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Increased Business Shows
Need of Huge Increase in
Office Space.
Indianapolis will hare anew sky-line
within the next three years, in the opin
ion of many leading financial men of
the city.
L Anew era of sky-scraper building is
hand, declare many of these men who
instantly hare their fingers on the city’s
room and desk space in Indlan
iHs Is scarce. Some real estate men
here isn't any. Many large bulld
hare long waiting lists and daily
for space.
The rapid growth of Indianapolis as
a manufacturing city, the expansion of
many of the great manufacturing con
cerns of the country, the advertising
Indianapolis has received ns the best
shipping center of the country, making
it, in the opinion of many business men,
the best distributing center in America,
has attracted scores of manufacturers'
agents and jobbing representatives.
A temporary cause for the greet de
mand for office space, also, is the fact
that railroad companies which gave np
their local offices when the roads went
under government control are seeking
space again when the roads shall be
re'turned to private control in the near
future. These offices include those of
general agents, special representative'
and many other officials.
The one logical result of the situation
is a program of building, according to
financial men. Already two or throe
great office building projects are in
process of formation, and more will
follow, It is predicted.
E. A. West, manager of the Fletcher
Savings and Trust Company building,
says that there has been no vacant
space In his building for’ so long he
has completely forgotten when It was.
“We turn away dozens dally,” Mr. West
declared. “I don’t know what we are
going to do. Our space is all taken up.
We would like to see every newcomer to
the city comfortably and conveniently lo
cated, but there is an immutable law of
physics that two objects can not occupy
the same place at the same time. The
old tojyn is going ahead so fast that of
fice space, along with several other fea
tures, hasn't caught up with the rapid
pace its growth Is setting.”
Dick Miller, president of the City Trust
Company, says that he has been swamped
with applications for space in the City
Trust building.
“I almost had to throw <jne poor fellow
out of my office the other day." Mr. Miller
declared. “He simply would not take
no for an answer. T wish our build
ing were three times as big. I can cer
tainly sympathize vrtih any one on the
hunt for office space.'’
George B. Elliott, president of Breed,
Elliott & Harrison, investment bankers,
says that he knows personally of dozens
of firms and individuals that have tried
to get office accommodations in the city,
but to date have failed.
“There isn't any office space,” Mr.
Elliott said. “I don't know how many
instarces I am personally familiar with
or h: ve been called to my attention where
ofii. e space has been sought in Indian
apolis. It is one of the problems we
wiil have to solve and solve quickly and
rationally. Indianapolis is certainly go
ing to lb° front."
George W. Klein, manager of the Mer
chants Bank building, says that office
apace ranks along with the proverbial
hen's teeth.
“We haven’t looked at our tenants'
waiting list for more than nine months
and the outsiders' list I haven’t seen
for a year,” Mr. Klein said. “This does
n't Include the daily requests for office
and desk space we receive In person
and by mail. There isn’t any space
to be had in Indianapolis. Railroad
companies w hich had offices in our build
ing before the war now- want to come
back, but we have no place* to put them.
There isn't even desk room.”
It is generally agreed that the con
dition is not temporary, put is a direct
reflection of the rapid expansion the city
is making industrially.
COST $250,000
Tabernacle Presbyterian to Be
Located in Central Avenue.
Anew church building to cost approxi
mately $250.0(10 will tie constructed at
Thirty fourth street and Central avenue
by tbe Tabernacle Presbyterian church.
Plans and sketches of the new building
are now being prepared by Indianapolis
architects. They will be presented to the
building committee within the next ten
days and the most suitable sketch will
be adopted. The building will be of
brick or stone, according to Edgar Evans,
chairman of the building committee.
The site of the new building was pur
chased last year. About six months ago
a chapel for Sunday school was built on
the site.
The change in location of the church is
th* result of a survey made which shows
ye present building at Eleventh and
Meridian streets to be badly located and
away from the center of the eongrega
tion. The present church property will
be sold when the new building is com
Hoosier Who Fired
First Honored
Alexander L. Arch, the Indiana Yank
who fired the first American shot In the
world tvar, now wears a victory button.
It was presented to hifn by Col. George
L. Converse, recruiting officer in Indian
Sergt. Arch i* a resident of South
Bend, Ind.
“Bergt. Arch has a remarkable rec
ord.” said Col. Converse. “His record
shows that be was wounded twice in ac
tion. He wears five battle clasps on his
Victory medal.” He was furloughed to
the reserve in January of this year.
