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Exoopt Sundays.
At the Office, No. 29 Merchant St.
TERMS of svnsotttVTios.
'Fer annuninnM.. .. .',... $&co
Six months.. . .t.j t. .. . 3-0
Three months.., . ,.,,..... 1.50
Per month. !.. ,.joct
. Postage additional.
jftV SuoieWjiMon i'niable aheayt'tn
Brief communications from all parts of' the Kingdom
will always be.rerY acceptable.
Matter Intended,. for In tha -editorial
columns should be a'ddessetl to '
Editor Daily Honolulu Press.
Duitnast communications and advertisements should
addressed simply) "Ilusinesa, Manager,''
Daily, Honolulu Press",1
Advertisements, to ensure prompt insertion, should
M handed In before 6 T. M.
' ''" lLj
THURSDAY. OCT. 22, 1885
'" JUUhoritn.
Water will be shut off from the Lower
Nuuanu ReservolryWFRttlfAY," October 23,
from 7 A.M. to 2 r.M
Per Order-,. . C. H. r -WILSON,
Snpt. Water Works.
.. ...( Ttl h Sll'H't UtV, I ill li.
Wheri we consider the importance of
energy, tond ' hope ' lit the affairs of the
wo rid and 'contemplate the enfeebling,
if not immoral result of indulging, in a
dainty and debilitating egotism, we
cannot but look upon the snivelers of
social life! as great evils. Even when
the" habitk of selfish lamentation is
accompanied by talent it should be
treated with contempt and scorn. There
are so many inducements in our time
to pamper it that there is no danger
that the opposition will be too severe.
yherever we go, we meet with the
sniveler. He stops us on the street
corner to entrust us with his opinion as
to the affairs .of the Government. He
fears that the morals and intelligence
of the peqple are destroyed vby the
election of some rogue to office;' He
tells us just before church that the last
sermon has been a death-blow to
religion and that the waves, of atheism
and the clouds of pantheism are to
deluge and darken the land. In time
of general health he speaks of the pestilence
that is to be, The steamer can
not be one hour late, but he prattles of
accidents and disasters. He is ridden
with perpetual nightmare and emits a
perpetual wait
Recklessness is a bad quality and so
is blind ' and extravagant hope ;: but
neitber are .so. degrading as inglorious
and, inactive, despair. We:object to the
sritveler'because:h'e presents" the anomaly
of a being who has power of
motion without possessing life. Better
that a man should rant than whine. The
person who has no bounding and
buoyant feelings in him, whose cheek
never flushes at anticipated good,
whose blood never tingles and fires at
the contemplation of a noble aim, who
has no aspiration and no great object
in life, is fit only for the hospital or
the bandboscf, Enterprise, confidence,
a disposition to believe that good can
be done, an indisposition to' believe
that all good has" been done ; these
constitute important elements in the
character of every -man who is of use to
the world. We want no wailing and
whimpering about, the absence of happiness,
but a sturdy determination to
abate misery", The man , of: serious
purpose has no. time to be miserable,
into the very blood and brain of our
youth there should be, infused energy
and power. Instead of brooding over
his own diseased consciousness and
aggravating the 'malady which enfeebles
his mind he should cure his
ness by ministering to the epipfort of
others, We would say to the poor
sniveler, whether he dawdles in a
drawing-room or totters on the street :
Produce! Ifit.be but the smallest
fraction of a product, out with it I
A local notice in the Press of
seems to have had the powder to
cause Police Judge Bick'erfon, to decide
that the trial of a certain case
should be conducted with closed
doors.- The article in question was
written with the hope that the sarcasm
conveyed would have the desired
effect and that the usual motley gatherings
that listens to the words of legal
acumen plight, on this occasion at least,-be'
excluded, and induced to find other
employment It; had the desired effect
which it it a pleasure' to note.
Another War Speck.
An Appeal to tho Code...
Servla Eager for Territory.
The Gcnesta Sails for England.
The Roumanian Muddle.
On the Brink of a Volcano,
The Russians En Route.
in Montreal.
Tho Cholera.
The Work' of the Apaches; etc., etc.
The Jloumellan Trouble.
