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Negotiations Between Bandit
and New Mexican Govern
l ment Under Way.
MEXICO CITY, May 28— Negotiations
fsr the surrender of Francisco Villa and
all his followers to the new Mexican gov
ernment, headed by Provisional President
dje la Huerta, are under way. and it is
expected the Villistas will yield within
the next few days, according to a state
ment made by Gen. P. Elias Calles today.
;<sen. Calles refused to divulge the term*
offered to Villa..
;Qn recommendation of Gen. Alvaro
Cparegon, the senate has appointed Fran
cisco Gonzalys, .chiefs magistrate of the
sfipreme court, to nead a commission to
investigate more fully the killing of for
mer President Carranza.
Vvianuel Malbran, acting minister of
foreign affairs, stated that all of the of
ficial information regarding Carranza's
death has been given to the embassies
and legations for transmission to the
various foreign* governments represented
Rodolfo Herrera. head of the rebel
band that assassinated Carranza, had not
yet arrived in Mexico City, but was re
ported to be on his way here Tinder heavy
guard of federal troops.
The government expects to have, further
information for the diplomatic corps after
Herrero is questioned.
Gen. Calles. called by some “the strong
man” of the revolutionary foroes in the
north, arrived on the outskirts of the
capital Thursday.
VERA CRFE. May —C,e n . Felir Diaz,
bead of a strong rebel faction in southern
Mexico, is planning to leave Mexico and
Will 5Ur Tour Appearance and
Impair Tour Health.
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•oond and attractive so von will re
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She Smokes Cigar
in Tacoma Case
TACOMA, Wish., May l.—Cafe
patrons were thrilled when a well
dressed woman climbed ont of m big
limftustne, entered the place and
calmly lighted a cigar.
U__ J
spend thk? remainder of his life in exile
on foreign soli, according to information
from a reliable source today.
Gen. Diaa is reported to be negotiating
with Gen. Guadeloupe Sanches, com
mander of she constitutional revolution
ary forces in the state of Vera, to obtain
a safe conduct from the country.
Gen. Diaz is said to have promised not
to return to Mexico and not to mix in
Mexican politics in the future.
Officials of the new government say
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Dias is convinced he would have slight
chance ft success in anew uprising as
most of / have left him.
Folio-icing recent reports of revolu
tionary unrest in the southern part of
the stiAe of Vera Crus, it was declared
today !by officials that “quiet has been
restorrii everywhere,”
Tra fn s are running on regular schedule
on tr jro lines between this city and the
Passenger traffic is particularly heavy
and freight traffic is growing as ship
pent have been assured there is no dan-
of shipments being molested by rov
ln■> rebel bands.
Business in Vera Cruz has become very
pirtfsk in the past week.
Frank B. Wade, head of the department
of chemistry at Shortridge high school,
'has proposed to the Sdentech club of In
dianapolis that a-course in smoke pre
vention be offered.
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75c Dorln's Compact Powder....'. 49c
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23c Freeman’s Face Powder ...,19c
50r Java Riee Fare Powder..... S3e
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Mary Garden Powder and Rouge
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30c Mum 24c
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, 60c Odorono 49c
3Bc Cutex Cuticle Remover 29c
60a Cutex Cuticle Remover 49c
35c Cutex Nall White 29c
35c Cutex Cake. Nail White.. 4 29c
50c Cutex Manicure Set 39c
25c Dorin’s Lip Stick 10c
50c DJer-Kiss Lip Stick .43c
SOc Glazo Nail Polish 39c
35c Hyglo Cake Nail White 29c
35c Hvglo Cake Nall Polish .2c
30<- liiisterite Nail Enamel 24c
35c Arnica Tooth Soap 2?c
30c Benzollptus Tooth Paste...... 240
' 30c Enthymol Tooth Paste .24c
60c Forhan's Pyorrhoea Paste 88c
50c F. E. I. Pyorrhoea Paste 33c
SOc Lyons' Tooth Paste or Powder...24c
$1 00 Pyorrhocide Bic
50c Pepsodent Tooth Paste 83c
50c Pebecco Tooth Paste ;..330
i 35c Itubifoam *c
i 35c Sozodont 2c
35c Scnreco Tooth Paste :...23e
30c White’s Tooth Paste -24 c
20c Armour’s Stork Castile.... 13c
20c Bocobella Castile Soap 15c
35c Conti Castile Soap, Italian 25c
15c Cocoa Castile Soap, Kirk’s, 8...25c
25c Cuticura Soap, 19c; 3 for 55c
SOc Packer's Tar Soap 23c
1 SOc Packer's Liquid Tar Soap 45,,
15c Palm Olive Soap. 9c; 3 for 25c
25r Germaoidal Soap 190
25c Pear's Glycerin. 19c: 3 for 55c
25c Pear’s tjnei-ented Soap is r ,
15c .Tergen's Violet Soap, 3 for 250
30c Woodbury's Facial Soap 16c
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35c Shaving Brush 26c
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Frat Headquarters
May Be Moved Here
A conference between Fred R. Cowles,
national secretary of the Phi Delta
Theta fraternity, and John B. Reynolds,
general secretary of the Indianapolis
$5.00 to $ 15.00
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New flowered Georg- Skirt. In plain tal
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all colors fj Vs *!1 the new plaid effect*.
