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Says He Fired to Save Self
From Divorced Wife and
Her Friend.
William F. Ricketts, now scrrine the
tenth year of a life eerihpnce for the
mentor of his divorced wife and a woman
know u as Nettle Campbell at Anderson,
Ind., In ISIO, has applied for a pardon
and his (Vise will be considered at the
next session of the state board of par
dons to be held here March 15 to 20, it
was announced at the office of the board
Twenty-twc new petitions for pandon
await action at the next meeting of the
hoard of pardons and thirteen cases will
be reopened.
Ricketts, who was sentenced to state
prison by a Madison connty court, .Tan.
24, 1911, sets forth in Ms petition that
he fired od his former wife and the
Campbell woman when they attacked
Ma Ho thought the Campbell woman
had a gun. His former wife had been
enticed from her home and persuaded
to obtain a divorce by the Campbell
woman, who wanted her to live a life
of shame, Ricketts says in his petition.
Ho has two children who need his aid.
it Is alleged.
Charles A. Revalee. another life
termer who has applied flr>r pardon, was
convicted of the murder of Christens.
Allison in Wayne connty in 1910. Reva
lee and another man, whose identity was
never learned, visited the Allison farm
at night and were permitted to sleep
in the bam. Both had been drinking.
The next morning it was discovered that
Mrs. Allison had been murdered and the
house set afire. Revalee was captured
hut bis alleged accomplice escaped.
Tn extenuation of Ravalee’s offense the
petition states be was onlv 19 years
old when the crime was '■nmmitted. His
companion was much older and Is said
to have exerted an unusual influence
over the youth.
Hardy Robinson, who was sentenced
to a life term by a Scott county court
for the murder of Ancil Phillips,' cbiinm
consideration of the board on the ground
tbst he killed in self defense. He was
sentenced April 21, 1910. According to
the petition a fight between Philips and
Another Big Cut In the Price of Drugs
For years the Haags were loyal to the people of Indianapolis and central Indiana. The crowds
of satisfied customers that cah be found at all times in all the seven Haag Drug Stores prove
that the general public js loyal to the Haags. Asa token of appreciation of this kindly feeling,
another big reduction has been made in drugs and other merchandise. These can be bought
cheaper every day and evening, including Sundays, in all the Haag stores since the war tax
went in force. Before the war tax, these stores sold the 51.25 Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound
for 89c, they now sell it for 79c. The sl.lO 8. S S. Blood Purifier for 74c, now 670. Other
goods in proportion. No mail orders filled at these prices.
Everything Fresh, Genuine, of the Purest and Best Quality. Prices Subject to Change Without Notlee
Drugs, Medicines and Food
Wt btanto 3iie
11.10 8. 8. 8. Blood purifier 67*
SOc Carets 23*
|IM Swam? Root 74*
*oe Swamp Root 39*
01.00 Vlnol 69*
92.00 McDade’s Prescription... .01.58
91.00 Pepten 69*
91 00 Feruna 69*
8135 Plnkham Yea. Camp 79*
9110 Milos Nervine 74*
75c Meliin's Food 64*
78c Mead’s Dextro Maltose t>4<?
