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The Flour for
' ~ Hr^^i
The ideal flour for home use is a flour that wfll give real satisfaction in all kinds of baking. By'
of the natural qualities of the choice soft winter wheat from which the flour is made, DIADEM is a
wonderful all-purpose flour. No matter what you wish to bake—bread, rolls, cake, doughnuts, bis
cuits, pies or other pastries—you can bake it successfully with DIADEM. DIADEM is the first choice
of those who know, simply because it is always dependable in quality, alway s clean and pure, always Hl
delicious in flavor and it fills successfully every baking desire.
All of these Indianapolis grocers carry and recommend DIADEM. Your grocer should be in this list. If you fail to find his nams,
ask him to send you DIADEM the next time you order flour, and insist upon his getting it for you.
H. A. Acker & Cos., 1604 College. H. E. Dorsey. 2821 W. Ohio St. H. I*. Houston, 4120 E- Tenth. I>. Montan i, 30th and Illinois. C. C. Shea, 602 W. Michigan.
B. F. Albright. 821 W. 21st St. Down Weight Tea Store, 344 W. W ash. C has. Howard, 612 Virginia. W. I. Moore, 2007 W. Washington. •>*> ! ' hr *. <42 W. Month St. ~ Ml* \jfSJ > K
Otto Aldendorf, 8228 W. Tenth. Chas. Drossendorfer, 836 E. 62nd St. K. A. Howard. 1302 W. Wash. W. K. Moore, M3 E. 46th.. and * Illinois. [QU'*** WF
Geo. Amt, 361 Virginia. M. J. Dugan, 701 N. Tremont. F. Hoy, 281 W. Thirtieth. N. W. Morgan, 2025 K. Tenth K. F. Sherer* 264 W. Ray. * ■ .nr .fC V? lr'"
U. T. Ashley, 60-1 N. Noble. Early & Cook, 1411 S. Eastern. Hoy Gro. Cos., 133 E. 16th St. Morphew
H. Anfderhride, 1201 E. Michigan. j v Ki ( .j, rr 41/vo k. Washington. Chao. J. Hummed, 2801 Northwestern. , „ r ,* H. Silvey, 1833 Ingram. iar J 9 HOTMbh'ifff' jJMnBL' ,-7V
E. S. Ayres & Cos.. City. J „ t . * J. T. Hunter, 1065 W. 84th HU M,,r t ri *’ 1602 ■; !? th - . WF. Simmons, Roach and Rader. ,f M •‘iKHc ~ ifMtiW 2WK
D. H. Badger, 1287 Kentucky Are. J * H - EUer> 267 x * Keystone. Indiana Cake Candy Cone Cos., 341 E. w”!T bo ,?* f°°/ J^ >r , , . h 'TCJT™' B - *' Stnun®"*. ®O2 Indiana. ?/ JR 1 MF Cw,/, ’MAT' WffioßSSlPiim. r.sfeffa-'iagft&ffl
J. Baklus, 365 Holton place. H. Elstrod, 433 E. Ohio St. Market. Morton * ! c C’ ar i i '‘!; JOS *'• ,9th - **• F. Simmons. 1180 N. West St. H aImMEHs,. " ‘ ? V
O. R. Ball, 718 Shelby. F. X. Erath, 1201 N. Senate. Carl Irrgang, 231 8. Wannan. rel RMn-iw / j Charles Simon, 1210 N. Senate. •* - '*s§£ e sJ*SaUffi&t .-U J. > lnt; WmMMKFtSZ* sV.df'F
H. Bandy. 141 W. Thirty-first St. J. H. Erbrich, 3454 College. R. Isenflgin. 1046 E. Ohio. !i [| K nl!, ’u 1 “T\"V * George Smith, MillerMlUe. Ind. FWT . xA- *Wdtl** VC ' ~ y c^
TANARUS, Barragry. 8401 W. Michigan St. Evans A Patterson. 1230 Oliver. Geo. Joggers, 646 Madison Are. ?' , MuM* l 2Bth^an S’ ?’ S t !5 1, 1-
R. E. Beacli, 4102 E. Michigan. Fairfield Mhrket. 1734 E. Tenth St. gasper Bros.. Capitol and 3flth St. W T lw’r '< H 2lt H 1. Smlth 2202 W Michigan. 'TIFB&M •SHT • .'IU,
Otto C. Beck, 860 Indiana Ave. M. W. Ferguson, 880 N. Holmes. T. E. Jay, 1473 Finley. lit Wv‘ iC K.dCner Wm. Smith 1280 N. West St. WF Sir
W H. Becker, 2626 Schurmann. M. 8. Fisher, 8802 E. Michigan. A. E. Jayne, 1248 8. Balmont. ”and s. hur.nann Um.F. Smith, 1424 S. East St. _ //T
Beck ©rich Bros., 22nd and College. A. Fleming, 920 N. Penn. St. K. B. Jelf, 16 S. Addison. <> K Oliver 210 \\ Hlii <t r e" 1 II H|J| "dMHmV W^st^
J. J. Bockorich, 1215 K. 22nd St. A. Florea Bros.. 506 W. Washington. Andy Jensen, 5048 E, New York fit. jj* \y oU#*n 1703 Soutlienslern i'
c. w. Beckert, 1001 Union St. B. Flynn, 901 College. E. Johnson. 143 W. Sixteenth St. O I Otti I(o 16 E Mkh A T Sooner' 9*? wXhle.e
F. Bennett & Son. 1703 E. Mash. D. N. FolU, 729 N. West St. G. K. Johnson, 1486 English. jJ, rannnw 3M N Addison xi *°™ nt > r ’ W. Ochigaa. Tlirl|gTg<gJßllVlM'ii •/
R. I*. Berry, 2634 Schurmann. Ford Groo. Cos,, 49th and College. 8. P. Jones, 738 N. Illinois. j\ yy i>itl< rson 4Hi N arma ' Bpon " , ' , ' ,Ml Wr *Kht St.
