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Financial Campaign of Great
Religious Movement Will
Begin Tomorrow.
BUDGET IS $336,777,527
The financial campaign of the inter
chnrch world movement will start to
Thirty denominations of protestan;
clnirehes will take part in the nation
wide drive for funds which will be used
for the carrying on of home missionary
work and other religious activities.
The budget of the thirty churches for
1920 amounts to $886,777,527, while the
portion to be paid daring the present
year is fixed at $175,445.349.
Seven specific items have been included
In the denominational budgets, accord
ing to Dr. 4)oa D. Tullis, state secretary
of the movement.
They are for missionary work, educa
tion, hospitals, homes, ministerial re
lief, war relief and temperance.
Dr. Tullis said today that churches
had been talking home missionary work
for a hundred years, but that hereto
fore a system has been lacking by which
to carry on the movement properly.
Final arrangements for the financial
-•campaign of Baptist ohurches in In
dianapolis and Marion county have been
made, according to Jesse C. Moore, finan
cial campaign director.
A weekly newspaper containing infor
mation as to the scope of the Interchurch
World Movement is being published by
the First Baptist church of Indianapolis,
the largest Baptist church in the state,
with a quota of $300,000 to subscribe.
The recently reconstructed edifice of
the Central Avenue Reformed church, at
Central avenue and Twenty-first street,
will be dedicated at 10:30 o'clock Sun
day morning.
Rev. G. H. Gebbardt, who has served
the church as pastor for a year, will
have charge of the services, representing
the home mission board of the Reformed
church in the United States.
The remodeling work just completed is
the latest step In an extensive Improve
ment program started by this branch
two years ago.
Early In 1918 the entire basement was
redecorated and fitted up as a social (
A year ago the interior of the au
ditorium wag rebuilt.
Last September new pews were pro
vided, Increasing the seating capacity.
On Dec. 1 work of reconstructing the
church exterior was begun.
The entire cost of the remodeling has
been about $4,000, all of which has been
subscribed by the members.
The Central avenue congregation was
organized in 1915. ,
‘Officers of the church are: Elders. Ern
est Jasper. C. Fehr. Charles Scholer.
C. F. Entwistle and Adam Grosshopf:
deacons. A. T. Doily. Harry .1. Dettra.
Maurice G. Lipson. W. W. Sehappeli and
B. E. Wyon.
66L Irvington Presbyterian churh mem
ber* will celebrate tomorrow morning
with a mortgage burning during the
Kev. George A. Allison, pastor of the
church will officiate during the cere
special effort* will be made to have
io entire membership of the church
T ,ro, n t to witness the mortgage burn
c church has a membership of about
la\ir hundred.
I resbjrteriau church members of other
■':‘Tches have been Invited to attend the
Bishop Joseph M. Francis will ad
minister confirmation at ' tlic Christ
el> >rch tomorrow mornlrg at *10:45.
Dr. L. T. Talbot of Chicago will begin
a scrips of sermons tomorrow afternoon
at the Wheeler City ReS- ue Mission In
the old Empire* theater building, confin
ing every afternoon and evening next
The Easter cantata of the Sutherland
Presbyterian church will be repeated to
morrow ;it That church.
Ai: evangelistic campaign conducted by
the Williams-Shaffer organization will be
opened in Tomlinson hali May 23, ex
pending to June 6.
The parade banner won by the bu*J
is*-S9 men'* class of the Central Avenue
M. E. chnrch today hangs in tlie clrsr
room. having been presented !a<t night
by ITarry Kra’i*. president of tin* Mar
lon County Sunday School nssocbttion.
The banner was awarded bv the asso
ciation to the class because it bad the
largest number of men in the recent
Back from India with a gripping
story of economic conditions there since
the war, Samuel Higglnhottoai, a ra’s
stonary, will give hi* message of the
brow-n people in two erm**os tomorrow
at the First Presbyterian church, Dela
ware and Sixteenth streets. In the morn
ing services he will speak on “Helping
to Feed a Nation.” and in the evening
he will discuss “Winning Princes in
Rev. W. It. Harris will preach at the
Garden Baptist church tomorrow. His
Burning subject will be, “The Mean
ing of Christianity." and in the evening
there will be a post revival address,
which will be followed by a baptismal
The attendance at the Methodist Cen
tewiry Mission pageant, which was given
at the Edwin Ray Methodist church last
night, was the largest in the history of
the church. The auditorium and balcony
was filled to capacity and even the class
rooms were used to scat those eager-to
see the entertainment.
Gustav and Helen Jonas, 35 Palmer
Alfred and Mary Lyon. 402 Sanders,
William and Margarpt Mochland, 3809
Booth Emerson, boy.
Ralph and Ethel Hollinbeek. 3527 East
Michigan, boy.
. Preston and Blanch Coleman, 2430
Shriver, boy.
Charles and Ada Miller. 324t5 Olney,
toy i
John and Agnes Schuster. 2253 I'nion.