11.50 Maltfne 51.19
60e Mulsifled Cocoanot OH 37*
SOc Musterole 24c
SOc Musterole. 40C
75c Nestle’* Food 49 *
91.00 Horiick’s Malted Milk 69*
91.25 Code’s Peptomangan BSf
91.00 Bliss Native Herb Tablets.. .74*
*Bc Carter’s Little Liver Pills 14#
SOc Bell's Pine Tar Honey 19*
(We Doan’s Kidney Pills 45*
25c DeLost’s Headache Powder. ..16*
BOc Drake’s Croup Remedy 3?C
51.10 Hood's Sarsaparilla 79(
35c Danderlne ••■•23*
25c Lysol 16*
50c LysoL 42c
*oo Hays's Hair Health 33*
0e IValnutta ifair Dye S3*
75c Quban Hair Color Restorer o9f
*sc Stero Cubes 29 #
51.00 Lotus .Hair Dye 74*
60c Pinex for Coughs 49*
SOc PI so Cough Syrup 19*
SOc Stanolax 39*
*l.l*o Nujol -.64*
SOc Phenolax Wafers 19*
S3o Omega OH ’ 23*
20c Capndine 18*
5c Freezone 23*
50c Nature Remedy 32*
*oe Scbwnfeid’s Tea 16*
BOc Miller’s Antlsep. OH 34f
BOc Paraflne Floor OH • 3t>*
91.00 Liquid Albolene 74*
SOc Boruen's Kagle Milk, 2 f0r....48*
25c Alcock’s Plasters 15*
25e J. A J. Belladonna Plasters. 15*
tße Nature’s Remedy Tablets.... 19*
Aspirin Tabs., 12, 10c; 30, 25e; 100, 45*
25c Calomel Tabs, 100, any slxe. 10*
BOc Bitter Cascara. 3 ounces 25*
0e Quinine Caps. 2-gr., 1 det 15*
10c Carbolic Arid. 1 0.. sc: 5..25*
10c Box Epsom Balts, 8 oss 5*
Haag’s Insect Powder Kills Insects.
15c Peroxide Hydrogen 9*
*Bc Celery Vese* 19*
BOc Celery Vesee 39*
26c Hill’s Cascara Qnintne Tabs 19*
BOc Caathrax ...49*
91.50 Scott’s Emulsion 98*
26e Glover’s Dog Soap 19*
BOc Clsyton’s Dog Remedies 39*
lOe Powd. Boric Acid 6#
91.50 Fellows’ Comp. Sy. Hypo.Bl.lo
JBe Comp. Liooripe Powder .10*
380 Set dll ts Powders 19*
90e Cascara Cathartic, Hinkle’s. .24*
SOc Arom. Cascara, sweet, 3 055..25*
7Be Alophem Pills, 100 £rf*
50c Lapactie Pills 35*
Me Bel!s-Ans (Papayans) 19*
25c Bell-Ans (Papayans) 59*
91.25 Veracolate Tablets, 100 98*
SOc Caldwell’s Syrnp Pepsin 39*
S6e Haarlem Oil Caps.. Tilley’s..29*
85c Haarlem OH Caps, Gold M’dl .29*
91.00 011 Koreln Capsules 85*
91-50 Santal Mldy 81.19
SOc Sal Hepatlca 24*
OOe Bal Hepatlca 49*
SOc Milk Emulsion 45*
BOe limestone Phorphate 39*
H Phosphate Soda, Merck's 24*
BOc Eff. Phosphate Soda -39*
BOe Cut I cars Ointment 39*
30c Muool .29*
90s Miles’ Pain Pills 24*
91.90 Bltro Phosphate 85*
Me Abbott’s Saline laxative.. •.. .29*
Ms Edward’s Olive Tablets 19*
76c Rhenma. for Rheumatism.. 59*
50e Pape’s Dispepsln 39*
2Be Bnrkhardt’s Veg. Tab 19*
91.35 Cadomene Tablets 98*
60e Horllck’s Malted Milk 39*
98.7 b Herllck’s Malted Milk 82.98
88.00 Nestle’s Food 82.<*8
7Se Imperial Grsnum 59*
91.25 Imperial Grannm 89*
50c Armour’s Ext. Beef 45*
.Me Castor!a .T 25*
91.99 Veronal Tablets. 1 do* 60*
Ealryfoet Bunion Plasters.
Ha tel Epsom Salts 5*
20c Camels, Lucky Strike, Chesterfield and Favorite Cigarettes, 17c, 3 for (50c.
Henest Scrap, Beechnut, Mail Pouch, Union Workman, F’ay Car and Tlahlmlngo, j for 20#
25c Omar and Fatima Cigarettes, 20c
Haag’s Pills for Indigestion, Sick Headache, Biliousness and Constipation, 25^
HAAG DRUG STORES, 53 South Illinois Street, Corner Maryland
Robinson resulted from jealousy over
a girl. Robinson says the bullet which
killed Philips was fired from Philip’s
own gun in a struggle betweeD the two
to gain possession of the weapon.
