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Commencement Exercises at
Fair Grounds Tonight.
J*tne hundred graduates at the three
local high school* will receive diplomas
at exercise* at the state fair grounds
Coliseum tonight.
The principal address will be giTen by
H. C. Culbertson, president of Ripon
School songs will be sung by the
A song written by Miss Mildred Ross
of Technical High school in competition
with 200 other students of the school
was selected for the exercise*.
All three schools hare announced
honor rolls for students baring made a
high grade for the entire high school
course and these honor rolls will be read
*t the commencement exercises.
Yh* Shortrldge honor roll consists of
tfc* names of thirty-five student* whose
average standing during the four years
at Shortridge was 90 per cent or more
out of a possible 95 per eent.
Tbe Sbortrldge honor roll follow*:
Dorothy Arndt. Mildred Garns. Mary
Armlngton. Lucile Sullivan, Helen Hark
iM&an. Mary Wall, Helen Moore, Ger
trude Rhodes. .Tames Cooper, Helen
Nicholson. Marie Sangernebo, Elsie
Brandt, Lillian Martin. Lucille Stokes,
Nell Taylor. Mary Sutherland, Helena
Klstler, Elizabeth Patterson, Juanita
Dixon, Douglas Cook, Marian Booth,
Florence Lupton, Anna Moorhead. Ralph
Boggs. Dorothy Rudy. Dorothy Daugh
erty, Mary Stokes. Elizabeth Thompson,
Ruth Poehner, Annette Thompson, Jose
phine Balz, Frances Graney, Heltn
Brown. Nellie Brewer, Helen Myers, John
Collett. Dorothy Schwenk. Agnes Rob
erts, Harold Cash.
The names on the honor roll of the
January class of the Charles T Emme
rich Mannal Training High school are:
Marlon Milton, Frances Childers. Eiina
Reerman. Roy Gelder. Ruth Brundrett.
Esther Adams. Raymond Mitchell, Emma
Leerkamp, Janet Storen. George Cleaver.
The honor roll of ihe June class is
comprised of:
Harold Budd, Forrest Talbott, Leslie
DeMotte, Jessl- Byers, Jessie Rybolt,
Dorothy Orerfleld. Minnie Leaman. Elea
nor Frye, Susie Harman, Mildred Hen
The honor roll of the graduating class
of the Arsenal Technical High school Is
made up es those who earned at least
fifty honor points during their high
school course.
They are: Leota Acuff, Hermanda
Agger, Gladys Brackmier, Mary Cain.
Attractive Bedroom Suites
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g i I JD each 92.75 up
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With This Perfect Scientific Refrigerator
An Alaska refrigerator is decidedly an economy. It pays for
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iffr Refrigerators as low as
REFRIGERATOR $12.75. Terms to Suit.
•A Ufa Praaarvar for Food** ' ■ 1 '
lues Dickerson, Donald Dicks, Robert.
Dngdale, Dorothy Eitel, Esther Engle,
Dorothy Fellows, Marie George, Ruth
Gorman, Lulu Harbison, Catherine Her
ter, Mary McMeans, Eugenia Magidson,
James Maxwell, Lena Myere, Mlrlatn
Munger, Elizabeth Nunlist, Stewart Pike,
Frazier Potts, Ineva Reilly, Helen Smal
ley, Irene Smith, Dorothy Steeg, Verna
Credit Men of Nation Opti
mistic Over Conditions.
In a letter from Lawrence G. Holmes,
general secretary of the Indianapolis
Association of Credit Men, who is attend
ing the national convention of credit men
at Atlantic City, he says that the general
consensus of opinion among the leadera
of the association there seems to be that
there Is absolutely no danger of a panic
In this country.
One of the speakers, he said, declared,
in regard to the labor situation, that “it
Is my belief that 97 per cent of the work
ing people of this country are 100 per
cent Americans, and they will adjust
themselves to conditions In a very short
time and weed out all the discordant ele
ment of radicalism.”
Mr. Holmes also touched upon some of
the recreational features of the program
at the convention, and remarked Inci
dentally that “today was devoted to bath
ing, In the morning—in spite of the fact
that the weather is very cool;" and he
added that the ramifications of the board
walk bad been thoroughly explored by
the delegation from Indianapolis.
Policeman Finds
2 Sacks of Sugar
In an alley near West and Walnut
streets early today Patrolman Nagel
eisen found two 100-pound sacks of
It was brought to police headquarters,
where an effort Is being made to find
Its owner.
Tbe police believe the sugar was stolen
from some store or from some freight
car, and that the thieve* dropped the
sugar when they saw tbe policeman ap
KANE, Pa., June 4.—Because of the
inability to secure men to serve on elec
tion boards in this city at the recen:
-Oil Cook Stove
The Oil Stove With the Pat
ented Kero-Gas
t Burner
Is drawn from a one-piece, solid
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der no circumstances get out of
order or leak and will not rust.