JNnw YoRK.Oct. 3 The Stiffs London
cablegram says: The latest complications
ip the Balkan troubles come
from the rival ambitions of Greece and
Servia. Tnc latter power makes' no
concealnient of her' intention to extend
her borders southward if there is to be
a General scramble for territory t pr;
another revision of the map of the"
peninsula. She has displayed a feverish'
energy t in war preparations, -.and
this has provoked the jealously of
Greece. It has also resulted in obliterating
the party line's that previously
existed in Greek politics, arid uniting
thb great body of .the people in what is
ktjo'wn as' the" Forward party. The
tafctics of this party are wjell expressed
by its.motto. It believes in aggressive
action to obtain the restoration of
what once belonged to Greece, and
looks for the re-establishment of the
creat Hellenic' State, The leaders now
tind themselves suddenly iri the ascend'
aiit, and they are using all the powers
of the Government to push forward
war preparations, and both military
and naval forces arc being put on a
war footing as rapidly as possible. It
is evident Greece means to assert her
self, and she may prove to be one of
the most troublesome factors that the
powers will have to deal with in settling
the Balkan ditlicultics. in Constant!
nople the representatives of the powers
ate urging the Porte to its
frontiers on the north and west so as to
check incipient risings and prevent
them trom developing into serious
warfare. The new Turkish Cabinet
officials are willing enough to strengthen
themselves almost powerless in the face
of large demands and very insufficient
means. 1 he greatest interest now at
taches to the attitude of Russia and
Austria in the present crisis. It .is
stated that Dc Giers, the Russian
Foreign Minister, realizes that hostility
to Prince Alexander is a mistake, and
that he strongly but vainly urged the
Czar to receive the Bulgarian repre
sentativesvho. recently .sought audience
at rreaerlCksDerg. .Many extraordinary
rumors are received from Vienna as to
.the position of Austria, and there is t
report of the revival of serious dissen
sions in the Austrian Cabinet, and
tpere' is good reason for believing the
report to be true.
The Herald's London special says.:
fn summing up Bulgarian matters, the
Times coucludes thus: T. he situation in
fact is electric, and a single spark may
precipitate an explosion.
London. Oct's. A disnatch to the
patty Telegraph, says that 6,000 Rus
sians nayc crosscu ine uanuoe into
Bulgaria and reached Rou mania by
special trains in tnc night.
M. De Giers demands that the
powers assent to armed intervention by
Russia if thcbervians enter Macedonia.
The Porte is hurrying troops from
1 he maritime provinces of ' Asia to
: salonica ; 2,000 men left Smyrna to-
1 lay. The Porte has obtained an ad
vance of -1,000.000 trom Galatea
Gabriel Pasha has been liberated and
las left Sofia (or Constantinople. Part
jf the Widden garrison has been sent
;o Sofia. This is regarded as proof of
improved relations between Bulgaria
ind Servia. A number of German offi
cers on the retired list arc offerinc their
services to frince Alexander.
' Nissa, Oct. 2. The meetinc of the
Skuptchina yesterday has resulted in
Servia demanding an extention of ter
ritory, the populace are clamoring
for the annexation of Macedonia. ;It is
probable, ,ovinr to.the. arcearmv'wh c 1
Servia has in . the field, . "tliat sli'e'will ; . ' i
speedily- seize tne contiguous territory,
mus maKing mure uiincuic a solution
of the 'Balkan, territory, question,
The Skuptchina .has held several
secret sittings. The. Government opposes
the project of the Deputies to
proclaim King Milan as King of Mace
donia. Cavalry to the number of 10,-000
arcbeing raised from the Landwchr
for frontier duty,
Everything is ready.for. the entrance
of 'the King-of Servia into old Servia on
the 8th inst.
The Meeting of the Jilylomate.
Constantinople, Oct, 2. The first
formal meeting of the Ambassadors to
consider the Rbumelian question will
be held on Monday next, when Said
Pasha, the New Minister of Foreign
Affairs, arrives from Berlin, where he
has, until the recent change of ministry,
been Turkish Ambassador.
Great activity prevails to-day in all
the various bureaus of the War Office.
Troops are' rapidly arriving here and
as quickly dispatched to Tripoli,
and Dedagatch. Marshall Fouad
Pasha has started for Adrianople.
The Sultan is receiving counsel from
Prince Bismarck respecting the
question, and it is probable be
will adopt a policv in harmony with
trio' German Chancellor's suggestions.
