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Cochrane Asserts Conditions
are Unsatisfactory in States
for Staging Title Match.
NEW YORK, Jan. 10.—Charles B. Coch
rane, the London promoter who has been
here several weeks trailing Jack Dempsey
with a contract signed by Georges Car
pentler, has booked passage to return
Saturday. He said here today he would
not worry if he did not have Dempsey's
name on the parchment when he returns.
"if the fight is staged in 1920 I will
be the promoter. The contract I have
with the Frenchman is valid any place
In the world,” he said.
He further declared he would not
stage the fight In America as conditions
were not satisfactory and if future de
velopments demanded the fight here he
'TIW dispose of his contract to some
Aimerlcan promoter. He considers it un
likely that the fight will be held sooner
than late in the year as Manager Des
caraps has indicated to him that Carpon
tier wants a long rest before starting
training for the fight of his life.
When asked about the statement of
Descamps that lie held only an option
on the Frenchman's services until Feb.
1, he said:
"I am tired denying that. Just wait
snd see; that will be the best way to
prove my claim that I have a full fledged
contract already sealed by a payment of
NEW YORK, Jan. 10.—Earl Caddock
and Joe Stecher, who will meet at Mad
ison Square Garden for the world's heavy
weight wrestling championship on Jan.
SO, are scheduled to arrive here this
week to finish training Caddock will
wind up training at Great Neck, L. I.
Both wrestlers will do much outdoor
NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 19.—The ban
tamweight champion, Pete Herman, and
Featherweight Champion Johnny Kilbane
have agreed to box a ten-round no-deci
sion bout here March 2. The weight ques
tion now appears to be the only hitch.
PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 19—Willie
Jackson of New York closed with a
furious rush against Harry Carlson of
Boston in six rounds Saturday, and
turned what had first appeared to be
a defeat into victory. Carlson forced the
fighting at the start and for a brief
spell had Jackson on the defensive, but
Willie staged one of his wild rallies In
the closing round, having Carlson hang
ing on to I 'him when the bell ended the
fight. J ack Perry of Pittsburg and
Tommy Cleary of this city boxed a
PATERSON, N. J„ Jan. 19. Benny
Valger, claimant of the French feather
weight championship, will meet Tommy
• Toubey of Paterson In an eight-round
bout here tonight.
Amateur Feds Plan
Enlargement of Activity
and Adopt New Rules
CLEVELAND, Jan. 19.—An effort to re
strict the amateur class to players who
had never played professional baseball
failed at the annual meeting of the Na
tional Baseball federation here, hut on
reconsideration It was voted that city as
sociations should take up the question
and report at the March meeting. Severai
changes in the playing rules were made.
To enter Intercity championship competi
tion a league must start, the season with
rt least six clubs and finish with at least
Winning Industrial teams of each city
must pay to the federation an entrance
leo of SSO before they can enter intercity
competition. Semi pro teams must pay
.VIGO. The 10 per cent of gross receipts
of chcmpionship Intercity series which
each use relation pays to the federation,
was raise 1 to 15 per cent. Those cities
not charging admission to championship
contest* must give 15 per cent, of funds
derived fr, rj other games, the minimum
to be sso*,.
A movement was launched to expand
the organic.tion to practically all parts
of the country. The president will ap
point regions' chairmen who will visit
cities in their districts. James F. Pitts,
former director of recreation of Cleve
land, was appointed secretary by the
board of directors. Cleveland was se
lected as permanent headquarters.
The regular intercity schedule meeting
will be held at Cincinnati in July. The
board of directors will meet in March at
Detroit or Pittsburg.
James H. Lowry, superintendent o f
public parks, was re-elected to serve a
third term as vice-president of the Na
tional Amateur Baseball Federation, at
the annual meeting of that body held
at Cleveland, Saturday.
Mr. Lowry was also appointed on a
special committee, with W. S. Haddock
who was re-elected president of the fed
eration, to visit Washington and make
an effort to have anew department or
ganised to take charge of public park
recreation throughout the country.