Carl and Rose Harris, 101 i North
Alabama, boy.
William and l.aurabeile Meyers, 2415
8 'con. hoy.
Herling and Myrtle Patterson, 701(4
Indiana avenue, boy.
Jesse and Ruth Whyde, 243 Detroit.
Walter and Emma Green. 2070 High
land place, girl.
Lerov and Lucille Cherry, 1318 West
Market, boy.
Fenton and Minnie Johnson, 1718 Cor
nell, girl.
Ernest and Cora Julian,. 3523 East
Tenth, boy.
John and Eilzabetli Peery. St. ‘Vin
cent’s hospital, boy. .
Wayne and Eva O’Hill. 704 Fletcher,
yOTgi ?y -U1 the eomforU ©I uom*.
RU ICL I Uni lAH Absolutely fireproof
Room* sl, $1.25 and $1.50 ,1
Comar Markot and Naw Jaraar a WaaUy RaU oa Application
The meeting of the Indiana chapter
of the Society of Automobile engineers
Is to be held next Friday night Original
announcement was that it was to be held
last night.
The Brooks Tomato Products Com
pany, recently 4 organized and refinanced,
announces that plans are under way for
large additions to the company's, fac
tories at Shirley, Ind., Collinsville, Mt
Vernon and Altamount, 111., to take care
of the year's tomato crop in Indiana anil
The concert given In Caleb Mills ball
for the benefit of the French war or
phans and the Junior Red Cross was well
attended. Ed Nell Jr. of Purdue univer
sity, was soloist. The Shortridge or
chestra and the Girls’ Glee club played.
E. A. Adorns of lowa, province presi
dent of Phi Delta Phi, a national fra
ternity of lawyers, will speak tonight at
a banquet to be given at the University
club by “Ye Inne of Chancerie," a fra
ternity of the Indiana Law school.
Ladies' auxiliary to the Sooth Side
Turners will give a card party In the
hall. Prospect and South Alabama
streets, Wednesday afternoon.
Hodassa chapter of the Indianapolis
Daughters df Zion elected officers yes
terday. Mrs. D. Brown was chosen as
president. Other officers Include Mrs.
H. Cohen, vice president; Mrs. E. Fin
kelstein, secretary; Mrs. S. Solar, treas
Raper Comraandery N'o. 1, Knights
Templar, will confer the Order of the
Red Cros sand the Order of Malta de
grees on a class in the asylum at the
Masonic Temple tonight.
Under the direction of Miss Hope Bed
ford of Butler college, members of Eng
lish No. 2 class at the Brooks School for
Boys gave a play entitled "Up Caesar's
Creek,” Friday afternoon for a large
audience of parents and friends.
A mass meeting and reception for all
colored candidates will be held in the
Eberneezer church, corner Cailfoimla and
North streets, Monday night, under aus
pices of the Yonng Peoples' Congress.
R. O. Small has opened temporary of
fices at 604 Merchants Bank building as
general agent for the Chicago & North
western Railroad Compauy.
The membership drive of the colored
branch of the Young Men's Cbriatlsn
Association will continue until April 30 j
The drive thus far has netted 35C new i
The Ninth ward democra'ir club will
hold a meeting next Tuesday night in
Hamilton hall. East Washington street
and Hamilton avenue. Henry Spann. 1
candidate for the democratic nomination !
for congress, will speak. All candidates j
are invited.
Bids for hauling voting machine* to
various precincts for the primary on
May 4 are considered too high by the
county commissioners. County truck*
may be used. Bids submitted were:;
Ever-Ready Trucking Company. $510:
Alike O’Brien Transfer Company. $525,
and William E. Hale*. S6OO.
Theta XI fraternity held a founder*’
day celebrath):. at the Athenaeum today.
Delegates from Purdue university. Rose
Polytechnic and other engineering
schools were present.
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franchise exists. u>ttoir a recent de
cision of the I'nifed state* supreme court
in the rase of the Columlnis i<>.) Street
Railway Company.
Mr. Winter replied that the dec sioti
was based on a section of the Ohio law
not contained in the Indiana law.
Mr. Masson asked that th-> commission
make any order It contemplates tempo
rary rather than permanent as requested
by the Street Railway company.
Mr. Masson also declared n*sw con
tracts should be made between Inter
urban companies and the city company
for protection of the latter.
The .question of politics In the opera
tion of the street railway property was
again brought up In the bearing.
“It appears to me that your proposal
to hare a street railway commissioner
appointed by the mayor to represent the
board of works (n watching the operation
of the company throws the whole thing
slam bang Into every political campaign,"
Commissioner Glenn VanAnken said.
“How are yon going to keep j, out 0 f
politics?” he asked,
“Why, just keep it out," Mr. Ashby
“An I see It, your plan will put
another temptation before the polltl
clans.” Mr. Van Auken replied
Mr. Van Aukeu contended tha# the
commissioner w-ould do Just what the liw
I requires of the public service commis
sion and questioned the advisability of
j the commission delegating Its power to
such an appointee.