Babe Pablo Medina, a Cuban, who
was sentenced to life imprisonment at
Bloomington in September, 1914, seeks a
pardon because of alleged extenuating
circumstances connected with the slaying
of a girl, of whose murder he was con
The complete Isit of new petitions for
pardon to be considered at the next meet
ing of the board is as follows:
Tames Loughman, Kosciusko county.
’Oct. 21, 1918, 2-21 years, criminal as
sault, Indiana reformatory.
Edward Bledsoe. Putnam county, Pec.
7. 1918, 2-5-years, Indiana reformatory.
William F. Ricketts. Madison county,
Tan. 24, 1911, life, murder, state prison.
Velma Case, Marion juvenile court,
Tune 18, 1919. delinquency, Girls’ school.
Babe Pablo Medina, Monroe county.
September, 1914, life, murder, stare
Philip Rudig. Clarence Ham, Forrest
Dunbauld and Gerald Ricker. Huntinc
ton county. May 31, 1919, 2-14 years.
Levi Vice, George Brooks, Ray Van
Atter, Clinton county, March 6, 1919. 2 14
vears. entering house to commit felouy,
Indiana reformatory.
Oldham Hayden. Marion county, Sep
tember. 1917, life, murder, state prison.
Stanley Pombrewski, Lake county.
Tunc 25, 1919, 1-14 years, grand larceny,
Indiana reformatory.
Albert Mvers, Knox county, Feb. 17,
1917, 10 20 years, burglary, state prison.
Ray Stevens, Allen county, Pec. 13,
1919. 1-14 years, grand larceny, state
Benjamin Bryant. Jackson county,
March 11, 1919, 2-14 years, burglary, In
diana reformatory.
Oseo L. Cates, Gibson county, Septem
ber. 1919, 6 months to five years, vehicle
taking, Indiana reformatory.
Charles A. Revalee, Wayne county.
April 20, 191*. life, murder, state prison.
ltankin McKay, Lake county. Pec. 28,
1916. 10-20 years, burglary, Indiana re
Gail Gray, Jefferson county. Pecember,
1917, 5-14 years, robbery, state prison.
Levt Harmon, Wabash county, Pec. 7,
1919. 2-14 years, forgery. Indiana reform
Hardy Robinson. Scott county, April
21. 1916, life, murder, state prison.
Charles W. Shepherd, Putnam county.
April 21, 1919. 2 5 years, escaping from
penal farm. Indiana reformatory.
Arthur Hannemann, Putnam county,
Sept. 12, 1918, life, rape, state prison.
John Geyer. Lake county, Feb. 17,
1919, 2-21 years, rape, state prison.
Orville Pix, Vanderburg county, June.
Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days.
Pruggists refund money If PAZO OINT
MENT fails to cure Itching, Blind, Bleed
ing or Protruding Plies. Stops Irrita
tion: Soothes and Heals. You can get
restful steep after the first application.
Price 60c.—Advertisement.
Big; Cut on Toilet Articles
Xl OO Belmwort Tabloto 84*
SOe Bulpherb Table**... 49*
25c J. * J. Baby Tale 15*
SOc William* Shaving Cream 24*
!5 Lip Stick* 19*
SOc Java Rice Pawder 33*
Mary Garden Face Powder.
35c Sanltal Taw rowder 23*
SBe Jap Keen Talcum 13*
50c Caldwell’s Syrup Pepeln 39*
25c Humphrey’* Remedies 22*
35c Kolyno* Tooth Paste 18*
50c Pepsodeut Tooth Pasta 33* .
