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Indiana daily times. [volume] (Indianapolis [Ind.]) 1914-1922, February 13, 1920, Home Edition, Image 3

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i wm—aati i w.ni’ ’■w l lll|W '* llll,] e Sfc£MHMHPHHHAHHMAHHPAPHiBBPAHnMB&sfIHPuPMHHAHPEMHiPMH&diWEPKuiALAHftiiiiLiM9HHHi
40k Silk Plush Coats JL J,l| Up to $35 Jersey DRESSES
jllik v Jp| Values up to $50.00 would like about. M|o 1I B
Never was a sale more carefully planned. I 407-417 WEST WASHINGTON STREET where to start. The materials are the best. §| jip’|| gL||| agJF
Jj||g Styles so distinctive, so delightfully dis- i...-, .. * — 1 • Whatever one you select you are sure to get the g |j|gjl|| A&i aF|i|
ferent that it will pay you to visit our coat ver^best quality that is to be had || gg ||j t||jp
somely lined, fur and kerami trimmed collars - Q 1 C OF* JT\ F% J"’ Cr F"* r>
and cuffs. Sizes 16 to 50. ~~ j s OQle Os oERCmL DRESSES
lit'fili 49***#* “*fe $lO and sl2 Values | B |||| Jfcv
wL jpl ‘ [ ** ie Ce ** to ° wto * n<^
Up to S6O Silk Plush COATS 11 i |fc|||j - j|| | | woman and miss. But the numbers are 1 mited. |j| 2g|jt
Omm bottom beautiful- A| 0 Sale of VELVET DRESSES
Ltetsa a Si. so #3 s,so ° -* s2o ° v °‘* mdSzwk
Imp will look ahead W W •W’ w 1 RSBuS.ri?cs#| WMM ?fe “ ort ““‘ °f beautiful A M mm {fA'SBSTAJkVt
when coats like these are reduced. They will L Pftfjfepi OflllflffiftyMlH <L rflWi *“■ nitoble for street, JL g fg VI |1
M n W%. think not only of immediate wear, but of the —?"f 1 | j BJfU i J l ?2riS!i*ltrikin?rtylr < A 11 I 1111
Q$ - { satisfaction of having on hand a good, service- ” “ “
i d sl2 SO CO ATS ii * !i,!i:a,:diwii:i i= "• • • 1 • s> gMygfi fy \
H llnfil -^ ove^ ties an(i P lain olors ’ S Beaver and Plush SHORT 1 $30.00 and $35.00 \ \
II ;| J|B ' § els. Plain or belted styles; sizes 16 tWA SHORT PLUSH c:/ rOATC ill
Ml Milt to 44. Special Saturday— I At|*A COATS COATS I 'J“ t,C " OnC OUAIJ f .
ES 1 f/ , I Beautiful sealine collars, handsomely
ggHHi; MW mi mmP ***° ° values S3O and $35 Values lined. Without question we believe this
: mm C9 fl fifl ~nJ f9C /)/) IT, ** we Fur collars, cuffs and sered in Indianapolis this season, sizes
I il? UTIU iU f M j| j pI * nounced, every coat a bottom exceptionally 16 to 46, special v sSli!* fl
PniJriY CO ATQ UL. high-grade, well-tai- attractive models. Vi J\
vl' - " ■ LOItCM LU/i i O I lored model. Sizes 16 to 50. M ISIPM 11/
\ Fashionably tailored of velours, pom- | ,\ j S Hffit M ![, \Vul \j \
I I poms and Egyptian plush. Large I l\ r A flft A A gsk QQ W P |iM| S %u
Ei . \ shawl or choker collars, belted and | \\ &gg .Hfi i'i Wfi -Jjll f■! $£ vk If
"‘““siil'TS I sS i■ M IIJ
Removal Sale of SHOES Scllc of 0V 6f COclt Sale of Men S TROUSERS Womens Gowns and
300 PAIRS LADIES’ SHOES, brown and black kid and gnmni®tal -w *mm * w mg 'r vfF 18.50 YOUNG MEN’S TROUSERS,
