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It i
"t A
9. y
&1 Honolulu lJreHN
"Will b roi'Milf IihIIvmI llio
ff' J. M. OAT, t. Co., ., Mcrtl am lrcl
L,- 1. OTIIKUM tort street
N.F.tiUKGKSS Mux street
C I. MCCARTHY Hotel sreet
Iff Cent )ier 0j
li -.
Mr. Wm, G. Irwin returned by the
St. Paul last evening.
The hackmen had a b isy time of tt
for an hour Inst night.
The machinery of the !.tejmer Mokd
lii is being Ovcilmuled.
Seventy Chinese nscnf,prs arrived
by the steamer St Paul last evening.
The Koolau district reports too
much ruin for tic good of the. crop;..
ta ruiifdrcd that there, will, be some
'"".big opluiii lieizureS dtiritig tht month
v The Y. M. C A. tinging i l.w meeti
this evening nt cven o'clock.
The Christmai toy -hop ground
town are already commencing to keep
open nights. .
There was a yery slim audience at
Emma Square last evening, on account
of wind and rain.
The schooner Afihlo take u lot of
machinery t& Kaiwilahilnhi plantation,
Laupahoehoe, (o day. ,
The -Bark Lgve'sfring, consigned to
Castle & Cooke; i one hundred and
sixty days out to-da).
i '
Mr. R', T. GuardJJ 'formerly purser of
the steamer, Manp'oYa, returned as
purser o( the St. Paul,
It iaireporled ,lhh. another skating
race will take ptade 's.bon at the Yose
mite Rink for $500 a side.
The band ceased.. pUyiiigJa'bt even
jng at Eniiiia'SquurehaMer two or three
tunes, on account of the rain.
The small boys around town have
itartd two riv.il circus troupes since the
departure of the Australian show.
The "Eclipse" Boat Club expect a
new four-oared boat by th; Mariposa.
Two of their members arrived by the
St. Paul last evening.
I Wm. M. Gillespie, formerly employed
on the Daily Hawaiian, died
on Nov. 25th, in the Virginia Cit)
Hospital, of consumption.
'.';' - i '
The Ladies' Benevolent Society will
hold a monthly sociable evening at
Fort-street Church. Ice cream will be
served us usual. All arc invited to be
The rain commenced again last night
about half-past seven o'clock, just in
time to iliake everything disagreeable
upon the arrival of the steamer &.
Paul from San Francisco.
The steamer- St, Paul arrived at
eight o'clock last evening, nine, dayh
'from San Francisco. The St. Paul y
a small steamer, of about eight hundred
tons measurement and barkentine
,'A large full-rigged ship is reported to
have passed within sight of Barbel's
Point last Sunday, headed southward.
. She was supposed by the party who
ttvt her to be an American ship, and
r hod'only her topsails set when seen. (
v The following is a report of the St.
Paul : Sailed from San Fr.mciscO Dec
, 5th, at 2 V. u. Had light N. and W.
winds'the entite passage. She is coin
manded by Captain M. C. Erskins,
and consigned, to Wm. G. Irwin & Co,
Mr. 'Reed ha placed another cartoon
on exhibition in Oat's show window, on
Merchant street. This time" it is the
Hawaiian Army and Nuvy which are
cartooned by our I09&I Nast. The
picture has a "political point, and drew
, much attention yesterday fioin natives
and citizens generally,
Persons desirous of purchasing goods
. ,'frbm San Frandjsco, per steamer1
may do so by applying to C IC
Miller, General Business Agcnk'who
has facilitated matttrs on' the Cdasi
with his agent, to receive and ship
by return Vessel all orders for general
In case thi Austtatia doesimt utrive
before noon to day, a limited edltinn ol
Thrulp's " Hawaiian Almanac and An
nual'fp. 1886" will be rcidy for do
': livery; through the mail, and can be
'Secured by applying at the different
book stores. The regular, edition will
be ready for general dejivery on neM
(iA drunken man raised a row
in the neighborhood of Queen
and (Alakea streets. After proving In
volution of Imbecility iiot a neVtheoiy,
0 ' policeman succeeded ,in quieting
1 him. He was at list taWe'n home' by
jsome or ins mentis, who avoweu they
"fn-M ' wo'ulil turn him over to his w ife as a
.".II . Y. !.....!... I -.1 . 1. -
punishment. It is to be hoped that he
is a penitent citizen by this tune,
Duiing the 1am storm last Sunday
night a Chinaman met with a narrow
escape while going oyer the Pali. He
"'left town for Koolau about five o'clock
frt the evenjng and readied the Pali
about half-past seven. It was raining
y. hard .and blowing ureat gum 'when he
Waited down the rither side. His
horse was only shod on the
froitt feet When about one hundred
yards from Hie top, the horse,
which was near the brink, slipped, and
the Chinaman who was leading him
fell over the embankment in trying to
get out of Uie way. He fell about
twenty feet and wa.s badly bruised. Jle
succeeded in clambering back, however,
and followed his animal to the Ijottom
The Chinaman had one-wrist dislocated
and one side of his face was badly
A. yoUng man claiming to hail
from Honolulu is wanted by the
San Francisco police for forgery. He
is described by the San Francisco
papers as being a dark-complexioned
young man, about jo years of ane.
