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Honolulu. Press
"Will bo for- Hnlo "Dully nt ilia
PlaooM :
k 'M SAT' J?' & Co Merchant street
r.O.THKOM.. , Fortstreel
5f' ,F,.?H.U.9.?.V'" Klnestreet
C. J. MCCARTHY Hotel sireet
rive Cents per Copy.
Messrs. Oat & Co. will receive n
paper mail b)r the barkentinc Mary
Winkltman which is now due.
It is rumored that the Government
intends to offer a prize to the property
owner who can yield the worst fifty feet
of sidewalk.
Yesterday afternoon a dray horse
started to runaway with a truck near
the old Custom House wharf but was
stopped by coming in contact with an
iron post.
TJie only merit that the sidewalks of
Honolulu have is that they are so
uttucrly bad and rough that Chinese
laundrymen are forced to wheel their
hand barrows in the streets.
The "aloha" cards arranged by Mr.
Clarke with ferns and mosses, and
which Messrs. King Bros, are now
exhibiting, are very pretty and quite
unique. They make beautiful mementos
to send to friends in the States and
The Yosemite Skating Rink has introduced
a novelty to vie with the turkey
Christmas shooting of the United
States. From to-morrow evening until
Christmas there will be "turkey skating"
at the rink. The winner will have the
pleasure of carrying his bird home.
Mr. and Mrs. Strong have on exhibition
and for sale at Oat's on Merchant
street and King Bros' on Hotel street,
a number of Christmas cards of original
designs. Some arc charming Island
landscapes, some figure subjects, and
all are daintly lettered in purple and
The dedication of the new Chinese
Y. M. C. A. look place last evening.
There was a large audience present including
both whites and Chinese. Mr.
Frank Damon conducted the ceremonies.
The roadway leading to the
building, was gaily decorated with
Chinese lanterns. Refreshments were
served alter the exercises and the
audience dispersed.
The new Polynesian Temperance
Hotel will be started this week by
Messrs. Barber and Cavenagh, two experienced
caterers. The new place will
be opened next Saturday evening the.
5th instant, in the Lincoln Block, next
to Meller and Halbe s bakery on King
street. Every thing will be new and
the hotel will be run on improved principles.
There will be nothing of the
"hash house" about this new enterprise.
In lieu of hanging pictures of game and
full 11 hi ue walls, the originals will
be out j upon the tables. Barber will
b ink and George Cavenagh will
'le the money rake.
For some time past a Portuguese
woman has been annoying people by
professional begging on Fort street.
Many complaints have already been
made of the nuisance by good citizens
and business men. This particular
beggar hovers along Forts rreet,generally
from Hotel street to King street, and
everv kindly face she sees is immediately
cofronted with a paper and an
appeal for money. If there is, no law
on the subject the authorities ought to
remove her as a nuisance. Since
writing the above it is reported that she
was not on the street yesterday; perhaps
she has already been ordered
Several English tourists while'on a
sight seeing expedition through the
Chinese portion of town day before
yesterday afternoon were entertained
by the Chinese method of weighing a
pig. These tourists probably never
saw as much fuss made over a pig before
in their lives. The usual Chinese
process was duly carried out. It took
at least a dozen chinamen to handle Jiis
pigship, Three for each leg and fifteen
or twenty more to boss the job and do
the talking. During the performance
the pig sang "God save the Queen"
and the "Star Spangled Banner" to a
Greek air but at last mellowed down
and chanted "Hawaii Potior" with a
doleful voice. Everybody present gave
the pig an encore before they dispersed.
The chinamen at last announ
ced that the piglet weighed one lain-
dsed and forty pounds.
Day before yesterday evening about
six o'clock while Mrs. J. W. Hinelcy
was walking up Nuuanu street with her
three little children, one of whom she
was wheeling in a baby carriage, she
was run into by a hack, driven by a
white man, and narrowly escaped being
frightfully injured. Just as she reached
the curb at the corner of Kukui street
the hack driver turned suddenly from
Ninjatai street into Kukui street with
the hack close in to the curb and
caught Mrs. Ilingley in the hinder
wheel, she barely having time to push
the children and the baby carriage out
of the way, Mrs. Hingley was so firmly
caught between the curb and the wheel
that the latter was blocked and ceased
turning on the axle. It was only the
greatest fortune that the hackman had
a gentle horse which immediately obeyed
the rein, that Mrs. Hingley escaped
being dragged and seriously injured.
