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Nebraskan Sure Treaty Will
Be Ratified Because Peo
ple Desire It.
Staff Correspondent of the International
News Service.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 20. —Having criss
crossed the country two or three times
within the last two weeks and revivi
fied the indelible stamp he long ago
puj/ upon his party, William Jennings
Bryan today completed bis mission and
left for the south, where he says he will
remain for some time "without any
As he left the capital he expressed ut
most confidence that the treaty of Ver
sailles would receive ratification at the
hands of the senate on a compromise
basis, with reservations, and that the
pact would not be submitted to the vot
ers of the country iD the coming cam
paign. On the other hand he said that
while he had long favored the principle
of referendum he did not consider it a
possibility in connection with the treaty.
"It would take months of discussion so
congress to pass such a resolution," he
said, "even if it could be done at all."
Asked upon what he based his hopes
for early ratification of the treaty, he
“1. The safest basis for calculation is
that what ought to be will be. I
"2. It is known that eighty-one out
of ninety-six senators favor ratification,
differing only as to the x,-serrations, li
is fair to assume that in so large a
majority agreeing in purpose, some way
can be found of bringing sixty-four to
gether on some agreement.
"3. The pressure from outside is ail
for ratification and it increases daily.
Any dam will break if the water behind
it rises sufficiently. In thiß case there
is no limit to the rise, therefore the
break must come sooner or later.
"Finally the rivalry will he to see
which side can get the credit for giving
most. Heretofore it has been to see
which side could get most out of it.
"Devotion to a cause is shown by will
ingnes's to sacrifice rather than by will
ingness to enjoy.
“The people are much more Interested
in getting some kind of compromise than
they are in the phraseology of the res
Industrial Exhibit
Spaces in Demand
Practically every available space in
Tomlinson hall for the industrial show
to be held under the auspices of the
Optimists club Feb. 17 to 2i, has been
taken, according to C. P. Brackett, chair
man of the space committee. By ar
ranging the floor conservatively sixty
five individual spaces have been pro
The last day for signing by ex
hibitors will be Feb. 3, but Mr. Brackett
announced today that the contracts likely
would be closed this week.
“I am pleased with the demand we
have had for spaces,” declared Mr.
Brackett. ‘‘After the last contracts have
been closed we can determine the amount
of money to spend. The demand for
space indicates an unusual interest by
th members of the club and we are
confident the show will draw some large j
The Semi-Annual Furniture Sale Lives Up to Its Traditions
of Worthy Economies on Furniture of Highest Character
$450 Dining Room Suites, $369
Queen Anne period, as illustrated, or in Louis XV or XVI
periods. American walnut, antique mahogany or Jacobean
oak finishes, making nine different suites to select from.
These suites consist of 10
Sixty-inch buffet (with
either wood or mirror
Large size china cabinet.
Mahogany Bedroom Suite, $269.50
This "very fine Adam period bedroom suite, in antique
mahogany (exactly as pictured), consists of 4.6 bedstead
42-inch bureau, triple-plate toilet table and 34-inch chiffonier.
$450.00 Louis XVI period din
ing room suite, consisting of
ten pieces; American walnut
veneer finish; sixty-inch buffet,
large size china closet and
server, five slip-seat leather
chairs, host chair to match, large
table. Sale price, $369.00.
Ten-piece oak dining room
suite, “Stickley" finish, plain in
design; consists of sixty-inch
buffet, large table, china closet,
serving table, five tapestry seat
chairs and host chair to match.
Very special at $290.00.
Press Comment Generally Fa
vorable to Millerand Ministry.
PARIS, Jan. 20.—With a few excep
tions, the French press comment was
generally favorable to the new Millerand
ministry today. , *
"The choices were made from men
who have shown great business ability
in private life,” said FormeT Premier
Clemenceau’s newspaper, L'Homme Libre.
The Echo de Paris called it “A wise
“Parliament’s unprejudiced political
veterans, will now confidently await the
work of the men M. Millertnd has
chosen,” said Matin.
