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Will bo fof bivIo -Dully ul tlio
lowltlK T?lliOOrt :
J. M. OAT, Jr. & Co .....Merchint street
T.O. THRUM ,, ..Fort street
N. F. HUROESS ,..l King street
WOLFE CO .Cor. King And Nuuanu sts
C.J, MCCARTHY... .Hotel street
Plve Cents jicr C'ojitf.
We ask the indulgence dfihi public,
if any oversight occurs in the prompt
delivery of the first numbers' of our paper,
or if errors in composition occur, until
we can perfect all our arrangements for K
printing, itsuing and delivering thepaper,
and we will esteem it a favor if subscribers
will report any delay or failure on
the part of our carriers. 1.
l.OCAT, Itr.WH,
The Press acknowledges the receipt 5.
of some very toothsome wedding 6.
cake from Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nicoll. 7.
The Govcrnmcrit Schools, Oahu
College and Punahou Preparatory
School Open this morning at nine
Mr. A. T. Gecring formerly connected
with the r. M. C. A. of Honolulu
is down from Hawaii on a two
weeks visit.
At .1 meeting of the Honolulu Yacht
and Uoat Club held last Saturday at
noon the initiation fee was reduced
from $25 to $5.
There was a clean record in the
Police Court last Saturday, but it
would be safe to wager that there,- will
be a black list to-day yesterday was
Yesterday morning as carriage No.
78 was turning from Hotel into Fort
street it was run into by an express
coming up Fort street, and had one of
its wheels broken.
The police were out again last Friday
night hunting for that supposed
box of opium which was dropped overboard
from the Mariposa when she Was
coming into the harbor.
).. Everybody growled yesterday because
it rained, If nature growled as
much as the people, the country
would soon go to the old Harry, crops
sugar, people and all.
Mrs. Merrill, wife of the American
Minister Resident, is the guest of Mrs.
Hastings at Henry Macfarlane's cottage
at Waikiki. Mrs. Merrill will
remain at Waikiki about two weeks.
On Saturday last as Purser Guard
and Captain Drew were turning into
JJeretania street with a buggy coming
from the base ball grounds, the buggy
was upset and had two wheels broken.
Nobody hurt.
Last Saturday morning after the publication
of our notice that the firm had
gone into liquidation, Messrs. Bishop
& Co. made an attachment, on a
chattel mortgage, upon the stock of
S. J. Levey & Co. and closed them tip.
The Kawaiahao Seminary managers
will pull down one of the old buildings
probably next week. The building is
oue of the oldest on the Islands, and
the first printing on the Islands was
done in it by the late Mr. E. 0.
Hall for the American Hoard of Missions.
A fine looking bay horse which was
being broken by Dr. Baker, the horse
trainer, ran away yesterday shortly alter
noon and was seen, scudding out
street with nothing attached but
the harness, portions of which were
being dragged through the mud.
Word was brought clown by the
steamer last Saturday that Mrs. Cm-
zan fell from a horse at Olinda last
week. Dr. Bull of Makawno was
going to see her when he wrote the
letter which brought word of the accident
to Honolulu. The extent ot her
injnries is at present unknown.
The firm of Lyons & Levey dissolved
partnership last Saturday, as per announcement
' in our advertising columns.
Messrs. L. J. Levey and L. L. Cohen
have entered into co-partnership to-day
and will continue the business of
auctioneers and commission merchants
at the old stand on the corner of Fort
and Queen streets.
Mr. Lewis J. Levey, late partner of
the firm of Lyons ix. Levey, will open
an auctioneer and commission House,
as announced in our advei Using columns,
in the store foimally occupied
" by Mr. S. Nott, on Fort street, next to
G. W. Macfarlane & Co.'s. Mr. Levey
will occupy this store until he can obtain
a more spacious premises.-
Mr. C. Afong who returned for his
Pepeekco plantation last Saturday reports
that he will stop grinding this
week. Mr. Afong has finished plant
ing 300 acres of cane. The rains have
injured the cane at Pcpeekeo to some
extent, There is but little of any snow
to be seen from the plantation on
Mauna Kca, a thing almost unknown
at this season of the, year,
The Mechanics' Union has elpcted
the following officers for the ensuing
year : T. R. Lucas, President ; J, F.
Eckardt, vice-President ; William
Auld, Secretary ; John F. Colburn,
Treasuier, Executive Committee :
Charles Lucas, George Norton and M,
Colburn. Trustees : T. R. Lucas,
John F, Cqlburn and M. Colburn.