Burns like gas. The Diamond Stove
is the only stove that has a seamless
brass burner. It Is the most eco
nomical stove on the market, as you
are not burning up wicks, but gae
that is produced from air and
heated oil. Let us show you this
wonderful stove tomorrow.
election girls and women were employed
In some places. Men refused to lay oil
good Jobs to accept lower pay.
Doesn’t hurt at all and costs
only few cents
' Magic! Just drop a little
Freezone on that touchy corn, in
stantly it stops aching, then you
lift the com off with the fingers.
f s
s /
I Try Freefone! Lour druggist sells •
Hay bottle for • few cunts, sufficient to
rid your feot of svory hard corn, soft
corn, or corn between the toes, and cal
luses, without one particle of pain, sore
ness or Irritation. Freesone is the dis
covery of a noted Cincinnati genius.—Ad-
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vail throughout our Rug department.
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After you eat —always use
—one or two tablets—eat like candy.
Instantly relievesileartburn, Bloated
Gassy Feeling. Stops indigestion,
food souring, repeating, headacheand
the many miseries caused by
EATONIC is the best remedy, it takes
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tired out, no account feeling,
constipation and stomach
| Claims two bottles of the new rem
edy Dreco has brought a big
change in ha*
“It is wonderful to see the big chaiMg*
in mother since she has been taking
Dreco,” said Mr. S. C. Walker, of 121
East McCarty street. Indianapolis.
“Mother lives in Marion, Ind., but la
on a visit here. She had taken Dreco
back home so when she read in the
papers that it could be bought in Indi
anapolis. she had me make a special
j trip to the drug store to get some.
“For a long time she has been both
ered with constipation and had to taka
i medicine nearly every night for
1 trouble. Her liver was very sluggish
j giving her bitter taste In the month,
that tiled, worn out feeling, dizzy spell*
and headaches. Her strength was very
low and her sleep was broken.
“Two battles of Dreco have mads her
like a different woman. She has a big
appetite, sleeps sound all night long,
never has a headache now, dizzy spells
1 and the constipation have been entirely
relieved. Really Dreco has been a great
blessing to her.”
Dreco acts on the liver In a smooth,
gentle manner, gradually working off tbe
excess bile day by day. It Is neither
strong nor harsh, ami does not excite
th° muscles of the bowels, as strong
: cathartics do. It tones up the digestive
! organs, and relieves gas on the stom
ach; puts an end to constipation; ln
! creases the appetite; gives strength to
weak kidneys: restores tired nerves, and
induces sound sleep. Dreco is a great
blood purifier and system cleanser.
Mr. Williamson, the well-known Dreco
expert, has headquarters at Clark &
Cade’s Vlaypool Hotel Drug Store, to
meet the local public and explain the
merits of this great remedy. See him
So Weak She Could Hardly Move,
Says Indiana Lady—One Bottle
of Cardui Put Her on the
Road to Recovery.
Tangier, Ind. —"Four years ago this
summer I was sick In bed," writes
Mrs. Lilli© McElwee of this place. "I
j had been under the doctor’s care for
five weeks. ... I was pretty bad,
and I was just as nervous as I could
be. ... I could not sleep at night
until 10 or 12 o’clock. When I would
doze off and wake up I would be all
of a tremble with nervousness.
“The doctor called my trouble ca
tarrh of the ... It gave me sv.ck
pains that at each one it would seem
that I could not bear another one.
Then I would chill . . . the pains
would Just seem to shake me all
over, and the next day I would be ko
weak I could hardly move. I would
be so utterly strengthless that it
would seem as If I were dying.
"After one of my bad spell* . .
and I had almost died, I picked up
the Home Treatment Book and do
cided to try Cardui. Before I fcjjd
taken a whole bottle, I could sleeps
at night ... I don't remember jnsd
how long, but in a short time t wag
up and helping with the work . . *1
Over forty years of successful csa
has proven the value of Cardui in the
treatment of many common fem&la
All druggists sell Card at fofl
women.—Advertisement. j
‘Gets-lt*’ Step* Pain
and Corns Go Quick.
The way to handl* corn* is the tried
and proved “Gets-Xt" way—the way that
millions bare found quickest, nriirtt
aefett and most reliable,
A few drop* of “Gets-It” knocks tb4
liurt out of anv corn at oner and soon,
loosens it so 1t lifts right off wlthonS
rnv feeling. Oh. what comfort! How
grand to walk and dance and Jump!
without a sin vie twinge! Why notV
'Gets-It,’’ the never falling, guaran
teed money-bock corn remover costs but
a trifle at any drug store. Mf'd by JS,
l,awrence & Cos., Chicago.—Advertise
Is the Best for Children,
and Grown People
For Cold In the Head or Chest, Cough,
Pore Throat, Headache, Catarrh, Xeu*
islgia, Sunburn. Tonsilitis, Inflamma
tion, Timples, Burns, Rheumatic Pains,
TJtP. Gives wonderful relief to tired and
aching feet. Men apply it after shav
ing; It keeps your skin in a smooth
and healthy condition. Sold at all good
drug stores. Price 50c.
Ask for and insist on getting Xr
Cam- Fo.—-Advertisement.

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