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Morning Drill Closes Tribe
Training Schedule—Every
body Happy and Gay.
Time# Sports Editor.
BT. PETERSBURG, Fla., April 2.
Adlan, adieu, "City of Sunshine and
Thns did the Indiana today say fare
well to this man's wonderful weather
city, after their final practice session
this morning out at Moorefleld park.
This afternoon was devoted to packing
up, squaring up accounts, bidding the
fair fans and rousing rooters goodby,
preparatory to leaving for Chattanooga,
In the long morning practice final
coaching was given by Manager Hen
dricks to his Tribesmen on some of the
fine points of baseballdom.
Both Owner Smith and the Tribe’s man
ager have pronounced the 1920 spring
training season an unqualified success,
and by way of testimonial they are
willing to come back, providing the lo
cal business men can guarantee anew
and better playing field.
The Indians, late yesterday afternoon,
found time to witness the yacht races
held In Tampa bay. It was bully to
alt In the shade of awnings and watch
the trim-sailed craft slip on past like
water-flies. Manager Jack says he is go
ing to buy a yacht—aome day, and sail
It on White river—(not ‘‘Green river,”
There is but one fly in the Tribe s
ointment now—Tex Covington’s shoulder
la not much better, and Manager Hend
ricks is worried. It is unlikely that
the Texan lad will be able to participate
in the Chattanooga games and Dutch
Zwilling is now slated to hold down the
Initial sack. At the rate Eddie has
been going in practice, he will be able
to stop anything the fast infield is able
to get within nine feet of the first stop
•& the circuit.
According to scientific dope, the
training season has ended at just the
right time. Additional workouts would
undoubtedly result In some staleness.
The Tribesmen appear to be keyed up
in wonderful shape.
Ollie O’ilara and Louie Wolf were the
first Indians to make the getaway from
here, the two inflelders having departed
for Jacksonville last night where they
will visit friends and then rejoin the
squad there Saturday morning.
In practice yesterday Outfield Shinners
and Pitcher Murray, both recruits, found
themselves in the limelight. Shinners
has developeed so rapidly that he will
win a regular berth sure, providing he
hits a stride in willow-work. And Mur
ray, oh boys, has a comer, makes the
pitching puzzle take on a brighter hue,
giving the club roster a couple of south
paws, he and Caret, to mix with the
Six o’clock dinner dates, purchases of
candy and flowers for the fair fans, the
last social game, the playing off of the
town horseshoe championship occupied
the last minutes of the Indians, follow
ing the D&cklng up program.
Plans have been made to stop at the
Grand hotel in Chattanooga, where the
Indians will make their debut in the
mountains. The sojourn will extend from
Sunday over to Wednesday.
So long, St. Petersburg. 3921? Maybe,
it's np to you, you know. So long.
PADUCAH, Ky.. April 2. Itain that
started falling early yesterday made Im
possible the third exhibition clash be
tween the Mud Hens and Saints in the
(afternoon, after the Toledoans had made
The twenty-five-mlle trip to Mayfield.
Roger Bresnahan was somewhat peeved,
but be got over it when he returned
and found Pitcher Jimmy Middleton
in camp, waiting to tell his boss that
be was ready to go to work. Middleton
looks fit for battle.
Rresaai:an announced today that De
troit has canceled the two* exhibition
gemes at Toledo, April 10 and 11. wbi'-h
Just about wrecks the Duke’s plans. lie
wanted to get some practice on the home
ground ana at the same time show h's
hoped-for turnstile clickers what he has
to offer In the 1920 pennant chase for the
Tom Hickey flag.
ST. LOUIS, April 2.—Major league su
premacy In St. Lonls will be decided In
a series beginning tomorrow between the
Cardinals and Browns. Tbe Cardinal
regulars came home today to get ready.
The Yannigans will not arrive nntil to
morrow. They play today at Joplin.
JACKSON, Tenn., AprU 2.—Rain again
prevented the Giants and tbe Red Sox
from clawing at each other and the
teams left Is r NasbvUle, where they
will pnt on a ioatlnee today, if weather
GREENVILLE, April 2.—Bain again
prevented the Reds and Nationals from
renewing their spring diamond battle
here yesterday. The two teams will at
tempt to stage a game today at Raleigh,
N. C.
OAKLAND April 2.—Charley Collocher,
shortstop, played a crack game at short
In yesterday’s game, which Oakland won
8 to L Besides getting a three-base
hit, he played a star game in the field.