As there was a lighted street lamp on
tie corner there is no shadow of excuse
'or tile hack driver.
Ufa - i&A
Messrs. Wenncr & Co the popular
jewelers of Fort street have just opened
a reserve stock of fipc Christmas goods.
Among other choice goods arc novelties
in fine diamond rings, diamond sets of
pins and car rings for ladics( diamond
and pearl scarf-pins, pearls and onyxscts,
intaglios, and a general assortment of
single pieces, silver-ware etc, etc.
Orders for Island jewelry a specialty.
Persons who intend to purchase fine
holiday gilts wilt find it to their advantage
to call and examine their stock.
A few days ago a hack came tearing
up Fort street from 6ne of the incoming
steamers, at a rate of not less than
eight miles an hour, and turned suddenly
into Hotel street grazing the curb
at the corner of Goo Kim's store. The
hack was driven by a white man, and
came very nearly knocking down the business
managerofthis paper, whoonly saved
himself by a sudden leap backward.
Other parties who saw the affair have
added their complaints to his and state
that it is their belief that the crossings
of Fort and Hotel streets are the most
dangerous in town.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Honolulu Fire Department was held in
its hall last evening. Mr, John Nott
Chief Engineer, who has just returned
from the United States, presided. After
the regular routine of business had
been transacted, the Chief gave an ac
count of his visits to the several fire
departments in the United States, and
reported to the firemen of this city,
that after viewing the apparatus used
in the states, he was of the opinion that
the Honolulu Fire Department of today,
was as efficent as any he had seen
abroad. The monument intended for
the firemen's burial lot will be ready to
put in position the latter end of next
week. The members of the Hook and
Ladder Company were surprised when
the Chief stated that they will have a
new truck in about six weeks. The
front of the hall was lighted by lanterns
in honor of the Chiefs return, and the
motto "Welcome to our Chief" in
front of the door.
They say : that the men of the hour
are the political tricksters; that the
streets of Honolulu will never be any
better under the new contract; that the
contract only demands that the- streets
be left in as poor a condition as they
are found in; that an appopriation will
be asked for at the next Legislature to
pay the Aula girls; that the transferring
of the Bell Telephone Co.'s wires to
the new tower will be a nice job; that
it will be done without interrupting the
public; that the dudes of the United
States intend starting a newspaper to
defend their rights; that they will hire
an editor outside of the brotherhood so
as to warrant success; that the new
Mexican line of steamships, if put on,
will offer quick mail facilities to Honolulu
and will open up trade with the
Mexican capital; that the political rat
with the smallest head nets into office
first; that the display of Christmas cards
at Thrum s store is the finest m town;
that the laboring classes who have their
families in these Islands are the only
ones who are really identified with the
country; that the quickest way to
redress the political abuses of the
present Administration is lor every
foreigner to become a voter; that the
agitation of the opium question ii
causing every guilty man to accuse
himself; that the police claims the newspapers
arc injuring their business; that
the wife-beating business ought to
be severely punished in Honolulu; that
the political Moses will never appear to
lead the people out of the wilderness of
Hawaiian that the restaurant
business is about to loom up again in
Honolulu; that the "Merry Makers"
are so funny they laugh at each other;
that the grade of the streets ought to
be lowered below the curbs; that
Williams takes a photograph by
"picking it up;" that the latest style
hat is the pattern of ugliness; that
the fashion plates of the world cause
more financial ruin than political revolutions;
that there is danger of one of
the old' cannon rolling down Punchbowl
hill; and that the more a man
talks the less influence he has.
I'ollce Court
Thursday, December 3d.
Kakoa and Kewiki paid $6 each for
the fun of getting drunk and Napoliona
was sent up for 15 days for the same
H. Lewis was fined $10 for assault
and battery.
Joe Silva and H. Kainoa were sent
up for 5 and 10 days respectively for
disorderly conduct,
Kaahu was fined $13.30 and sentenced
to 2.1 hours imprisonment for
attempting to rescue a prisoner.
Pro Jlono 1'ubllco,
Messrs, King Brothers offer for sale
tically mounted ferns at their store on
Mi Hart at the Elite Ice Cream parlors
serve! delicious new ices and a variety of ice
ereaire, . ,
Daily, from and after date at
Mellijr & Haliir's, Confectionery.