Chas. Bingham, 204 6. Noble. Force Groc*ry Cos., 2069 N. Capitol. Joseph Bros., 1652 Eexington. y. G.* Patterson ’ 1157 Fnirllsh ’ SfsmlarH nmrprs fft 417 F
W. H. Bise, 2802 Olney. Frank Fox, 1032 E. Washington. Joseph Bros., State and Eexington. (y. C Payne 2028 W New York UrOCery CO., 4H E. Hash.
A. Black-cell. 1974 Hillside. E. R. French, 41st and Cornelius. F. W. Judd. 931 High St. A Pedigo HiOt Martindule Ave 3621 W. Mich. St. 2214 R. Wash St, ii'T^ IJ M!raa.rri~‘* Mll, * uß * l^^^: **^'^‘* < ii T"\i
Chas. C. Bialsdell, 336 S. Harris. M. E. FreUe. 871 W. 28th St. F. W. Judd, 1560 W. New York. Peoples l ash Grocery, 1909 W Morris. *7 V , B 8 Bt * UJ! 2*'™ ••
Wm. H. Block Cos., City. H. Fwdje, 1801 N. Senate Are. J. Kassebanm, 929 E. 68rd St. Charles lVr v, 2228 Sellurmtoxn. !, 1
E. F. Bloomker. 1202 E. New Fork. K. Frrije, 282 N. Germania. O. Ken,per, 1521 Shelby. Charles Pie, Jr’, 26.77 SboHi™
J. H. Blythe, 21 E. 23rd St. A. Fromhoid, 53rd and Keystone. O. M. Kennedy, 1003 Ashland. C. H. Pierce, 2432 Northwestern Ato, tvli b, mm rfS"" - .TJ
O. A. Blythe. 686 W. Vermont. Nora Fuerst, 937 8. New Jersey. Nick Kerx Cos., 947 W. Michigan. Gus I’ippert, 813 Virginia. N.Del. . t. 8030 E. tooh. 2^
A. M. Boehm, 2427 W. Wash. Wm. Gallton, 25th and Talbott. Wm. Koehler, 2122 E. Tenth. W. A. Pollock, 329 Toledo St. Uy l i^fi!T™I d \ tow ' V 9W?/J* * Hl&fe -ZliF '
Boulevard Groo. Cos., 30th and College. Chas. Galm. 914 E. 23rd St. FT. H. Kiel, 841 Virginia. ,1. p o pp, l ino and English. soq ■<* wiIETVI Tjf7- ‘
J. J. Bouvler, 813 W. Tenth.. Geldemeir Bros., 1446 Orange. I. Kime, 1501 Brookslde. Powell * Son, 939 Division. -a m a „ rnr Mrw.
J. Bowman, 2037 Winter. Max Geller, 545 Indiana. King Coffee Cos., 8418 N. Illinois St. J. T. Power & Son, 604 N. Delaware. oi s xrlVCntV, at* r i,i >*•&*£ •!. f (&"nfr ttt'
C. Braokman, 1631 S. Meridian. Mrs. M. L. George, Broad Ripple. King A Mangunson, 2184 N. Illinois. P. O. Power, 22d and Talbott. •# b. wenoian. * #3
Geo. Bredewater, 1117 Oliver. Gerdts & Knartier, 2149 Madison Are, Wm. C. Koerhn, 1320 8. Meridian. George Preston, 3615 Mass. Ave. <’• ®* Stelnmeler. MlllersvlUe, Ind Jfe.'"jf ’>*T
J. Brock, 902 E. Raymond. Martin Gerlach, 8215 Clifton. N’lck Kurkor, 1664 Colombia Avo. Teuton llron,, 28.52 Station. £*• 12th and
T. E. Brower, 1837 Proopect. Gernsteln Grocery, 1205 Kentocky Ato, J. Kort*, 1228 E. Michigan* , t barli'H Kailnback, 31-33 W. 16th St. st * a * r E. St. CMP. mJtJjr**£*ii' m &
Brown & Pollard, 2901 W. Wash, G. Gernsteln, 2260 Yandes. J- Lancaster, 321 W. Twenty-eighth. Wm. Itnthert, 751 8. Meridian. D. Stein, 1108 E. Seventeenth.