Mr. Ashby then brought up the ques
tion of how long the provision for the
appointment of a commissioner should
bo iu effect., and said he believed the
petition should terminate with tbe emerg
Mr. Winter questioned Mr. Ashby's
definition of the emergency -find charac
terised the city's contention that the
emergency would cense to exist when
the rate of fare returns to the lev-el of
the franchise rate as ridiculous.
Commissioner Johnson suggested that
the solution of the entire matter might
rest in the extension by the commission
of the emergency period until further or
der of the commission.
The order under which the company is
now operating terminates 100 days after
the ratification of the peace treaty, and
It is to this provision that the company
is objecting, contending that it can not
borrow money with the period during
which the present, rate of fare can be
charged likely to terminate at any time.
With the conclusion of this hearing
the matter was allowed to rest lu the
bands of the commission without sny
it Miration of what the commission Is
likely to do.
Deaths •
Edward Barber, 22. City hospital, lo
hsr pneumonia.
Infant Petrie, 2 days, 755 North
Holmes, premature birth.
Irene Snyder, 91. 1510 Barth, arterio
William Edward Baugh, 10 months,
1235 West Twenty-fifth, acute broncho
Jessie A. Jewell, 52, Long hospital,
Delbert Straw, 7, City hospital, men
Robert Oakerson, 13. Deaconess hospi
tal. general septicemia.
Elnora May Sears. 11 months, 1831
Hoyt, broncho-pneumonia.
Barbara Clements, 71, 916 nervey,
chronic myocarditis.
Otto Levison. 56. Methodist hospital,
cerebral hemorrhage.
CENSUS 314,914
(Continued From Page One.)
announcement that the official 1920 cen
sus is 314,194.
“With Improvements now under way,
like track elevation, the city will suffer
c-ven greater commercial and industrial
advantages In the next decade,” said
Mayor Charles W. Jewett.
“It is not too much to hope that with
the advantages we have in the next ten
years we will approach the 500,000 mark
In 1930."
B. A. Worthington, president of the C.,
I. & TV. railroad, suggests that the city
I set as Its goal a million population in
j 1930.
“Let us set a high mark and strive
to reach it,” he said.
The fact that Indianapolis has shown
a steady growth, which has been more
rapid in the last ten years than most
cities of the same class in the middle
west, is pointed to by leaders in civic
affairs as an indication of what the city
may do in the future.
The lack of sufficient dwelling places to
take care of the rapid growing city is re
' sponsible for the loss of 25,000 people
from the census rolls, in the opinion of
i John S. Spiegel, who directed the taking
! of the census In the Seventh district.
300,000 BY 1930.
Ernest N. Smith, general manager of
'the Holcomb & Hoke Manufacturing
I Company and former secretary of the
[ Chamber of Commerce, joined in the pre
! diction that the population mark lu 1930
will reach 500,000.
“Every citizen of Indianapolis will ex
perlence a feeling of pride at the an
nouncement of the city’s splendid devel
opment during the last decade,” said
Charles F. Cftffin, president of the Cham
her of Commerce.
“The most gratifying fact Is that the
growth of Indianapolis is in reality just
entering Its active stage.
The civic spirit is pervading the com
munity In an unprecedented way.
“The people are believing in, think
ing of and talking about the possibil
ities of our beautiful city.”
Charles Sedwlck. live stock commission
merchant and one of the men who de
veloped the Indianapolis Motor Speed
way, predicts n population of 450.000 In
“By 1930 I hope and expect to see In
dianapolis close to the half-million
mark." said A. W. Thomson of Thomson
A- McKinnon.
“To attain this mark we should adopt
as our motto, ‘Pull together,’ and put it
Into deeds as well a* Into words.
“Our greatest need Is more housing
spai'e and to Improve the city's condi
tion In this regard should be the object
of our greatest efforts *o as to take care
of the many new manufacturing plants
and other Industries which are certain
to come to us because of our advantage
ous geographical position.
“When I came hpre In 1173 I bellere you
could have bought the whole block on
Washington atreet from Pennsylvania to
Illinois, for $3,000,000, and the city's
population was only about 75,000. though
some claimed 100,000.
“Compare- this with the present, and 1
believe no picture we can draw of the
city's future can be too Bright.”
After predicting a population of 430,-
000 for the city at the time of the next
census. Mr. Sedwlck said, when nsked
what the citizens In general could do to
accomplish this 40 per cent gain :
“Let each man attend strictly and
earnestly to his own business, *eud all
the committees home, and everything will
come naturally.
“We must all remember that corn is
king and that the prosperity of the farm
er means prosperity for all.
“When the steel mill* are going at
full capacity, with plenty of orders
ahead, w- ran all rest assured that things
are going right for all of us. as there 1*
lu >urer lihrometer anywhere.”
The ttilo census gave Indianapolis a
total ponlatloti of 233.650. This was an
increase of 38.1 [ter cent over the popula
Hon of 19N), which was 169.164.