JACKSONVILLE, April 2.—Babe Ruth
bit his first home ran r the year here
yesterday, a drive of 428 feet, and the
Yankees beat Brooklyn, 6 to 2.
SfeliL.rated In the five-man events of the
Dowling Congress tournament
last night.
Kludge Kalmback Logie Shoe
team of Grand Rapids, Mich.,
the Initial squad with a 2,841
Bn the second squad, the Vermonts of
were high with 2,833.
Hat game win over the Hearts in the
Mki No. 2 loop and they forgot to stop
Bntll they bad taken three straights.
ft “Havty” didn’t do a terribly big bit
■>r tha Hearts.
■ The Tongues hated to take credit for
■elr two wins over the Livers. They
■d it with little or nothing.
could have put the Livers over
if he had been "right-”
opened fire with a 202 for the
His second effort had about
punch as a bottle of “far” beer.
Muscles had to shoot hard in their
to figure better than the
by “Happy” helped them along
couldn’t deliver as per usual
Brains were humiliated by the
JB From Baker to ?
yHE-RfS. April 2.—Charles Ledoux, ban
champion of Europe, who knocked
Coulon, Chicago, in six
v-as a cook in a Paris bakery
De-icaaipa. discoverer of Georges
UU sutler, found him.
HBdoux will leave for the United States
abort time and hopes to return to .
'with the world’s championship 1
New York Boxing
Bill Dies as Rival
Clans Chew the Rag
*Old Gang* Squawks on Show
ing of Fight Films at
Carpentier Dinner.
NEW YORK, April 2.—Chances for a
revival of boxing In New York apparently
have been killed.
The substrata element objected most
strenuously to that part of the Walker
bill which made licenses neceessary for
every one involved in a bout.
The avenue to their former fields of
easy money whs obviously closed and
they started their machinery working.
Seenator Walker, sponsor of the fifteen
round decision bill, which passed the
senate. Is disgusted with the tactics em
ployed by the opponents of the bill and
announced he will make no effort to get
it out of the assembly committee.
The members of the “old gang” started
their attack with the charge that the
Walker bill was full or ‘‘political
patronage” with Its boxing commission
and its license commission.
Making little headway in that line,
they started a campaign of rumors about
the International Sporting club, the or
ganization which drew up the bill and the
president of which MnJ. Drexel Biddle
was named most prominently as the
choice of Gov. Smith for the commission
The report was started that the gov
ernment was about to investigate the ac
tions of the club in selling stock with
out giving anything for it.
Last week, at a private dinner given
by the club in honor of Georges Car
pentier, films of the Dempsey-WHlard
fight, snipped in from England, were
shown. The gang seized upon this as the
climax of outrages perpetrated by the
club and they have almost demanded
federal action.
Great Basket Scrap
Carded at Y . M. C. A.
Gym Tomorrow Night
Lads From *North ’ and ‘South’
Stack Up in Grudge
It looks like the north side against the
south side—that Joy Gloom-Turner battle
at the Y. M. C. A. tomorrow night. When
the lilpple basketeers Journey down Into
neutral territory to engage In combat
with the huskies from Prospect street, it
will certainly be lonesome out at the lit
tle city on the river, for the entire popu
lation will probably be at the “ringside”
rooting for their favorites. And the
world knows the Turners will receive
loyal backing from the folk down their
Both quints are working nightly, the
Turners in the south side gvm and the
Joy-Glooms in the Broad Kipple High
school gym.
A number of former basket stars have
been coaching the north side quint this
week and some of the combinations that
have been tried as possible lineups for
the big game have fairly sparkled In
practice. One of the smoothest align
ments so far has been composed of
Bridgeford and Milligan, forwards; Gar
rett, center, and Black and Dawson,
The Joy-Glooms, until this week's prac
tice, have not touched a basketball since
the Independent tournament, but tby are
showing no rust, and their followers de
clare that. In spite of the fact that the
Turners have been greatly strengthened
and have been playing right along, the
Ripple team will have no trouble In re
peating the dose which they administered
to the south aiders in the local independ
ent sectional.
Another angle to this battle royal Is In
teresting. The Joy-Glooms’ lineup con
tains a number,of students or graduates
of the Broad Ripple High school, while
the Turners are loaded to the guards
with former Short ridge stars. On this ac
count. the basket fans of the two schools
are lining up behind their favorites, and
It looks as if the "Y" will gee one of the
largest crowds on Saturday night that
has witnessed a game this season.
