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JlriHtj Ifau'tilultt $ra$
'." ," . . V . J. . '- .
:,- - .mm" r
At the Office, No.'29 Merchant St.
Per $&oo
Sit. months.... i.a .,,...'. .... ......... 3.00
ThreiVibuthj.'., 1 ....,,.... ( i 1. $q
Per month,.,.,.. oai
Postage additional.
flg Bubnorlpttim I'nyable in Agvanc.
Brief communication trom'All turti of tWe Kined6m
will always he acceptable.
All matter! Intended for publication, as well as business
Communications and advertisements, should he
addressed to
Vaily Honolulu Prus, Honolulu, H. 1.
Advertisements must be handed tn before 9 K si., to
ansure prompt, insertion.
Arthur Johnstone, Editor and Prop'r,
Yesteruay morning, in the House,
Hon. member Thurston arose and
made the amende honorable for certain
unparliamentary words used about the
Ministers of the Crown, The apology
this time was short' and to the point,
and it is unnecessary to comment
further on this unpleasant topic, suffice
it to say that on a motion, gracefully
made by His Excellency the,
Attorney General, the apology was
unanimously accepted.
The Special Committee, consisting
of Messrs. Bishop, Dole, Castle, Aholo
and the Attorney General, who were
appointed to revise the act to regulate
the currency of the Hawaiian Kingdom,
reported to the House yesterday
morning. The Committee reported
amendments to the fourth and fifth
sections of the bill which if adopted
will cause the sections to read as
follows:- --v. '
"Section 4. All outstanding silver
certificates, excepting the -ten dollar
certificates, shall be redeemed at their
nominal value Tn United States gold
coin, and all certificates so redeemed
shall be withdrawn and cancelled by
the Registrar of Public Accounts.
"Section 5, The Minister of Finance
may receive deposits of the gold
coin of the United States to any
amount 'not less than one hundred. dol
lars and issue therefore certificates of
deposit of the denomination of twenty,
fifty, one hundred, five hundred and
one thousand dolfars payable to, bearer
without interest in gold coin of the
United State1', and may receive deposits
of the silver coin of the Hawaiian
Kingdom to an amount not less than
ten dollars and tssUe therefore certificates
of deposit. The certificates
herein provided for, shall be signed by
the Minister of Finance and countersigned
by the Registrar of Public Accounts,
and the money so received
shall be used only for the payment and
redemption of such certificates, and
shall be kept as n special deposit for
, such purpose and none other."
Tip examination at Kawaiahao
Church yesterday of the pupils in the
Kawaiahao Female Seminary, was a
most gratifying exhibition of what can
be done in the training of young bodies
and minds by conscientious self-sacrificing
It was a pleasant sight to see nearly
a hundred young Hawaiian girls group
ed together, each one the picture of
health and, if one might judge from
thejr bright . faces, full of happiness.
There were wee little tots who lisped
out their pretty songs and gravely re
cited their verses with charming abandon.
There were older ones too,
more perhaps, but not
unbecomingly, so, and pardonably
proud of their proficiency in their
several exercises. And there were the
"young ladies" of the -school' too,
whose staid deportment as 'Isweet girl
graduates" was mingled with a spice of
natural coquetry at seeing amongst the
audience in many admirers.
The teachers" upon whom devolved
the pleasant duty of displaying to the
interested audience the proficiency of
their pupils must have felt that their
painstaking care of the girls during the
past year was fully appreciated. That
if was appreciated was shown by the
many kind and flattering things that
were said in our hearing of them and
their work. In all the departments so
ably conducted by Mesdames Malone,
Hopper, Brewer and Needham, under
the direction, of the .Principal Miss
Alexander, there was displayed an
Attention to the details of mental culture,
as well as of hygiene that reflects
great credit upon these teachers.