The percentage of Increase the census
before was 60.4 per cent, the population
of tic* city la previous years having re
ported as follows; 1690, 103.438; ISSO,
75.056: 1870, 48.214. 1860, 18.611; 1830,
8.091 : 1*49, 2,092.
The percentage of ths city In previous
years having reported as follows: l**'JO,
105.4."6; 1889. 75 056. IS7O, 48.244; 1860,
18.611; 1850, 8.091 : IS-iO, 2,092.
The negro population In 1910 was 21.-
816: in 1900, 15,931: in 1*99. 9,133; IV>O,
The foreign population if the city uns
run as follows: 1910, 19,707, 1900, 17,070:
iS9O. 14,449.
The 1910 census report showed tbe-e
win* ‘*ss Industries m Indianapolis em
ploying 37.288 persons.
of tboe“ employed the gi -.it>-' nuin
be* found employment in foundries and
IV/IPD 7011 are * w ' c ’ e as
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can’t “keep your eyes open" irvthe day*
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eliminated Ur,,t S.l. .1
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verv com
won ailment. 10c . 25*.
increases in proportion to
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nothing, no matter what
your earnings may be. Why
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now—today. Let us help
you save.
££ 11,750,000
We sell travelers’ cheques
and foreign exchange, pay
able in all parts of the world.
mnelnne shops, totaling 5,199. Second in
number of employed is the slaughtering
and I-eat. packing industry, which gave
euipJcyment to 3,985, aa 1 third the auto
mobile and parts inUn*i y employing
In the value of output slaughtering and
meat packing led in 19J0 with a total
va’< st’on of output at $30,134,000; foun
d.y and machine shops, $11,442,000; au
'.ouiooile industry, including bodies and
parts, $8,840,000.
The total capitalization of the 855 In
dustries was given as $76,497,000.
The total value of the product was
$126,522,000, the raw material having cost
$84,151,000, leaving the added value given
by manufacturing as $42,371,000.
Os this increased valuation, or the
value of the manufacturing of Indian
apolis proper, $23,051,000 was required for
the payment of salaries and wages, leav
ing $19,321,000 for rentals, Interest and
overhead expenses, and the payment o'
dividends to the 631 employers and firm
members, and other stockholder*.
This is more than 25 per cent of the
capitalized value of the industries, given
ns $76,497,000.
Marriage Licenses
Homer B. Schalf, 26, machinist, 1248
Oliver avenue, and Anna Carter 18, 213
t offer street.
, Melville W. Hawkins, 24, brlckmason,
1227 North Capitol avenue, and Margue
rite Gl\sson, 21, 2437 East Michigan
William Steward, 40, auditor, Chicago,
111., and Alimlna Welbor, 28, seamstress!
_ Alartln Dennis, 23, truck driver, 441
Fulton street, and Edith McDermed. 20,
306 Noble street.
Leo Thomas Jefferson, 22, rallrpnd
clerk, 2108 Woodlawn avenue, and Len
nis Sutherland. 22, 1213 Randolph street.
Edward Ltpp, 28 bookkeeper, 1437
Brookslde avenue; parkway, \ D., and
Bertha Marchmeyer, 27, R. It. o
Glenn C. McLeay, 28, foreman, 72ft
North Senate avenue, and Zeolla G.
Bates, 28, 2838 Ashlnnd avenue.
Arthur S. Bryant, 2S, hank clerk, Chi
cago, ill., and Ruby M. llcss, 21, 424
Kealing avenue e
Glenn llnrt, 28, auto mechanic, 723
North Alabama street, and Alice De-
Ford. 32, 723 North Alabama street.
Joseph D. Monroe, 22, laborer, 2019
North Station street, and Been Ice C.
Hudson, 19, 2804 North Station street.
Harry P. Wegner, 244. patternmaker,
429 East New York street, and Fannie
Branham, 30, 129 East New York street.
Ned A. Barker, 28, auto mechanic.
Worthington, lnd., and Ruth H. Wilson.
25. registered nurse, 4172 Carrollton ave
Arthur G. Dudley, 27, wire chief, 2742
North. New Jersey street, and Haze! E.
Bum*. 21, 2326 ! n Central avenue
James U. Devine, 29, (-lgarmaker. 244 Vi
Best Vermont atreet, and Emma Me-
Elheny, 25, 244'j West Vermont street.
Edgar Moore. 42. lineman, 1R36 Cor
nell avenue, and Anna Dodson, 43, city
Robert Al. Garner, 24. mipany,
and Louise Metzger, 20, 3107 North Me
ridian street.
Joseph A. Demy, 32, salesman. 1815
North New Jersi v *!r**ct, and Carol M
Reilpnth, 22, 1815 North New Jery*y
John Henry Thomas, 30 United State
army, Chicago, 111., and Vera B King,
28, F! Benjamin Harrison.
Charlie Watson. 22, chauffeur, 421 West
Sixteenth street, and Katie Wright. 11.