A curtain raiser that should put the
audience on edge for the main go will
be staged by the Y. P. C. and another
fast amateur quintet.
PARIS. April 2.—The French aero club
will defend the Gordon Bennett aviation
cup in a series of contests, starting Sept.
27. and ending about Oct. 2.
Practically all of the allied nations ex
pected to meet the challengers.
GOLDSBORO, April 2. Detroit Tigers
were leading the Boston Brave* 2 to 1
In the fourth inning of yesterday's game
here when the weather man let loose
a young cloudburst and brought the
fracas to a premature dose.
BIRMINGHAM, Ala., April 2.—The
Phils were to meet the local Southern
leaguers again this afternoon. With the
diamond partly under water, after two
days' rain, however, there was small
prospect for a game.
HOUSTON, April 2.—Today's game be-
n K the u ’ hlte Box * nd ‘he locals
wiH be staged especially for Joe Can
tlllon, Minneapolis, who wants to nick
up several players for his American As
sociation team.
JACKSONVILLE. April 2.—Batting
practice was the order for the Dodgem
today following their defeat by the Yanks.
Manager Robinson wa far from satisfied
when the Dodgers garnered only five hits
In nine innings.
NEW ORLEANS, April 2.—Tim Murch
ison, pitching for the Spokes Vannigana
held the regulars to four hits and three
runs yesterday, while the youngsters
piled up nine hits and 6even runs.
" T ~ ■
The Marion Ramblers will meet the
Linwood Bulldogs at Linwood park Sun
day afternoon and a good scrap Is pre
dicted. The Ramblers hare a few open
dates and would like to book games
with the strongest teams in the state.
Address Marion Rambler club, 812 North
Pine street.
The Borden Independents will prac
tice Sunday morning and all plavers
are requested to meet at Borden’s ‘bil.
ilard parlor not later than 9:30. For
games address William Curd, 2339 Pros
pect street.
The Manufacturers' Baseball league
has been organized for the season. The
following teams have entered. American
Can Company, Ell Lilly Company,
Langsdale plant of Citizens Gas, Hol
comb & Hoke. Rockwood Manufactur
ing Company and Link Belt.
The baseball season opens May 1 and
closes Aug. 7. The officers of the league
are F. C. Lucore, president, and W. E.
Gifford, secretary and treasury.
ROCKFORD, 111., April 2.—The Rock
ford Orioles have organized for the sea
son and they are out for the semi-pro
championship of the west. Strong teams
in Indiana desiring games are requested
to address the Rockford Baseball ctub
Rockford, 111.
NEW Y'ORK. April 2.—The executive
committee of the United States Golf as
sociation today decided to Invite dele
gates from various subsidiary associ
ations to a conference here April 30 to
discuss proposed changes in the rules.
The committee. It was announced, de
sired “to get in concrete form the point
of view of the majority In this country.’
April 2—The Ottawa
hockeyi team Is In possession Os the
nrofesAonal championship today, follow
ing Iti 6 to 1 victory over Seattle.
"Okesma," Pat
sy McMahon and
Jack Dillon, lo
cal boxers, ready
for a canter over
the Arkansas
astride their
fiery, uutamed
steeds. This is
the latest pic
ture of the two
Hoosiers, who
have been on the
coast for several
months, and It
certainly looks
like things are
going well wttn
Patsy and Jack
are in training
at Hot Springs,
Ark., for several
fights they have
scheduled In the
near future, and
they figure their
daily trip
through the
mountains, with
their little four
legged friends,
one of the best
stunts on their
training card.
McMahon has
battled his way
into prominence
on the coast, and
he is rapidly
becoming one of
the most popuv
lar drawing
cards In that
Patsy will meet
Solly Burns,
jk J§||
i 1- _ ;
Jimmy Hanlon, Red Herring and Johnny
Heidler within a period of six weeks.
After he has wiped these men off the
card McMahon will go to Miami for three
bouts at the Miami Sporting club. His
opponents in these engagements have not
yet been named, but Patsy says he un
derstands that the Miami people arc try
ing to sign Johnny Dundee.
■ Warming Up With The Tribe ■
ST. PETERSBURG. Fla.. April 2.
