varied na
ture of the articles and the generosity
of the Society in prizes to make their
awards easy until they came to the
Butter department at the House
keepers exhibits and then they
acknowledged the superiority of the
gentler sex by calling to their aid as
experts Mrs I 0 Carter and Mrs W
F Allen The first prize was after
but little difference of opinion among
the quintette awarded to the well
moulded golden colored and sweet
tasting exhibit of a donor whose name
was unknown
Space will allow ot only a passing
notice of the exhibits and general tout
ensemble of the Hall nt the time or the
show the exhibits themselves being as
before stated each excellent in charac
ten So en passant the visitors atten
tion on entering is attracted to a table
on the right which is laden with a dis
play of goods from the firm of Messrs
Hollister Co Tncre the fair sex re
ceive a spray shower at the hands of
an attendant of the lirms latest
achievement in perfumery the Hawa
iian perfume Mbkihana Horticul
turists arc gladdened with the sight of
an Insect Destroyer and pharma
ceutical preparations for the benefit of
the blood and system end tuts exhibit
On the next table are arranged the pro
ducts o some of the busy housewives
of Honolulu butter jellies pickles
ruitetcbeing temptingly displayed the
offerings of Mesdames J M Whitney
the unknown prize butter makcrH
Berger C W Chamberlain T R
Foster A Jaeger J A Hassinger and
Miss May Waterhouse At the end
Messrs King Bros present on view
specimens of their handiwork in
picture frames and pantiles Also a
framed pen and ink sketch of the well
known engraving Pharaohs Horses
This firm also exhibited a beautiful
piece of wood carving representative of
i 1 1 ii
crosses to the opposite side of the
building viewing in passing Hawaiian
geese with young and a box of ban
tams the exhibits of Mr J N Robin
son and Master Hills Coming toward
the entrance the tables display exhibits
of roses by Mr Carl Willing boys and
girls hats by Mrs Alice Metcalf and
mens hats by Miss Maria Lane both
ladies exhibiting marked skill in their
handling of the native straws Mr
Jaeger adds to the interest by the ex
hibition of a specimen of the carlodu
vico palmata or leaf of the palm from
which Panama hats are made Beauti
ful bunches of bananas by Mr Henry
Macfarlnne 0 curious specimen of new
cocoanuts and a comparative showing
of common cocoanuts by Mrs V
Ward greet the curious before their eyes
arc arrdsted by a huge bunch of
iui iivntu uuu iiuwcr wreain cxnioueu
as the handiwork of the little Princess
Kaiulani Another step and a hand
made koa calabash from Mrs V Ward
and twenty four cocoanut bowls and
two calabashes from Mrs A N Trinn
are presented to view the end of the
taoic readied and the interested visi
tor lakes a breathing spell
Now bcinc ocain at the nlnce of
entrance opportunity is given to have a
view 01 tne excellent and rare speci
mens of horticulture in the shape of
palms ferns titants nml flnwirs which
occupy the entire centre of the hall
the exhibits of Mrs S C Allen Prin
cess Kaittlani Mrs C O Berger and
Messrs a jaeger and J N Robinson
Rare indeed was the collection of
palms which Mr Jaeger presented
aoout imy in number and comprising
twenty varieties not grown generally on
these islands Mrs Allens c ilarlmmt
bigonias and anthuriums won merited
praise irom connoisseurs Mr Robin
sons orchids both in flower and ferns
were much admired and Mrs C 0
Bcrgers maidens hair fern Princess
Kaiulanis cut flowers Mr Jaegers
crotons and a prire bouquet by Mrs
Jaeger added crcatlv to the nleasurc of
the occasion
After the awards had been announced
MrFrank Godfrey acting as auctioneer
