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(ConUmcd From 2*fe One.)
entire!? without the knowledge or con
sent of the prosecutor.
“As your honor well knows, this mat
ter was presented to this court several
weeks ago and the court made an in
quiry of the grand jury and the deputy
prosecutor as to Rollinson appearing
before the grand jury, and that upon a
statement of the facta as set out in this
statement, this court censured the grand
Jury and the deputy prosecutor for per
mitting this to be done and warned them
that It was improper and abould never
occur again.
“After hearing the evidence 1n both
Parßons cases, the grand Jury came to
the conclusion that Harry Parsons was
guilty, should be indicted for his crime,
and he was so indicted. It came to the
conclusion, on the other hand, that there
was not sufficient evidence toadustify a
prosecution of Ben Parsons and it dls
charged him accordingly. Neither the
appearance of Mr. Rollinson in the
grand Jury room, any statement that he
made or any act of his whatever In
fluenced this jury In Its Judgment in the
slightest degree. This grand Jury voted
on this- case as it has upon every other
one which has come before It, without
the slightest Influence being exercised
or exerted upon It from any source what
ever, its conclusion being based entirely
upon tbe law and the evidence as pro
duced before it in this case.
“Jt is true that after the return of the
first indictment It was necessary to return
a aecond indictment against Harry Par
sons to correct an error in the first. The
Indictment as such was not defective ex
cept that It was subsequently found that
the first Dame of the owner of the auto
mobile which was stolen was different
than that first testified to in the grand
Jury room; aad the second Indictment,
which is absolutely good, differs from the
first only In that the true flrst name of
the prosecuting witness was subsequently
found to be different than that set out
in the first Indictment and that correc
tion ii the only change made by the re
turn of the second indictment. The grand
jury and the prosecuting attorney and
his deputy resent and deny as an abso
lute falsenood the statement in the paper
that Mr. Rollinson conducted a ‘defense
of this case’ in the grand jury room and
that by his efforts he obtained the dis
charge of one of the defendants and se
cured the return of a defective indictment
In the case of the other. His appearance
and the testimony brought by him to the
grand Jury roogi had nothing whatever
to do with the discharge of Ben Parsons.
His discharge wr.s voted by the members
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of this grand Jury solely because they
did not believe that the witnesses pro
duced by the state sufficiently connected
Ben Parsons with any criminal transac
tion to justify his indictment, and the
defect, so-called, in the flrst indictment
resulted entirely from a confusion of
ifames in the testimony in the grand jury
“We further desire to state that this
court has not been debauched and stulti
fied In any manner by the conduct of the
grand jury or any representative of the
prosecuting attorney’s office in this case
and that the grand jurors voted in this
case without any suggestion or recom
mendation being "made to them by any
representative of the prosecutor’s office or
anyone else as to how they should vote.
Further any statement insinuating and
maliciously designed to insinuate that
the use of money or Influence in any way
entered into the deliberations of tills
grand jury in the Investigation of this or
any other case Is wholly and maliciously
false. Therefore, believing that the state
ment in The Indiana Dally Times already
referred to by tejms and inuendos was
published for the purpose of giving to the
'public the impression that this court had
been debauched and stultified and that the
use of money had Influenced the delib
erations of the grand jqry in this case,
we, the members of the grand jury of
NJarion county, knowing said statements
and lnuendoes to be totally false and be
lieving that the statements both of Mr.
Rollinson as reported to this newspaper
and the independent statement of the
paper itself are designed to be con
temptuous and are contemptuous of this
court and various branches thereof, we
ask that your honor eite the managing
editor of The Indiana Dally Times and
Mr. Charles W. Rollinson to appear in
this court and show cause why they
should not be punished for contempt.”
Further investigation Into the “trials
before the grand Jury” in the criminal
court the practicing of which is now be
ing considered by members of the Indi
anapolis Bar association has revealed:
1. That other lawyers than Charles
Rollinson have been permitted to enter
the grand Jury room with witnesses and
present defenses for their clients.
2. That witnesses confined in the
county jail have been taken from the Jail
by deputy sheriffs, brought to the grand
Jury room and there examined under
oath by an attorney engaged to prevent
an indictment, if possible.
2. That the practice was regarded as
so much of an interference with the
working of the grand Jury that one
grand juror consulted a reputable attor
ney of Indianapolis as to the right of
the county ring .to permit such pro
cedure after a protest made by this
grand Juror has been Ignored.
In spite of the fact thatethese things
are known tc have tnken place and have
been a subject for comment among law
yers in Indianapolis for some time, Pros
ecutor Claris Adams still professes ig
norance of-Them.
In reference to the case of Charles
Rollinson, who recently made a public
statement to the effect that he had
"cleared a client” before the grand jury,
Adam's attempts to minimise the serious
ness of the reports.
Adams said that Attorney Rollinson
asked for his permission for Harry Par
sons to appear before the grand Jury.
“Rollinson told me that Parsoris was
Innocent and I gave him permission for
Parsons to appear,” said Adams.
Adams admitted that both of the Par
son boys appeared before the grand
“I am told by my grand jury that
Rollinson accompanied the boys to the
grand Jury room, but did not go inside
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the grand jury room until the boys
were examined.” said Adam*.
“When the grand Jury door avas
opened and the session was over ltol
llnson entered the room and told the
grand Jurors that he wanted to tell
them something.
“RolUson then said that Harry Parsons
was a returned soldier.