Caillaux Expects
10-Year Banishing
PARIS, Feb. 20.—The Echo de Paris
stated tod>- that former Premier Joseph
failiaitx, wito is on trial for treason, has
told his friends he expects to be con
victed and to be banished fre- France
for ten years. He was quoted .s say
ing that be “expects to go to Egypt like
former Premier Cleinenceau.”
Traffic Waits as
Susie Slumbers
TOLEDO, Feb. 20.—Susie is som
Omlyes, Susie is!
Sam, Susie's master, says Susie
sleeps. “She was sleeping when you
pinched her,” Sam said to Policeman
Soloman. “She don't know no better,
she’s a boss, is Susie.” Susie slum
bered in the center of the street.
Armadillo Makes
Best Pet , Declares
Beauty of the Film
NEW YORK, Feh. 20. Wicked men
step on Pomeranians, or the string
catches, and cats won't carry well at all,
so an armful of armadillo is really the
cut at thing for shopping, in the eyes of
Miss Bessie Iv'Armand, film alar.
Broadway gasps nt her Florida
creature. But Miss D’Armand smiles,
reading of the Boston woman who offers
fts a week for soma one to tend her
pampered Pomeranian, and the Cleveland
woman who won’t take ?900 for the cat
Winter Wonder.
Diet dainties aad scented soaps are
essential for such fluffy pets, but sand
paper or a scrubbing brush will clean an
armadillo, and it eats bugs and roots.
Moreover, anyone calling an armadillo
plehian can trace its ancestry back to the
glyptodon age. perhaps a million years
before a dog barked.
There was a decrease last year in com
bined output of coni, wheat and oats
of 23C.000.000 bushels in the United States
outside of the southern states, while in
the south these grains showed an in
creased production of 235,000,000 bushels.
Oh! Thai Back of Mine!
.gr?v is many a woman’s eom-
I plaint for it seems as though it
would break, —feet swell too
6ometimes and head buzzes.
This is often due to the uric acid
V s 1 accumulates in the sys
\l WpNaturally when ' the kid-
Wtr neys are deranged the blood
is filled with poisonous wasto
' matter, which settles in the
I i‘ feet, ankles and wrists; or under
the eyes in bag-like formations.
Often there is pain in back or limbs.
Asa remedy for those easily recbgnized symptoms of in
flammation caused by uric acid —as scalding urine, backache, and
frequent urination, as well as sediment in the urine, or if uric acid
in the blood has caused rheumatism, lumbago, sciatica, gout, it is
simply wonderful how quickly Dr. Pierce’s Anurie acts; when you
take this new kidney remedy of Dr. Pierce’s the pains and stiffness
rapidly disappear, for “Anurie” (anti-uric-acid) is many times more
potent than lithia and often eliminates uric acid as hot water melts
sugar, thus removing rheumatism and lumbago.
Marion, Indiana —“I had terrible backache, my kidneys did not
act normally—just a little, and high-colored. I came into possession
of a package of Dr. Pierce’s Anurie and have taken but half of the
supply and hardly know I have a back as far as hurting is concerned.
I think Anurie is a great kidney medicine. I would advise all who
suffer from kidney trouble to try Dr. Pierce’s Anurie Tablets.”
MRS. MARY MURPHY, 1526 W. Nelson St.
Anurie can be procured at any well-stocked drug store; or send
Dr. Pierce's Invalids’ Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y., ten cents for trial
package. / ’
"For three years preceding the time I
started to use Pepgen, there was not a
single day, to my recollection, that I
felt just exactly right,” says Mrs. Lil
lian Garrett. 262 Eastern avenue, In
! dianapolis.
I “My trouble was due to the fact that
I had a bad stomach, it seemed that
about cnee a week regularly I would be
taken with a severe attack of indigestion.
At these times my stomach would throb
and pain like it jumping toothache for
at least twenty-four hours. And after
the acuteness of the attack passed away
I would be so weak and nervous that I
could s arcely move around.
“I % also had a little, hacking cough,
which came on early In the evening. No
doubt this cough was caused by my
stomach, as I have often heard of a
‘stomach cough.’ Any way. It would keep
me awake the greater portion of the
Here Is One Thing That
Is Absolutely Impossible
Rheumatism Has Never Bsen
Cured by Liniments or Lo
tions, and Never Will Be.
You never knew of Rheumatism
—that most painful source of suffer
ing—being cured by liniments, lo
tions or other external applications.
And you will never see anything but
temporary relief afforded by such
Rut why be satisfied with tem
porary relief from the pangs of pain
which are sure to return with in
creased severity, when there is per
manent relief within your reach.
Science has proven that Rheumatism
is a disordered condition of the blood.
How then, can satisfactory results
Plan Public Loans to Fit Ex-
Soldiers for Work.
