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PT contracts
Buildings to Be Erected When
Proceeds of Bond Sales
Come In.
Contracts for the erection of two new
school buildings, one at school No. 22.
Arizona and Talbott streets. and
another at school No. 26, Columbia ave
nue and Sixteenth street, have been
awarded, but the construction of the
buildings will not be started until the
proceeds of the $1,643,090 bond sale be
gin to come in.
The contracts were awarded by the
board of school commissio'ners last
night after bids had been under con
sideration since a special meeting of
the board last week when they were re
The Cornell. Engineering Company was
yarded the contract for the eonstrue-
Hron of the new building at school No.
22 on a bid of $422,650, and Charles J.
W acker. who hid 5245.5K8. was awarded
the contract for the erection of the
building at school No. 26.
The Hatfield Electric Company was
awarded the contract for the installation
of electric wiring and fixtures for school
No. 20 on a bid of $10,697; Hayes Bros,
were awarded the contract for the plumb
ing in the building on a bid of $59,000,
and Freyn Bros, the heating and ventilat
ing contract oh a bid of $76,769.
The Hatfield Electric Oomapny was
also awarded the contract for the elec
tric equipment of school No. 22, making
a bid of $4.900; Hayes Bros, got the
plumbing contract at $23,024. and the
heating and ventilating contract agaiti
went to Frevn Bros, on a bid of $48,033.
The schooi building for school No. 20
will be a brick fireproof structure
equipped with three manual training
shops, three domestic science laborato
ries, a gymnasium, a library, restrooms
and a dispensary, and will contain twen
ty-four modern classrooms.
The building for school No. 22 will l.e
a smaller structure than that at school
No. 26. containing only twelve rooms
hut will be equipped with a gymnasium,
two manual training shops and domestic
science laboratories.
This building will be built of brick
with terracotta trimmings, which wih
make the cost approximately $2,300 ls3
i ban if stone trimmings were used, the
bid with stone trimmings being $250,633.
The cost of the building at school No.
2rt was reduced 55.930 by the board s
taking the alternate of red quarry tils
flooring, the original bid of the Cornell
Engineering Company being $131,509.
A bill sent in by \V. E. Rust, archi
tect. /for the drawing of plans and
sk'tches for the building of a school
shop at Yandes and Sixteenth streets
were taken up by the board, but* no
iction was taken, the matter being
placed in the hands .of a committee.
NWIr. Rust last summer was authorized
by the board to draw sketches and plans
lor such a school shop at an estimated
■ost of $75 000 with a 4 p®r cent basis
’or the drawing.
These plans, although ordered by the
hoard, were not approved and Mr. Rust
•vsts again ordered ti make plans for a
huilding which he estimated at $190,000.
Mr. Allison said shat since the plans
muld not be used by the board he
hought that a special price should b®
nade by Mr. Rust and that he had no
•ight to charge on an estimated cost
>f SIOO,OOO when he was ordered by the
hoard to draw plans for only a $75,000
Although no official report was made
by the committee compocd of B*rt 8.
Gadd and William D. Allison, which was
appointed at a former meeting of the
board for the Investigation of the caus®
of dismissal of George Baker, forman of
the custodians and laborers at th® city
school buildings and grounds, by George
H. Rickes, snperintendent of the city
school grounds and buildings. Mr. Gadd
said that more than sixty persons bad
been interviewed and that the only per
son he found who said anything against
Hunter was a Janitor whom Baker had
made sweep a floor twice.
He said that so far there was appar
ently no plausible reason given for the
dismissal of Baker.
Mr. Allison said that he had found that
several times Baker had left work at
3 o’clock In the afternoon and gone
home In order to get ready for some so
cial function.
Mr. Gadd then called Mr. Allison’s at-
Get Paid
While learning a trade
I EARN to be an electrical engineer,
salesman, automobile mechanic or
plumber. Learn any one of dozens
of well-paid trades. Get a common school,
high school, or business college education.
Get paid for learning, with free board,
lodging, clothes and medical attention.
Live a man’s life in the big outdoors with
real men for buddies. Get physically
fit and stay that way.