Figaro referred to it as an "oratorical”
“There is .not one political ace In
the group," was the comment of La Vic
Gaulois calls the personnel of the cab
inet a “disagreeable surprise.”
The socialist newspaper, Humanlte, de
elafed not a single political group Is
wholly satisfied.
The Millerand cabinet is known as an
interim ministry and it is expected that
it will be recast when President Des
chanel is inaugurated next month.
Commerce Club Men
Meet in Terre Haute
Special to The Times.
TERRE HAUTE, Ind., Jan. 20.- Mem
bers of the Indiana State Cahmber of
Commerce convened here today to dis
cuss industrial problems. The conven
tion was held in conjunction with the
Indiana commercial secretaries associa
tion. ,
Many well known speakers were in
cluded on the program.' The principal
address at the banquet to be held this
evening was to be delivered by B. T.
Meredith, president of the Associated
Advertising Clubs of the World, and pub
lisher of Successful Farming.
Others speakers will be: L. N. Hines,
superintendent of public instruction;
John G. Brown, president of the Indiana
Federation of Farm Association ; Charles
L. Henry, president of the Indianapolis
& Cincinnati Traction Company;- Charles
Fox. president of the Indiana Federation
of Labor; Edward Haynes, Kokomo, and
L. T. Lewis of the Indiana public service
‘Poor Woman’s’Death
Reveals $2,000 Savings
Special to The Times.
EVANSVILLE, Ind., Jan. 20.—Death
has revealed that while Mrs. Dora Voelker
of this city lived in poverty she had
close to $2,000 in local banks, tyoney
was also found concealed in bed cloth
ing. For many years the woman lived
off the charity of neighbors. Many good
clothes were found in the house but the
woman never wore them.
Chicago Flu Now
at Epidemic Stage
CHICAGO, .fan. 20.- Influenza reached
the epidemic stage here today. Health
officials reported the disease was spread
ing at the rate of 1,000 new eases daily.
The number of deaths has been low,
twenty-six being reported during the last
two days.
Appeals were sent to surrounding cities
for nurses. The supply of physicians
and nurses was reported a great deal bet
ter than a year ago, when many were iu
government service. j
Fifty - four - inch dining
room table.
Cabinet serving table.
Five slip-seat, leather
bottom chairs.
One host chair to match.
$352.00 three-piece overstuffed
living room suite, with loose
spring seats, spring arms and
back. Covered in a high grade
of tapestry. Sale price, $279.
$225.00 overstuffed davenport,
covered in high grade of tapes
try, loose spring seats, spring
arms and back. Sale price,
$280.00 three-piece overstuffed
living room suite; loose spring
seats and spring backs, covered
in a good grade of tanestry.
Sale price, $237.50. J
Thirty Poilus Killed or Hurt
in Fight at Alexandretta.
LONDON, .Tan. 20.—Thirty French
soldiers were killed or wounded when
600 insurgent Syrians attacked the
Frdnch forces of occupation east of
Alexandretta, said a Cairo dispatch to
the Daily Express today, quoting ad
vices received there from Damascus.
Anew Syrian revolt Is reported to be
developing in the Takia mountains.
Alexandretta is i,n the French sphere
of influence in the extreme northern part
of Syria. It lies on the gulf of Iskan
Lecturer to Tell ,
of Europe’s Affairs
Dr. Charles A. Payne, well known
traveler and Chautauqua lecturer, will
talk to the Indiana University extension
classes in current evefats, history, eco
nomics and sociology tonight at Short
ridge high school.
Dr. Payne has traveled .and lectured
for twenty years. He has recently re
turned from a trip through Belgium,
France and Italy, and will discuss con
ditions in those countries. The lecture
will be held at 7:30-o'clock in the study
Action of Vigilantes
Brings $25,000 Suit
Special to Tlie Times.
SHOALS, Tnd., .Tan. 20.—An echo of the
world war is being heard in the local
circuit court. Walter Forster, Washing
ton, Jnd„ hotel proprietor, is suing
t wen tv Washington business and profes
sional men for $25,000 damages. They
are alleged to have formed a mob and
drove him out of Washington after ac
cusing him of disloyalty. They claimed
Forster refused to buy Liberty bonds.