.VS Hiawatha srreet.
Robert Ilendrich, 25. salesman. 3003
North Illinois street, and Charlotte
Shlmer, 23, rsr* North Alabama stre.-t.
WASHINGTON. April 21 President
Wilson today signed the pontoffiee ap
propriation bill, which authorizes, estab
lishment of transcontinental nlr mall
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disorderly conduct. He was Ora Run
yon, 20, 127 East Michigan street.
A soldier, whose name was not ob
tained by the police, was also taken
into custody.
He carried a revolver in a holster and
the police say he was “talking too much”
in the crowds.
He was turned over to authorities
from the fort.
Many contributions have been made
to the Huff family by sympathetic peo
ple of the city. Employes of the American
Railways Express, for which C. W. Lati
mer is agent, colected $52 and gave it to
the faulty- today.
Fevers and Other Prostrating Dis
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If your eyes are work-strained or
tired; if your vision is dim or
blurred; if it bothers you to read;
if your eyes burn or itch or ache; if
you wear glasses, pet a bottle of
Bon-Opto tablets from your drug
gist, dissolve one in a fourth of a
glass of water and use from two to
four times a day to bathe the eyes.
Bon-Opto has brought comfort and
relief to thousands and thousands.
• Note: Doctors tsy Bon Opto strengthens eye
sight 00% In • week's time in many instances.
, —Advertisement.
j How To Have Red Lips!
The girl with rod lips and pink cbesks
may be thankful, fox both denote health
- vigorous, forceful, magnetic health, and
while it may be Impossible for some to
attain owing to morbid states of health,
yet a vast majority of seemingly healthy
young women and men are almost color
less. because of a lack of red blood cor- i
ptiacles When the blood la improved and ;
enriched with these red corpuscles, the j
weight increases sr.d a beautiful tint ap- j
pears on the cheeks, while the lip* a*
stltne a healthy red color. Many physi
cians and beauty doctors prescribe three
grain hypo nuclane tablet*, which ara
said to invariably increase the red blood
corpuscles after a course of treatment
lasting several months. The nervous sys
tem and general health alto Improve
rapidly. The beat apothecary shops sup
ply this Mbict In sealed packages.—Ad-,
been established (hat
remedy for tuberou- J
In any climate, with
being continuously
‘■Colorado Springs, Colorado.
March 9, 1920.
Dear Dr. Glass: I thought It was
about tlmo I was writing, and lotting you
know how I am getting along. I am
feeling Just tine, and hop* I will from
now on. When I otarted your medicine I
had so much pain across my lungs that I
was unshle to He on my back or left
ride. Hut now 1 can lie on my hack or
side and It does hot hurt me. T have
been having very much trouble with my
stomach, hut not so much now since I
have been taking your medicine. I have
gained four pounds In weight and 200
pounds in strength and I look better, too.
I do not cough more than one or two
times a day. and nothing to speak of at
that. I think you have done tnofe for
humanity than anyone on earth to bring
a medicine Into the world that will cure
the most damnable disease known to the
human race. I can eat everything and
lots of It now, sleep well, and I have no
more fever at all. I have been using It
six weeks now, and X am going to send
for another treatment soon. I ourely
can’t say too much for your medicine, and
surely recommend it to anyone who Is
suffering from T. B. •
Thanks to you, and wishing you success
In business.
I remain, as ever.”
My Hies, with letters being received
dally from scores of people now using and
who have used the remedy, are open to
Investigation Through courtesy, names
are not published, but will gladly be fur
nished. My records show that nine out
of ten users of this remedy who are
faithful with It have recovered or are re
covering. This remedy Is strictly a home
remedy. For further Information address
Hasou Building, Fourth and Broadway,
♦ Los Angeles, California.
Former Mayor Shank
Praises Trutona as a
Reconstructive Tonic
“I believe I am passing a good word
along in making this statement and I
feel It’s my duty to recommend Trutona."
Lew Shank, former mayor of Indianapo
lis and widely-known Iloosler, remarked
to a Trutona representative recently.
A native of Indiana and for years a
prominent figure in public life, Mr. Shank
bas thousands of friends in Indianapolis
■■ uJ throughout the Iloosler state, who
will be interested in hearlug what ho has
to say about Trutona, the perfect tonic.
Mr. Shank is at present engaged In the
storage business at 227-29 North New Jer
sey street and lives at 3547 F.ast Wash
ington street, Indianapolis.
"Asa general tonic for building up a
weakened and run-down condition of the
system Trutona is without an equal in
my opinion," lie continued. “It gives me
pleasure to recommend the medicine to
those suffering as I did.
“For several years 1 hnd been bothered
with Indigestion and constipation and 1
didn't have a very good appetite. I tried
a number of different medicine*, but
without success.
“However, thanks to this medicine
Trutona, today 1 feel more able to attend
to my business than I have for years.
I've found Trutona a remarkable medi
cine for overcoming constipation,’ indi
gestion and a weakened condition of the
system.” Advertisement.