Daily, from and after datp ,it
Vessels Expected trom foreign Ports.
Boston, Am. MjJas. S.Stone Watson.
To sail Jan. C. Brewer & Co.
Glasgow, Brit. McNatuna
To sail Nov. 15. F. A. schacfer & Co.
Honokono, Brit, bktne Mount LrtlANON..
Nelson, Loading Oct 13. Agents.
HuMnoLDT, Am. tern, Eva .Wlkman,
Now due. Wilder & Co, Agents.
J aliut, Haw. schr Malolo Nellson.
Due Dec. 12-17. racinc navigation
Co. Agents.
Jaluit, Haw, schr Jennie Walker
Anderson, now uuc, racinc navigation
Co. Agents.
Liverpool, Btlt. bk Chilena Davie.
Due Jan. 15-20. T. Hi Davlcs & Co.
LtVERrooi., Brit, ship Stirlingshire.. Alexander,
(via Madeira.) Due March 25-30.
G. W. Macfarlane & Co. Agents.
Nanaimo, Am. bgtne Hesperian.... Winding,
(for Kahiiltii) now due.
New Castle, N. S. W. Am. bk Elsinore,.
Jenks. Now due Agents.
New Castle, N. S. W. Brit, bk Lady
Bowen Due
New Casile.N. S ,W. Brit, bk Lady Lamp-
son Marston, due Feb 10-15, C.
Brewer & Co, Agents.
New York, Nor. bk Lovspring.
Thomsen. Over due. Castle St Cooke.
Tort nLAKELY, Am. bktnc Amelia
Ncwhall. Due Jan. 1-5. Allen & Robinson,
Port Townsend, Haw. bk T. It. Foster. . .
Rugg. Now due. C. Brewer & Co.
San Francisco, Am. tcrnW. S. Bownb....
Paul, to sail Dec. 10. I'. A. Schacfer &
Co. Agents.
San Francisco, Am. bk Caiiiarien.,..
Hubbard. Due Dec. 15-20. H. Hack-
feld & Co. Agents.
San Francisco, Am. bgtne Consuelo
Cousins. Due Dec. 1-5. W. G. Irwin
& Co. agents.
San FtTancisco, Am. bktne Emma Clau-
niNA Matson. (For Hilo.)
Due Dec. 15-20.
San Francisco, Am. S. S. Maritosa
Hayward, Due Dec 26, W, G. Irwin &
Co, Agents.
San Francisco, Am. bktne Mary Winkel-
MANN Backus. Now due. Hack-
feld & Co. Agents.
San Francisco, Am. S. S. St Paul.
Erskine. Due Dec. 15. W. G. hwin& Co.
San Francisco, Am. bgtne J. D.
els Fries. Due Dec. 10.15. W.
G. Irwin & Co. Agents.
Sydney, Brit. S.S. Australia Brough.
Due Dec. 15, Hackfeld & Co. Agents.
Sydney, Brit. S. S. Mararoa
Due Dec. 19, W. G. Irwin & Co. Agents.
Merchant Vessels Now In Port.
Bk Martha Davis Benscn
Bk C R Bishop Woltcrs
Bktne ELLA Hon e
Bk Victoria Cross Robinson
Bk Lizzie Iredale Iredale
Wednesday, Dec. 2
Schr Kulamanu from Kohala, Hawaii
Thursday, Dec. 3
Stmr Waimanalo from Waimanalo
Stmr C R Bishop from Kauai, and Waialua.
Schr M E Foster ftom Waianae
Wednesday Dec. a
Stmr Planter at 5 r. M. for Nawiliwili, Koloa,
Stmr Likclike, 5 v M, for Maui
Thursday, Dec. 3
Stmr C R Bishop for Koolau
Stmr Kilauca Hou for Hamakua
Bktne Ella for San Francisco
Schr Rainbow for Koolau
Schr Nettie Mcrril for Lahalna
Stmr W G Hall for Windward Ports
Stmr Waimanalo for Waimanalo
Schr Kulamanu for Kohala
Schr M E Foster for Waianae
From San Francisco, per stmr Alameda,
Monday Nov. 30 Hon J M Kapena, Hon
C R Bishop, Hon S G Wilder, Col G W
Macfarlane, Hon F Brown, Cf Justice Judd
wf & 4 ch, Hon Godfrey Rhodes & wf, Mrs
L S Mcfafley, Miss L Hathaway, Mrs T
Coan, Tohn Nott & wf, Miss II M Bliss, Mrs
J T Smith, Miss S Mchan, Mrs J O Carter
& Uaugmer, Aiwrew woore ana wt, Miss
B Hcrrick, J T McKcniie, A F Sykes, Wm
Dufleild, Geo M K Fair, F G St John, Alex
A Gordon, Dr MJurossman, H Underwood,
Chas Wcshon. G N Wilcox, T II Harrison,
R Goodman, MissM Hitchcock, J AGilman,
M Creyton and dauhgter, F
Lowey wfand infant, 29 steerage and 34
in transit.
