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Pride in America Inspired at the Isis —Motor Cops Are Good Lovers
J stands for Joy.
;U stands for us.
L stands for love.
I stands for inspiration.
A stands for her adorable qualities.
The letters make up the first name of
Julia Sanderson.
Julia Sanderson is with us again at
She stUl remains the chief delight in
“The Canary.”
Miss Sanderson —let’s call her Julia —is
! the best exponent of clean musical eom
! edy on the stage today.
I Her engagement in “The Canary”
opened at English's last night.
includes a Friday night, Saturday mat
inee and night performances.
Knowing Miss Sanderson you may
ENGLISH’S —Julia Sanderson and
■ Joseph Cawthorn in “The Canary,”
at 8:15.
Ml' RAT —Frank. Tlnney In “Some
Time,” at 8:15.
B. F. KEITH’S —Metropolitan vaude
ville, at 2:15 and 8:15.
LYRIC —Vaudeville, continuous from
1 until H.
BROADWAY —Vaudeville, contin
RlALTO —Vaudeville and pictures,
I opine that “The Canary” has to do with
a bird. Asa matter of fact, however, it
is a diamond, a bird of a gem, worth a
• fabulous sum. It's stolen and pawned
and auctioned and swallowed, and, of
course, recovered. In the recovery of
this jewel Miss Sanderson and Joseph
Cawthorn have play for their inimitable
| talents, both in the spoken word and In
the syncopated melodies written by Ivan
; Caryll and Irving Berlin.
1 And good as Julia and Joe are, they
■ are not the whole show, by any means.
| Surrounding the stars is a company
! of unusual talent, each and every one
, contributing an enjoyable bit.
, There's dainty Marie Callahan, a grace
ft ul dancer, good at either singing or
i dancing, and
Doyle and Dixon, two of the fastest
steppers to grace a local stage in many
; a day, who are also comedians.—and
. Maude Eburne a real comedienne, whose
I Irish maid role is a capital foil for
| Cawthorn’s humor —and
; Several others who look pretty and can
| sing or dance as occasion requires—and
A large and comely chorus.
N'o Julia and Joe show would be com
: plete without a ditty song by Cawthorn,
; and he gets his chance in the third act—
i "They’re Getting Away With Murder.”
T Miss Sanderson has several songs, per
haps her most pleasing being ”1 Have
Just One Heart” and “Thousands of
Years Ago.”
You'll like “The Canary,” for it's a
joyous show and the folk on the stage
seem to have just as much fun as the
folk out in front.
Haven’t you heard about everybody
whistlin’ something new these days?
Yes, sure.
It Is the tune hit of Frank Tlnney’s
show, “Sometime,” now at the Murat.
The song has the same uame as the
show. We can't whistle it In print, but
the melody is in the air while the type
writer keys click.
Tinney and his excellent company are
a wain on view at the Murat tonight,
Saturday matinee and night.
Valerie Bergere continues to headline
at Keith's in “The Moth.”
Jazz and syncopated tunes are bein*
played at the Lyric by the Five Ameri
can Girls.
They play the cornet, French horn and
the saxophone.
Miss Lillian Sieger, cornetlst, heads the
American girls. She has been featured
solaist at" the New York Hippodrome
1 and wou medals at the San Francisco
: exposition.
Peggy Hyland Iu “Faith,” a movie;
An informal dancing party ■will l><
i' iren by the Indiannnclia Elks lodge
No. 13 on Monday night, Feb. 23, In the
Riley room of the Ciaypool hotel. This
will be a Washington’s birthday anni
versary dance and as a special feature,
in honor of the occasion, Mile. Theo
Heweg and G. Paul Bachelor will give a
minuet in colonial costume at 10 o’clock.
They will also give a “Valse Bluet.’’
I>3ncing will begin promptly at 9 o’clock
and continue until 1 o’clock.
The following committee have been
named: General. W. E. Ratcliffe, Irvin
Lennox. C. I. Clippinger, T. A. Nealis,
,T. B. Meek: floor corn rj ittee, A. R. Btern,
.fohn T. - Welsh, Thomas B. Busklrk, J.
