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(Continued From Paso One.)
cad 0 cents c ,Uar tfco year before.” said
Mr. Hayes pointed out that in smeller
<-ouutie* in Indiana that the sheriff doe*
not prepare the meal*, but sends out ,to
a private home or a little restaurant for
the meals. ,
Judge Collins insisted that now is the
time to remedy conditions.
“Survey or no survey, I am in favor
of having all prisoner* transferred to the
workhouse,” he said.
It was stated by the county commis
sioners that new calls at the jail, which
must be iiAtalled, will cost approximate
ly $90,000.
‘‘Ten thousand dollars would give us
a good start at the workhouse and
$90,000 would not get us started at the
jail,” slid Commissioner Hayes.
Mr. Mattiee. representing the govern
ment, indicated that the workhouse plan
would be a great Improvement over the
present condition of the Jail.
Lester Mitchell, 29, a former prisoner
and cell boss at the Marion county jail
and now serving a year's sentence at the
penal farm on a petit larceny charge, to
day was indicted by the Marlon county
grand Jury on charges of assault and
battery on two former Jail prisoners.
Mitchell was a former cell boss at the
Marion county jail under Sheriff Robert
F. Miller's system of giving prisoners of
ficial privileges in Jail.
Mitcheli is specifically charged with
assaulting ‘he late Kirby Bowen and
Jesse Toomej, both former Jail prison
Bowen was confined to the Marion
county jail as an insane patient and it de
veloped in the federal court inquiry that
a Jail attendant so severely beat an in
sane patient that death was the result.
Investigation revealed that this man was
Bowen, it is said.
The grand Jury indicted Sheriff Pob-
' full gallons, half gallons are
m.r cheaper per pound.
Once You Try Mazola You Will Never Go
Back to Lard or Butter for Cooking—
or Olive Oil for Dressings
OF interest to every wide-awake housewife are
these important facts about the general use,
the quality and the unusual economy of Mazola.
sgv deep frying. It is far better
and a great deal more economical than lard or com
pounds. Mazola is 100% pure vegetable fat. It
contains no moisture. Butter and Lard contain
moisture. The same lot of Mazola can be used over
and over again—even after frying fish and onions.
Merely straining makes it perfectly fresh for use as a
shortening. It carries no odors or flavors from the
foods cooked in it and cfoes not smoke up your kitchen.
The purity and richness of Mazola
best demonstrates itself in the fact
that less Mazola i3 required than that of butter
or lard. This means that your cakes and pie crust will
not only be light, rich and easily digested but will cost
s you less to prepare. Being an oil, the tiresome “ cream
ing-in process” is eliminated. Mazola is always ready
for instant use.
ians, who certainly
know olive oil, use Mazola. Not only because it costs
about half that of the best olive oil, but because of its
? '/$%&. richness, quality and purity.
For French Dressing, Mazola blends readily—and
mayonnaise made with Mazola will keep for week3
without separating.
Selling Representative
Merchants Bank
Slayer of Girl
He has confessed that he lured Martha
Huff. 14, to the banks of Big Eagle
Creek, assaulted and killed her and threw
her body into the stream in an effort to
hide his crime.
ert Miller, five former deputies and i.
former cell boss, last Saturday.
Indications ;.rc mat u.v county grand
Jnry has completed its probe of the Jail,
sg S. B. McHaffeye, a member of the
jury, was permitted to resign from the
grand Jury by Judge Collins.
Little Theater's
Closing Put Off
'The final performance of the current
season of the Little Theater society,
which was scheduled for tomorrow night,
has been postponed until the evening
of May 6.
Th* bill will Include three one-act
plays, one of which will be “Under
neath.” by Miss Rebecca Bennett of
this city.
(Continued From Pago One.)
trudge to Big~Eagle creek and the mur
Ray is known as a man of many
He has been going under the nar.e of
Bennie Davis Hart here.
He also was known as Ray Williams.
The white coats found in Ray’s effects
at his rooming place makes it apparent,
the detectives say. that he is the same
WtoV pig Trunks Damaged By Water
A few inches of water in our basement during the hard rains
■ BBCjL&X a'/-\ this week damaged about 50 trunks, including “Hartmann's”
cushion top wardrobes. The finest made. The damage will
1-W Bhtf not affect the wear of the trunks —only soiled linings on
i|a Ipl bottom inside. Here's a few prices that will sell them
Wardrobes **.■•50.00 *17.90 Trunks... .*12.00
SIOO.OO Puli stie $25.00 Trunk*.. .810.50
Wardrobes *07.50 Trunks aon oefc
Wardrobes *75.00 I SIO.OO Trunks *30.00
Sale begins Friday, 8 a. m., and
lasts until all are sold. Come ear- /
ly and make your selection.
Save 25% to 50% 30 north Pennsylvania st.
man who tried to lure Helen McCaffrey
and Myrtle Robertson, 12-year-old white
girls, in the vicinity of Sheldon and Six
teenth streets, last Saturday.
The Robertson girl positively identified
The negro claims he was born in In
dianapolis and lived near Ben Davis for
some time.