Mrs. Bird Declares Tru
tona Helped Her More
Than All Other Medi
cines Combined.
| "I'm the happiest old lady of aeventy
j six ycara yoti've ever met," was the
| manner In which Mr* Mary (' Bird.
I Indianapolis woman of 602 West Twen
ty-seventh street, recently addressed the
I Trutona representative who called on
| her "It's Just remarkable what Tru-
I tuna's done for me," she added In way
Kif explanation concerning the reason for
i her happiness.
"For the past five year*.'' Mr*. Bird
continued, "I've suffered with asthma.
I Constipation had bothered iue for the
| past twenty years, too. I had tried most
i everything for my troubles when I bo
i gun taking Trutona.
j “Trutona was recommended to me for
! my constipation and I began using the
medicine to gain relief from that trou
ble, but do you know thet, besides
regulating my bowels and placing them
In better condition than they've been for
a good many years, Trutona also Im
proved my asthma 100 per cent. Why.
I can breathe better now than I've been
able to for the past five years. Fur
thermore, I have n hearty appetite now
and feel' Just like 1 can't get enough
to eat.
“I think Trutona'* helped me more
than all the other medicines I've evei
taken put together and I'm glad to rec
ommend It to others suffering us 1 did.”
Is sold in Indianapolis at The Hook Chain of Drug Stores and 0. W. Brooks Drug
Store, Pennsylvania and Ohio Streets. It is sold in other Indiana Cities and Towns
by the following live dealers:
Akron. Scott A Arter. ,
Albany. Charles W. llarrlsou.
Alexandria. Drug Cos.
Anderson. Cassell Bros
Angola. Kratz Drug Store.
Ashley. B. M. Divls.
Attica, C. F. Uobiueon & Son.
Auburn, Frank H. Hubbard.
Aurora. Wm. Ulrich.
UatesvlHe, Blank's Pharmacy.
Bedford. R. I. Bedoe.
Blcknell. G. W. Mayberry.
Bloomfield, SF. L. Burke.
Bloomington. J. W. O'Harrow.
Bluffton, Wells Drug Cos.
Boorvllle, Bert Parker.
Brasil, Mendenhall & Artman.
Brook. Montgomery & Snyder.
Brookston. A. D. Boomerehtne.
Brownstown. O. R. Emerson.
Bunker Hill. People's Drug Store.
Butler, Geo. W. Ueddes.
Cambridge City, Dean House.
Campbellsburg. L. U. Drlskell.
Csnnelton, H. A. Clark.
Carlisle, Winegar's Pharmacy.
Carmel, L. J Small.
Cayuga. Auble & Alter.
Centerville Centerville Pharmacy.
Charlestown. C. M. Bottorff.
chrvmey. James Adams.
Churubusco, Briggs & Benward.
Clay City, Jett's Drug Store.
Clinton. White's Pharmacy No. 1.
Columbia City, J. H. Kelser & Cos.
Columbus, Clarence W. Adams.
Connersvills, Merrill Drug Store.
Converse, Agnes Drug Cos.
Corydon. Percy L. Davis.
Covington. Belles & Son.
CrawfordsvlUe, H. P. Bcharf.
CrothereviUe. C. W. Taulmaa
Cynthtana, John E. Stevens.
Dale. J.gW. Ladd.
Danville, Ilarkness & Redlfer.
Darlington. Corner Drug Store.
Decaiur, Smith. Yager & Falk.
Delphi. Reed & Adams.
Dunkirk. Roe Bros.
Ear! Park. E. C. Mnrtln.
Edinburg. Taylor & Roth.
Elnora Henry B. Stalcup.
HJlwood, 0 E. Sneed & Cos.
English. F. R. Gobble & Son.
Evansville, J. F. Bomm Drug Cos.
Fairmount. Pioneer Drug Store.
Karmersburgh, Cha*. Parish.
Flora, Chas. R. Eller.
Fortville, J. F. Johnson.
Fort Wayne, People's Drug Store.
Fowler, J. W. Rodman.
Frankfort. Walter C. McKown.
Franklin. Means Drug Cos. r
Garrett. A. 7. Smith.
Member of Prominent In
diana Family Tells Con
vincing Story of
A striking feature of the scores of
testimonials glveu daily in behalf of Tru
tona, the perfect tonic. Is the large num
ber that come from well-known and high
ly respected people, man/of whom have
heretofore been disinclined to publicly
indorse any preparation.
Here is a statement made a few days
ago by a member of a widely-known
Indlaua family, which, in itself is a
convincing tribute to the merit of Tru
tona Mrs. J. W. Busklrk, 60 years old,
of 2702 Ethel street, Indianapolis, Is the
grateful patieut who this state
Mrs. Buslslrk Is the widpw of J. W.
Buskirk, deceased, who was once a prom
inent circuit court Judge of Blooming
ton, Ind., and a widely-known lawyer
of the Iloosler state. The following is
Mrs. Buskirk's story of the relief she
gained through use of Trutona:
"Trutona Is one medicine that is ALL
medicine and I'll be delighted to tell any*
one how much more Trutona helped me
than I'll be able to say in this state
ment, if they care to come to see me.