R. Ruddick. Leon Mazur, Joseph J.
Speak. D. F. IMeckman, H. C. Seabrooko
and Leonard Quill; reception commit
tee, Mayor and Mrs. Charles Jewett, Mr.
and Mrs. F. B. Mcfieely. Mr. and Mrs.
c M McNeely. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E.
Bell, Mr. and Mrs. G. Morgan Smith, Mr.
and Mrs. K. E. Painter. Mr. and Mrs. J.
W Quill, Mr. and Mrs. J. \V. Riddle. Mr.
and Mrs. W. J. Thiers, Mr. and Mrs.
Maurice Donnelly, Mr. nnd Mrs. William
,T. Finn, Mr. and Mrs. R. .T. Thompson
nnd Mr. and Mrs. A. (J. Johnson.
Butler Thespians
, to Try Vaudeville
A busy producing season for the But
ler college Dramatic club has been ar
ranged by Melvin Masters, president. In
addition to three plays that will be
given at downtown _ theaters, the clnh
will give a vaudeville performance in ten
acts at the Irving theater in Irvington
March 4.
* "The Witching Hour.” a drama in
four acts, will be given at the Murat
thearer March 27, and later in the spring
two more plays will be presented. John
Wamsley and Helen Brattain lead the
cast of “The Witching Hour” and arc
supported by a number of persons whose
acting, according to Harry Porter, who
is coaching the cast, deserves great
A number of manuscripts are now on
the way from the publisher and from
them will be selected the next two
Tryouts for the Dramatic club will be
held Feb. 2G In the Butler college
chapel, and new members of the club will
be entertained the next night at a dance
’o' le given in Moore’s hall in Irvington.
In the District of Columbia, women
own and successfully operate 129 dWcr.
ei t forms of business and ana success
fully engaged In twenty-one different
r Head or chesty
jre best treated’
t witjj
Has a Dual Role
as Real Bad Man,
Then a Policeman
Here Is the man who plays two rotes
In one movie. When he is good he is
Derwent Conniston of the royal mounted
police. When he Is bad be is John
Keith. In real life he is Lewis Stone,
capable character actor. Has dual rolc
lu “The River’s End,” opening Sunday
at the Circle.
the Three Walters, and Cory and Cory,
acrobats, aid in making up the current
bill at the Rialto.
The Broadway continues with "The
Three Beauties” in a novelty sketch
“The Maids of Harmony,” Harry Gil- j
bert and movies.
A scene called “Th* House of .Toy,*’ j
a reproduction of a slum dive Iti a large
city, continues to amuse in Ed Push's
“Knockers of 1019” at the Park.
-}. -|- -|- * ,
Cecil Lean, Cleo Mayfield, Silvia Do
Frankie and a bunch of others in “Look
Who’s Here,” opens Monday night at j
the Murat.
A musical revue called “Dream Stars” [
will head next week's bill at Keith's.
Has some big names, such as Charles
King, who used to be directed by Georgle
M. Cohan; Jane Castle, Josephine Adams,
Marie Hollywell and others.
Harold Vertnilye is the chap who
wears a rich man’s dress suit to a rich
man's reception where thoro are many
rich men’s daughters. This is all done
in “A Tailor-Made .Han,” opening Mon
day at the English.
-i- -!- -I
Dropped Into the Tsls.
Stayed through the entire show. !
Sat on the edge of my all
the time.
The eatise was the tnovie, “Common
If Russia today is like this movie
picture, give me the U. S. A. all the
The story concerns the efforts of a
rich Russian to get his wife and beauti
ful daughter out of mad revolutionary
Russia. The movie depicts the extremes
that soldiers resort to in Russia when
they forget they are soldiers. The prey
Is the women. Yankee soldiers rescue
the women from a fate worse than
Opinion: Thrilling story well acted.
Good work by Robert Anderson.
Value—Teaches Americans to appreci
ate the United States.
Motorcycle <opv. are good Inver*.
Proof is given in “The Tr’tlers.”
