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Box Offices Not Hit by Lack of
Music—Coming Offer
\ ings of Best.
MURAT —William Hodge in “The Guest
% of Honor."
ENGLISH'S —Fred Stone In "Jack
B. V. KEITH’S —Metropolitan vaudeville
at 2nß and 8:15.
LYRIC —Vaudeville, continuous from 1
until XL
BBOADWAT-—Vaudeville, continuous.
RIALTO —Vaudeville and pictures, con
BARK —Musical extravaganza at 2:15 and
-)• -|- -I-
Comedy drama is still a favorite with
the theatergoer, managers of local play
houses declared today after a week of
that form of entertainment. Proceeds of
the box office, they state, were fully as
good'Aa when the stage was occupied by
large and expensive musical attractions.
Indianapolis has bad an unusual num
ber of good shows this season and if
patrons of the show houses could but
glance In the little red, blue or brown
books the managers carry in their vest
pockets they would find that other good
ones are coming. This is proved by the
* offerings of next week, which Include
Fred Stone in "Jack-G-Lantern,” a mu
sical show, at English’s, and William
Hodge in "The Guest of Honor," at the
The offerings of last week consisted
entirely of comedy drama.
For those who crave David Belaseo’s
productions, there were two exceptionally
fine plays at English’s. The persons who
admire comedy drama found "Daddies”
one of the most delightful attractions of
many seasons. And there were such a
lot that enjoyed a play with thrilling
and intense moments from beginning to
end. They were pleased with “Tiger
Rose,” which played at that theater the
last three days. And there was another
type of play—" Tea For Three,” which
held the Murat stage. * It was admired
by any number of lovers of drama.
-I- -I- -1-
Next week brings a musical show that
abounds with unusual features, and
music that Is far above par. ".lack
■O’Lantern,” Fred Stone's latest musical
creation, with the honorable Mr. Stone
himself, Is booked for English’s all week.
This star is the same hit as when seen
with the late Mr. Montgomery. For
three years this production has been
seen In the larger cities of the country
and, according to pfess representatives,
It bag lost none of its original charm.
A number of favorites are In the com
pany that have been with Mr. Stone
since the opening of "Jack O’Lantem.”
The six Brown brothers, saxophonists,
have their cla*=- band and Violet Zell,
Stone’s acrobatic dance partner for sev
eral years. Is still with him. The roster
includes Teresa Valerio, Elsa May, Ma
h&ile Cedars, Kathryn Walsh, Ursula
O'Hare, Sigma Pierce, Roy Hoyer, Oscar
Kaglnnd, Harold West, Charles Mast and
others. The singing t and dancing Moon
beam girls and the Globe theater chorus
add considerably to the attractiveness of
tbe entertainment. Matinees will be given
Wednesday and Saturday.
Wtth the Indorsement of eastern cities
stamped Indelibly upon his new offer
ing, William Hodge, unique among other
stars, pays his first visit t 6 Indianapolis
in two seasons, at the Murat theater
week, Jan. 22, 23 and 24, In "The
Guest of Honor,”
'To start with, there is nnnroal Inter
est lh Mr. Hodge’s new play, for the
news from the east has It that “the
man from home” will be seen in a
character different from those which ht>
has latterly been Identified. He enacts
the role of an Impecunious author strug
gling for recognition In the metropolis,
whereas his parts of previous seasons
have had to do with more or less bucolic
Individuals. i
Much interest is being shown in this
engagement, asMr. Hodge is well re
membered by the Hoosiers for his work
in “The Man Prom Home,” the scenes
of which were laid about this state. And
when one hears his name they readily
connect him with “The Road to Happi
ness,” "Fixing Sister” and “A Cure for
Curabies,” although another’s name was
attached to them at the time of presen
-!- -j- -|-
Diving acts, with, several attractive
divers (loins all Borts of stunts in and
out of water, are not new to vaudeville
patrons, but the attraction which beads
the bill at B. F. Keith’s next week Is
something new in aquatic endeavor, ac
cording to Itoltalre Eggleton, manager
outlie local Keith house. He says that
Winston will introduce bis water
diving nymphs in an enormous
vying with the other in dives
in the water. The remainder
3SMe bill includes Larry Reilly, Irish
in a scenic production, “Here’s to
William Kallen and Ethel Hnri
a musical and comedy eombina-
B, and comedy and nonsensical foolery
■T promised in the act by Olsen and
jnohnson. Herman and Shirley have a
’playlet, ‘‘The Mysterious Masquerader.”
