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With Ruth Gordon Will Play
Stock Summers of 1921-23.
Arrangements have been completed
whereby Gregory Kelly acquires the lease
of English's opera house from M.
and Ad Miller for the summer sea
gns of 1021-22 23.
i will operate a stock companv l’.ead
<S* by Ruth Gordon and myself, open
early in May o* each year," Mr.
; Kelly said today.
“Having had so mnch pleasure play
ing before Indianapolis andiences In the
past, we are desirous of playing here
each year, and as we have not been
given the opportunity of appearing here
this summer we have decided to operate
' a stock company of our own.
“Comedies will predominate, ns we
. think people want to laugh—especially In
; the summer—and our experience In In
. dinnapoilf* has been that such plays as
“Fair and Warmer,” "Nothing but the
. Truth'' and "Too Many Cooks," provide
•ideal hot weather entertainment.
“Our company will be- made up of
players of standing in the theater.
“We had intended beginning the first
of our annual seasons this year, but as
' our arrangement with George C. Tyler
is that we will continue to play in
Booth Tarkington’s "Clarence” until next
fill, when we will appear in anew play
under Mr. Tyler’s management, our
initial season will begin at' English’s In
May, 1921.”
ELKTON, Md., April 28. —Four men
were arrested yesterday as suspects in
connection with the Sandy Springs bank
robbery and the murder of its Tice presi
• Well the big. bird who said “Three
-cheers sor > the Red. White and Blue” in
the Inst glory was the big American
Eagle, of course, little Puss Junior
didn’t klflft that; he only knew the
Mother Goose people, you see. But
pretty soon, when the eagle flew down
from a high mountain, the little pussy
cat saw it was his old friend.
"Why, I didn't know you aould Cy so
fay,” said Puss .Tnnior, and then V* took
from his pocket a red and white and blue
lollypop and gave it to him, and w isn't
that eagle pleased? Well, I should say
he was. He flapped his wings and be
gan to sing:
“Oh, I’m the bird, as you all have beard.
Whf fights for the 17. S. A.
I love the stars on our beautiful flag
As I watch it wave from my crag.
And I give a screech that is heard afar—
Three cheers for every silver star.
And the bands of'red and white and blue.
And the soldier boys who are brave and
true. •
And the sailor Lads on the deep wide
sea —
Ob the U. 8. A. is the land for me!"
And when he finished he said to Pnss
Junior. “Climb on my back and we'll fly
away, far away, across the water wild
with spray, way, way off to the 17. S. A.’’
Isn’t It wonderful how au eagle could
say things like this in rhyme? It must
have been because he was in Mother
Ooose Land, where everybody talks lti
“I’m afraid I can't.” replied Puss
Junior, “My father would worry if I
left Old Mother Goose Land for a for
eign country."
So the big eagle said goodby and
flew away, but before he went" he pinned
a little red. white and blue flag on Puss
Junior’s coa|.
And after that our little hero wished
he had gone with him. and then he was
glad he hadn't, because he knew he
would have worried his dear father near
ly to death, and no good little Pussy
Cat ever worries his father.
KS’S fsß WilM3 l
Before Taking Black-Draught Mis
souri Lady Wa* Troubled With
Constipation, Headache and
Bad Taste in I^outh.
Qrandin, Mo.—Mrs. Susa Brooks
of this place writes: “Some time
ago I was in a bad fix, with stomach
and ltver trouble. I did not feel good
at any time. I was very constipated,
and had headaches from this condi
tion, and had a continual hurting in
my stomach, and bad taste in the
mouth. Could tell my liver was all
“I had known of Black-Draught, so
decided to try It myself. I began
with a large dose or doses, gradually
getting to smaller doses. It regulat
ed my bowels, relieved me of the
hurting in my stomach, cleaned off
my liver and made me feel like anew
If you get up in the morning feel
ing as tired as you did when you
went to bed —achy, coated tongue,
bad taste in mouth, sallow complex
ion—then your liver has not done its
full duty, and your system has ab
sorbed the poisons which your liver
should have taken away.
An occasional dose of Thedford’s
Black-Draught will help this Impor
tant organ to function properly.
Get a package of Thedford’s Black-
Draught liver medicine today.
Druggists sell it, or can get it for
I g
Frown Sifght OokSs
laxative bromo quinine
Tablets relieve the Headache
by curing the Cold. A tonic
laxative and germ destroyer.
Look for E. W. GROVE'S sig
nature on box. 30c.
Mrs. Hecker New Leader, With
Mrs. Bolte Director.