! Girls, if ail motorcycle cop- can love
like Dan does in this movie well, the
; tip is, get acquainted with one.
The last seen of Motorcycle Cop Dan
and his girl, Janet, Is astride a motor
cycle riding along Cupid's driveway.
Must remember that Janet didn't al
ways appreciate Dan, the cop. Some
: times she guve him the cold shoulder.
Janet loved fine clothes, pearls, sealskin
■ coats.
Now you know that honest coppers
1 can’t afford to give their lady loves
| all of those things. ‘
j So Janet gets acquainted with a rich
rounder. She gets the pearls, the gowns,
But when it came to paying the price,
Janet was a good girl and realized that
j rich rounders were only trlflers.
j So she just ups and walks out of thj
! rich man’s house, smiles at Motorcycle
j Dan.
j And all is well.
| Opinion: Edith Roberts makes a pret
■ty Janet. Moonlight photography spien
I did. Interesting story.
I To be seen at the Albahmra.
-1- -|- -!-
i “Soldiers of Fortune” transfers one
!to romance land. Rielinrd Harding
ft ew System of
Fat Reduction
Here’s anew way for all fat people to
laugh together at that old bugaboo—
Obesity. The saying that “there Is noth
ing new under the sun" does not now
apply to fat people any more. Here Is
something new for them anew sensa
tion, anew pleasure, anew and grace
ful figure, easily found by any one who
Is passing beyond the limits of slimness.
Every one has heard of the Marmoia
Prescription; that harmless combination
of fat-defying elements discovered by one
of our foremost physicians. Now, ’from
the same high authority, there comes
another Idea—the idea of condensing
these same pure, harmless, ingredients
Into a pleasant little tablet. Taken after
eating and at bedtime, they help the
stomach to dispose of all the fatty foods,
converting them into compact, solid flesh,
muscle and energy, without dieting or ex
ercise. Marmoia Prescription 'laoiets
regulate the entire system—do for you
what bodily exertion and self-denial can
not do, and the fat, once routed, is gone
for good. You can prove all this at a
trifling cost. Marmoia Prescription Tab
lets are sold by all drligglsts or sent post
paid by the Marmoia Cos., 864 Woodward
avenue, Detroit, Mich. A large case—
lufficlent to bring lasting results—da i
but $1. —Advertisement.
Quickly Regain Health, Strength,
Energy and Ability by Taking
Cadomene Tablets.
The Very Best Tonic.
Sold by All Druggists.
! Davis wrote a book by that name. It
was a hit. So Is the movie now on view
at the Circle and all day Saturday.
The Ohio continues to show Marguerite
Clark in ‘‘All of a Sudden Peggy.” It
has dash, pep. romance and all the es
sentials necessary to make Marguerite
vety delightful. Up to the standard of
all Clark pictures.
Rupert Hughes wrote "The Cup of
Fury," now In movie form at Mr. Smith’s.
Helene Chadwick plays the role of a
girl who has to become a shipyard
worker. She makes the role as realistic
as If she had worked In a shipyard all
her life.
Olive Thomas is a pretty sea waif
who lives on a reef upon which there is
a lighthouse. Love comes to the little
sea waif. Her romance is still being
told at the Colonial In “Out Yonder.”
COLONIAL—OIive Thomas in “Out
i Yonder.”
i CIRCLE—AIIen Dawn In “Soldiers
! of Fortune.”
OHIO —Marguerite Clark In "All of
a Sadden Peggy.”
ISis —Robert Anderson In “Common
ALHAMBRA —Edith Roberts In
“The Trltlers.”
REGENT—Guy Empey in “The Un
MR. SMITH’S—“The Cup of Fury.”
Guy Empey Is In "The Undercurrent,”
now on view at the Regent. Guy was
a soldier In real life. In his reel
life he fights the reds. Supported by
Marguerite Courtot. Harry Lee and
The movies have ripped the veil off the
German U-boats.
The former kaiser took so much pleas
lire seeing the work of his U-boats that
he had movies taken.
These movies are now in the hands of
The pictures show the actual horror
resulting from the former kaiser's demons
of the sea.
