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Laporte Man Enacts Tragedy
as Girl’s Sister Looks On.
Special to The Times.
LAPORTE. Ind., March 22.—When love
failed to find Its way Vincent Bowes fa
tally wounded his sweetheart, Katherine
Rudolph. 22. and fired a bullet Into his
own head.
Both died before the police arrived.
The tragedy took place In Miss Ru
dolph’s rooming house. The young
woman’s sister Helen was an eyewitness.
The pair had been sitting at a table.
Helen went Into her bedroom . A shot
rang out Her sister fell to the floor. As
Helen dashed Into the room Bowes pulled
the trigger of the pistol, sending a bul
let into his brain. He toppled over on
top of her sister.
When Bowes, who is a postoffice em
ploye, bought the pistol a few days ago
the police questioned him. He told them
he was afraid someone might try to hold
up the postofflce at night. He wanted
protection, he said.
Robins cease to be a novelty.
Chvles Johnson, 40, globe-trotter,
found dying in woods near Gary. End
|ime few hours later In hospital. Had
wled to warm feet, presumably several
days ago, with bonfire. Legs of trousers
had been burned off.
“Stick ’em up.” Deal Armstrong, Ter
re Haute lumber merchant, was slow
about obeying. Shot through right leg
by bandit In front of home.
Mrs. Mablo Smith of Logansport
awarded judgment for SB,OOO against
city of Logansport for death of hus
band, Harry, killed by coming in con
tact with overcharged electric wires July
3, 1019. Verdict rendered In Peru. Mi
ami county, on change of venue. Second
judgment for SS,OOO against city for same
kind of accident.
House shortage in Blcknell. Real es
tate men plan extensive building cam
paign despite high prices. Miners un
able to find places to live.
Russell Veole, 23, Logansport. Penn
sylvania brakemsn, severely injured in
fall from car. Head strikes rail. Serious
scalp wound and neck sprained. Spine
may be affected. ,
On complaint of miners unable to get
army shoes from Justice of Peace John
DeCrastos, government distributor in
Vincennes, police visit homos of Mike
Takack and Jake Goschnosnak, miners.
Hind 147 pairs. It is charged they bought
shoes and sold them to Blcknell miners
Retail price should be 51.50.
Ohio river continues to rise, flooding
lowlands of district near Evansville.
Farmers along Wabash also becoming
alarmed. Some chickens and livestock
already swept away. More rains will
make conditions serious.
Rev. Edgar F. Daugherty, formerly of
Vincennes, has resigned as pastor of
Los Angeles First Christian church. In
letter to Vincennes friends he says he
quit over disagreement with church
board. Says he didn’t want certain
men admitted to membership, but the
board did.
After a. romance five years ago and u
voyage across three thousand miles of
ocean Mrs. James Little is mistress of
her own home In BicknelL The bride,
who was Belle Petlgrew, came from Air
dale, Scotland, to meet Mr. Little. He
Joined her In Indianapolis and they came
to Vincennes and got a license. The
groom had a house furnished and waiting
for her.
Contractors will submit bids today for
$125,000 opera house In Vincennes. Work
will begin on structure immediately. To
be one of most modern in western In
Don Roberts,- former mayor of Terre
Haute, a hero. Yep. Runaway team
comes rushing down street. Approaches
railroad tracks. Train coming. Don
throws up arms in front of steeds. They '
stop. Train whizzes by.
Death prevented Miss Jewell Campbell
from giving a half pint of her blood to
her fiance in Evansville today. llarry
A. Lindeaburg, 24, the fiance, died in
a hospital at 2 a. m., eight hours before
the transfusion operation was to have
been performed. Last Friday a pint of
Miss Campbell’s blood was transfused
into Lindenburg's arteries.
On week dayß Rev. George B. Gilbert
of Middletown, Conn., shears the locks
of the masculine half of his flock. They
pay him more money for cutting their
hair than saving their souls.
Mrs. C. A. Blsbeo of Aurora, 111., gave
as her business "raising babies” when
the inquisitive census taker asked.
Dallas, Tea., Sis the best leap year
city in America, according to the per
centage table of marriage licenses Is
sued since Jan. 1.
“Ton take a basin of water, place your
Huger in it for a few seconds, lake it
out and look at the hole that is left.
The size of that hole represents about
the impression that advice makes on a
young man’s mind.”
Move over.
I’m on my side now.