We wish this, the pioneer school of
its class jh ; these Islands, all the
prosperity in the future that its
careful and wise management deserves;
and to this end we, hope
.that it may be liberally endowed
with uccestary funds. And above nil
' '
t '
tve heartily hope- that in the future
homes of the young girls' now in that
school, when .they become the wives of
their countrymen and mothers of the
nation, .then may be clearly seen the
influence of their early training in all
that is good and wise.
JLI UllU'llll
j, House met pursuant to adjournment,
at 10 o'clock A.M., the President,
Hon. J. S, Walker, in the Chair. After
prayer by the Chaplain, and" calling
of the ..roll; the minutes of the
previous day's session were read and
Hon. member Keau presented a
petition from five persons employed as
guards at Oahu prison stating that they
had been -paid at the rate of $22
per month duringthepast ten years, they
being entitled to $2Sper month for that
time: and asking that they be paid tile
balance due them. Referred to Fi
nance Committee.
Hon. member Brown presented the
following petitions": That no change or
increase be made in the salaries of
Government officials. That Chinese
be prohibited from taking their children,
born of Hawaiian women, to
.China. That two English schools be
established in Koolaupoko. That
parents having four or .more children
be exempt from personal taxes. That
$5,000 be appropriated for making the
harbor of Kahana accessable to vessels.
Referred to Committee on Miscellaneous
Hon. member Kaukau presented a
petition that all konohiki fisheries be
made free to all persons. Referred to
Committee on Public Lands.
Hon. member Brown, from the Judiciary
Committee, reported upon the
following petitions: That lotteries be
licensed. That the law relating to the
appointment of District Justices be
repealed and old law re-enacted. That
witnesses in criminal cases be paid
witness fees. ' That a lottery bill be
passed. That Hawaiians be npt allow
ed to. mortgage their lands except
to the Government. That no bilnk
bill be passed. That no opium bill be
passed. That the . gold law be repealed.-
That .the currency act be arranged
That the pay bf)all Government
officials be reduced. That the
law compelling all taxes over ten dollars
to be paid in gold be repealed.
All the petitions were recommended to
be laid on the table to be considered
with appropriate' bills. Report
:.! pted.,
His Excellency Governor Dominls
reported that the act relating to the
sale of liquor had received the Royal
signature. (Applause).
Hon. member Kaulukou reported
from the Judiciary Committee on the
following petitions: That Chinamen
leaving the country provide for their
wives. That prisoners work out their
sentences in the district where convicted.
That Makawao hare two
representatives. That all men over 50
years of- age be exempt from poll tax.
Tha"tthe"law regulating the P.oard of
Inspectors of Elections, and "f the
Board' of Tax Appeals be changed.
That the fisheries in the harbor of
Hilo be made free. The last petition
was referred to the Minister of the Interior
for information concerning the
ownership ot the fisheries. The other
petitions were recommended to be laid
on the table to be considered with
appropriate bills. Report adopted.
His Excellency the Minister of the
Interior reported the following bills as
printed. To provide for the payment
of certain Coronation bills. To provide
for the inspection of steam
boilers. To amend the act relating 1
licenses. To provide for the preserv
tion of the archives of the Kingdom.
Hon. member Kaunamano from the
Sanitary Committee on the petition of
116 lepers asking that a Committee of
thirteen visit the leper settlement,
recommended that a Committee of five
be appointed, for that purpose to leave
Honolulu "at noon of Saturday the 5th
inst, ' Report adopted.
'The President appointed as thel
Committee, Representatives Kaunamano,
Castle, Kaai, Lilikalani, and
Noble Cleghorn. The Hon, Noble
'asked to be excused as he was a member
of the Board of Health. Upon
his being excused the President appointed
Hon. member Paehaole in his
Hon. member Lilikalarit from the
Committee on Commerce and Agriculture
on the petition asking that the
subsidy to the Oceanic S. S. Company
be withdrawn unless the steamers call
at Kalepolepo, recommended that the
petition be laid on the table to De con
sidered with any item on subsidies that
might be taken up in the Appropriation
bill. Report adopted.
