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Boston Lecturer Declares
Church Is Carrying Out
Last Words of Master.
A large audience heard an unusually
Interesting discourse on Christian Science
by John C. Lathrop, C. S. 8., of Boston,
•tthe Murat theater Sunday afternoon.
Hie lecture follows:
"It Is the purpose of this lecture to
show that Christian Science possesses a
distinct value; that It has a distinct
mission to perform, and that in its
valuable mission to mankind Christian
I Is natural, simple, and practical.
m Science is natural, Inasmuch as
tome to a suffering world In the
i of time, in perfect order, and it
reared ad Inevitably as the dawn
a new day. A brief survey of
;s -history and development will
he natural order of the coming
stian Science.
a time immemorial men have
more or less intelligently a salva
m sin, sickness, and death. In
stament times good people con
craved a savior who would free
om the bondage of sin and fleshly
!. The more spiritually minded
prophets of those days discerned |
ilng of a Redeemer or savior, who
ead and set free the followers of
'His belief was but a craving for
;h, then naturally taking the form
lersonal savior. With this con
increasing yearning in extraordl
ith on the part of many people,
but natural that the answer to
syer should appear in extraordi
rm. This expression came, not as
aected, through a personal power
plendor and physical force, but
the birth and development of a
who was more purely to reveal
monstrate doctrine of Truth
re to mankind,
advent of Jesus and the result of
ihlng were significant, for though
were called, few were chosen to
ate these spiritual teachings, anil
but natural that the chosen were
who saw’ and heard through a
sight and hearing than the ma
ienses, for said .Tesus, speaking
e chosen ones, ‘Blessed are your
>r they see; and your ears, for
ear.’ And again he said, ‘For
t I am come Into this w r orld, that
hich see not might see; and that
hich see might be made blind.’
r words, that those who saw not
e only real life and intelligence
t would be taught to see it, and
ho saw life and Intelligence to j
matter would be made blind to j
lief, or would be show’n that the
was false, and thus they would
It no more
Bible records that before Jesus
is complete demonstration over
1 law in his resurrection and dis
nce from material sight he said to
iiples. ‘I have yet many things to
;o you, but ye can not bear them
Howbeit when he, the spirit of
Is come, he will guide you into
th.'- At another time when im
by Peter’s recognition of the
Truth, he said. ‘Upon this rock
iderstanding of the Spirit of
I w’il] build my church; and the
if hell shall not prevail against
t Is of prime significance that
had withheld a higher teaching
his disciples because of their;
unreadiness to ‘bear (It! now.’ |
ligher teaching would be revealed !
fullness of time, through ‘the j
of Truth, who ‘will guide you i
1 truth.’
i the twelve disciples did notj
bend Jesus; one doubted him. one j
him, one betrayed him, and all I
him. This lack of understanding
part of the disciples of the subtle
rs of evil and material law, to
Jesus evidently referred, showed
n subsequent years. After sev
ituries of successful resistance to
temptations through simple faith, j
Ly Christians, about the year 325 j
succumbed to the artful promises I
fish designs of the crafty Homan •
r Constantine, whose ambition to
e world must necessarily include
arate and fast growing body of
ins. It is again noteworthy and
/that from this time forth the
b heal the sick and raise the 'lead
ritual means alone disappeared
le Christian faith. And with the ;
il power disappeared also faith
laturalness of healing by spiritual
Gibbon, In his “History of the
and Fall of the Roman Empire"
e 1, p. 5401 states, ‘The rnirac
:ure of diseases of the most ln
> or even preternatural kind can
ger occasion any surprise when
Gleet, that in the days of Irenaeus,
the end of the. second, century,
lurrectlon of the dead was very,
m being esteemed an uncommon
the miracle was frequently per
on necessary occasions by great
and the joint supplication of the
of the place, and the persons thus
1 by their prayers lived after
among them many years. The
century was still more fertile in
the first.'
wluit of TpsM s' promt so that tho
of truth would come aud guide
all truth V When was this higher
BRBt to take place? When were these
things' o iileh the disciples
Uttm not ready to bear to he made
QEj*fi j to the world V What was the*i.
