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Jews Discuss Plans to Repopu
late Palestine—Noted
Men Speak.
$100,000,000 .IS NEEDED
LONDON, July 7.—United States Su
preme Court Justice Louis D. Brandels
was elected president of the International
Zionists at the opening session of the
conference of that body here today.
The program of the conference includ
ed advocacy of political equality irre
spective of race, sex or religion in Pal
The American delegation included, be
sides Justice Brandels, Mrs. Mary Fels.
Nathan Straus and Felix Frankfurter.
Following the conference Straus and
his wife will visit Palestine.
“After 2,000 years of homelessness and
insecurity and persecution, we meet at
last as a nation with a home secured in
our -historic land, with a place among
the nations of the world, dependent only
upon our own wisdom and devotion. '
With these words M. Sokolow, known
as the “diplomat of the Jewish people.”
addressed the world conference of the
Zionists for the formulation of plans to
reclaim Palestine for the Jews, here to-
Twe hundred and fifty delegates are
present from thirty countries, including
Russia and the central powers. Pvery
shade of opinion among tfce .Tews of tiie
entire world is represented here.
Amor; the delegates from the l nited
States is Assosciate Justice Brandeis of
the supreme court.
The three main questions for consider
ation are (1) an administration; (2) im
migration policy, and (3) a fiscal prob
The American delegation is the most
important In juimbers and this im
portance is enhanced by the fact that it
represents the richest country in the
Justice Brandeis is easily the out
standing figure among the American
representatives and chief interest today
centered upon the address which he was
scheduled to deliver this afternoon In re
sponse to the welcoming speech.
It is estimated that $100,000,000 is neces
sary for the first year’s work in restor
ing Zion. There are sharp differences of
opinion as to how this money shall be
Cohen Bernstein, leader of the Zionist
movement in Russia, proposed to raise it
according to the biblical injunction to
give up one-tenth of every income to a
common fund.
Another faction suggested a national
loan to be raised on Jewish-owned secur
ities in the form of a guarantee fund.
BEND 500,000 TO
Discussing the immigration phrase. Max
Nordau, famous writer, proposed to
“dump'’ 500,000 immigrants into Palestine
At present, he said, the Jews in Pales
tine are in the minority and immigration
Is the only solution.
“If we can make Palestine an unques
tionably Jewish nation the money will
flow into it,” declared M. Nordeau.
There is a large group that favors grad
ual colonization to avoid confusion.
All the delegates are of the opinion that
the decision of the allies at San Remo to
give Great Britain a mandate over Pales
tine will eventually leave the administra
tion of Jewish affairs in Palestine in the
hands of the Jews themselves.
Dr. Weissmann, one of the British dele
gates, is leading a movement for admin
istration of the J>ome land through the
creation of anew international organiza
tion, but the Americana oppose this.
The Americans advocate administration
of affairs through the continuation of the
present Zionist organization^
Wyckoff Seeks Data
on Coal Situation
Questionnaires have been sent to Indl
hnapolis coal dealers by Stanley Wyck
off, fair price commissioner, in an effort
to determine exactly what the present
coal situation is.
Mr. Wyckoff hopes to secure the or
ganization of coal dealers In the state
for the distribution of coal.
In the questionnaires Mr. Wyckoff
asks concerning the amount of free coal
available and the prices asked for it;
the number of contracts unfilled; dif
ficulties in securing transportation, la
bor for unloading cars and city delivery.
State Board Gives O. K.
to 7 Bond Petitions
Seven bond petitions have been ap
proved by the state board of tax com
They are: Carl Adwell road, Boliver
township, Benton county, $3,980; James
Burling road, Gllboas township, Benton
county, $30,300; Freelar.d road. Parish
Grove township, Benton county, $29,800;
O. M. Howell road, Jefferson township,
Carroll county, $8,000; Frank M. Walls
road. Reeve township, Daviess county,
$20,815.75; bridges. Clay county, $60,000,
and temporary loan, day county, $20,000.
Demand the genuine by fuli name. 1]
Nicknames encourage substitution.