Special two, three or four year enlistments in
the Marine Corps are now open, carrying free
scholarships in the U. S. Marine School at
Quantico, Virginia. All courses are taught by
competent instructors, using the celebrated
International Correspondence School methods
and textbooks. Graduatesof the Marine School
are given regular I. C. S. Diplomas in addition to
Marine School Certificates.
An honorable discharge from the Marine Corps
and an I. C. S. diploma mean immediate em
ployment at real pay when you get back into
civilian life.
He’s Since Jan. 6
Getting His Lunch
CHICAGO, June 16.—Service is get
ting slower.
Warren Stanton went out for lunch
eon Jan. 6 and returned yesterday at
noon, according to charges filed
against him by the city.
tention to the fact that many times Baker
had worked overtime without complaint
*nd without extra compensation, and
he said that he was going to see that
Baker got a square deal.
Mr. Ricks told the board that Baker
was placed at mowing weeds, but that
it was no unusual occurrence and that
he mowed weeds and did other kinds
of manual labor.
The board had ordered Mr. Ricks to
restore Baker's former job.
The board reprimanded Mr. Kicks for
not obeying the order, and again or
dered to place Mr. Baker in his old
A request for an explanation of the
dismissal of Daniel B. Carroll, a teacher
at the Aresenal Technical High school,
was received by members of the board
and Superintendent E. U. Graff.
The request was signed by 113 teachers
of the Teachers' Federation.
A similar iequest was received at a
former meeting of the board but be
cause it was not signed, it "was not given
consideration by the board and Mr.
The board said that the dismissal of
Mr. Carroil was entirely an administra
tive matter and was up to Mr. Graff for
a decision.
Mr. Graff would not make a statement 1
as to what he intended to do concerning
the matter, but he did say that Carroll'®
activities in the securing of a higher
salary schedule for the Indianapolis
schools had nothing whatever tv jlo with
the dismissal.
The following appointments elementary
teacherß were announced by Mr. Graff:
Miss Margaret Worsham, Miss Beds
Erickson, Miss Agnes Reynolds, Miss
Ethel Collier, Miss Althea Johnson, Miss
Alice if. Hill. Miss Christine Draeger
and Miss Miriam Trittschull. Mtss
Charity Dysart was appointed a director
of practice. Miss Lorena M. Ray and
Miss Laura Wolfolk instructors in home
economics, Mrs. Kate Steichmann instruc
tor in physical training, and Miss IJntb
Cterbaugh music instructor. Miss Hilda
Kl'kman was appointed an instructor in
department practice in the eiemeutary
Burglars Busy, but
They’re Out of Luck
When Charles E. Jones. 220 West
North street, an employe of the W. F.
Fowler restaurant, 213 North Illinois
street, opened the place early today he
discovered that the cash register had
been broken into and sl6 stolen.
Mrs. John Chestnut and her sister rc- ;
turned to their home 4.504 Park avenue,
at 10 o’clock Inst n.ght and found the
house ransacked.
As they telephoned the police the wom
en heard footsteps on the second floor.
The burglar, however, escaped before
the police arrived. Jewelry valued at
S2OO was missing.
The police say the burglar Is the one
•who. earlier In the night, entered and
ransacked the home of Henry E. Snther.
jin, 3909 North Pennsylvania street, whllt
the family was away.
Sutheritn waas unable to say If any
thing was missing.
H. B Powell, 142 West Thirty-second
Street, reported his home had been vis
ited by a bnrg’ar, but said the only
article stolen was a leather traveling beg
valued at S3O.
The home o? Dr. A. A. Sharp. 2250
North Illinois street, was entered an\
<5 and a ring valued at $25 taken.
Woman Instructor
Given Year’s Leave
Miss Evelyn Butler, head of the wom
en's dormitory and an Instructor In the
English department of Butler college, has
been given one year’s leave of absence.
Miss Butler will act as dean of women
and teacher in the English department
of Idaho university.
She will continue as a member of the
faculty at Butler during the summer
President Thomas C. Howe has not
named her successor.
Prof. Albert E. Woodruff has been ap
pointed professor of physics at the col
If you are even slightly interested
call at the Marine Recruiting Office.
You will not be urged to enlist, but
you wiil be told the truth about the
Service. Call or send for booklets
describing real life “in the Marines”
and the Marine School.
157 N. Illinois St.
Dr. and Mrs. 0. G. Pfaff Among
Wreck Victims.