and spiritual nature." and
raßu would the world bo ready 'to
Igljß' or understand it? Religious his
jßßp shows shows that after the loss of
tawHspiritual power to heal the sics, dur-
SjjV the fourth century and during tbe
centuries, so enmplete was the
jSHPendcr of the early Christians to rna-
BK&.iI laws and means that 1 t required
DBSl'.y periods of reform, beginning in
■|H sixteenth century, to awaken and
BHHpare human thought for the eomiug
Soirit of truth, which was to
IHjHde into all truth. The truth hail
PHg beep coming like the ocean tide
EjSEuly rising on n stern and rock-bound
advancing and receding, wearing
gjlHjy here a stubborn crag, and there
aHggfcrsistent cliff, until finally after cen
of human effort this reshtless on
aaitßing tide of truth found an yelling
B2S|re it was least expected- a natural
between the. crags of time-honored
tenaeioiis human opinions ;t place
and yielding -the exalted dnr-
of a\nob!e woman of the nineteenth
jngjfriils great favt. that the Spirit of
has come and ih now leading the
HHrld Into all Truth, has become his-
HHlcai. For over fifty years it has been
demonstrated by countless
jjtfjses of mental reform find physical
HHldy. a New Kngland woman of Pnri-
QS) forbears, through :• purified state of
readiness, discovered the divine
of being; and through further
gradually developed the
rules, which assumed a method
system of healing and reform which
was divinely led to name Christian
pjßence. The discovery was made through
physical recovery from an in-
Hial injury which at endant physicians
fatal Left alone she turned
her Bible, opened at the ninth ehap
fßr of Matthew, rettd Jesus’ healing of
He palsied man, and immediately the
■■eep significance of the relation of sin,
ajßtar, and material beliefs, as the mental
of all bodily ailments, dawned up
H her thought. She suddenly awakened
111- from a dream, felt hew life and
and arose from her bed instar:-
“She soon had nn ardent desire to put
Hr discovery into writing for the do
of a waiting world. She rea-
however, that the discovery must
jitiHt be thoroughly proved, and after
|tlf*veral years of conclusive demonstration
Hjft healing, ‘Science- and Health with Key
the Scriptures’ was written, uud be
gj.*nie the textbook of Christian Science,
m this Inspired work Mrs. Eddy makes
SMpis significant statement: *Our‘ Master
® , M.led the sick, practiced Christian heal
|Hg, and taught the generalities of its
Principle to his students; but he
no definite rule for' demonstrating
Bis Principle of healing and preventing
This rule- remained to be dis
Eddy had discovered this definite
or the hidden spirit of truth, which
@Sas to lead Into all truth; and it is the
Hm of this lecture to help others to make
same discovery.
discovered the law of gravi*
teWnon by observing a falling apple,—a
simple and natural event, —and each
discovers lor himself the higher
Hw of Spirit thnough some occurrence
as simple, timely, and natural. It
Hy here be said that gome persons un-
retard the discovery of
Science by holding an opinion
Mrs. Eddy which, while meant to
■■t: scrupulous and Just, is really found
b* prejudiced, unreasonable, and un-
just. . I, myself, In my early days In
Christian Science, was tempted to criti
cise severely what I thought was a per
sonal and arbitrary power exercised by
Mrs. Eddy, until I awoke one day to
realise that this opposition was obstruct
ing my progress, and was only caused by
the selfish and ungrateful carnal mind in
myself which, as St. Paul says, ‘ls not
subject to the law of God, neither indeed
can be.' I learned that Ingratitude
darkens one’s thought and shuts the
door on progress, and that if one is
ungrateful he will be unloving and un
just. In the years following it was my
privilege to know Mrs. Eddy intimately,
for over a year to be a member of her
household, to watch her dally habits, and
to weigh and follow her advice; and I
can testify In dispasslon and in truth
that such was her devout obedience to
God, her unwavering devotion to divine
Principle, and her unselfish love for
others, that It may be said of Mrs. Eddy
that she was one who measured up to
the Master’s Ideal, and not only laid
down her life once for her friends, but
did so daily.
“The chief difficulty mortals have In
understanding a spiritual idea is the ob
stinate unwillingness of the material
mind to accept anything which may dis
turb its complacency or displace Its su
premacy. The material mind is innately
selfish and jealous of Its supposed ma
terial comforts and rights. From this
mistaken sense proceeds willfulness, and
the material human will is the chief ob
stacle in the way of mortals understand
ing Christian Science. The natural spir
itual fact of the allness of God. or
Spirit, and of spiritual man and spiritual
universe which the Bible teaches, is most
unnatural to the material senses of mor
tals, whose god Is matter, whose man
and universe are material, and whose will
or law is material opinion or belief.
Matter seems to these material senses
to be the great and only fact. Honest
thinkers sooner or later learn that the
so-called law of material belief, and its
effect, called matter, is a contradictory,
confusing, and false claim, and is wholly
contrary to spiritual law. They come to
see that material sense is no law nor
lawmaker whatever. Matter is the oppo
site of Spirit in nature and expression,
and being the very reverse of God it can
not be the creation of God, Spirit. Hence,
If Spirit, God. is All-in-all, and therefore
the positive force of being, as most peo
ple believe, matter must be a negation
and an Illusion. A minute examination
of matter verifies this conclusion, for the
more thoroughly it is analyzed the more
it contradicts and negatives Itself and
the more Its nothingness Is discovered.