SOc Psbeeo Teeth Paste 33*
OOc Forhan’s Pyerrhoea Fsate...3B*
25c Lister!ne 16*
SOc Mennen’s Shaving Cream 39*
Ssr J. *J. Shaving Cream... 24* j
35 I’almeUve Sharing Cream....24*
jSc I’aim alive Shaving Stick 24*
10c Cosmo Hotter ml Ik Soap 7*
25c Spiro Powder 16*
40e Mumm X7*
BOc Non-Spl !***
25c Pond's Vanishing Cream 16*
25c Rosaline ••••••••••••••• •••.••15*
SOc Stillman's Freehle Cream ....32*
40c Orchard White 28*
30c Woodbury’s Facial Soap ....16*
30c Reslnol Soap 18*
2So Cutlcura Soap 19*
60c Pompeian Massage Creaan 38*
BOe Pompeian Hay Cream 39*
AOe Sempre Glovlne 39*
35c Senreco Tooth Paste 23*
BOc Gillette Blades <6’a) 37*
800 Gem Blades 34*
BOe Durham Duplex Blades 37*
40c Ever Ready Blades 34*
75c Tooth Brushes, guaranteed 50C
40c Prophylactic Tooth Brush 29*
2Be Child’s Prop. Tooth Brush lo#
36c Tooth Brush, guaranteed 25*
BOc Tooth Brush, guaranteed 35*
20c Children’s Too'h Brush IQ*
20c Camel Ctgarettes, 17c; 8 for... 50*
20c Lucky Strike Cigarettes 17*
250 Fatima Cigarettao 20*
81.00 Lister! ne 84*
25c Imvoris 234
OOc Lavoria ....42*
30c Glycothymollne 244
SOe Glyeothymollne 45*
80c Bromo Selteer 23*
SOc Bromo Seltzer 464
SOo Sanltoi Tooth Facto or Pow. .244
3Bc Euthymol Tooth Paste 24*
51.00 I’vorrhocldo. .. 85*
300 Sanitoi Face Cream 24*
30c Cream Demeridor 24*
BOc Derma Viva Liquid Powder. 39c
BOc Milkweed Cream 39*
BOc Melvina Cram 45*
65c Berry’s Freckle Creswn 49*
35c Colgate's Cold Cream 24*
BOc Hind's Honey A Al’d Cream.. 394
35c Tueatrlcal Cold Cream 29*
SOc Theatrical Cold Cream 39*
2Be Peroxide Cream 19*
25c Daggett A Rans. C. Cream.... 10*
SOe Daagett A Rans. C. Cream....39*
SOc Satin Skin Cream 24*
Harriet Hubbard Ayer’s Goods.
25c Dorln’s Lip Stick 19*
Mary Garden Lip Rouge.
40c DJer-Klss Talcum Towder... .24*
fiOc Levy’s Laßlache Powder 49*
BOe Djer-Klss Rouge 45*
75c Djer-Klss Face Powder 59*
$1.75 Aaorea or LoTrefle Pow. 81.34
BOc Dorln’s Brunette Rogue 49*
36c Satin Skin Powder 29*
51.25 Djer-Klss Vegetale 81-12
30e Odo-ro-no 24*
0e Basin’s (Depilatory Powder.. ..45*
91.09 DeMiracle Depilatory 89*
91.00 Del-A-Tone Depilatory 89*
83.00 Aurea Toilet Water 82.48
*1.75 Aaurea or LaTrefie Veg.. 81.39
Mary Garden Perfume.
Mary Garden Toilet Water.
Mary Garden Vanity Box.
81.50 Djer-AlUs Vanity 80x.... 81.34
3Or. Williams’ Shaving Cream 24*
15e Kirk’s Cocoa Castile, 3 for 25*
10c Ph>*. and Sur. Soap, 3 for 25*
30e Packer’s Tar Soap 23*
800 Packer’s Liquid Bham. Soap.. 4 5*
2Be Cutlcura 80np....19e, 3 for 55*
30c 4711 Glye. Soap *4o, 3 for 60*
2Be Pear’s Cnscented Soap ls*
SBc Pear*o Glye. Soap, I9e; S for 55*
tOe Conti Italian Castile Soap....'j 54k
2Be Enderis Razor Blades 22*
Now Conductor
Gets His Medal
1 How many times have you asked “doer
this car go past auch-and-aucb street!
and how often have you inquired as to
where certain stores or buildings were?
It’s the fellow on the street car, who
gathers In the coin, who la always ready
to tip you off, isn’t It?
And he’s the same bird who stretches
out a willing hand to the elderly lady
boarding his oar.
