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Testimony Will Begin at Leip
zig by Next Week.
LONDON, Feb. 20. —The preliminaries
of the trials of German war offenders
before the new German supreme court at
Leipzig will be rushed and the examlna
tion of witnesses will commence next
week, said a Central News dispatch from
Berlin today.
The first of the defendants are expected
to be called before the court to plead
to the‘charges of war crimes In about
a month.
According to the Central News corre
spondent at Berlin, Germany is asking
the allies to ‘‘clarify” the charges against
Field Marshal yon Hlndenburg and Gen
Costa Rican Wife
Wins SBOO Month
AURORA. 111., Feb. 20.—Mnt Elida
Plza Crane, the young Costa Rican wife
of Herbert Crane, one of toe large stock
holders in the Crane Company, Chi
cago, was awarded SBOO a month tem
porary alimony by Judge Marzini Slusser
in the Kane county circuit court at
Genera today. The maintenance award
is the largest even made a wife In Kane
Mrs. Crane's bill asserted her hus
band’s income is §90,000 a year, but she
has had to pawn her jewels to obtain
the necessities of life for herself ind her
baby boy, Mr. Crane's son.
The jewels, one of Mrs. Crane’* law
yers, D. Harvey Gunsul of Aurora, said,
were heirlooms and gifts from Mrs.
Crane’s people.
Belmont Son Sued
on I. O. U. for $15,000
NEW YORK, Feb. 20.—Raymond Bel
mont, son of August Belmont, associ
ated with his father in the banking
business, has been sued in supreme court
by E. W. Rankin of Newport, R. 1.,
on a $15,000 “I. O. U.” alleged to hare
been given by young Belmont after play
ing roulette in August, 19X2.
Belmont, in his answer, admits signing
the I. O. IT..l T .. but contends that, inasmuch
as more than six years have elapsed, the
debt is outlawed. He contends also that
it was given in settlement of a game of
chance it was an illegal debt.
“The game in which Belmont partici
pated was attended by other men equally
prominent.” said Henry Hickman, coun- I
sel for the plaintiff.
Three Sisters, Over
80, Celebrate Week
RACINE, Wis.. Feb. 20.—Three sister*, j
ail more than 80. are celebrating the fact
this week by entertaining relatives and
friends here. The youngest -of 'the three, I
Mrs Anna C. Wiegand, bad her eightieth j
birthday yesterday.
Mrs. Christian Stripple will on Sun- '
day next eelebrate her eighty-fourth j
birthday, while Mrs. Itzenhuiser, the old
est of the family, will observe her
eighty-sixth anniversary on Friday.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 20.—Miss Merle
Hollis has been awarded the second life
saving prize of $25. She saved Sadie
Westrofi from drowning In June, 1919,
and a 7-year-old boy two months later.
High-Grade Genuine
Tungsten Lamps
All electric lights
fisi- have advanced in
ft id! A price. However, we
if jjjj \ are selling 3,000 16
if II 1 to 60-watt lamps at
f \ ° Ur U9ua ‘ special
VC>2sc each
Regular retail price, 40c.
Every lamp tested and guaran
teed. These lamps are not re
A Good 9x12 Axminster
Rust. $47.50 Value.
9x12 Tapestry Rugs, £AA
$36.50 value 9lv*lv
r '
Liberty Bonds
Accepted at
Full Face Value
On purchase up to amount of
Save 25%. / Jkp Not*.
315-317-319 E. Washington St.
Saturday Closirt
Hour, 6 iVf.
Divorce Plea Also Charges Ex
travagance in Dressing.
*‘l wouldn't live with a man unless he
could supply me with nice clothes and
permit me to attend dances as often as
I desired.”
That alleged statement of Mrs. Mary G.
Ball has broken up the home of Ora C.
Ball, according to Ball’s petition for di
vorce on file in the circuit court.
Ball states that his wife demanded
pretty clothes and was extravagant. He
admits in the complaint that he objected
to his wife attending dances.
Tpe Balls were married Jan. 6, 1918,
and separated Dee. 15, 1919.
