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All over the Navajo iteoerva
uiwiijr ivoters nave
to ttnow me
(l-.-.vO Oi luti lliuiiji WtfnVl‘u<ltCs
(in oi..ce m tui! vai.ous
piu.vu L»iupiuui 0 uic .mvuju uca*
ti i >-uii. iue i>nv /ij'j
me inanj ivavajo Voi
e»a »...i soon ue lading liivir plac
es d me Pons on i\oveinber bin
anu \owiig tor Uie candidates 01
their cnoice. As we get closer *..*ki
to Election Day, the TIMES
will attempt to nave sample bal
lets so that you may see them
be-cie you vote. I
The following lists are as com
plete as can be, and the TIMES
would like to thank Ernie Garcia,
County Clerk o! McKinley County
New Mexico: Mr. To jamin Bur
gess, Clerk o! the b ard of Super
visors, Apache Cointv Arizona; 1
and Marjorie Hoyt, a free lance
writer from Flagstaff for the in
formation concerning Coconino
County, Arizona.
McKinley County . .No District or
State Offices included:
County ommissioner:
D' moerat:
District 1: Edward Munoz, Gallup
2: Joe Kren, Gallup
District 3: Martin Lopez, Gallup
District 1: Constancio Terrazas,
District 2: Don Smouse. Prewitt,
N M.
District 3: Larry Lee, Gallup
State Senator:
Democrat: George D. Amaya,
Reoi-hlican: Richard H. Pousma,
St at" Representative:
Position 1: Joe D Murphy, Gallup
2: Dean Kirk, Navajo Rt.
Po'-ifon 3: A1 Lebeck Jr., Gallup
Po-if : on 1:
Pos'tion 2: Rernard J. Vander-;
wagen, Zuni, N.M.
Position 3: John Perry, Crown
point. N.M.
County Clerk:
Democrat: Ernest C. Garcia, Gal
Republican: Lloyit M GabaMoo,
County Assessor:
Democrat: John B. Romero, Gal
Republican; Woodrow Nezzer, Gal
County Treasurer:
Democrat: Emmet B. Wall. Gal
County Sheriff:
Democrat: D. F. Mollica, Gallup
Republican: L.E. Wilson, Gallup
Probate Judge:
Democrat: Albert J. Marsh. Jr.,
Gallup * i
Republican: Fred Gomez, Gallup
Democrat: Felix Martino?. Gal
Just’ce of the Peace:
Pree net 3 Gallup:
Democrat: Edward G. Romero, 1
Gallup i
Republican: Soloimn A. Ruiz,
Precinct 4 Gallup:
Democrat: Lidio Rainaldi, ,
_ I
Let! rs «• the Iroi.i f\ *
Pac iic.
I would appreciate very much
to receive your issues in the fut
ure. If there is any subscription
charges, I will be gird to pay for
it. |
To.ink you very much.
Sincerely yours,
Michael Pavatea j
i- Gaiiup,
: UcpuLMican: Mrs. Harold (Ariel
M.t Jpnuson, Gaeiup
• |[\ i *
. I lecmct 8. Agno- osm Dake;
•j Wuvuoi oai'i Ljiwj mr.brosia
m OiMiiuii, mains, N.M.
Kt publican:
Precinct 7, Thoreau:
Democrat: Watson Gibson, Thor
Precinct 14, Cownpint:
, Democrat:
Republican: Donald G. Walker,
Crownpoint, T.P., Crownpoint
Precinct 22, Gamerco:
Democrat: Joe G. MerriH, Gam
-1 erco
Candidates*for Public Office,
Apache County, Arizona:
State Senator:
Democrat: Melvin S. Crosby
Bert J. Colter
Republican: Albert F. Anderson
State Representative:
Democrat: Jas. S. Shreeve
Republican: Richard D. Udall
Supervisor District 1:
Democrat: Arlo B. Lee
Republican: Myrlan G. Brown
Supervisor District 2:
Democrat: Wallace Ashcroft
Republican: None
Supervisor District 3:
Democrat: J. J. Linnanne
Republican: None
Democrat: Ben B. Slade
Republican: None
Democrat: D. L. Greer
Republican: None
DXEMOCRAT: Virgie Heap
| Republican: None
School Superintendent:
Democrat; Roland S. Hamblia
Republican: None
Democrat: Edgar B. Merrill
Republican: None
Democrat: Wallace B. DeWitt
Republican: None
Coconino County, Arizona
All four winners of the three
Democratic primary contests are
unopposed by Republicans on the
November general election ballot;
in Coconino County.