sold the Malms exhibited which woro
donated to the Society by Air jaeger
tne procceds amounting to nearly
iSooobcing intended to defray a por
tion of the expense in roofing the Hall
witli glass
Following are the awards made by
the judges and prize winners will re
ceive their prizes in a few days at the
hands of Mr T S Webb the secretary
The first prizes in nearly all cases are
it is understood to be diplomas ot the
Division 1 Horticulture Palms
A Jaeger Growing Ferns J N Rob
inson Anthuiium Mrs S C Allen
Bigonias Mrs S C Allen Bouquets
Mrs A Jaeger first Princess Kaiu
lani second Cut Flowers Princess
Kaiulani Crotons A Jaeger Flow
ering Cocoanut Mrs V Ward spe
cial New Cocoanuts Mrs V Ward
Bananas H R Macfarlane Mummie
Apples Antone George Mammoth
Squash R N Mossman Red Guavas
Mrs A Jaeger Caladiums Mrs S
C Allen Floral wreath Princess Ka
iulani Sanota ncars and cacao Mrs
T R Foster China nrantres Rose
apples Mrs C W Chamberlain spe
cial Mangoes Major Hills
Division 2 Dairy Produce Firkin
butter Ahuimauu Ranch Home
made butter excellent the writer has
divided it amoncst connoisscursY Mrs
J M Whitney first Miss May Water-
nousc second
Division 3 Agriculture Fodder
plants H R Macfarlane
Division 4 Domestic Manufac
tures Best display Hollister Co
jMokihana Hawaiian perfume Hol
lister Co Pharmaceutical prepara
tions Hollister Co Cocoanut bowls
Mrs A N Tripp Koa calabash Mrs
V Ward Boys and girls straw hats
Mrs Alice Metcalf Mens hats Miss
Maria Lane Picture frames and pan
tiles King Bros Wood carving King
Division 5 Poultry and Birds
Hawaiian geese and young J N Rob
Division 6 Miscellaneous Pickles
Mrs J A Hassinger Guava jelly
Mrs C W Chamberlain Red guava
jelly Mrs A Jaeger Panama hat
straw A Jaeger special
A Spartan Officer
Officer Robinson of the mounted
police on Saturday night late arrest
ed a party of five persons who in his
opinion were disturbing the quiet
Ot tne night ihe carriage con
taining the revellers was driven to
the Police Station where the occu
pants dismounted and on marching to
the Station keepers desk displayed
faces well known in political and social
circles here amongst them being that of
the Governor pf Jahu His Majesty s
Chamberlain the Lieutenant General
and last but pot least the Attorney
General The nrresting officer nothing
backward pressed his charge for the
detention of the party but the officer
on watch Hopkins the regular attache
Kedu having gone home from his
arduous vigils decided on giving the
Scotch verdict not proven and allow
ed the party to retire
Some indiscreet language was used
by one of the crowd to the effect that
in any other country the Attorney
General would have kicked the head off
the arresting officer Officer Rob
inson proved brnver in comparison
than Officer Kauhane who received
a gold watch for the capture of Chun
AFONC -At the residence of the
brides parent Saturday evening May 141b by the
Kev J A Cruzan J Alfred Maiooii to timeline
uaugnter el Air L Along Pio cards
Satiikihv May 14
Slmr Kinati from Hawaii and Maui
Slmr Wataleale fiom Kauai
Slmr C H HUhop from Koolau
Stmr I A Cummins from Kiwlm
Stmr Waiinanalo from Walalua
Stmr Mokolii from Molokal
Stmr Ltliim from Jlninakuu
Srhr Maiy rortl Ktihila
Schf Mille Mortis from Keol u
Sunuav May 15
Slmr Mkelike from Knhulut and wy ports
Slmr Mik hftU from Kauai
tlmf las Malice from Knual
lir W iclm from Walahta
fichr llalealtAla front Prekl
Sclir Waloll from Kuau
SATUtiAY May 14
Am Mctne Amelia for San tr ticisco
tk Hope fer Tort Townsrnd
Slmr Surprise for Kuau
Schr Kaulilua for Katial at to ft m
Bit Forest Queen for San Francisco
SitmrKinnu for Maul Hawaii and the Volcano at 4
Stmr I A Cummin for Kdblau