Mrs. Edward Hecker, 27 Butler avenue,
is the new president of the Indianapolis
League of Women’s Voters.
She succeeds Miss Mary Winter, who
Mrs. J. Willard Bolte was named to
Mrs. Hecker's place as a director and
and Miss Nelle Taylor was made execu
tive secretary.
Miss May Shipp was appointed chair
man of the literary committee and will
be assisted by Mrs. Olive Belden Lewis
and Miss Sarah Lauter.
A club’s committee was named consist
ing of Grace Julian Clarke and Miss
Julia Lan iers heads the headquarters
committee with Merle* Hoagland and
E'.dena Lauter assistants.
Plans were laid for the “stunt” which
will be put on at the meeting of the
Third Ward citizenship school Friday
afternoon, with Mrs. Willis C. McMahan,
1728 North Illinois -street.
"A Republican Presidential Campaign”
is to be burlesqued.
Miss Natalie Smith will mount the soap
box as Senator Warren G. Harding; Miss
Marianne Holmes as Governor Lowden;
Mrs. Harriet Ray as Hiram Johnson:
Miss Anna Locke as General Leonard
Wood, and Miss Sarah Lauter in the role
of Herbert Hoover.
Wild flights of oratory are expected.
Clinton Givan will give the formal and
instructive speech of the meeting.
Judge McMahan and Ira Holmes will
be special guests.
Well, In a few minutes, not so very
long, he scampered away, and by and
by he came to an old wtllow tree by a
pond. And who do you think he saw
sitting on a branch? Why, little Mrs.
Oriole. And close beside her hung her
nest like a big white storking. And as
soon as she saw Puss Junior she began
And then all her little birds peeped
out of the nest anod looked at Puss
Junior, but they didn’t say anything,
for they had never met him before. So
Mrs. Oriole said, “Children, this is Puss
Junior. I knew him when he.was Just
a little kitten.” And Just then some
thing happened, but as I have no more
room in this story you will have to wait.
—Copyright 1920.
* (To be continued.'
Name "Bayer” is on Genuine
Aspirin—say Bayer
Insist on "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin”
In a "Bayer packnge,” containing proper
directions for Headache, Colds, Pain.
Neuralgia, Lumbago end Rheumatism
Name "Bayer” means genuine Aspirin
prescribed by physlsians for nineteen
years. Handy tin boxes of 12 tablet*
•st feu cants. Aspirin is trade mark
of Bayer Manufacture of Monoaceticaci
dester of Salleyllcscid.— Advertisement.
But he recovered quickly and gained
9 pounds In 5 weeks.
‘Last December I caught a heavy cold,
which left me with a deep-seated cough.
I coughed so hard it would start the
blood. I thought I was n goner, until
I tried Milks K ni.lslun. I used nine bot
tles altogether. My cough is gone, and
1 have gained nine pounds In flve'week*.
If any one doubts it, let them write me.”
—Charles L. Walters, 147 South Eight
eenth street, Pittsburg, Pa.
When hundreds upon hjndreds of peo
pie tell you of Just such recovery, Just
such gains lu weight, It must be worth
your trying, at least A ‘rial costs noth
Milka Emulsion is a pleasant, nutritive
food and a corrective medicine. It re
stores healthy, natural bowel action, do
ing away with all need it piUa and phys
ics. It promotes appetite and quickly
puts the digestive organs In shape to
assimilate food. Asa builder of flesh
and strength, Milks Emulsion is strongly
recommendsd to those whom sickness has
weakened, and is a powerful aid in re
sisting and repairing the effects'of wast
ing diseases. Chronic stomach trouble
and constipation are promptly relieved—
usually in one day. It produces remark
able results in colds, coughs and bron
chial asthma. t **
This is the only solid emulsion made,
ard so palatable that It is eaten with a
spoon like ice cream. Truly wonderful
for weak, sickly children.
No matter how severe your case, you
are urged to try Milks Emulsion under
this guarantee—Take six bottles home
with you, use it according to directions
and if not satisfied with the results, your
money will be promptly .vfunded. Price
00c and $1.20 per bottle. The Milks Emul
sion Cos., Terre Haute, lnd. Sold by
druggists everywhere.—Advertisement.
3-Grain Tablet Makes
Any one -wishing to add to their weight,
improve their color, and restore a normal
condition of the stomach and nerves,
should adopt the wonderfully successful
treatment known to physicians and drug
gists as "3-grain hypo-nuclane tablets,”
put up In sealed packages with full di
rections for home use. Red lips, pink
cheeks, and 10 to 30 pounds Increase in
weight are not uncommon results from
several months’ usage. Ask your well
stocked druggist for them.—Advertise
Dr. Edwards’ Olive Tablets Get
at the Cause and Remove It
Dr. Edwards’ Olive Tablets, the
substitute for calomel, act gently on the
bowels and positively do the work.