“Rollinson turned to Parsons and asked
him how long he had been in service and
Parsons answered the question,” said
Adams said that he did not know of
the attorney's appearance until he asked
members, of the grand Jury about RoHIn- ,
son’s public statement that he appeared
before the grand Jury.
“He went Into the grand Jury room
without my consent,” said Adams.
City Judge Walter Pritchard appeared
yesterday noon at the office of Prosecutor
Adams and Immediately was closeted
with the prosecutor.
“I am seeing now what can be done
regarding this matter (Rolliuson's ap
pearance before the grand Jury),” said
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It is known that Mr. Adams’ “explana
tion” of the “Farsonß trial before the
grand jury” la not a true explanation of
what happened In the grand Jury room
in this case, whether or not it la an ex
planation of what Mr. Adams has been
told concerning the incident.
It Is also known that a deputy prose
cutor who is employed by Mr. Adams for
duty with the grand Jury was present
when Rollinson appeared with his wit
nesses and took part in the proceedings.
It has also been leaned that a deputy
sheriff, serving under Sheriff Miller,
played an lmportuut part In arranging
for the appearance of Rollinson and his
All of these facts, together with a
number of other Incidents, are now being
reviewed by members of the Indianapolis
Bar association and it is understood that
the officers of the bar association will bo
supplied with all the facts In a short
The trial of Charles Rollinson, who
was accused of receiving money* under
false pretenses from Harry Parsons, his
client, In the city court Tuesday is ex
pected to reveal much concerning the
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manner in which the grand Jury Investi
gations are being conducted under Mr.
In view of the fact that the grand
jury is aald to have been conducting an
investigation into the conduct of the
Marion cotlnty Jail at the demand of
the federal authorities, these revelations
concerning the manner In which grand
Jury Investigations are being conducted
have attracted a great deal of atten
A rumor to the effect that attorneys
were admitted to the grand jury room
for the purpose of "coaching” witnesses
in the Jail Investigation, was Indignantly
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Meridian and Eleventh Sts.. Indianapolis.
Northern Indiana Motor Cor Cos.. Ft. Wayne and Mnncte; Dixie Motor* Cos..
_ f,. . „ N. , „ Evansville. Ind.; B. B. Perry. Kokome, IndL; J. T. J. Graves, Salem. In.d_;
USTrft, NvTt /IM. Chenoweth Ante Cos., Klehmond, Ind.
Oeserninenl, Dana, w Airrrm/t /Vo
DEALERS tell us that many people infer
VacuuYn Cup Tires and “Ton Tested"
Tubes are high priced, assuming that
quality and high prices naturally go
To the contrary, they are very [moderafe/y
priced, due to a perfected factory or
ganization operating in a plant utilizing
every modem improvement and prac
tical labor saving device, and marketing
under an independent zone selling sys
tem which makes possible highest
quality at economy prices.
Compare these prices standardized net
and uniform throughout the United
States —with those of ordinary makes.
Pay no more for Pennsylvania products
—do not expect them for less.
Adjustment basis —per warranty tag at
tached to each casing:
Vacuum Cup Fabric Tires, 6,000 Milea - ,>
Vacuum Cup Cord Tires, 9,000 Miles
Channel Tread Cord Tirea, 9,000 Milea
Jeannette, Pa.
denied a few days ag(* by Mr. Adams.
The prosecutor then attempted to cre
nte the impression that he regarded such
conduct of grand Jury proceedings as
wholly unethical and reprehensible.
He did not, however, promise an In
vestigation of the reports which appear
now to have been based on more than
Judge Jrfmes A. Collins, under whose
Jurisdiction the grand Jury operates, has
shown no interest in the investigation
of the facts concerning the Rollinson
He has, however, been closeted with
Prosecutor Adams on several occasions
• r i r 1 I—m1 —m
Vkhb Vuma 1 “Toe
Cap Cup Tread Twiaf
Caeae* C*uuut. Cuop Ttl>*i
Fabric Cwd CW Reader
' Type
■ ' ■— - ' e— ii U. i . . m*
30x3 18.45 \ 3.00 3.7$
30x354 23.70 38.551 15.85 U 3.50 4.40
32x354 27.90 42.951*** 39.95P** 8.80 4.75
31x4 37.30 SJO ff.sft
32x4 37.95 54.45 49.05 5.25 6.55
33x4 40.05 50.00 50.45 5.50 6.9(1
34x4 40.85 57.40 # SL6S 5.65 745
32x454 52.75 61.35 * 53.75 6.80 tM
33x454 54.90 63.00 55.20 6.95 8.70
34x454 55.35 64.65 * 58.20 7.00 ' 8.75
35x454 57.60 66.15 f 59.60 > 7.10 8.90
36x454 58.20 67.80 f 61.00 7.30 9.15
33x5 67.40 76.60 68.95 8.05 10.05
35x5 70.95 80.35 72.35 8.50 10.65
37x5 74J60 84.05 . 75.70 8.85 11.05
and Mr. Adams did not make any state
ment relative to the Rollinson affair un
til after he had consulted both Judge
Collins and Judge Pritchard.
Jucjge Walter Pritchard of the city
court has taken steps to eliminate the
suspicion of the Integrity of his court, as\
raised by the statement of Parsons
Rollinson took money to be paid to
iftit Judge Collins has not yet becom*
Interested in a statement which has been
attributed to Parsons relative to the
reasons be had for changing attorneys
when the Indictment against him was
filed in the .criminal court.

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