leather, high and low heels; $5.00 and $6.00 values: all sizes; I W I m fm/I T MyG'/ |Hll fancy cashmeres Scotch tweeds 0& s2>o ° COVERALL
specially priced for Satur- QC weggjgjtHk HM O .tIÜbC
day only viv ^ l *^ 6 r hT
SB.OO LADIES SHOES—One lot of ladies’ raMl| M 9 > anTre*? 5595
black. brown and gray kid and patent C9C /)/)
leather shoes, with beaver kid tops, high irlcil o fpCiO.UU \JVeTCOaiS Ul /, V J jKg‘tP?! GfjfiJif $6.00 MEN'S TROUSERS, dark f vV braid; A | AA
and low heels; regular £4 C __ /.] AG} worsteds and heavy weight cash- p>ok iSSCSffi special $ ! iQ9
SB.OO values; special % J 8 BF meres, all well tailored AA QC 1/ fi ammti
LADIES’ FANCY DRESS SHOES, biaclt Rjil 4.0D .nd ev.ry „am r, ta forc e d.s3.Bb yj y.mm BWMg
and brown kid, patent, all black and "N JgHgfigg'Li# $3.50 MEN’S TROUSERS, heavy \,' LJ%\trP/BT/ extra large women;
colored tops: finest quality leather No We know of stores that would he glad to Aum i'tMHni weight tor work and neat dark ; /Iwrrai ? 2 -50 A | A A
better shoe made at the gg - iglV re-L^th'm 85 / 01 * th< fit 6 419 tJ heD * \ stripes' for dress, with reinforced || jj values 90
SHOES, good, serviceable school mm , .. A Pk $7.50 MEN'S CORDUROY PANTS, \| i Amoskeag ginghams,
r lo clr“aru Auto di b?^d oh and Wj V sizes 36
$1.93 and $2.45 $17.50 j 27 to 50, special. . U 54.95 ll I HOUSE dresses]
>■■ - mi Precisely similar coats will sell next season ND SWEET * (jIM Ur cales, trimmed with
at oven MORE than S3O. Why not buy one I'W <wv ORR .OVERALLS, known every- UlJg 1 j rickrack A I A A
-s NOW and have it laid aside until next year? j y/ZM ?heavy white^ack denims |j|j| j 1 braid 9 lavu
A Sensational Sale of Boys’OVERCOATS A ° lmme “ e ch ° lce ’ H SSf &£! $2.85 T7T TT~Z 7~
.ms. °*d MACKINAWS '*’* s3SMOvereat I gfli ffl W I JUZZ’J'SSfL
All-Wool MACKINAWS SI S.O'S " dir > $1.25
have been marked down to — Great coats! Belted and semi-belted models. j ’ Men’s Underwear and Sweaters £ k I St , ISIS^ ICOA . , , ,f
y- A Rich plaid-back coatings included. Fine- , r,n T-oittll P P B3fi
X \AWb~I vX nGk looking novelties; elegantly lined. All sizes. /C\ $5.00 ALL WOOL UNION SUITS, good, >i.u values vw
l.ISfWk & i heavy, warm garments; in *A gZ GOOD HEAVY FLANNELETTE
Men’s (40.00 Overcoats at Bf S'WTS’rtr?
pIELtHELy cufa.'.ira<4is c>4 ae fPSa /Vink awfl3fasr.iJ ssn asyrars
Marked down to taa ■ SOB I KM \\ $4.00 MEN’S UNION SUITS, standard and dark gray or light stripe pat
i-M-a —na -w J I WJW9 wfflW&L if £k 1 agr fleeced and ribbed, good warm A | AP terns, regular or extra AP
\ They re custom-made O coats in every re- w*wSßhk. JSg garment, strictly firsts y I >O3 sizes; special MC
WU$ fmm ■ ’i# •'sw4- spect. Finest all-wool coatings; half or USSr* *, i. 4 *. Krt MCKJ , C ciiitq h<k - vv
MaJu- v full lined; belted; box back; single and— pg 1/ rM 4 * 60 MENS UNION SUI TS, hea > .