The, reports of the Union show that
about $600 was disbursed last year for
benefits and that there is now about
.A.- ,
The two ice companies haye consolidated
and the business will hereafter
be carried on by the People's Ice
and Refrigerator Co. This company
has bought out the Honolulu Ice
Works Co. paying therefore sixty per
cent, of the par value.
The man who plays the cornet in
the vicinity of Fort and Hotel streets at
all holirs of the day and night' is kindly
warned that various threats have been
made against his life by sojourners
within hearing of his music. If he
wishes to continue his lease of life and
play his little horn at the same time it
would be advisable for him to build an
iron tank and" get into it. Otherwise
I K 1 1 K 1 1 1
The Band boys will play this evening
at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel a
follows :
March "Uefillt" Faust
Overture "Titus" 1 .Mozart
Dallatl "M6rnlng" lieetliovcn
Selection "Marco Visconti". . . , , Pctrclla
"Pill Aoao Me Malilna Malamalama."
Selection "Patience" .Sullivan
Gavoilc "The Stars" . Eaton
Waltz ' 'Summer Evening" . " Waldtcnfcl
"Sonian" Wardropcr
Hawaii Ponol.
The famci f. Dcwsctt brought the
news of a storm which occurred on the
island of Molokai Saturday before last.
The new church lately dedicated by
Dr. Hyde was moved from its foundation
and so badly wrenched that it will
probably have to be pulled down and
rebuilt. At Waialua much damage
was done to the timber, and along the
mountain side there is hardly a tree
left standing. The whirlwind, which it
undoubtedly was, was local in its extent
and lasted only about an hour.
Musical Mr. Bergcr has been busy
during his vacation writing new music
for the Band boys. The public will
soon have "the pleasure of hearing
these new pieces which arc twelve in
number as follows : March, " Kale
Kcol'tij" Lancers, "Mother Goose j"
March, "Honolulu Rifles j" Waltz,
"Akiku Aukttkc;" Lancers, "Melica
Juka ;" March, ''Hawaii ", March,
"Maui ;" Lancers, "Makiki j" March,
"Oahu;" March, "Kauai;" Waltz,
"Waialae ;" Waltz, "Wailupe."
Last Saturday evening about seven
o'clock two of the Custom House officials
arrested P. M. Lucas, the second
steward of the Mariposa, coming off
the steamer with four tins of opium 111
his coat pockets. Search was immediately
made and seventeen more tins
were found in his state room. The
seventeen tins were in a large tin re
ceiver. 1 wo empty tin receivers were
also found in the state room. It is
more than likely they contained opium
which had already been disposed of by
the enterprising stcwaid. Mr. Lucas is
now languishing in cell, No. 1, at
the Police Station.
Last Saturday afternoon about one J
o'clock the Hotel Baggage Express
wagon was run away with by a horse
that is up to such tricks, and a severe
accident was narrowly avoided. The
horse started from in front of W. L.
Hopper's planing mill on Fort street
and dashed up town without a driver,
striking the hind wheel of a carriage
standinc in front of the Pacific Hard
ware Co.'s building. Continuing up
port street the horse was grabbed by
the bit by Scotty the champion
catcher, who, until the animal was
checked, guided him clear of a carriage
standinc; at Watcrhouse's store, and
most probably avoided a catastrophe.
The base ball game between the
Benedicts and the Oceanics played last
Saturday at the Makiki diamond was
decided at the end of the first half of
the eighth inning in favor of
the Benedicts, with the score standing
14 to 12. The game was not played
out owing to the darkness and lain.
The Oceanics wished to play it out but
the Benedicts objected and under section
4 of league rule 43 the game
was decided in favor of the Benedicts.
The Benedicts played a good game
throughout scoring live runs in the first
inning ; the Oceanics did not "catch
on" until it was too late, although it is
generally conceeded that they arc the
stronger team. Johnnie Oat umpired
the first part of the game and there was
a good deal of fun seeing him jump
out of the ball's way, and watching him
as he tried to keep track of the "strikes"
and "balls." Hay Wodchouse, of the
HonoUilus, umpired after the first two
or three innings. In one inning Hay
got an ugly fall trying to get put of the
way of a swift ball, which struck him on
the feet bringing him to the ground
I he next and last game
of the league series will be played next
Saturday between the Honolulus and
the Oceanics.