Slmr Walminato for Walanae and Walalua
ficlir Sarah ft Hliza for Koolau
Schr Mille Morris for Koolau
Voftftol In Fort from Foreign
Haw hk Knlakaui Armstrong from Valparaiso
Mission ttmr Morning Star Turner from South Sa
Am bktne Amelia Newhall from Port Townsend
Am hktne MaVah Thompson from Newcauie N
Arg Hep Urk Ouillcrmo Sandnunn from Port
lostnsend for Callao In distress leaking
flerbk Hercules llless from Liverpool
Am bktne S N Cattle Hubbard from San Fran
Am tern W S llowne lltulim from San Francisco
Am lark Sonoma Griffiths from San Francisco
llrlt bark Glengaber Kolleston from San Francisco
Am bark Ceylon Calhoun from San Francisco
V essoin Expootoil from Foroign Ports-
Ilrit bark Cerastes from Liverpool due May l Jo
llrbarkK L T from Newcastle N S W due
Feb ij aj
Am bk Timour nresrer from lloston due May j
lint bark Scottish Lassie Singer from Liverpool
due May 30 31
Uktne Hattie Ilangs Terrill from Hongkong due
April is 30
Am bktno John Worster from British Columbia
due May so la
Am bark C O Whitmore Thompson from Depart
ure Ilaydue May roy
Am bark Chat 1 Keiiney from Newcastle If S W
due June ro so
Ilrit bark Scottish Lassie Singer from Livcrpeol
slue une 10 ao en route for San ranclsco
From Hawaii and Maul per steamer Kinati May
14 Hon J LKsulukou Hon S Parker J T Water
house jr Geo Kaihcnui Miss Hannah llray Miss E
A Armo Kong I ecn Miss M Low 1 S Lake W M
Gilfr dand wife Miss Mossman II lenacio Mrs A
Cornwall Mrs Wlddifield R D Walbrldge T S Kou
mage t Wright J Army D Moitoa t A Thurston
MraHU Ilaldwln MissUaldwin 11 F Glade II A
Ileen Don Lorn and deck
From Kauai per steamer Mikahala May is R A
MacfieJr SWWilcm MraWiiCax Master Wilcox
Ir Grossman J N 8 Williams Capl J Klbling 0 C
Hofgaard M G Correa J 11 Cooke Mist C liais
forth Ah Wai wife and 1 children 5 Chinese and 7a
For San Francisco perbllne Amelia May 14 J A
Fer Port Townseni per bark Hope May IJ J
Russell and family Miss K Ladd
A Want Supplied
The Elcle Hook Job and Newspaper
Office corner of Queen and Ii streets
opposite office of the Board of Health
have in connection with their already
Extensive Trinting Lstablishment just
received per S S Australia through
Messrs Palmer Rev of San Fran
cisco direct from the manufactory
New York City a Gordon job Print
ing Press one of the finest and best in
the world and of the largest size made
There is nothing in this country to
compare with it To examine this
fine piece of workmanship is worth a
visit to the Elcle Office It excels in
doing the finest kind of work in the
shortest possible time
Merchants and others requiring print
ing of any kind at short notice and at
reasonable rates will do well to give
the Elelc Office a call Telephone
No 541 im
Smoke the Havana Cheroots to be
found at C J McCarthys
King Bros are making a specialty of
regilding and repairing old Picture and
Mirror Frames -
F Horn proprietor of the Pioneer
Candy Factory has on hand several
hundred pounds of chewing sticks
which cannot be competed with in
price owing to his extensive facilities
for manufacturing
Chas T Gulick Notary Public
Records searched abstract of title furn
ished and conveyances drawn on short notice
Collection Agency Mr John Good
Jr authorlted collector
EmiLOyient Agency Mr K Marcos
special agent
General Husiness Agency No 38
Merchant street
Bell Telephone 348 P O Uox 415
cpclu JUibcrttecmcntSs
Headquarters Honolulu Rifles
HONOLULU May 16 1887
Battalion Order No 4
Every member of this command is hereby
ordered to report at the rmoiy at 7130 p ni
sharp this evening in fatigue uniform
Ily order
Geo McLron Captain Commanding
First Lieut and Adjutant
Kibbon League will please take notice