Hon. .member Kaunamano from the
Sanitary Gommittee reported on the
petition that Dr. Goto be appointed
physician to thu Branch Hospital,
Lener settlement, ana uispcnsary,
recommending the appointment. Re
port laid on the table.
Hon, Noble Bishop from the Special
Committee, to whom was referred the
act !t regulate the currency of
the Ktnedom reported back the
bill " with "fimendmenti, . and I
mended the bill as amcndedjtp be
passed. The report was accepted and
the amended bill ordered to be laid on
the table to be considered vwitli the
original bill.
Hon. member Keau from the committee
appointed to deliver to Hon.
-Noble Rhodes the engrossed resolution'
introduced by the Minister of Foreign
Affairs upon the H011. Noble's being
granted leave of absence, reportedthat
tlie resolution hrtd been delivcred'and
presented the Hon. Noble's reply' to
tile same. The reply was read after
which the report of the committee was
adopted. '
As soon as this order of business
was reached Hon. members Kaulukou
and Thurston were on their' feet try
ing to catch the eye of the President,
who recoguizcd the member from H1I0.
At the same time he stated to the
House that he had received a communication,
which being read by the'
Secretary proved to be an invitation
from Hon. member Dole, one of the
Trustees to the Lunalilo Home invit
ing the members to visit that institution
on Friday next at 3 o'clock p. m.,
and that carriages would be in attendance
for the members. '
Hon.member Thurston then said that
before the President read the communication
he had spoken.
Hon. member Kaulukou claimed
that the President had recognized him
which gave him the floor,
Hon. member Thurston asked that
the member give way for a few
Hon. member Kaulukou declined
to yield the floor.
Hon. member Thurston then asked
as a favor that he be given the floor
and Hon. member Kaulukou granted
the request.
Hon. member Thurston then said
that hejregretted to take up any further
time on a matter not connected with
the business of the House. Yet as the
House Jiad seen fit to take up the
whole time of a day's session in debating
the subject he thought he should
be permitted to take up'a little more.
He, the speaker, by a resolution of the
House had been ordered to apologize
to the House for certain words used by
him. in the House. Yesterday he had
endeavored to comply with the resolution.
But the House after a three
hours' discussion had come to the conclusion
that he had not apologized.
The Hon. member thought that he
had spoken plainly enough, and per-.
sonally he did not think he should
say anything further. But as .it was
the, imprtssion of a large number of the
riiembers that he had not apolocized he
would repeat what he had said yesterday
to wit; The words used by him in
the connection in which they were
used were unparliamentary and he
apologized for using them.
His Excellency the Attorney. General
moved tfot, the apblogy of the
Hon. member from. Molokai and Lanai
he accented.. P.arried:.
Hon. .member Keau read for. the
first time an act to provide impermanent
settlement for the widow of the
late. Paul Kanpa. Passed to second
His Excellency the. Minister of Finance
read for the first time an act to
promote mail communication with
Japan, and another to the same purpose
with the United States, Both
passed to second reading.
Hon member "Paehaole introduced
a resolution that the' sum of $6.00 double
taxes be refunded to a person
named. Referred to Finance Committee.
His Excellency the Attorney General
read for the first time an act to
license the manufacture of malt liquor.
Passed .to second reading.
Hon. member Nahale read for the
first time a billto provide a Police Justice
for North Kona, Hawaii. Passed
to second reading.
Hon, member Keau presented a
resolution "that the secretary be instructed
to pay $2.00 for express hire
of the committee who presented the
engrossed resolution to Hon. Noble
Rhodes.' Adopted-
Hon. member Amara give notice. of
the following bills: An act to appoint
Hawaiian youths in the Survey
Department. An act requiring
the Minister of the Interior to consult
with representatives on proposed
repairs of-roads and bridges.
An act requiring members introducing
bills to sign them and add the name
of their districts. An act to provide.-a
permanent settlement of $$00 per an-,
num on the Orphan children of the late
Mr. A. Clark who, at the time , of his
jdeath was a school teacher in Me employ
of the Government,.
