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Twirler Employed Here Recon
siders and Is Ready to Re
port to Indians.
Pitcher Herb Hail, now employed at
the Nordyke-Marmon plant, whom Jack
Hendricks tried to obtain Monday in a
deal whereby Outfielder Zwilllng would
have gone to the Kansas City cluib, to
4ay announced he had reconsidered his
determination to remain out of league
baseball and would sign with the In
dianapolis team for the terms offered
Monday night.
Hall today wired Manager Hendrick*
in Columbus of his willingness to accept
the Tribes offer and is awaiting orders
to report.
The new situation will call for the re
opening of the deal with Kansas City
and it is likely that Hendricks got in
touch with Manager McCarthy of the
Blues today regarding the matter.
Hall is under reserve to Kansas City,
but does not wish to play with that club
because of his connection with the Nor
dyke-Marmon company here.
If Hall joins the Indians the Nordyke-
Marmon officials will grant him a leave
of absence, it is said, and he can re
sume his work with the loral auto build
ers after the baseball season closes.
If this arrangement is made the Indi
anapolis ball club and local fans will he
indebted to the Marmon baseball boost
ers for their interest in the success of the
The Tribe is having its troubles and
a pitcher of Hall's caliber will go a
long way toward putting the team up
in the American association race.
He is a big right-hander and is rated
a strong Class AA hurler. ,
He Is In good shape now. having
pitched a shutout game for the Logan
sport club onlv last Sunday.
He was credited with winning twenty
one games for Kansas City last season.
With Hall in line the Tribe staff will
consist of Cavet. Murray, Lynch and
Petty, left-handers, and Rogge and Hall,
Therefore, when this corps gets to
working id order the Indians no doubt
will upset things quite frequently m
the A. A. race.
In addition to the pitchers mentioned
It Is known that Manager Hendricks is
still striving lor a good prospect with
cue of the eastern major league clubs.
Secretary Clauer announced at Wash
ington park today that he had received
information from Owner Smith that
Pitcher Cal Crum, alleged jumper, would
not be permitted to play with the Beth
lehem club of the Steel league, which, it
is said, influenced Crum to desert the
Crum is supopsed to have left the city
Monday with Roxey Roach, Steel league
agent, to join the Bethlehem club.
Owner Smith immediately went east to
stop the player and, although Smith did
not see Crum, he conferred with Steel
league directors, and is said to have
blocked the pitcher from playing at Beth
lehem or with other Steel league dubs
Secretary Clauer received a letter from
Crom yesterday, in which the twirler
Stated that he had decided to quit base
ball and that he wanted to square his
financial account with the Indians.
Clauer will let the matter rest until
representatives of the Indianapolis team
pick up the pitcher's trail and learn his
exact whereabouts.
In winning the American association
opening day attendance trophy Toledo
broke all attendance records in this
league. The league has teen organized
nineteen years and it’s a big feather in
the cap of Roger Bresnahan to set anew
mark for crowds. Paid attendance at To
ledo Tuesday was 14,945. which topped
St. Paul's figures by more than 800.
Jack Hendricks will be a long distance
manager for a few days following the
S4OO fine and ten-day suspension imposed
on him by President Hickey as a result
of the fracas at the ball park last Sun
day. Jack, therefore, will have to do his
managing from the grand stand.
Indianapolis club officials question the
heavy penalty imposed, because in Hlck
ev’s announcement not a word was said
about the Louisville club’s part in the
trouble. The Colonels •’stalled" as well
as the Indians, but Umpire Finneran
evidently overlookeed the part the visit
ors played. Finneran has had the repu
tation of being unusually severe on the
Indians ever since Je has been in the
league and it is evident that in his re
port to Hlckev he went the limit in
placing the blame for the disorder on
the Indianapolis club.
Many Swir.t Stars Coming
for Meet at Marion Club.
Postponed Until May 15
The 800-yard women’s free style ar/1
160-yard 'men's back stroke national A.
A U swimming championships carded
at the Marion club April 30 and May 1
have been postponed until May 15.