that thcr e will be n business mectinc at the Y
M C A Hall on Monday evening next the
10111 tnsi at 7130 p 111 a lull attendance is
JL any debts contracted without my written
Honolulu April 25 1887
it you1vant to know nil the n cv
you must read the IIpkam
Bccnl Sbbctltecmcnto
Chas J Fishel
Corner Fort and Hotel Streets
Every Day of this AVcck
vornblc weather wc were crowded to such
an extent that we were tlnabtd to accommo
date llie large number of kindpatron who
showed by their presence their appreciation of
our efforts to furnish them on AN EXTENS
At Low Prices
New novelties In TiuIIm MIip nml Phil
drcns Hats this week by the Australia manu
factured expressly for our sales Several ex
clusive SlvllVt tn I MM MlIM1 Tllln
and Carriage Hats
RI1II10NS In nstternt nml rrdminm In I11
found nn wlinrn rlci tn Tlnnnlnlit ami 1ia
InrttpSt nltnrlmnl nt nttl Anil finni ttl
bons such as may be found in any well
laicu nuuon siqcK ni prices as low as 111c
A Word on Inexpensive Millinery
While wc admit that no goods come to this
country for millinery purposes too fine for us
to buy at the same time we claim to carry the
Largest Line and Best Assorted
Ofjceneral Millinery of all grades in Honolulu
To those who do not have much lime for
shopping Do not let the Idea so industri
ously circulated by interested parlies who
keep nothing but cheap goods run away with
your judgment that because n house is largely
patronized by those who give a great deal of
attention to their dress you must necessarily
pay high prices for what you want As a gen
eral thing such people have time and plenty of
it to look around and just as anxious to make
a dollar go as far as you are and take advan
tage every time of the opportunity to get the
best bargains for their money
Leading Millinery House
Corner Fort and Hotel Streets
Manufacturing and Importing
f JU W 3E Xu as X S
Xo 0 Fort Street
Always keep on hand n most elegant assortment of
Ever brought to this market
Clocks Wntches Jlrncclets
lets PiiiH Lockets Gold CIiiuiih
nml Guards Sleeve Muttons
Studs Etc Etc
And ornaments of all klnds
EloKanlSolld ISllvorjToa SoU
Ana all kinds of aitrer waro tuitalile for presentation
Made to order
Kcpairing of watcles and Jewelry carefully of
tended to and eiecutcd In the most workmanlike
Particular attention is paid to orders and Job work
from the other Islands
Stationer X- Nowsdealor
Merchant Strccet - Honolulu II I
Mutual Telephony 371 Bell Telephone 302
Law Hooks and Lawyers Stationery o
Orders taken for Ncwspapeis Periodicals
Books Music etc from any part of the
world havinrr mailr nil nrrninnl f1iirrnr
whilst in San Francisco
Red Rubber Stamps to Order
Filtictli Anniversary of ilio Accession
of Her Majesty Queen Victoria
It is proposed to commemorate this occasion
liv the cnmnipnppnifnl nf a int tn lw pnllpil
thcVictoria Fund to be invested for the use of
1lA llrtIotl llanatMlnnl CAnlali In a CTn -1 In
relief to Bdtish residents who mav be In
It is also proposed to celebrate the day bv
an entertainment
Donations for either or both of the above
purposes may be made at the British Vice
Onnsnlflte nr In Mhi Iliclmt i R fv
bankers or Messrs Spreckels Co bankers
wno nave Kinmy consented to receive pay
ments or to members pf the Committee
Per order of THE COMMITTEE
Steam linglnvs Holler Siijir Jllllf
Cooler Jrou Jlrat mil Jeml Cutting
Honolulu n i
Machinery of every description made to or
der Particular attpntinn naiil In Shin
smithing Job work executed on the shortest
Alley and Shooting Gallery is nowolTrdl
for salo with all the fixtures complete Will
be sold cheap as the undersigned intends go-
in uuu Miiuiucr uumiiuss
Kent very modernte to suit the times Icirc