Hon, member Brown moved to ad
journ to 1:30 p. M.
His Excellency the Attorney General
moved to 3 p. m,, to enable the
members to attend the exercises of the
Kawaiahao -School to which they had
been invited. Amendment accepted
and carried.
At 3 p. M. there being but five members
present, on motion of Hon. member
Dole Hon. Noble Judd took the
chair, and the House then adjourned
to 10 o'clock (this) Thursday morning.
Wood and Coal Merchant.
No'. 8j King Street.
Telephone Number, in both Companies, itj.
. Wood aijd Coal orders are,, hereby solicited, and
wilt be delivered at any locality within the city limits,
. ...
Depart tiro Bay Coal, Nowcantlo Cool,
anil Charcoal.
Hard and Sol Vood; aawl ani .split, always on
l(and, and told in quantities to suit; .' .
JL nued (a ordrt the Pua office.
.(Itfai SbttwUficmwW
Household Furmtoo
? .'' v
r' AT AUCTHjMttV 1 ,., :$
PNWEDjmSDAT, iTDNE 9, 1880,
', , VAttii o'clock A.'H.. nt iho iesldeilc'e.ofT. II."
Mavie, Nuuanu Valley; bb account of
departure, wa will fell at puMit! auction,
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Cornices and Cuitains, "
Oak Extension Dining Table,
' ' Oak Pining Chairs,
, - Oak Sideboard,
Decorated Dinner Service, an assortment of
Glasswate, Iron ana Bras. IJeilste&ds, Matr
Mattr.eses, ClakDreing Case (Mirror Front)
Marble-top Bureaus, Mahogany Hook-Case,
an.assortment of Table .Linen," Sewinjr Ma
chine. One Wagonette, one Phaeton,
SadrlesSetsot Harness, Lawn Mower,
Garden llenchesi r .
S3" I'he premises will be open for inspection on
TueiU, June 8th, from 10 o'clock a. m. to 3 p, t.
p. abAm's & CO.,
Hawaiian Opera House
Opening Night, Safy, June jth.
In their Entertainment,
For further particulate, see programmes.
Hox plan at Wisemans. Prices, $1, 75Cts,, 5octs.
ptxhl Notices.
$5.00. Reward.
LOST, oo'righj hip,. -.Strayed, last Saturday,
"from Sain Sung's 'plice, in I'auoa Valley.
The. above reward, will be paid upon return of
the mare to No. 129'Nuuanu street.
Butler, or Cream, left at Davis & Wil.
der's (Telephone No. 130) -on any morning
before eleven o'clock will be filled with reasonable
promptness, by the Woodlawn Dairy
and Stock Company.
232.1m Secretary Vy". D. & S. Co,
A Card!
M' the taro flour now on ths rr.arket is
similar to that Introduced a year or two ago.
Such is not tlie'case. Thfc'Alden Fruit and
Taro Company, sparing neither pains nor capital,
by new an4 improved machinery, succeeded
in producing an article fat superior in
every respect than the flour first made. From
all parties who have given the Taro Flour a
fair trial, having, been careful to follow the
directions closely,' but one response is heard,
viz., that Taro Ffour is all and much more
than is claimed for it.
Furnished. Rooms.
Conveniently and NEATLY FURNISHED
ROOMS, Sin?ie or Double, can be had at
No! I KUKUI STREET (near Fort.')
- '
THE office in Fowler's Yard, at the new
Goyernment Dispensary, and will be prepared
to Hear applications' for the relief of those rendered
destitute by the late fire, from 9 o'clock
A. u to 4 r, M. daily.
-Those wishing to engage labor are also requested
to leave their orders here,
Agent of lhe,Qabinet Relief Committee.
To Whom It May Concern.