In Automuhla
In the greater number of railway
stations in England there is a small
box on legs, painted crimson, which
may be called an automatic post-office,
It is divided in two compartments. On
the top are apertures admitting a
penny, one being for postal cards and
the other for envelopes. You drop a
penny tlnough the slot and open a little
drawer beneath, and presto, you
find a postal card. Drop two pennies
in the right hand slot, open a corre
spondaic drawer, and you unci a
stamped envelope containing a dainty
sheet of note paper, These little con
veniences are the property ofapiivate
company, i lie prolit is very small,
and only on the envelope and sheets of
note paper. You can't get the best of
it by dropping it a bad penny, as if not
full weight it refuses to -deliver and
keeps your short coin, confiscating that
as a, punishment for your attempt to
cheat. It has a golden rule that works
only one way.
Vessels Expected from foreign Ports.
San FrancIsco, Haw sdrir PlAnteU. ......
Cameron. Due Oct
San Francisco, Am. Schr Anna,.
ocli. Due at Kahultii Sept. 5-10.
Port Townsend' Am. lik Hope
Penliallow. Due Sept. 5-10. Lewcrs &
Cooke, Agents.
Popt 1H.AKE1.KY, Am. bgtne Courtney
FORD.. Miller, Due Sept. J-3-Port
Hlakeley, Am. bktnc Amelia
Ncwliall. Due Sep. 20-23. A"en &
Robinson, Agents.
Portland, Or, Am. bk Alden Hessie
O'Hricn. Due Nov. 1-3. K.W. Lalnc Agt.
New York, Am. bk. Martha Davis
Benson. Due Nov, 1.5. C, llrcwer &
Co,, Agents.
New YoiiK.Nor. bk LoVsprino TliomiJ.
sbti.Due NoV. 20 23. Cascle& Cooke Agts.
Liverpool, llrli. bk Jupiter 'Jones
Due Sept, 8-13. T.II.Davics & Co.,Agts.
Liverpool, Kilt, bk Ciiilena Davici
To sail in Aug. T. H.Davics & Co.Agnt.
HoNOKONO, Haw brig Allie Howe. Holland
Due Oct 23-30.
Honokono, Urit. s s Mount Leiianon
Maxwell. Due Aug. 27-30.
Glasgow, Urit. bk Lizzie iREDAL'E.Ircdale
Due Nov. 15-20 F. A. Schacfer & Co.,
Due Scot. 1.
Jaluit, Haw. schr Jennie Walker
Anderson. Due Nov. Pacific Navigation
Co. Agents. - .
Bremen, Gcr. bk C. R. Hisitor
Due Nov. 5-10. II. Hackfcld & Co.,
Merchant Vessels Now In Port.
Detnc Claus Spreckels Drew
Hktnc Ella Howe
Uktne Mary Winkelman Backus
Stmr MARIPQSA Hnywaul
Ilgtnc W. G. IRWIN Turner
Saturday, September 12
Stmr Lchua from Kahului
Stmr C R Bishop from Kauai
Stmr Kilauca Hou from Hamakua
Stmr James I Dowsctt from Molokai
Schr Halcakala from Pepeekco
Sch Manuokawal from Koolau
Bgtnc W G Irwin from San Francisco
Sunday, September 13
Stmr IwaUni from Kauai
Stmr Likclikc from Maui
Stm James Makcc from Kauai
rvssv.hs t.ka visa this dat.
Sttnr C R Bishop, at 12 M. for 'Hamoa,
Paauhou, Ilonokaa, and Kukuihaclc,
Stmr Mokolii (or Molokai
Stmr Lchua for Kahului, Maui
Sch Manuokawai for Koolau"
Stmr James I Dowsctt for Molokai
From San Francisco per bclne W G Irwin,
Saturday September 12 Judge Austin & vf,1
Miss Austin, h, Austin, JN b Robertson, Ii U
Winston, Col Samuel Norris, & 2 in slecrgage
From Maui per stmr Lchua Saturday September
12 C Holcfusse. D D Baldwin. V S
Dodgr, F L Clarke, W D Alexander & dhtr,
Dr ti A Kawson : wl, w II (Juinmings ii
svt, S M Damon, J C Spate,. Mr Farr, M E
Beckwith, T LMiman, II F Burgess, G Cluff,
Naupana, Henry Sheldon, 7 prisoners, &
60 deck.
From Kauai per stmr C R Bishop, Saturday
September 12 Mrs J W Hatfield &4
ch, D Kellett, Emma Hatfield, II A Wide-man,
Miss Luce, Mrs Louis Kahlbaum & 4 ch,
Moses Mahelona, A J Holt v,f & 2 ch, J
S Kahina, No Lee Lang & 33 deck.