Marion chib officials requested the
national board of directors of the ama
teur union to set the date back so that
they could make better preparations for
the meets.
Leo Handy and Margaret Wood
bridge. Detroit, are two of the promi
nent swimmers who will go after hon
Perry McGill!vary, Detroit A. C.; Wal
ter Taylor, Alleghany A. A. IT.:l T ANARUS.: Hollis
ter Fergus, Chicago A. C., and Leo
Handy, Detroit A. C., are among the
prominent swimmers of the country who
•will compete in the men’s champion
Miss Woodbridge, Detroit A. C.; Eileen
Rlggen. New York Women's Swimming
association; Elizabeth Ryan, Philadel
phia A. C., are some of the fair stars
who will be here to compete against
Thelma Darby and Regina Reis, Indi
anapolis stars, in the women competi
Big League Stuff
Tris Speaker, manager of the Cleve
land Americans', yesterday made the
greatest catch ever seen In Cleveland
off Joe Jackson. The catch came In
the seventh inning, with two Sox run
ners on the bases. His feat made it
possible for Cleveland to win.
The Tigers are the most consistent
club in either league. They lost
their tenth straight game to the
Browns, being blanLed. by Urban
Shocker, who allowed but four hits.
The Red Sot and Athletics played
fourteen Innings to a tie, 7-7.
Alexander kept Pittsburg’s hits scat
tered and the Cubs took the last game
of the aeries. Whitted's triple and an
infield out saved the Pirates from a
The weather man won four other
scheduled major league games.
tetratema cheers backers.
LONDON. April 29.—Maj. D. McCal
mont’s derby favorite Tetratema. bv the
Tetrarch-Scotch Gift, won the *2,000
Guineas, the first of the English 3-year
old classics, at the Newmarket races
Wednesday. W. Raphael’s Allenby fin
ished second, and Sir E. Tagot’s Para
gon was third.
For months past heavy wggers have
been laid on Tetratema to win this year's
derby, which will be run at Epsom
Downs on June 22.
He’s the Winner
Baseball Calendar 1
W. L.Pct.l W. L.Pct.l
St. Paul.. S 2 .Soo,Milwaukee 5 6 .455
Toledo 6 3 .6671 Louisville. 4 5 .444
Columbus. 5 3 .625:indpla 2 6 .250
Minapolis. 6 5 ,545|Kan. City 3 9 .250
IV. L.Pct.l W. L. Pet.
Cleveland. 8 2 .300 Washton.. 4 5 .444
Boston 8 2 .800|New York 4 5 .444
Chicago.. C 2 .750Philada... 2 6 .250
St. Louis. 4 4 .500jDetroit 0 10 .000
W. L. Pet. W. L. Pet.
Brooklyn. 7 3 .700:Pbilada... 4 5 .444
Cincinnati 7 3 .700 Boston 3 4 .429
Pittsburg. 0 4 .600 New York. 3 5 .375
St. Louis. 3 6 ,453'Chlcago... 3 8 .273
Indianapolis at Columbus.
Milwaukee at Minneapolis.
Kansas City at St. Paul.
Louisville at Toledo.
Chicago at Cleveland.
Detroit at St. Louis.
Washington at New York.
Boston at Philadelphia.
Philadelphia at Boston.
St. Louis at Chicago.
Cincinnati at Pittsburg.
No other games scheduled.
Minneapolis... 2 0 11110 1 •—7 S 1
Milwaukee 00 0 1 00 0 0 o—l 4 3
Batteries—Sehauer and Mayer; How
ard. Armstrong and Gaston.
Kansas citv.. 1 0000 40 0 O—s 9 0
St. Pau1....’... 00000100 0- 1 8 1
Batrerics—Bolden and Sweeney; Grl
ner. Merritt anti Harvrave.
Other games postponed (r&ln.)
Cleveland 3000 02 0 0 •—5 9 1
Chicago 21001000 o—4 U 1
Batteries—Bagby and O’Neill; Kerr,
Wilkinson and Schalk.
(Called in fourteenth inning; dark
-0240001 00 0 000 o—7 16 2
30110 0 1100000 o—7 12 4
Batteries —Jones, Russell and Walters;
Kinney. Rommel], Martin and Perkins.