From San Francisco per stmr Zealandia,
Monday Nov. 30 Mr J Howe and 69
Chinese in the sreerage.
From windward, per smr W G Hall Tuesday
Dtc. 1 A A Todd, E M Jones, Mrs
W F Roy and ch, Henry Grubc, Mrs Era
Pracht, Tonghing and 85 deck.
From Waialua and Kauai, per stmr C R
Bishop Thursday Dec 3 F Graham, F
Reidell, Miss Napolean and 25 deck.
For Kauai per stmr James Makcc, Tuesday
Dec. 1 Wm Bal, E Bashville, C A Yanck,
W Blaisdell, Col Z S Spalding and 22 deck.
For Hamakua, per stmr Iwalani, Tuesday
Dec. I G W Wilfong, F Buckholtr; and 20
For Maui and Hawaii, per stmr Kinau
Tuesday Dec. I -Mrs Kaholokahikl, Mrs
Wright, Mrs K tarries, Miss Hitchcock,
Gov Domlnis and 2 servant, Jona Austin,
Judge McCully, S Ami, V Alau, Mr
Williams, TH Hughs, G FRenton&bride.T W
Girvini II Renton, Mrs Taylof, W A
Kinney, W L Wilcox, Hon G W Pilino, F
II Hayselden, P N Makee, His Ex Paul
Neumann, P A Dias and family, C W Ashford
and 100 deck,
For San Francisco, per bgtne W G Irwin,
Tuesday Dec. I Rev A D Miller, Miss F
Miller, A Geering, E A Douglass, C Olsen,
II K Field, II L Reed, T Ktsaburo wf A: ch,
Chou Kitchie.
For Kauai per stmr Planter, Wednesday
Dec. 2 Thos Brandt, E R Bull, A Dryer,
Carl Esenburg J Montgomery, Otto Pfluger,
G N Wilcox, L II Anthon, R W T Purvis,
A S Wilcox, R A Macfie and 75 deck,
The dredge is at work offthe OSS wharf-
The stmr W G Hall sails to-day at 3 P m,
for Maul and Hawaii.
The stmr Waimanalo brought 500 bags
sugar from Waimanalo
The bktne Ellasailrd for San Francisco yesterday
fore-noon, taklng7,378 bags sugar, 36
bbls molasses, 318 bunches bananas, 6 colls
rope and one passenger,
V. ijrjfafea
JUtxttott rtlC0.
Regular Cash Sale !
At 10 A. M. at our Salesroom, wilt
be sold at Auction, a full line of
Dry Goods, Clothing, Crockery, Glassware,
Rolls White Paper, Shovels,
Spades, Groceries, Blue Mottled Soap,
Lamp Chimneys,
Cal. Potatoes, Onions,
Wheat and Corn,
Bbls, Salmon, Sks No. I Sugar, Boxes
Raisins, and a few more of those
Wood and Cane Scat Office, Dining
Room and Rocking Chain, Pictures,
Sewing- JMCaclnines
Also a consignment of Clothing
Machines, in good order.
Household Furniture,
Also, n fine lot of
Plated Jewelry
Clocks, Pistols, Etc., One Refrigerator, and
Lyons .c conns,
XSvenimr Sale!
Holiday Goods i
At our Salesroom, Corner
Fort & Queen Sts.,
On Saturday Night, Dec. 5th,
At 7 o'clock, a Beautiful Lot ofFinc
Goods Suitablejfor
Consisting of Japanese Boxes,
Japaneee, and
China. Tea. Sets,
Lacquered Ware, Silk Handkerchiefs,
Silks, Silk Underwear, Ladies' and
Gent's Silk Suits, and a very Fine and
Splendid Assortment of t
China and Japanese Goods!
tsr Especial accommodations for Ladies'
attending the Sale.