From Kauai per stmr Iwalani, Sunday,
September 13 Oapt Heywood, E Boyd, R C
Spaulding, E C Conant, Walter Dole,
Dole, Mrs Oukai i: ch, E H Rodgers,
Miss Kate Kodcers. Miss Nellie Waterhouse.
Mrs Hauaikl & 2 ch, W E Rowel!, Ah Sing,
Ho Wen, Mr & Mrs I Titcum, Mrs A Spencer
& ch, Miss Alice Shaw, E Lewis & 131
From Mnui and Hawaii per stmr Likelike,
Sept 13-Miss M R Hitchcok, Miss M R Wells,
Miss M A Atkins,Mr Louisson, G C Toomer,
Mivs M S Rhodes, Miss P Rhodes, Miss L,
Kauchaku, Miss Kaualu, Miss L Kilu?a, A
Rhodes, C Fcarn, C R Collins, Tlios Pedlar,
B Zablan, J Zablan, D Mackenzie, Miss E A
Carter, Miss F N Carter, E Halstead & wf, F
B Oat, Mrs Neill, Mrs S Obcd & ch, Mrs S
Nowlein, Miss E K Nowlcin, MissAkela,M!ss
LMakalua, Mrs D R Vida, II C Vida, F
Vida, Mrs R II Baker & son, C Basse, Miss
Annie Akong, W G IrwinJ A Buck, A j loore,
(J 1' laukea, 1' A lliomkson, A "Jeering, J
Crnwdcr, J Hunt, Geo Gray, L C Lyman,
Miss G Porter, E N Hitchcock, Miss L Lyman,
Miss II Stillman, Miss A West, A M
llronn, MissM Brown, Mrs Nakapuahi, J Kit-pau,
& svt, Mrs J Kapu, Miss L Kapu,
A Rosa, J II Soper, Father Lconorc,
Mrs F A Beckwith it 2 ch, Mrs J Zablan &
ch, Geo W Macfarlane, E C Macfarlane, W
II Cornwcll, (J A Hug, W J Forties, Miss L
A Fitzsimmons, C F Peterson, W L Peterson,
MUs N M Lowrie, A 11 Spciry & wf, Mis S
W Spcrry, A Henderson, F Straker, Miss
Mist, II Cooper.G Cooper, Miss Bella Woods
& svt, Miss Mabel Ladd, C L Wight, Miss
Mary Wilder, Mips 11 Wells, U K Wilder,
Miss A Rcuton, Miss E Kenton, Miss K
Lewis, Miss K Hids & I46lleck.
The stmt Lchua brought 2S9 bags sugar.
The schr Halcakala brought 631 bag' sugar.
The G, Irwin had light winds all the
way down.
The Klikitiit began tlisharglng lumber on
Saturday last.
The schr Rainbow will behove down and
cleaned to-day.
The .tnir C. K. llishop brought 56 I'3?8
paddy, and 25 bags rice.
The schr Manuokawai brought 774 bags
rice and 70 bags rice bran.
The stmr James I, Dowsctt brought 143
sheep, 10 head cattle and 3 horses.
The stmr Mokolii brought 120 bbls molasses,
ico bags sugar, 3G horses and 12 hides.
The scow was being loaded Saturday afternoon
with sand nnd stones for the new iglit
The bgtne W, G, Irwin, on her passage
down sighted a baik and a three masted
The steamer Likclikc brought 1,732 bags
sugar, 70 hides, 257 goat skins and 220 pkgs
The steamer Iwalani brought 302 bags sugar,
80 bags rice, 7 bags peanutJII pkgs copper
pipe, 4 cows, 3 calves, 100 sheep, 10 green
hides, and 80 pkgi sundries.
Steam Navigation Comp'y,
Stmr. ir. O. trail (Mahilanl)
IUtrs 1 Comnnndcr
Will run regularly to MaaWa, Maul, and Kona and
Kan, Hawaii, f
Sloamcv Blanlcr (Ltltnoc)
Cameron. ... Commander
leaves every Tuesday at 5 p. M. for Nawiliwili,
Koloi. Eleele and Wnlmea. Returning, will leave
Nawiliwili every Saturday at 4 F. M., arriving at
every Sunday at 5 a. m.
Steamer Iwalant,
I'rkkman Commander
Will run regularly to Hamni, Maul, and
Honokaa,and I'aauhau, Hawaii,
Steamer 0. 11. Bishop,
MACAUMtY. ,......... Commander
Leaves every Saturday, at '8 a. ii. for Walanar,
Oahu, and H.in.ilei and Hilauea, Kauai. Hemming,
eaves Hanalci every Tuesday at 4 r, H., and touching
at Waialua and Waianae Wednesdays, and arriving at
Honolulu tame day nt 4 p. M.