To be at the Lyric next week.
1 * J These comfort shoes are
LudvliC/O lniilt for ease anti not
0 style without comfort.
i niYiTni’t Tho ’ v h:iv,> ,>ushi,,n in
J. HH f soles, turn soles, rubber
heels, fouttoq or lace,
plain toes or tips, good
On Sale Saturday Only
Agent for Dr. A. Reed, Arch Preserver, Buster Brown
Store Open Until 9:30 Saturday Evening
Our Children’s Shoes Are Sturdy and Low Priced
February Sale
COATS iWlillniPllll!l!ill!l!llllli;,lffll||li!|:W
Our last coat advertisement this season. Prices reduced to
close out every coat Saturday. Materials will be much
higher next fall, the wise shopper will buy now.
lUp to $35 C 1 Ari rr
(SmS Coats qp 1 z ±. / O
lUp to $59.50 (JOA fr
j! Coats <s^Ja7.oVy
[ Up to SBS <ton RA
/// \ ! Coats woy.ou
Up o ‘:r° $49.50
/ V/ 14 All-winter suits at half prices or
I 1 \ / less go in our final cleanup.
/ \ it Practical for early spring wear.
feWg Xtf 6 $17.50
Up to $45 C) rj pr r\
Suits / ,UV
UJ Up to $65 CQO
iqgftfafy Suits
Up 5^ 100 ...549.50
$2.00 Corsets, pink, sizes 20 to $2.00 Aprons, spring styles, sizes
25 (limit 1) SI.OO to 50, Saturday $1.48
65 Blouses In Georgette or stripe House or street dresses, rickrack:
taffeta, up to $9.00 $5.00 trim, up to $3.00, special. . $2.48
' Sanitary seamless Napkins, one Flannel middies, red or green,
doz. (box 75c), Saturday. ,39fJ worth $lO, Saturday $5.50
K:==Massachustts Ave. and Delaware si.~
Mrß. Winters of Minneapolis
Favored for General
Federation Leader.
A dlnneT in celebration of the birthday
of the Woman’s Department club was
given Thursday afternoon In the Riley
room of the Claypool hotel, when the
honor guest was Mrs. Thomas G. Win
ters of Minneapolis, who was unani
mously Indorsed by the members for
the next president of the General Fede
ration of Woman’s clubs. This action
was taken on motion of Mrs. Felix T.
Mrs. Winter gave a talk on “Poetry,”
In which she said that poetry reflects
the day better than any other medium,
and that the program of poetry has been
a democratic progress and that today
it portrays the real element of ordinary
human life. The speaker read a num
ber of modern poems dealing with in
dustrial questions, the immigrant, the
war and other questions.
About 150 guests were present and at
the long speakers’ tables were Mrs. S. E. j
I’erkins, president of tbe club, nnd Mrs. j
Winter, with Mrs. McWhlrter, Miss May ;
Shipp, Mrs. Grace Julian Clarke, Mrs. j
George Crist, Mrs. J. F. Edwards, Mrs.
W. C. Hart, Mrs. W. J. Uleckett, Miss :
Ethel Curryer, Mrs. E. G. Ritchie, Mrs.
L. N. Poyser, Mrs. H. B. Burnett, Mrs. 1
I A. T. Coate, Mrs. O. B. Smith, Mrs. John
; Shropshire Smith, Mrs Ronald Foster,
Mrs. A. S. Ayres and Mrs. E. O. Bumpier.
The table held a birthday cake with
eight lighted candles, the club being
eight years old, though celebrated its sec- >
ond birthday, as it was founded on Feb. j
20. Mrs. S. E. Perkins presided and in- ;
troduced the founders who were present. '
Mrs. McWhlrter, who called the first
meeting: Mrs. Hitt, the first president; j
j Mrs. Coate, treasurer; Mrs. Ritchie, vice,
I president, and Mrs. H. B. Burnet, chair-
I man of the art department. Miss Mll
: dred Tratt, harpist, played during the
! afternoon.