Through the efforts of Mr. Lowry and
JR. Walter Jarvis, director of recreation,
Indianapolis has become one of the lead
ing cities of the country tn this line
Debonairs Start Tuning
Up for Struggles in
State Amateur Tourney
1 The Debonairs are toning up for their
jljjtsttles in the state amateur tourney.
now on they will keep awav from
Ma heavy schedule and Coach Squires
his men in the best of shape
they play their games'ld the Indl
woek rho “Debs” are scheduled
HpHftSe T. M. H. A. in the third round
Wy amateur loop and they expect
Ro pot ',pp the victory count without
'throwing: all their regulars into the
fray. This game will be played Wednes
day night at the South Side Turner
gymnasium. The Ben Davie Independ
ents have challenged the Debonairs for
a game to be played at Ben Davis Fri
day night, and Manager Evans an
nounced today that the challenge prob
ably will be accepted.
Society Women’s First
Trial as Ring Judges
NEW YORK., Jan. 19. -Society women
will act as boxing judges tonight at the
preliminaries*of the fistic tournament ar
ranged by the National League for
Women's Service for Wounded Soldiers.
The committee on patronesses Includes
KTa. Charles H. Whitman, Mias Anne
Morgen and*’ Mias Jean Roosevelt.
Four-Cornered Meet
at Brownsburg Stirs
Interest Among Fans
Technical, Ben Davis and
Thorntown Three Outside
Teams Entered.
Technical high school athletes of In
dianapolis will be on "edgo” for the big
four-cornered basketball tournament to
be held at Brownsburg, Ind., Saturday.
In that tourney Technical, Ben Davis,
Brownsburg and Thorntown will battle
for a championship. One of the inter
esting features of the tourney will be the
game between the Brownsburg high
schol girls team and the Ben Davis high
school girts’ team and the Ben Davis high
that their girl teams are equal or su
perior to any other girls' team in the
state and that game Saturday will settle
a big question
The schedule of • the tournament fol
lows: 2 p. m. Brownsburg vs. Thorn
town; 3 and . m. Technical vs. Ben Davis,
and at 8:15 p. m. the winners of the aft
ernoon games will meet to decide the
championship. The Brownsburg-Ben
Davis girls’ game will be played at
7:SO p. m
Ail the games v.-ill be played in the
big Brownsburg high school gymnasium.
The seating in the gymnasium Is a tea
ture as it is arranged in bleacher style
and every spectator has an excellent view
of the games. The large seating ca
pacity of the gym assures all the visit
ing teams excellent seats for their root
ers who make the trip to Brownsburg
to see the games.
While Indlsnapolls followen of the in
door sport believe that Technical will
win the four-cornered championship tour
ney, the follower® of the other schools
have a different Idea about what will
happen. For the Ben Davis
ream this year is the nest in the history
of that school. The Ben Davis boys be
lieve they will stop Technical In the after
noon game and that Ben' Davis will be
one of the teams that will play the
championship final battle. The husky
athletes from the southwest part of Ma
rion county may prove to be the dark
horse team of the tourney.
Brownsbm-g, coached by John Syru
monds, is confident that there will be
nothing to the four-cornered affair but
a Brownsburg championship. They point
out that Yrownsburg was lucky In the
draw and will meet Thorntown. The
Thorntown team 1s small, but fast, and
lost to Technical last Saturday. Browns
burg basketball fans say their quintet
will not have as hard a preliminary game
as Technical. The Indianapolis team will
have its hands full if it j>uts Ben Davis
out of the running, they declare. They
point to Brownsburg’s 37 to 17 victory
over Ben Davis and declare that It Indi
cates that Coach Symmonds has a cham
pionship combination. They also say
that Brownsburg defeated Brazil, 37 to 3.
the Brazil team not getting a field goal.
This indicates that Brownsburg has a
most wonderful defense.
It has long been said that ‘‘pride
cometh before the fall” and Thorntown
High school may show a reversal of form
from that displayed against Technical
last Saturday, ana when It gets against
Brownsburg Coach Symmonds’ quintet
may have a hard time to stay In the tour
nament for-the night game. At any rate,
the four-cornered tourney will give the
athletes experience for their innual dis
trict tournaments, to be held some six
weeks in the future.