WORCESTER. Mass.. June 16.—A rigid
investigation was under way today into
the wreck on the Boston & Albany rail
road last night when an eastbound
Worcester local smashed into the rear
end of the stalled Boston-bound South
western limited, injuring more than two
score of passengers.
Among the injured are:
Chief Martin O'Brien, John P. Ilflnne
gan and Secretory B. F. Vcrheveu of
the Str Louis police department; Dr. and
Mrs. O. G. Pfaff of Indianapolis, sev
eral members of the Boston College
baseball team and Thomas Katuski of
Dr. and Mrs. O. G. Pfaff. mentioned as
having been hurt in a train wreck near
Worcester, Mass., live at 1222 North
Pennsylvania street.
Dr. John A. Pfaff, nephew of Dr. O.
G. Pfaff, who is associated with him in
the practice of medicine, said he had
heard nothing of the accident.
He said Dr. O. G. Pfaff and Mrs.
Pfaff left Indianapolis several days ago.
The two physicians have offices at
333-43 Newton Claypool building.
Valedictorian Honor
to John W. Kern Jr.
John W. Kern, formerly of Indianapolis
and son of the late Senator John W.
Kern, was the valedictorian of this year's
graduating class at the Washington and
Lee university, Lexington, Va.
Stops Hair Coming Out;
Doubles Its Beauty.
A few cents buys ’’D.inderine.” After
sn application of ’’Danderin*’’ yon can
hot find a fallen hair or any dandruff,
besides every hair shows new life, vigor,
brightness, more color and thickness.—.
After you eat—always use
OR youFstomach's sakD
—one or two tablets—eat like candy.
Ins tantlyrclicveaHeartbum. Bloated
Gassy Feeling. Stops indigestion,
food souring, repeating, hcadacheand
the many miseries caused by
E ATONIC i3 the best remedy, it takes
the harmful acids and gases right out
of the body and, of course, you get
well. Tens of thousands wonderfully
benefited. Guaranteed to satisfy or
money refunded by your own drug
gist- Cost a trifle. Please try it I
Endurance Tests
ygfe z/.if'i 'c'i'-sit ;/
Dr. Irving Fisher
SOME time ago in the Yale Medical Journal that:
“The contestants won every test quite easily after living
on fruits, nuts, vegetables and cereals.” N
Thus, these, the essential foods, They combine, in easily digestible
built super-men —men of vim, form, ALL the vital elements of
vigor, sinew—which means one choice fruits, vegetables, and
hundred per cent health. grains.
Consider, therefore, the food They are logically the foods for
values of the scientific foods— you—you, who must stand the
Fruited Wheat or Fruited Oats. endurance test of every day life.
Lenox Club Changes
Its Meeting Dates
At a meeting of the Lenox Improve
ment club, held at 2602 North Lasalle
street last night, the members voted to
bold meetings twice each month during
Glaring Sun, Dust and Peil
Strain, injure and W iaken Eyes
Says Dr. Lewis. Prescribes
Bon-Opto in Hot Weather
Tells How to Strengthen Eyesight 30 Per
Cent in a Week's Time in Many
Philadelphia, Pn.—Dr. Lewis, an eye
specialist of many years’ practice, says
summer time is hard on eyes because the
glare of the Sun, heat and dust injure
and weaken them. He says it is possible
to strengthen eyesight wonderfully in a
very short time by using Bon-Opto. lie
prescribes it freely and further says: ‘A
patient came to me suffering from Ble
pharitis Marginalis. Her eyes had the
dull expression common to such cases.
She used Bon-Opto and not only over
came her distressing condition, but so
strengthened her eyesight that she was
able to dispense with her distance
glasses. Her headache and neuralgia
left her. In this Instance I should say
her eyesight was Improved 109 per cent.”
The doctor's advice will prove of great
value to many eye sufferers. Many
whose eyes were failing sgy they have
had their eyes restored. One man savs
after trying it: "I waa almost blind;
could not see to read at all. Now I can
read everything without my glasses and
my eyes do not water any more. At
night they would pain dreadfully; now
they feel fine all the time. It was like
a miracle to me." A iady who used it
save: “The atmosphere seemed hazy
with or without glasses, but after using
this prescription for fifteen days every
thing seemed rlcar. I can even read fine
Heres Relief
from Skin Diseases
The Blood Must be Purged of
all Germs.