$cuj JUHjcrtlscmcntfi.
ionize Home ndus ffl
J. "W. "Hing-ley,
Cigar" Mannfaoturer,
Formerly of the Pioneer Cigar Factory, has
opened a salesroom in the front part of the
Crystal Soda Works, No, 69 Hotel Street,
where he is prepared to fill all orders at the
lowest wholesale rates,
2T Island orders solicited and promptly
Hawaiian Bell Telephone No, 29S.
Mutual Telephone No. 330. Si lyr
Saturday Evening, Dec. 5th,
By request will lie given for
the benefit of
Honolulu Library Association:
A Second Performance of Sterling
' Coyne's Comedy
With the Previous Cast.
Prices of Adirtiidoit t
Dress Circle and Parqucttc $1,00
Balcony Front Row , i.oo
Balcony Back Row ...,,... 75
Gallery 1, 50
Box Plan open at Mr. I. E. Wiseman's
Office this day (Thursday) at 1 1 o'clock. Seats
reserved without extra charge.
Performance to begin at 8 o'clock.
Keep your horses cool
and healthy, and avoid ex
cessive sweating by having
them clipped with the
Now in successful operation at the
Comer of Punchbowl and Queen Streets.
4VHn C. B. MILES, Proprietor.
Fpislied Rooms.
Conveniently and NEATLY FURNISHED
ROOMS, Single or Double, can be had at
NO. I KUKUI STREET (near Fort).
" '
M& 4U L . LLft" r
Ruction Sales.
Just received .1 consignment of
Wax Dolls;
(Dressed and undressed),
Baby Carriages,
A splendid lot of
Oil JPainl'toiffs,
And Oleogvwiflis,
Also n few cases of
Extra Manila Cigars,
Show Cases,
And a small line of Ladies', Misses',
Men's and Youths'
Boots, Gaiters & Shoes.
All of which will be sold to the trade at
reasonable prices,
Auetlonrtri C Commltiton Merchant
(Scnci'rtl JlbucdiBcmcnto.
No. 85 Hotel Street.
Delicious flavored Ice Cream made Irom
pure Dairy Cream, Fruit Ices, Sherbets, Ice
Ctcam Drinks and many other refreshments
can be found always at this really first-class
resort. Choice Confectionery and Cakes in
great variety.
FamilloB.Partioo, Balls and Weddings
For the convenience of the public we pack
orders for Ice Cream in Patent Refrigerator
Cans, which hold from I to 40 Quarts, warranted
to keep its delightful flavor and perfect
form for many hours.
Ilinff Up Dell Telephone 182 Or
Mutual Telephone 338.
IW The Elite Ice Cream Parlors are open
daily until II r. M. 21 iy
Ice Cream DPavlor
Lincoln's Block, King Street,
A Tluo Aasortinont of
1 No. 70 Fort Stroot. Honolulu,
Parts, Attachments, Oil awl Accessories.
Whitb andtno New Homb Machine
Howard'! Machine Needles, all kind
Cortlcell'i Silk, in kit colors and sizes :
I llarbout'i Linen Thread,
I Clark's 0. N, 'I', Machine Cotton.
.1 fine. Demoial's Reliable Cut Paper Patterns
Dealer In Rifles
CUns and Spoktino Goods
Shot, Powder, Caps,
and Metallic Carthipges
Sewing. Machine, Lock and I promptly
attended to. asvs6
In conjunction with Mr. J. A. Magoon,
will attend to all matters of business for
the residents of the Hawaiian Islands who
may need an Afjcnt.
I do not confine myself alone to (he Business
Houses, but also to the domestic class
who would wish me to attend to any matter of
business, especially to making purchases cither
in Honolulu or San Francisco, in any line of
General Merchandise.
To the Business Houses I will give my
careful attention in all matters pertaining (o
General Business, vii ; Adjusting and Collecting
Accounts, Distribution of Bills and
Circulars, Custom House Entries, Buying
and Renting Real Estate and Personal Property,
tar All Legal Documents will be carefully
and neatly drawn up by Mr.-J, A. Magoon.