This list doesn’t contain names
for National or State Offices. The
next edition of the NAVAJO TIM
ES -will contain the State candi
Driver Safely
The time of-the year for more i
driver safety has once again
reached us. The late fall and wint
er seasons are sure to be incle
ment again this year. We’ve had
one short example of a little rain,
it wasn’t much, but it sure did
i make for hard driving.
Rain, snow, ice, mud, slick
highways, slick muddy roads. All
of these can be overcooe by a
little driver sense, and caution.
The di.ver who looks ahead, and
pirns h;s moves, is a fauliou
'driver. But, at 70 Miles Per Hour
yi u can’t do too much thinking.
t At that speed it has happened,
i while you were thinking about it
Drive as thri jh vou expect the
next car or truck you meet to
be al.v.ii.g at you.
Good cf r ment, in goad con
i’ i.n c -.ten. rnd s f? s-ecd .
cZI of there co Lnrd wi h a care
ful driver will help you attain
driver safety ... i
SANTA FE • < DPI - The sec
reuuy ox state » u.i.ce s-.u i »»-
a*y u is being
uom comuseu v»..u m-.*
New AvtexiGo u sv>ivi ui
lee voting taw. |
Seci«t«uy Oi v. v i- 1
onna noted u>at an u.at i»c»v
Mexico uas a.oug w.o luw .o uo
compliance wun u« i tuuai Vvt-j
ing Assistance Act. ’ ims enau.co
only a limited aumoer oi pcrau.,s
to vote by .absentee ballot tor fed
eral offices President, U. S. 1
Senate and IL S. House of Rep
Perennial attempts to enact an
absentee ballot have been made
over the years, only to end in
failure. A constitutional amend
ment is required. To amend the
section involved, three-fourths of
the voters in the state and two
thirds of the voters in every coun-,
ty must approve the change. Wmle j
the plan usually has won a thump
ing majority in pas. elections, it
cannot overcome wnat some peo
ple feel is virtually an insur
mountable barrier.
Mrs. Fiorina said her staff is
getting so many questions about
an absentee voting act it is in-
Navajo Chevrolet
• $ ............ .
I'V' p
Bl ¥ y-S- -fe ■
Navajo Chevrolet
116 E. £ 6 AVE. GALLUP, N. M.
State Has
terlering with tlie work oi the of
' J #
GvW .iiv iW U *^
* i f
Ai.vwV ** V l*-V WVj-.V "
ClV.il it li.li i.vt.tv W«WW.-w.l >
| Cwll IV »V iOi Uiw
* Ui«uw{ ty w *■ vuvlul H *i^w*c'-*
Mice -vt.;
U.WU.V.S O. W.e «A»—w-» 1...V0
| Hiiu l.ilkUlwid Ulutltiv, ..Uaj
is ailu Uc><c..ucllba; leuc* -i c-i-ii
an euir’iOjts in ai. v%uo
serve ouisiue Uie toirnonai lim
its oi the United btate anu rneir
, spouses and dependents; m.mb
i ers of religious groups and wel
fare agencies who are assisting
members of the armed forces and
are attached to the armed forces
and their spouses and dependents, j
i A person need noi be lettered
to vote by this absent ballot, since
the application lor ballot consu
i tutes' registration. There is no
I deadline ior the appliciiions. How
ever, the returned ballots must
be processed by the s.creiary of
state’s office and put in the hands
of the clerks of the voter’s home
county before noon Nov. 7.
Mrs. Fiorina also called atten
tion oi the public to the t-ct that
Monday, Oct 10. is their last
chance to register ter the Nov. •
emotion. Although there 1* net
much time left, she said latecom
ers should waste time no longer.
A. least some county clerks plan
ned to keep their offices open part
of today, she said.
Mr. anu ous. .wiana*
bv.ii 01 . vii «.e t>v..vnis
10. a uoy 00.11 oct. ** «i »v.,umhii
me baoy six
pouiius, e.gut and a hau ounces.
Turns uere born Oct. a at He
houvkin hospital to Mr. anu ivus.
! Henry Antonio of Indian Viuage.
' The twins are a boy weighing six
pounds, one and three fourth oun
' ces, and a daughter, weighing 5
pounds, six and three fourths
' A boy, weighing five pounds,
three ounces, was born Oct. 3 at
Rehoboth hospital to Mr. and Mrs.
Tom C. Jim of Thoreau.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McClana
i han, 207 E. Aztec, are parents
‘of a boy born Oct. 2 at Anthony
hospital. The baby weighed eight
pounds, four ounces.
A seven pound one ounce, boy
I was born Oct- 1 at Anthony hos
! pital to Mr. and Mrs. James Jac
obs of Perea Trading Post.

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