Steamer James Malice,
WrtIR Command?,.
Will run regularly to Kapaa, Kauai.
JVrip Jlouto tit the Volcano.
Ihrough Tickets to the Volcano and return, can now
be had at the oflice of the Inlcrdsland Steam Naviga.
tiou Co. Tourists nnd others leaving Honolulu per
Steamer "W. O. Hall "will be landed at I'unaluu,
where a Hrst'Class Hotel is now opened for the accommodation
nf traveler. ; thence by Railroad to l'ahala,
thence by Stage Coach to Half. way House, where
Horses and Guides will be In attendance to convey
them to the Volcano.
,11' this route, the round trip cm be made in 7 days,
giving r day and 3 nights at thea Volcano.
Tickets for the round, trip, includes Conveyances,
Guides, Hoard and Lodging, $60.00.
Tor further particulars inquire at the office of Inter
Island Steam Navigation Co , Honolulu.
Secretary. . President.
Till! ICTXAU '
Kino ......Commandpr
Leaves as per following schedule i Touching at
Moalaca, Makena Mahukona, Kawailiae,
Laupahoehoe, Hiloand Keauhou.
Tuesday, September 1 ...Hiloand way Ports.
Tuesday, September 8 ..Volcano and way Ports.
Tuesday, September 15,.. ..Hiloand way Ports.
Tuesday, September 21 Volcano and way Ports.
'luesday, September 99 Hilo and way Ports.
Davius CoMMArrnPR
Leaves Mondays at 4 P. M. forftKaunakakai, Knhu
lui, Hutto, liana and Kipahulu ; and for Keanae, Mo
kulau and Nuu every other week. Returning will stop
at the above ports, arriving back Saturday mornings.
"For mails and passengers onlv.
XJ1 1! KITjA VKA 11 0 V.
Wrisdartii. , ..-. ,,. Commander
Leaves regularly for Paauhau, Koholalele, Ookala,
Kukalau, Honohlna, Laupahoehoe, Hakalau and Onc
Leaves each Monday at 5 P. M. for Kaunakakal, Ka
malo, Pukoo, Lahaina, Moanui, Halawa, Wailau,
and Kalaupapa. Returning leaes Pukoo Friday
Paauhor Honolulu, arriving Saturday morning.
S. G. WILDL'R, Pres. S. D. ROSE, Sec'y.
PACIFIC (limited)
Coiisftiif ami Commission Afeiits.
Com, QUECY & NUUANU Stuttt, Honolulu
Regular vessels for the ports ol
Mahko on Maui
taupahochoc, Honomu, Paukaaand Hlloon
Koloa, Hanapepe and Walmea on Kauai, and
Waialua on Oahu,
And any oilier poits when Inducements olTer.
Persons having freight for any part of the islands to
be forwarded from San Francisco by way of Honolulu,
or direct shipments from Honolulu will do will to en
quire first of the IVcific Navigation Co., before making
final arrangements.
Goods intended for shipment by any of our vessels
received and stored free of charge la our fire-proof
bnilding at any time. Apply to the captains on board,
or to A. T. COOKE,
sillf Manager Pacific Navigation Co.
Wilders steamship Company.
New Route to the Volcano!
Via Keauhou.
t'i.a .i....trtM,ii L-1...V r.n..,!..uil I.....
Honolulu on Tuesday, June 93rd, for Keauhou, the
New Volcano Landing, and thereafter upon the first
l UCUily uuer ma arrivui Ul Ilia .itunicua uuii niau,
osa, due here the 81I1 and 93iid of each mouth.
Wo offer passfngersTimoutiii ticki'ts for the sum
sengers twenty-four hours' time at the Volcano lloiiac,
uvi returning to Honolulu on Sunday morning.
Only fouktubn milks pro ruKSTiiAMPRTOTim
Volcano, over a good road less than half the distance
of any other route.
On all trips except Volcano trips; the KINAU will
run her reguli'r time table, goino to Hiloand
to Honolulu nt 10 a. m. Saturdays. On Volcano
trips passengers from I.aupahoehos must take the
steamer on the up trips. Passenger, can remain on
board or Mop over nt Hllo until TaldayutgA, M., as
they choovs.
All fuither particulars given nt the office of
Honolulu, June 19, 18 itf
ft llllV.WKH .C C03WAX1', Agents.