The jury already has been obtained and
the case proceeded rapidly today.
SOFTH BEND With two deaths re
ported local physicians have reopened
war on influenza.
ANDERSON—After twenty-one years’
service in the school department Miss
Mary Mulligan has resigned as super®
visor of Anderson schools to take up
new educational duties in Columbus, O.
NOBLESVILLE -The first fox drive In
many years in this county resulted in
the capture of a red fox. One of William
Presser’s hounds caught the annual.
BEDFORD—For passing fraudulent
cheeks William Roy Mitchell, IS, son of
James Mitchell, who was murdered here
a few years ago, must service two to
fourteen years.
" EVANSVILLE—The odor of whisky at
tracted a largo crowd to the police sta
tion late yesterday. It was the police
pouring thirty-five gallons of "red eye”
into a sewer. The stuff was taken from
William Riatt of Nashville. Teun., who
was arrested here some time ago.
WARSAW —When A. W. Vnnßyster
weld, charged with illegal medicine prac
tice, promised to leave Indiana late yes
terday he was given his freedom after
he paid a fine of $25 and costs. Van-
Bysterweld was arrested after he treated
a number of persons at Milford. He ad
mitted he was not a physician hut a
Firm Car Gocssca
The fame of Pettis Semi-Annual Furniture Sale grows from year
to year. The people of this city and state have come to recognize
it as the greatest opportunity to majte noteworthy savings on
furniture of the finest character.
- k
There are thousands of dollars' worth of furniture on our floors now, bought under
the most favorable conditions. This event is so well established that we plan for it
months in advance and are continually searching the markets for the best values
they afford. That is why we can offer such savings as are printed on this page in
spite of an ever advancing market.
If your home needs new furniture, or if you are planning anew home, you can not
afford to miss this opportunity to
Save 20 % to 40% and in Some Cases Half
$375.00 three-piece overstuffed
living room suite, covered in a
high grade of combination ve
lour and tapestry. Large and
massive. Special sale price,
$420.00 two-piece lining room
suite, covered in high-grade wis
teria tapestry; loose spring
seats, spring arms and barks.
One of the most handsome suites
we have. Sale price, $369.00.
$415.00 three-piece overstuffed
living room suite. Covered in
an excellent grade of verdure
tapestry. Large and massive in
design. Sale price, $350.00.
$450.00 Louis XV dlnifig room
suite, in Jacobean oak finish.
The suite consists of buffet,
table, china closet, serving table,
five genuine slip-seat leather
chairs and host chair to match.
Special sale price, $369.00.
Political Prophet Gives , Views
of 1920 Situation.
NEW YORK, Jan. 20.—Mark Sullilvan.
writing in the current issue of Colleir's
Weekly, expresses the belief that Wil
liam J. Bryan will select the democratic
candidate for president.
Gen. Wood, Senator Johnson and Gov.
Lowden are picked by Sullivan as the
most serious republican contenders
"The republican party leaders have
not the faintest idea of nominating Hoo
ver.” he said. "They are not going to
nominate anybody who is not a member
of the lodge, so to-speak. The democratic
leaders might nominate him 1f they
thought that his name, and his alone,
might give them a flghtin gehance.”
Sullivan believes neither nominee will
be named before the third day of the con
Dr. Sigler’s Funeral
from Family Home
The funeral of Dr. George A. Sigler,
who died Sunday at the age of 74 years,
was held this morning from the late
residence. 2ITC6 North Capitol avenue.
Rev. L. W. Luekey, pastor of the Grace
Presbyterian church, officiated. Dr, Sig
ler had practiced medicine in Indianapo
lis for twenty-four years. He is sur
vived by the widow and one daughter,
Miss Japhryn Sigler.
“Danderine” will check that
ugly dandruff and stop hair
coming out.