and iiosscssinc the appearance of a
wealthy tourist, and calling himself
James McDonald, he having cashed
two forged checks drawn on J. D.'
Spreckels & Bro.
Last night the hand cart which
brought Oat's mall from the steamer
St, Paul broke down just before it
reached the store, on Merchant street.
The cause of the accident is not positively
known, but some of the boys say
(hat Mori. Oat, who had been pushing
behind, commenced soldiering, and was
engaged in the pastime of stealing a
ride on the Kanaka who pulled the
cart. Q. E. D.
Yesterday evening a hack horse,
driven by a "native, ran away on the
Palaina road. The horse started just
beyond the bridge, and dashed along
past the Chinese Theater. It-was occupied
by two native girls, one of whom
jumped out near the road which turns
off to Aala. The other girl stuck to
the hack, which was brought to a stand
$till about, two- hundred y'ards farther
along the road, Without any damage
being done. The hackman immediately
returned to the place where the
other giri had jumped out, where she
was found badly frightened but not
,The niusicale given at Oahu College
last night-was a success, in every sense
of the word These musicales are given
at the close of every school term, to
give the public and patrons bf the col
lege some idea of the advancement of
the pupils in the art of mUsic. The
programme of last night "was interesting
and varied. It consisted of two
parts of eight numbers each. The singing
of Miss Alice Renton was especially
good and attention is called to
her rendition of "Marguerite's Three
Bouquets" by Braga, and "Adelaide"
by Beethoven, the latter being the
song gem of the evening. A piano
solo by Miss Emily Halstead was
loudly applauded. Miss Halstead was
the youngest performer of the class.
On account of the absence of Miss
Jennie Grieve, the song entitled. "The
Rose and Nightingale" was omitted.
Mjss Ka.e Rogers played an exquisite
piano 40I0 entitled "Le Reve," by
Wallace. The best instrumental performance
of the evening was a duet,
piano and violin by Mrs. Hanford
and Prof. Yarndley. The evening was
a most delightful one, and the entire
programme was well rendered. There
were over one hundred guests present,
among whom were the following:
Mesdames P. C. Jones, W. W. Hall,
R. Dixon, Roht. Lishman, Mr. F. Lowry
and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Shaw, Mr.
Fullei, Mr. C. H. Dickey 0 Maui,
Mr. Austin of Hilo, Mr. -B. F.
Mis. S. M, Damon. "Mis. T. G.
Thrum, Mrs. A. O. Forbes, Mr
Myron Jones, Miss. L. Moore, Miss
Pauaulii Judd, Messrs. J. Browh, W.