St. Louis 00000 4O 2 • 611 1
Detroit 000000000-0 4 1
Batteries —Shocker and Billings; Leon
ard, Alteu and Ainsmitb.
Washington at New York (rain.)
China go 01000040 • _jj js p
Pittsburg 00000000 1— 1 S 4
Batteries —Alexander and Killefer.
(.•’Farrell; Cooptr, Wisner and Lee.
(Other games postponed; rain.)
Gene Henning Takes
on Leese Friday in
Cue Match Opening
Gene Henning, former state pocket
biliard champion, will go after the title
again starting Friday night at Terre
; Haute, when the first block of an 800-
i point match will be played with James
Leese, champion
The match calls for four blocks of 200
points each, the first in Terre Haute Fri
day, the second in this city at the Clay
pool parlors May 7, the third In Terre
I Haute. May 14, and the final in this city
| May 21.
; A number of pocket billiard fans jvtll
accompany Henning to Terre Haute Fri
• day and they are confident the local star
will be able’to regain the title.
Last year Henning made a high run of
86 lr. one block of the match with Lease
and he believes he Is tuned up to repeat
around those figures
There is no question shout Leese and
Henning being the two best pocket bil
liard players in the staet and this year's
match no doubt will attract wide inter
, esr
Henning been taking on all com
ers this season and be has scored many
victories despite the fact that he has been
. liberal in offering handicaps to op
Stecher Flops Gardini
AKRON, 0., April 29.—Joe Stecher
| again demonstrated his superiority on
the mat here last night by throwing Re
nato Gardini in one hour and thirty
four minutes with a body scissors and
. arm hold.
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the price of J&§£n Ss
men’s clothes
in f||w
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40 Stores in C, 8. A.
New York the Spot, ’Tis Said,
if Champion Is Cleared
in Trial.
ALBANY, N. V.. April 29.—1f Gov.
Smith signs the Walker biU as expected,
thereby making boxing legal in New
York state, some thanks should be ex
tended to the fair sex.
The two women member* of the house.
Miss Marguerite L. Smith, republican,
and Dr. Elizabeth Van R. Gillette, demo
crat, voted for the bill.
NEW YORK. April 29.—Provided the
California courts acquit him of the
charges of slackerlsm. Jack Dempsey,
heavyweight boxing champion, will de
fend h.s title against Georges Oarpentler,
European heavyweight champion, in h
fifteen-round bout here under the aus
pices of Jack Curley on Labor day.
Though Jack Kearns, manager f
Dempsey: Francois Descamps, manager
of Carpentier. and Curley will not ac
knowledge the match has been made, it
is said all except the final details have
been completed and that official an
nouncement will be made as soon as the
California courts render a verdict iu the
Dempsey-Kearns case.
Curley acknowledges that he is "after
the match and hopes to land it.”
Curley declares he is acting for him
self ami is not the go-between for Tex
Rickard, O. B. Cochran or any other
At Kenosha. Wis Battling Levinsky
outpointed Tonv Meleher in ten rounds
At Poughkeppsie Willie Kohler, New
York, outpointed Phtl Logan in ten
At Providence—Mickey Donley. New
York, defeated Jack Green in the
seventh round of a scheduled twelve
round bout.
At Grand Rapids Bob Martin
knocked out Ted Jamieson In six rounds.
At Nashville—Harry Bramer beat
Frank Jummatti in eight rounds.
At Streator, 111.—Billy Cole and Wiilte
Green fought a ten-round draw.
At Salt Lake City—Billy St. Claire and
Pat Gilbert fought a six-rouner draw.
At Toronto. Ontario —Rocky Kansas
knocked out Frankie Bull in sir rounds
At Parts. France—Johnny Coulon
knocked out Julllard in two rounds.
SOUTH BEND. Ind . April 29. Frankie
(McCann) Mason. American flyweight
champion, will leave tonight for Toledo,
where he will meet Carl Tremaine in a
twelve-mund bout Friday night.
Tremaine will weigh 118 pounds and
Mason 112 when the bout starts.
