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Service Commission Fa*ls to
Commit Self on Certain
This In thr third of m wric* of ar
ticles on the telephone sttnatlon In
The (lifferenc* In opinion between the
public service commission of Indiana and
the Indiana Bell Telephone Company as
to the value of the telephone properties
in Indiana formerly owned by the Cen
tral Union Telephone Company may be
expected to form one of the Interesting
features of the telephone rate hearing
when It comes ud before the public serv
commissioD of Indiana, Jane Cl.
The date of the hearing was tentative
ly set by the commission today.
The Indiana Tien Telephone Company,
in a petition filed with the public service
commission relative to the purchase of
the Central Union's properties in the
state, with the exception of certain prop
erty at Terre Haute, set forth that it
proposed to pay for the physical prop
erlea of the Central Union $17,-150.700.
plua the cost of all net additions since
October 31. 1919, and to take the prop
erty subject to the lien of $549,300 oat
standing and secured by mortgage on
part of the property, the total of the two
Items being $18,000,000.
In approving the sale of the property
of the Central Tnlon Telephone Company
to the Indiana Bell Telephone Company,
however, the public service commission
refrained from committing itself relative
to that $18,000,000, and stated that In
approving the terms that had been
agreed upon by the two telephone com
panies as representing for tiie purposes
of thla canse the fair and reasonab'e
value of the property, the commission
did not In any way bind itself to ap
prove the method by which the consider
ation was calculated or agreed upon, or
to recognize such consideration as the
value of the property In any rate case
• any other proceeding affecting the
public interest, nor should such con
sideration be binding upon the Indian!
Bell Telephone Company In any subse
quent proceedings before tbe commission
in which the value of the property In
question may become material.
In the opinion and order of the pub
lic service commission fixing rates for
the Central T'nion Telephone Company
at axchangas in Indiana, approved Feb.
9, 1920. the following tentative estimates
were placed upon the property of the
Central Union Telephone Company In
Indiana toll system. $8,551,316: Alex
andria, $47,231: Bedford. $157,698; Bloom
ington. $218329; Bogg3town, $11,035;
Brooklyn. $15,385; Bunker Hill. $20,423;
Culver. $40,096; Elwood. $176,457; Fair
land, $7,434; French Lick. $20,496; Gas
City, $34,416; Greenwood. $45,318; Wash
ington, $298,652; Vorkrowo. $202115; Indi
anapolis. $6,409,657; Anderson, $438,196;
Auburn, $114,797; Crawfordsville. $319,-
196: Frankfort. $197,708; Kendallrille.
$120,773; Mishawaka, $291,983; Muncie.
$654-234 ; Peru. $313.9971 Shelbyville $163 -
137; South Bend. $1,506,429; Vincennes.
(285,094; Newcastle, $168,430; Granger.
(5.491; Lewisville. $16,369: Manilla, 6,423;
New CarhaLa, $34,819; Osceola, *15.540;
Borne City, 54.361; Cumberland. $12,818.
Smith Valley. $7,459. making a total of
(15,77$ <412.
In this same opinion and order of the
commission it was stated, under the
head of “finding of tentative values.'
that “by reason of the inability of the
staff to make complete appraisals of all
of the petitioner's property, thus a 1
fording more complete evidence, and the
necessity of early hearings, several cities
were prevented from making desired in
vestigations as to values.
“The commission believes, therefore,
that It Is unwise In these cases finally to
fix the value of petitioner’s property.
“It will be understood, therefore, that
in each of the casee now under consid
eration, the commission will fix tenta
tive values, which will be used only for
the purpose of the particular- cases now
before the comnrlseton.
“The tentative values used, although
$42)00,000 less than claimed by petitioner,
are liberal.
A Hat was then given. In the report,
of the tentative estimates of the com
pany's property value in the various cities
end towns, as already set forth, and it
was added that “these values are not to
be considered as permanently fixed,”
The final finding of the fair value of
thpse properties. It was explained, was
continued for further and future consid
It further was explained that the valu
ations as to Granger. Lewirrtlie. Manilla.
New ChrKsle. Osceola. Rome Oty. Cum
berland end Smith Valley were estimated
—that there had ben no appraisals by
company or commission.