“I suffered and throat
trouble ail winter. I couldn't speak above
a whispen* and I was so nerrous. My
appetite was poor and constipation
bothered me. I was very short of breath,
too, most of the time I was lu such a
condition I could hardly walk across the
“Now. mind you, I could hardly get
m.v breath fourteen days ago, when I
began taking Trutona, but today my
voice rings clear as a bell and seems as
good as It ever was. Trutona has reg
ulated my bowels and I’m surely gain
ing strength. Why I walked four blocks
today, the farthest I've walked In two
months. The shortness of breath has
left me and I guess I look like a differ
ent woman.
“I'm the talk of our neighborhood since
I used Trutona. Every one knows bow
feeble I was and every one now knows
the name of the medicine that gave me
such relief. Trutona did ail of this for
me after I had ftitiiely tried most every
thing and you can Jnst bet that 1 m a
real Trutona booster."—Advertismeut.
“You Can’t Go Wrong on
Trutona,” Wiinmer Now
Tells-His Many
“You can't go wrong in buying Tru
tona," wig the tribute paid the Perfect
Tonic a few days ago by Frank Wim
mer. 45 years old, an employe of the
Martin Parry Company, auto top build
ers of Indianapolis.
"Trutona, I am told, is designed to
rebuild systems and its work In my
case certainly convinces me that the
medicine 1 worthy of its name," Mr.
Wlmmer continued.
“Ever since I was operated upon 1
have been in a nervous and rundown coiF
dition. I had never been much in fa
or of faking medicine, but my wife
finally persuaded me to try a bottle of
Trutona. and I must confess that it has
given me much relief.
“Trutona surely has put me on my
feet again. Fin not nearly so nervous
now and my wife tells me I'll have to
find another boarding house where they
have more to eat. my appetite has im
proved so much through the use of Tru
“In a general way I feel so much bet
ter since taking Trutona, and I feel it's
my duty to apeak these few words in
praise of it. It's no wonder that Tru
tona is popular because this kind of a
medicine Is bound to be so.”—Advertise
Georgetown, F. E. Kespler.
Goshen. H. E. Blckei.
Gosport, C. B. Criss.
Grand View, H. O. Stuteville.
Greencastle, R. P. Mullins.
Greenfield, Early Drug Cos.
Greensburg, St. John & Guthrie.
Haubstadt. P. J. Emmert.
Huntingburg, Dr. C. W. Schwarta
Huntington. Bradley Bros.
Jamestown, Joseph Drug Cos.
Jssoilvilie, W. H. Walters.
Jasper, Crescent Pharmacy.
Jeffersonville, Ben Doolittle.
Kentland. Healy & Ross.
Kewanna, Elston & Son.
Knightstown, Jolly's Drug Store.
Kokomo. People's Drug Store.
Lafayette. Bartlett Drug Cos.
LaPorte, Canfield’s Pharmacy.
Laurel. S. W. Brier.
Lawrenceburg. A. F. Schmidt.
Lebanon. Masters & Mitchell.
Lewisville, John C. Keller.
Lincoln City. Dr. O. T. Crofton.
Linton, W. J. Hamilton.
Lngansport, Red Cross Pharmacy.
Loogootee, G. A. Walker.
Madison. John Baum.
Marlon. Merritt's Drug Stores.
Markel, F. J. Harvey.
Martinsville, Sterling Drug Store.
Mentone, Shafer & Goodwdn. f
Michigan CHty, Kahn-Westphal Drug
Middletown. Miller Bros.
Milan, W. E. Lawless.
Milford, Milford Drug Cos.
MUltown,- S. M. Walla.
Mitchell, City Drug Store. W. A. Bur
ton’s Sons.
Monon, W. A. Handley.
Montezuma. Murdock's Pharmacy.
Monticello, F. E. Bowman & Bros.
Montpelier. People's Drug Store.
Morristown, W. L. Parish.
MlsJjawaka. Red Cross Pharmacy.
Mt. Vernon. Boyce & Williams.
Muncle. Michael s Three Drug Storea
Nappanee, Walters & Walters.
New Albany. E. G. Mayes.
New Carlisle, Warner Drug Store.
Newburg. Herman Brizius.
Newcastle, Rose CUT Pharmacy.
New Harmony, F. Miller.
Noblesvllle, Haines' Drug Store.
North Liberty, North Liberty Phar
Norm Manchester, Bttfdgs's Storea
North Vernon, C. T. m Haver,
Oakland City, J. C. Osborne.
Qaotx. The Odon Drug Cos.
Orleans Stephenson
Unselfish Spirit Manifested
by Local Doctor Is Most
“I know of no other medicine that I
could recommend to aged, weakened and
run-down men and women that would
equal this tonic Trutona."
