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Operations hit
Director Wright Spends $23,-
000 a Month Maintenance
in Dead Winter.
By the simple process of insistence and
reiteration, L. H. Wright, director of
dhe Goodrich centralized state highway
expects to make the people
believe that they are getting
for the expenditure of about
a month in the maintenance of a
commission in the middle of
V BR\ Wright, who is now appearing on
platform with Mayor Charles .Tcwctr
gCpndianapolls, in an attempt to bolster
KB the badly broken Goodricb-Jewett
in Marion county, advises his
hearer that the highway commission law
will be an “asset” to the republican party
before the next election. He does not
base his assertion on the number of
men he is employing to do political
work with the taxpayers' good roads
money, but that is pretty generally un
derstood in Indianapolis where move
than 200 employes of the commission
visit the statehouse often enough to draw
salaries ranging from SSS to $450 a
Os course all these employes are re
publicans, all had the approval of Good
rich before they were employed, and .ill
are desperately Interested in maintaining
the highway commission In Its present
form in order that their pay checks may
not cease.
But even this organization, powerful
as it may become, is not sufficient to sat
isfy the greed for power of- Mr. Wright.
He has at his disposal a rotary fund of
$5,000, which he maintains by ttvo drafts
on the treasury of the state every month.
From this fund ha hires men by the
day to work for him. Os course, the
supposition is that the men are to do
work in connection with the state high
way system. But there is no possible
way by which any one can check tim
amount of work these men do, either
on the roads or in the upbuilding of ho
political machinery of the republican
Mayor Jewett, whose hold on the Ma
rion county organization has been slip
ping for some time, is now receiving
the active assistance of Mr. Wright and
his oaganlzation for the reason that.
Goodrich looks to Jewett to take care of
the Seventh district for him in counec-
Ulrn with bis presidential aspirations.
The most laborious work that was
done by- the highway commission in the
month of December, 11119, was the prep
aration of a map showing the roads the
commission has tentatively designated as
state highways. This map, compiled
during a period.when the commission ex
pended about $26,000 for help, is be
ing known as the "$20,000 map of Indiana
It Is most interesting to Indiana cit
izens for ttie reason that it shows the
utter disregard of all other than polit
ical motives in designating state high
ways. It also proves to Indianapolis
residents that when the state highways
are all bniit in accordance with Wright’s
plans there will be no possible way of
“going any place” on them.
I For example, the great bulk of north
east traffic out of Indianapolis is be
tween Anderson and Indianapolis. In
[order to get to Anderson from the cap
[itai on a state road it is going to be
to travel to Greenfield, thereby
gjWlftig about hfteeu miles to the route.
H order to use state roads to Nobles-
Mnie from Indianapolis it will be neces
sary to go to Westtieid over the longest
Ireute in use between* the two places.
But the climax of idiocy in the des
tgnatlon of roads is the selection of the
Plainfield route to Martinsville from In
dianapolis. There are now several very
good routes between Martinsville and In
dianapolis, and there is a demand that
the Dixie line be designated and im
proved as a state road. But Mr. Wright
has decided that a road from Plainfield
to Martinsville is all that is necessary
to care for this traffic, and so it now
stands. No reason has been announced
by the commission for this designation,
but it is one that pleases the cement
industry of the sfate immensely, for o
build a hard surface road over it will
.cost the taxpayers many hundred thou
sands more than it would to improve
one of the other roads. And the cement
industries do not appear to believe that
ihc commission will ever get over it#
fancy for cement concrete, oue course,
roads of the kind the progressive farmer
builds in his bam lot.
A cursory examination of this “$20,000
map” show’s that between Mitchell a id
Vineenne’k not, a single stale highway
runs south; that here is a stretch of
road covering about, fire counties east
and west that affords no outlet toward
the southern tier of counties which It
But there Is a highway designated be
tween .Tasper and Princeton. That Is
down in the neighborhood of the con
holdings in which the governor’s son and
“close business associates" are interested.