Friction among the city boosters here
probably will cause this spot to be lost
as a baseball training camp. The lease
on the present park expires next Jan
uary and from all Indications uuother
plant will not be built. W henever aome
one starts out to negotiate with a north
ern team to come here for soring train
ing immediately a rival political candi
date or faction becomes jealous and tri--s
to throw a wrench in the project. Pub
licity creates the Jealousy und it is- an
unfortunate condition because training
qualities of this city hardly could be
bettered. If the Chamber of Commerce
would get busy and mak it a city prop
osition it probably would solve the diffi
culty, but the right kind of men are
lacking to put It over that way. Break
ing into the limelight in a small city Is
a risky proposition.
Walter Itehg still possesses a comedy
streak. He went out with O’Mara and
Oavet to a grape fruit orchard and
pi ked fruit wlthont asking permission.
The owner appear*-d and the players ran.
Walter dropped his spoils, ran a short
distance, then returned and gathered up
the frnlt. The orchard owner was so
surprised that he was dumbfounded and
Uehg got away with It.
Cavet and O’Mara invested a sum of
money in a fish spear, went down to the
hay and not only fulled to got any fish,
but ruined the fishing for the day for a
large crowd of local anglers.
Owner Smith likes hi oranges and he
aiwaya has a box of the fruit In his room
for the boya.
Butch Henline is a camera fiend. He
has clicked his camera sixty-seven times
by actual count sluco arriving in the
When Gov. Goodrich of Indiana watt
here recently ho spoke to a gatlierlnt
of Hoosiers and praised Indiana so much
that the Florida natives present finally
disputed his statements. The “gov” was
right there with the oil however, and
brought hack smiles to the faces of the
Florida people present by launching Into
a talk on the fine city of St. I’eters
bnrg.” That got him a two-column head
One aviator here cut the price for tak
ing Up passengers and It is said the
other aviators got back at him by start
SOUTH BEND, lud. April 2.—Frankie
Mason of Ft. Wayne Ind , yesterday was
matched to meet Bad News liber, bantam
boxing champion of Canada, at Hamilton,
Oat., April 9. for ten rounWs.
Mason will meet Ham Handow, Cincin
nati bantam, who recently trimmed Fete
Hermann. This will boa ten-round af
fair at Muskegon, Mich., April 7. lie
also will meet Babe Ashler, New Orleans
bantam, at Springfield, 111., April 15.
Tom Velonis stated last night that he
will accept the challenge of Mike Reldy
for a wrestling bout for the city amateur
lightweight championship, to lie held at
Tomlinson hail April 13.
Velonis won tho title Saturday nlarht
by throwing Bert Wilson at the Inde
pendent Athletic club.
Easter Shirt
Should Be an
“Hoostrr Ben"
You will find It in your size
and sleeve length. Priced
$ 3 to *ls
22 E. Washington St.
159 N. Illinois.
‘‘Let ’em come,” says Patsy. ‘‘l am
feeling better than ever before and I
think I can handle any man in my
The south aider also gives us a little
tip on Dillon. He sayg Jack is In won
derful form and will surprise the world
when he re-enters the ring.
ing a rumor that hl machine was cheap
ly built. Competition Is a great old
game by land, sea or atr.
Ollie O’Mara says he’ll never win an
other argument at homo because his
wife has something “on" him now. He
wrote his wife, telling her to come to
Ht. Petersburg, then decided to change
plans and he sent her a night letter
telling her not to come. He forgot about
sending tho night letter and n number
of hours later sent a telegram saying
“If you have not started, why not. I
want to know what time you'll arrive."
When Ollie finally recalled the wire tell
ing her not to start he said: “Take me
down to the bay and let one of those
pelicans drill on my bean. I sure am
Louie Wolf, usually the last athlete
out of bed In the morning, is the only
member of the squad possessing an
alarm clock. ‘Why the clock. Louie?”
someone asked. “Oh, I like to hear It
ring at 6 a. m.” he said, “and then I
give it the merry ha hu and turn over
for more hay,” Louie, a former A. E. F.
man, says he wishes he could employ
someone to blow a bugle every morn
ing so he could tell the bugler “to throw
that dish pan In the bay before I push
It down your throat.”
Pretty soft for the Idle rich. When
the said idle rich wintering here rend
of the tornado in the north most of
them decided to remain In the south an
other month.