Vou’re not.
I am.
Ma. Bill’g, got ruore'n half the bed.
Hain’t either, ma.
Git your feet ofTn me.
Hain’t touehln’ you.
Ma, Bill’s go* his feet in my back.
Oh, what a whopper!
Gimme part of the blanket.
You got It all now.
Ma, Bill won’t—
Bay, if you boys don’t shut up anil
go to sleep I’ll tell father when he conies
lnl x
_- -
Sue won’t be out for a ytar,
She’? still in a sub-deb state,
Iler company’s something to fear.
She’s awful to contemplate.
Men are a terror to Sue
■* For all the attraction they hold.
She can’t quite decide what to do,
Te kiss them or freeze them cold.
Here’s some educational puzzles In word mathematics In which we
add and subtract to get our results. 1
If that Isn’t clear to you, here’s an example. Bore —b-ore. Working
along that line with words instead of figures, here’s a set of puzzles which
gives the names of some of the principal cities In the United States, with
the words you must add and subtract to find out the name, represented In
0 + ® + ©-®) =
Here are a few facts about the city, to help you out a little.
Once it was a mining camp, but now this city’s population is more than
200,000. Many railroads run into the city from all directions.
Answer to Yesterday’s Puzzle.
(The answer to today’s puzzle will be given In our next issue.)
Red Spies in American Legion?
Reports Don’t Worry Members
The American legion has no fear of spies from bolshevik camps.
It has been reported that a number of reds have obtained member
ship in the legion for the purpose of spying upon it. When this matter
was brought to the attention of Arthur Woods, chairman of the national
Americanization committee of the legion, he stated that the organization
would not trouble itself In searching for reds among the membership.
In fact, he was of the opinion that
it would be a good thing for all con
cerned If every person of red ideas In
the country would Join the legion, as
they could do it no harm and probably
: would be converted, into a belief of law
and order by learning the principles of
the legion. There Is nothing secret con
cerning the workings of the legion, ac
cording to Mr. Wood.
“We welcome into the legion all sorts
St. Margaret’s hospital guild will meet
tomorrow for an all-day sewing party
with Mrs. J. H. Aufderhelde, 1709 North
• • •
Tbe Third Ward Citizenship school
will meet with Mrs. A. B. Gable, 1735
North Illinois street, at 2:30 o’clock
Friday afternoon. Woodburn Masson
will talk on “itiate Government.” The
Judicial department will be illustrated
by a mock trial by Jury, by the women
of the ward involving a sensational bank
, robbery.
. . .
i Gimme Sigma sorority hold a guest
; afternoon at the home of Miss Pearl
Berger, 1015 North Illinois street. Plans
for th.e animal sorority dance at the
Denison hotel Wednesday were made.
T. W. Bennett Circle No. 23, G. A. K.
will meet on the fourth floor of the court
house Tuesday n!ght. N --
Russian Musicians
Given Novel
Zimro ensemble gave to Indianapolis
music lovers a decidedly novel program
last night at the Murat temple. The
company of Russian musicians played
under tho auspices of the Zionist or
ganlzation, whose object is to establish -
a tempre of art in Palestine. The am
bitions and desires of the Zionists were
briefly explained by Dr. Arthur Rose
| during an intermission in the program.
The numbers were as a rule unfamiliar
j to many, as nil the ensemble numbers
' but the Tschaifcowskj' quartet in D ma
jor were Jewish folk songs. The pianist.
L. llerdlchersky, is an accompanist of
rare understanding and delicacy, and
shows dnxterous technique in bis solo
work. J. Chorniarskl, cellist, used an
i original composition which was rendered
most skillfully. S. Belllson, clarinetist,
showed some beautiful work in his two
solo numbers.
Every number was unique but gave j
the audience an insight into pure Jewish j
musical composition and interpretation, j
Wilson Takes Drive
About Capital City:
WASHINGTON, March 22. President
Wilson today went for a drive through
the city.
“A chip off
HEALTH and stamina arc the reward of
Give Your Boy a Chance f
Fruited Wheat or Fruited Oats —the scien-
Endorsed by dietary experts as
great brain, bone and muscle /''up I'Tyt
builders. ygjm
Qum'y |H.
and classes of men,” said Mr. Wood in
discussing the report. “The only be
lief we insist on is the belief In Amer
icanism. The legion has no concern with
political parties or with Industrial, eco
nomic or social theories, so long as they
are consistent with the principles of
Americanism. Tbe legion is against
those who are against America, whether
they be external or internal euemles. If
enemies of America become members of
the legion they do so only after falsely
subscribing to the legion's declaration of
m-542 e Wash st~a
Miss Anderson to Head State
Federation Another Year.