“The New Testament Is very explicit
in denouncing the ‘flesh’ as being con
trary to Spirit, as witness many sayings
of St. Paul and the following in par
ticular: ‘For I know that in me (that
is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing’;
for the flesh Lustetb against the Spirit,
and the Spirit against the flesh: and
these are contrary the one to the other :
so that ye can not do the things that ye
would’; 'so then they that are In the
flesh can not please God. But ye are
not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be
that the Spirit of God dwell in you’; and
that conclusive saying of Jesus, ‘lt is
the spirit that quiekeneth; the flesh
profiteth nothing.' That ‘the flesh' meant
matter in general is certain, since all
forms of matter, In nature and quality,
are equally the opposite of Spirit. These
inspired Bible statements are a strong
argument kgainst the reality of matter
and the carnal or material senses. Says
Paul, ‘The carnal mV'd is enmity against
God.’ Nobody really loves matter; one
merely has a sense of life and Intelligence
In matter which he believes is pleasur
able. But as matter has no life nor in
telligence, this belief of pleasure is an
illusiou and is enmity against God. This
is realized as the real pleasure as life
and intelligence in Spirit dawns upon
the thought.
“One ol the common beliefs of life and
intelligence in matter Is the power that
Is ghen to a drug to restore health.
This faith in matter In the form of a
drug Is more important and harmful than
most forms, because It shuts the door
on direct faith in God, Spirit, as the im
mediate and only restorer of health and
life. What a god some p< ople make or
medicine: The drug is said to be given
to assist nature to produce a cure; but
the drug has no intelligence, it does not
know where to go, then how can It as
sist nature in the cure of disease? Na
ture truly is the natural healer of dis
ease, but matter is not nature. Nature,
rightly understood, Is the manifestation
of divine Principle, and Principle, or
Love, and the spiritual Life thereof are
not expressed through a negative false
belief called matter. Physicians say that
you will get well if you have a good con
stitution and enough vitality, and that
nature cures you, but what are vitality
and n good constitution, and what is
health ?
“There are morn delusions and super
stitions about health than there are hours
aud days in the rear. For instance, how
many people still believe that a horse
chestnut or a potato carried In the pocket
will prevent rheumatism; how many be
lieve that only nauseous medicines cure;
that the germs of typhoid will cure
typhoid; that a rabbit’s foot on a watch
chain will dispel fear? A piece of raw
pork. tied behind the left ear, is still
recommended in some regions as a sure
remedy for colds; and when I was a boy
my mother ardently believed that a
periodical throat trouble, caused by an
elongated palate, which doctors said I
had. could only be relieved by wrapping
m.v throat with a piece of red flannel
smeared with lard, camphor and salt;
anti the flannel always had to be red
flannel. When, soon after, my mother
was healed in Christian Science, she Im
mediately commenced healing others; and
in two treatments, which she give me
fifteen minutes apart, that palate, w-hlch
doctors said required a surgical opera
tion. suddenly became so shortened that
I have not known since that I ever hid
one. There is also a superstitious be
lief. which possesses some logic/ that If
medicine is good for sick people it must
be still better for well ones. And if
drugs really possessed any virtue, this
would be so. Spiritual Truth and Love,
the real healer of mortals, is not only
good for sick people, but is equally good
for well ones, a universal, everlasting
benefit to mankind in sickness and in
health. , . .
“The recent experience in-combating
the so called Spanish influenza is a not
able example of the negative results from
material means of healing. From a va
riety of sources came a variety of ex
periments and results, which doctors
freely admitted were for the most part
conflicting and unsuccessful. One hun
dred volunteers, w-ho for several weeks
in 1918 were under observation by the
navy public health service to ascertain
the cause of influenza, had influenza
germs placed in their nostrils and
throats, and ate them with their food',
with the interesting result that not only
no cases of disease developed, but the
only noticeable effects of the experi
ment, according to the physicians, were
increased appetites and more vigorous
health. The health officer of New York
City, Doctor Copeland, In an after inter
view iThe Christian Science Monitor,
April S, 1919) stated that “the chief
thing he had to do in the control of
that epidemic was to preserve the morale
of the community and eliminate fear,”
and it is well know-n that the mortality
during that period was lower in New
York City than in any other large com
“It is not necessary to continue these
citations; they are commonly known.