People afflicted with bad breath find
quick relief through taking them.
Dr. Edwards’ Olive Tablets are a
vegetable compound mined with olive
oil. They act gently but firmly on the
bowels and liver, stimulating them to
natural action, clearing the blood, and
purifying the entire system. They do
that which calomel does, without any of
the bad after effects. Take one or two
every night for a week and note the
pleasing effect .. 10c and 25c a box.
Another Wolf Shot
an d Whelps Escape
Sanford Ppeagle of Castleton brings
to Indianapolis the latest wolf story.
Sighting a wolf in the Fall creek bot
toms yesterday afternoon, Mr. Speagle
paddled up the creek and shot the ani
mal at a distance of 200 yards.
Recently a wolf wa’s killed on the
P. L. Masters farm, just north of Cas
Ppeagle says he saw several whelps,
which escaped.
Castleton’s wolf hunt now will be
Stops Hair Coming Out;
Doubles Its Beauty.
A few eente buys “Panderlna.” After
n application of "Danderlne” you can
not And a fallen hair or any dandruff,
besides every hair shows new life, vigor,
brightness, more celor and thickness.--
Says Poisons Cause
Headache Dizziness
Coated Tongue and Myriad Ail
ments In the Spring.
Grandma’s Remedy Now Sold In
Tablet —Sulpherb Tablets.
Many men, woman and children need a
Spring Blood Purifier. The blood be
comes thick with poleons through the
winter months. When spring comes
serious aliments like typhoid, scarlet
fever, coughs, colde, catarrh, neuralgia,
rheumatic pains, lose of appetite and a
.dluggish all-in feeling prevails.
The bowels, the liver and the kidneys
need help. The blood needs thinning and
purifying If pimples and bolls sre
present. Sulpherb Tablets quickly re
lieve constipation and kidney Inactivity
and elimination of peisons takes place
and yon are made strong and fit for
spring and scanner. Grsndma gave
sniphnr and cream of tartar In molasses
Now yen take thorn In tablets with *saxa
tlve purifying herbs—a better medicine,
easy and pleasant to take. Druggists soli
them in 60c sealed tubes Every ptekag*
guaranteed satisfactory or money back
Get Sulpherb Tablets (not sulpha
ta blets).—Ad vertl se me n t.
Fear Prevents
Fat People
From Reducing Weight—The Fear
| Needleea When
Arbolone Tablets Is the Treatment
To Be Used. Proven Safo
and Sure.
Hundreds of thousands of tubes of
Arbolone Tablets have been market
ed In the past five years and not a
single case has ever been reported of
their being deleterious In any way.
On the contrary, many are grateful
and write letters aimll&r to thia one.
which Was received from Mrs. Lilia
Richards, Ptttafleld, Maine:
“Dear Sir: Two years ago I tried
Arbolone Tablets. It not only re
duced me, but cured my headache
and heart palpitation, and removed
that bloated feeling. Recently my
weight again increased. I began Ar
bolone again and one box reduced
me from 199 pounds to 182 pounds,
and I feel bo much better. I shall
continue until my weight is again
normal, etc."
Buy Arbolone Tablets of druggists
In sealed tubes with full directions.
It Is the one safe, sure, dependable
obesity medicine. A genuine guaran
tee ©f entire satisfaction accom
panies every package.—Advertise
due to Indigestion or Dyspep
sia is promptly relieved by
one or two
These tablets arc pleasant to the
taste, do not discolor the teeth and
give to the stomach the alkaline
effect. so much needed in acid
conditions of indigestion.
Eat what you like best and have
no fear of digestive troubles.
Sold by druggists at 50 cents.
Bad cold* lead to different kinds of
couch*. There la a "dry cough,” a
"winter cough,” la golppe cough, bron
chial cough, asthmatic cough, and of
course, the racking, painful cough to
raise choking phlegm. Foley’s Honey and
Tar gives quick relief In all cases.
T. lr. McCall, Athens, 0., writes: "W
used Foley’s Honey and Tar In our
host* for several yean agd find
U alaett invaluable for (he cure
of coughs sad oelds, oad especially fur
creep *ttk our ehiiesgn.** Sold
The After Effects
of Pneumonia
This is No. 2 of a series of advertisements, prepared by a com
petent physician, explaining how certain diseases which attack
the air pasaages—such as Pneumonia, Influenza, Whooping
Cough, Measles or even a long continued Cold—-often leave
these organs in an inflamed, congested state, thus affording a
favorable foothold for invading germs. And how Vick’s Vapo-
Rub may be of value in this condition.