Will Nationalize
Grand Trank Line
OTTAWA, Ontario, Feb. 20.—The ac
ceptance yesterday by the shareholders
in London of the agreement to national
ize the Grand Trunk railway will be
followed by the immediate creation of a
Joint board of operation. This board
will manage the Grand Trunk and Grand
Trunk Pacific until both* are absorbed
in one great national system. It—was
announced here today.
Over the Principal Lines
Money Forwarding
By Mail or Cable
To All Parts of the World
Quick Service-Low Rates
Union Trust Company
120 East Market Street
Important to the
A Eureka Electric Vacuum Cleaner—is
the sanitary jruard of the home.
A Blue Bird Washer—Eliminates
Monday drudgery.
• • •
You are Always Welcome at
the Daylight Corner
• % •
Merchants Heat and
Light Company
C. O’B. Murphy, General Manager.
The Daylight Corner
- T
Optimist Show
e . . si3i
on easy
cfoXg ’libra.
In the midst of an admiring group, the Bruns- T ten
wick Phonograph holds Its place as a chief choice jecords
feature of the Opitimst Show in Tomlinson
Hall this week. By reason of its wonderfully
graceful appearance. By reason of its tone,
true to the artist on the record. Plays any
record—the music of all the world—but at
Its best on the new Brunswick records.
We’ll gladly explain
our easy terms
Seven Villages Depopulated by
Turkish Rebels.
LONDON, I Feb. 20.—Populations of
seven Armenian villages in Adana, Turk
ish Asia Minor, have been massacred by
the Turkish nationalist rebels, according
to'semi-official advices received here to
The Armenian* have appealed to the
allied authorities to provide them with
arms with which to protect themselves
from the Turks. Advices indicated the
situation in Cilicia, where 150,000 Ar
menians were reported. In danger of
annihilation, has become more serious.
French forces, it was reported, have
besieged Ms rash.
Buffaloes in Fight
and Cow Is Killed
WORCESTER, Mass., Feb. 20.—1n a
fight between two bull buffaloes in the
Lake Park inclosnre here, a cow that got
between the combatants was gored to
death. The two bulls, weighing close to
a ton each, were separated by the care
taker w! . i pitchfork.
The Wildhack Automobile Company,
927 North Meridian street, announces the
appointment of Harrle E. Smith to Its
sales force. Mr. StnAth is widely known
In the automobile field In Indianapolis
and Indiana. For the last five years he
has been connected with the Detroit
Electric Sales Company of this city, in
the retail sales department.
Too much importance can not be laid
upon the keeping of the roads open to
motor traffic during the winter, accord
ing to W. G. Rath, general manager of
the Napoleon Motors Company, Traverse
Mr. Man! Look!
P) M SUITS and
V! / Suits or overcoats for men r'L. '
w ‘ ,m * Wm nnrl young men; suits tailored L/IOICfi
rmi from novelty eassiuicr<*s and
S yV; fancy worsteds; also all woo! mm am mm
LoMtr JtaSi . JgdKl serge*. Overcoat* lu dark A1 SET
iAr AaKlfi PH novelty mixtures. All the ■ ■ Is*
IHU.M new styles scam, seam belted ” ■ S 1 ■ V
■ZjL y [>H| or plain models. You can U| M W ~
''■jgpMßfl IvSE. wear these garments now for ■ ■
tv 1 .* a number cf weeks-then H H“ ““
I'fftp wear them next fall. See Hal
dNffiWF 11 1 W what you save! Saturday, H
wyiPJKr fjk ¥ cbolca ■
y I February Sale •
, tldflvf BOYS’ SUITS
Ji|A //L\t J I likL i*’ Mother* of boys! Your At mm _ mm mm
I I tcntlon, plea*e j Boys' suits
' 4,V f I At. of fine all wool blue serge. 15$ T| I|■ o%f
J.l novelty casslmcrcs; also plain ■ B j ""I
blue, brown and green flan- *2r ■
nels. The sizes are 7 to 18. ■ K
Come Inf Saturday to see these R
suit*—you'll buy! Choice.... ™
• • m Work or dress pants made of fancy esaeimeres and.
I*/I _ M _ worsteds. In dark colors: choice of heavy or medium weigh**.