To stop falling hair at once and rid the
scalp of every particle of dandruff, get
a small bottle of "Danderine” at any
drug or toilet counter ior a few cents,
pour a little in your hand and rub it
into the scalp. After several applications
the hair usually stops coming out and
you can’t find any dandruff. Soon every
hair on your scalp shows new life, vigor,
brightness, thicknes and more color.
SSO ivory enameled Wil
liam and Mary period chif
fonier. Sale price, $37.50.
$75 odd rockers, loose cush
ions, spring seat, cane backs
and sides. Covered in high
grade of striped mulberry
velour. Sale price, $55 00.
S9O Colonial period mar
hogany chiffonier, $72 50.
$454 Ivory; enamel torch
poster period bedroom suite,
consisting of six pieces.
Large massive dresser, full
size bed, triple mirror dress
ing table, chiffonier, chair
and rocker. Sale price, $360.
Capitol Offices Closed During
Funeral of Secretary.
All state offices were ordered closed
at noon today in respect to William A.
Roach, secretary of state, whose funeral
was held at Delphi, Ind., thip afternoon.
The body was sent to Delphi after serv
ices at the home here yesterday morn
ing. Most of the state offices were closed
during the 1 services yesterday. Many
state employes and officials went to Del
phi for the funeral.
Will H. Hays, republican national
chairman, sent the following telegram
to the Roach home:
"Just have telegram and am shocked
and grieved beyond expression. Deacon
was one of my best friends and one of
the finest men in the world. The state
loses a most distinguished citizen, his
friends and nil of us, the truest and
noblest of friends. I can not tell you
how 'deep Is my sorrow. Your grief is
The Original
Malted Milk
For Infants and Invalids
Avoid Imitations and Substitute*
Mrs. Hendricks, Bedfast Five
Months, Was Able to Work
in Two Weeks.
“I was sick last winter for five months
!>with stomach and bowel trouble. Could
| not turn myself in bed without help. I
! was under the care of four doctors, and
| they gave me up. Then Mr. Mills, the
druggist, persuaded my husband to try a
j bottle of Milks Emulsion. I bad only
taken it two days until I was sitting up
in bed, and in two weeks T was doing my
own work. When I began taking it, I
weighed only 70 pounds; now I weigh
100 pounds.”—Mrs. Mary Hendricks, 900
1 Litchfield road, Owensboro, Ky.
Thousands of people who have suffered
for years from stomach and bowel trou
bles have found relief, almost from the
first dose of Milks Emulsion. And it is
real. lasting benefit.
Milks Emulsion is a pleasant nutri
tive food and a corrective medicine. Tt
restores healthy, natural bowel action, j
doing away with all need of pills nnd
physics. It promotes appetite and quick
ly puts the digestive organs in shape to
assimilate food. Asa builder of flesh
and strength. Milks Emulsion is strong
ly recommended to those whom sickness
has weakened, and is a powerful aid in
resisting and repairing the effects of
wasting diseases. Chronic stomach trou
ble nnd constipation are promptly re
lieved—usually in one day.
This is the only solid emulsion made,
and so palatable that it is eaten with a
spoon like lee cream.
No matter how sever your ease, you
are urged to try Milks Emulsion under
this guarantee -Take six bottles home
j With you, use it according to directions i
| and if not satisfied with the results, your i
i money will be promptly refunded. Price
: 00c and $!.20 per bottle. The Milks !
| Emulsion Cp., Terre Haute, Ind. Sold by
[druggists everywhere.—Advertisement.
$125 large and massive
scroll Colonial dresser. Has
large plate mirror. In ma
hogany veneer. Very spe
cially priced for this sale at
S2BO four-piece Adam pe
riod, Ivory enamel bedroom
suite. Full sized bed, large
dresser, full size vanity
dresser and chiffonier. Sale
price, $237.55.
$125 Adam period, bnjv
front bed, full size. Very
special at $98.00.
SBS ivory enameled Adam
period dresser, has fine plate
mirror. Sale price, $69.50.
mine. I mourn with you. There Is no
train that could possibly get there in
time for the funeral or I would come.