Pneumonia attacks the air cells
of the lungs. An inflammation
is set up and matter is thrown
oil' which causes the air cells to
solidify, thus preventing the
natural flow of blood thru the
luugs. This “backing up” of
the blood causes the heart to
pump harder, just as stepping on
a hose increases the water pres
sure,. which is the reason why,
during this disease, the physician
watches the overburdened heart
so carefully.
After recovery the lungs are
filled with a mass of wreckage—
the debris of the battle—which
must be gotten rid of by a process
known as resolution. Frequently,
inflamed spots remain, congestion
persists, cough hangs on, and the
least exposure brings on a cold
that is hard to get rid of. If
neglected, such damaged air pas
sages may easily develop serious
disease of the lungß.
Such cases should always con
tinue under a physician’s care
ind frequent examinations should
he made to see that nature is
properly continuing the rebuild
s°r \ J r ¥CWT€? Your
60c M ’ sX Bodyguard
.1.2° ifYapoßubU Against Colds
More Than 17 Million Jars Used Yearly iJ#'
Three of the dearest Children In the
world nearly drove Mr*. John Carlin, 2520
Walker street, Indianapolis, to distrac
tion until Pepgen relieved her stomach
ills and toned up her nerves. She now
sleeps soundly at night, no matter how
full the day has been with worries and
problems such ns only n loving and busy
mother can know.
Mrs. Carlin's greatest Joy In life Is
her family. No effort Is too much for
her to make and no yomigsters any
where now have better care or atten
Mrs. Carlin says: "You know bow
much confusion three children can make.
I used to go nearly erasy at the noise
they made. I became so nervous and
rundown that It wus Impossible for mo
to sleep soundly. I didn't have any
•ppeptlte and kept right on losing flesh
day by day. I grew so weak that when
Skin Irritations
that Itch and Burn
Cause Untold Tor
ture as Warm
Weather Ap
Many cases of eczema, tetter, pimples,
scaly eruptions, nnd other evidences of
a disordered skin very often lie dormant
during the whiter season, but become ac
tive as warm weather approaches, and
soon break out into almost intolerable
As soon as you realize
that so-called skin diseases
originate in the blood, and
treat them accordingly,
you will be on the right
track to free yourself of
this annoying trouble.
Just imngino that there Is a steady
blaze of fire In constant contact with your
tender skin, and you can form soma Idea
of the pain that must be endured liy the
afflicted. For the millions mid millions
of tiny disease germs that seem to bur
row through the skin, each one carrying
a torch of tire, cause pain that is almost
And tho constant plea of those af
flicted is the oft-repeated question, “How
can I find relief from this constant tor
ture?” Not palliative, temporary relief
that causes the terrible. Itching to abate
for awhile, but real ggiiulne relief that
shakos off tho shackles of the disease and
restores the skin to Its former healthy
condition ?”
And temporary relief is the most, that
can be expected from local treatment,
such as ointments, salves, lotions, etc.,
which is one reason why these diseases
seem to hold ou with such tenacity. It
is not because they are Incurable, but
because they are Improperly treated, that
they appear to be so stubborn and so dif
ficult to cure.
The fact is they are misnamed, and
therefore, Improperly treated. Because
Mothers Emend
Expectant Mothers
4 Softerra the Muscles
t, ■ At All Druggists
M SmWm m MoiWwd BAy,
BtAPfmn recucAToa co PwT.s^AnjurTA.o.
ing process.
Nightly applications of Vick’s
Vapo-Rub will aid nature in this
work. Because Vicks acts locally
by stimulation thru the skin to
draw out the inflammation, at
tract the blood away from the
congested spots and relieve the
cough. In addition, the medici
nal ingredients of Vicks are
vaporized by the body heat.
These vapors arc breathed in all
night long, thus bringing the
medication to bear directly upon
the inflamed areas.
Vicks should be rubbed in
over the throat and chest until
the skin is red—then spread on
thickly and covered with hot
flannel cloths. Leave the cloth
ing loose around the neck and
the bed clothes arranged in the
form of a funnel so the vapors
arising may be freely inhaled. If
the cough is annoying, swallow a
small bit of Vicks the size of a
Samples to new users will be
sent free on request to the Vick
Chemical Company, 232 Broad
Street, Greensboro, N. C.
I sat down >!n s cbalr 1 could "hardly
get up. Finally I was attacked with
severe pains in my shoulder and back.