Why js it not seen that the uncertainties
in the progress of medicine, which his
tory has shown, are due to the uncertain
ties of matter and material belief? When
will all good people see that drugs do
not, can not, restore health, since “in
Him (Spirit) we live, and move, and have
our being?’ And when will it be seen
that matter is not a cause, but an
effect, the effect of ’he material mind,
and one* goes badly astray so long as
he deals with the, effect —so iong as he
drugs or treats it, fears or honors it?
Hence, the mystification aud uncertainty
in circles, which should ere this lie
awake to the subtleties of the material
mind us the cause of matter, evil, dis
ease and death.
/ “It should lie obvious that health, vi
tality, and nature are not to be fodind
In matter. Then’ what are they and
where are they to be found? The cor
rect solution of this vital question
should unite the physician and the Chris
tian Scientist. They can come together
on this question and the minister can
unite with them. Though vitality,
health, and life are beyond the com
prehension of the physician and the min
ister, as they themselves readily acknowl
edge, may not these forces now be under
stood and explained?
“Looked at materially there always
will be something unsolved in regard to
vitality andlhealth, but It is found that
Christian Science disentangles these
forces, sets tihetn free from their material
and reveals health and vi
tality to be spiritual qualities or forces.
Christian Sqienee tea-lies that there is
one and only one real Mind, or divine
Principle, which is all life, intelligence,
and substance, —therefore, must include
all true nature, vitality, and health
Christian Science does not take away the
beauty and harmony of nature, but rather
by improving the material sense of things
it discloses a beauty in nature and man
never before seen. This nature and
beauty revealed in the realm of divine
Mind are the reflection of God; are
God’s spiritual ideas, and there is no
bther nature. Says the Bible, ‘All things
were made by him [God]; and without
him was not any thing made that was
made.’ Therefore, when nature is heal
ing the sick, it does not mean that some
mysterious force is at work in matter,
but it means that divine Principle or
divine Mind Is being naturally expressed
through spiritual thoughts, through the
good thoughts of hope, faith and under
standing, through the law of Life, Truth
and Love; such thoughts destroy the
false beliefs of fear, disease and sin.
“Real nature’s healing results, as Mra.
Efldy explains In Science and Health
(Pref., p. xi), ‘from the operation of di
vine Principle, before which sin and dis
ease lose their reality In human con
sciousness and disappear as naturally and
as necessarily as darkness gives place to
light and sin to reformation.’ Jesus rn
derstood this rule of nature or divine
Principle aufi practiced it In bis healing
the sick, casting out evil, and raising the
dead —wonders which are often called
miracles, but which, when the simple
rule is understood, are no more super
natural or miraculous than the transport
ing of fifty people in an 'aeroplane or
talking by wireless frpm Boston to Lon
don ; marvell which fifty years ago wera
incredible and would have been pro
nounced miracles, but now are regarded
only the natural law and order of prog
ress. Prof. Wendlinr says, ‘The divin
ity of the Christ does not rest upon
miracles. —the miracles rest upon his di
vinity.’ The reversal and correction of
false material law by the law of divine
Principle is not a wonderful or marvel
ous thing. It is not marvelous that this
ever operative law of Spirit should act j
instantly and fully; the marvel is that
divine Principle Is not always thought of ;
and applied first to every human ill. i
“Error is defined in Christian Science
as the false belief that there Is life,
intelligence, and substance In matter.
Thus vitality and health are shown to
be conditions of thought or manifesta
tions of divine Mind, and not attributes
of matter. Then it is wrong aud dis- j
loyal to God to believe that nature works
in or through a drug or any material
remedy to cure disease. Neither nature
nor divine Principle needs any help from |
matter; In fact. Principle does not know .
matter, any more than light knows dark- j
ness. Light destroys darkness, and this
illustrates how It is that divine Principle
destroys material beliefs. Nature work- j
ing through so-called good germs is a
theory which may serve to show that
divine Principle Is expressed through
good thoughts, provided that we remem
ber that divine Principle alone Is the
reality in nature. Matter is unintelli
gent and negative and there can be no
good germs or bad germs.
“A minister of the gospel once asked
me: ‘ln Christian Science you call God
divine Principle. How can I possibly
pray to a principle?’ The answer Is by
understanding what Principle fully
means. One must turn his thoughts away
from matter, which contains no prin
ciple to God, as the one inflnie Spirit
or Mind of the universe, Including man.