Richards, a toe dancer of reputation, will
be seen in anew group of dances, and
Billy Glason will offer a group'of popu
lar selections. The bill will be rounded
out by the klnogram news.* weekly and
the Literary Digest topics.
The .Lyric is to have next week what
Henry Burton says is the "world's most
valuable and most gifted canary.’’ It Is
billed as “The Golden Bird’’ and is
claimed by its owner, Lillian Evon, to
possess an almost human intelligence.
I’epple and Greenwald’s “1920 Revue’’
will furnish twenty minutes of songs,
dances and comedy. Other acts are the
Herbert trio, Lillian Steele and Teddie
Edson, the “Girls of ’61,” Ferro and
Coulter and Frear. Baggott and Frear.
A Fox comedy, “Chicken ala Cabaret,”
. will be among the film oddities.
The illustrious press agent for the
L Rialto theater announces an exceptionally
Igood bill for the coming week. He says
■that for those who care about big dra
■natlc productions full of conflict and
fttnsc situations and plentifully sprinkled
spectacular incidents, there is a
coming to that theater that will be
as its star Tom Mix. The
bill will be made up of the
“followmg: Lambertl, xylophonlaL; Lang
and Gaeen, harmony singers; Willing
and Wlfting In a skit, "How You Laugh”;
Howard',and Helen Harris In feats of
marksmanship, and three comedy girls,
Dean, Douglas and Harris.
' -!- -I- -i
The headline attraction at the Broad
way, starting Monday, will be furnished
by the Three Ranios in "Monkeylaad,"
a vaudeville turn that 1b different. Dave
and Marlon will offer a few songs, Inter
spersed with bits of monolog; MacDonald
and Mack are musicians, dancers, come
dians and singers, who will offer a revue;
the Weaver brothers, “The Boys From
Arkansas,” are old-time favorites that
have been seen here before; Tom Moore
and sisters have a song and dance set
that promises to please, and the topics
of th* day and a ghort comedy will com
plete the MIL The Broadway is rapidly
- 1 onto—.Marfrnprifj, Clark In ”A Girl George White, whoso "Seandals of 1019”
i '$W&: s Named Mary.” 1 comes to English's Jan. 26 for a week’s
theaters today Career of Tom Eggert liP, ? JSP 1 Raldw^^Stb’erfnl ‘"jncki '• stance Tamlage In , m Xe^Vork andTveritable
MURAT—‘Tea for Three.” at 2:15 and . n G.-,. A|l W/i/fo I j Squires, Katherine Wyley, Ethel Gray, 1 wo " flek9 - sensation on the road, probably is the
8:15. tis 111 r J( (It Hit kjLUIfl i 1 Virginia Kissinger, James Moore, Tim ALHAMBRA—"When Bear Cat Went youngest producing manager in the busi-
ENGLISH’S—"Tiger Rose," at 2:15 and w 1 1 Daley, .lark Kearns. Arthur Cardinal. . Dry." ness, according to Harry Sloans, repre
-8-15 The brilliant musical comedy, "Take It V 7 i 4 • l Roger Little, Mart Fuller Golden, Trixie isiS—Ethel Clacton In “The Thirteenth sentatlve of the production. Mr. Sioaae
B. F. KEITH’S-Metropolltan vaudeville, *’ roni Me,’’ coming to the M "T" t V l—\ Raymond, Anthony Jochiui and Ednah Commandment.”
Rt 2:15 ano 8:15. the ' TC ‘^.-° f Jan .' 2 fro , m a Blx mon,h9 - . 1 j Altemu ‘ REGENT—Eugene O'Bfleai In “The "George White was born In Toronto,
r vrtc Vaudeville continuous from , r un In Chicago Is promised by the press | Broken Melody.” Ontario, Just a little more than twenty
'ontn ii o'cioct. . %****■ • Thurston to Return SfUTS TnZ&X,*!?
MURAT—"Tea for Three.” at 2:15 and
ENGLISH'S—“Tiger Rose,” at 2:15 and
B. F. KElTH’S —Metropolitan vaudeville,
at 2:15 ano 8:15.
LYRlC—Vaudeville, continuous from 1
1 until 11 o’clock.
RlALTO— Vaudeville and pictures, con
BROADWAY —Vaudeville, continuous.
PARK—Musical extravaganza, at 2:15
and 8:15.
coming to the front in the local theatrical
center, and Is showing to large and en
thusiastic audiences.