FRANKFORT. Ind.. April 29—Coach
Black’* Technical High school track team
of Indianapolis defeated Frankfort High
here Wednesday. 52 to 47.
Hawkins of the winners starred In the
half mile, easily winning this event.
He is expected to make a bid for this
honor at the state meet.
“Try Habich’s First* 9
Ij A Chance for
mSzjQ to equip your entire team with good
flannel suits. We have in stock a nura
££ her of suits, all ready for you to jump
kfl W into and tub the bases. Call in and let
U estimate the cost of fitting up your
AY club. Our line of -shoes, gloves, bats
and other equipment is complete.
The Gus Habich Cos.
142 E. Washington St.
Russell Adams or Rabbit Rebman will
deliver to Walt Strahl for the Indianapo
lis Merits at Columbus Sunday and Man
ager Bell has a slight idea that the south
siders will tack up the big total. last
state clubs desiring games should address
William Bell, 2117 South New Jersey
The Militaries refuse to be annoyed
by their bad start. They are ready
to go again Sunday and teams look
ing for action should call Circle 5903
and ask for Herb.
For games with the Military Midgets
call Circle 1598 and ask for Jim.
Tho Military girls have bet the Juniors
a partv they can’t trim the Rector A. '• b
in the Municipal league opener Sunday.
The Motor league Marmons were booked
against Butler at Irwin field this after
noon. Stanley Feezle has put more base
ball pep in the Irvington college students
than they ever had.
The Southern Stars. 1919 Louisville
'semi-pro champs, want games
best clubs in Indiana. Address ll°B er
Schupp, IGIS Inter-Southern building,
Louisville, Ky.
The Denison Cubs Inform us that they
will meet tonight, at the same place.-
That’s a pretty fair location.
All Olivers should report at 1237 Oli
ver avenuo Friday evening. The '•
I.” club stacks up against the Uonners
ville Red Sox Sunday.
Pitcher Roy Troutman, 1223 Blaine
avenue. Is anxious to sign with one
of the fast outfit# of the cdty or state.
Broad Ripple will meet Clrmont Sun
day In the opening game of the season
for both clubs. Sunday, May 9, the
Ripple ball tossers will meet the Ameri
can Express team.
Rusbvllle walloped St. Paui. 13 to 6.
Sunday in a game featured by the hard
bitting of the winners. Arlington ami
Rushville will cross hats Sunday.
"Skceter" McHugh and Ed Turner are
tbinklug about organizing a hall cluh
at the Big Four office and taking the
Panhandles down the pike.
Larry Nichols Is trying to fan the
spark Into a blaze and vet the Norman
Reserves back on the job.
Milton Must Rest
DAYTONA. Fla., April 29. Tommy
Milton’s record breaking carnival wa*
temporarily ended Wednesday when a
specialist declared he must not drive
again for two weeks.
Injury to his eyes when sprayed with
hot oil' on Saturday and when bis car
caught fire Tuesday appeared so serious
that he was unable to try for the twenty
mile record Wednesday. He broke, how
ever, the record for one half mile in 11:57
and the kilometer in :IU4O. This gave
him all world's records up to five miles
formerly held by DePaima.
He attained a speed of 156 miles an
KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 29. — A 1
Platte, outfielder, and Peter Henning,
pitcher, have been sold to *he Omaha
dub of the Western league by the Kan
: sa City American association club, it
! was announced Wednesday.
Cavet Picked to Hurl for the
Orphan Indians.
COLUMBUS, 0., April 29.—Weather
conditions improved here today and In
dians and Senators seemed certain of
staging a contest this afternoon.
The orphan Indians, orphaned tem
porarily because of the suspension of
Manager Jack Hendricks for ten days,
hoped to do a comeback and break their
losing streak.
Pug Cavet whs slated to pitch for the
Tribe and, as he held the Senators to
three hits and shut them out in Indian
apolis recently, his mates were all gin
gered up In anticipation of victory.
The Indians wdre on an even footing
with the K. C. Blues today in regard to
the occupancy of seventh and eighth
places In the league race, and they
planned to make strenuous efforts to keep
out of the A. A. hole.