Christian Science teaches that God. ,
Spirit, Is the only cause, Life, Intelli
gence, and power, therefore He Is the j
divine Principle of the universe; and it j
teaches that man is His Image and like- j
ness, therefore that man Is spiritual und
not material, i Tills divine Principle of
the universe and man is active, concrete ;
truth, and as such Is capable of being
demonstrated In ell human affairs. Such
demonstration is made through prayer,
according to Hie Christianly scientific
method of Christian Science. The availa
bility of the Christian Science prayer
lies in its practical, wdjkable nature.
The Christian Science pray*/ works, or
avails, just in so far as one understands
and applies , the divine Principle aud
rules of Christian Science to discordant
mortal beliefs. This means that prayer
is right thinking; and In order to
pray aright ono must learn to think
aright, and In order to do this must
learn of divine Principle; one must cease i
believing that blind supplication to God |
to grant personal desires avails any
thing. Science and Health explains (p. j
3). ‘His work Is done, and we have
only to avail ourselves of God’s rule In
order to receive His blessing, which en
nblos as to work out our own salvation.’
This rule Is nothing more or less than
the long hidden ‘Spirit of truth,’ and
It Is the rule of Christian Science re
vealed in this day aud generation—
natnelv, the law thar life, Intelligence,
and substance are spiritual and not ma
terial. This law must be conscientiously
affirmed and realized in thought, and
material and evil beliefs must be denied
and seen to be unreal. This Intelligent
affirming of the true facts about mails
spiritual being, namely, that he is God s
Image, perfect, pure, and free—and the
denying of the opposite material beliefs
in fear disease, and sin, constitute treat
ment In Christian Science. Such Is the
effectual fervent prayer of a righteous
man’ that ‘avalleth much.’
“Anyone can understand how (Tirlatian
Science heals the sick, and anyone can
be a practitioner and give a treatment
in the measure that one obtains this un
derstanding. Many people commence to
help and heal others immediately after
they themselves emerge from darkness.
Thus a person becomes a pioneer mis
sionary for good in bis own f<nily and in
his own community; he becomes tb** hip
py channel through which much trouble,
disease and discord are destroyed. There
is no element of danger in this process,
for with spiritual faith aud understand
ing come the tact and wisdom necessary
to act and talk sensibly, and which teach
a Christian Scientist not to undertake
problems beyond his understanding. One
does not attempt to solve a problem in
algebra before one has mastered multipli
cation and division. There Is a protecting
power In deep divine faith which sur
passes all mortal knowledge.
“If Christian Science is truly natural it
must be simple, because true nature Is
simple and sincere. A simple thing Is
one that is plain and single; not <<.ro
plex. To be simple Is to be clear, direct.
humble anil unadorned; not _comblaed
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with something else. Matter possesses
none of these characteristics, but is com
plex, entangled, vague and deceitful; for
this is the character of the material mind.
Matter is anything but simple- It is so
complex and confused in material mor
tal belief that it never has been and
never can be understood by thla false
belief. If material belief were more
humble and simple it would not He and
claim its effect, matter, to ne a cause
and creator. Matter Is the mask of mor
tal belief, and this lie of belief shields
and hides Itself behind this mask, until
it Is unmasked by Christian Science.
“The only substance that is simple,
artless and entire Is Spirit, and it#
qualities are the same. Spirit Is God, and
God, good, Is the simplest thing in the
world to the good and pure-minded.
‘Blessed are the pure in he,art, for they
shall see God’ said Jesus. Only the
materially-minaed, enslaved by the He
that life and intelligence are In matter,
find Spirit, God, abstract or bard to un
derstand. Unmask mortal belief, expose
and reverse its evil claims, lay bare its
wllfullness, mesmerism and nothingness,
•and the light and simplicity of splrtual
Truth, without seam or rent, begin to
dawn upon the thought, and the real
man, as the image and likeness of God, is
revealed. This ideal Christ-man, In all
his simpllcitv and perfection, Is not ma
terial, but is a spiritual idea. This is
the man whom Jesus saw, aud this cor
rect Idea of man enable blm to east out
errors of belief and heal the sick.
“Jesus lived a life of simplicity, a life
apart from matter or the flesh. He saw
man In God’s kikeness and this Taw of
the spirit of life in Christ Jesus’ will
make anv one ‘free from the law of sin
and death.’ Christian Science is this sim
ple law of life and Intelligence in Spirit,
not In matter. The question is asked,
•If Christian Science is the same as Jesus'
taught, why is It not more simple, so
that all con readily understand it?’ Mrs.
Edd/ answers this question in her ‘Mis
'qellaneous Writings’ (p. 53). ’The teach
ings of Jesus were simple; and yet he
found it difficult to make the rulers un
derstand, because of their great lack of
spirituality. Christian Science is simple,
and readily understood by the children,
only the thought educated away from it
finds it abstract or difficult to perceive.