M fTfTPfTf my ,- i ?" "! ,f. ,"rw ;wrT.
I ' M
Anxious for a Solutloti.
New York, Oct 2. A Herald's
London special says : From the diplomatic
failure yesterday, in Constantinople,
it appears that the sincere desire
of the great powers to hasten the
solution of the Roumelian problem is,
to a great extent, hampered by the
claims, threats and actions of minor
States. From Athens, Belgrade, Bucharest
and Montenegro, the unpleasant
intelligence is transmitted to the cabinet
of the great powers that if Eastern
Roumclia is to be finally annexed to
Bulgaria, then Greece, Servia, Roumelia
and Montenegro must have adequate
territorial The position
of Great Britain, France, Germany and
Italy in the question is unmistakably
very different from that of Russia or
Austria-Hungary. The former cabinets
ard equally animated by a desire, to
hasten, as much as possible, the
Hon of a question which threatens to
compromise the peace of Europe, and
arc anxious that the informal conference,
now sitting at Constantinople,
should solve the question In some manner,
compatible with the dignity of the
powers whjch signed, tha Berlin treaty.
mu u is .unaemaoie tuai ,inc true nature
of the Roumeliarl revelation lies
in the fact that,f besides raising the
whole Eastern question anew, it has
again brought to the front the question
Of Austrian or Russian preponderance
of the Balkan Peninsula.
Mlecellancout Jfotet,
London, Oct. s.A dispatch from
Berlin says that it is understood in
diplomatic circles that Austria is
secretly supporting Servia.
According to advices from
the report that Russia wishes to
dethrone Prince Alexander has greatly
angered the The Prince,
it is said, was never so popular as he
is now.
, Bucharest, Oct. 2. The King of
Rbumania has declared that he has not
formed an alliance with either Greece
or Servia, and that Roumania only
seeks a neutral position in the event of
tlic Roumelian question resulting in
.Vienna, Oct. 2. The Vienna Bank
received full sanction from the Imperial
Foreign Office before granting the
Servian war.
The Situation In Montreal.
Montreal, Oct 2. Owing, no
doubt, to the very excellent precautions
taken by the Mayor, the city last night
was quiet and the streets almost
deserted. There are three companies
of the garrison artillery under arms at
the Exhibition buildings, with a troop
of cavalry doing patrol duty outside.
There were 100 constables on hand at
the Central Police Station, but their
services not being required, they were
sent home at 10 o'clock. There are
also volunteers on guard at the various
armories. The chairman of the Board
.of Health last night stated that the
Mayor naa oeen arrested, at. tne. in
stance of Hon. Louis Bueben, for
taking forcible possession of the Exhi
bition grounds for a small-pox hospital.
Eighty-four new cases of small-pox
were reported to-day and 34 houses
were disinfected. The new wing at the
hospital will be ready to-morrow) when
rooms' will be had for some 50 patients.
The removal of patients to the Exhibition
grounds will not be begun. The
civic hospital is full. For the six days
ending on Thursday night there were
276 deaths in the city and 66 in adjoining
municipalities. This afternoon the
Prince of Wales Rifles proceeded
to the Exhibition grounds to relieve
the Montreal Garrison Artillery,
doing duty there. No danger is feared
to-night, but there might be trouble tomorrow
night and Sunday, when the
workingmen will be at liberty.
The Cholera.
Rome, Oct. 2. There were 188 new
cases' of cholera and 80 deaths from
the disease reported yesterday throughput
Italy. The disease has spread to
Genoa, where two cases and one death
have been reported.
Washington, Oct. 2. The President
has issued an executive order
directing Dr. E. O. Shakespeare 'of
Pennsylvania to proceed, under direction
of the Secretary of War, as a
representative of the United States to
Spain and other countries in Europe
where cholera exists, and make an investigation
of the causes, .progress and
proper prevention and cure of. the
disease, in order that a full report may
.be made to Congress during the next
4 fcax1e Starving In T,mbradar.
New York, Oct. 3. A special from
Ottawa says : It is officially announced
here that the Labrador fisheries have
proved a failure-and that the inhabitants
are starving. The suffering of
women and children beggars all descrip.
tion, the little ones dying in the arms
of their mothers, who have no food to
give them, and the cold and exposure
complete the list of woes. The news
create great exciternent. The Govern
ment has acted with promptness, and
is hurrying fuel'and provisions on board
a steamer which will sail by .Monday.