A. Kinney and Dr. Henri McGrew.
They say : that the rain is not over ;
thut the Government political meeting
set for the 33rd inst. was not set for
last week and aftei ward changed j thai
the poweiful nobles of Hawaii don't
pay the fixes; that the Government
could increase its revenue by building
street boats and leasing them to .citizens
; that Honolulu ought to be
lighted with an electric-light tower;
that it will be so lighted within, a year,
if the next Legislature doesn't "sit
tipon" the franchise ; that somebody
ought to take up a water-right in
lane; that horses ounhtnotto be
allowed to be tied across the sidewalks ;
that the St Paul is sower than a great
many people expected ; that when she
arrives everybody, will go down to see
her ; that the tiamp element is beginning
tq show itself-in Oahu ; that the
next wedding will be between two of
the King's native slibjtfcts ;-that the
Hawaiian Colonization scheme is attracting
attention in both the United
States and England ; that the death of
Hendricks Will not
effect the complexion, of politics in the
United State? ; thatthe new Mexican line
of steamships will put in an appearauqe
uurmg ine rammer ; mat me streets are
becoming ashamed ot the Road Supervisor;
that the Premier is constantly
saying to himself "that'll be all right;"
that the people don't believe it will;
that the men who expect to have a big
time on Christmas generally forget to
wake up next day; that the silver question
will crop out again soon; that the
Englishmen of Honolulu are well
pleased with the result of the English
elections; that they- are not; that the
artesian well industry is looking up
and going down in the Island of Oahu;
that the Kinn has determined to re-
organize the Ministry on principles of
jubilee; tnat extra Christmas services
will be held at the churches on the
25th inst,; that a new dog-tax ought to
uc iricu; urni uie nest news the taxpayers
have heard for some time is that
the Administration party is getting
scared; that the -rice crop will be
greater next year; that , the "peddler
question" ought to be ocitated until, it
does, permanent good; and that' the
people are getting very tired of being
-sat upon uy me present Government."
MNsii msvii l'jr.s
Daily, from and after dale at
Mm l.fcR & Hauie's, CONfrCTIONtRY.
mi k tit en re .1 u (JAiciw .t Kat.Ains
Dally, from and after date at .
Mkm.rr & Hauik'.s Confectionary.
Tro J'.ono I'ublleo,
Mcisrs. King llrothn offer for ale
mounted fem At their itorc on King
Mr. Itart t the Elite Ice Cream p&tlori
servei dollclout new Ices and ft variety of ic
creams, ,
Vcnell UxpecUd from 1'orelxH fpjt,
llosTON.Am. bk Jas. S. Stone IUrsUm
To Mil Dec. 1-5, C. Hrewer & Co.,
'CkntrAl America "Amshlcr'D. C.Murkay
. . fliuageuvvr)ijw oue.
Glasgow, TJrlt lk Natuna
To nil N6v. 15. F. A. scluefer 8: Co.
IloNo'KOliO, Urj bMne MOUNl' LBHANON.
No son. Loading Oct 13. Agent.
HONOKONQ. Itaw. brig ALLli. UOWE... .
Holland. Duujan. 15-30. '
jALUn, Haw. schrlENNlB Waikicr.
in(Cr5Ull. IIUW .sue. A kuiiu 4i..L;aiwii
Co. Agentt.
, Hilt, bk CutuWA Daylcj.'
Due Jan. 15-20. T. H. & Co.
Agents. . j
LivrRroqL, Brit, ship STIRLINGSHIRE .Alexander,
(ia Madeira.) Due March 25-30.
G. V. Macfatlane it Co. Agents.
N'anaimo, Am. bgtnc Hesperian. , Winding,
(for Kahulul) now due.
New Castle, X. S. W. Bill, bk La$y
BoweN Due
New Casii.e,N. S .Y. Bih.bkLADV Lamp-
son Matston, due Feb 10-15, C,
Brewer & Co, gents.
New Castle, N. S. W. Am bk Hesper....
Ryder. Due Dec. Aeents.
Slvi Castle, N. S.'W. bk Conpera.sce.
to sail Nov. 15. Wilder & Co, Agents.
Npw Castle? N. S. W. bk Viroinia. ...
to sail about Nov. 15. Wilder & Co.,
New Castle, N. S. W. ship Dionysus .
Jones, to sail about Dec. 1. Agents.
Nmv York, Nor. bk Lovsprino
Thomson. Over due. Castle & Cooke.
Port ulakei.y, Am. bktne Amelia
Newhall. Due Jan. 1-5. Allen & Robinson.
San Francisco, Am? tern V. S. Bow.ne . .'
Paul, to sail Dec. 10. t. A. bcnaeler a
Co. Agents.
San Francisco, Am. bk Caiuarien....
Hubbard. Due Dec. 15-20. H.
& Co. Agents.
San Francisco, Am. bktne Emm Clau-
l)INA......Matson, (For Hilo.)
Due Dec. 15-20.
San Francisco. Am. S. S. Mariposa
liny ward, Due Dec 26, W. G. Irwin &
Co, Agents.
San Francisco, Am bktne. Eureka, Lkp,
.. .due Dee. 15-20. H. Hnckleld & Co.
Sydney, Brit. S.S. Australia. . .. -Brough.
Due Dec, 15, Hackfeld&Co. Agents.
Sydney, Bri.. S S. Mararoa. . .
D.'e Dec. 19, W, G. Irwin & Co. Agents.