William Curtis and Herb Teague are
the only players In the state three-cush
ion billiard tourney, in progress at the
Cooler parlors, who have not lost a con
test. Teague tops the list, with two
victories and no defeats, while the for
mer champion has played only one con
Six contests are on the schedule this
week, with afternoon contests being
scheduled today and Friday. A notice
able improvement in the play of tbe en
trants Is seen and the tourney is proving
one of the most interesting ones ever con
ducted In Indianapolis. This week’s
Monday Afternoon—Cooler vs. Terrill,
Monday Night—Klein vs. Terrill.
Tuesday Night—Klein vs. Curtis.
Wednesday Night—Vogler vs. Terrill.
Friday Afternoon—Teague vs. Martin.
Friday Night—Sullivan vs. Martin.
Butler Finally Gets
in Victory Running
and Spirit Picks Up
Butler won her first victory for many
moons when the Cnristlans defeated the
Stafe Normal five by n score of 26 to 20
in the basketball game played Saturday
night In tho Butler gym. The playing
of the Blue and White warriors showed
much improvement over that hows in
their preceding games, though at times
the passing, revived by spurts, dropped
back Into the old runt. Jones, local
hack guard, was the star of the contest,
Stopping many shots for the basket
This victory gives hope to Butler sport
fans, who wera quick to find reedy ex
i cuses for the three preceding fosses.
. Butler Is now on Its feet, the toughest
1 contests are passed, the remaining games
sU the schedule, with the exception ot
vhfe DePauw return game, are not ont
of the class of Butler’s inexperience,
I and the following Items are all to the
| Christian’s credit: One good coach, no
reputation to be lost, and a good chance
to build up one of the same. And one
of these chances comes next Friday,
when the Butler teem Journeys to Rich
mond for a tussle with Earlharn.
Official appointment of Justus Paul
as graduate manager of athletics at But
ler has been announced by Dr. Thomas
Carr Howe, president of the college. Paul
will have charge of all athletic busi
ness and will be assisted by a corps of
student, managers, at least one of whom
i is to be appointed for each major sport
i next year.
Paul played halfback on the varsity
I eleven for four years, and was captain
of it in 1914. He also played second
base on the varsity nine and floor guard
at basketball. Paul was a lieutenant
overseas in the heavy tanks during the
The Hl-Jakes have a few open dates
and would like to hear from some of the
fast amateur basket quintets In the city
Call Woodruff 3184 and ask for Elm.
Saturday Basketball
Butler, 26; State Normal, 20.
i Dentals. 32; St. Joseph, 26.
Franklin, 54; Hanover, 14.
i Rose Poly, 34: N. A. G. U., 27.
1 Indiana, 22; Michigan, 9.
| Ohio State 87; Purdue, 35.
Chicago, 37; Wisconsin, 19.
! Illinois SI: Minnesota, 19.
i lowa, 23• Northwestern. 13.
| Cornell, 26; Dartmouth, 22
Technical, 41; Tborntown, 11.
Washington. 29: Manual. 14.
Fortvllle, 11; Tech Seconds. 8.
Culver Academy, 34; Dane Tech (Chi
cago), 5.
Arcadia, 21; Greencastle. 8.
Anderson, 45; Marion. 15.
North Grove, 22; LaFontaine, 6.
Kokomo, 15; Wabash, 3.
Morrlstowij, 28; Falmouth, 20.
i Mooresrille Elks, 65; Cheyenne Indi
ans, 1$ A
Doubles and Slugles.
—7:15 p. m.— ..
C. McNees and O. Longworth.
G. Conover and John Zimmerman.
D. Klee and T. Broueher.
J. Powell and W. L. Martin.
G. Vestal and A. Sweetman.
Stewart and Beak.
S. Jacobs and C. Broich.
J. Jordan and W. Krumrlne.
—9:15 p. m.—
E. Miller and R. Reagan.
R. Nelson and R. Alley.
R. Reynolds and J. Chryst.
G. Emory and A. Bulach.
Hoyt and Axline.
(W. H. Lacker singles.)
F. Albers and Biddy Doolan.
(H. Conway singles.)
J. Moran and P. Burke.
J. McCann and F. Meredith.
Some big wood getters are included
among the men scheduled to shoot In
the two doubles and singles squads in
the city tournament tonight and the
dopesters declared today that they heard
footsteps of new scores approaching. The
gallery will watch Martin and Powell
closely, as they have > been doing no
small amount of boasting about what
they were going to do to the old wood
when their night came. They do their
bit‘with squad No. 1.