Sn.solos44.so‘ >^^Qg s *5 *® S 2O
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marked in plain flg- ~/J, is Charge aceounts
urea at the lowest JKfW Li I I ‘\ are cheerfully opened
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the giving of credit W> faction, shop around
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Plenty to choose
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Oil Cook Stoves and Gag Ranges
Prospect 581 312-14 Virginia Ave. Auto. 24-560
Tefre Haute, Indianapolis & Eastern Traction Cos.
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Doctor Tells How to Strengthen
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Week’s Time in Many Instances
A Fra* Prescription Yon Can Have Filled
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Philadelphia, Pa. Do you wear glasses?
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eves restored through the principle of
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savs, after trying it: ‘‘l was almost
blind; could not see to read at all. Now
1 can read everything without any
glasses and my eyes do not water any
more. At night they would pain me
dreadfully; now they feel fine all the
time. It was like a miracle to me.” A
lady who used It says: "The atmosphere
seemed hazy with or without glasses,
but after using this prescription'for tif
teen days everything seems clear. I can
even read fine print without glasses.” It
is believed that thousands who wear
glasses can now discard them in a rea
sonable time and multitudes more will
be able to strengthen their eyes so as to
he spared the trouble and expense of
ever getting glasses. Eye troubles of
many descriptions may be wonderfully
benefited by following the simple rules.
Hera is the prescription : Oo to any active
drug store and get a bottle of Bon-Opto
i tablets. Drop one Bon-Opto tablet In a
fourth o£ a glass of .water surd allow to
dissolve. With this ttauld bathe the eyes
Chamber of Commerce, may result in the
removal of the national headquarters
of the fraternity from Oxford, 0., to
Mr. Cowles left the city today for
Hanover college and will return to In
dianapolis within a few day3 to have a
conference with Mr. Reynolds regarding
the possibilities of obtaining rooms for
the fraternity here.
two to four times daily. You should
notice your eyes clear up perceptibly rlht
late. Many hopelessly blind might have
been saved if they had cared for their
eyes In time.
NOTE: Another prominent physician to
whom the above article was submitted,
said: “Bon Opto is a very remarkable
remedy. Its constituent Ingredients are
well known to eminent eye. specialists and
widely prescribed by them. The manu
facturers guarantee it to strengthen eye
sight 50 per cent in one week's time In
many instances or refund the money. It
can be obtained from any good druggist
and Is one of the very few preparations I
feel should be kept on hand for regular
use In almost every family.” It Is sold
In this city by all good druggists, Inclin
ing the Hook and Ike H*-ag stores. —Ad-
vertUezaen& • • -v 1 > • % .•''
Store Closed
All Day
STORE HOURS —Daily, 8:30 a. m. to 5:30 p. m. STORE HOURS —Saturday, 8:30 a. m. to 6 p. sl
In Preparation for Decoration Day and Vacation
Time We Have Carefully Prepared
Merchandise of High Quality
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Goldstein Low Prices
Values That Know No Equals!
Fetching Summer Frocks
Bin and Misses
5 and
\ able to procure
r frock for so lit
shioned of dainty,
►lies in the pretti
est styles ever de
tmer frocks.
ied, flowered and
the better grades,
iny irresistibly at-
with white
■s and cuffs, fancy
vests, ruffles
. and .button
trimming. Full
■* skirts and tunic
at $12.75 and
. ? 14 - 75
Wool Sport Skirts,
Skirts which may be worn
equally well with the gay
sweater or the sheer Georg
ette blouse are the order of
things for sporting days.
Skins in fancy checks and
plaids, flowered effects, plain
and plaited models. In woolen
fabrics in several desirable
color combinations, with
fancy pockets and button
trimming, at $12.98
—Goldstein’*. Second Floor.
“Kayser” Union
Suits, 98c
Women who know good under
wear will be sure to realize this
is an unusual offering. Pure
white cotton union suits, low
neck and sleeveless, band lop,
cuff knee, sizes 34. 36 and 38
bust measure, B<s a suit.
Women’s fine ribbed cotton
union suits in white and pink,
wide or narrow shoulder straps;
regular and extra large sizes, at
75* a suit.
Women’s "Kayser” low neck
and sleeveless vests, of flne cot
ton or silk lisle, white and pink,
plain or with lace yokes, 49^
to 81.49.
Women’s “K avser” lisle
thread union suits In white,
Ipw neck and sleeveless, band
or bodice tops, regular and extra
sizes at a suit.
Bovs’ and girls’ combination
underwaist union suits of cross
barred white nainsook, rein
forced over shoulders, taped
buttons; ages 2 to 12; 69* a
—Goldteln’s. Mstn Floor.
Annex Specials
for Saturday
(Two Door* West of Main Store.)