Miss Ida Anderson of Indianapolis was
re-elected president of the Indiana Fed
eration of Business and Professional
Women, at the closing business session
of the state convention of the organiza
tion at the Severin hotel, Saturday.
Mrs. T. J. Scholz of Evansville was
elected first vice president; second vice
president, Prof. Harriet Palmer of
Franklin; recording secretary, Miss
Goldlne Grove of Frankfort; correspond
ing secretary, T. M. McDaniel of Indian
apolis, and treasurer, Gertrude McDaniel
of Anderson, completed the ticket. Mrs.
Helen Ford Is director for 1821, and di
rectors for 1923 are* Mrs. E. Rainey of
Indianapolis. Mrs. E. Farnsworth of
IsebanOn and F. Marlott of Evansville.
Miss Jessie Ackerman of Chicago, who
is conducting a course of lectures In
one of the biggest churches in Chicago,
gave the closing address of the conven
tion at the banquet Saturday night. Miss
Ackerman talked on tire “Psychology ot
Mobs," treating her subject from a social
and humorous standpoint rather than
from an academic outlook. "Every one
U in a state of mind,” she said, “and
when a group of people get together all
In a similar state of mind, they may be
easily _ swayed, and very often they are
directed wrongly. A certain band of
good, overwrought women gave a group
of soldiers who had been Imprisoned for
months without sufficient clothes or food,
a corsage of sweet peas. Now Is the
time when minds of w-bmen must be
directed In the rights paths ant in our
banding together we must choose wise
leaders so that the franchise, which we
have won after years of struggle, may
be Judiciously used.”
Among the out-of-town women present
were Mrs. Elizabeth Sears of New York,
well known speaker and writer; Mrs.
Homrlghous, real estate woman In Gary,
who Invented a signal light system for
automobiles, and Mrs. Sehtiltz of Evans
ville, president of the Evansville Rotary
Miss Nina Cor gave “Tho Message of
tbe Flag,” by Franklin Lane, and Miss
DeWave Payne, secretary of the Aetna
Trust Company, Introduced the speaker.
The tables were decorated with small
American flags and the place cards were
I for catarrh
! ! Hacking cough,
continued sneezing,
i stuffed up nostrils— *1
! how tan anyone at- L L
j I tend to daily duties CNDOn nfG.cc
■ with a catarrhal
j head? carrrwTi
Kondor.’a relieves 5* 1 ~J3f
1 quickly and pre- 17 | 3
1 vents the more eer- % fe g
ious ills which fol- jff 3 la
low In the wake of \
neglected catarrh. It
will pay you to try St. 1 *T : -
(Condon'sCatarrhs! Jelly ! puarsn- M
tetd not only by u, but by 30 years
service to millions of Americans. If Hj
Kondon's doesn't do wonders (of Hi
I your cold, sneering, tough, chronic jfjj
catarrh, nose Heed, heudsche, sore |B|
| nose, etc., we'll pay you* money
| b ‘ ck ’
Dr. Edwards’ Olive Tablets Get
at the Cause and Remove It
Dr. Edwards’ Olive Tablets, the
i substitute for calomel, act gently on the
: bowels and positively do the work,
I People afflicted with bad breath find
quick relief through taking them.
Dr. Edwards’ Olive Tablets are a
vegetable compound mixed with olive
oil. They act gently but lirmly on the
bowels and liver, stimulating them to
natural action, clearing the blodd, and
purifying the entire system. They do
| that which calomel does, without any of
| the bad after effects. Take one or two
every night for a week and note the.
pleasing effect. 10c and 25c a box,
| A Stubborn Cough *
f Loosens Right Up I
T This home-made remedy I* n won
t dor for qnlck results Easily T
T and cheaply made.
Here is a home-made syrup which
millions of people have found to be
the most dependable means of break- j
ing up stubborn coughs. It is cheap
and simple, but very prompt in action. I
Under its healing, soothing influence, !
chest soreness goes, phlegm looaens,
breathing becomes easier, tickling in
throat stops and you get a good night’s
restful sleep. The usual throat and
chest colds are conquered by it in 24
hours or less. Nothing better for bron
chitis. hoarseness, croup, throat tickle,
bronchial asthma or winter coughs.