-I- -I- -I
A cast of talented principals comes to
the Park theater, beginning Monday
matinee, when John Quigg, an unusually
good piano and accordion player, will be
seen la a different method of creating
amusement for the audience by offering
anything they want to hear in the way
of music. Ben Rirbin will be a Hebrew
comedian and the principal women per
formers are Ruth Addington, Margie
Cpate and Madylne Worth. Dooley,
Naimola and McGe are singers who en
- p— •
Ferro and Coulter Herbert Trio
In Darktown Frolics l Aerial Casting Stars
Vaudeville’s Most Astounding Novelty
The Canary With the Almost Human Brain
Lillian Teddy The Eccentric Comedienne
Steele and Edson Mabel Harper
“FLY STUFF” - Assisted by Elsie Weler
GIRLS OF '6l Fox Comedy
Songs of Olden Days “Chicken ala Cabaret”
\ : 1
• - V '*"*'
Dancing in the Lyric Ball Room Afternoon and Evening!
Career of Tom Eggert
to Be Seen on Stage
The brilliant musical comedy, “Take It
From Me,” coming to the Murat theater
the week of Jan. 20 from a six months’
run in Chicago, Is promised by the press
representative to be one of the snappiest
musical shows to be seen here this sea
The book and ljrlcs'are from the pen
of Will B. Johnstone the cartoonist of
the New York World, and tho music is
by Will R. Anderson.
The story deals, with tbe spectacular
career of Tom Eggett, a reckless young
spender, who, at the opening of the pro
logue. has- just gone through a $50,000
legacy left him by n rich uncle, and he
is. in consequence, bbset by the sheriff.
'The music has a charm of novelty.
Some of the numbers are: “X Like to
Linger in the Lingeries” “Take It From
Ms',” “Camouflage,” "Tanglefoot” and
“The Call of the Cozy Little Home."
Joseph M. Gaites. who made the pro
duction, has supplied hia. authors with a
company of young people, including Fred
Hillebrand. Dougins Leavitt, Arllne Gar
diner, Helen Gardiner, Flo Morrison,
.Tames Pyrenforth, Edgar Gardiner, Alice
Hills, Harry Burnham, W-ttllam Balfour,
Ruth Lockwood, Zoe Barnett and the
beautiful “Kiss Me Girls.”
Winter Garden Show
Coming to Murat Soon
Heralded as “the greatest laughing
show” ever produced by the celebrated
New York Winter Garden, “Monte Cristo,
jr , twenty-seventh big musical spec
tacle to be sent on tour by the Messrs.
I,ee and J. J. Shubert, comes to the Mu
rat theater for a week's engagement at
an early date.
"Montd Cristo,’Jr." is a travesty on
the famous Dumas’ novel of similar title.''
•It Is In seventeen scenes of more than
ordinary magnitude n<l possesses s
world of fun and melody in its book-and
Included in the cast are such favorites
of the stage as Adelaide and lluges, Wil
liam and Gordon Dooley, the Watson sis
ters (Fannie and Kitty!, Lew Hearn. J.
Francis Dooley and Corrtre Bales, George
Baldwin, Katherine Galloway, .Tack
Squires, Katherine Wyley, Ethel Gray,
Virginia Fisslnger, James Moore, Tim
Daley, Jack Kearns. Arthur Cardinal.
Roger Little, Mart Fuller Golden, Trixie
Raymond, Anthony Jochim and Ednali
Altemua. '
Thurston to Return
After Run in the East
There is no form of entertainment
which Appeals more potently to the gen
eral public than magic, and to Thurston,
the famous magician, who will appear .at
English’s week of Feb. 2, is due the
credit for bringing it to its highest ex
pression. He has gathered interesting,
entertaining and mystifying ideas for the
new program lie offers this year, which.
It Is understood will surpass ail bis
previous efforts to attain the absolute.
Thurston has a great deal of money
|JO[ Lions and Diving Nymphs I
Jpg Clever lady divers and a group of genuine Sea Lions disporting
mS:. /■ \ in an enormous glass tank holding 6,000 gallons of water. All f|B
tbc difficult dives, stunts and maneuvers of the girls in the water |K
, 1 —
Tho Boy With tho Songs Two Girls Who Chatter and Sing .
Likable Lads Loaded With Laughs Literary Digest Sayings ?
OHlO—Marguerite Clark In "A Girl
Named Mary.”
MB. SMlTH’S—Constance Tamlage In
“Two Weeks."
ALHAMBRA—"When Bear Fat Went
Dry.” ‘
1818—Ethel Clayton in "The Thirteenth
REGENT—Eugene O’Bflen In “The
Broken Melody."
COLONIAL*—Mary Miles Mlnter In “Anne
of Green Gables."
Invested in new mysteries, which means
the cnlmlnatlon of long, careful, sys
tematic expensive preparation. He does
not run bis season, dissolve and disperse.