I will attend to all matters entrusted in my
care in a careful, courteous and neat manner,
and sltli miicV. dispatch,
Agent lor Kllnkner & Co. Red Rubber
Telephone j P. O. Box 113.
llll.l. AMU BI A II. Mil, Pi I lll.AUi.
ptlntsd to order by the
ileuj bbevtificmento.
iW - iJyn.ja., " MmI r Akkkeh
With the view to Increase our already large subscription list wc have made arrangements
with several of our leading merchants, in HONOLULU, to tut out pai:r With a choice selection
of articles in their respective lines of business, any of which the subscriber may select, in
person, and purchase at rates greatly reduced from the regular retail prices of same, thus
nfTording an opportunity of obtaining desirable Hoi.iDaV'Gipts, in connection with a
to the DAILY HONOLULU PRESS, at very low rates.
We will send the DAILY HONOLULU
to any new subscriber, or to any old subscriber
publications, for the price named In the first
column Is that of the publication alone. Etch
$3.50 for $3.00.
Catechism of the United btates. Kerney. i mo. uearus.
Hawaiian Almanac and Annual, 1875 to 188$. Thos. G.Thrum. 8 vo. paper.
Hawaiian fluid Hook. II. M. WhTtnev, 16 mo. catxr.
How to take care of our Eyes, Dr. Angell. 16 mo. cloth.
Jessica's Hrst Prayer, Author of I'emlloiiow. 16 mo.
High Art for Little People. 16 mo. boards.
Lines left out, Author of Peep o'Day. 34 mo. Im leather.
New '1 eitament, Kevised. 18 mo. doth.
Woman as the Mother. McKeever, 18 mo. cloth.
$4.00 for $3.25-American
Government, Its nature and form. Geo. Shea. 16 mo. cloth.
Common Objects of the Microscope. Wood. 18 mo. cloth.
Crescent ancl the Cross. 18 mo. cloth.
Fifine. Houghton. 16 mo. doth. ,
Hawaiian Grammar. Andrews. 8 vo. boards.
Scenes in the Hawaiian Islands. Mary V.. Anderson. 16 mo. cloth.
$4.25 for $3.50.
Appleton's Summer Resorts. 16 mo. cloth. '
Appleton's Winter Resorts. 6 mo. cloth.
Applied Mechanics. Ball, 16 mo. cloth.
Dance o( Life, Answer to Dance of Death. Ilowens. 18 mo. cloth.
Danbury Doo.n, Uailey. 16 mo. cloth.
Exercise on Mechanics. Tate. 16 mo. cloth. j
Model Homes. Pallitter. 8 vo. cloth.
New Songs for Little People. Mary E. Anderson, u mo. cloth.
Occidental Sketches. Truman, tfi mo. cloth.
Our Old Home. J. Hawthorne. iC. mo. cloth.
Qntlnin,9l Tn.irnov. Kterne. fa mil. ctoth.
Twice-told Tales. N. Hawthorne. 18 mo. cloth.
$4.50 lor $3.05.
American Actor's Series Hooth. Clark, ra mo. cloth.
" ' " Forrest. Winter, is mo cloth.
" " " telTerson. Ilarrctt. la mo. cloth.
History ofa Mountain. Keclus. tamo. doth.
Manner! and Social Usages. 16 mo. cloth.
Manuel of Phonogrophy. Ben Pitman. 16 mo. cloth.
Miracles in Stone. Seiss. la mo. cloth.
Model Yacht's. Walton. 4 to, cloth. 1
$4.65 for $3.75.
American Shepherd. Morrell. 13 mo. cloth.
Uxodus of Israel, llrugsch. 16 mo. cloth. ,
Lessing't Laocoon. 16 mo. cloth.
Library Wonders. Duplessis. 16 mo. cloth.
On the Road to Kiches. Maher. 13 mo. doth. ,
While's Natural History of Selborne. 16 mo. cloth- 1
$4-75 f"r $3.85.
Among our Sailors. Jewell. 13 mo. cloth. '
Iliblelhcology and Modern Thoughts. Townsend. 13 mo. cloth.
Chase's Receipts. Dr. Chase. 13 mo. cloth. ,
Co-Operation as a Business. Barnard. 16 mo.
Drawing for Brickla) ers. Davidson 18 mo. cloth.
" ' Cabinet Makers
" " Stone Masons " ' ' "
Klana. Jarvls. 13 mo. doth.
Model Drawing. Davidson 18 mo. cloth.
1 rollope's North America. A. Trollope. ia mo. cloth. .
$ 5.00 for $4,00
Darwin's Insectivorous Plants. 13 mo cloth.