To make this splendid cough syrup,
pour 2y s ounces of Pinex into a pint
bottle and fiii the bottle with plain
granulated sugar syrup' and shake
thoroughly. If you prefer, use clarified
molasaes, honey, or corn syrup, instead
of sugar syrup. Either *|iy, you get
a full pint—a family supply— of much
better cough syrup than you could buy
ready-made for three times the money.
Keeps perfectly and children love its
pleasant taste.
Pinex is a special and highly concen
trated compound of genuine Norway
pine extract, known the world over for
its prompt healing effect upon the
To avoid disappointment ask your
druggist for “2V S ounces of Pinex”
with full directions, and don’t accept
anything else. Guaranteed to give ab
solute satisfaction or money promptly
refunded. The Pinex Cos., Ft. Wayne,
the symbols of the two political parties.
A resolution passed at the convention
changed the old name of the organiza
tion, “Woman’s Association of Commerce
of Indiana,” to “Indiana Federation of
Business and- Professional Women.” A
number of other resolutions were adopt
ed concerning the educational' situation,
favorlngg the Increase In teachers' sala
ries, favoring the coinage of the Roose
velt 2-cent piece and safe and sane la
bor laws.
Phillippine Women
Cast First Ballots
MANILA, March 22.—Women have Just
voted at the democratic primaries In the
Philippine Islands to elect delegates to
the territorial convention In April, when
six delegates to the national convention
will be chosen. It was the first time
women participated In a primary here.
Coon Eats Mutton
DALLAS, Tex., March 22.—J. W,
Lamb played with a coon at the city
zoo. Lamb’s in the*hospltal with a bad
ly bitten baud and the coon's still In
the zoo.
You Can Be Free from Pain
as I Am, if You Do as I Did.
Harrington, Me.—“l suffered with
backache, pains through mv hips and
atoms' n \t*t fnies^l
did me more good
than anything else. I am regular, do
not suffer the pains I used to, keep
bouse and do all my work. I recom
mend your medicine to all who suffer
as I did and you may use my letter as
you like.”—Mrs. Minnie Mitchell,
Harrington, Me.
There are many women who suffer as
Mrs. Mitchell did and who are being
benefited by this great medicine every
dav. Tt has helped thousands of wo
men who have been troubled with dis
placement?.'inflammation, ulceration,
irregularities, periodic pains, back
ache, that bearing-down feeling, indi
gestion and nervous prostration.
Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Com
pound contains no ratcotics or harm
ful drugs. It is male from extracts
of roots and herbs and is a safe me
dium for women. If you need special
advice write T.ydia E. Pinkham Medi
cine Cos. (confidential! , ff/vnn, Mass.
ill Great Medicine
Made From Corn Silk —Excites
Favorable Comment.
Kidney and Bladder Ailments
Banished By Few Doses.
Corn Silk! The unmet “silk" you see
protruding’ from the bnsk of corn, pro
duces a fine medicine for kidney and
bladder irregularities, when compounded
with other simple drugs as In Balmwort <
Balmwort Tableta contain a powerful
extract of corn silk, which quickly re
lieve* the Inflammation ami congestion
that cause* such distress ns pains in ba'k
and hip*, rheumatic twinges, nervousness,
severe headaches, accompanied by fre
quent desire tn eliminate, followed by
scalding, burning sensation. The patient
is compelled to arise frequently to relieve
painful pressure,, even though a acanty j
flow follows. The eyes appear “blood- j
shot,” the sleep 1s restless, and some- 1
times fever, followed by chills, cause
great unrest. It Is unwise to neglect
such symptoms, when a few doses of
Balmwort Tablets can be taken for /*■
lief. Alice Trobough, 5627 South Twenty
fourth street, Omaha. Neb., writes: “X
have used one tube of your Balmwort
Tablets and find that they are the best I
have ever used for kidney snd bladder
Ask any leadlnr druggist for a tube
of Balmwort Tablets. Price sl.oo—Ad
For Freckled, Rough
or Muddy Complexions

The freckling, discoloring or rough
i enlng to which delicate skins are sub
i Jcct after exposure to wind or sun, often
appearing in early spring, may readily
l>c gotten rid of. Mereollzed wax spread
| lightly over the face before retiring and
I removed In the morning with soap and
water, completely peels off the disfigured
skin. Oct ar. ounce of the wax at nnv
I druggist’s There’s no more effective
| way of banishing freckles or other eu
i t.ineous defects. Little skin particles
| come off each day, so the process doesn’t
I even temporarily mar the complexion,
and oue soon acquires a brand new.