At times I felt like giving up. 1 grieved
because I couldn't seem to give my chil
dren the csro they needed.
“My husband, who Is employed by the
National Heflnlng Company, suggested
that I try I’epgen. I did so nnd now I
am strong and well again. My nerves
hnvo become quiet. I don't f<wt fruited
when the baby cries
‘To nil women who feel nervous, have
Indigestion, hnda.’ties. backache, who
can't sleep soundly and who hnvo not
sufficient strength, 1 say by ah mean*
taka Pepgen "
Pepgen Is sold by the Ilanry J,
Itudor's Drug Stores, corner Washing
ton and Pennsylvania sts., Illinois and
Michigan sts. and by a|l other leading
drug stores everywhere.—Advertisement.
the trouble attacks the akin and all the
pain aud discomfort Is confined to the
surface of the skin, three disorders are
tailed “skin diseases ” But the real cause
Is n disense germ In the blood, which
multiplies by the million, and sets up an
irritation In some tender loratlou of the
delicate skin.
You can get some llttlo relief for the
time being by rubblug or scratching the
irritated skin, but you would not expect
to be cured In this way. Neither should
you expect a cure from local applications
of lotions, ointments or other remedies
applied to the skin, for the simple reason
that n cure must come from the source
of the trouble.
You must locate the headquarters of
the disease germs, and out'oil their base
of supplies. The blood Is saturated with
them, and they will set up their attacks
on the surface of the ekln aa long as they
remain in the blood, no matter how much
local treatment you take.
A million gallons of lo
cal treatment applied to
the surface of the skin,
will not eliminate the
germs of the disease from
the blood, and until they
are eliminated your skin
will never be free from the
itching and burning dis
If you want genuine relief, then take
a treatment that goes right to the seas
of the trouble and removes its cause.
Such a remedy Is S. S. S., the reliable
old blood purifier that cleanses the blood
and routs out germs of disense.
8. S. S. has been used successfully In
some of the worst cases of eczema and
Stber skin troubles, and It cau be relied
upon to cleanse the blood. 8. S. S. Is
also n splendid tonic and system builder,
and It builds up and adds new vigor to
tbe whole system.
Go to your drugstore and get a bottle
of 8. S. 8. today and begin the right
treatment for skin diseases. Then write
for free medical advice about your own
case. Address Chief Medical Adviser, 18S
Swift Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga.—Adver
Broca iiiSfc* ?
Money back without question
if HUNT'S Salve foil* to the
treatment of ITCH.BCZKMA.JV*’Y~
other itching tktn dleesiee. Try J;
•75 cant bos t our risk. SgM / Mi
/ . . ... \
Surest Means of Gaining
Relief, Local Woman Be
lieves Affer Trial.
Because it lias been nothing more or
less Ilian lier experience, Mrs. Mary
Cooper, an Indianapolis woman of 609
South Senate avenue, is convinced that
many people spend hundreds of dollars
yearly on worthless preparations trying
to gain relief from their troubles. Asa
result of her knowledge of this fact Mrs.
Cooper recently declared Trutona, the
i erfect Tonic, not only to be s a remark
able medicine, but a ‘‘money saver” as
weil, because Trutona is so consistent In
the matter of giving relief.
“It is needless to say how many medi
cines I had tried,’’ Mrs. Cooper said,
“but none of them seemed to give me
relief until I began ushing Trutona.
That s why I say Trutona is a money
'I was a sufferer from after-effects of
Influenza," she continued. “I wag so
hoarse I couldn't speak above a whisper
and I had such pains in my chest. M.v
limbs ami joints were sore and I seemed
to have no appetite.
"My hoarseness has vanished and my
voice is as clear as It ever was since
I've taken the Trutonn treatment. The
pains have disappeared from my chest and
limbs and joints aren’t sore any more.
I'm not one bit ncrTops now, either, and
I don't seem to be able w> get enough to
eat, my appetite lias improved so much.
1 sleep like a child at night, too.
“In a general way, Trutona has given
me back my health and I can see no rea
son why 1 shouldn't praise it and tell
every one what the medicine hss done
for me. I believe every one should know
of a inedieiue like Trutona.'—Advertise
Now Has Pleasure of De
scribing Case Which
Proved Her Advie
Mrs Charles Ax, wife of a well known
local plaaterlug contractor, who Uvea at
(Ml Cotree street, after hearing of the
good work Trutona Is doing, Anally
persuaded her husband to try the Per
fect 'route. Mrs. Ax now has the pleas
ure of describing the remarkable relief
Mr. Ax derived thru use of Trutona.