In the second squad we have ihe Me-
Cann-Mereditb. Axline-Hoyt, and Doolau-
Albers combinations to expect good
counts from.
They couldn’t touch the Qutnn-Dugan
total of 1,179 last night McElwain and
T sselman went high for the evening with
1,130 and dropped In at the second land
Taffe busted ’em for 624 and first place
in the singles. He wasn’t considered
such a big gun qntil he got 253 In tbe
final round.
Trotter held the choice singles posi
tion after Saturday night's work, but
Taffe switched him to second place.
Pule and Canning are "somewhere
among the first ten" at preseut, but tt
will not be long Before they pass out
of existence.”
Fox and Peters went into the third
position in the doubles and the Walton
Ratchelor and Grimes Ake combinations
tied for fourth and fifth places.
Sahm and Kelly were two of the boys
that fought bravely Saturday night only
to be lost tn the fog after the Sunday
shooting. ..
Walton got a 266 in the first round of
the doubles show and followed it with
192, but his third game resembled the
first two of hts partner’s shot. In other
words, it was a 154.
Fehre:,bach and Rnbush were among
those who shot in vain. It wasn’t Feh
renbach's fault.
McElwaine took third place in the sin
gles with a 597 total.
Quinn and Duguu threw the gang n
little surprise party when they hopped
up to first place in the doubles Saturday
nigbt. Ed shot the mean stick of the
two. topping his work with a 253. but
Louie gets credit for hitting them harder
than usual.
Quinn had a peach of a chance to go
big In the singles also, but he wouldn’t
listen to tbe fatherly advice handed out
by "Doc” Manion and “Alley” Canning
and he didn't get so much.
interstate finish.
SOUTH BEND, Ind.. Jan. 19.-The In
terstate bowling tournament came to a
close Sunday with the Mlneralites of
Chicago In first place. Following Is the
Hat of winners:
Mlneralites. Chicago 2.800
Brocks, Chicago 2,873
Lincoln Life, Ft. Wayne 2.8.53
Rogers Park, Chicago 2.842
Howard Majors, Chicago 2,836
Yande Walle Blackmore, Mishawaka 1,257
Castnior Richards. South Bend 1,250
Davis-Peterson, Chicago 1,235
Tboraa-Cary, t'hlcago 1,231
Grlmm-Carr, Ft. Wayne 1,219
A1 Toemmel. Chicago 699
A. Rodel, Milwaukee 606
W. Lundgren. Chicago 694
Phil Wolf. Chicago 668
F. Fitzsimmons, Mishawaka 659
—Ail Events—
Phil Wolf, Chicago 1,902
,T. Kadek, (Chicago 1,875
Harry Kaad, Chicago 1,862
Ned Nelson, Chicago 1.854
W. Doehrmann, Ft. Wayne... 1,849
Yacht Race Date Still
Undecided, Say Officials
NEW YORK, Nov. 19,-Officials of
the New Yrok Yacht club said today
that no statement of plans for the
America’s cup race with Sir Thomas
I.ipton'e challenger, the Shamrock IV,
is ready at this time The New York
club. It was said, is in correspondence
with tbe Royal Ulster Yacht club,
through which Sir Thomas Issued bis
challenge, regarding the date for the
race, the course and other details. Ca
bled reports from London to the effect
that the cup race is to be held July 18
over the Sandy Hook course ere pre
mature, it was indicated.