Msrchant'Veisele Now la Port.
Bktne J. D. Spreckels Fries.
Bktne Ki.ikitat. Cutler.
Bk C R Bishop Woaers
Bk Cro.s . , . ,.!U ;-.son
Bk LIZ7IE Iredalk Ued.'le
Bk Elsinore Jenks
Bktne MARV Win,: elm an Backus
Bgtne Consuelo Cousins
Tern Eva Wikman
Bk T R Foster Ruee
Stmr. St. Paui Esskms
Mondw pec. 14
Stmr St Paul, from San Francisco.
Sen Manuoknw u, from Koolau.
Schr Cnteriim, from Ewa.
Schr Uhukai, from Waialua.
Sch Mam, from Hilo.
Monday Dec. 14
Schr Rainbou, for KooUu,
Stmr Likeljke, for Maui.
Stmr Lelitia, for Hnmakua.
for Waimanaio.
Schr Rob Roy, for Koolau,
Sch Dmnltila, for Hilo!
Stmr Kinau, for. Maui and Hawaii.
Stmr Mokolll, for ' -
Stmr lames I Dowkctt, for Molokai,
Stmr Kllauea Hon, for Hainakua.
Stmi1 Planter, for Kauai. j ,
Stmr W O Hall, for Maul and Hawaii.
Stmr C R Bishop for Waialut, Waianat, and
Schr Ehukol, for Waialua.
Schr Caterina, for Ewa.
Sch Manuokawal. foi Koolau.
chr Mana, for Hnuomu,
bclir Luku; for Koholalele.
Sch Malolo, for Laupahoehoe
From San Francisco per nmr St. Paul, Moti.
day, Dee. G Irwin, Miss Wodehuuse,
R StSrling, A Young Jr., Miss A Young. Miss
A Halstead, J B Castle. G H Spalding, Miss
L S Wable, Miss b Barbour, J L Graham, W
SHaizard, W P Thomas, FM Swanzey, C
Abraham, J Sissengood, ll Harrison,! Brooks,
Mti Rumstron, M Mortensenand wife, Mrs
Moore, P Baclum, Mrs E Graham,
IRReute, Frank Eerty,I Schuster, WMarth,
Moss, J Gllien, A Boch, O Lawsen, A Wil-le
, 1 Dt Coital John Wood find la Chinese,
'1 he whooner Manuokawal brought 536 bag.
rice from' Koolau.
The schooner Mana brought 500 bags nugr
from Honomu, ' '
The-schooner Caleflna brought 50 ton lime
from the tone quarry,
The schooner Ehukai brought 160 lags
paddy from Waialua.
The steamer Kllauea IwuleJ up on
the Marine Railway )csterday to be tltuncd.
She will sail for Hauukua
' 'i
1hrfLl...nd. U..I..IJ! ..II. . rt
'""""'n wiuruiii ;us sue was
laid over a dayto have her engines oveihauled,
t? sailing pfjhe eamer Ja. 1. Dowsett
was pontponed until to-day. '
'I lie tern. Km, jecelvul 'tug rom itie
steamer W G, Hall yesterday,
Tfie schooner Jimmiov.,! IihIliI luto the
old Custom Houie wliatfyterda). She will
' all for Koolau on or about next Saturday,,
(Gcncntl berttecments.
On iumi ol f iv Hundred' Dollars or under, from
wfll Interest at Uie rate of five
one person, they py j'f
cent, per annum, Irom dte or receipt, pn nil su u il.ai
hall lure remained on itpot three nnmihs, or have
Uen on deposit three months at the lime of nuVlng up
thoVearlvaecounii.' No Interest will t computed on
fractions of dollar or for fritloi if a montli
No Interetl will be allowed m raone wiiUrawn
within Ihte. months from dile of delimit
Thirty days notlco muH be given at the Bank ofaii
Intention to withdraw any money and the Depoi'tor'.
Han book muit be produced at ihe tame time
No money will be paid except. upm the Oraft of the
Depositor, accompanied b? the proper Pass book.
On the lint day of September of each yeaf lln
nccounts w.ll be made up, and interest on all sum. that
shall nvo remained otilr.oIC Uireo months U
and uniJd, will be the deposlior., anc1
from that dale form patt o(ihe principal.