“My husband suffered from pains in
bia shoulder auß neck," Mrs. Ax told
the Trutona Representative. "He thought
possibly It was hi* work that caused
tlic-c dull, heavy pains all the time. Mr.
Ax also hud stomach trouble. His food
didn't digest properly nnd gas would
often form In his stomach.
“I finally persuaded lay husband to
try a bottle of Trutona and do you know
that tbone dull pains in hia neck and
shoulders have vanished now? Ho had
suffered from the indigestion for several
years but Trutona has relieved that
trouble also, regardless of Its long stand
ing. In fact, Mr. Ax aays this tusr
velons medicine Just seemed to renovate
his whole system.
‘TVe think a medicine like Trutona
should bo known to every one and con
sequently I take pleasure in recommend
ing It to every one."—Advertisement.
Is sold in Indianapolis at The Hook Chain of Drug Stores and 0. W. Brooks Drug
Store, Pennsylvania and Ohio Streets. It is sold in other Indiana Cities and Towns
by the following live dealers:
Akron. Scott & After.
Albany. Chs-les W. Harrison.
Alexandria. Balloy-F.dwarda Drug Cos.
Anderson, Cassell Bros.
Angola. Kratz Drug Store.
Ashley, B. M Davis
Attica, C. V. Robinson ft Son.
Auburn. Frank H. Hubbard.
Aurora, Win. Ulrich.
BateevUlc. Blank’s Pharmacy.
Bedford, R. I. Bedoe.
Blcknell, U. W. Mayberry.
Bloomfield. B. L. Burks.
Bloomington, J. W. O’Harrow,
Bluffton, Wells Drug Cos.
BoonvllK Bart Parker.
Brazil, Mendenhall A Artman.
Brook, Montgomery & Snyder.
Brookston. A. D. Boomershlne.
Brownstown. O. R. Emerson.
Bunker Hill, Peopla’e Drug Store.
Butler. Geo. W. Geddes.
Cambridge City. Dean House
Campbellsburg. L. G. Driskell.
Cannelton. H. A. Clark.
Carlisle, Wloegar’s Pharmacy.
Carmel, L. J. -Small
Cayuga Auble A Alter.
Centerville. Centerville Pharmacy.
Charlestown, C. M. Bottorff.
Chrkmey, James Adams.
Churubusco, Briggs & Benward.
Clay City, Jetfe Drug Store.
Clinton. White’s Pharmacy No. 1.
Columbia City, J. H. Reiser & Cos.
Columbus, Clarence W. Adams
Connersvtlle, Merrill Drug Store.
Converse, Agnes Drug Go.
Corydon, Percy L. Davis.
Covington, Belle* Sc Bon.
Craws order 111 e.HP. Bchart.
CrothersviUo. C. W. Taulraan.
Cynthlana, John B. Steven*.
Dale J. W. Ladd.
Danville, Har lanes# & Redlfer.
Darlington. Corner Drug Store.
Deeatttr, Bmlth, Yager A Falk.
Delphi. Reed A Adams.
Dunkirk, Roe Bros.
JSerl Park, E. C. Martin.
Edinburg. Taylor A Roth.
Elnora. Henry B. Stalcup.
Htwood. B K. Sneed & Cos.
English. F. R. Gobble A Son.
Evansville. J. F. Bomm Drug Cos.
Kalrmount. Pioneer Drug Store.
Farmersburgh. Cha- Parish.
Flora. Chaa. R. Eller.
Fortvllle, J. F. Johnson.
Fort Wayne. People’s Drug Store.
Fowler. J. W. Rodman,
Frankfort. Walter C. MoKewn.
Franklin. Moans Drug Cos.
Garrett A. F. Smith.
“ Trutona Made a New
Man of Me,” Declares
This Grateful Hoosier
“Trutona has made anew man of me,
re why shouldn't I sing the praises of
this medicine,” are the expressive words
used by W. H. DuVall, a well-known
Terre Haute man, who lives at 835 North
Third street, in describing the remark
aide benefits lie hag gained from the
I’crfect Tonic.
"My stomach had been out of shape
for several years," he continued, “and
my system generally has been run down
in the past several months. Everything
1 ate seemed to disagree with me. I
suffered badly from gas formations and
my stoinwh seemed sore ail the time.
My appetite was very poor and nothing
tasted good to me. My kidneys caused
me much pain, too. I constantly suffered
such terrible pains In my back that 1
could hardly walk. ,
“I was sick In beid with la grippe
when I began taking Trutona. but to
day I've regained my strength and
health and I'm able to go back to work.