W. E. Brown, 1405 Silver. Gibbons & Son, Roache and Rader, H. E. Eang. 8232 E. Tenth. O. Raasch, 1102 English. E- H. Stone, 1602 Montcalm.
Ed. Bruns, 1591 Hoyt Ave. B. F. Gibson, 2347 Station. J- Eangsdale, 2144 N. Illinois. Handeli Ht Samasgls, 27 N. Bolton. ' • F. Strong, 1469 Spann. _
Burnett Bros., 2582 W. Michigan St. T. F. Gibson, 301 Mass. Ave. A - B. Larson, 2941 CUfton. G. Z. Ray, 1916 W Michigan St. D. R. Sturgeon.SOilW. Wash. St. ... ‘ /.'Tl't*!' _ QIiIMtIIIV 11.I 1 .
J. J. Bulger, 2506 N. Illinois. W. O. Gill & Cos., 607 B. 17th fit. I>- J- Eawson, 987 N. Alabama St. D. r. Rector, 742 IV. lltli St. Munkel, 2132 Shelby. ¥'
Wm. Bnscbinann, 937 Ft Wayna E. R. Gillum, 446 Riley. ,T> ®. leavitt, 6424 E. Washington. J. Peeves. 2030 Brookslde. **. W. Suesens, 2905 CUfton. K jIk3ML
H. Bryant, 120 E. 49th. O. Gohman, 802 Buchanan. R * Beo, 1107 W. Thirty-fourth St. A. Rentseli, 12th nnd Senate. Bnmmor < Tibl ’* .'V' ,9<h -
S. A. Canfield, 2609 W. Mich. St. M. Gray. 2110 Fountain. A Eemku hl er4l2o E. Tenth St. George Rhoades, W. Wash, and Rock- Nuter Grocery Cos., 62d and College JfiaVa )llf 'iw
J. D. Carter, 2902 E. Wash. St. O Greenwood 2805 E Tenth Liberty Market, 850 E. Wash. St. ville road. M. J. Sweeney, 402 8, Harman X&tri Jlßtt
Carton & Doyle New Jersey A South V r Preer 25fi0 S Meridian W. B. Elghtslnger. 2220 E. Wash. H. K. Roberts, 901 N. Illinois. >*• B. Sweeney. 1468 Colnmbia Ave. ■ mil i4 J
(!lhOo "oMME Tml* ' rinn'k C 644° Mass* Ave S. H. E.vckhart, 2957 McPherson Are. J. A. Robinson A Son, 3105 E. 16th. D. O. Taylor, Illinois and Thirtieth.
I P CatJA \IL. St fart Gubwinsr Fs.i W. W. Lorens, 1833 Central. Robinson Groo Cos., 3124 E.. Wash. Frank Terwilliger, 2911 Annette St. <*
O. I CiSTmSo
John Clark, 2821 Northwestern. J. Haddock, 21 K. Sixteenth. V - 8- _, ***; *> Boosnw, Speedway. y m* V—
v a rnupir na <a i' v iinopmoiar ic*u j Jacobin A Mftftfl, 751 8. Dflawar**, E. Homer, 1501 Todd Bros., 1532 K. Bk m
t Cl’nv A Son 28OT Cornell Ave H JLmon fTwILle V. A Maiilard. 1118 E. Nineteenth. J. E. RosWarten, 751 Prospect A. Totman, Morris and Tibbs.
L SL y itJ k „,r A t
W J* Clemenif St iSw' Nel vJrk Bade Martin. 1141 Oliver. H. K. Ruckelhans, 674 F. St. Clair. Unversaw and White, 820 W Mich. V t
g cnin. BfiVh
ri,ll2^M^et 8 ?022 rollJ b^t '
F Mirhi™ J McCorkle A Stelhorn, 1047 N. West D. Sahaklan, 145 N. Illinois. H. Wagner, 333 W. 12th St.
’• ( o“cannon. 461 gE. Michigan. A. Hartman 42nd and N. Senate. M> Mc (reary, 27 Bolton. D. Sahaklan, 606 N. Illinois. J. E. Wald, 6503 E. Wash. St. * — ■■ . XT
M. Connors, 2216 Bloyd. Haverkamp A Dirks 1708 Prospect 0 A McElhaney, 604 E. Walnut St. H. Salge, 990 Indiana. 11. W. Watts. 1076 Udell.