spotless, glrllshy beautiful face.—Adver
ICadomene the
“MiracSe Medicine”
Many People Have Written of i
the Seeming “Miracles” Per- !|
formed by Cadomene !|
They Are Only Recommended !
for Worn-Out, Impoverished, ]'
Nervous People, But— \
People have testified that they have
been cured of rheumatism, headaches,
stomach disorders, pains of neuralgia,
etc., through tho use of this great medi
clne-tonle, Cadomene Tablets. It only
means that the Cadomene has helped
to build up the strength of all organs
and then nature has a chance to brin&
the cure. Therefore, If you arc tired,
sluggish, and vour feet and hands are
cold and clammy, and nervousness over
whelms you by sleeplessness, irritable
temper, and your heart flutters while
dizziness and trembling seize you a*
times, you may ward off serious consr J
qucnces and become full of vigor, ved
blood and health for every vital .’gan
of your body. Mr. J. W. Biggs bf It.
U No. 3, Fort Worth, Tex., writes“l
am using Cadomene Tablets - .nd find
(hem to be good in every w.ty for an
old man of HO.” F. W. Brrbeau, 1327
irtca street, Denver, Colo., 'writes: “I
have taken one package of Cadomene
ar.d it has put me on rry feet and I
feel flue.”
Cadomene builds tip nerves and bod
ily vigor. All druggists.—Advertisement.
Hair Tonic Drunk
Seizes Girl, 11
John S. Hyte, 637 East Maryland
street, grabbed Velma Crouch, a 11-year
old girl. In a downtown motion picture
show, sne told Patrolman Schrum. He
arrested Hyte and says he found two
bottles of hair tonic in his pocket. Hyte
The After Effects
of Pneumonia
This is No, 2 of a series of advertisements, prepared by a com
petent physician, explaining how certain diseases which attack
the air passages —such as Pneumonia, Influenza, Whooping
Cough, Measles or even a long continued Cold —often leave
these organs in an inflamed, congested state, thus affording a
favorable foothold for invading germs. And how Vick’s Vapo-
Rub may be of value in this condition.
Pneumonia attack® the air cells
of the lungs. An inflammation
is set up and matter is thrown
off which causes the air cells to
solidify, thus preventing the
natural flow of blood thru the
lungs. This “backing up” of
the blood causes the heart to
pump harder, just as stepping on
a hose increases the water pres
sure, which is the reason why,
during this disease, the physician
watches the overburdened heart
so carefully.
After recovery the lungs are
filled with a mass of wreckage—
the debris of the battle—which
must be gotten rid of by a process
known as resolution. Frequently,
inflamed spots remain, congestion
persists, cough hangs on, and the
least exposure brings on a cold
that •is hard to get rid of. If
neglected, such damaged air pas
sages may easily develop serious
disease of the lungs.
Such cases should always con
tinue under a physician’s care
md frequent examinations should
be made to see that nature is
properly continuing the rebuild-
60c B. Bodyguard
,I * 2o Wapoßubk# Against Colds
More Than 17 Million Jars Used Yearly
Mr*. Charles Delvraux, 1962 Cornell
avenue, Indianapolis, says: ”1 had not
been feeling well for a long time. My
stomach was la r. bad condition and my
food didn't digest right, consequently I
began losing strength. I was frequently
annoyed by gas forming In my stomach.
“Not long ago I commenced to nse
I’epgen and I could notice ac improve
ment almost from tho very start. I fee!
better new than I have felt for months.
I eat heartily aid sleep soundly. And I
have more ambition to do my housework.
I’epgeu has been Os great benefit to me
and I am glad to Indorse it to all my
friends and acquaintances.”
While it is true the success of Pepgen
has been so great as to amaze many
people In some cities, it real’y, also, is
true that Pepgen is no more popular in
one city than another, wherever it has
embarrassed' ~
by disfiguring blemishes.