Current News Weekly | Kathleen Mavourneen
| Hall Room Boys Comedy | The Sweetest Irish Drama Ever
-, v - T - ‘
jtHftiMlWta, “The Woman Suit Case”
Quinn-Dugan 1.179
McEl waine-Usselnian 1,130
Fox-Peters 1,119
Waltmi-Batehelor 1,118
Grimes-Ake 1,116
Rule-tanning 1,113
Chandler-Taffe .2 .* 1,061
Swartz-Vogelsang 1,083
Cox-Brown 1,061
O’Brlen-Sourbler 1,055
I Tefle >U
Trotter 617
McElwaine I.* 597
Wessels 690
Peters 585
Sourbler 581
Noeffke 581
Maladln 678
Streeter 674
Cox 607
City Bowling Records
■ —■——
! i!>7 Marlons No. I 2.933’
1908 -Marlons No. 3 2.Bfitl
1909 Crescents No. 1 2.801
1910 — Sportsmen 2.785
1911— Atchison No. 1 2.984
1912 Marions 2,976
1913 Spaekes 2.716
1914 Akards 2.664
1915 Gold Melals 2.817
1916 Marions No. 2 2.749
1917 Capitol Alley Five 2.903
1018— Pivot Cltv .. 3 077
: 1919—Marmon "34” 2.863
1920—Capitol Alley Five 2.957
i 1907—Carmlnecke and Dickie. 1,177
1908—Knox and Knox 1.223
I.lo9—Glosshrenner ' and Dodge 1.200
1910— -Decker nnd Fox 1,239
1911— Berner and Leap 1.258 |
; 1912 -Meyer and Knox 1,280
1913 - Westcott and Brooks 1.102
1914 .7. Hurt nnd H Hurt 1,187
1915 Pollard and Cray 1,248
1916 Coval and Jordan 1.20}
1 1917 McAllen and Wheeler 1,186
! 1918—Schoen and Schoen 1,353
1919 Rumb and Fox 1.187
1907—W. K. P.crner 032
| 1908 P. Pritchett 676
I’.kt# w. Ruddeiibaum 668
1910 Mel Knox 7I
I 1911—1,. Frillo 686
1912 C. V. Btimb 070
1913 W. sKlrkhoff 652
1914 — C. A Corn 649
1915 J. D. Bright 044
1916 .T. Pritchett 050
: 1917—J. Goodwin 061
! 1918—C. J. Snotts 092
1019— J. Pritchett 550
1907- Blurae 1.792
1908— J. Pritchett 1.883
1909 F.. Bi ers 1,882
J9lO-~E. Kewlin 1,821
1911— F. Fox 1.90.7
1912 F. ('oval 1,873
1913 W. Kirkboff l,ls<;
1914 H. Hurt A 1.765
J9ls—p, Uooksev 1,156
1916 J. Pritchett 1.780
1917 J. Pritchett 1.820
1918 A. Strlebeck 1.989
1919—J. Pritchett 3.529
Accident Costs Gould
Match With Kinsella
i TUXEDO, N. t.. Jan 19. -Jay Gould.
' world's court tennis champion, lost a
match here yesterday to Falter Kinsella,
professional champion, by default due to
an accident. Gould bad won two sets ,
at 6-3 and was playing for his last
point In the third set when he ran over
near the side lines, slipped and fell ,
against the wall, cutting a long gash j
over bis eye that required three stUcbes j
to close.
Christamore Basket News
The Christamore Cuba have three i
games carded for this week, playing the
Whlteland Independents at Whiteland
Tuesday night and the same team here
Thursday night. Friday they play their
third round game in the city amateur
basketball loop against tbe South ..Side
Turners. The Seconds have only one;
game scheduled, this being with Boy
Scout Troop 45, Thursday evening. The
Indians play tbe Y. M. C. A., .fre., at
the “y" Tuesday night, the Ferndalce
Wednesday and the Cathedral high !
school Friday. The Midgets meet Boy
Scout Troop 82 Friday night. The last !
three gawes are scheduled at Christa- j
Big Fred Would Meet
Jack in Red Cross Bout
NEW YORK, .Tan. 19. Tom O’Rourke;
has an original and unique offer to get]
.Tack Dempsey back in the ring.
The manager of "Ferocious” Fred
Fulton today suggested that the Min '
nesota plasterer fight, for nothing. Tbe i
entire proceeds of the fight would go to !
the Red Cross, according to O’Rourke's \
and ream.
Despite general opinion that Fulton 1
showed lack of sufficient stuff in his j
’■ecent fight with Frank Moran to on- j
title him tn another meeting with Demp- i
se.v, his manager Insists that lie has j
enough kick in his gloves to jar the ;
crown off the champion's head.
City Fives Prepare
for Scraps in Big
Independent Event
Seven Local Teams to Compete
in State Amateur Sec
tional Feb. 4-5.