1 feel so much stronger all over and
my kidneys don't hurt me at all now.
My appetite is 100 per cent Improved
and It certainly is a pleasure for me to
cat a nice hearty meal and not suffer
afterward. I'm cot bothered at night
by my kidneys any more, either, and
I'll tel! you it sure makes a man feel
good to slepp the whole night through
without being disturbed.
“These are exactly the benefits I've
gained from Trutona. so why shouldn't
I sing the praises of this medicine?"—
Holliday, Greatly Aided,
Says He’ll Always Buy
Trutona in the Future.
"The relief I've gained through Tru
tona Is worth money to me because after
this I'll know what medicine to buy and
won't have to experiment any more as
I've been doing in the past,” Charles Hol
liday, 53 years old, who lives at 542
Warren avenue, Indianapolis, remarked
'For ten years," he continued. *'l had
suffered from constipation ;:ad I was tol<i
that I had hardening of the liver. I tried
ever so many kinds of medicines, but
none of them seemed to help me. My
limbs often pained ine and my feet
would swell at times. In fact, I was
bothered with a general swollen and
bloated feeling all over my body. .
“I can truthfully say that two weeks’
treatment of Trutona has done more for
me than all the other medicines com
bined. My bowels act as regularly as
the days come aronnd now, and that's
something new for ms, I’ll tell you. My
bowels move naturally now, too. The
swelling in my feet and limbs has gone
down considerably, also. I have a good
appetite, rest better at night and, tn fact,
I feel better in every way now. —Adver-
Georgetown, F. E. Kespter.
Goshen. H. E. Blckei.
Gosport. C. B. Crlss.
Grand View, H. O. Stutevllle.
Ureencastle, R P. Mullins.
Greenfield. Early Drug Cos.
Greensburg, St. John A Guthrie.
Haubstadt, P. J. Emmert.
Huntlngburg. Dr. C. W. Schwarts.
Huntington, Bradley Bros.
Jamestown, Joseph Drug Cos.
Jssonville, W. H. Walters.
Jasper. Crescent Pharmacy.
Jeffersonville. Ben Doolittle.
Kcntland. Healy tk Ross.
Kewannu, Elston A Son.
Knlghtstown, Jolly's Drug Stare.
Kokomo, People’s Drug Store.
Lafayette, Bartlett Drug Cos.
LaPorte. Canfleld'e Pharmacy.
Laurel, S. W. Brier.
Lawrencebtirg. A. F. Schmidt.
Lebanon, Masters A Mitchell.
Lewisville. John C. Keller.
Lincoln City. Dr. O. T. Crofton.
Linton, W. J, Hamilton.
Logansport, Red Cross Pharmacy.
Loogootee, G. A. Walker.
Madison, John Baum.
Marlon. Merritt's Drug Stores.
Market, F. J. Harvey.
Martinsville, Sterling Drug Store.
Mentone, Sbafer A Goodwiq.
City, Kalin-Weatphal Drug
Middletown, Miller Bros.
Milan, W. E, Lawless.
Milford, Milford Drug Cos.
MUltown, S. M. Walt*.
Mitchell, City Drug Store, W. A. Bur
ton’s Sons.
Motion, W. A. Handley.
Montezuma. Murdock's Pharmacy.
Montlcello, F. E. Bowman A Bros
Montpelier. People's Drug Store.
Morristown. W. L. Parish.
Mishawaka. Red Cross Pharmacy.
Mt. Vernon, Boyce & Williams.
Muncie, Michael’s Three Drug Stores.
Nappanee. Walters A Walters.
New Albany, E. G. Mayes.
New Carlisle. Warner Drug Store.
Newburg Herman Brlxlus.
'■'ewe -! 1 —lcy.
New Harmony, F. J. Millar.
NobiesvlUe, Haines’ Drug Store.
North LiAn,, oor. u Phar
North Manchester, Burdge’e Stores.
North Vernon. C. T. o*Hnver.
Oakland City, J. C. Osborne,
aaos. The Odon Drug Cos.
Orleans. Stephenson * Wwnrsll.
Great Relief Mc-
Carty St. Lady Utmost
Confidence in Tonic.
"In my estimation there's no other
medicine like Trutona and I think M
should be kept jn every home,” Mr* 1
Mary Smith, a well-known Indianapolis
young woman, who lives at 139 West
McCarty street, told the Trutona repre
sentative recently.
"I think I had tried everything I hea*3
of or read about in an effort to get r*.
iief from constipation and lack of appe
tite,” she continued. "Sometimes my
bowels would go for three or four days
without au action and I never seemed to
want anything to eat. The little I ata
caused me much misery. I would suf
fer bloating and shortness of breath
after meals and there’d be a gas pressure
against my heart. Dizzy spells often
attacked me, too.