Agrnilar to Take
Family to Europe
VERA CHI/■, Mn. June 4.—Ger. Can-
A|pillr, srm-tai-taw of the late
Vejnwttano has been granted
parmlaaloc to leave Mexico -with his
family and maxe tint future home In Eu
rope, tt ws reported from Mexico Pity
The Agtrllgr family 1* expected to sail
from fhl# port soon.
Tha newspaper El Tahsno prints a
bitter attack against Aguilar, caiitng hint
a plunderer of public money.
Lithuanians Rep^l
Polish Invasion
LosT>o>’, June 4,—Lithuania t3 mov
iag to repel invasion by Poland. Record
tny to advices to the Dally Express to
day •
Lithuania lies at the northern end of
the Russo-Pollsh battle line and a mili
tary movement north Dvtnsk, which is
now held by the Poles, would endanger
the neutrality of Lithuanian territory.
Hundreds of Birds
Killed by Explosion
BLt'KFIELD, W. V.a., June 4.—Several
hundred English sparrows, roosting In
the eaves of the Norfolk A Western
pumping station, were killed when the
steam pop valve let jo. The birds were
scalded to death. The pumping station
was noted as a home for sparrows.
Will Mar Tour Appearance and
Impair Tour Health.
Let our dental experts make them
•onnd and attractive so you will re
tain your good appearance and
health. Our chargee are reasonable
and oar terms easy to pay.
New York Dentists
41 East Washington Street
"Why Change Your Wife* Booked Next Week
It was an old "Jinx" which caused
Ralph DePhlma to lose the 500-mlle
speedway race last Monday.
The movie man was present and
snapped DeTalma’* tough, luck, and the
result of the camera man’s effort* will
be “flown at the Circle next week, be
ginning Sunday.
Other high lights of the big race will
be shows in the movie.
"Why Change Your Wife?” a movie
dceling with the divorce evil, has been
booked at English’s for next week, open
ing Sunday.
This movie has caused considerable
comment in this country In the manner
in which the story has been handled.
A large cast is used In presenting the
-I- -|- -I
Stuart Walker has engaged Roswell
Lowry, the 16-yenr-old son of Judith
Lowry, to appear In the role of Bobby
in the production of “The Miracle Man."
at the Murat next week. '
Mrs. Lowry says that her son, who
has just graduated from high school
In Galesburg. 111., is still undecided as
to whether ho should adopt acting or
civil engineering a* a profession.
Lowry arrives In Indianapolis tomor
row to begin rehearsals In “The Miracle
-1- -I- -I
Tday’s lineup at the theaters is as
follows. “Two Kisses" at the Murat,
summer vaudeville at Krdtb's. the Rialto
and tbe Broadway; Pat White at the
Park. Bill Hart in “The Toll Gate” at
the Alhambra. Dorothy Dalton In "The
Park Mirror” at the Isis. John Barry
more in “Dr. .Tekyll and Mr. Hyde" at
Ladies’ Kid Pumps
French Heels, Flexible Soles, $6.00 values,
Black Kid Oxfords White Canvas
French Heel Buckle Pumps
$6.00 Value*, at French Heel —
$g.95 $Q.95
We will pay you $lO each
for your old tires
Experience has taught us that the best
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we get in Indianapolis is Parker Tire users
who are always satisfied boosters.
We will allow you $lO each for your old tires—
any make—any size—no matter how badly
worn, and in addition give you a discount of
15% on each Parker Tire purchased.
All old tires secured by us in this advertising
campaign will be placed in one big pile—a
photograph taken for advertising purposes—
and the tires then sold in a lump to the high
est bidder.
This Offer for a Limited Time Only
Parker Tire & Rubber Cos.
Without any obligation on my part send me prices on
Parker Tires. I have
Hew Many. Size.
old tires for sal® at SIO.OO each.
Phone No .\ _
English's, Katherine MacDonald In
“Passion's Playground” at the Circle,
Elaine Hammerstein in “The Shadow of
Rosalie Byrnes” at the Colonial, Harry i
Carey in “Overland Red'’ at the Regent,
“The Great Air Robbery” at Mr. Smith s
and House Peters in “Silk Husbands ana
Calico Wives,” at the Ohio.
Persia Appeals
to League Council
LONDON, June 4.—The council of the
league of nations has been summoned to
meet next week to hear Persia’s appeal
against the Russian bolshevik Invasion.