IVien 8 Four tvr Saturday s selling—
Pants $3.98 $5.09 $6.90 $7.50
Up to $2.50 Women $ Pure Women’s
_ S X HSS E Glove Special
_ Womtn’r purs silk gloves with
Hk gauntlet cuffs; colojrs black, white.
Pair S 111 I' gray and mode, with contrasting
* oily | stitched cuffs and backs; a very
w pretty and stylish $2.00 glove-
ThU i* positively one of the rery le*t Hi rr-gt
hosiery purchases we ever made. “Not*- at M\
seme." a nationally advertised depends- [)_ * u ■ ■ C
ble brand, pore silk hose in Mm-k sn<l I HIT. ' B 1* u
gray; slight imperfection* that will not * I g # | i g
affect the wear; hoae just like wc ge: w
$2.00 and $2.50 for In first*: splendid
value at 91.00 pair. Floor. —Main Floor.
g I
City, Mich. “Traffic must not be in
terrupted during the winter,” laid Mr.
Rath, recently. Motor trucks h&ve come
to be a most Important feature of the
daily life of America now, with their
rural free delivery, rural motor express
and freighting to every pnrt of the
The Cameronf Motors corporation which
originally rdsnned to build Its own pas
senger cars and trucks, has decided to
specialize on its air-cooled engines, which
will be built for the passenger car, truck,
tractor anil airplane fields. According
to officials of the company one manufac
Insist on Genuine Ford , Parts
Imitation “Ford” parts are being sold by many mail-order houses, downtown stores
and garages to unsuspecting Ford owners as “Ford” parts. But they are not gen
uine Ford parts made by the Ford Motor Company. They are made by concerns
who have no connection whatsoever with the Ford Motor Company. These imitation
parts are not even made from the same grade of steel, or under the same formulas
used by the Ford Company. They are counterfeit parts. Tests have shown them
to break when the genuine Ford parts didn’t even bend, andjjaey are from thirty
five to one hundred per cent lower in quality.
The authorized Ford dealers are your protection. As such, we handle nothing but
the genuine Ford parts. They are made from the famous Ford Vanadium Steel and
each part—according to its use—is heat-treated in the way that will give it the long
est wearing qualities. Every part is the same as its original in your Ford ear or
Ford truck. *
Our stock of parts is complete. And our Ford garages and Ford mechanics are at
your service at all times. Drive in to a ; ny of the following when replacements or
repairs for your Ford ear may be necessary. Save your car and also your money.
A. W. Bowen' Barber-Warnock Cos.
945 Fort Wayne Av*. 823 E. Washington St
Olin Sales Cos. Wangelin-Sharp Cos.
615 N. Meridian St. A- 459 Virginia Ave.
The Frank Hatfield Cos. Qarr\AHto Sales Cos.
635 N. Capitol Ave. / ■ , \ 5436 E. Washington St.
Insist on Genuine Ford Parts \ \
turing concern, with a yearly output of
over 50,000 cars, is seeking shop right to
their engine.
According to N. H. Cartinliour of the
Cartinhour-Bowman Company, 619 North
Capitol avenue, Indiana distributors for
Federal trucks, the new one-ton Federal
was designed to meet the great demand
in the one-ton truck field. “The de
mand for a model of this type has been
so insistent that the Federal company
found it necessary to speed up in de
signing and construction of the new
series,” ha said.
The W. E. Jackson Sales Company, 559
North Capltpl {.venue, has taken over the
' eile truck line of models from one to
five tons.
New Premier models are being shown
by Yhe Colonial Automobile Company, 957
North Meridian street, state distributors
for the Premier and Elcar cars. William
Honppert, who has charge of the Indian
Big Reductions on Just the
Garments to Wear NOW
You can wear the garments right now—and the prices are next to nothing!
and misses will find this sale Saturday a wonder!
43 Dolman COATS
Values to $39.50 * _ jl jjfek W
Just 43 Doilman Coats in the SS .>
lot. Os poplin, tricotine, velours,
broadcloth or serges. Values to
$39.50. While they last, choice m|g
Saturday \ !