In summer his entire staff of assistants
Is maintained to build new mysteries.
Thurston returns to this city follow
ing his successful season of eight weeks
in Charles B. Dillingham's Globe the
ater in New York. Originally booked
for two weeks, Mr. Dillingham, after
witnessing the magician’s performance,
appealed to him to extend his engage
■mens six mors weeks.
George White One of
Youngest Producers
George Whfte, whoso “Scandals of 1919”
comes to English's Jan. 26 for a week’s
engagement, was the last summer’s popu
lar success In New York and a veritable
sensation on the road, probably is the
youngest producing manager in the busi
ness, according to Harry Sloans, repre
sentative of the production. Mr. Sioaae
"George White was born in Toronto,
Ontario, Just a little more than twenty
eight years ago. The first Job he aver
had wU3 as an exercise boy In a racing
stable, and he might have been a jockey
if he had not learned to dance, anil
been able to do so with so much per
“When he came to New York ft wa3
not with any Idea of going bn the stage,
and hls'flrst employment was as a mes
senger boy. That job did not last long
and he soon found a place on the vaude
ville stage. Young George quickly be
came a favorite in vaudeville and com
manded a big salary. After a season
or two with the “Follies” he retumeO
to vaudeville, and this summer realized
his ambition to have a “show” of his
own. He expects to produce anew
“Scandals" pvsry year. -
Seen as ‘Kathleen Mavourneen’.
—Mary Pickford and Mabel i
Normand on Bills. I
CIRCLE —Mary rickford In “Pollyanna."
MR. SMITH’S—Mable Normand In
OHlO —Treda Bara In “Kathleen Ma
- vourneen." .
ALHAMBRA—Enid Bennet In ’'Tbe
Woman in the Suit Case."
ISlS—“When Bearcat Went Dry.”
COLONIAL —Olive Thomas la "The
Glorious Lady.”
REGENT —Harry Carey in "The'Ace of
the Saddle.”
Screen stars flit across the silver sheet
and gain a measure of popularity wltrfi
the public. Then some of them step
out of the limelight and for a time are
not seen. This Is due to various causes,
often the actor or actress taking anew
plunge into the spoken stage world, or
Just resting after rsonths of hard labor.
Often they have merely been prepar
ing for anew type of role. This is
especially true of Theda Bara, long be
loved of Indianapolis movie fans for her
I portrayal of vampire types. After a
long disappearance from the screen and
a change of management Theda returns
to the silver sheet in a picture of &
type foreign to her past efforts. She. Is
to be seen at the Ohio next week In
“Kathleen Mavourneen.”
-“Kathleen Mavourneen” is a real Irish
picture that promises a wealth of de
; tall and atmosphere. Among the more
i colorfnl and interesting episodes are a
| picture of Donneybrook farm, the wed
ding of Kathleen and tbe squire, the ball
and the attempt on Kathleen's and
: her rescue by Terence, the trial scene, the
near execution and its happy termina
The Ohio's program also includes a.
Mutt and Jeff cartoon and the news
■+■ 4* *4*
Five guardians have the arduous task
of looking out ! for the spiritual welfare
of Mabel Normand In her newest picture,
"Pinto,” which is to be seen next week
at Mr. Smith’s theater. The story is
laid In the west and the guardians are
five cattlemen .from neighboring ranches.
; They meet at certain intervals for the
purpose of outlining the pretty hoyden’s
future, but Invariably wind up their
conferences by conceding the girl every
; thing she wishes. Each leaves the meet
ing with the resolution that the next
time It will be different, that he will*
\ have "that lovable imp” take orders
; frofli him and obey them. And the next
time the conference proceeds. Just ex
: actly as did Its predecessor. Pinto Yells
i them that she will ride, rope and shoot
■ craps Just when and with whom she
pleases. Her supporting cast Includes
| Guilin Landis, George Nichols, Edythe
Chapman and Hallam Cooley.
-I- -I- -I-
After a week of light and airy attrac
| tions tbe Circle will have for its next
week feature, "Pollyanna,”-with Mary
i pickford in the leading role. When
Eleanor H. Porter wrote this story, lit
tle did she believe tnat such an artist
as Mary Pickford would ever appear In
it on the screen.
The story deals with the life of a
; little girl, who made it her business to
spread tbe spirit of gladness wherever
her pathway led. Pollyanna Whittier,
played by the star, was the daughter of
a missionary who died wnen the llttlo
girl was 1 but 10 years old. Pollyanna
went to live with an aunt, Polly Har
> rington, in Beldlugsville, where her lKe
was very unhappy. However, Pollyannß.
managed to play and keep being glad
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