When Manager Hendricks was advised
last night that ho had .een fined 8400
and suspended for ten days by President
Hickey for the trouble growing out of
the runin with Empire Finneran and the
forfeited game at home last Sunday, It
was quite a shock to ;be Tribe boss and
his players, because nothing was said
apparently in Finneran’s report to
Hickey regarding tho Louisville club’s
part In tho fracas.
Hendrick is inclined to biamo league
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No Hits , Loses
ANN ARBOR, Mlcb., April 29.
The University of Michigan went
down to defeat before a nine from
Kalamazoo Normal Wednesday, the
final srore being 3 to 0, despite the
fact that Ruzicka, pitching for
Michigan, twirled a no-hit game and
struck oat ten men.
politics and the belligerent attitude al
ways held by Umpire Finneran toward
the Indianapolis club for the heavy pen
alty levied.
Finneran always has had a chip on his
shoulder when officiating in Indianapolis
games and it is evident that he has not
removed It since last season.
The suspension means that Manager
Hendricks will not be able to direct his
men from the field for ten days and
therefore it was expected that Ollie
O’Mara would have to boss the job
today In addition to holding down his
regular third base berth.
Pitcher Jess Petty, bought from Cleve
land. reported yesterday and Outfielder
Zwilllng also rejoined the team.
Gaffney and Evers Said
to Be After the Braves
BOSTON. April 29. It was reported
here today that .Tames Gaffney and
Johnny Evers were forming a syndicate
to buy the Boston National league base
ball club.
Records Expected as Great
Athletes Prepare for Games.
NEW YORK, April 29—The college
pentathlon and the International two-mile
relay are the outstanding events of the
Penn relay games scheduled to he run
at Franklin field, Philadelphia, tomor
row and Saturday.
The great revival of Interest in this
“Olympic” year, the Invasion of the Ox
ford-Cambridge runners and the fact that
•317 schools and colleges are entered in
sures the success of the games and it is
expected that a number of records will
be shattered.
While the Penn relays are not to be
counted as trials for prorpective Olym
pic team members, they will be a sort
of barometer, and It is expected sev
eral distance runners and a number of
all-round athletes will be uncovered as
worthy Olympic team timber.
The International two-mile relay race,
In which the Oxford-Cambridge stars,
Rudd, Montague. Tatham and Milligan,
are to compete against the best collegiate
relay teams in the United States, will be
the feature Saturday.
The relay teams of Pennsylvania, Har
vard, Illinois and Cornell, not to men
tion many others which may spring a
surprise, will run against the Britishers.
William Bartels, winner of the pen
tathlon In 1918, Is favored by many fol
lowers of athletics to capture the eveni
again this year, but he will face thel
strongest kind of opposition. '
Lewis and Hamilton, of the University
of Missouri; William Y'ount, of RedlandfU
university; Byrd, of Virginia
Bradley, of Kansas; Carlson and O’Brien,
of Nebraska; Maiocker, of Wisconsin;
Jones and Emory, of Penn State; Os
borne. of Illinois, and many others are
Goux in City Preparing
for 500-Mile Auto Race
Jules Goux, driver, and Mechanics Ledu
and Jehl, the advance guard of the speed
pilots who will contend for honors in the
eighth annual Indianapolis 500-mile
speedway classic, May 31, arrived in the
city yesterday and immediately began
preparations for the event.
Goux will captain a team of three
Peugeot cars this year. Andre Bolllot
and an American driver not yet selected
v. ill be the other members of the team.
This will be Goux’s fourth attempt at
the big honors and he stated today that
he believes he can repeat his 1913 victory
with this year’s model Peugeot.
The cars were brought over on the
same boat with the foreign contingent,
Bolllot remaining in the east with the
mounts to see them safely through to lb*
Navy, 5; Catholic university, 4.
Virginia, 8; Cornell, 3.
Princeton, 3; Syracuse, 2.
Valparaiso, 10; Kalamazoo CoUega, 1
Kalamazoo Normal, 3; Michigan, 0.

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