“Trutona has simply worked wonders
in my case. My husband says I eat like
a horse since I’ve taken this medicine
and I know it’s a fact that I eat any
thing and seem to be hungry all the
time. I no longer suffer the former
dizzy spells and my bowels are more
regular than they've been since I can
remember. In addition to these benefits
I’m paining weight rapidly now.
"I think Trutona should be in every
home and I can surely heartily recom
mend it to everyone who Is troubled
as I was.”—Advertisement.
“Trutona’s Wonderful,”
Mrs. Mendenhall Avers
After Gaining Benefits
“I walked up town and back again
this afternoon and it didn't hurt me lu
the least, all of which is remarkaolc
when I look beck and think how 1
could hardly get from my bed to a chair
in my room when I began taking this
wonderful medicine, Trutona," Mrs. Em
ma Mendenhall. 240 West Wpod street,
Decatur, 111., told the Trutona represent
ative recently.”
“For a number of years,” she contin
ued, "I have suffered from catarrh o!
the btad, but for the past four weeks
erysipelas has been my most
trouble. f had been sick in bed tor
three weeks. I didn’t care for a bite to
iat and I suffered from a severe pain
ut.dcr my shoulder blade. Naturally I
was very weak and if I walked any
distance I would become all out of
breath. I was nervous, too. and can't
remember when I’d slept the whole-night
“I was In bed, because the many medi
cines I tried didn’t help me, when I
began taking Trntona. I’m not in be*
now though and I’m going back to
work tomorrow. I give Trutona all
credit for making anew woman of me.
The swelling has disappeared from my
face, I have a splendid appetite and I
certainly do feel a lot stronger,. And
sleep—well. I sleep like a sixteen-year
old girl now. I can’t praise Trutona
too highly."—Advertisement
Osgood, B. XL Dopp.
Ossian. Oasis® Drug Cos.
Owensville, Thos. L. Lockhart.
Oxford, O. B. Wilkins.
Paolt. Boyd A Boyd.
Pendleton, E. Tank A Cos.
Peru, Shock A Bmuck.
Petersburg, J. R. Adams A Son.
Plymouth, Model Pharmacy.
Portland, Geo. I* Stevens.
Poecyvlile, J. F. Schafer.
Princeton. Shoptaugh Drug Cos.
Redkey, Wilt Drug Store.
Rensselaer, Larsh A Hopkins.
Richmond, Clem Thletlethwaita.
RldgevlUe, Lee Fisher.
Rising Sun, Loring A Hemphill.
Roachdale, G. W. Irwin.
Roanoke. Hackett A Son.
Rochester, Alex Ruh. Blue Drue
Rockport. T. C. Bayse.
Rockville, Dick H. Ott.
Royal Center, C. B. A R. B. Agmaaa
Salem, Chas. McCllntock.
Scottsburg, Jaa. Dunlevy.
Seymour. W. L. Kedermann.
Sheiburn, O. B. Stork.
Shelbyville. Morrlson-DePres Drag Cos
Shoals, 8. H. Ross Drug Cos.
Silver Lake, Bagler and Jonts.
South Bend, Central Drug stora.
South Whitley, W. F. Norris.
Spencer. W. I. Brown.
Sullivan. Batey A Walters.
Summltvllle, Herbert Haight.
Swayzee, Charles H. Leslie.
Tell City. G. 8. Duech.
Terre Haute, Buntin Drug Cos.
Thorntown. Burk A Staton,
Tipton. Harker A Speckba’agh.
Trojr, T. P. Gasser.
Union City, Kerr A Hneber.
Veedersburg, G. G. Graham.
Versailles. J. A. Spencer.
Vevay, W. T. Sullivan.
Vincennes, Duesterberg A Krone#*.
Wabash, Bradley Bros.
Walkerton. C. M. Carter.
Warren, J. G. Sprowle.
Warsaw, J. J. Lantz.
Washington, Warren VgnTreeh
Waynetown, S. M. Davis.
West Terre Haute. Burton Casaadaj.
Williamsport. B J. Winger.
Winamac, Smith's Drug Store.
Winchester. J. H. B. White.
Windfall, C. E. Dennis.
Worthington. W. A Treat A Oh
Winslow, Everett Fettlnger.
Wolcott. Spencer Bros.
WoloottgrUle, W. B. Gray.
Torktown, C. D. Byerly.
ZlonavlUa. Mills Drug store.

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