The Young Lady
Across the Way
r 7 ' pi
The young lady across the way says
Senator Harding is the first United
States senator to be nominated for the
presidency in the hlstrionism of the last
sixty years.— Copyright. 1920.
All Nations in List
of 15 New Citizens
I ifteen resident foreigners today were
granted final citizenship papers by Judge
B. Anderson in federal court.
Those getting the papers are: Robert
Schnyder, bwiss, farmer, Southport,
Ind.; Thomas Grunduer, Austrian, 1534
1 igo street; Louis S. Maroue, Italian, op
tician, 1102 North New Jersey street;
n iliiam D. Elliott, English, gardner, 357
Most Twenty-eighth street; Emil R.
Johna, Austrian, demonstrator, 416 Saks
building; Louis Schwitzer, Austrian,
mechanical engineer, 374 North Meridian
street; Nathan Kiaz, Italian, tailor, 1033
South Capitol avenue; John Landridge,
Irish, clerk, 2335 North Alabama: David
M hir, Irish, assistant manager Kingan
Company: Robert IV. McDowell, Irish,
W 44 Guilford avenue; John A. Thompson,
Scotch, purchasing agent, 4140 Broad
way; John Hynes, Irish, foreman Kingan
Company; James Neville Broderick, a
native of Jamaica, West Indies, clerk,
244 Jefferson street; Wolfe Glogosk (alias
H illiatn Glogoss, the name the court or
dered him to take), Russian, merchant,
1121 West Fortieth street; Abraham
Bortnor, Russian, rabbi, 820 South Cap
itol avenue.
Several requests for final papers were
refused by the court because of failure
to produce competent witnesses, and two
cases were dismissed because the appli
cants failed to attend the sesslou of the
Muncie Woman Wins
Real Estate Suit
MUNCIE. Ind., July 7.—Judgment
was entered In the Delaware circuit
court in favor of Mrs. Carrie Win
ters in her suit to set aside a deed
given by her for real estate valued at
SII,OOO to Harvey L. Bird and others
In exchange for stock in the Bird
Adding Machine Company, an Illi
nois concern.
Mrs. Winters alleged that the ex
change of the real estate for the
stock was brought about by fraudu
lent representations of the company's
stock and assets.
She now has made a written state
ment to the effect that she has found
that she was in error as to the alle
gations she made, and that the case,
has been settled satisfactorily to her.
Thomson Funeral
Service Held Today
Funeral services for Dr. Horace M.
Thomson who died at St. Vincent's hos
pital last night as the result of an opera
tion performed ten days ago, will he
held at 1 o'clock this afternoon at the
residence of Henry H. Hornbrook, 3257
North Pennsylvania street.
Burial will be at Dayton. O. ,
Dr. Thomson was a dentist and at one
time practiced in London, England.
He was born in lowa, the son of Rev.
Eberie Thomson, a Presbyterian min
He was a graduate of the University
of Cincinnati and for a number of years
afterward was a demonstrator of den
tistry there.
Dr. Thomson was president of tbo
Indianapolis Dental Society and the In
diana State Dental Society.
He was a member of the Delta Sigma
Delta, a dental fraternity.
The mother who lives in Dayton, two
brothers, Paul Thomson, Detroit, Mich.,
and Carl Thomson, Dayton, and two
sons, Willard and Paul of Indianapolis,
Expert Says Over Billions
to Be Added This Fall.
WASHINGTON, July 7.—Approxi
mately 39,006,000,000 will be added to
the nation’s living costs for the year be
ginning with September, J. E. Weath
erly, economic expert of the Justice de
partment, predicted today.
Weatherly said he based this predic
tion on the belief the interstate com
merce commissien would be forced to in
crease freight rates approximately
An appeal for increases totaling sl,-
000,000,000 now is being considered by the
commission at the request of the rail
road managers.
Another billion must be added when
the railroad labor board grants proposed
wage increases to 2,000.000 workers,
Weatherly said he assumed.
“Increased freight rates are reflected
in living costs, not in straight propor
tion, but magnified about 4.8,” Weather
ly said.