One of the rookies said: "Wouldn't It
be fine If an earthquake would occur,
cut Florida off from the mainland with
out doing damage and push this state
out In the sea, where we could Just drift
nroftnd for n few more months enjoying
lots of sleep, three ’squares’ a day and
oodles of sea breezes.” Dream on, Mc-
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Kahn Ready-for-Service Easter [ \WW\
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Winner of Local
Speed Event Gets
High Point Total
2£35 Points Awarded Contest
1,000 Go for First
Championship points awarded the
eighth international 500-mUe sweepstakes
of the Indianapolis motor speedway, In
the contest for the 1920 driving cham
pionship conducted under the auspices of
the Automobile association,
total 2,235, of which 1,000 are for first
The Indianapolis race Is awarded a
much heavier point total than any other
racing event of the 1920 calendar and this
together with a $20,000 additional purse
being made up by Indianapolis business
men and manufacturers will attract the
best drivers of ail lands and center the
eyes of the racing world on Indianapolis.
Tbe $20,000 additional purse fund,
which was suggested by George M. Dick
son, bes increased steadily and has al
ready passed the $2,500 mark.
It has been requested that Theodore E.
Myers, general manager of the speedway,
assume custody of the fund until it
reaches the $20,000 mark.
That the additional purse will have a
tremendous effect on the outside world,
especially Europe, giving the Indian
apolis speed classic prestige before un
dreamed of, which will in turn reflect the
greatness and generosity of all Indian
apolis, was the opinion of Mr. Myers in a
statement made today.
It is his belief that with Indianapolis
business men and manufacturers lining
up solidly behind the speedway race, that
the future of the contest is assured for
an indefinite span of years, thus clinch
ing for all time for Indianapolis the title
of the world’s greatest racing center.
Plan Snappy Tennis
Program at Meeting
of City Association
Plans to outline a schedule of inter
club end intercity matches were started
at a meeting of the City Tennis associa
tion yesterday afternoon.
A city team will be picked and a
committee appointed shortly to meet
wf tli club representatives Sfroin other
cities and arrange one of the most com-
Flete schedules that has been offered in
udlauapolls for many seasons.
The local association assumed definite
form yesterday when the members
elected Fred Davis, president; O. P.
Welborn, vice president, and Dudley
Pratt, secretary and treasurer.
President Davis made it clear to those
present at the meeting that Indian
apolis will have to produce new tal
eut every year in order to keep la the
lie stated that “the promotion of in
terest In the game among tne young
sters of the city” is the task cut out
for the association.
All park clubs will be granted mem
bership in the city body on the payment
of dues.
This makes It possible for all park
pluyers to compete in the city cham
pionship tourneys.
The Indianapolis Tennis association,
Country club, Woodstock. Hawthorn
and the Audubon Road clubs ar<* mem
bers of the association at this time.
Butler college la an associate member.
Bring 'Em On
For the first time In five year* tbe
Hlielbyvllie High school will bo rep
resented by a baseball team, accord
ing to an announcement made this
morning by Tim Campbell, athletic
director in the local school.
Fire games have already been
scheduled for the coining spring and
the local authorities hope to get games
with the fast Technical High school
nine of Indianapolis.
Morris Hogue, a member of tbe
senior class and captain of the locs.l
basketball team, was awarded the
Paul Cross memorial medal for hts
athletic and scholarship ability yes
terday at tho chapel hour of the
Dope Gives Tech Slight Edge
Over Manual and Short
Mr. Baseball is coming.up to take his
seat in the front row of the Indianapo
lis high school athletic show, and it
doesn’t look as though there is an usher
in the house willing to stop him.
The minute the basketball season closed
in the schools, the boys turned their
minds to the national pastime and track,
mostly the national pastime, and at this
time they are existing on baseball “dope”
at Manual, Shortridge and Tech.
The students are all anxious to see tha
state baseball tourney put back on tha
high school card, but the I. H. S. A. A.|
officials beMeve the necessary competi
tion is lacking in this event and they
'have checked it off for the present.
Last season the city league and cham
pionship series helped the local schools
forget the state event.
Fred Gorman, athletic director at Tech
nical High school, stated today that, in
view of the fact that It is hard for
each school to turn out more than one
good ball club, it has been decided to
erase the city league from the card tills
year and have only the championship
i series.
This will be played at Washington
park during the latter part of May.