Its seeming abstraction Is the mystery of
godliness; aud godliness Is simple to the
godly; but to the unsplritual, the un
godlv. It Is dark and difficult. The car
nal mind can not discern spiritual things.
“The unusually large Sunday schools
in the Christian Science churches Indicate
the pleasure and interest children take In :
learning the simple truths of ( hristinn
Science. Children of all ages soon learn
to have these spiritual truths, which they
themselves can apply with practical re
sults In their daily studies, as well ai to
their habits and to tbelr physical needs.
Children do not take naturally to drugs
and nostrums, or to fear and condemna
tion. Christian Science teacheg children
to think and reason, and that child was
consistent who said to Its
‘Mamma, you say If I get my feet wet,
I get cold in mv head, bat if I get my
head wet, I don’t get cold In my feet —*
very good Illustration of the ruling and
contradictory nature of material belle T.
Asa rule children take skeptical views of
material disease, like the boy who called
Mb father’s disease ex pend lei ti®. rne
child thought Is naturally lowly and
trustful, honest and sincere. This Is the
good ground which receives the seem
fnglv abstract truths about the nothing
ness of evil and matter, with simple
faith and conviction. These ideas need
only then be protected and fostered to s
develop in the child, strength and inde-,
pendenee, which releases Its true lndlv d
ualltv, and the child grows up happy and
free,' unbound by material laws, gov
erned bv divine Principle instead of by
human will. This saves the child many
wenrv years of fear, confusion and suf
fering Accepting Christian Science at
the age of 14, I well know to what ex
tent Its teachings have saved me from
physical disease ■and mental discord.
Jesus’ sayings, ‘Except ye be converted,
and become ns little children, ye shall not
enter the kingdom of heaven, and Except
n man be born again, he not * f \ he
kingdom of God,’ can well be read to
gether, the latter saving supplementing
the former. These saying are not ab
stractions, hut practical dally rules
“Thus heaven is found to boa state
of ever present harmony and peace-a
mental state, the door to which Is opened
bv the child qualities of humility, hon
esty purity, and love. The opposite
of y tbis condition, called hell is dealt
with very simply and practically by the
teachings of Christian Science If
heaven la not a place, but a state of
purified consciousness, then hell Is the
very opposite state of mind, and most
persons are able in a measure to testify
f °“The Bible teaches that If we resist
the devil, he (evil) will flee from us;
but with materia! thought this has been
an impossible theory. Evil would some
times seem to disappear only to reappear
In another guise, and perhaps more
subtle form. Christian Science goes to
the root of evil or sin and finds it to
be only the impersonal and false claim
that there Is a power apart from God,
good. Th's false claim Mrs. Eddy calls
mortal mind, as she sr.ys for want of
a better term; and this mortal, material
mind is the same carnal mind which
Is ‘enmity against God,’ and what Jesus
called a liar from the beginning.
“Christian Science shows how each in
dividual raa, and must, for himself over
come these subtle evil beliefs. It shows
that these beliefs let loose are aggressive
and are expressed through what Is cnlled
j will power or mentiH suggestion, which
Is onlv another name for h.vpotlsm or
i mesmerism. And It shows that disease
can not tie healed by willful thoughts
I or suggestion, since one error can not
| destroy another error. Christian
i Science shows that as the resistance of
j these false evil beliefs Is not personal,
therefore no personal harm can be done.
1 It Is an Impersonal resistance In the
j sense that evil is impersonal, and in the
; sense that divine Frinclple. Love, is the
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impersonal power that human conscious
ness reflects to destroy the evil. This
impersonal method of handling evil is
the only method by which evil can be
destroyed, and therein lies the great
practicality of Christian Science. Any
method that starts from the premise that
the evil material sense is God-created or
God-acknowledged starts ignorantly and
falsely and has no perfect Principle
with which to destroy error.
“Christian Science is practical, as the
healed and regenerated everywhere do
gladly testify. Christian Science Is a di
vine law or system of perfect rules to be
proved, and while the absolute Is always
possible, no one must think that he is
expected to attain It In any other way
than by steps and stages. No one ever
does so. Therefore he must not feel that
he is required to give up everything that
seems dear to him before he can take the
first steps In Christian Science. Growth
will forever be gradual. Any pupil
knows that he must first understand ad
dition before he can take up the problems
of subtraction and multiplication, and
anv man or woman knows that he just
naturally outgrows the pleasures of mar
bles or dolls and can not return to them.