/mi\ Every chtlds overcoat sold up double-breasted' semi-belted’ All sizes : ||¥, F fleeced and ribbed garments; High Rock
S/B8& to $7.50 has been included in this uouuie ureasiea, serai oeitod. All sizes. / lil and Lam bsdown make; CISC n rT’ F n mo I
>|psJ lot; sizes up to 6.
W* C 7 Anr FiFi p r rr r r r r> i , a ‘ [>.%! / $1.75 men’s shirts and drawers,
\ \ D nvc > QUITS n* Pk Men & .U(J bull S OT\ SCLIC Clt 1| maBT /-A'SSP High Rock fleeced and Cooper A I jP WOMEN’S $5.00 SKIRTS,
tiff&VK boys Jill IJ at rne - , o , .. . ■m& Mil iWW' l mP 9 iWi ribbed; strictly firsts 9I• I 3 plaids, serges and mixtures in
/pfrA ic • fTf dependable materials, workmanship, fit and finish fully guar- Ln ■ |US| —■} i’ Bfit-' v\ all the newest winter crea
nomenal Savings anteed. Belted and high-waisted models that are being worn by %|r i S■ W V fell gs*&i9 3ft c MEN’S CASHMERETTE HOSE, tlons; spe cial for Saturday
. frr.& an KA , , ° smart dressers. T 1 heavy fleece lined and lisle; 09- on i v
$12.50 values at— _____ strictly firsts Co C onlJ ftQ
fc\ QC flyf f (Dorp C/1 CfffT'C 1 x k— ■— W{flir\ 65c MEN’S HEAVY WOOL HOSE, warm 51.98
Jpr i >vD Men s q>Zf.Dt) bUllb on sale at IP-f cfl and serviceable, in oxford and 35fi I I
Mm Blue serges, fancy mixtures, Nifty-looking sack suits and belted, waist-seam models, as well as 1 j§ blue; Bfr,ctly firsts $7.00 SKIRTS in plain colors
heavy wool cheviots and the more conservative style for the business man. All sizes. ■ | ■V W 25c MEN’S LISLE HOSE, in gray, blue, and plaids, large pockets and
4M9 neat cashmere patterns: * black and tan; good quality |9 1 belts, button trimmed; all
j&p. H every suit made in newest and a bargain; strictly firsts I fc2w new models—
%Ti.'p!Z%S& Men’s $30.00 SUITS on sale at 4M AQf "“"'tl m $4.98
U P f° sl—so. jj you’re looking for a suit for dress or business wear, see these! I strictly firsts 9I OU
FVYS9 /R f They’re wonders! And at the price, it’s like buying them at whole- ■ J|p M%O MEN’S AND BOYS’ JERSEYS, all-wool, in every desired color SIB.OO SKIRTS, all-wool
&/i! 5 sTs CI/I.4L* “—————— sa j e Coßt t combination; specially reduced; AA AP French serges, plaids end
00 "Rrivq’ All Wool .*, A strictly firsts plain colors, fancy pockets,
vp u.v JQ AU-WUOi flfi® 11 a™ ■ m . gt.ra.m4 nrr .mn > . 66c MEN’S FIBER SILK HOBE, in white and black ?v. large belts; exceptional val-
Blue Seme SUITS l| a | Mens $35.00 SUITS on sale at <fcl| JAP oni y; special Saturday itsz ues, an Bizeß
- 7to 17; extra quality. WBW %P The finest we’ve had in stock. Superb all-wool fabrics, custom- afg (mk 21 specilffer 3 Saturday all wanted colors, extra gg $9.98
1 1 tailored and finished; finest linings; belted, waistseam and plain! IjffliTlW p

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