Sums of mora than Five Hundred Dollar, wjll
received, eubject to special agraeoienl,
The Bank will b open eyery day In lii week ec
3ttllJy. and Holiday,
p &
In conjunction with' Mr. J. A. '
will attend to all mailers 0iTb,U'i",C"Jh'
the residents 0! the Hawaiian' Islands who
need an Agent.
may ,
1 1 e.B usi
I do not confine myself alone to
ncss Houses, but also to the domestic class
ho wuuiu wish me to attend to , any matlti , , : of
business, especially to making pufchascs either
in Honolulu or San Francisco, In any line of
rnMl Vf.rMonrlUc.
Tnlhc Business Houses I will gic my
circl ful attentio 1 in all matters pertaining to
ucnerai iiuuku, vu i Adjusting and Col-
r u.ii.
Bills, and
lecting Accounts, Distribution of
Circulars, Custom House Entries, Buying
and Renting Real Kstate and Personal Pro-
Pc"i" .... . r... .olll .
W A 1 L.egai . uocuinum . ... .....--
T A M.nnnll
and neatly drawn up 1 by Mr. j. o. ...t"w...
I will attend to all 1 matters entrusted in m
care in a careful, courteous anil neat manner,
and with quick dtspalc)i. .,,,
Agent for Klinkner & Co. Red Rubber
Stamps. .
Telephone ) P.O. Box 1 1 3.
Special iloticts.
Polynesian Hotel,
The abdve named Hotel is now open and
ready for business,
Public patronage respectfully solicited.
H. BARBER. (Chief Cook.)
GEO. CAVANAGH, (Steward.)
Furnished Cottage Wanted,
By k Desirable Tenant.
AJJrtii PastoWlcc.Ilox No. 331, uailni; locauon,
Jecritlon u bouse and lottesi n.nt. 91 tf
From and afler this date Mr. C. K. Milibk
will attend to ruy subscription book agency.
83.1NW" . "
Dr. Etuervon has removed his residenqe and
office to 196 Fort street, lately occupied by
Capt, Hayley. Office hours ftom 8 to 10 a.
M., 1 to 3 p. M.j 6130 to 8 r M. Telephone
No. 149, both Mutual and Bill Telephones
used. 64-1 f
' '
Furnished Rooms.
Conveniently and NEATLY FUUNIsJHED'
ROOMS, Slnsle or Double, can be had at
NO. I KUKUI STREET (near Fort).
Out Auction Sale of Saturday night last having given such' great satisfaction, we have
beea instructed to continue the same
On Tuesday Evening. December 15th,
At Our Salesrooms, at 7 O'clock,
When we will sell at Auction a Urge line of beautiful China and Bisque Ornaments, Silver
Jewelry, Fine Clocks, Mutcal UoXes, Fine China Tea and Dinner Sets, Toilet Sets,
Bohemian and Other Fancy Glassware,
Japanese ,Goodi in laige variety Flue Rugs In all sires'
Also, paiticular atttntion is
lograpk asad
Latel) Importtd
An extensUe line of Dolls and Accordeons, Pocket Hooks, Cigar and Cigarette Cases, and
;uany other Goods too'numetous to name.
AS" Particular attention paid to the
salesroom beineiiol and'thelargcsi in Ihe city.
90 a
$u4ijcm gnkrf.
-. -
Tuesday, December 15th.
At 1 r I OOOD3
Thursday, December tyth,
Friday, December i8,
Al j v. goods
Wednesday, December 2jd,
83 r ,weloneer.
Just received a consignment of
Wax Dolls; -
(Dressed and undrcsfed)
Baby Carriages.
A splendid lot of
Oil Paintings.
- And Oleograplis,
Also a few cases of
Extra Manila Cigars,
Show Cases,
And a small line of Ladies', Misses',
Men's and Youths'
Boots, Gutters & Shoes.
All of which will be sold to the trade at
reasonable prices.
Auction! & CutmnltMloit Merchant
(general Sbbcvtiocmcnto.
No. 85 Hotel Street.
Delicious llavoted Ice Cream made from
pji Dairy Cream, Fruit Ices, Sherbets, Ice
ream Drinks and many other refreshments
1 can be found always at this really first-class
lesorU Lhoice (Jomectlonery and cakes In
great variety.
Families, Parties, Balls and Weddings
For the -convenience of the public we 1 pack
oideis for Ice Cream in Patent Refrigerator
Cans, which hold, from 1 to 40 Quarts, warranted
to keep its delightful flavor and perfect
form fr man) hours.