Whatever explains what fear, sin, and
disease arc, whence they originate, and
liow they are to be overcome Is eminently
“Fear Is the shadowing torment of hu
man existence that is responsible for
more than half of human discord and
disease. Christian Science shows that
fear comes from ignorance or sin. It
teaches one how to rise out of Ignorance
and out of sin, and thus prevent and
heal all kinds of fear.
“Waves of fear seem occasionally to
sweep over the country. They generally
are manifested in one of two forms, a
fear of lack of supply or a fear of con
tagion or disease. These so-called epi
demics seem unpreventable and uncon
trollable to the limited, material sense
of things, which can not see the source
of the trouble, and which employs only
shallow and contradictory means to stem
the tide. Material means clip off only
the branches, while Christian Science
goes to the root of the tree; for a Chris
tian Scientist with the perfect assurance
of spiritual understanding employs means
recommended throughout the ages—
namely, the word of God; means which,
when scientifically understood, in the
words of the Bible are ‘quick and power
ful, and sharper than any twoedged
sword, piercing even to the dividing
asunder of soul and spirit, and of the
joints and marrow, v and is a discerner
of the thoughts and tntents of the
Christian Science destroys the fear of
lack of supply with the same divine Prin
ciple with which It destroys the fear of
contagion or disease, proving that (here
Is no difference whatever between the law
of wealth and the law of health. Chrls
table to our whole economic V* XSi \
THE war could not have been won without railroads.
- Transport—by rail and sea—is an indispensable arm
of national defense.
, Carrying capacity, from the wheat fields and the mines
and the steel mills to the front lines in France, was the
measure of our power in war. v
And it is the measure of our power in peace?
Industrial expansion—increasing national prosperity
greater world trade—are vitally dependent on railroad
growth. '
■The limit to the productive power of this country is the
limit set by railroad capacity to haul the products of our
The amount of freight earned on American rails doubled
from 1897 to 1905— since that year it has doubled again. ,
It will double still again. ,
To haul this rapidly growing traffic the country must
have more railroads —more cars and engiries—more tracks
and terminals.
Sound national legislation, broad-visioned public regula
tion, will encourage the expansion of railroads, without
which the nation cannot grow.
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dissociation vf'Stiulway < %xcutweA,
W 9ft W S/If . Ivvi-liQ * V '
tian Science shows that lack of supply
is only a material belief, a symptom of
the false material sense of things, a fear
occasioned wholly by Iguorance of man's
unlimited, eternal conship to God. Ils
covcr thL likeness to God, claim thla
soiublp according to the rules of Chris
tian Science, then leave the outcome with
divine Love, and the limited material
sense changes to an unlimited spiritual
sense, which brings into light and prac
tical action the law of divine Principle,
which supplies ah weaitn and health.
“Yes. leave It with Him;
The lilies all do,
And they grow,—
Thev ask not your planting,
They need not your care
As they grow:
Propned down in tho valley,
The field, anywhere,—
There they grow:
They grow in their beauty, arrayed in
pure white;
They grows clothed in glory, by heaven’*
- own light,—
Sweetly grow.
The grasses are clothed
And the ravens are fed
From His store;
But you, who are loved
And guarded and led.
How much more
Will He -clothe and feed you, and givs
vou His care?
Then leave it with Him; He has every
Ample store.
“This law of unlimited supply is em
inently practical, as thousands have
proved an I are proving. These thou
sands who have come up out of great
tribulation and washed their robes white,
have awakened from this false sense or
lack and poverty, weakness and disease,
and thanks to tne practical rescue of
Christian Science, are now restored, re
generated and rejuvenated mortals.
“The rejuvenation of mortals, or the
renewal of youth. Is a natural sequence
and practical result of the advent of
Christian Science, and a highly important
result. The fountain of life and wis
dom has long been sought, and to the
uttermost parts of the world, but ‘the
depth saith, It is not in me: and the
sea saith. It is not with me.’ In other
words, life never has been found In
matter, and it never will be. The dis
covery of Life is the same as the dis
covery of divine Mind, Spirit, Love, for
these are synonymous terms for the one
eternal Principle, called God.
According to the first chapter of Gen
esis, man Is created In God’s Image and
llkenCss and has dominion over all
created things. Christian Science shows
that when the temporal mortal man
discovers that man Is spiritual, and not
material, he will realize that Life is
eternal and ever present, and that mortal
birth, decay, decrepitude, and death are
only false material beliefs, over which
man has full dominion. When this In
heritance of dominion is claimed and
exercised, a mortal will no longer -t.eas
ure his life by th© standard or material
inheritance and years, but he will begin
Immediately to deny and overcome In
thought these false laws.