In hi* own words, this is
A. J. McDonald, a well-known
oils physician who lives at No. 8
Pc.plar street, thinks about the Perfect
Mr. McDonald not only backs this as
sertion with his unquestionable knowl
edge of medicines gained in fifty years’
practice but he has actually taken Tru
tona and personally knows Just what tbs
Perfect Tonic will do.
"I began the use of Trutona because
of my weakened nerves and generally
feeble condition which was due to over
work," Dr. McDonald said. “I had given
out completely. But I’m as strong aa
ever and my nerves are equally as steady
since I’ve taken Trutona.
“1 have no interest in the Trutona
Medicine Company and I simply make
this statement because I do not know of
a tonic for aged and weakened people,
that can equal Trutona. All of my life
has practically been devoted to the re
lief of suffering humanity and I cheer
fully continue this policy in recommend
ing Trutona to aged, weakened and run
down men and women.”—Advertisement.
Here's a Hoosier Who
Gained Fifteen Pounds
While Taking Trutona
IPgr Tolls
-m ' .: ■ *' Mm
yf.y . . tgiptjj
■ y
iaOp| iu-.
“ Tnele Robert you're whistling
around at your work like a boy,’ that's
what my fellow workmen say to me now
adays. and I don't wonder for I'vo
gained fifteen pounds in weight and cer
tainly feel twenty years younger sines
I’ve been taking Trutoua," Robert J,
Fsgg. 71 years old, a well-known Terro
Haute shoe repairman who lives at 202
South Eleventh street, told the Trutona
representative recently,
“My health's been poor for the past
several years," he continued. “I’d often
have to lay off from work for (lays
time and when I did work, a
hours of labor would tire me. I had
severe pains all over my body, especially
In my head and neck. The sight of food
made me sick, my appetite was so poor.
I've always, been troubled with consti
"I had lost forty pounds lu weight and
looked more like a ghost than a real live
man when I first started the use of Tru
tona. And now I can’t express in words
just how glad I am that 1 tried Trutona.
Id almost given up hopes of ever get
ting relief and hero this medicine comes
"long and increases my weight fifteen
pounds and makes me fed years younger.
The pains have disappeared from my
head and neck and I have such an
appetite I can hardly get enough to eat.
! sleep soundly, too, and my bowels are
nearer normal than they've been for
years. Trutona’s given me a lot of new
strength, also."—Advertisement.
Osgood, E. M. Dopp.
Osstan. Ossian Drug Cos.
Owsnsville, Thos. L. Lockhart.
Oxford. O. B. Wilkins.
Paoli. Boyd A Boyd.
Pendleton. E. Tank & Cos.
Peru. Shock & Smuck.
Petersburg. J. R. Adams & Son.
Plymouth. Model Pharmacy.
Portland, Geo. L. Stevens.
Poseyvllle, J. F. Schafer.
Princeton, Shoptaugh Drug Cos.
Redkey, Wilt Drug Store.
Rensselaer, Larsh & Hopklng.
Richmond, Clem Thlstlethwailft.
Rldgevllle, Lee Fisher.
Rising Sun, Lorlng & HemphHS.
Roachdale, G. W. Irwin.
Roanoke. Hackett & Son.
Rochester, AJex Ruh, Blue Druw ——
Rockport, T. C. Bayse.
Rockville, Dick H. Ott.
Royal Center, C. B. & R. B. a
Salem, Chas. McClintock.
Seottsburg. Jas. Dxinlevy!
Seymour, W. L. Federmann
Shelburn, O. B. Stark.
Shelbyville, Morrlson-DePrez Draw c.
Slioals, S. H. Ross Drug Cos.
Silver Lake, Itagler and Jontz.
South Bend, Central Drug Store.
South Whitley, W. F. Norris.
Spencer, W. I. Brown.
Sullivan, Batey & Walters.
Summltvllle, Herbert Knight
Swayzee, Charles H. Laeha.
Tell City, G. S. Dusch.
Terre Haute, Buntln Drug Ce.
Thorntown. Burk & Staton.
Tipton, Harker Sc Speck baugh.
Troy, T. P. Gasser.
Union City, Kerr & Hueber.
Yeederaburg, G. and. Graham.
Versailles, J. A. Spencer.
Vevay, W. T. Sullivan.
Vincennes. Duesterberg A Kramut h
Wabash, Bradley Bros.
Walkerton. C. M. Carter.
Warren, J. G. Sprowle.
Warsaw, J. J. Lantz.
Washington, Warren Van Trees.
Waynetown. S. M. Davis.
West Terre Haute. Burton CaakadaF.
Williamsport, B J. Winger.
Wlnamac, Smith’s Drug Store.
Winchester. J. H. B. White,
windfall: C. E. Dennis.
Worthington. W. A. Trent A Cos.
Winslow, Everett FetUnger.
Wolcott, Spencer Bros,
Woleottsviile, W. 8. Gray.
Torktown, C. D. Byerly.
Zlo&.rllle. Mills Drug Stone

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