He said he lived in “Haughvllle” with
an uncle at 95S Sheffield avenue, prior
to moving to the Columbia avenue ad
dress, three months ago.
Much praise was given Detectives
Trsube and Sneed following the capture.
These men have figured conspicuously
i* A p SSE I j
a Sa a Lad l ■
tvcooK.si. J IK
n ■i. ii 1 ■ ■■ ■ ■ '■ 1 ■ ■
Important to Housewives
One of the most severe comparative tests ever used
on a cooking fat gives unqualified FIRST HONORS
to Mazola.
Understand the remarkable economy and high
quality of Mazola by these figures.
2 lbs. of Mazola fried 26 lbs. Potatoes
2 lbs. of Lard “ 8 “ “
2 lbs. of Compound ** 11J6 “ “
Note: Mazola goes over three times as
far as lard; is twice as economical
as compound.
2 lbs. of Mazola fried 25 lbs. Fish
2 lbs. of Lard . " 15 “ “
2 lbs. of Compound “ 20 ** **
Note: Compare the figures yourself.
Even with frying fish Mazola does
not smoke up your kitchen.
2 lbs. of Mazola fried 216 Doughnuts
2 lbs. of Lard “ 144
2 lbs. of Compound “ 168 “
Note: All doughnuts were the same size.
Mazola - made doughnuts are
t more easily digested.
P. S. Reasons for these remarkable figures ore ex
plained in column to the left. Read it.
in running down criminal* during the
last few months.
Simple funeral services were held for
the Huff girl from the home of her step
father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh
Smock, 420 Bank avenue, at 2:30 this aft
A white efrepe fluttered from the home
this morning as neighbors gazed sympa
thetically at the little cottage.
Children of the neighborhood collected
pennies and nickles and bought a bou
The body was taken to the Salem
church burying grounds, near Brmvns
burg, the forme” home.
(Because of the newsprint shortage we are compelled to reduce our\
advertising space to a minimum. '
Bain Capes,
—For Friday
we are offer
ing a lot of
c h i 1 and r en's
rain capes cf
navy blue
sateen, with
hood attach
ed, sixes 6 to
12, our regu
Jar $3.49 line,
at S2.US.
Second Floor.
Store Hours —Daily, 8:30 a. m. to 5:30 p. m.
Economy Lovers Watch Eagerly for Goldstein s
—for they know the truthfulness of our advertising and realize that this
is a “Bargain Day” in more than name only—
An Extraordinary Offering of
New, Stunningly Smart
Untrimmed Hats
Truly splendid values, S
the shapes are made of fl
straws of all natures — 4 Q
featuring roll brims,
mushrooms, chin-chius,
Mitzie sailors, turbans, off-the-faee
shapes, etc., in all desired colors.
We will cheerfully give you
Ideas and suggestions how to trim
them It's wonderful what a bit
of trimming, smartly applied, will
do to them.
Another Lot of Shapes, 50c
This lot of shapes consists of white
straws slightly damaged, offered at
50? each. ' I
Goldstein's, Third Floor.
Three Friday Bargains From the
Curtain and Drapery Section
Table No. I—At 19c yd.
Remnants of marquisette, in lengths of one to
five yards, white. Ivory or ecru, selling regularly
up to 49c a yard; Friday, at 19C a yard, v
Table No. 2—At 39c yd.
Remnants of net, marquisette, cretonnes, mad
ras and voiles, all good usable lengths, in de
sired colors, regularly selling up to 85c a yard;
Friday, remnants at 39<! a yard.
Table No. 3—At 87c yd.
Remnants of Terry Cloth, sunfast, tapestry,
cretonnes, madras and nets. In desired colorings
and usuable lengths, selling regularly /up to 4
$1.59; Friday, remnants, at a yard.
Domestics and Beddings
Unbleached Sheeting, 69c yd.
Full 86 inches wide, a good quality, on sale in
sheet lengths only, 69<* a yard.
Khaki Cloth, 39c yd.
A good heavy quality, suitable for children's
play suits and men’s work shirts, mill lengths,
on sale at 39<* a yard.
Percales, 35c yd.
* Full yard wide, blues and grays, mill lengths
of our 45c quality, at 35<t a yard.
Blankets, $3.98 a pair
White cotton blankets, size 70x80, for all-year
use; special at 83.98 a pair.
—Goldstein's, Main Floor.
Yard Goods, Friday Offerings
Plain and Fancy Sateens, 49c 3rd.
36 Inches wide, mill lengths of 69c and 79c
quality, assorted colors, stripes aud floral pat
terns, 49< a yard.
White Lawns, 39c yd.
Assorted mill lengths, 36 and 40 inches wide,
49c and 59c qualities, sheer, smooth finish, 3<>
a yard.
Pajama Checks, 29c yd.
36 inches wide, mill lengths of 39c and 49c
qualities, assorted lengths suitable for under
wear, etc., 29<! a yard.
Dotted Swiss, 29c yd.
