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THE NAVAJO TIMES December 19, 1963
-Navajo Times
Published each Thursday
The Official Newspaper ot the
Phone 871 -*2ll.
CHESTER A. MAC RORIE, General Manager
A project of the Public Relations and Information
Department of the Navajo Tribe.
Subscription rates —$3.50 per year, nine months $2.50. six
months $2.00, three months SI.OO, one month 35c. Single copies
**lo each.
Second-class postage paid at Window Rock, Arizona, and
at additional mailing offices.
I sent up a slow-day balloon about the Navaho Tri
bal Council delegates awhile back, since then I find out
mail is heavier than one of the thickest smoke signals
coming from the Navaho people everywhere who said
to hit them again harder.
Again, it is very important to realize that the po
wer of* the Council is limited for several reasons.
First, the Council has to deal effectively with situa
tions that concern the Tribe as a whole and not indivi
Second, the Council, if it is to be effective, must
cooperate fully with federal', state, local city govern
ments —and. . . with each other —because, to date, it
has neither the money nor the experience to act inde
pendently. This means that the Council's wishes jnust,
at many times, give way to the desires of these other
governments. Within the next few decades it may well
become independent to a degree but until then it will
remain "a state within a state. " Since the general goals
of the tribe overlap with those of these other govern
ments itwould probably be a mistake to try to be fully
independent. Total independence would mean isolation
which would have more disadvantages than advantages,
and, after all, Navahos want to be and are proud of
being Americans.
Third, the Council has no control over develop
ments, especially of an economic nature, which occur
off the reservation. If the steel, railroad and team
sters unions decide to strike, living conditions will
become very difficult for those off the reservation.
Life will be even worse on the reservation.
But, given these limitations, what is the responsi
bility of the Council to the people? The individual Coun
cilman must find out what the people who elected him
to office are thinking about. He must take the time to
listen to them talk. Then, he should carry their ideas
with him to Window Rock, and together with other
Councilmen who have done the same as he, try to de
cide how to solve the problems the Tribe faces.
The Councilmen will often disagree among them
selves as to what to do, but this is to be expected and
even good. If there was always agreement there would
be no need for a Council. The Council will make mis
takes but these will be good mistakes because they are
made by Navahos trying to help other Navahos. They
will learn from sometimes being wrong.
What is the responsibility of the people to the Coun
cil ? The people must help the man they elected to the
Council by listening to his ideas on what should be done
at Window Rock. If they think he is wrong they should
tell him that he is wrong. They should realize that the
Tribe is not just the people from Chinle, Ship rock or
Navaho Mountain, but all those who live on the reser
And never forget, dear readers, that it is always
the people (Navaho) who must take the blame or credit
for our conditions, and whether or not our affairs in
public life are in good hands.
Chairman Nakai, a serious young man, has many
times stressed his program which would provide more
schools, jobs, welfare for the aged, recreational and
tourist facilities, and a development of industrial and
ajtd agricultural potential. Let us be forever mindful
of the past, yet work in the present toward resolving
the intolerable conditions existing today. . .after all,
» - Jgg K*
B&, \
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-s|jk ■ *' jlp? yfw ■ ; *aw : ;v •
SB Hftß* ■ : Hfi
4^, : Y-' - V, :■■ ■,*v.
LIGHT AND SHADOWS are an essential part of this richly dramatic portrayal of the “Adoration of the
Shepherds.” The center of light comes from the face of the Virgin and the infant Jesus. The Seventeenth
Century artist is Murillo. The painting is on exhibit at the Museo del Prado in Spain.
LEIGH PAUL HUBBARD JR. , has been nominated
by the Navajo Methodist Mission, Farmington, New
Mexico for the Optimist Club junior citizenship award.
Paul is the son of Mr. and Mrs. LEIGH HUBBARD,
Navajo, New Mexico. He was born at Ganado, Ariz
ona, had his earlier education at Window Rock, Ari
zona and entered Navajo Methodist Mission school as
a junior last year. His father is assistant general man
ager of the 8 1/2 million dollar Navajo sawmill.
A senior, he is maintaining a B-plus average in his
studies, is President of his dormitory, vice-president
of the Methodist Youth Fellowship, and takes part in
athletics. He also plays the Bass saxophone and is a
member of the famed Navajo Tribal band.
* * * *
De REMA "MIMI" BENALLY, 8, Waterflow, New
Mexico, was taken to the doctor for her checkup. While
awaiting their turn her mother (ILENE) pointed out
various objects in the waiting room. She called De
Rema’s attention to the doctor's diploma and asked the
child if she knew what if was. "Yes, " said De Rema,
"it's his TV award. ". . .
* * * *
Congratulations to the proud parents LOUISE and
HERB McKEE, 10921 l/2 Freeman, Inglewood, Cali
fornia—it's a girl named MARIA MATILDA, born on
November 20, 1963.
* * * *
My Mother Virginia Benally Tom is going to have
to spend her Christmas vacation in the Fort Defiance
P.H.S. Hospital. She had an eye operation and is doing
fine. She will be out of the hospital shortly after Christ
SCOTTY, a friend of mine and fellownewspaperman
of the Kansas City Star, Kansas City, Missouri, now
retired was at the Navajo Times Office recently.
FRED LINDAHALL, Sheepsprings, New Mexico,
"Know there is only one place in the world where a
person can visit four states in less than a second. By
setting a foot on four corner point of New Mexico, Ari
zona, Colorado and Utah of the United States. Tourists
from all over the world come and visit our four corner
great Indian states of America. The America the beau
he has been in office only 8 months.
Worthy activities which enhance neighborly rela
tionship may be accomplished in the Tribal Council —
May we walk proudly in beauty?—And Merry Christ
mas! —Marshall Tome.
||pS ‘|j§S By Mo,>ho " T ~ '|j||S r’'^pS.
111 111111 11 1111■■I■II1111U
ELetter to the Editor:
Mr. Patrick Nelson
Law b Order Department
Fort Defiance, Arizona
Capt. Edward Boggie
Law b Order Department
Tuba City, Arizona
Mr. Howard Gorman
Police Committee
Navajo Tribal Councilman
Ganado, Arizona
Dear Gentlemen;
As we all know, the Navajo
Police have a high standard of
public respect, have great respon
sibility to the public to up-hold
the law on the Reservation.
Unfortunately our Leupp police
unit here, their responsibility to
up-hold the law is so lax and it
is a sorry situation--it seems a
mistake for them to be out here
and furthermore it reflects the
department from the top on down.
My concern and irritation is,
there are numerous party’s of
peyote ritualism going on week
ends around Leupp and Tolani Lake
area for several months now. The
community has at numerous times
brought this up to my attention
and have expressed their feelings
that they are denouncing the peyote
rites that goes on in their own
community. And I myself vigor
ously oppose this so call peyote
party too, therefore I am bringing
it to your attention for action.
Furthermore I like to empha
size real strongly this infiltra
tion of peyote cult should stop
entirely, directly from your de
partment. Some kind of effective
measure should be made to stop
these doings The Leupp police
unit are here to safeguard and be
our watch-dog against this kind
of fanatic cult.
One would thin, that the two
police are conspiring with the
peyote members or perhaps both
might be members of the same—
for that reason there is no action
on their part against this faction.
If this should be the case the
two should be removed from Leupp
area and let someone take over
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