Tlic game of making change, punching
transfers, being polite to gruff people,
keeping an e.ve out for the safety of car
riding humanity, and bolding to your
temper at the same time, is no cinch, be
lieve ua!
Remember this, you car riders, the
next time you take a ride with
1919. 2-14 vears, entering house to com
mit felony. Indiana reformatory.
The following cases will he reopened
for consideration at the next meeting of
the board:
Nelson Fritto. Lawrence county. Nov.
27, 1901. life, murder, state prison.
John Carter. Marlon county, Jan. 2*.
1911, life, murder, state prison.
Oscar I.owrv, Vanderburg county, Oct,
14. 1915. life, murder, state prison.
Harrr Kiggin. Marlon county, April 2,
1909. life, murder, state prison.
Burley Evans, Decatur county. June,
1919. 1 to 14 years, grand larceny, Indiana
McKclghan. Decatur county,
June 9.' 1919. 1 to 14 years, grand lar
ceny, Indiana reformatory.
Don McCauimon, Greene county, Feb.
4 1910, life, rape, state prison.
James C. Bradley. Boone county, .Tune
6 1909. life, murder, state prison.
Simon Winfrey, Vanderburg county.
Sent 25, 1913 life, murder, state prison.
Day Armstrong. St. Joseph county.
June. 1907. life, murder, state prison.
Oscar Welty, Clinton county, March 29,
1911 life, murder, state prison
Samuel Mull, Gibson county, Dec. TANARUS,
1897. life, mirrder, state prison.
David E Cummins. Snillvan county,
Dec. 17, 1918. 2 to 14 years, burglary,
Indiana’ reformatory.
Bath and Household Hoods
7Sc Satolito
75f Fofmldfhydo 49*
00c Merrollsed Wax .... 74*
BOe Denatured A1c0h01............35*
76c O’Cedar Palish 16*
25c Liquid Veneer 10*
35c Celorlte ..19*
35c Stearns’ Ranch Paste 23*
10c Sulphur Candlca. s*l ? '• 25*
40c Ground Flax heed..... 26*
BOe Ext. WitefcfcanU. Plata 23*
10c Cocoa Dutter. 6*
16c Camphor Ice 138
780 Carbolic Arid (pin*) 46*
28c Household Ammonia (Pint)...l6*
SBc Peterman’s Roach Food 19*
36e Peterman’s Naw Dlseev... 19*
10c Swat That Fly, 3 far .--26*
SOc Mufti Cleaner ...........22*
SBc Glycerine L0ti0n..............26*
BOc Metalglass Polish 28*
BOa Putnam Dry (leaner 29*
26e Liberty Dry Cleaner .........14*
ibe Rnerglne Dry Cloaaer 18*
25c Ntchels’ Dry Cleaner 198
10c Insect Pawder Uuae 8*
15c Moth Bails v 10*
20c Naptholtae Hakes 15*
S&c Merk’s Formal Disinfect 24*
250 Mentholatum ••lDc
Most of the 10c Tebacoee, 3 far 26*
600 Teuad af Aheorhant CeMen..4B*
IBe Abeorbent Cotton 10*
7Be Sterilised Gauze, 5 yds, JA J 69*
20c Gauze Bandage. 10 yarde 46*
16c Gauze Bandage, 10 yarde ... 10*
91A0 White Enam. Douche Pan. .98*
$2 White Enam. Douehv Pan.. 61.48
$6.00 Perfection Douche Pan...■ 3.74
52.50 Wh. Enam. Daacfce Pan.. 81.89
51.60 Wh. I’oroelrin Bed Pan..ol.lD
12.50 Wh. Eaam. Bed Pan 81.89
*-.00 Enamel Bed Pan 81.25
82.25 Wh. Enamel Bed Paa...,81.48
7Be Fountain Syringe 750*
SI.OO Fountain Syringe 74*
$1.25 Fountain Syringe KU‘
91.60 Fountain Syringe 98#
92.00 Fauntaln Syringe .81.48
93.35 Fountain Syringe 81.74
92.75 Fountain Syringe ........81.08
93.00 Fountain Syringe 82.24
93.00 Fountain Spray 81.98
$2.00 Fountain Spray •••.81,48
40c Household Syringe 40#