Merchandise receded Storage Tree, and liberal cash
advances made on shipments by this ine, 910-961
97 Kilby Strubt, Hoston,
Oeneral Commission Aiients.
Special attention gli en to the purchasing of goods for
1 ne Hawaiian traue. l rci?m at lowest rates.
JWJffat gjjotfw.
The undersigned having ben duly appointed ad
ministrator of the; estate of Robert C. Austin, late of
Honolulu, deceased, all persons having claims against
the said estate are hereby notified that they must
present the same to the undersigned within six minths
from the dale of this notice or they will be forever
barred; and all persons indebted to said estate are requested
to make immediate payment to me,
Administrator, with the will annexed, of the estate
of Robert C Austin.
Honolulu, September 9, 1885.
from and after thisdata Mr. JAMES P. MORGAN
will havt? an Interest in my
AVOTIOK AX1 coatjussiox
business, which will be carried on under the firm
name of
32. X?. AJDA.MS Sto CO.
E. P. Adams.
Honolulu, September 1, i83j. - tw
In accordance with the desire of manv nitrons, nnd
meet the exigences of the times the undersigned will
hereaftel render and collect all accounts monthly.
I. JVl. UAl.JK., 6CI.U.,
, S. I. LEVEY & CO.,
Honolulu, Sept. 1, 1885. 953-360.
All accounts overdue the Saturimv Pres are desired
to.be settled Immediately. All unexpired subscriptions
advertisements will 1 completed by the Daily I lono.
luiu I'ress. i.u. iiikuim,
Manager Saturday Press. .
cnciitl jStolittilecmcitts.
Oalm OoXlesre
Punaliou Preoaratory School,
Tlie completion or the new Uishop Hall of Science,
fully equipped for use, offers rare faiilities in this department,
which is in charge of PROF. L. L VAN
SLYKE, a specialist from the University of Michigan.
Ily the addition of over 00 volumes of carefully
selected books increased advantages are afforded in the
Literary Department.
Lessons in Vocal Music, Drawing and French by the
former able instructor aie given in the rrgular course
without extra charge.
Under the efficient management of MISS 1'- V
HALL as Principal, offers excellent advantages for
those wishing to pursue a preparatory course.
J. JT. "Williams,
Leading Photographer of Honolulu.
Writer Colors, Crnyon,
Iiiiltn Ink or Oil,
Photo. Coloroil, &n'
The only complete collection of
Island Vlows,
Iforiis, Sliolls,
Curiosities, &c.
Chdrgea Moderate.
Golden Gate, Extra Family,
por SAi.n nv
Jl. JIacUfeld & Co.
Letter, Cap nnd Note IMock of first quality paper,
l.enal Cap, Letter and Note lllocks of ruled.
ManllU paper, plain Memo, nnd Npte
blocks, M. & II, form blocks
for Hills, .Statement!,
Wash-lists, etc,,
Or Paper. PUT UP In ANY FORM, Desired
At TllOS. a. TIlllVM'H
I'ort Struct Storks.
can be had to order at the . .
Ruction gate.
DEtteal Estate.
We have received instructions to tell at public
On Saturday, September lttth,
At 13 oVlock noon at our'stlesfoom, that '
certain valuable
On the Waldkt Road, lust bevond the SunnV South
and recently occupied by C S. McDuflee.
This lot Is 300 ft. deep and 100 ft. front, and Is well
Tile house Is almost new has six rooms on the main
floor, besides bathroom, kitchen and store room, 'the
cecond floor Is unfinished, '1 litre is also a carpenter
shop, stable and carriage house and a chicken house.
TERMS: One-third cash ; balance In 1 and a
years and 3 years with interest at 9 per cent, secured
by mortgage.
Pel sons wishing to view the property call upon
It. V. Alt A 318 .C CO.,
Grand Auction Sale
k Lois at k
Hy order of II. F. Dillingham, Esq , wc will offer at
public auction.
On SATURDAY, September 10,
At la o'clock noon,
At our salesroom, (unless previously disposed of at
private lale.) 'I hose certain VALUADLE LOTS at
Sea. "View Estate,
As per plan at our oflice, at upset price from
$100 to $373.
An unprecedented'chance for people of the most
limited means to obtain a homestead of their own.
Healthy nnd cool locality, nnd commanding a magnificent
view of the culire Plains, the Sea, and Diamond
Head and only 10 minutes walk from the Punahou
with perhaps, a closer connection, in the near
uture by Rail to Honolulu.