Sheer, smooth quality, assorted size dots, de
sirable mill lengths, 24 iwhes wide, 29? a yard.
Lace Trimmed Scarfs, 59c
Size 18x50 Inches, durable quality linen fin
ished center, lace trimmed, with lace and me
dallion inserts, 59£ each.
Goldstein's, Main Floor.
Store Hours —Saturday, 8:30 a. m. to 6:00 p. m.
Spring Cape and
Dolman Modes
For Women and Mi ses at
Special Prices Friday
We count it indeed a service
that we are rendering to
our public in offering
these garments at prices
so reasonably that even
after careful exami
nation you will
stamp them as
SIB.OO to s2o.oo(fi AA A
—Fashioned of sllvertone. serge,
poplin and many other ail-wool
material*. Just the wrap for the
early spring and cool summer
evenings, in an assortment of
spring colorings, nt SIO.OO.
$18.50t0525.00(M0 |“A
—Made of poplins, serges, velours,
etc., in the proper styles tn navy,
gray, coper, and burgundy splen
did values at this price—-$12.50.
$25.00 to $35.00 and IA 7C
—Here are the garments lined
with beautiful colored silks, fash
ioned of velours, sllvertone, bo
liria, etc.. in striking styles,
navy, ct.pen, brown, ox blood and
tsuple. priced special for Friday
at $18..5,
—Goldstein's, Second Floor.
Knit Underwear Specials
Every Garment Perfect
Women’s low neck and sleeveless white cot
ton union suits, wide knee, with lace edge or
tight fitting knee; sizes 36, 38, 40, 42 and 44, at
650 a suit. Sizes 46, 48 and 50 at 850 a suit
Women’s light weight knitted cotton bloom
ers. in white and pink, very special for Fri
day only 49<*.
Girls’ low neck and sleeveless ribbed whits
cotton union suits, ages 4 to 12. 390 a suit.
Boys’ ribhed white cotton union suits, short
sleeves, knee length, ages 4 to 16, 490 a suit
—Goldstein's, Main Floor.
1 _
Friday Offering of BLOUSES
Fashioned of extra good quality Georgette
crepe. In colors of navy, brown, bisque, sand,
flesh and white, embroidery trimmed, long
sleeves, selling regularly at $5.98 to $6.50. Fri
day at 83.98. —Goldstein's, Third Floor.
Friday Specials
Women’s Neckwear,
Offering a lot of
net coat collars trim
med with three rows
Valenciennes lace, reg
ularly selling at 49c,
Friday, at 25<* each.
Soap, 2 Bars for sc.
Koko Palm toilet
soap, highly perfumed,
special, Friday, 2 bars
for ,s<*.
Handkerchiefs, 10c;
3 for 25c.
A sample line of
women’s hand k eiv
chiefs, with colored
border or Initial, Fri
day, 10c each; 3 for
25 <*.
I*—"" N
(Tivo Doors West of Main Store)
Work Garments at
Moderate Prices
. Men’s Coverall Suits, $3.85.
To slip over your clothing, just the
thing to protect your clothes while work
ing'on your car; a one-piece work suit,
made of khaki, blue denim, plain or
striped, sizes 36 to 44; usually sold at
$4.50; Friday, at $3.85.
Men’s Overalls and Jackets, $2.00 a
Men’s “union made” blue denim over
alls and jackets, full cut garments and
double stitched throughout; $2.00 agar
s raent.
-Ten's Work Shirts, $1.50.
With attached collars, made of light
and medium blue chambray, also black
sateen, well made garments, double
stiched; $1.50 each.
Ct Sweat
ripple tall,
Tuxedo col
-1 a r, with
bell - shaped
sleeves* come
In American
Beauty, Pea
cbe k and
T u r q u olse,
sizes 36 to
44. formerly
$lO. F, r i day
at $5.98.
Second Floor.
2200 Pairs of
Good Stockings
300 pairs of Women’s
"Burson” fashioned blax:k
cotton hose; irregulars of
50c and 59c qualities (lim
it 4 pairs.)
400 pairs of boys’ and
girls’ medium and heavy
weight ribbed fast black
cotton hose, irregulars of
40c, 45c and 50c qualities;
wear guaranteed.
600 pairs of children’s
fine cotton half hose, white
with fancy colored cuff
tops or plain colors, every
pair perfect.
600 pairs of women’s
“Durham” medium weight
cotton hose in black and
white, at today’s wholesale
cost. Every pair perfect.
450 pairs of men’s fine
gauge cotton socks with
double heels and toes,
black, white, gray, navy
and brown, also black
with white soles. Every
pair perfect.*
—Goldstein’s, Main Floor.
Veilings. 25c a Yard.
Remnants of mesh
veiling, in various pat
terns, regularly sell
ing up to 98c a yard,
Friday, 25£ a yard.
Hand Purses, $1.50.
All leather back and
top strap hand purses,
poplin lined, fitted
with mirror, 81.50
Bead Necklaces, 49c.
Sample line of coat
length bead necklaces,
usually selling up to
SI.OO, Friday, at 49£
Main Floor.

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