With little more than two weeks to go
before play Is staged in the Indianapolis
sectional of the -Indiana 150-pound ama
teur basketball championship, the seven
teams that will battle Jiere for the right
to compete In the finals are rapidly
rounding Into form and the fans are set
for a great show. The sectional games
will be played at the Marion club Feb.
4 nnd 5.
The need of a state amateur tourna
ment has been seen by followers of Ihe
game for some time and now that Wayne
Emmelman has decided to take a whirl
at the game he is receiving congratula
tions from all sides. Last week Emmel
man received a letter from Francis Bacon,
farmer member of the famous Wabash
Wonder Five and the Indianapolis Ern-
Roes. who Is now playing with tbe Day
ton Triangles, wishing him success in his
undertaking. Bacon is planning a tour
nament for the amateur teams of Ohio
and has Informed Emmelman that he
would like to match the winners of the
Tndiana and Ohio events In a three-gatne
series for thp amateur championship of
Hnosierdom and the Buckeye state.
The possibilities of this plan going
through will make the Indians teams
work much harder for the championship.
The Indiannpolls teams stack up nicely
and it is believed that the winners of the
local sectional play will come out on
top 1n the final round scraps. Season
tickets for the Indianapolis sectional
went on sale today at 12 South Capitol
lion. Lost, Pet.
Nbortridgp 11 5 .641
Technical 8 6 .571
Broad Ktpple 7 .638
Manual 6 0 .400
Shortridge, 33; Mooresville, 24.
Technical, 41; Thorntown, 11.
Danville, 1.8; Broad ltippte, 15.
Vincennes. 43; Manual, 18.
Washington, 29; Manual, 14.
The Franklln-Shortridge game will
be played Wednesday evening at 8
o'clock, at the Shortridge gym, and
not Wednesday afternoon, aa vaa
announced in a morning paper.
Technical climbs into second place In
the local "state” team standing as a re
suit of her win over Thorntown and
Broad Ripple’s loss to Danville. Both
Shortridge and Manual strengthened
their claims to the positions they oc
cupy In ihe local race, the Blue snd
White copping one from Mooresville and
the Red and White dropping two on the
road—to Vincennes and Washington.
Technical and Shortridge had "easy
pickings'' In their respective contests,
and it Is said by those wly> witnessed
the Danville Broad Ripple game that
Ripple would have walked away with the
fraeus bad It not been for the loss of
Garrett at the staff of the battle. How
ever, the fact stands out that the boys
from Broad Ripple tied the score Ip. the
last five minutes of play, at that. The
long Journey to the Ohio river taken by
the Manunlites must have had a had ef
fect on their playing ability, for the
South Stders are a whole lot better than
those two scores would indicate.
South Gets Tourney
CHICAGO, Jan. 19.—The western ama
teur golf championship tourname.nt was
awarded to the Memphis Country club
at the annual meeting of the Western
Golf association here. The dates are
July 12 to 17. The open tournament
was assigned to the Olympia Fields club
of Chicago and the Junior rbamplon
snip to the Bobolink club, also of
Wilbur Brooks of the Mayfield Court
club, Cleveland, was elected president to
succeed Charles F. Thompson of Chi
cago. who has served three terms.
Neale Is Holdout
.MARIETTA, 0., Jan. 19.—Earl Neale,
Cincinnati outfielder, la a holdout. Neale,
who is Voach of the Marietta college
football and basketball teams, declared
the 10 per eent Increase in salary offered
him is not satisfactory and that he had
declined two contracts.
More Than a Great Play or a Great Book
—lt’s a Rainbow of Hope and Gladness
Sent to Cheer Young and Old
As the * ‘Glad Girl 9 9 ln Eleanor
“PoixYANNA” )fWBm
Performances Start at 11:15 a. m., 12:50, 2:25, 4:20, 5:55,
Other Features Include the Circlette of News. Travel agy
Feature. Willard Andelin, Basso, Soloist. Zimmerer
Stage Setting. Overture, “Pique Dame,” by Suppe. dP&Sfi
Hendricks Orders Tribe
Uniforms and Promises
Real Stars to Wear ‘Em
Manager Hendricks of the Indians to
day ordered the 1920 Tribe uniforms,
and next spring the fans will see their
favorites togged out iu white togs with
navy blue aud cardinal trimmings. Tbe
road uniforms will be the usual gray,
but with cardinal trimmings this season
in place of brown. The Indian manager
stated that, although the 1929 schedule
of the A. A. has not been adopted, In
dlanapolis was certain of the Decoration
day dates, with Louisville as the visit
ing club. The Fourth of July will see
the Tribesmen in Louisville, and this ar
rangement also probably will tceur La
bor day. The Hoosiers and Colonels al
ways have been keen holiday rivals, aDd.
the schedule makers decided to let the"
team battle It out again on the big dates
this year.