With my most profound sympathy,
Judge Raymond S. Springer, state
commander of the American legion, sent
a letter of sympathy to Mrs. Roach at
Delphi. Mr. Roach gave the legion his
assistance in bringing the national head
quarters to Indianapolis. He repre-
14 9 244 Pairs
dHhf To Be Offered for Four Days
J anuar y 21-22-23-24
-Smmm We want every pair to be sold before we
take inventory. Help us move these shoes
f rom our stock in the next FOUR DAYS
and receive the benefit of substantial
See our windows for wonderful
" values in shoes, rubbers and
Memij, Women and Children
Last call on genuine U. S. Army QQ / *f/|l and *|'!|* 1 1//B
Hip Boots; 317 pairs are all we *Jr J 7.,5/ 1
can offer you; better come =■„, ''ll Et
Exchanges will be made only
four days to receive benefit of re-
Mat! Orders Filled by Prepaid Parcel Post in Indiana
$75.00 triple mirror dressing
table, Chippendale period,
American walnut finish, $49.00.
$450.00 Louis XV ten-piece din
ing room suite, in Jacobean oak
finish. The suite consists of
sixty-inch buffet, six-foot flfty
four-inch table, china closet,
serving table, five tapestry seat
chairs and host chair to match,,
Special sale price, $290.00.
$45.00 William and Mary pe
riod library table, small oval
wood center inset in a full cane
top, mahogany veneered. Sale
price, $35.00.
$45.00 Charles II solid mahog
any rocker, upholstered seat
and hack in a good graide df blue
velour. Sale price, $27.50.
$60.00 open top desk, Chippen
dale period, American walnut,
finish, $42.50.
sented the state at the Minneapolis con
vention of the legion.
Italy’s Wire Strike
Brought to End
Jan. 20.—The Ttalian tele
graph strike has ended, but all lines
are badly congested, because of accu
tuulated business, says a Milan dispatch.
$3lO Overstuffed Suite, $249
This high-grade three-piece overstuffed suite, exactly aa
pictured, has soft spring arms, loose spring cushions in seats.
Covered in good grade of beautiful verdure tapestry.
$l9B Tapestry Davenports, $155
The illustration shows the luxuriousness and beauty of
these davenports. Covered in high-grade tapestry, with out
side of the back the same. Fitted with loose reversible pil
lows on arms, and spring cushions peats.
$27.75 wing back, medallion
center cane chair. Upholstered
in mulberry velour. Special sale
price, $22.50.
$45.00 triple mirror (jessing
table, • biraseye maple, plain
style plate mirror, $35.00.
$310.00 three-piece overstuffed
living room suite, covered in an
excellent grade of tapestry. The
three pieces, $249.00.
$195.00 high grade overstuffed
loose back spring seat and arm
davenport. Large and massive,
full spring back, removable
arms. Covered In good grade
of tapestry. Sale price, $155.
$165.00 two-piece ivory enam
eled dresser and triple mirror
dressing table. Adam period,
large and massive. Sale price,
Police Plan Legion
Post from Ranks
Thirty-six members of the police de
partment, who served in the United
States Rrmed forces during the war, are
to be drawn into an American Legion
post if the efforts of Police Lieutenant E.
C. Ball succeeds. He expects to call an
organiration meeting scon.
$295.00 three-piece cane living
room suite, upholstered in fine
grade of verdure tapestry. Two
loose pillows, large size daven
port and rocker to match. Spe
cial sale price, $255.00.
Three-piece overstuffed living
room suite, loose spring seats,
cushion spring backs and arm.
'Chair and rocker to match. All
covered in good grade of tap
estry. Sale price, $337.50.
$65.00 heavy Colonial period
triple dressing table,
ivory enamel finish, largo andi
massive, $45.00.
$55.00 Queen Anne period
solid mahogany library table.
Sale price, $45.00.
$75.00 Louis XV,, ivory enam
eled chiffonier; has deep draw
ers and nicely finished. Special
sale price, $57.50.
-Pettis furniture dept., fourth floor.

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