“Naturally a Christian Scientist dosi not
limit life and man; then, practicing this
rule dally, he does not limit his continu
ous power and vitality. He does not
expect to grow old, to become infirm,
stoop-shouldered, dim of vision, or hard
of hearing. He knows his strength and
true faculties are In divine Mind and can
not become weakened Hr- veil,
must not become Indifferent or careless
about his habits or his appearance. He
does not. In fact be knows he can not
lie back on the things he has done
or sit in a corner with folded hands
and shift his burden of responsibility
upon a child of the flesh, for he well
knows he can not selfishly lay down
his own problem for a successor to
solve. A successor will have his own
individual salvation to work out, and
besides he knows that the real man,
made In God's likeness, can have no suc
cessor. Men and women of riper lessons
and experience surely should realiae their
dominion over the mesmerism of fear,
limitation, and reversal. AU persons
should realize the danger of becoming
self-satisfied, or satisfied with a ‘‘good
enough" medicine or a “good enough"
religion. Nothing in matter is good
enough for one who Is seeking freedom,
peace and salvation.
“Christian Science teaches that Life
or divine Principle, and its Idea, man
and the universe, are ‘an house not made
with hands, eternal in the heavens’;
therefore, can never dissolve or become
disorganized. Organization is a consoli
dation of human beliefs which may be
good or bad, according as truth or error
governs it. Good organization is a tem
poral, human structure which proves Its
elevating power and utility until its in
evitable disappearance before the divine
idea. The human body and the human
church are prominent examples of or
ganization. Jesus said. ‘I am not come
to destroy, but to fulfill.* The human
body and church are not to be destroyed
but human beliefs about them are to be
improved until the body and the church
have fulfilled their useful and practical
functions. The real church is a spiritual
‘house not made with hands,’ comprised
of spiritual and right Ideas, in other
words, all that proceeds from divine
Principle, Love. This Is Jesus’ church,
which he foretold, built on the rock of
spiritual understanding, the one univer
sal church. It is the divine ideal of the
human church, the latter proving lta
utility by demonstrating the Holy Com
forter or Christian Science, and minister
ing to the masses, to rich and poor alike.
This is the function of the Church of
Christ, Scientist, an organization estab
lished by Mary Baker Eddy in 1879,
whose parent church. The Mother Church.
U in Boston, Massachusetts, and whose
branches, numbering over 1800, extend
over the world.
“Membership in the Christian Science
church is an outward uniting with the
Christian Science organisation, but it is
essentially a nonceremonial spiritual
step. It Is a now birth, anew sense of
life, anew sense of Truth that is able
to destroy error and heal the sick. In
other words, It in a step that each In
dividual takea for himself, governed by
divine Principle, not by human will;
hence, thereafter the member recognises
that he has advanced in spiritual under
standing and is grateful to the wise rules
of church membership which have helped
him to subdue fear, pride, .procrastina
tion, and human will.
“The Lesson-Sermon read In the Chris
tian Science churches is another distinct
departure from time-honored custom, and
is an example of the practical and In
dividual nature of the Christian Science
ministry. During the week, throughout
the world, unnumbered earnest seekers
after Truth are studying and assimilat
ing this prepared Lesson-Sermon, with
the practical result that they become
Independent of personal leadership and
personal ministry. Thay come together
at church services and meetings, recog
nizing the great value of united thought
and effort to crystallize and protect the
movement, and side by side, in love and
confidence, guided by the one Mind or
Principle, they work out their own Indi
vidual salvation in Spirit and In Truth.
Self-determination and self-derelop
ment are now said to be the only road
to liberty and progress. This is true,
and is the teaching of Christian Science.
Self-determination, er the freedom of
the individual to decide for himself, and
self-development, or the freedom of the
Individual to develop himself, are inborn
and lneltenable rights. They are really
laws of divine Love and justice, forever
governing and directing the man olf
God’s creating. Divine Love and justice
are man’s highest protectors. Divine
Love and justice demand that all men
shall now in this day and generation
awaken to their natural spiritual rights;
that the time Is ripe for full self-deter
mination and self-development; the de
termination to awaken from the long
night of material mesmerism, the deter
mination to strike at the root of all
human bondage and discord and throw
off the yoke of false material beliefs,
the determination to develop tbe Christ
idea or Chrlet-chlld In each humin con
sciousness and experience now man's
eternal heritage of dominion and health,
peace, and joy. ‘‘Then.’’ in the words
of the prophet, “Judgment shall dwell
in the wilderness and righteousness re
main in the fruitful field. And the work
of righteousness shall be peace; and the
effect of righteousness quietness and as
surance for ever.”

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