The property is bounded on the south side by Met-calf
street and on the west by Ileckwith street, and in
addition to these approaches, there hive been laid out
two avenues and three roads, each 40 feet wide so that
every tot commands two approaches.
The Woullawu Dairv is ndiacent. so that butter.
cream nnd milk may be had fresh at nil times, and all
vegetables required for domestic use can be obtained
from the Chinese growers.
Water is ulentiful. and the property will be supplied
from a Reservoir kept constantly supplied from an artesian
well situated upon the most elevated portion of the
There Js positively five degrees less temperature upon
these lots than in the town of Honolulu, and when the
town is hot and dry, there are alvvavs cooling and
refreshing breezes, accompanied by occasional light
showers from the Manoa Valley, which render It exceedingly
admirable as a healthy resort.
TERMS OF SALE. Cash. Balance in
inndajears secured by mortgage with interest at 8
per cent. Deeds at expense of purchaser.
gV Tor particulars, plans and explanations call on
J. E. WISEMAN, General ilulness Agent, or
11. 1'. AHAHH .0 CO.,
. '. 1,(1
v1vtv wy
rffc fly3 vfwj .? iyf 'W f. F ti rqw. v 'V rw W?? r rfVFHfHpJ,(Ttir??F T(I 'T "J 'r
'$ V
.v4,"Ji. x
Light on his airy crest his slender head,
Ills body short, his loins luxuriant spread;
Muscle on muscle knots his brawny breast,
No fear alarms him, no vain shouts molest:
O'er his high shoulder, floating full and fair,
Sweeps his thick mane and spreads his pomp of hair;
Swift works his double spine, and earth around
Rings to his solid hoof that wears the ground IVlpulL.
This well-known Trotting" Stallion Is now standing at the comer of Punchbowl and Queen, streets', nnd1
bleeders, horsemen and stock-owners should take ad"antage of the opportunity to obtain his blood white ihey ,
have the chance. He is now looking and feeling nearly as u ell as he ever did in hii life, nnd moves as lively
and his ee is as bright and he is ns vigorous as n four-year-old horse.
It does not require a great to discover great points of excellence in VENTURE. The ordinary
citlien, upon beholding him, will he impressed immediately with )iis grind make-up, magnificent length, and
elegant finish.. If he js not the greatest horse lliat cvir came ti this country, he is surely one of the greatest, and
ns a turf performer, he towers ns fur nbo e them all ns he does above a sucking colt In statue.
A great deal or Importance has litely been attached to the value of a horse that is being kept for stock purposes,
whether he is standard or not, and the President of Ihe National Association of Trolling Horso llreeders
in America strongly advises people not ttf patronize stallions that are not standard bred, and he also ndtises
them to select one not only standard bred, but if possible one that, is standard by his ok n performance, Inch is
a public record of 9:30, or better, nnd even more than this by the performance of his gel also. Now, If litis rulo
was rigidly applied it would exclude nil such great hones as Klectloneer and the sires of Maud S. and Jay Le
.See. etc., for while they lave become greatly renowned by the performance ol their get, they never were turf
performers themselves.
Now, wo will tee, for cuilosity, how near VENTURE comes to possessing these three qualifications,
namely : , Weeding, uerlormancej anu periorinances 01 his
As tn hreeflinr.. he Is the Titer of ftnv horse on earth,
popular stallior in Lngland, and whose service fee Is ,
At to ills own performances, he meets the requirements, having a public record of 9H7J t:bclnir the
standard of admission.
Ills get are now just beginning to be appreciated in California, one of which (Vengeance) won a good race
quite htely in Sacramento, in straighf heats, making a record of 3:34, nud is said to be able to trot close o itto,
when called upon to do so. , . t
With these facts before us, VENTURE looms up as one oftjie greatest horses, not only in this but in any
other country, and the day is past when people will bleed anything but the ery best J and while the death of
two such great horses as llosucll and llazaar is greatly deplored by all Irue horsemcp, still It is a great consolation
that there is so good a horse ns VKN 1 UKE to fill their place.
VENTURE Is an aged horse, hut he Is one jear younger than Dictator who was sold only last jear In
Kentucky for $13,000, on the strengthof his being the hire or Jay Ee hee, His stud fee is $300. He is also
ttn years younger than Volunteer (sire of St. Julien), whoie fee is $500. All things taken into consideration. I
cannot see why VENTURE Is not as desirable a hone to breed from as any of them, or why he Is not as
worthy of the patronago of the public. Ilelow I will give his pedigree, of which Ilnvlto a comparison with that
of any other horse In trie country ; -
VENTURE, horse, id hands, foaled In 18(4
Gull, he by imp. Expedition.,
st dam, Miss Motyn, by American
9d dain. by Kennr r's Gray Medoc.