WINNIPEG, Canada, Feb. 20.
Statutory authority to loan public funds
to returned soldiers who desire to qualify
as teachers for Manitoba public schools,
is asked by the department of education
in a bill to amend the public schools act,
presented for a second reading in the
legislature by Dr. Thornton, minister of
education. •
The clause relating to soldiers pro
vides :
“For the purpose of assisting returned
soldiers to become qualified as teachers,
tbe -lieutenant governor in council may
authorize the expenditure, by way of
loans from the funds of the province,
such sums as may be required, but not
exceeding in the aggregate the sum of
S4OO to any one soldier, and may fix the
terms of such loan.”
Authority is sought in the bill whereby
the department of education may, when
the occasion arises, loan money to school
districts to erect teachers' residences.
Tells U. S. Educators
of Tech High Plans
The plan upon which the Arsenal
Technical sttaools of Indianapolis are j
being developed into one of the greatest j
institutions of its kind in tho country
was explained to leaders in vocational
education In the United States at a con
ference In Chltago, this afternoon by
Milo H. Stuart, principal of the schools.
Nation-wide interest of educators has
centered upon the local school plan of
combining vocational educational worl:
with need anile work and placing theui
upon the same plane in the schools.
Fined $1 for Failure
to Hitch His Team
Drivers who leave their horses un
hitched and standing on the streets are
today facing conviction in city court.
Robert Daporte, 706 Euclid avenue, a
driver for the American Railway Ex
press, was fined $1 and costs in city
court late yesterday.
Laporte left his team unhitched and
the team ran away, the evidene showed.
A city ordinance requlreg all horses
ajid teams hitched when the driver is
not preseut.
According to statistics of actual busi
ness exchanged, a large part of the
South American trade with Germany ts
now going to the allied nations, notably
the United States.
night, consequently I felt tired and worn
out In the morulngs and my nerves were
all upset from loss of sleep. I would be
compelled to He down at frequent In
tervals during Ihe day, owing to weak
ness and because I could not sleep well
at night.
“I commenced to tke Pepgen and It
has helped me. I have not had a severe
attack of Indigestion since i began using
It. I sleep very good, too. While I
have not taken Pepgen long enough to
say that it lias made me a well woman,
still I have such great confidence in It
that I am going to keep right on taking
it, for it has certainly helped me more
than anything 1 ever took before.”
Pepgen Is sold by Henry J. Huder’s
drug stores, corner Washington and
Pennsylvania streets, Michigan and Illi
nois streets, and all other leading drug
stores everywhere.—Advertisement.
be expected from any treatment that
does not reach the blood, the seat of
the trouble, and rid the system of the
cause of the disease? S. S. S. has
for more than fifty years been giving
relief to even the most aggravated
and stubborn cases of Rheumatism.
It cleanses the blood by routing the
disease germs. The experience of
others who have taken S. S. S. will
convince you that it will promptly
reach your case. You can obtain
S. S. S. at any drug store.
A valuable book on Rheumatism
and its treatment, together with ex
pert medical advice about your own
individual case, will £>e sent abso
lutely free. Write today to Medical
Department, Swift Specific Cos., 250
Swift Laboratory, Atlanta, Georgia.—
‘Smoking and Gambling ’
Among Members to Be
LONDON, Feb. 20.—A movement Is
under way in Europe to “purge” the
Young Women’s Christian Association of
certain habits and laxities that crept into
the membership during the war. It is di
rected mainly ngalnst smoking and gam
bling, but those supporting the move
ment also desire to have tho bylaws
against dancing and the theater enforc'd
as strictly as they were in previous years.
Factional strife is threatened among
the 85.000 members. A branch known as
the Evangelical Young Women's Chris
tian Association is behind the “purity
campaign,” but it is being opposed by
the "liberals” as narrow-minded and
puritanical. The "evangelical branch”
has issued a pamphlet in support of Us
effort to have the Y. W. C. A. conducted
as an adjunct to the church. The con
troversy is now getting into the press.
A graduated tax of from 1 to .TO per
cent on all fortunes exceeding 10,000
crowns is contemplated by the Czecho
slovak government. Further tax, rang
ing from 0 to -10 per cent, would bo
levied on gains in security values.