The Wall Street Journal announces [
that the Russian soviet government is
enforcing an eighty-four hour week on j
all working classes.
L.S. Ayres
Who Said It Was Scarce and Highs
13,980 Pairs of New ipf
In the Annual Box Sale 91 h
Prices Power Phan Have Been IS the Box
Prevailing Recently , for Less
The co-operation of several of America’s greatest knitting mills was secured in “putting” this
annual event “over right.” The hosiery is of known excellence, the styles popular, the quan
tity sufficient, prices surprisingly low.
Prices Quoted Obtain by the Box Only
5,430 Pairs Men’s Socks
Three Well-Known Brands
2,100 pairs of men’s silk lisle half hose, double heels and
toes, medium and light weight, “irregulars.” Black and colors,
in sizes 9*4 to 11*4. A box of three pairs, sl.lO
1,200 pairs of men’s pure thread silk half hose, double heels
and toes of lisle. Black, white, cordovan and gray. One of the
best makes. “Irregulars.” AH sizes. A box of three pairs,
*2 io.
600 pairs of men's full fashlonod silk half hose, lisle sole,
lisle garter top. “Irregulars” from one of the best manufac
turers. Black, gray, slate, cordovan, navy and nickel, in all
sizes. A box of three pairs, 91 85.
210 pairs of men’s full fashioned pure thread silk half hose.
Bilk lisle top, lisle sole; “irregulars.” Black, African Drown,
cordovan, in all sizes. A box of three pairs, 93.15.
420 pairs of men’s heavy weight, full fashioned, pure thread
silk half hose, all-silk top, lisle sole. "Irregulars.” Black,
white, cordovan, gray, navy and taupe, In all sizes. A box of
three pairs, 93 75.
150 pairs of extra heavyweight, full-fashioned, pure thread
silk half hose, silk top. silk sole “Irregulars.” Black, navy
and cordovan, in all sizes. A box of three pairs, 9-4 50.
720 pairs of men’s me
dium weight cotton half
hose, double heels and
toes. Black, cordovan,
navy and gray, in sizes
to 11 V4- A box of
three pair*, OOeL
In Suit Shades
The petticoat Is coming
Into Its own. These of cot
ton, always serviceable, may
now be had in such practical
shades as Russian green,
navy blue, old blue, rose, and
other colors, as well as
Worthy of mention Is one
group which will be pre
sented Saturday In a street
floor booth, price $1.05.
Contributing to the attrac
tion of this petticoat booth
wilt be a miscellaneous group
of Eppo sateen petticoats.
These are also very low
priced at $2.50.
—Ayres—Street floor booth.
Sale of Automobile Tires
and Accessories
If you are not already driving, you will soon be getting
out the car for spring service. How about tire casings?
At $8 28, first quality 30x3 casings, not guar-
At $10.98, first quality casings, 30x3*6 inches
At $21.85, 30x3*4 casings, guaranteed for 6,000
At $18.65, Eureka nonskid casings, 32x3*4-
At $19.68, 32x4-inch casings, “firsts,” but not
Other sizes at proportionate prices.
Auto Accessories ' i
Temptingly Priced
Champion X spark plugs. 55<t. yjr
Tire saver patches, 15<*. >BEZjj3S9B>
Mileage inner shoes, 40^.
Mileage outer boots, 67^
Raylo dimmers, a pair, 7B&. □EL -JJatSk*
Rubber floor mats, $1.15. Jj
Electric and hand horns, $1.79,
Ford radiator and hood covers, $1.75.
Tube Special One Lot, All “Firsts”
including Goodyear, sizes from 32x3*4 to 37x5, your choice,
$4.85. —Ayres -Basement.
Vogue Paper Patterns.
Home Journal Patterns.
—Second Floor.
Jack Tar Togs are Desirable Spring
Clothes for the Girls of 6 to 14 Years
One-Piece Regula
tion Dresses
V* In Copenhagen blue with
/ \ f white collars and cuffs, braid
sf4ll - trimmed, fashioned with three
f \ | ) box plaits, front and back.
/ / \i A / Price, $4.50.