Usually those who continue to suffer
from stubborn aliments are those who
refuse absolutely to heed the teachings
of medical aelence.
The fleiy itching of burning
skin diseaser, comes from
far beneath the surface of
the skin, and can not be
reached by local remedies.
New discoveries sre being constantly
made, and those who fall to take ad
vantage of the wonderful secompilsh
ments of men of science will continue
under the handicap of disease.
Your eci®ma, tetter, boil*, pimples,
acne, s-aly akin eruptions that cause so
much discomfort by their terrifying Itch
lng, come from a tiny disease germ In
your blood, which multiplies by tbe mil
lions. These germs find some weak spot
where they can break through the akin
and set up their attack, and if yon bare
ever had any form of these skin dlaor
de.-s, you know what real torture is.
The reason these disorders appear so
stubborn and. bird to get rid of, is
because they are not given the proper
aort of treatment. In other words, the
irritation and itching becomes so intense
that the patient thinks ojjiy of rellevtng
this discomfort, instead of directing his
efforts toward getting rid of the cause of
it all. Hence the constant use of lotions,
salves, soaps and ointments can
the summer instead of each week.
The meetings in the future will be held
on the first and third Tuesday of the
month at Twenty-sixth and Lasalle
The club nowjias more than 390 mem
bers and its object is to obtain improve
ment iu the northeast section of thoicity.
print without glasses.” It is believed
that thousands who wear glasses can
now discard them in a reasonable time
and multitudes more will be able to
strengthen their eyes so as to be spared
the trouble and expense of getting
glasses. Eye troubles of many descrip
tions may wonderfully benefited by
following the simple ruleii.
Go to any active drug store and get
a bottle of Bon-Opto tablets. Drop one
Ron-Opto tablet in a fourth of a glass
of water and allow to dissolve. With
this liquid bathe the eyes two to four
times daily. You should notice your
eyes clear Up perceptibly right from the
start and inflammation will quickly dis
appear. If your eyes are bothering you
even a little, take steps to save them
now before It Is too late. Many hope
lessly bliud might have been saved if
they had cored for their eyes in time.
NOTE—Another prominent physician
towvhoin the above article was submitted
said: “Bon-Opto is a very remarkable
remedy. Its Constituent ingredient* are
well known to eminent eye specialists
and widely prescribed by them. The
manufacturers guarantee it to strength
en eyesight 60 per cent in one week's
time in many instances or refund the
money. It can be obtained from any
good druggist and is one of the few
preparations I feel should be kept on
hand for regular uae in almost, every
family. It. is sold by the Hook and the
Haag Drug Stores and other druggists.
make no impresssion whatever on your
trouble. other than to afford sAnie tem
porary relief.
But why he content with mere tem
porary relief? Are you not desirous of
being permanently rid or this annoy In.-
trouble that is a source of such con
stant torture? Wouldn . you give 1-
raoat anything to be once more free from
ths Itching and burnt’, g that makes
your skin seem like it as on fire?
Then throw aside at once such malt®
ahlft treatment that ran only reach the
eurfac®, and begin taking a remedy that
goes direct to the source of your trouble.
Go to your drug store, get a bottle of 8.
8 8. and begin a thorough course of this
fine old blood medicine that kill# the
germs that creep into the blood and
ranao ail of your skin discomfort. 8.
8. 8. is a purely vegetable compound,
made from roots and herbs of recognized
medicinal value. It so thoroughly
cleanses and purifies the blood that the
germs of disease are eliminated, and
then real relief comes.
S. S. S. gives real relief
from the tortures of skin
diseases because it searches
out the impurities and routs
them from the blood.
This fine old remedy la the sarte and
sensible treatment Tor your akin disease,
as yott will find by givirg it a trial, if
your case should need special advice. It
can he had without cost to you, by writ
lng to Chief Medical Adviser, 19.5 Swift
Laboratory, Atlantia,-Ca. Advertisement.
than a penny a dish
United Cereal Mills
Quincy, Illinois
Strenuous Labors to Save
the Lives of Flu Patients
Nearly Her Undoing.