No definite date for the series has been
set, as C. I. Taylor's A. B. C. club has
an option on tbe park for every •e'y the
Indians are away from home, and it is
not known on what dates they will play
here during May.
The city series will not be run on the
elimination plan this year.
The teams will play two rounds and
! the one showing the highest percentage
after the schedule is played off will be
1 awarded the championship banner.
in the event that two teams are tied
at the close of the schedule, a ebutn
pjonsblp game will be played.
Naturally, the scrappy athletes from
the east side are shouting about their
wonderful reputation established in the
past, und they are out to cop the city
laurels this year.
Tech won the state title In 1917 in the
! state tournament at Purdue university
and as that was the last state meet, the
i championship cup still holds a place of
honor at the green and white institution.
Tech has never been defeated on the
ball dlamoud, and Coach Black does not
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wLi Suits
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weight patterns to choose
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Occupying Entire Second Floor.
believe there will be any dark spots on
their record after this season closes.
Five members of the 1917 team, were
picked on the all-state nine.
Wp.gner, first baseman, is now bold
ing down the initial sack for the Purdue
team, and it Is rumored that Capt. Cur
ley Ash will enter Georgetown univer
sity at Washington, D. C„ next falL
If he does, we will be getting good re
ports from him next year.
The baseball championship Is the only
state title that hag been copped by the /
Tech athletes in the history of the
Tech has a .good bunch of athletes to
start the season with.
Miller, shortstop; Geisel, outfielder;
Nead, outfielder; Griggs, pitcher; Slaugh
ter, pitcher; Hynes, catcher, and Drayer,
first baseman, all members of last year's
city championship squad, are back for
work this season.
Besides these stars. Coach Black has
Strees, outfielder on the state champion
ship team of 1917; Nipper, third baseman
on the Ft. Wayne team of last year, and
Black, a snapp.v-looking second baseman,
to rely upon for hard work.
There are also a host of promising
looking “rookies” in the Tech camp.
Coach Myron W. Tatlock has an
nounced his intentions of forming a
first and second team at Shortridge.
There is a world of “old” and “new”
talent, at* the north side school and tha
athletes from there are confident of tak
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But if one of several
hundred suits that have
jjA should happen to FIT
/ \l YOU, then you will
ijfj\ jrUfind a rare bargain. 1
You ran take vour pick|
an( t P a y us the regular
/ $ 4il :| price less the payment
-gf.X-Xc 111 || we have received. In
\l vj |]|p& eluded in the lot are
all man 7 tine worsteds and
. 9 i f;' All Our Garments Bear
“ k the Union Label.
Prices range SQ .SO £' 50
I You are tbe most
I man in the world
On Easter morning nobody can touch you for googlM
1 looks and good clothes if you wear Jud’s Duds.. Instead* v
| of admiring the other fellow you will be admired thlsfl ?
Easter. Prom head to toe you will be spick and spaxL^H
$2.00 Spo ml, two
knit ties.sfl.es iSffpf* ton* fancy
Nonw rinkable, jftjf § pSjSSRpSB hose ... Sl.outejl
silk Four-ln-hand Z Full fashioned^*
Ties, all col- w&A men's hose,
ora $2.00 f&wg colors ...gl.gO*ft
!:m: th-.- cock-- Tech;
out much trouble.
Schedules for both
r:< I with v.r-.if ■- ,
Art a nucleus for bln
has Ksc;,!, Atkins.
Smith, a quintet of •/ ’
from last, season, and It does ISgte-". %
though he will have a hard I
ulng up a winning
No definite schedule has been
for either of the Shortridge
Southport has asked for the
game with the first team. IH
Coach Morrison of Manual is keeping
what he knows to himself, as naoal.
“Shorty” lost most of his crack ath
letes last year, but It 1b understood that
he has a few newcomers In school who
are showing real form and. with one op
two “vets” still hanging on, be should bd
able to stir up a bit of trouble. jfl
Manual played the final game
city series with Tech last year.
Taylor Sets New Mark *|
in Chicago Swim Carn*
CHICAGO, April 2,-Herb Tyloi®fg
cage A. A., today was the
A. U. champion 200-yard breast
swimmer. after bis victory
night over Stephen Ruddy, Ke*|
A. <\. In the national A. A. U.
Scores of last night were.
A. A.. 16; Detroit A. C., 10;
C.. 6; Detroit Y. M. C. A, 6;
verglty. 3; New York A. C.. 3. H

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