And right now the Hoosier Automobile
dub and others are trying to figure out
some good reason why tbe commission
should build this read, other than the
interest of these certain persons in it.—
Copyright, 1020, indiaua Publicity Bu
T’ETOKKEY, Mich.. Jan. 13.—Launches
and small tugs are lighting the waves in
Lake. Michigan today in an effort to
reach several fishermen stranded on a
huge cake of ice which broke from
the shore and which is driftiug out
into the lake.
The Ice cake, several acres in extent,
ijyoke away late yesterday, carrying tbe
fishermen and their shanties out into
the lake. The men signalled frantically
to the shore and boats immediately be
gan tbe battle with the waves in an ef
fort to rescue the imperiled men.
1919 Farm Crops in
Indianapolis Radius
Worth $500,000,000
Indianapolis is the commercial
center of an agricultural territory
of great wealth. Within 100
miles of Indianapolis farm crops
were produced in 1919 to the value
of $500,000,000. Live stock within
the same area was worth $275,000,-
000. Total farm property lying
within 200 miles of "Indianapolis
amounts to at least* #r,*,
000. Why shouldn’
prosper? Grow with indianapum,.
—Prepared for The Times by the
convention board of the Advertis
ing Club of Indianapolis, in charge
of arrangements for the coming
convention of the Associated Ad
vertising Clubs of the World.
Billy Sunday Takes Last Shot
at Booze in Jazzy Free Verse
NORFOLK, Vs., Jan. 15.—Billy Sunday
broke Into free verse today when he was
requested to tell what he thinks of John
Barleycorn’s Black Friday, the Sober
Sixteenth of January. He fired these
shots into the dying foe:
“The prohibition amendment will hold
down the population of hell.
“The devil is preparing to bank his
fires, put crepe on the door and hang out
the ‘For Rent’ sign.
“The constitutional amendment will de
crease his population as sure as death
and taxes.
“But it will increase bank deposits.
“It will increase the number of milk
bottles left by the milkman.
“It will increase the smiles on the faces
of little children.
“It will increase the joy in heaven.
“An institution that picked our pockets
of $2,500,000 each year and gave nothing
but disgrace, degradation, disease and
delerium tremens—
“That put COOjWO men in drunkards'
graves each year
“That wrapped the mantle of crepe
about every hope in the world to come—
“ That turned the milk of human kind
ness into the broth and whey of hell —
“That made out homes the bleakest
German Inventor
First to Arrive in
U. S. Since War
.. ,'4 a*
ETYKfL* ?£££&*
BOSTON, Jan. 13.—Robert Beyer, Gor
man chemist and Inventor, admits ho Is
the inventor of one of the ingredients
of German poison gas used against Amer
ican soldiers. He has just landed in
Boston and is on bis way to Chicago,
where, he says, a position awaits him
with a harvester company. Beyer was
the first adult German to arrive in Bos
ton since the war.
059 Ulni©
Classic , C .
DESIGNED by Louis Courtot. For m'ore than 200 years his
people of the Jura, France, have lived in a world of charm, cre
ating and producing artistic things. With inborn talent, this family
of artisans in metal seek ever to refine the common articles of the
household with graceful forms or surfaces which enrich them with
the genius of art.
Wherever elegance of proportion and refined lines are demanded to
fit architecturally-chaste surroundings, this radiator classic, the
CORTO, lends unusual distinction.