will be given for ten years or more to the
riiht man A good paying business Eor
lull Inhumation call or address
Fort street above Hoi
tcw eUbbrtftecmciiiff
The S S Australia
Novelties In IlttV OOOns A
attractive stock now opening comprising
s iciiwu iiunavciiing rorcign
and Domestic Gingham Seersuckers and
rrinis itovcmct la wasn 1aurics lite
High Novelties in Checks and Plaids
Ail the popular Style In Silk and Salin
Lace covered etc
m wwo vvnibsvii nissusiiiviuii A lie 141 1tSt
assortment In REAL FLOUNCING
A line display of Oriental Laces Spanish
Great Bargains In Torchou and Lfnen
llosioiv I Iosiorv
Just received a complete line of Ladies
viuuircns arm mciis rinc Hosiery in plain
and fancy styles
Fancv linen rmlirrtiilfrrl ITttvlkrrMfc it
greatly reduced prices
Special Sale of Corsets
We desire lO Call lllr Tldip nflrnllnn In
this special department A complete assort
ment of Bustles and Hoopsklrts constantly on
hand Ladles will find It to their advantage
to examine our goods before purchasing else
Summer Bonnets Summer Hats Magnificent
The onlv naer In Ifnnnlulu wticr tivIM
Millinery can be bought at low prices
Vc offer special inducements A tncas
sortment of Childrens
Ostrich Tips Shaded Ostrich Pompones
nam romponcs 1iumcs Hal
Ornaments Etc
Ladles Ink n lnnlr ni tlim urttt1iv mm 1
sire to purchase them or real bargain
A Word to our Gentlemen Patrons
Another knock out Fight to a finlshl
Competitors completely demoralised This
means business and dont you forget it Every
body inviled to the great Slaughtering Match
loo fine worsted Suits at cost price
So Pair of Stylish Hali line Corkscrew Pants
too Pair of Broadcloth Pants
150 Suits of Handsome four button Cut
away elegantly trimmed and made at bed
rock price
Latest novelties in fashionable Neckwear
from 35 cents upward
Full finished Vienna and Balbrigan Suits
from 150 upward
A comptctc line of fine Felt and Straw
iiats at greatly reduced Prices
Such as Oo Long Sul Sing and Goo Io
also Japan Tea nnd many other brands too
numerous o mention
A fine assortment always on hand of i new
styles of Bamboo Lounges nnd Chairs of the
latest pattern Extra line nnd strong Cam
phor trunks In all sizes
A No 1 Chinese plain and colored Mat
ting Chinese Pongee Silk at very low figures
Chinese white Silk by the yard ot piece
Chinese Tissue in all shades Chinese Silk
Chinese Grass Cloth white brown nnd
black by the yard or piece nt greatly reduced
A No 1 assortment of Chinese Silk Hand
kerchiefs plain and embroidered hemstitched
colored bolder etc
Chinese Silk Sashes of every description
Chinese plain nnd embroidered Slippers
Chinese Fans in all styles
Call and Sec Goods and Prices at
Corner Hotel and Fort Sts Honolulu
At the lowest figure of the finest quality o
Warranted genulnet made of the pwe juice
only and guaranteed to stand
Will not deteriorate in quality for any number
of years Large quantities exported every
year by some of the largest commercial firms
of this city to different parts of the United
States and the German Empire
Manufactured atthe
Pioncor Slcmu Qniiily Factory
and Bnlcoiy
Established in 1S63
ip hoen
Practical Confectioner Pastry Cook
Hotel between Nuuanu and Fort Streets
Both Telephones No 7
Phonography Taught by 1ho
Now Card Systom -
Coast I urn prepared to give lessons in
phonography shorthand by the above named
system to q limited number of ladies and gen
tlemen In order that a full course may be
given before my return to jhc Coast applica
tions should be maie on or belore Monday
May iCih For further information cal at the
office of N V Burgess 84 King street or ad
dreVi P O box 377 Honolulu P O

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