If you are un;.ble to really enjoy
the society of others because of the
fear that that wretched skin eruption
on your shoulder will begin to itch,
or that your scarf will slip and ex
pose the disfiguring rash you had
tried so hard to conceal, try Resinol
Watch the Little Pimples;
They are Nature’s Warning
Unsightly and Disfiguring Sig
nals of Bad Blood.
Don’t close your eyes to the warn
ing ynich nature gives, when un
sightly pimples appear on your face
and other parts of the body.
Not only are these pimples and
splotches disfiguring, but they lead
to serious skin diseases that spread
and cause the most discomforting
irritation and pain. Sometimes they
foretell Eczema, boils, blisters, scaly
eruptions and other annoyances that
burn like flames of fire, and make
you feel that your skin is ablaze.
When these symptoms appear on
any part of the body, take prompt
steps to rid the blood of these dis
is charged with drunkenness and as
sault and battery.
VICTORIA, B. C., March 22.—The navy
yard at Esquimau, on Vancouver Island,
near here, will be abandoned as a base by
AprU 1. Tbe royal naval college will re
main at Esqulmalt. Esqulmalt bas been
a royal naval base since 1843.
ing process.
Nightly applications of Vick’s
Vapo-Rub will aid nature in this
work.. Because Vicks acts locally
by stimulation thru the skin to
draw out the inflammation, at-,
tract the blood away from thei
congested spots and relieve the j
cough. In addition, the medici- J
nal ingredients of Vicks are
vaporized by the body heat.
These vapors are breathed in all
night long, thus bringing the
medication to bear directly upon
the inflamed areas.
Vicks should be rubbed in
over the throat and chest until
the skin is red—then spread on
thickly and covered with hot
flannel cloths. Leave the cloth
ing loose around the neck and
the bed clothes arranged in the
form of a funnel so the vapors
arising may be freely inhaled. If
the cough is annoying, swallow a
small bit of Vicks the size of a
Samples to new users will be
sent free on request to the Vick
Chemical Company, 232 Broad
Street, Greensboro, N. C.
been introduced.
Everywhere the most prominent people
are giving testimony in praise of Pep
gen out of gratitude for the relief that
I’epgen has given them and because they
believe it their duty to do so.
It ft the humanitarian spirit of help
“the other fellow” if you can, that is the
first thought of hundreds of men and
women who voluntarily tell what Pepgen
has done for them.
Many people have found Pepgen to be
an ideal tonic, tissue builder and strength
producer. It reaches tho strength sap
ping lethargy creating ailments that “get
yonr nerves.”
Pepgen is told by Henry J. Hnder’s
drug stores, Washington and Pennsyl
vania streets. Illinois and Michigan
streets, and by all other leading drug
There is no need of enduring such
discomfort when Resinol Ointment
usually relieves itching promptly
and makesthe skin clear and healthy
again. When aided by Resinol
Soap it is even more effective.
prevent irritation. A U dtaltr, „U Uu RtsinM
orders. And the one remedy which
has no equal as a blood cleanser is
S. S. S., the purely vegetable blood
medicine, which has been on the mar
ket for more than fifty years. It is
sold by druggists everywhere.
If you are afflicted with any form
of skin disease do not expect to be
cured by lotions, ointments, salves
and other local remedies, as they
can not possibly reach the source of
the trouble, which is in the blood.
Begin taking S. S. S. today, and
write a complete history of your
case to our chief medical advisop
j who will give you special instruc
tions, without charge. Write at
once to Swift Specific Cos., 166 Swift
Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga. —Advertises
; ment.
Before Taking Cardui This Georgia
Lady Suffered Until She Would
Have to Sit Down to Do
Housework. Was
Dizzy and Weak.
Dalton, Ga.—Mrs. V. A. Burnett,
of Route 6, says: “I got down with
Iny back and sides, not able to do my
work. I suffered a great deal. I had
a depressed, biue feeling all the time.
“I couldn’t rest at night I was
nervous. I would be dizzy and hMa
no account at all.
**l would have to sit down while
trying to do the housework. It
seemed I couldn’t get my breath. I
was afraid I would get past going
‘‘l heard of Cardui and began using
it I could see after a half bottle it
wa3 helping me, so I kept it up . . .
and soon I was like anew person.
“I knew Cardui did the work, for
no other medicine I took ever helped
me as it did. I certainly can recom
mend . . . Cardui.
