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Vol. IV No. 42
U. S. Senator EdwinL. Mechem (H) N. M. , leveled
a double blast at Stewart L. Udall, Secretary of In
terior, and at Philleo Nash, Commissioner of Indian
Affairs, by stating, "They are stepping into affairs
which are none of their business and are interferring
with the tribal government."
In a statement to the NAVAJO TIMES’in Farmington
Saturday, November 2, Senator Mechem commented
on the action of Secretary Udall in suspending Norman
M. Littell, theTribai $35,000 a year attorney, for 30
days. Littell's contract with the Navajo Tribal Council
expires in 1967. "I thinkthe Navajo people can choose
any attorney they want with the approval of the mem
bers of the majority of the Navajo Tribal Council, and
it's their money and not the BIA. M
Both Senator Anuerson and Sen
ator Mechem are members of the
special committee dealing with the
Navajo-Hopi Rehabilitation Com
mittee created under a bill spon
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TOP REPUBLICAN speakers al the Young Republican Rally on November
2, 1963. at the Elks Lodge in Farmington, New Mexico. (1-r) U. S.
Senator Edwin L. Mechem (R)N.M., Senator John Tower (R)Texas, Dr.
Redman. Albuquerque, and young Republican president Elliott Riggs of
Sen. Tower Says
Can’t Win Friends
With Our Dollars
A dinner meeting was spon
sored by the San Juan County
Young Republicans as a testi
monial for U. S. Sen. Edwin L.
Mechem, R-NM.
U.S. Sen. John Tower, R-Texas,
urged some 700 persons at Sat
urday night’s Mechem ‘appreci
ation banquet to “have guts
enough” to support some issues
not so popular and thus, in 1964,
“retire the Kennedys as they so
richly deserve.”
Mechem spoke briefly after he
was introduced by former Gov.
Tom Bolack of Farmington.
Referring to a controversy be
tween the Navajo Tribe and the
Department ot the Interior, Me-
Thursday, November 7, 1963
sored by Senator Anderson ear
Senator Mechem said, "The
Navajo Tribal Council has retained
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chem said, “I just hope we don’t
run into a situation on the reser
vation where we’ll find the U. S.
government is trying to take over
the reservation as they have taken
over our state governments.”
Tovrer, who intimated strong
personal leanings toward U.S. Sen.
Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz., as a
Republican presidential nominee,
said, however, he would support
any candidate the Republicans
“I don’t think the United States
can stand another four years of the
Kennedy dynasty,” Tower said.
"The mood of the people is one
for change.”
“We have an administration
Window Rock, Arizona
v mmm
Stewart Udall
mßm-- \ - jfi®
Philleo Nash
Littell Objects
The NAVAJO TIMES received
a telegram Tuesday from Norman
M. Littell addressed to Editor
Marshall Tome and General Man
ager Chester Macßorie in which
he states “For the record, I
hereby deny all charges respecting
the Navajo attorney contract which
have been heretofore made and
will be happy to show the truth
to committee of congress or any
competent and unprejudicied
Littell further stated that he
had waited many months for Chair
man Nakai and Vice Chairman
Damon to discuss correction of
“False and malicious charges
made on or about June 22 and
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made up of a bunch of intellectual
shobs,” he charged, “and we can’t
win friends with our dollars. The
important thing is to be respected,
and to be respected we must be
He told his audience the Repub
licans can win the 1964 election,
“but we’ve got to have guts e
nough to advocate some things not
so popular.”
The San Juan Young Republi
cans presented Tower and his wife
with a Navajo blanket woven by
Mrs. Agnes Jim of Shiprock, New
Bolack, who introduced Me
chem said, "Indeed l am proud ot
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Arizona Sfcate College
Flagstaff, Arizona 86003
Chairman Nakai Statement
This is an answer to Mr. Littell's Saturday
statement release by Mr. Raymond Nakai.
“The suspension of Norman M Littell as General Counsel for the
Navajo Tribe is a victory long awaited by the Navajo people. The action
of Stewart U Udall is indicative of official and unofficial feeling pre
valent across the reservation. This dissatisfaction is not without solid
foundation and we sincerely hope will be brought to public view for the
whole world to see. It is our firm belief that the methods by
Littell in his position as General
Counsel for the Navajo Tribe con
stituted political interference in
the affairs of the Tribe and were
calculated to divide the Tribe and
the Navajo Tribal Council into
factions. The extent and scope of
this conduct seems soobviousthat
his recent barrage of incorrect
and misleading statements were.
Suspended By Udoll
Littell Out
As Navajo
Legal Counsel
By PAUL R. WIECK of the Jour
nal’s Washington Bureau
WASHINGTON—Secretary of
Interior Stewart Udall Friday sus
pened Navajo General Counsel
Normal Littell* s “personal per
formance” under his contract,
pending final determination of
charges made against him.
A Dec. 1 deadline for the final
determination, at which time the
contract will be terminated unless
the charges are proved untrue.
Littell, contacted at his week
end- home in Maryland, charged
Friday night that the action was
“largely malicious and political
in character."
A faction of the Navajo tribe
Monday charged that interior de
partment executives used
Gestapo-like tactics in a raid
which resulted in seizure of tri
bal records Saturday.
Chairman Nakai and officials
of the Interior Department and
Bureau of Indian Affairs seized
tribal records from the Window
Rock, Ariz. headquarters office
Saturday and put them in Nakai’s
"The desk I keep locked, every
thing that was loose, and a locked
■pp||fp l^M
Ten Cents
we think, released to offset the
aiCicipated action of Secretary
“The suspension is a complete
refutation of the misleading and
derogatory charges made by him in
a petition which he drafted and
submitted to Representative Ha
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Chairman Raymond Nakai
Democrats Linked
In a lengthy statement he linked
a host of Democratic political
figures, including Sen. Clinton P.
Anderson and Rep. Joseph M. Mon
toya of New Mexico to the move.
Meanwhile. Rep. James Haley,
D-Fla., said “I think so" when
asked If his Indian affairs sub
committee of the House Interior
Committee will hold a hearing on
the Navajo reservation to look
into charges made against the
Bureau of Indian Affairs by 41
members of the 74-member Nava
jo Tribal Council.
But the work load of the House
hnerior Committee and its limited
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filing cabinet with my personal
papers—all were taken,*’ said the
tribe's executive secretary. Mau
rice McCabe. “I was totally un
aware* of the search and seizure
until after it was over.”
Those familiar with Navajo af
fairs believe Saturday’s raid was
a -follow-up an Interior Secretary
Stewart Udall* s action Friday night
"suspending” the tribe’s general
counsel. Norman Littell of Wash
ington. for 30 days because of
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