Ring Up Urll Telephone 18a Or
Mutual Telephone 338.
tT The Elite Ice Cream Parlors are open
daily until n W m. r,7;tV
1U v
Salmon Uolliea, 1886 Oatoh.
Juu received Trcun Pjc lland, Orv(oa, t).
Tueaa Fish can ba relloJ upon as
. s-A, , )".,
called to the very fine line oT
dtker FHcs;tursf
from Euiope.
comfxit of Ladlc, who are especially Invited, our
Uto bucctiflfincnifl;
1 up: Hoi.unviNf.
' TO SUDSCimiK TO Tilt
Withlhe view lo Increase our already lajgebsorlption list vve have uiide arrangements
with several of ourtleadlng merchants, in HONOLULU to Jour,iMiewifh,'Si choice selection
of articles In their respecfive lines of buslnc$3, any of which the subscriber may select? In
1 . ., ! ft I , ., t.r ,. . , -4 , , , , .....
n.Ttnn ami nilrha.M at nM.ll. r.M.A.I f.nn. .! Am.lB ...!! r - .c
j,.. .v.., .... rH.hun w. .H.i, imuu ..will iiiv ngwiui iciMii uii:c ui same, tnus
affordlnjj an opportunity of obtaining desirable 1Ioliday Gifts,' In connection with sVsubscilp.
tlon to the b"AILY HOttOLOtU RESS.' at w loi rata. '
We will sen3 the DAILY HONpLtlAj PRESS (price $6.00 a year) tr . month,
to any new subscriber, Or to any old subscriber rcnewfng in advance, with any of the following
publications, for the price; named in the xfi)l sjolumn. The price specified In the second
column Is that of the publication alone. Bachfolumn includes fattagt prtpaiJ. '
C'atechfTni of trie United fJtatei Ktrney.. 14 mo. boards. . ,- .,,,
Hawaiian Almanac oid Annual, iBjto 188S. Thos, O.Thrum. 8 v yijr,
Hawaiian Guide Book. II. M. Whitney. 16 mo paixr.
IfoW to (Ike cire of our Eyes, Dr. Angell. 16 mo. cloth.
Jessica's Firtt Prayer, Author of Fern Hollow. 16 mo. cloth. ,
$3-75 for $3.10.
High Art for Little People. 16 mo boards.
Lines left out, Author of Peepo'Day. 34 mo. Ira leather.
New Testament, Revised. 10 mo. cloth.
Woman as the Mother. McKeev er, 18 mo cloth, t .
$4.00 for $3 45.
American Covemment, lis nature and form. C. Shra 16 mo. clach. '
Common Objects of the Microscope. Wood. 1 J mo cluth. "
Crescent and the Cross 16 mo. cloth. ..
Mfine llntiphtnn I fi mft. Iftth. '
Hawaiian Grammar. Andrews. 3 vo. boards.
Scenes In the Hawaiian Islands. Mary tr Anderson
Appleton't Summer Resoits t6 mo. clotlu
AriDleton's Winter Resorts. 16 mo cloth
Applied Mechanics. U.ill. ifi iso. cloth. t
uance 01 I4!e, Answer to uance 01 Ueath jrowens.
Danbury Hooji. Bailey, 16 mo cloth
CxercUe on Mechanics. Tate. 16 mo. doth.
Model Homes. Pallister, 8 vo cloth.
New Sones for Little People. Marv E. Andertun
Occidental bketches. Iruman. 16 mo. doth.
Our Old Home. J. Hawthorne. 16. mo. cloth
Scntimentaljourney. Sterne. i m 1. ;otli . .
Twice told Tales. N. Ilawthoinc. 18 mo cloth. 1
l" ""hx $J CS.
American Actor's Senes Booth. Clark. ii16lru" f
" ' " torrest. Winter. :a L ii.bj' 1 1
" " lefTerson. Barrett. iJiafc UIV
History of a Mountain Kedus. stno. cloih.
Manners and Social Usages it mo cloth. 1 .,
Manuel of Phonography. Ben Pitman. 16 mo doth
Miracles In Stune. Seiss. ta hio. cloth. " "
Model Yacht's. Walton. 4 to, cloth. , j ,, 5a
"$4.65 ifor $3.7$
American Shepherd. Morrell. la too 'cloih i-Exodus
of Israel. Urugtch. 16 mo cloth.
Lcssing Laoeoon lO mo, doth.