Sir Peroival Phillips, the Dally Ex
press correspondent at Constantinople,
telegraphs that the Persian legation In
that city has received an unconfirmed
report that Russian 'bolshevik troops
have entered Teheran, the Persian capi
Shriners who aided in making the per- |
formance, “Arnby.” n success recently,
celebrated their triumph last night with
a banquet and after-dinner talks. Paul
Richey, who handled the publicity for
the show, was presented with a sliver j
aod Mornlntf.
V//lyPHZ^Bavi i Strong, H.atthy
if " Aye*. If they Tire, Itch,
Smart or Burn, if
YL l ,_"(V^Clnstated, Inflamed or
IUIfK LT CeJGranulated, use Murina
often. Soothes. Refreshes. Safe for
Infant or Adult. At all Druggists. Write for
Free Eye Book. Marine Eye EUoMly Cs., QUraga
Closing Howrs 6 P. M. Saturday
Detroit Vapor Oil Stove
** c z,
’AR !' !
J J*3
o°r£? OL up
Gallon *
We Show All the Leading Makes of Oil Stoves
ga 11
Two Simple Motions — Presto! It's a Bed
A handsome, cozy, comfortable daveno by day, at night
a roomy double bed with luxurious, restful springs on which
you can use a large mattress.
Special for Daveno, Chairs and SQQ .7 5
Rockers to Match %J%J==
""Good Furniture at Popular Prices"
443-445 E. Washington St.
Between New Jersey and East Streets.
, Phone for Prices
Prospect 8801
Vanity Cases,
—The new Ger
aldine Farrar
ntetal beauty
case, fitted with
lip stick, mirroi
and coin purse,
gilt or silvered
finish, at $2.25
—Goldstein ’s,
Main Floor.
STORE HOURS—Daily, 8:30 a. m. to 5:30 p. m. STORE HOURS—Saturday. 8:30 a. m. to 6p. m.
Goldstein’s Quality Merchandise
Values Such as Have Not Been Offered During This Season
Saturday Opportunity In
Our Millinery Section
Trimmed HATS
Made to Retail at *5 to
Brand new hats, every
one. There are youthful
off-the-face styles; models
with jaunty side rolls,
mushrooms, turbans and
sailors—the modes of the
moment in the desired
shades and materials, in
cluding plenty of black.
Saturday at $3.45.
French Plumes
Special purchase of
French Plumes for fall
hats. 14 to 20 inches long
and 8 to 10. inches wide
best quality. These plumes
originally sold up to sls.
Offered for Saturday at
—Goldstein's. Third Floor.
Toilet Goods Special
Colgate's Talcum Pow
der ~.. • iae
Butterfly Talcum Pow
der ISC
Sempre Olvone 3<t
Hinds’ Almond Cream 3f>*
Rubifoam 19ff
Pftbeeo Tooth Paste..33^
Lavoris 25^
Palmolive Soap..
Kirks' Peroxide/ Three
Boap f bars
Kirks' Hard WaT JV
ter Boap ) 2Se
—Goldstein's, Main Floor-
Children'* White Dresses
For Girls 8 to 16 Years
$4.49 to $19.50
Lovely dresses, radiantly fresh and dainty.
The assortment includes advance models for the
summer season, gtrlish styles, fashioned of chif
fon over net. plain white organdie, plain or
dotted net, batiste and voiles.
The waists trimmed with laces and insertion,
Swiss embroidery or hand embroidered. Some
have overblouse effects; sashes of soft ribbon
or material of dress.
Skirts made with deep tucks edged with lace
or ruffles; others made of net financings. Prices
ranging from ®4.49 up to 819.50. 1
—Goldstein's. Second Floor.
Curtains and Draperies
At Opportune Savings
Linenized Couoh Covers, $1.98
Os linen color with colored striped bor
ders, in blue, green and brown; just what
you want for the sun parlor couch; laun
ders beautifully, $1.98 each.
Drapery, 75c Yard
36 inches wide; in rose, blue or green;
a well finished drapery, very sheer and
launders well; regularly sl.lO, on sale,
750 a yard.
Filet Net, 39c Yard.
An extra quality of double thread, square
mesh curtain nets, white or ecru color,
small detached and all-over patterns, on
sale at 390 a yard.