30% less space. 25% less weight
To those with whom utility is paramount, it need only be said that the CORTO, with,
its light, graceful tubes occupies 30% less floor space than any other type of radiator. The
refinements reduce the weight one
quarter. There is far quicker circula
/tion and venting. Utmost comfort is
G 5 rnrJarl I the resuit
Our service obligation
Sri ijrgfea We wish to give assurance that this new product
“ lIkBI 0 will be attended by the same prompt and thor
, T 1 Y —n ough service which has accompanied our goods
‘ 1 1 ' Inquiries cordially welcome
L r. r] ji-vxtwwh u [I We are receiving many orders from home
- >-£_ i? Kft—l ' ’’ || lovers for replacement of their present
fcM x ffir-A/riT L/\l]S radiators. It will interest you to see the
- dainty Parisian catalog, “CORTO, the Radi-
C* ator Classic.” Inquiries cordially welcomed
Makers of IDEAL Boilers and AMERICAN Radiators
Public Showroom* at Chicago, New York, Boston, Springfield, Providence, Worcester, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Newark, Reading, Wilkeebarre, Baltimore, Washington, Rich
mond, Albany, Syracuse, Rochester. Buffalo, Pittsburgh. Cleveland, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, Atlanta, Birmingham, New Orleans, Mil
waukee, Minneapolis, St- Paul, Duluth, St. Louis, Kansas City, Des Moines, Omaha, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Spokane, Toronto.
moor of misery that the fanged hounds
of hunger and lust ever bayed across
“That was always found in alliance
with gambling and prostitution
“That was more destructive than war,
pestilence or famine—
“ That was purity's worst enemy and
the best friend of vice—
“ Should have been in bell long ago,
where it was spawned.
“The saloon turned a paradisq into a
desert and the constitutional amendment
will turn the desert back into a para
“I thank God I have lived long enough
to see the wbite-wlnged dove of prohibi
tion build her uest on the dome of the
capitol at Washington and spread her
bright pinions of sobriety and peace over
the land—
“And that on aud after Jan. 16 we will
be so dry in America that you will have
to prime a man before he can spit.
“The next job of housecleaning will be
to rid our country of this gang of good
for-nothing, godforsaken, weasel-eyed,
hog-jowled, hull-necked, rag shagged,
bob-tailed, riff-raff bunch of radical, revo
lutionary, anarchistic, red, I. W. W. bol
sbeviki imps who are a deadly poison to
every element of American civilization.
“Thpn we can sing ‘My Country 'Tis
of Three’ and ‘Praise God From Whom
All Blessings Flow’ with a uew meaning.”
Taxi Drivers Prepare New
Fight on Ordinance.
Judge Walter Pritchard of the city
court today had under advivement the
oases of four independe-nt taxicab driv
ers charged with violation of the new
traffic and parking ordinance following
the close of the arguments of counsel
last night. In the meantime, attorneys
for the taxi drivers are preparing t.o
argue in favor of a petition, which was
tiled In the circuit court of Johnson
county, asking that the city so Indian
apolis be restrained from enforcing the
The defendants in the city court cases
are James Schuoleff, 530 West Washing
ton street: John F. Grose, 1201 Randolph
street; Roy Underwood, 263$ Union
street; Fred Becker of R. R. O.
Clothes Catch Fire;
Young Mother Dies
GOSHEN, Ind.. Jan. 15.—Mrs. Clarence
Murray, 27. of Shipshewanna, Is dead of
burns received when she mistook gasoline
for kerosene in starting a fire. With
her clothing in flames she was able to
run to the back porch and summon her
husband. Fire swept the house. Mrs.
Murray also leaves two small children.
Common Ties Make Two Great
Powers Hope of Humanity,
Says Viscount.
Newspaper Enterprise Association Staff
Correspondent. *
LONDON, Jan. 15.—An absolute and
everlasting alliance between the two great
English-speaking nations is the hope of
Sib Edward Grey, expressed to me on the
way back from his mission to America.
On nothing less than such a union can
the world depend for future peace and
prosperity, lie insists.
t had an exceptional opportunity to
discover the views of this British states
man when I crossed the Atlantic on the
Adriatic with him.
“The world’s future depends on Amer
ica and Great Britain,” said Sir Edward
in an exclusive Interview. “Since my
mission to America and my opportunities
for becoming well acquainted with Amer
ican people, I am more than ever con
vinced that the happiness, peace and well
being of humanity depend on our march
ing forward In amity.