This well-known medicine, which
Mrs. Burnett says helped her, Is a
mild, medicinal, purely vegetable
tonic, for over 40 years used by thou
sands of women, with similar results
to those which this Georgia lady ob
Cardui should help you. Try It.—
Advertise men t
Why Be Skinny?
It’s Easy to Be Plump,
Popular and Attractive
It’s easy to be plnmp. popular end at
tractive, Instead of being thin, angulaj,
and scrawny.” Almost Invariably
trouble Is due to weak nerves snd con
sequent failure to assimilate your food.
You may eat heartily, but owing to the
! lack of nervous energy and Impoverished
blood you don’t get the benefit from the
food you eat. All of this can be reme
died very quickly by taking with each
meal a flTe-grain tablet of Blood-Iron
Phosphate. This quickly strengthens the
nervous system, enriches the blood and
increases its oxygen carrying power, and
In a remarkably short time the average
thin, weak, nervous man or woman be
gins not only to put on flesh, but also
begins to look and feel better. Sleep,
appetite, strength and endurance are im
proved. dull eyewiecome bright, and, un
less afflicted with some organic com
plaint. there is no reason why. If you
take Blood-Iron Phosphate regularly, you
should not soon look and feel much
better and many years younger.
Deposit $1.50 today with Haag, Rook or
Under, or any other druggist for enough
Blood-Iron Phosphate for a three-weeks’
treatment. Use as directed and if at the
end of three weeks you aren’t delighted,
go back and set your money. Your
: druggist, a man you know, is authorized
i to give it to you.—Advertisement.
Says Poisons Cause
Headache Dizziness
Coated Tongue and Myriad Ail
ments In the Spring.
Grandma’s Remedy Now Sold In
Tablet—Sulpherb Tabiets.

Many men, women and children need a
Spring Blood Purifier. The blood be
comes thick with poisons through the
winter months. When spring ccmes
serious aliments like typhoid, scarlet
fever, coughs, colds, catarrh, neuralgia,
rheumatic pains, loss of appetlta and a
sluggish all-in feeling prevails.
The bowels, the liver and the kldaeye
need help. The blood needs thinning and
purifying if pimples and boils are
present Sulpherb Tablets quickly re
lieve constipation and kidney Inactivity
and elimination of poisons takes place
and yon are made strong and fit for
spring snd summer. Grandma gave
sulphur and cream ot tartar in molasees.
Now you tako them in tablets with laxa
tive purifying herbs—a better medicine,
easy and pleasant to take. Druggists sell
them in 60c sealed tubes. Every package
guaranteed satisfactory or money back.
Get Sulpherb Tablets (not sulphur
tablets). —Advertisement.
Tells how his cough wag con
quered and health restored.
“In November, 1916, I was working In
a coal mine and the doctors said the coal
dust had settled in my lungs. I couldn’t
lie down on my right side, coughed so
I couldn’t sleep and bad constant pain
in my right lung and under my shoulder
blades. I coughed so hard tt* bloody
would spurt out of my nose. Finally the
doctors bad me change climate and live
outdoors, but didn’t improve.
“Then I came home and started on
Milks Emulsion. Thank God, 1 did, as it
did me a lot of good right from tho
start, loosening up the coal dust in my
right lung. In a few weeks my lungs
were free. I could sleep like a baby, had
an excellent appetite and my cough lsft
me entirely. I gained back 30 pounds in
weight and went back to work in ths
mines completely restored to health.”—Q.
H. Bunn, 6th Are. & No. 18th St., Terre
Haute, Ind.
Thousands of victims of dust-filled air,
develop the same trouble that Mr. Bunn
had. Milks Emulsion costs nothing to
try, so why not at least try it?
Milks Emulsion Is a pleasant, nutritive
food and a corrective medicine. It re
stores healthy, natural bowel action, do
ing away with all need of pills and
physics. It promotes appetite and quickly
puts the digestive organs in shape to
assimilate food. It helps build flash and
strength, and Is a powerful aid in re
sisting and repairing the effects of wast
ing diseases.
This is ths only solid emulsion made,
and so palatable that it is eaten with a I
spoon like ice cream.
No matter how severe your case, you
are urged to try Milks Em llslon under
this guarantee—Take six bottles home
with you, use It according to directions
and If not satisfied with tbe xesults, your
money will be promptly refunded. Price
00c and $1.20 per bottle. The Milks
Emulsion Cos., Terre Haute, Ind. Sold by
druggists everywhere.—Advertisement.

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