Lace Curtainß, $2.98 Pair.
1,000 pairs of curtains, including filet and
Saxony weaves, allover or plain centers,
with dainty borders, with lace and over
looked edges, 214 yards long, values up to
$3.98, at $2.98 a pair.
Linenized Casement Cloth, 39c Yard.
36 inches wide, in linen color; a firm, even
weave; a material that is suitable for
casement, curtains or slipover covers. 390
a yard. —Goldstein’s, Fourth Floor.
Exceptional Saving Opportunities
Offered in Our
Ready-to- V/ear Section
A New Assortment— CTi®
On Sale Saturday c SB
Voile Dresses at *. r
? 12.75 and wjr\
$ 14.75
A special offering for tomor- F /
row—beautiful voile frocks, I
with the spice of 1920 in \| s3BfcpilL|i*GS^
their piquancy: fashioned of
fancy checked, flowered and
plain voiles of the better
grade, made up in manyirre- H
sistibly attraerive styles with
white organdy collars and
cuffs, fancy effects, ruffles fa. !| \ C\-. ■
and button trimming, in K vsjLjk.
women's and misses’ sizes, / ‘
priced at §12.75 and / f \A|OjB&L
—Goldsteins Second Floor.
S4O and $45 SUITS $0Q.50
Fashioned of tricotine, men’s wear £4
serge, poiret twill and velours, in
desired shades; lined with good, serviceable silks; all
styles found in the higher-priced suits, braid and embroid
ery trimmed.
$25.00 Coats
Women’s and misses' sport
coats, made of velours, silver
tones and polo cloth. In tan,
Copen, Pekin, rose and brown,
also black and white checks;
belted models with large
pockets, button trimmed; spe
cial at $12.50.
New Summer Blouses
In all the desired colorings.
$6.00 and $7.00 Blouse*,
Fashioned of Georgette and pussy willow
taffeta, tn white, flesh or bisque; also printed
Georgettes in splendid colorings. These are all
new spring blouses with short sleeves, lace, em
broidery and bead trimmed: sizes 36 to 46, at
85.98. —Goldstein's, Third Floor.
Umbrellas and Parasols
Children'* fancy parasols. In splendid color
ings. Prices ranging from 590 up to $5.00.
Women’s fancy parasols, in many patterns
and colorings. Priced from $1.98 up to $5.00.
Women's black union taffeta sun umbrelaa, 16
ribs, white tips, white ring handle, stub ends;
$3.98 each. —Goldstein’s, Main Floor.
Women’s 12-button length white silk gloves,
double finger tips; special at $1.75 a pair.
Women’s “Fownes” heavy Milanese silk
gloves, white or pongee and gray, at 2.50 a
Women's "Fownes” and "Kaysers” two-clasp
double finger tip silk gloves. 12-button length;
white, pongee or gray, with contrasting color
embroidered backs; $1.50 a pair.
Children's silk gloves, white only, two clasp;
590 a pair. —Goldstein’s, Main Floor.
Saturday in Our
Domestic and Bedding
Cheviot Shirting—Cue Yard.
Os best quality, in choice asortment of plain
blues, checks and stripes, lengths suitable for
men's shirts, boys’ waists and play suits, 350
a yard.
Printed Voil&s—s9c Yard,
In beautiful georgette patterns, full 40 'inchee
wide, in blouse and full dress lengths of our
regular 980 grade, at 590 a yard.
Bleached Muslin—34c Yard.
Extra fine French finished bleached muslin, ex
cellent for undergarments, 340 a yard.
Ginghams—39c Yard.
32 inches wide, in assorted stripes, plaids and
checks, mill lengths of our 69c quality, 390 a
Bed Spreads—ss.9B.
Scalloped cut corners, excellent quality, in
choice range of patterns, $5.98 each.
—Goldstein’s, Main Floor.-
Toklo Bags.
—New To
leather ko 4 aft
bags, in light
and dark effects,
fitted with email
mirror, offered
special for
urday at $8 25
each. .
Main Floor.
539.50 and $45.00
Dressy and smart, yet practi
cal, an attractive assortment
of models in long lines, tiered,
tunic and draped styles, fash
ioned of Georgette, taffeta
and crepe de chine. In light
and dark colorings.
—Goldstein’s, Second Floor.

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