“With all possible earnestness, I be
lieve that the ties of a common language,
literature and democratic ideals should
lead America and Great Britain into con
tinued aud continuing paths of common
endeavor. I say this with no thought of
what America or Great Britain may gain
for themselves by such a partnership.
“Through our endeavors the world can
“ Let’s take it easy for a while
- set
No Such Thing
as Candy Jag!
CHICAGO, Jan. 15.—Candy jags—
they’re all imagination, take it from
YV. B. Palmer, Sioux City, la. Palmer
is president of the Midland club, an
organization of 350 candymakers,
meeting here yesterday.
“This talk of candy fermenting in
a man's stomach and giving him an
alcoholic reaction is all rot,” Palmer
continued. “Men are buying more
candy since prohibition because they
have more money.”
be guaranteed the priceless boon to peace
so that shell-shocked humanity may re
sume tbo normal tasks and regain paths
of safety and sanity.
“By our joint natural resources and
far-flung outposts of shipping, business
genius and fair play, we can bring this
aabut, with teamwork.
“Any one of whatever nationality or
ostensible motive who seeks to sow seeds
o fdiscord between our peoples Is ren
dering a distinct disservice to humanity.
“Ties sealed in blood on fields ok
France and Flanders by our joined ar
mies, and in common endurance on icy
seas by our joined navies, should be in
Sir Edward is thoroughly democratic.
In his dally exercise promenade on ship
board he was easily approachable not
only by his fellow passengers, but took
a great interest in the members of the
crew. He spoke eloquently in favor of
the fund for the widows of British sea
Use Heavy Explosives in
Blowing Open Safe.
STEGER, 111., Jan. 15—Four bandits
robbed the Steger bank here shortly be
fore dawn today and escaped after fata’-
ly shooting Policeman Frank Glasgow.
! Glasgow saw the men drive up to the
i bank in an automobile. He watched
: from behind a tree until they had blown
the safe open with two charges of heavy
explosives. Then he rushed them, firing
his revolver. The robbers returned the
fire and fled unhurt in their machine.
The amount secured by the thieves is
undetermined. All the telephone wires
into the towu were cut, supposedly by the
ROME'. Jan. 15—The Vatican has sub
scribed 20,000.000 lire to the sixth na
tional loan. This is the first time the
Vatican has participated in such a loan.
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septics are sure to be beneficial. It
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chial tubes. Good also for hoarseness,
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ments. Economical—a bottle goes a
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A Fine Family Laxative
Po-Do-Lax, Nature's proved assistant, stir*
the bile and gets the liver on the job. Unlike
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If you are troubled with pains or
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The world’s standard remedy for kidney,
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You can Bring Back Color and
Lustre with Sage Tea
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'A hon you darken your hair nlth Sage
Tea and Sulphur, no one can tell, be
cause it's done so naturally, so evenly.
Preparing this mixture, though, at home
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cost you can buy at any drug Rtore the
t eady-to-use preparation, improved by
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You just dampen a sponge or soft brush
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taking one small strand at a "time. Bv
morning all gray hair disappears, and
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Gray, faded hair, though no disgrace,
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a youthful and attractive appearance,
get busy at. once with Wyeth's Sage and
Sulphur Compound and look years
Regained flesh and strength
quickly, and tells how.
”T nearly died from ‘flu‘ last October,
and it left roe with a terrible cough.
The doctor gave me one bottle of medi
cine after another, but it. did me no good.
Went to Charlptte, N. C., and took treat
ment of a specialist without any perma
nent beueflt.