I ibrary Wondrs Uuplessrs. 16 mo. ctottr; -On
Ihe Road to Riches. Maher. 19 mo. cloth, a
White's Natural History of Selbome. ' . it
S4.75 for '$3.8$..'
Among our Sailors Jewell, it mo. cloth , 1 i
Bible theology and Modern Thoughts. lownscnX lima doth.
Chase's Receipts. DiCChase it no. cloth. ,
Co-Operation as a Business. I'aauvri. 16 mg ,
Dravingfor Bncklaers. DatiJaan 18 iho cloili v
" Cabinet Makers
" " Stone Masons "
Klana. Jarvls. la ino. cloth.
Model Drawing. Dasldson 18 mo. doth, 1 .
Trollope's North America. A. Trollope. 13 nu. cloth. 1 ,
$ 5 00 for $.1.00 .
Darwin's Insectivorous Pbnts la mo doth.
Horton's Architecture, 16 mo. cloth.
Kelt's Letters John Keats, id rao. doth.
Sturtevaat. lima cloth. Si (J,,
Leaves from the Dairy of an Old Lawyer. Richmond i au,fftiU
. $5-25 for1 $4.20 i
Hand Book of Embroidery. L Hlggla. iaco, doth.
Laodofhcott, Hunncwell. 8 vo cloth t
Saxon Studies N. Hawthonw. 1 a mo. cloth.
Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered Hiitfax WlUmottJl6 mo
vanisnea Knees in ins Mtssiuippt valley. Uonant. S vo
Woman's Handiwork, Harrington, la mo cloth.
$5-5 for
History of the Hawaiian Islands. Jarvli 8 vo doth
Phonetic Short Hand. Marsh. 16 mo. cloth ,
Six months in the Sandwich Islands. Miss Isabella L.
Leaves from a holshed. Pastorate. Stone. 8 vo. doth
Polynesian Races.' A. lornander. Vol. I. 8 vo doth.
" - 1 11. a vo. doti
Sugar Cane in Australia. 3 vo doth.
Hawaiian utcttonar). Andrew a 9 vo boards.
Practical Home Physician, f Henry M. Lyman A, M,
J C Fenger. A. M. M. D.
P.dltedby lll.ff, Jones A. M M D.
... .. AJCUICIU rt. Ol .,!, U. j tU,
(A very valuable Medical work. Subscription Price. IS 00) Lr I ro. roan
Our Journal In the Pacihc, Wilmot Large 8 vo. clotlu ,.
rire roumains, l. i uoruon summing, a sols., Large eTvo cloth
Around the World with Central U S, 0 ant, Young Large B vo. thecs
Iluihday Books, lturclow, 18 oio doth, ted edges.
" " Emerson. 14 "
" Longfellow, n " " " '
" " Lowell. 14 -
" " Whitlier " " " "
. 14 ..
Alameda, Field 1 to. cloth,
A Summer In the Country, Perk. 4 to. doth, .
Bitter Sweet, Holland. 16 mo doth. j ..
Reu Line Kurt ion. 11 mo. cloth, gilt edges, each
AlnswortlL B)ron. Lonafellow. , EdearA Poe
Brjanl. George Eliot. Owen Mciedith. Red Letter Pocina. 1) Term sou.
Bums. Iiigolsby Legends Moore, Schiller. ' Whittier. "
Blanid, Joyce. 16 mo cloth. h .
Compensation, Author of Stolen Waters, sa mo. cloth. '
M.l.l. r.ln Uk!..l.. . nn .U.L I
Thr VagibonJ, Trowbridge. 4 to.oloth.
rocs le rams, sa mo. ciotn
Hoissnoip Liiition. ta mo. doth, each
Holmes Longfellow. Owen Meredith,
DaardTs!or. Tennyson. Whitllw.
Oblivlad, a Satire. 8 vo. cloth. I ,
Prince Deukahon. Bayard laylor, u mo. doib. gill-top
liable Martin, WhitUcr 8 vo. doth, gilt.