Several ships will be necessary to meet
the demand, as the famine extends
along the entire coast.
Threatened JSxpultlon,
New York, Oct 3, A Herald's
London special says The principal
correspondents in Madrid who have
transmitted to their respective news,
papers the facts and comments as to
what is transpiring in Spain at the
present moment are threatened with
expulsion from the Spanish territory
within twenty-four hours.
Sir Chariot Dllhe's Marriage,
London, Oct. 2. Th6 marriacc of
Sir Charles Dilke and Mrs. Pattison
takes place at 1 o'clock at
Chelsea. Colonel Armstrong, a broker,
will give the bride away, aud Joseph
Chamberlain, will be groorqsman.
Immediately' after the ceremony the
bridal party ilj, go .to Oatlands Park
to spend thq honeymoon.
Fighting Cannibals (n Africa.
New YorI, Oct. 3. A Herald's
cablegram froft Brussels says : Dispatches
from Congo bring further details
of discoveries made by Lieutenant
Wissman, who .found the banks of Ray
sai River, down to its junction with
the Congo,- rriore thickly populated
than any other portion of Africa. For
twenty-four hours Licutcntant
between crowds
of ferocious cannibals. Men and women
gathered )iy thousands on the
river banks,shouting,"ycllingand
furious. The women were
more ferocious than the men, and
finally the BakoiStons attacked the expedition
in ficcts'of canoes. Wissman
and his men repulsed them after a
hard-fought battle, which lasted six
holirs, killing hundreds of men and
women. The entire region traversed
wah found to be xery rich in ivory, and
wak covered withlndia rubber trees. In
shooting a catadct one of Wissman's
canoes was wrecked and a dozen of
his blacks were drowned.
' v '
flottlle Apnche Talte itefuge in a Moun-
T tain Stronghold,
Tucsrij (A.T.) Oct. 2 At 1 o'clock
this monlirig, S. S. Colemari arrived in
town ahdjeported that Mike Noonan,
a rancher) was killed by the Apaches
in his cabin yesterday,- on the east side
of the Dijigoon mountains, just north
of the Mddle pass. It was also re
ported tint a large party of Indians
was seenfin the Dragoons last night
A mounte'(l escort took out a coffin for
the body of Noonan to-day, by order
of Coroner1, Mathews. The same official
telegraphed information to Lieutenant
Roberts at Fort Bowie, and received
the followir.g"reply from Roberts:
Fort Bowie, Oct. 2.
Three comjanlcs of troops and Crawford,
with his scojts, nte supposed 'to be in the
Draeoons. Evcrvthinc possible is bcinc done
to round up the Indians. General Crook is
thankful for My information.
llOJIERTS, A. A. D. C.
, The heights of Cochise county are.a
stronghold Jurrdunded by mdst mystic
peaks. The Dragoon mountains are
cbnspicuou objects of the scenery
about Tombstone, lying- within two
h )urs' rid.d Of the camp. The stronghold
is one of the finest cattle ranges
in the country and one of the hiost impregnable
of ,the old time Apache fastnesses.
For once an encounter now
seems imminent between the troops
and Indians, jind almost within sight of
The citizens await with feverish interest
news of' a decisive engagement
i Shanahan and Mrs. Mack, missihg
from San Simon valley, are still unheard
, Tombstone (A.T.) Oct 2 Nothing
hhs been heard from the band of
Apaches .iri". the, Cochise' 'stronghold
this afternoon. The following message
has been received:
Dragoon (A. T.), 2.
, J. V. Vickers ; Nothing has been heard of
the Indians othcrvthan your message giving an
account of the killing of Noonan. Captain
Hatfield is here, awaiting orders from Sulphur
Springs Valley to-day. I sent a nan to see if
he could find out anything.