' M7°e ZLJLtTTTF* f econd> } V - S „ ,la ' Tk> - I ® B , l W. H. Meadows, 502 Division. Sanders A Greenwell, 2129 Prospect H eaver Grocery Cos., 25th and Central ' 1
J. Cook 587 E. Twenty-first St. E. M. Haynes, 3231 W. Michigan St. Meadows Bros., 2436 Station. F. M. Schod, 34th and Capitol. Webb A < 0., 1802 W. Morris St. '
K. Craig, 655 Ft Hayne. R. B Haynes. 952 >ftrth IVest Ai MendenhaU A Cos., 8004 N. Illinois. J. G. Schad, 60th and College. R. F. Wehlerman, 1767 Howard.
\ M - 2 ? 88 ®^ n r nßn ,r' . Z J 249 , n S - Knrßl ;, Mendell Bros.. 702-4 IndUtna. C. C. Schafler, Tenth ;.nd Tremont. Max Weil, 444 W. Wash. St.
A. A. Crutchfield, ®J r *. Brims 4~n& and Cornelius, g. Metrey, 2806 Chester. J. C. Schaub, 859 Birch. Charles Welngand, 40th and Senate. ,
C. B. Cunningham, 2002 Hillside. Wm. Herlder, 30th and Central. F. J. Meyer, 802 S. East St Chas. Schmidt A Cos., 24th and College. J. E. White A Son. Jackson A Harris. ,v¥'V;¥tV* .r^TT\'
W. Dahlman, 1833 W. Morris. Hermann Bros., 1668 Madison. J. M. Mills. 5460 E. Wash. E. O. Schinalt, 1607 W. Morris. C. J. Wilding, 3334 Clifton. J.K I -J t (■**..■' j 7>MV m
F. J. D&usch, 200 N. BeUevlew. Mrs. G. M. Hewitt, 853 Roache Mikels A Trembly, 40th A Cornelius, Carl Schindler, 1546 N. Senate Ave. George Williams, 348 W. 30th St f3vl[4
A. B. Davis 437 W. 28th St. C. If. Hill, 2403 N. Illinois. MUIs and Eysaght, 2001 Cornell. E. Schober, 251 W. Morris. W. H. Williamson, 802 Warren.
J. E. Davis, 3129 W. Michigan St O. R. Hill. 817 W. 28th St. H. P. Miller, 401 W. 29th St. W. A. Schofield. 1570 Central. H. Williams, 914 E. 80th. 1
W. W. Day, 1244 Newman St. E. E. Hllligoss.. 1002 W. 28th St J. C 7 Miller, 225 Terrace Ave. W. F. Sehortemier, 2526 E. Mich. Sirs. W. F. Williams, 30th A Clift***.
Ed DDKs, 5524 E. Washington. Otto Hoder, 340 Virginia. O. E. Miller, 974 W. 80th St. Charles Schultz, New York and Euclid. E. D. Wise, 603 N. New Jersey. mis . _
Geo. Derteth, 426 W. McCarty 8t J. R. Hodge. 1189 N. West St Otto Miller, 1759 N. Senate Are. E. Schwegman. 1255 Windsor. Dan Wolf, 10th and Fershlng.
E. Dirks, 6524 E. Washington. Geo, Hollenbeck, 848 Mass. Ave. Miller A Son, 1517 W. Morris. Mrs. Search. 825 N. East St. R. E. Wood, 8418 Southeastern.
9. W. Dodds. Maywood. Hollemebe A Holtman, 8012 Central. F. E. Mohr, 418 E. Morris. M. Selb, 16th and Capitol Ave. A. Wright, 2426 Brookslde. fAV
W. H. Doengee, 850 6. Meridian. J. AF. Hoover, 1063 N. Pershing. Mehr Bros., 901 Cottage. Bert Selby, 901 W. 27th St, E. Yount, 919 W. Twenty-sixth. ilTl'lf* T |-,i fjj I* 13 n I M if *
R. Domont, 183 E. Twenty-second. H. E. Hopping, 1227 Roache. O. Moldfchan, 901 Mass. Ave. Shaffer A Kramer, 782 N. East. J. F. Zimmer, 37 Palmer.
If yoiu* regular grocer will not supply you with DIADEM, telephone our office and we will give you the names of other good
grocers in your neighborhood who will be glad to send you the flour that you desire. ~
Noblesville Milling Company
Indianapolis Office, 214 Board of Trade. Telephones—Main 695, Auto. 24-695.
Indianapolis Warehouse, 111 Spring Street. Telephone, Auto. 24-452.

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