50 Winter Coats' at %
Values to $35.00
In this lot there are just 50 win- QjM c f
ter coats for women and misses. W Jf
Included are plain or fur-trimmed g| ff 7 ©
coats in assorted colors and styles. I M \
Values up to $35.00. Saturday, ■ p \
Serge and Jersey DRESSES 95
Values up to $25.00 ■ i L-_^
About 100 drv**' 1n this assortment for women and misses. There are all- .E
woo! serge or Jersey dre;es in sizes 16 to 44. The colors are navy, brown. Ra n
green, tan and taupe. Embrcddered trimmed and button trimmed and plain
styles. Values up to $25.00. Choice while they last Saturday 6 if
' s —
Women's UATC Attractive New
House Dresses I rimmed HA io Smocks
Wonderful lot of worn- tiKBUB ~.*• * i
Gingham and per- en 8 trimmed Bpring jS ®* autl . f " 1 n ■ w
eales, trimmed or hatß that revea j the ; s ’ "J 1 C, ..J 3 1? e
plain, also Billie Burke latest style?. Clever r OS b f
Style, values to $3.50, models that would cost m* ra ' unmet . >elts, poek
you anywhere from $2 to MR ets 5 Saturday —
1 Q $3 more at most places. wyflr A g-m f. ■*
i Choose one Saturday at *3
apoiis city sales for the company, la
highly pleased with the new models and
predicts that this year will be one of the
greatest in the automobile business.
D. C. Selheimer, who has been ap
pointed works manager for the Lafayette
Motors corporation, ha* had wide experi
ence In the field of motor car mannfac
i turing. Under hla factory guidance the
1 new Mars Hill organization plans to
produce 3,000 cars during 1920 and to
start making delivery by early summer.
Gny Hayes, manager of the.retail sales
1 of Monroe cars in IndiaDapolis. Capitol
avenue and North Btreet, announces the
appointment of Mrs. Jeannette Smock
Kessler to the retail sales staff of the
company. Mrs. Kessler has bad wide
experience in the retail selling of cars
in Indianapolis and Marlon county. Mrs.
Kessler will be assigned to the Monroe
exhibition at the automobile show to be
held March 8 to 13, inclusive.
The Ryan Distributing Company, 16
West Ohio street, has charge of the dis •:
tribntion of the Twin-Fire plugs 1n In
diana and Kentucky.
According to officials of the Cole
tor Car Company the demand for
American made materials Is as urgent
abroad as it i* in America and particu
larly true of automobiles. January o!
this year marked the largest montt.
which the Cole company has ever experi -
enced in the export field.
Although the Hawkins-VanDeusex
Company, 822 North Meridian street, are
133 cars behind In their allotment of
Grants, the factory reports that they will
be able to make up the shortage la S
short time by increasing production
BROOKLYN, Feb. 20.—Failure to re
move snow in front of their houses or
places of business was charged against
thirty-five men arraigned in court. They
were fined $1 each.
Broken Out Skin and Itching
Eczema Helped Over Night
For unsightly skin eruptions, rash or
blotches on face. neck, arms or body, you
do not have to wait for relief from tor
ture or embarrassment, declares a noted
skin specialist. Apply a little Mentbo-
Sulphur and improvement shows neat
Because of its germ destroying prop
erties. nothing has ever been found to
take the place of this sulphur prepara
tion. The moment you apply it healing
begins. Only those who have had un
sightly skin troubles can kuow the de
light this Mentho-Sulpliur brings. Even
flery. itching eczema is dried right up.
Get a small jar from any good druggist
snd use it like cold cream.—Advertiae
"Geta-lt” Stops Pain Instantly and
Corn Soon Lifts Right Off.
A few drops of “Gets-lt" quenches
corn pains like water quenches lire. Gives
you immediate relief.
The corn begins to lose its grip at
once. In a day or two it is so loose
that you can lift it off, roots and all,
’twUt thumb and finger. That’s the
last of It, as millions have found out
It is the simple, effective and common*
sense way to be rid of corns.
“Gets-lt,” the never-falling, guaran
teed, money-back corn remover, costa
but a trifle at any drug atoro. Manu
factured by E. Tawronce & Cos., Chicago.
—Advertisement. \

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