Qtfi { !1 1 V \ \ In Copenhagen blue, with
L- r -rf'CC\ / ! 1\ \ Yv\\ J self-collars, laced yokes; belt
’ ! /A \\ \ \\\ * V-x J slipping through two plaits at
_jft j 'p I' i J \ \ either side of front. Price,
/ 1,.,’ / / / y In Copenhagen blue. Palmer
t V ./!’ ™ linen, made with yoke,
fjy L U I trimmed with emblems; three
y /L I v * plaits at either side of front.
>• ' prlce> ?7iso<
Two-Piece Middy Frocks
Middy dress of Copenhagen blue. Palmer linen, made with plaited skirt. Price, SIO.OO.
Os white jean, with Copenhagen blue collar. Price, $6.75.
Os beach cloth, with navy blue collar. Price, $6.75. —Ayres—Children's shop, fifth floor.
8,550 Pairs of Stockings
For Women and Children
600 pairs of Ayres’ Special pure thread silk stockings, full
fashioned, silk lisle, double top, lisle sole; black, white, tan; in
all sizes; first quality. A box of three pairs, 96.95.
1,200 pairs of "As You Like It” pure thread silk stockings,
full fashioned, lisle top, lisle sole, plain white, In all sizes;
first quality. A box of three pairs, $5.45,
600 pairs Wayne Knit pure thread silk stockings, full fash
ioned, 14-inch silk boot, silk lisle top and lisle sole; black,
white, cordovan and beaver; first quality. A box of three pairs,
*4 75.
600 pairs of Wayne Knit full-fashioned silk lisle stockings,
double garter top, double sole; first quality; black and white,
In all sizes. A box of three pairs, $2.65.
450 pairs of Wayne Knit, plain black, gauze lisle stockings,
double top, heels and toes. A box of three pairs, $1.95.
1.200 pairs of Wayne Knit medium weight lisle hose, double
heels and toes, black and white. A box of three pairs, 91-17.
2,400 pairs of plain lisle and silk stockings, double gar
ter top and ribbed top, double heels and toes, “irregulars” from
one of the best manufacturers; black, cordovan, tan, gray and
white; in sizes B*4 to 1014- A box of three pairs, 91.10.
300 pairs of children’s mercerized lisle and cotton English
ribbed stockings, cordovan, sizes 6Vz, 8, and 9. A box of
three pairs, $1.35.
1.200 pairs of Wayne Knit Pony stockings, medium weight,
ribbed, white cotton, sizes 6Vi to 10. A box of three pairs,
91 00.
—Ayres—Street floor.
Nitrogen Electric Bulbs—Special
For reading purposes, you’ll find 50-watt opal lights
very restful. Although these nitrogen bulbs radiate a
warm glow, It Is a softened one and does not strain
the eye. Specially priced for Saturday at each.
Also specially priced electric bulbs at 28<> each, or
5 for $1.29. These are all new and perfect; 15, 25,
40 or 50-watt light. Every one tested when sold.
How About BEDDING?
Forehanded buying permits L. S. Ayres & Company to
offer unusual values in sheets, bedspreads and pillows.
36x36 inch bleached pillow- 20x27 half down pillows, cov
cases, soft finish, tom and ered with fancy art ticking, soft
hemmed; 35< each. lj ght and fluffy, at $5.75 a pair.
42x36 and 45xt>6 bleached pil- 74x84, hemmed, crocheted bed
lowcases, soft finish, hemmed, spreads, good weight, soft finish;
ready to use, at 39<i and 43<* a t $3.50.
63x90 bleached sheets for twin 7 * 4 Reached sheeting, good
beds, good weight yet fine finish; firm weight ’ wearing
at $1 98 each qualities of this material make it
36 inch springtime cotton. a oar ® ain at
This cloth is made of fine corded 72x80 white cotton blankets,
yarns, especially woven for un- good weight, pink and blue bor
dergarments and children's wear, ders, extra large size at $3.69.
at 35£ a yard. a pair. —Ayres—Second floor.
L.S. Ayres &sCq.

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