91.00 Hot Water Bottle 74#
76c Household Syringe 59*
81.00 Household Syringe T4#
81.50 Met Water Bottle ....98*
$1.50 Household Byrlnge 98*
91.75 Household Syringe 01.19
81.60 Com. Syringe and Bottle. . .08#
81.75 Com. Syringe and Bottle. 81.10
82.00 Com. Syringe and 80tMe..01.34
82.28 Com. Syringe and 8etM0..01.74
7Bc Combination Fittings 59*
7Be Breast Pump 59*
91.00 Breast Pump 74*
IBe Hard Rubber Fittings in#
7Be 2-qt. Wh. En. Douche can 59*
91.25 2-qt. Douche B>„ complete.. .08*
81.50 Egyptian Henna Hair Dye. .98*
7Be Egyptian Henna Hair Dye...so*
35c Rubber Tubing 25*
*1.50 Fever Thermometer .98#
82.00 Fever Thermometer 01.48
80c Atomizers 49*
85c Nose Atomizer 49*
BJ.OO Atomizer 74*
91 Nose and Throat Atomizer ...74*
*1.25 Nose and Throat Spray 89*
81.54 Atomiser 964
81.50 Nose and Throat Atomizer.oß*
82.00 Nose and Throat Spray..Bl.4ft
35c Dobell’s Solution 25*
2Be Boric Arid Eye Water IK#
Me Atomizer Bribe, complete 25*
40c Army and Navy Bandage ....24#
80c Army and Navy Bandage...-39*
75c Army and Navy Bandaga... .59*
44c Suspensory Bandage 24#
81.00 Old Point Comfort Bandage..74*
81.00 Athletic Supporter 74*
81.50 O. P. C. Bandage ...98*
SI Cllma* Athletic Supporter...74*
XI Acme Athletic Supporter ....74*
Bc Dr. Hall’s Health Bandage..39*
7Bc Dr. Hall’s Health Bondage... 59*
51.25 Dr. Hall’s Health Bandage..Bo*
40c Razor Strop .. 24*
7Be Razor Strop 48*
81.00 Razor Strop 74*
91.80 Razor Strep ....08*
83.00 Razor Strop 01.98
Dealer Says Price Reductions
Have Hit All Alike.
Garden seed prices this year are lower
than those prevalent In the last two
yearn, according to Sibley F. Everitt,
superintendent of a seed store at 227
Meat Washington street. Reductions are
shown in practically all prices quoted
by Mr. Everitt. The following table
j shows average retail prices:
Per oz. Per lb.
j Beans, dwarf $ .32 to $ .26
i Bean*, pole .32 to .40
i Beet, garden .8 .75 to .86
! Beet, mangels 8 .60 to .85
i Cabbage 25 to .40 2.50 to 4.00
! Carrots 10 .75 to .80
j Celery 20 to .25
■ Cucumber 15 1.00 to 1.25
; Lettuce 10 to .15 1.00 to 1.25
Muakmeiou 9 to .10 .90 to 1.00
i Watermelon 8 to .10 .65 to 1.25
Onion 18 to .22 2.0 Qto 2.75
Parsley .12 .80
Radish 12 1.10 to 1.20
Peas .40 to .45
Spinach Bto .10 .60 to .80
! Squash 10 to .15 .80 to 1.50
Sweet corn 30 to .35
1 Tomato 18 to .20 2.25 to 2.50
Turnipa 9 .85 to 1.00
New Mexico Joins
Suffrage Column
SANTA FE, N. M., Feb. 20.—The house
of representatives of the New Mexico
legislature late yesterday ratified the fed
eral woman suffrage amendment by a
vate of 36 to 10. The senate passed the
resolution yesterday by a vote of 17 to 6.
Men’s Shoes
f 4 „
AskinGMarine Cojfe
Every Winter garment in the place must
go this week. In order to accomplish \ Vn^
this, we have inaugurated a *
Final Clearance of All
Winter Merchandise jl|||L''
Values are especially good, due to our desire \ ~XT
to make room for the workmen who are enlarging < * /Jf
our facilities for the spring season. ~•
Ladies’ Coatees $0.50
These coatees are made of a fine grade of 1
velvet—just right for spring wearing. i.