Okfice of Wm, T. Withers,
Prop'ii Fairlawn Stock Farm, L
i.Kxir,'GToi4, JvY., juarcn 30, 1000
This is to certify that the bearer, Wallace
Jackson, has afvariotis times been in my
and I can ' confidently recommend him
as thoroughly capable to take care of fine
horse stock. While with me he was always
honest, prompt and capable. He worked
for me here at Fairlawn, and also at His Majesty's
stables in Honolulu, and at both places
I always looked upon him ns my best groom.
(Signed,) R. S. WITHERS, .
Manager of Fairltwn Farm.
Mr. Wallace Jackson's Stables are situated
on the corner of Queen and Punchbowl streets,
where horses will be taken to board by the
week, day or month, Horses broken to harness
a specialty, Telephone, Bell, 274" Mutual,
printed to order by the 'itV'
JttS.cncraXv JMihcrtlBcmcttt0. "
Steam Can ? Fall
A HORN, Proprietor.
Coiife'clldveriJBoJclno d 1'attry
in nil their Brunches.
' No. TO Tort Street, f
Purit, Attaehmonii, Oil ana Accestorltt.
Whits wcltna NkwHome M6JiIb.i
Howard Machine Needles, all Vindt
1 Corticell's Silk, in -ill colors nnd sixes .
B&rbour's Linen Thread
Clark's O. N. T. Machine Cotton.
ifmr. DemortsJ's Reliable Cut Paptr Patterns
Dalwin Ripi.EC
Gum at d SraiTiNC Goods
Shjt, Powdkh, Cam,
and Metallic Caithd9kj.
Sewfns(.Machtn, Lock ttnd promptly
attended to. .' 2S396
Hme and it Klit
Has just received per "Australia,"
"Century" Whisky in bulk,
Kentucky Whisky in case, .-,
Peruvian Bitters, ,-
Celery, Beef and Iron.-'
, Also has for safe,
"Delmoftico's" Champagne,
,. "George Goulet,"'
"St. Marcdaux"& Co.'," Eta
California Wines Sold by .the Single
Gallon, Case or Keg.
Pantheon-. Stables j.
Corner Fort and Hotel Streets.
"SSffi8tW5Masi '" '
Livery, Boarding, and Sale Stables.
Cairurges fcr hire at all hourv of the day or night!
also, convcya ot all kinds Tor parties going around
the lsUnd.
Excellent Saddle Horses fur Ladies and Gentlemen.
Guaranteed Gentle . '
Large and small omnibus for picnics and ezcursior
parties, carrying from 10 to 40 passengers, can alway
be secured by special arrangements.
The Long Branch Bathing Hocse can always
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at the office. - , f.
Telephone No. 3
341-064 JAS. DODD. Proprietor.
'T'HRUM1 S BltfDERYj.'
This Popular Bindery, located at
107, Fort Street, will be able in its settled
quarters todoevenmoresatistactory
work than that which has gained it such
liberal patronage ' and such willing appreciation
from the Honolulu trade.
At This Complete Bindery
newspapers, magazines, pampniets, and
heet music are neatly andsimplyvor
elegantly, and sumptuously bound, as
taste and pocket may demand ' Old
books are carefully and firmly, rebound
All Descriptions of Blank
Books are made o order at as low
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work. , I he Uindery is now using
""Rftnnril " nnA ( T tArrtr '
paper for all first-class work. A large
nvoice of this justly celebrated stock
has just been received from New York.,
Orders Left at"T. G.. Thrum's
Fort Street ' Stork will have
Prompt Attention.
FabeiCs Assotd Psnuoldrxs.
RtibbeHolders, Cork Holders, Ivory and Ebony
Holders sold mounted. Ivory and Jlont
Folders and Paper Cutters, Faber'a Tablet
Eraisrs, Deniton's Velvet Erasers,
Crystal Rubber, Rubberm wood-pencil
shape. Thumb Tacks,
Pencil Protectors, Rubber ,
.Binds pf various
v- 'aires, etc., etc,.