tar Ihe above list lus been careluuy selectej arfS compHse. M the Books for whid. we lareilubbed at
Suml r,ttu .Sabscrlbets can Inspect am oj UieM works at the Slow of Mr, Thomas 0. Thrum. i(o. loo Fort
XlAvW! oe ueuvereu, witn
HONOLULU PRhSS, uponpaytBtat of the tmount
, , -
in I'lanclsco Morning Call, Weekly or Sunday. (6 uionths) '"
" ' 1.amlner " "
'1 " Chronicle ' -
" ' Bulletin " '
New Yoik Clipper " "
Detroit r tee Press " "
Scknufic Amerfcau " "
" A '
Leslie' Illusitatcd WeVIy " "
" " Zeltung " i
Nachrlchten and Deutchland "
UbcrLandundMeer Bi-Weekly "
Londvn Utnphic Weekly "
Delineator (rashion) WorlU) "
American Agriculturist "' '
Madame Demorests Magailne ' "
St. Nicholas -
Leslie's Popular Monthly " " "
tllackwoods " " - "
Century " "
Overland " " -
Fdectie " " . "
Popular Science " " . "
IcmiileBjr I" "
I3T Any of tin above Pukn.AtIoos will
subriptioa to Ibe DAILY HONOLULU
specified in tnc hrst colunua.
Half Doien Rogers Uro't. Silver Plated
Ds4(HT K4la, No
DbsSrt Fnuics "
MulltlM "
IkaiSkions, ""
DfssertSioom, "
'iADLR Sf.rtiNS, "
The abovti Silver-plated WrfW Is of the very li.st quality from the celrbral'ed ntinu.
fBctory of RotJEKS IIros. and is priced at the lowest market tutct. Subscribers iau inspect the
same at the store of the Pacific Hardware Company. No, 74 and 6 Pott Stilet who vwll
.fllVT'fuT.Vxlf01' with oulr receipt for six month, subscription io the DAILY
HONOLULU PRESS, upon receipt of the prueabote specif ed,
No ilewuitin IH be nude frum teriits above stipulated, aml remittances musi "Include the
full amount specified in first column opposite ihe arllc'e selected. In older tti secure, the
tluiratei, 1 '
Subscription to commence any lime after December t, 1,885 at option r,f sUbicribw.
I PruprlDtor8
. (tcl JlbDcrilecmcnts.
f 3.00 i j
, JO
JOO'1 ' jo
J.00 50
300 50
J.10 ;j
3' 1 ;s
3.10 ,j
J' K
3-3 l.9
3-S '
- J 5 il o
J ' I.OB
3 as . 1 cm
3 jo I J
?5i 1 aj
3-So i.s
1 93
3-30 J.sj
3 30 ' l.J
i Jo i.ij
3-Jo l.sj
J l.
3-JO i s
3 $0 i.a,
3-Jj 1.50
Mii -50
3-03 f.o
,36j. 1.50
,33 150
3-73 1 .fj
3-75. J
,3-5 .7J
'j.85 I.7S
J J 1-75
- 3 5
3 J 1.75
3 J .7J
3-8 1.65
,3J i.JJ
4 DO 3 CD
4Cc a 00
,4.00 a.oo
400 3-n
4 00 a.oa
49 J
a tj
400 Ij
4 vo a. 13
4 ao a 13
. 4 o j
4 33 J
4 33 t 30
4 SO t.7,
4 73 J"
4 7J J-TJ
S-JO 4 to
S-U 7J
5"3 .5o
8.Jr 4 JO
700 (.00
10.00 9 00
'14 I.IJ
3-40 .J
3-40 I.IJ
3 40 1,15
"i i l.ja
0 J ,
J-J l.ja
3S .
3 6j .0.
3-Bj 1.73
3.8j 1.7s
I 40a. op
.401 a to
Mn ttj
4 w a ij
4.7J J,
J 3 3 S
16 mo. cloth.
for $1.t.O.! ,
iSriw clotu.
mo. cloth.
4.35, elc. etc.
Bud. u mo. cloih.
M, D
" 'Swlnlurnei' r .
our rfipt lor su months' subset ptlon tolh. DAILY
specified in the fitit column.
With Daily Sul.olLt'n
,.H; Pres. 6 mcmhi 3
it j i.S
3. JO. jo,
3 7J 75
4f soq
4VW a.oa
4-J CO
473 , a.30
Soo 7J
3bO -7$
. J4
J.sj jo
5J 300
9ou 1 1 7.00
3 39. . "J
3 73 '
s w i 09
4.J0 , .J
4 "7 J
4 73
4 7J . a.3
5 JO .j
JiJ"j J 35
3 J
Aliy,,',,W''irihw,rtce1ii( for six uiotah
on layment to Meitrs'J,' 34. 0t Ji & Cte, of the amount
," -Villi Per h
u Trijlt ihte U is 7J
XII It5 i '
6j j 50
Daily Honolulu' 1'resa
. -,,
. !

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