Mrs. Daisy Bonewitz Describes Con
dition of Her Mother, a Veteran
Nurse, Before Taking Pepgen,
and Voices Appreciation of the
Wonderful Results From This
Great Remedy.
The strain and anxiety under which
a nurse labors is performing her hu
mane services, m\de mors severe dur
ing the flu epidemic by the. physical ex
ertion of lifting helpless patients, sapped
the vitality of many women who de
voted themselves to th'a noble work.
Asa general thing the public bears
very little of this, but interesting in
formation along this lice devolved in an
Interview with Mr*. Daisy Bonewltx, 417
North Noble street. Indianapolis.
She told about her mother, Mrs. Ste
venson, who has been s practical nurse
for a jtoo.l many ycaru anil an active
Red Cross worker and who rendered
gr-at servtre during the fin epidemic in
Indianapolis end also in the northern
part of the state.
“My mother,” say* Mr*. Bonewitz, “be
came extremely nervous. She was un
der greet strain, doing her utmost and
wanting to do more*. She nearly overdid
herself. The condition of her nerve*
brought on Indigestion. And the exer
tion of lifting fiu patients caused an
organic disarrangement that bothered
her. She got very little sleep. She would
come home at times utterly exhausted.
Her color was very bad.
"Instead of nursing others abe really
should have been receiving the attention
of a nuree herself. But she wanted to
go ahead.
“I can say that the fact that she has
been able to go ahead is due to Fepgen.
Since she begin taking it she has been
feeling fine and looking fine. Her color
has improved to much. Her duties do
not exhaust her.
"She recommends this medicine, surely
because it has helped her so mbcb. If
for no other reason.”—Adv.
Mrs. Myrtle Weaver Avero
Her Complaints Have
Been Relieved by
Great Remedy.
la order that others may benefit by
her experience. Mrs. Myrtle Wearer, No.
137 Leota afreet, Indianapolis, has Risen
a statement regarding the relief she se
cured through repgea.
"For two or three years,’’ says Mrs.
Wearer, ‘ I bar* been a sufferer with
| stomach, liver and kidney trouble, to
gether with extreme nervousness. At
j times It almoat got the beat of me eo
1 could hardly drag around.
"I would get up In the morning feeling
fairly good but I had no appetite. Then
I would get spells of weakness and
dizziness and there would bo spots danc
ing In front of iny eyes.
"After a time I became troubled with
shortness of breath, my back pained
and my nerves twitched ao much at
j night that 1 got very little sleep.
"Hearing of the benefit that Pepgen
had been doing far so many others, I de
cided to try It. I am glad I did. Now
I get np In the morning feeling good and
go right through the day that way with
no more dtsy spells. The palna In my
back baTe been relieved, my appetite Is
good and I sleep well. Brown epot*
that hid appeared on my face and hands
have disappeared. I recommend Pepgen
sincerely and gratefully."
Information regarding Pepgen may be
obtained at Henry J. Hnder’s drug
•tores, Washington and Pennsylvania
streets, Illinois and Michigan streets, or
from any other firat-cloes drug store. —
| Adv.
Frank Featherstone Ex
preoses His Opinion of
Pepgen As Result
of Experience.
Frank Featherstona, 6540 Broadway,
Indianapolis, bns been a resident of the
Hooslor capital for more than half a
century—-fifty-five years, to oe exact. He
Is 06 years old.
"My stomach, heart and liver were
giving me trouble,” says Mr. Feather-1
stode. "I felt vcfc bad for a number or
months. My worst trouble was a high
blood pressure. My heart beat very fast
and I had a feel'-ng of faintness and
dizziness. The blood pressure was so
high that It caused the bursting of a
blood vessel back of my eye. My nose
would frequently bleed.
“A neighbor recommended Pepgen to
me. It has put me In good shape again.
My stomach Is bo much better. The
blood pressure Is normal and mv heart
action is quiet. I don’t have dizzy spells
nor the pains In my pack that previously
caused agony.
"I want to recommend Pepgen because
T think It is a great medicine and a fine
Pepgon is a splendid tonic for aged
people whose systems need stimulation
to perform thetr functions efficiently.