M!WlßllqWWiiingilßinHi!lßmßßaaiM!BßnnwafflmoTllllHmaiWfflMs*rork CLOSES at p. M. SATURDAYS, on other DATS AT 5:3® p. M immniKMiiia™
3-Day Mattress Sale
Begins Saturday and Continues
Until 5:30 P. M. Tuesday
Cash, Balance Easy Weekly Payments
' are the terms on which this splendid mattress will be sold and delivered
immediately to your home. Use it while you are paying for it. It is
hill 45-pound mattress made of high grade felted cotton and covered
with dust-proof ticking; has roll edge and handholds. Built in layers
Jiff!® 1 as 4 shown and will retain its elasticity for years. At the price, $12.95, you
are saving exactly $6.80 and will have one of the most comfortable mat
tresses you ever slept on. ,
A Small First Payment and Your * \T*l Ml DL L
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Week Puts a LIRFRTY Twenty selections
ELECTRIC fflk (ten double-faced
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v acuum at the.r sold durlnß thl9 - &
Cleaner Full Cash r j
UT-f v v v of music to eniov
IN YOUR home, Wr\ Value on this splendid
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lve features than \ Instead of selling your out a cent extra 1 ÜBS, H
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Cutting Torches, Worth S3OO,
Stolen From Prest-O-Lite.
Disgust felt by a band of yeggmen
with the ordinary burglary tools of
commerce is thought to have inspired the
theft of S3OO worth of tools from the
millwright department of the Prest-O-
Lite company plant, northwest of In
dianapolis, early today.
Safe robberies In small towns near In
dianapolis have been reported frequently
of late. Several times evidence that the
burglars had trouble with their tools
has been discovered. In a robbery at
Browusburg a month ago, at least one
safe is thought to have defied efforts of
the robbers. Again at Morgantown four
days ago yeggmen gave up a safe a*
a bad job and abandoned their tools.
Armed with a modern assortment of
burning torches and machinists’ tools,
such as was acquired by the Prest-O-
Llte plant robbers, the band should
have little difficulty in breaking any
strong box.
Included in the loot were implements
of a welding outfit, tt cutting torch, an
oxygen tank, an acetylene tank and torch
and machinists' tools.
The burglars entered the plant by
breaking a window, it was reported to
the police by Charles Fay, foreman of
the millwright department.
Polish Commander
for Russian Peace
PARIS, Feb. 20. —A dispatch from the
Warsaw correspondent of the Matin to-
/Mr $(&) '. is! NEVER gripe or sicken
“Caecarets” act on Liver and Bowels without Griping or Shaking you
up—So Convenient! You wake up with your Head Clear, Complexion Rosy,
Breath and Stomach Sweet—No Biliousness, Headache or Constipation.
day quoted Gen. Pllaudskl, the Polish
premier, as saying:
“The time has come for all nations to
make peace with Russia. There is no
fear of a spread of bolshevik propa
ganda in either Poland or the allied
1 Remodeling Sale I
W§9 *-’"’*;* Remarkable re- |H
§OB v j dactions through
finMr rut oar entire
Jrp stock
i f Coafs, $19.50 Up I
New Spring Armais
I Overcoatjs I
Men’s Kiothes Pressed
H and Repaired FREE W’
Texas Lady, In Pretty Bad Fix,
Heard of Cardoi, Tried It,
And Now Says It Saed
Her Life.
Chilton, Texas.—Mrs. Mary Reese,
of this place, states: “Some time ago
I was quite sick and suffered a great
deal. I had been suffering quite
awhile. ... At times I bad such
severe pains in my back, across my
hips and in my sides—l was in a
pretty bad fix . . . was so rest
less 1 dreaded for night to come.
“Having heard of Cardui, I thought
I’d try it ... I commenced to
get better with my first bottle. I
took six bottles of Cardui, and wijtt
tell any woman what this Cardui
Home Treatment can and will do if
taken according to directions. We
not only feel it cured but . . .
most likely saved my life. lam able
to do my work with ease and know
Cardui did it.”
Carutii has been found to relieve
many womanly pains and ailments
and thousands of women have writ
ten to tell of the benefit It has been
to them, in cases of female troubles
and weakness.
Cardui Is prepared from mild, me
dicinal ingredients, which act as a
tonic and help build up health and
strength In a natural manner.
Try Cardui. At drugists.—Adver
\ Mr. Chas. Atwell, 288 N. <|
'; Champion Av e„ Columbus, ';
!; Ohio, writes: "I find that Balm- !;
/ wort Kidney Tablets are the
l| best that I have ever used for ;
\ Kidney and Bladder trouble. I ’
\ am sure that they will cure me,” ’
; etc. Mrs. M. J. Mader, 109 W.
Abriendo St.. Pueblo. Colo., ! j
!; writes: “I have used Balmwort !;
; Kidney Tablets and find them ! >
'> highly satisfactory.’’ If weak- i
! ness, rheumatic pains, “blues,"
\ etc., affect you, try the imme
; diate benefits of taking Balm
wort Tablets. All druggists sell ;

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