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my stomach was in bad shape. But 12
bottles have -straightened me out en
tirely. I eat anything without distress,
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condition. It leaves you open to serious
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Milks Emulsion is a pleasant, nutri
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this guarantee Take six bottles home
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They Thoroughly Cleanse Liver and Bowels Without
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Casearets cud biliousness, headache,
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never even inconvenienced. There is no
griping and none of the explosive after
effects of cathartics like Calomel, Salts,
What Your Kidneys—
—Should Do For You
The kidneys are really filters,finely
organized for their work of cleans
ing and purifying the blood, select
ing and throwing out waste product*
which would act as poisons if per
mitted to remain in the system.
When your kidneys are out of order,
the impurities arc not removed and
remain to poison the system, caus
ing backache, swollen or stiff joints,
rheumatic pains, puffinees under the
eyes, floating specks, biliousness,
weakness and pale, waxy, dry skid.
“ I suffered with kidney trouble and have
taken many kinds of medicine without getting
relief. I used to have severe pains across
my back and felt miserable and all tired out.
but after taking Foley Kidney Pills I am well.
In fact I have not been bothered with kidney
trouble since taking the pills."—Mrs. C. J.
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ore made from the purest and finest
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ments. They cost far more to make
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high standard of their mrking is
never deviated from, no matter now
the cost of ingredients advance.
All Dealer* Everywhere.
Six Years Trouble Overcome by
Tanlac and He Feels
Fine Now.
“It was nearly a year ago that Tanlac
overcame my troubles and today 1 am
still in perfect health,” was the state
ment made recently by A. H. Chapman,
who resides at 615 East Fourteenth street,
Kansas City. Mo. Mr. Chapman is gener
al agent for the Fidelity Health and Acci
dent Company of Benton Harbor. Mich.,
and has offices at 1115 Gloyd building,
Kansas City, Mo. ,
“I had been in poor health for the
past six years and at times my condition
was ro bad I could not do satisfactory
work,” be continued. “My kidneys were,
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stant pain across my back. T had little
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poor I had to be very careful about what
I ate. and I had a bavy distressing
feeling after nearly every meal, and often
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lowing formula, which is used extensive
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stitutional treatment and should prove
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and a little granulated sugar; stir until
dissolved. Take one tablespoonful four
times a day. This will often bring quick
relief from distressing head noises. |
Clogged nostrils should open, breathing
become easy aud bearing improve as the
inflammation in tbe eustachian tubes !■
reduced. Parmint used in this way acts
directly upon the blood and mucous sur
fares of the system and has a tonic ac
tion (hat helps to obtain tbe desired re
sults. The preparation is easy to make,
costs little and is pleisant to take. Every
person who has catarrh or head noises
of is hard of hearing should give this
treatment, a trial.—Advertisement.
“Adler-i-ka helped my wife for gas
or the stomach and sour stomach in
twenty minutes. It works beyond
GREATEST expectation.” (signed)
Sherman Catt.
Adler-i-ka flushes BOTH upper and
lower bowel so completely it relieves
ANY CASE gas on the stomach or
sour stomach. Removes foul matter
which poisoned stomach for months.
Often CURES constipation. Prevents
appendicitis. Adler-i-ka is a mixture
of buckthorn, cascara, glycerine and
nine other simple ingredients. H. J.
Huder, druggist, Wash. & Penn. Sti.
She was Fat ct%\
The shadow on this picture W~+ T'SnJuk
gives you ar, idea how she \-c; i"fWj
looked and felt. By taking V
Oil of Koreln and following y
easy directions of Korein sys- NS V
tem she reduced 38 lbs. jSF
In three months. Now shs
is agile, attractive, men- j/f*
tally alert and In better 4Sroo! ' f
health. Bailable anti-fat SeSW
self-treatment. Many wo- HKI? "A yf '
men have reduced easily. *■“
i6ting’.y. 10 to 30 pounds. Become !;('♦
slender and remain col Safe, pleasant msthoo.
endorsed by physicians. SIOO GUARANTEE. B’.y
Oil of Kqfeln at any druggist's; or write for
free brochure (comes to you in plain wappcM to
\orela Cos., ND-801. ‘Station i\ New York. .Cur.

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