3d dam, Imp. Lady Mostyn, by Ten
4II1 dam, Invalid, by Whisker,
5th dam, Helen, by Hanibletouian.
Clh dam, Susan, by Overton,
7th dam, Drowsy, by Drone.
till dam, by Old England.
oth dam, by Cullen Arabian,
loth dam, Mlts Cade, by Cade, -
. iilldam, MlssMakcless, y son of Ore j ho
raikdam, by Partner. r
13th dim. Miss Does, dam by Woodcock.
4th dam, by Croft's bay Harb.
ijth dam! Desdeinonas, dam by Mokttess
16th dam! hv llrinuner. i
'i :
17th dam! by Dickey Plerson.
ttstiitum, llurlon llarb. Mare.
ttt rill ,J
tST For any additional particulars, terms, etc.,
4-39 C.
JUtcttou tha.
I3xeciitoi!,s Sale.
By order of the Executors of the estate of B. F,
Holies, I will sell at public auction, tit the warehouse
On lfetlncsday, ScptcmberlOth,
At 10 A. M,, the. balance of stock, consisting
Manila Rope, Rubber Paints, Copper Tanks,
Paint Urushes, Varnish and W W Brushes,
Ubls Etstern Mess Pork,
Homp Hope and Canvass,
Cases Curia, Cases Soda, Cases Cream Tartar,
Cases Ginger, Cases Curry, Cases lib. Potted
Sausage, Lloxea Starch, Cases Pepper, t Epsom
Salts, Jars Soda,
Sale positive to close the business.
7;. P. A It A MS .C CO.,
(5circirtl JluucfttJGcmcntc.
By direction of ALEX. J. CAHTWRIGHT, the
mortgagee named in n certain Indenture of Mortgago
datedthe jth day of April, 1883, made by John Meek
to said Alex J, Cartwright, I am directed tn sell at
Public Auction on SAT URIiAY, THE 19th DAY OF
SEI1EMUER, 1883, ati9M, at my salesroom In
Honolulu, nil that certain piece or parcelof (and situate
nt Waikanc, Koolaupoko, Oahu. being n portion of
Rojal Patent No. ts8, Kuleana Helu 5919, and described
as follows:
He mau loi kalo me ke lula E hoomaka ana ma ke
kih! Hem. e spilt ana me ke nlahaka me ko Alanul
Aupuni, n me ka auwal a Kailiili n e holo ana Ak. )'
Kom. 755 pauku pili Alanul Aupuni. Ak. 33 Kom.
78 pauku ; alalia Ak. 61 Hik. c uki ana i keia kuleana
183 pauku pili la Puka Hem. 33' Hik. 07 pauku pili
1'uka; Hem. a" 98" Hik. 900 pauku a oki ana i ka
auwai. Hem. 17M Hik. 663 pauku pili Nakca, Hem.
Sjli' Kom. 337 pauku pili I ka auwal 0 Kailiili a hikl i
kc kih! mua, n inaloko oia 9.49 Eka, and being the
same premises conveyed to said John Meek by deed of
Malaea Kaiiiuolua and Kaia her husband.
And also nil that certain peice or parcel of land situate
nn Flirt St, in Honolulu aforesaid Iwlng the mauka
irtion of the parcel of land comprised in Royal Patent
K 1611 ns the same is now in the occunationof the
said John Meek and fenced and enclosed, and being
the same premises conveyed to said John Meek by
deed of Mary Kahaleluh and J. W. kaikainahaole of
record in Liber 43, on pages 3(1 li 363.
For further particulars enquire of
11. V. ADA31S .0 CO., Auctioneers,
Or Cecil, Drown, Attorney for Mortgagee. 1-17
A'o. VS anil J30 J'orl Street.
(opposite dobd's stadles.)
W. H. PAGE. Proprietor
IV Carriages of all descriptions made to order on
most favorable terms.
The closest attention giien to repairs of ull kinds.
All work guaranteed to give satisfaction.
nnd 1 don't exeetit the rrreat Hermit, ulin Is tli mn.t
he being the sire of three Derby winners.
; sired by Ilelmont, he by American Boy, he by Sc
apply to
' .jly - JW SuintAj.liltikl ' ' 4 i .' W b,JulJh 1 .:Aili'tW 1 . ,.! irfiA -"v rr A M ifiul
1 .
? I

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