Horton's Architecture. 16 mo. cloth.
Keat'a Letters. John Keats. 16 mo. cloth.
Keys of Sea. Sturtevant. tamo cloth.
Leaves from the. Dairy of an Old Lawyer. Richmond. 13 mo. doth.
$5.25 for $4.20
Hand Book of Umbroldcry. L. Hlggln. is mo. cloth.
Landofbcott, IlunneuelL 8 vo. cleth
Saxon Studies. N. Hawthorne. 13 mo. doth.
Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered. Fairfax Willmott. 16 mo. cloth.
Vanished Races In the Mississippi Valley. Conant. 8 vo. cloth.
Woman's Handiwork. Harrington. 13 mo. doth.
$5.50 for 4.35, etc. etc.
History of the Hawaiian Islands. Jams. 8 vo. cloth.
Phonetic Short Hand. Marsh. 16 mo. cloth.
Six months in the Sandwich Islands. Mis Isabella L. Bird. la mo. cloth,
leaves from n finished Pastorate. Stone. 8 vo. doth.
Polynesian Races. A. Fonunder. Vol. I. 8 vo. cloth.
4. " , 8vo. cloth.
Sugar Cane In Australia. 8 vo. cloth.
1 tnwaiian Dletlonarv. Andrew's. 8 vo boards.
Practical Home Phjsician. I Henry M. Lman A. M, M,
J C. Fenger. A. M. M. D.
LVlited by 1 1I. V. Jonea A. M. M. D.
lw. T. flelfield. A. M M. D,
(A cry valuable Medical work, Subscription Price. $8 00) Lirge 8 vo. roan
Our Journal In the Pacific, Wilmot. Large 8 vo. cloth. ,
Fire Fountains, C. E. Gordon Cumming, 3 vols. Large 8 vo. cloth.
Around the World with General U. S. G ant, Young. Large 8 vo. sheep.
Birthday Books, Ingelow. 18 mo. cloth, red edges.
" " Umerson. . ,, .. ..
" " I.onclt ow. 31
" " Lowell. a ' "
' " Whiltier. 34 " " " "
" " Irvmr. 1
Alameda, Field. 4 to. cloth,
A Summer In the Country, Perk. 4 to. cloth,
utter bwcet, nouana. 10 mo. cioui.
Rkd Link Edition. 13 mo. cloth, c't edges, each. .,''" 5 1
Ainsworth. Byron. Longfellow. Ldgar A. Poe. S inburne.
Bryant. George Eliot. Owen Meredith. Red I elter Poems. Tennyson.
Burns. Ingolsby Legends, Moore. Schiller, Whiltier.
Blanid, Jojce. 16 mo. cloth.
Compensation, Author of Stolen waters, ra mo. cloth.
Mable Martin. Whiltier. 16 mo. doth.
'I he Vagabond, Trowbjldge. 4 f, cloth.
Fo'c's'le Yarns, ia mo. cloth
Household Edition, sa mo. cloth, each
Holmes. Longfellow. Owen Meredith.
Bayard 1 a) lor. Tennyson. Whiltier.
Obhviad, n Satire. 8 vo. cloth.
Prince Deukalion, Bayard Taylor. 13 mo. doth, gilt-top edge.
Mable Martin, Whiltier. 8 vo, cloth, gilt.
tST Ihe above list has been carefully selected and comprises all the Books' for which we have clubbed at
Secal rates. Subscribers can Inspect any of these works at the Store of Mr. 1 homas O, 'I brum, No. lofi Fott
Street, where the Book selected will be delivered, with our receipt for six montlisl subscription to the DAILY
HONOLULU PRESS, upon payment ofthe amount specified in the first column. ,
San Francisco Morning Call, Weekly or Sunday. ( months)
' " Kiaminer " "
" " Chronicle " "
' ' Bulletin " "
New York Clipper " , '
Detroit Free Press . " " ,
Scientific American "
" "
Leslie's Illustrated Weekly " "
" " eltung '
Nachrichten and Deutchland " . "
UberUndundMeer, Bi-Weekly "
London Graphic Weekly "
Delineator (Fashion) Monthly "
American Agriculturist " "
Madame Demorests. Magazine ' "
St. Nicholas " " "
Leshe'a Popular Monthly ' ". "
lllackwoods " " "
" ' "
Overland " " "
" " " .