President. Smith returned from the
Chicago meeting with Manager Hen
dricks and stated that he got well ac
quainted during the three days he mixed
as a magnate for the first time. He
talked with August Herrmann of the
t'iney Reds and was assured that In
dianapolis would get two players in
the Crane deal. The eighteen-player
limit Is satlsflactory to the Indianapolis
team and Manager Hendricks Is prepar
ing for the big task of collecting a
squad of star talent to be ready for
the 1920 raoe. The raising of the player
limit has caused a big scramble among
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tt r , VERY day you delay counts against your
* chance to participate in what is by far the
most liberal offer we have ever had to
extend our patrons. Since the sale started our
volume of business has broken all former records
—when our present stocks are depleted we will
have no choice but to terminate the sale. Bet
ter profit by it NOW. It may be MANY YEARS
before you can buy clothes of Kahn quality at
these prices. Overcoats should be given special
thought. You’ll be asked about DOUBLE our
present sale prices for a good one next fall.
Washington and I Y/ JL TJT'IJ , Stc6nd Floor -
M endian Sts. { JH| Jt| j Kahn Budding
the managers for additional players, and
the stove league promises to be going In
Hull blast the remainder of the winter
Secretary Clauer yesterday started for
St. Petersburg, where he will supervise
tbe preparations for the Indians’ spring
staining. (Jlauefi ’has Instructions to
arrange- all the details, and when the
Tribe squad reaches -tbe south there will
be no delay in starting practice.
Australia Forges
to Front in Davis
Cup Tennis Event
SYDNEY, Jan. 19.—Australia's colors
forged to the front here today in the
Davis cup matches when, the team of
Norman Brookes and Gerald Patterson
won their match from the English pair,
Lieut. Col. A. R. F. Klngscote and A. E.
Beamish by the decisive scores of 6-0.
6-d, 6-2. In the first two sets of the
match tbe Australians played with a
speed that dazzled the Englishmen. The
visitors lacked the excellent teamwork
of their opponents and it was late iu the
match before they were able to make any
klnd of a showing.
SIOUX CITY. Ia„ Jan. i9.—Earnest
Gillls, former star at the lowa State uni
versity, has been signed by the Sioux
City Western league team.
Em-Roes Warm Up for
Scraps With Triangles
and Ft. Wayne Knights j 1
Capt. Feeney will shove bis Em-Roe
basketball team through a stiff practice
session tonight so that bis men will be in
condition to battle the Dayton Triangles
at the Y. M. C. A. Tuesday nigbt. Tli*
game will be called at 8:30 o'clock fol
lowing n preliminary contest.
With the exception of Bebrent, the Ern-
Koes will be in better conidtion to put
up a fight in this game than they hive
been In any previous contest this season.
Behrent ha’s a dislocated finger and may
not be able to enteT the contest,, but his
place will be ably tilled by Everett Babb.
Although tbe Em-Roes are looking
ward to the contest tomorrow night iWi
i real scrap, their eyes are focused on
the contest with the Ft. Wayne K._of V.
team for Thursday night at Ft. Wayne,
It is the desire of the team to keep a
clear record in the independent field. To
do so the five must conquer the Ft.
Wayne aggregation, which is undefeated
this* season.
Three ineiners of the l-'t. Wayne teain
will be seen in action with the Triangles.
They are Bacon, Zimmerman and Iteece.
Bacon Is leading the Triangles and says
the team Is made up of the same meu
who have alwavs given the Em-Itoes a
battle, Mahrt, Thiehle, Zimmerman, Reece
and Bacon. Four of these players were
members of the old Dayton Cadets, which
put up such a wonderful record.

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