Pepgen differs from the general run of
tonics. It contains nothing but natural
extracts from plant life, among which
are peppermint leaves, Peruvian bark
from which quinine Is made, black co
hosh, gentian, fringe tree bark, cascara
iind a large number of other vegetable
ingredients. All are treated according to
the Pepgen process. Its efficiency Is
due to the skill of the Pepgoa chemists'
work with natural remedies.
Pepgen may be obtained at Henry ,J.
Huder’s drag stores. Washington ami
Pennsylvania streets, Illinois and Mlchl- j
gan streets, or from any other first class]
drug store. —Adg, j
“Poppn Syrs'y
Pet Pep in He,”
Says Carpenter
. ,
“One of my friends remarked the othee
day that the Pepgen I told %lm I was
taking had certainly put pep In me and
be surely spoke the truth. It has done
This is the way A R.'Heath, 1943 Hill
side, Indianapolis, expressed himself re
garding the new remedy that Is causing
so much comment nowadays,
.ilr. Heath Is a carpenter and mighty
glad to be able to ply his vocation regu
"For a year or more I suffered from
troubles affecting my siomach and kid
neys together with rheumatism and very
much nervousness. I had the flu and
when I got over it I remained extremely
| “I felt draggy and worn out all the
time and sometimes pains In my back
would bo very severe. My nerves were
Jumping and I could not get nearly
enough sleep. My appetite was poor
and there were many things I did not
dare eat at all.
"I am happy to scy that Pepgen ha*
put me in fine shape again. This rem
edy bas certainly deserved my highest
recommendation. It regulated my kid
ney* and my nerves quieted down. I
am not troubled with rheumatism now
and I gneas I can eat almost anythin?.
My stomach is right.”
Believing that Tepyen will do for
ethers what it has done for him, Mr.
Heath recommends It for those who
suffering with complaints similar to hi*
Pepgen contains no alcohol nor any
thing else that is injurious. There Is no
secret abont its formula. Tne content*
are printed on every package. Th® j
reason for its remarkable results, as j
attested by tbe experience of thousand*:
who recommend it. lies in the fact that .
the Pepgen chemists have assembled a j
number of natural remedies to form a
single invigorating medicine that bene
fits the whole system.
Pepgen may be obtained at nrnry 3.
Huder's dm* stores, Washtngtond and
Pennsylvania streets, Illinois and Michi
gan streets, or from any other first
class drug atope.—Adv.
Mrs. Roy Whitcomb Tells
of the Benefit it Has
Been to Her Husband.
“I feel very grateful for the benefit
that my husband derived from Pepgen.”
says Mrs. Boy Whitcomb, 1005 Shef
field, Indianapolis
Knowledge of this remedy came to the
Whitcombs through the recommendation
of a friend who was aware of Mr.
Whitcomb’s .condition. Having bene
fited, they are In turn Iglad to pass along
the good news In order that others may
be helped similarly. And It Is with
that Idea that the statement la pub
lished, as It will serve to reach so
many more than could be given the In
formation by spoken words as the op
portunities might occur.
“My husband had the flu,” says Mrs.
Whitcomb, "and it left him In a weak
ened condition and with a chronic
cough. In fact he had not been In good
shape for the last few years. His
stomach, kidneys and liver were, af
fected ; he was nervous.
"After meals he would compalln of
sourness and at times actual agony In
his stomach. He would roll and toss
In his sleep and he would also have
‘night sweats.’ Some nights he would
not get any sleep at all. His color
was very bad; a murky yellow. He said
he had a dull aching all over Ills back.
"Since a friend recommended Pepgen
to my husband and he acted on the
advice, he feels so much better. It is
the one thing that ever gave him rear
relief. His stomach, liver end nerves
are all in better shape. I know this
not only because of what he says but
from tho way ho acts. It Is certainly
gratifying to see how much he has Im
Pepgen has given thousands wbnt
amounts to practically anew lease on
life. It Is a wonderful remedy for con
stipation and like disorders. It Is a
compound of lngredlcns of long rec
ognised value scientifically put togetaer
according to the new Pepgen pro-css.
Py;en can be obtained at Henry J.
Drug Stores, Washington and
Peiffgylvania streets, Illinois and Michi
gan streets, or from any other first class
drug store. —Adv. .
Finally Pleased Over In
crease of Appetite; Won
der Where It Will Stop.