Popular Science
temple liar
tST Anv of the atiove Publications will be. delivered
.ijcto (JUiucrtusements.
PRESS (pricc.$6.oo a year) r months,
renewing hi advance, with any of the following
cotutnn. The price specified in the second
column includes fostage prepaid.
$ 3 00 $ 50 a
' 1 9
3 00 JO :fM
3 00 so . "iJ
3 00 jo JW
3-10 7j m
3.10 7j Jj
3-',o 7$ 'a
3 3J 1.00
f 3 3S I.OO
J i 1.00 vS
3-3 1.00 "i
3.2s I. to J
1.00 S
3 50 i.aj X vj
3-So i.aj Jl
3 50 i.j ;ifi
3-5" 1.35 " $
3 50 1.35 i
3 5o i.j .
3 50 i.aj i
I.1J fi
3-SO i.aj "'
I.3J j
3 50 i.aj j
3-Jo i.sj 'J
3 4$ t.jo 4
3-Gj i.jo A
i.jo J
3 65 1.50 X
3 65 I.jo H
I.jo 1
3 65 I.jo "4
3 6j I.Jo JS
3-75 1.65 A
3 75 -5 '4
3-75 -3 d
3-75 "-JS oj
3 75 -5 S
3-75 'J as
3-85 1-75 Ji
3.8J I.7J
385 1-75 A
3-85 1.75 33
3-BJ 1.7J TR
3 85 -75 .gi
3 8j 1.75 '
3-85 MS VH
4 OO 3.00 W
4 CO 3.0O J
4 CO 3 OO J
400 3.00 3
4.00 l.OO $8
4.30 a.'j ' a
4.30 3.3J yl
4.30 3.3J 'CJ
4.30 3.3J Aj
4.30 1.3J Sj
4.30 3.3J
4-35 -5 A?
4 35 -5 M
4.jo 3.7J J
4 75 3 00 '
4-75 3!
j.jo 4.00 t
5-5 3-75 1
J Bj 4.50 Vl
8.jo 450 ?j
7 00 6.00 tf K
10.00 9.00 J
3 40 .I5
3 4 '-'S , ,S
; 3-4 '."5 v ,
340 -5 K
3-40 t.15 m
f 3-65 I,5 St,
3 6j i.jo m.
j6j i.jo v, -a
3.65 1.50 yi
3 05 1.50 A
3-85 1.7s 3
3 8j 1.7J J
4 00 3.0Q M:
4 00 300 , M
4 .ij : tJ
4 so i.jj $
3-00 I
4 75 3 00 0
5-15 3-JO
With Daily Subscript'ii
11. Press 6 month.
5o $t.sj
3 5o 1.50
3-75 '73
4.00 7,00
400 3.00
4 3J 3 OO
4.75 3. JO
J.00 .7S
J 00 -75
5-'5 300
55 300
900 700
3 5o I.3J
3-73 1,50
45 3PO
4-5 30d
4.J0 . 3 J
4-75 3. JO
4.75 3. JO
4-75 .ja
J.JO 33
J.JO 33
J.JO .35
ttttare treiaM, togsther with our rcceiut for six month.
payment to Messrs J, M. O.U Jr, & Co., ofthe amount
With Per lalf
Subscrpt'n. Doieu.
No. ia Triple Plan I45 $3. 7 J
" Xll "
6.15 4&J
6 6j S-JO
6.IJ 4.8,
6.6j J.JO
subscription to the DAILY HONOLULU PKF.S.S on
spedhed in the first column,
Half Down Rogers Bro's. Silver Plated
Duiskrt Kmus,
Dejkrt Forks
Medium Forks,
Tba Stoons,
Dkssurt SrooNs
Tadle Siqons,
tsr The nbovt! Silver-plated Ware is of the very best quality ftom the celebrated
of ROGERS Bros, and Is priced at the lowest market rates. Subscribers can inspect the
same at the store of the Pacific Hardware Company, No, 74 and 76 Foit Street, who will
deliver the articles selected, "with our receipt for six months subscription to the DAILY
HONOLULU PRESS, upon receipt ofthe price above specified.
No delation will b? made from terms above stipulated, and remittances must include the
full amount specified in first" column opposite the article selected in order to secure tie
club rates.
Subscription to commence any time after December 1, 1885, at option of subscriber.
Proprietors Daily Honolulu Press.
V '$

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