Ladies’ Long Plush Coats—s 10.00
Ladies’ High-Grade Suits—s2o.oo [
The above prie*es are but examples of the unusual of
ferihgs prevailing in all departments. And do not forget
that in addition to low price we offer our regular liberal
Early Spring Arrivals i||
Ladies' Fine Suits — $42.50 B
Handsome Polo Coats — s29.so • B
Advance Showing of Spring Millinery *
—Beauiful Hats — $6.98
Men's Suits and Overcoats — $30.00
,/ c / . !
37 Askin cMarine Cos.
Unt ’ 127 West Washington. N.H. Leibson. Mgr.
Tried to Thaw Out
Gas Engine; May Die
CONCORDIA, Ivan., Feb. 20.—F. C.
LiObenow, 50, is In a hospital here and
little hope is held for his recovery as
a result of burns sustained when he
tried, the other day, to thaw out a gaso
line engine with fire and gasoline. The
can of gasoline with which Liebenow
was trying to "prime” the motor ex
ploded, converting him 'into a flaming
torch, and but for quick work by by
standers he would have been burned
Holland Report of Plea to
Allies Shatters Market.
THE HAGUE, Feb. 20.—The Dutch
newspaper Nluwe Courant today pub
lished two notes which Germany is al
leged to be dispatching to the allies at
London, declaring that Germany is bank
The publication of the "notes" caused
a panicky selling movement In German
marks on the bourse.
The Dutch correspondent of a Holland
news agency in Berlin was Immediately
notified of the publications here and se
cured an interview with Mathias Erz
berger, the German minister of finance,
denying the Berlin dispatches to the
Nluwe Courant.
It was learned from authentic sources
here that Herr Altenerith, a leading pan-
German leader and other prominent Ger
mans are advocating employment of the
bankruptcy menace in an effort to harm
the entente.
Must Limit Working Hours to
Escape Liability.
Any room or place in which an article
or part thereof l altered, cleaned, re
paired or adapted for sale is a workv
shop, factory or manufacturing estab
lishment and is subject to tax under pro
visions of the child labor law, according
to H. M. Tebay, chief af the Indianapolis
division, Internal revenuku
Under the child labor law no distinc
tion can be made in employment of chil
dren in different departments of the
same establishment, and where workshop
or factory is connected with a store or
office, and is part of the same enterprise,
the employment of children in a store 01
office, or going from department to de
partment with messages, would come
within the taxation intent, of the law.
To avoid liability to tax, children be
tween the ages of 14 and 16 years should
not be permitted to work more than
eight hours in any day or more than six
days a week or before 6 a. m. or after
7 p. m., according to Mr. Tebay.
A tax is Imposed on every person oper
jjgpSgfl] A good way to
buy furniture
If you should come to the Messenger store
and see something that you like and admire,
whether it be an odd rocker, or a dining room,
living room or bedroom suite, we would gladly
send it out, put it into place, so that you may
determine if it suits you.
Sometimes furniture looks all right in the
store, but when you get it home it does not seem
to lit the environment. Customers are not sat
isfied and will not recommend a store where
they have been sold furniture that disappointed
them. *
We prefer to stand the expanse of a little hauging rather
than have you anything but satisfied. Also, we think the
Golden Rule works quite as well in business as In home life.
A tali an Vocation
Vocal ion Records /j f\ % *4* "“r
ating a mill, cannery, workshop, factory
or manufacturing establishment in wihch
children under the age of 14 years are
employed or permitted to work, no dis
tinction being made in the case of the
owner’s children.
A tax is imposed on every person oper
ating a mine or quarry in which chil
dren under the age of 16 years are per
mitted to work.
LOS ANGELES, Feb. 20.—While Mrs.
V. Boehlke, storekeeper, looked in the
' crystal ball the gypsy held, the seer
murmured soft and low: “A slight lose.”
She snatched S3OO from the oaah register.