As Hatfield passed through Dragoop
yesterday, and three other companies
and Crawford s scouts are now in those
mountains, it would appear that the
wily redskins had repeatsd their feat of
three years back, when, apparently surrounded
by confident troops, they escaped
through the labyrinthine defiles
of the in the darkness
of night
In regard to the killing of Noonan,
reported this morning, the Evening
Tombstone says :, He was found lying
in the house on. the floor, with a bullet
through his head. The house was rifled
and everything was in disorder. The'
trail led in the' direction of the Cochise
stronghold., Ajarge amount of 'stock
has been takeh'from the valley during
the last Jew days by these renegades.
They were between Hatfield's and
Wood's commands all day yesterday;
but the officers-were not aware of it. S.
Bryant and several others are riding
through the mountains, warning the set
tlers of their danger.
The following telegram shows
awakened interest on the part of the
Territorial officials ;
1 Ai.nuoUERQUE, October 2,
To Captains. S .Savage and. Howe, National
.uiiura 01 sinzQrju, dvmvjtorie n. uupaiuii
hni just been received from General Crook as
follows i -The hostiles endeavored to-day ' to
cross in Stein's Peak range, but were prevented
from dpinu so by troops. Last night they
,were repotted in the" Cochise stronghold, in
Ithc Dragoon mountains, with the troops in
pursuit. If the Indians "move north I will
notify you of the movementir as far as can be
learned, I also have a dispatch announcing
the killing of two men in Sap Simon Valley.
I have placed Captain Lane Fisher and twenty-five
mounted men of the Duncan Guards in
!thc field, They are scouting on the Gila and
Ash Peak range to inteicept Indians from
moving north. You will use proper diligence
to ascertain from reliable sources whether the
.hostiles are within your reach. If so, mount
as many (it your men as requireu imuer command
of the senior captain, and take (he field
(to protect the citizens in exposed localities,
You Will report your action and furnish infor
mation as to the whereabouts of the hos.tilesto
General Crook at l'Virt Howie and Governor
Trllle at Clifton, until further orders. By
order of F. A, Tritle,
Governor and
F, K. Ainswortii, Acting Adjutant- General.
Captain Savage, in the absence of
Captain Howe, is taking steps to carry
out these orders.
The party which started this morning
to bring in the corpse of the murdered
Noonan have returned with their
ghastly burden. After their "sual practice,
the fiends committed fantastic
indignities upon the bloody remains
which lie at the morgue a horrible
trophy of Apache cruelty. An inquest
will be held in the morning. Noonan
was shot in the breast, not in the head,
and afterwards had a blunt axe plunged
into hi$ 'breast and left lying by his
sidct Noonan was a well-to-do cattle
and ranch owner in the prime of life.
The party discovered a trail of the
evidently made since the soldiers
had been to Noonan's house and found
him slaughtered. The trail led south
and it Is feared the Apaches will reach"
the Sierra Madre with their plunder.
It is a curious fact the Indians threw
away the provisions found in Noonan's
.house, and judging from appearances,
sought for money or other portable
Demino, (N. M:), Oct 2. Five
companics.of troops reached Deming
from'differcht points, yesterday and today.
Their future movements are not
known, but it is supposed an attempt
will be made to hem in the hostile Indians
who have passed north into the
Burro Mountains and Black Range.
The Oentnta off for Home,
New York, Oct. 3. The Geue'sM
sails for England to-day. The World
says Captain Carter has weakened
as to carrying his racing spar
across the Atlantic, and it is .reported
that after the pitable exhibition
which the yacht made on her return
from the Brenton's cud race, her crew
have refused to go back on hcrt ex'depti
under a jury rig. No advance lm been
made in the bid of $20,000 for her.
A Duel In I'rosptet.
New York, Oct. 3. The WorliTl
Washington special says : J. Ambler
Smith, who was assaulted on the train
to Alexandria, last night, by Wise, Republican
candidate for Governor of
-Virginia, has challenged Wise. Rams-burg
of Maryland, a friend qf Smith, is
to call upon Wise to-morrow to learn
who will act as his second, so that
preliminaries for the fight may be arranged
at once. Smith is also a Republican,
but opposed to Mahone's
methods in that State, and has said
many times he would not support Wise.
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Sm6ked'HalibiSV, Kits Hiflibut Fins" and 'Napes',' M
yineea(caskand,kegs), Dried Apples, reaclies,.Ec,
Assorted Table and Pie Fru in. ams and lellits.' '
Codfish, Torn!
the Eastern Slates and Europe. F.resh'.CalK
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