“Mother remarked that if father kept
on taking Pepgen maybe she would not
be able to cook enough for him,” said
Mrs. Harry Doyle, 554 Miley avenue. In
dianapolis. j
She raid this by way of illustrating the
remarkable change hi the condition of
her lather, John Meyers, who la em
ployed by the Dvans Flour Milling Com
According to Mrs. Doyle, her fattier had
been bothered so much with stomach
trouble for the last few years, with com
plications affecting liver and kidneys,
that on different occasions ho had been
compelled to be off from work for vari
ous periods.
“He could hardly ort anything. At
times even a drink of water would upset
his stomach. His back hurt him and till
complexion became yellow. Ills nerves
were very bad.
“I beard the results Pepgen is giving
and had him take it. Now ha eats
everything, eTcn onions, and before bs
could not touch them. . He sleeps well.
He doesn’t complain of pains In his back
any more; In fact, he doesn’t complala
of anything. He comes home from work
apparently without feeling a bit tired. “
“And as to his appetite—it used to be
so poor that mother* worried about It anil
now it is so good that she Jokes about
It. We are all very happy over the im
Nature intended enjoyment of eating
and the lack of appetite or inability to
assimilate food without discomfort is a
sure sign of disorder of the system that
demands attention. Pepgen is a remedy
that has restored healthfulness to thou
sands. Further information regarding it
may be secured at Henry J. Huder’s drag
stores, Washington and Pennsylvania
streets, Illinois and Michigan streets. r
from any other first-class drug store,
Warman Avenue Woman
Gives Credit to Pepgen
for Her Improvement.
The Du epidemic that swept the coun
try robbed thousands of people of thelp
health, even though 'sparing their lives. 1
leading them in what may be called A
"general rundown condition.”
Some of these had previously been In’
robust health, while others had been af
flicted with organic disorders for year3.
An Illustration of the latter comes In
a case of Mrs. Clara Shelby, 243 Warman
avenue, Indianapolis, in the course of her
commendation of Pepgen, for public
“I had been subjected to sick headaches
for fifteen or twenty years,” says Mrs.
Shelby. “There was a disordered eondi-.
tion of the liver and my nerves were
jumplug. They jerked so violently tuat
I almost fell clear ont of bed sometimes.
During the day I felt listless. I had
no appetite and was very pale. I had tte
flu during the epidemic and it left me
absolutely in a worn-out condition.
"Keeling about what I’epgen was .ac
complishing In promoting the health of
other people was what Induced me to .
get it. Now I am not troubled with sick
headaches like I was for so many years.
My nerves are quiet and steady.
“I eat much better than I did.’ I sleep
restfully. I feel so much better tfit 1
can do my work with ease, whereas be
fore, It was dbtual drudgery to attempt it.
“I wish to add my recommendation of
this splendid remedy for tlie benefit of
those who need Us help.
Pepgen is pure. It contains no alcohol
nor sugar. It not only relieves definite
Illness affecting the stomach and Intes
tinal organs, but serves as a blood tonic,
having wonderfully beneficial affect on
the whole system.—Adv.
Declares Mrs. Henry Wet
zel in Describing How
Pepgen Helped Her
Henry Wetzell, employed at the SchnUU
Canning Company, is able to work regu
larly on account of the Improvement
Pepgen has made in his condition.
This is according to the statement
made by Mrs. Wetxel at their home, 2143
Ringgold street, Indianapolis.
"Mr. Wetzel had not been In goo 1
shape for a number of years,” the wif o
said. “His stomach was In bad condi
tion and he had rheumatism, complicated
with affections of liver and nerves. At
times he had to give up hig work and
stay home for treatment.
"The rheumatism attacked different
parts of his body. He ate little on ac
count of the condition of hie stomach.
"He had gas, bloating and cramps,
no was easily upset, on account of his
nervousness, and sleep was broken. His
color was muddy and yellow.
"A friend recommended Pepgen.** says
Mrs. Wetzel. “Now he fee's bettor ad
around. His stomach is in good shape
and he can eat what he wants. His rheti.
matlsin is a boat well and seldom bothe: s
him now. His complexion has cleared u;>.
"Pepgen has given him the relief ha
was never able to get be-’ora and w*
surely recommend It”—-Adv. I

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