Oh, yes—the cops are conducting a
search. V
MEMPHIS, Feb. 20.—A thief here un
bolted the door of a dry goods *hop,
grabbed a bolt of cloth and bolted.
£y*. If they Tire, Itch.
Smart or Burn, if Sor*
Vf\i..TlK/rC lrriuted ' Inflamed or
lUUR LY tOGranulated, use Murine
often. Soothes. Refreshes. Safe for
Infant or Adult. At all Write for
Free Eye Book. Hulas Ip tatty Ce., Ofctfß
fflnffjLj 1
Will Mar Your Appearance and
Impair Your Health.
Let our dental experts make them 1
sound and attractive to yea will re
tain Tour good appearance and
health. Our charges are reasonable
and onr terms easy to pay.
New York Dentists
41 East Washington Btreet
How Lone
Will It Bum?
Seal a lighted candle in a jar.
Soon the flame will die down and
born feebly—until finally, when th*
oxygen has been exhausted—tha
light goes out. The candle burns
only as long as the supply of oxy
gen lasts.
Without oxygen there can be no
life. The body dies unless the bk>od
is supplied with oxygen. If your
blood is not vitalized with life-giv
ing oxygen, it soon becomes thin,
pale and impoverished.
If you are run dawn, nervous and
anaemic, it simply means that you
have not enough oxvgen in your
blood. Try the REOLO Toni*
Treatment that supplies to th*
blood the organic iron* (which is
easily assimilated by the blood)
the revitalizing, life-giving oxvgen
and the natural cell-salts that the
body must have to maintain health,
strength and vigor.
REOLO has remarkable tonic and
reconstructive qualities. It stimu
lates the circulation of the blood,
and makes the whole body pulsate
with renewed energy and vitality.
Start the systematic REOLO
Treatment today and you will be
delighted with the steady improve
ment in your health. The large
package of 100 pleasant, tasteless
tablets—sufficient for two weeks’
treatment, only costs one dollar
and it is fully guaranteed. If you
are not perfectly satisfied with the
results obtained we will gladly re
turn your money.
REOLO is sold in Indianapolis by
Henry J. Huder, Washington . and
Pennsylvania streets, and Huder’s
Drug Store, cor. Illinois and Michi
You Are Judged
By Complexion
Stuart's Calcium Wafers Are of
First Importance to Those Who
Are Troubled With Facial
Pimples and Other Ms
If yon havr wondered how you can
have a beautifut complexion, the kind
you have dreamed of, the answer is, use
Stuart's Calcium Wafers, and begin doing
so without delay.
These wonderful wafers are for reliev
ing the accumulation of all those impuri
ties that lodge in the skin to cause pim
ples, blackheads, liver spots, blotches and
such kinds of skin eruptions. The pres
ence of skin eruptions is proof of
nutrient poverty and to purify it is the
purpose of Stuart’s Calcium Wafers.
This fact lias been demonstrated by
hosts of women and men who realised
that the presence of skin eruptions, dvj
to such disfigurements, detracted from
their usefulness in business, pleasure,
society and their own self-esteem. And'
since ‘Stuart’s Calcium Wafers will re
lieve the skin of such kinds of blemishes,
why have such imperfections? You will
find Stuart's Calcium Wafers on sale at
50 cents a box at all drug stores. Get a
box today. -Advertisement.
Be Better Looking— Take
Olive Tablets
If your skin is yellow—complexion
pallid—tongue coated —appetite poor
yoa have a bad taste in your mouth —
a lazy, no-good feeling—you should
take Olive Tablets.
Dr. Edwards’ Olive Tablets—a sub
stitute for calomel—were prepared by
Dr. Edwards after 17 years of study.
vegetable compound mixed with ohveoil.
You will know them by thfeir olive color.
To have a clear, pink skin, bright eyes,
no pimples, a feeling of buoyancy like
childhood days you must get at thecause.
Dr. Edwards’ Olive Tablets act on
the liver anti bowels like calomel —yet
have no dangerous after effects.
Tky start the bile and overcome con
stipation. Millions of boxes are sold
annually at 10c and 25c. Take one or
twe ightly and note the pleasing result*.

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