Open Saturday Night Vntil 9
For Decoration Day
—offered at less than they were
ever Intended to sell for,
$7.00, $7.50 and $8.50
Fiber Silk Shirts, $5.90
Our entire stock of fiber silk
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colors, sizes 14 to 16%, offered
special at $8.90.
Men’s Knitted Union Suits
$1.25, $1.50, $1.85
$2.00 and $2.75
Fine ribbed light weight cotton
union suits, made with re-in
forced shoulder and crotch, in
white, peeler and ecru color,
long or short sleeves, knee,
three-quarter and ankle length,
regular or stout sizes, also ath
letic Btyle, sleeveless and knee
length. —Goldstein’s Annex.
S4O and $45 Spring
Dresses, $25
Street an ti afternoon
dresses, fashioned of Georg
ette, taffeta and crepa de
chine; smartness and grace
in every line and drape;
bouffant, straight line and
novelty models, with girdles,
vestee effects, short sleeves,
new collars and rich em
embroidery, at $25.
—Goldstein's, Second Floor.
$5.00 to $6.00 Blouses
At— $3.98
A tricolette or printed Georgette blouse is the answer to
a smart blouse problem. The colorings make them attrac
tive for holiday wear, and because they are so handsome
they are line enough to display when the coat is removed.
Offering all the desired sport shades; sizes 38 to 44;
blouses formerly selling from $5.00 to $6.00, Saturday.
Why Not a Middy
For the Holidays W 1
$1.98 to $2.98 (a \
Made of good quality middy cloth, \ *
in regulation style, plain white or \ \
white with colored collars, also
navy blue; sizes 16 to 44., \r f
*2.49 to *6.98
Fashioned of voile, crepe, linene and middy doth, in all
the new and desired shades, some with colored yarn trim
ming, others embroidered with harmonizing colored floss,
sizes 16 to 44.
—Goldstein’*, Third Floor.
For Summer Wear
"Kayser” and “Fownea” silk
gloves for women, with double
finger tips, in white’, pongee and
slate, with contrasting color em
broidered backs, $1.50 a pair.
Women’s two-clasp white silk
gloves, double finger tips, with
contrasting color embroidered
backs, SI.OO a pair.
Women's Milanese silk gloves,
12-button length, double finger
tips, in white, pongee and gray,
at $2.50 a pair.
—Goldstein's, Main Floor.
For Holiday Wear
For your frock or suit, dainty
vestefts and Tuxedo collars, of
organdie, lace and net; also or
gandie collar and cuff sets, ves
tees, etc. Choice at SI.OO.
Middy ties, in all colors, full
square style, at $2.50; half
square style, at $1.25.
% —Goldstein’s, Main Floor.
Our Sale of
Silk at a
Discount of
20 Per Cent.
2200 Pairs Silk
Every Pair Perfect
Women’s “Notaseam” pure
thread silk hose In black,
navy, white, gray, brown
and beaver, double silk lisle
garter tops and soles, fash
ioned leg with seam up the
back; also “Onyx” and “Eif
fel” lace • striped silk hose
in combination of biack with
white, black with navy, biack
with green, brown with
green, and black with purple,
all at 81.49 a pair.
Women’s “Eiffel” full fash
ioned pure silk hose in black,
white, brown and navy; every
pair perfect, $2.49 a pair.
Women's “Rockford” fash
ioned silk lisle hose in brown,
black and white; good look
ing and serviceable; every
pair perfect, 75£ a pair.
Women’s full fashioned
pure silk hose, all silk garter
tops and soies; black, white
and brown; every pair per
fect, $2.98 a pair.
Children’s fine ribbed silk
lisle hose, in black, white
and brown. Every pair per
fect and guaranteed for
satisfactory service. Priced
according to size,
and 75£ a pair.
Belts and Bags
Women's patent leather,
kid and fancy leather belts,
sizes 32 to 40. priced from
35C to SI.OO
Kodak bags, of black and
fancy leather, large size;
regular $3.50 quality at
All silk moire hand bags
with fancy frames, fitted with
coin purse and mirror, $2.98
grade, Saturday, $1.98
—Goldstein's, Main Floor.
Domestics and Beddings
Percales, 26 1 /gC Yard
27 inches wide, in choice light
shirting patterns, also blue and
gray, good serviceable quality,
at a yard.
Outing Flannel—22c Yard.
White outing flannel, good wear
ing quality, suitable for summer
garments, 22q a yard.
Muslin, 25c Yard.
Unbleached muslin, full yard
wide, good serviceable quality
without dressing, 25<t a yard.
Flags, $2.98.
Large flags, sxß feet, of excellent
quality, sewed stripes and fast
colors, $2.08 each.
Pillow Cases, 49c,
Size 42x36 inches, made of fine
soft quality muslin; special, at
49<* each.
Flags, $3.49.
With sewed stripes and stars,
made of extra quality, fast col
ors, size 4x6 feet, special $3.40.
—Goldstein’s, Main Floor.

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