Par Sftl4 tu TUOS, O. TIlBVlt
i He s&e tout ExmtKT. '
Sttttwl $blKi'fiflcmcMc. ' V ,jt;","'
.WM. G.
Sole Agents for
' : .3222XBSS
T;rW Celebrated Taro.Flour
'". h .-V ' ;, ' .ft': . ;'
Taro Flour. is packed in suitable containers for transshipment between the
Wands' and fur foreign shipment. Special orders will be'received and packed
in any 'style required. " '. ",,'!'.,',,
The new method of making Poi'ouVof TAR6xFEOUR 'reduced the
time from aj4 to ONLY ONE HOUR. . The old, method of cooking it in a
bag has been discarded. There is no need of building a fire specially for
the purpose, for it'c.in be cooTced at the sanle time that the ordinary meal is
being prepared. , . . '
.;..,.. ,.,;.., i. y -
the Kingdom of - '.-' -v N
nnea saucepan, .nt. inio u one
Mix well ,md be rvrr there
good fire and stir the fiot r'ind water
thick, vhiclt.wi'l, hke 'frbm'
.After it i Inn k, occasional
little wafm water from tine to time
simmer 'for nearly rn hour and b'c almost
Put it, into' a' calabash or large bowl,
when it will become, mf :.rid tart.
t6 become cloggy or lumpy; it can
:1 pdtato niash'er'nr wo6den spoon.
find that by'cpoV.ing the flour
tlieir tSVcninK meal, and letting
condition tor usr $m tne following
u 1 1
x ''Q A'TO" 1 Q Q
r v. '-
;& ,rtK,',jii. J.
Takfc an agate iron or porcelain part
of Taro Flour to two parte of, water. are no
lumps. Place the saucepan over a with
a wooden spoon or stick until it becomes, three to
five minutes, according to heat employed, thorough
stirring is neccssaryt adding a to prevent
its getting too thick. Let it as
stiff as paiai that is, quite thick, and
letit sttind'from two to three ddys,
Should the Poi show a tendency easily
be remedied .by smoothing down with
Persons preferring sweet" Poi will according
to the above instructions while preparing it
stand overnight, it will be in proper morning.
French;, ;Pattern Bpnnets, New Straw .Goods,
1 , RibBbns, Trlnjmings Flowers, fM1
: - ; ' ' F eathersr, lO rnamenls ' '; -
Marfeti 27tbj29th. aridiaotti
You' 'are Respectfully Invited to Attend.
CHA.S. -. I
Corner Fori and Hotel' Sis.,
. : As ajHair Dressing, . ,-
4 .':'-
Q J? d
ranles, &c. i ' .
''-, '
. ,
! .;' M.i
.. .... , - -- ;
iV, ii"JiV; Wi' 'v'-
B.6noluliit H. I,
' I
. .,
- i
' -T .
1 . ' .' 1 1". n i-, .
' , t' ' I - I t ,1- .'
n. i-
Fom 1 Street i
.' Agents fcji: "Tricopheroiis."
; i '
& BEO.,
and ICinc'Strooto. ". '
the feusUrn State's and Europe.
faithfully ttende'dto, and Goods
orders solicited. ' Satisfaction guaranteed,
' "
H, E. MbraTTHE
Groceries, Provisions
3Su?t cdwer Fort , .
' New goods received by eJsty packet from Fresh Cli
fornia Produce bv every steartfcr. All order delivered t
any part of the cityree of chatje. Island'
ce Box No, 145 ( TflephoneSMo. 9 t "Y'
jjjot tii Fort Street, -
Importers and Dealers in Staple and Fancy Grbceriei.
. Hay and Grain, Etc. : ' v,nf
". ,. 1 1, Island Orders Solicited, . Satisfaction Guaranteed -V 5.4.
,.. , P.p. 'Boi, 307. Telepbons (both, ConpaolM), sa -. ,',: r$.T, wt-ta'
" ' "' ' "
'' '
' '
(" ' ' ' ':'v ' '.-"';

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