“There is another factor.
“The Increased freight rate paid by
each dealer or manufacturers is added to
his cost of operation when be figures
his profits on a percentage basis.
"There seems no getting around the
fact that a freight rate increase means
a tremendous boost in prices of every
'bommodlty produced In the United
“Every person in the United States ie
bound to feel the increase.
“It means a tax of about $96 a year
for each of the 100,000,000 persons In the
United States.”
A decision on the railroads' plea ror
an increase is expected from the inter
state commerce commission. Last testi
mony in the rate hearings was taken
Airplane Falls; No
Serious Injuries
KOKOMO, Ind., July 7.—An air
plane of the Curtiss Indiana Airplane
Company, under the guidance of Law
rence Aretz, mechanic, falling to right
Itself on descent,, fell a distance of
1,100 feet and struck a tree.
Besides the pilot, two minor chil
dren of W. H. Benge, a company
watchman, were in the machine, but
no one was seriously hurt. The ma
chine was wrecked.
W&Er igrrrji
Fa vor
Evansville College
New Building Plans
EVANSVILLE, Ind., July 7.
Architects are completing prints for
the new buildings of Evansville col
lege and It Is expected that the struc
tures will be well under way by the
time school Is opened for the fall
term In September.
A large administration building, 'a
science building and boys’ and girl,’
dormitories will be the first buildings
to be erected.
Five hundred and eighty-four stu
dents were in attendance here this
A still larger attendance is prom
ised for the fall term. i
Donations Come
for S. A. Campaign
Offerings for the Salvation Army home
service fund being gathered at county
headquarters, 147 North Pennsylvania
street, come from people of all classes,
campaign leaders say.
Each day at noon a man who does
not disclose his name steps Into head
quarters and lays down 25 cents. “I’m
going to do this as long as this place is
open,” he explained.
The Brighter Day league of the Indiana
reformatory has sent a contribution of
$497 to the fund.
Prisoners of the institution compose the
It was organized by Brigadier L. M.
Simonson, divisional commander of the
Salvation Army.*
Mrs. C. A. Sweetzer, 10 Hampton court,
sends a contribution to headquarters with
a letter declaring that "the Salvation
Army should not suffer from retrench
ment on she pnrt of people who feel they
have given to the limit.”
Another financial donation came from
T. .7. Cornwell, vice-president of the Peer
less Foundry Company.
Thief Rifles House,
Steals a Few Cigarets
Five packages of cigarets was the loot
obtained by a burglar who robbed the
home of Mrs. Carrie Klrschbaum, 6611
Shelby street, early today.
Every room was ransacked but noth
ing else was taken.
Meeting to Continue Through
out Today and Thursday.
The first session of the two-day an
nual meeting of the Indiana Bar 'asso
ciation opened this afternoon at 2 o’clock
at the Indianapolis Country club, when
nddresses by Oscar H. Montgomery of
Seymour, president, and Roscoe A. Hea
vllin of Marion, were heard.
The report of the special committee,
appointed in 1919 by Will N. Adams,
supreme court reporter, to Investigate
causes for delay in publication of the
official records of the supreme and ap
pellate courts, was to be heard late this
afternoon or early Thursday morning,
according to a statement of Elmer 11.
Stevenson, chairman of the committee.
This committee is expected to include
suggestions for a remedy of the situ
ation In Its report.
President Montgomery addressed the
attorneys on “The Good of the Order,”
while Mr. Heavilin read a paper on "Or
New members were admitted-to the
association Immediately preceding the
opening of the first session.
In addition to the addresses, miscellan
eous business, committee reports and the
annual dinner at 6:30 o’clock were in
cluded in the program.
The second session of the meeting,
which is to last all day, will be addressed
by Henry H. Hornbrook, of Indianapolis,
on “The Tiehborne Case”; Wiimer T.
Fox. of Jeffersonville, on “Business Meth
ods In a Lawyer's Office,” and the annual
address, by Evan A. Evars, of Raraboo,
Wig., on "The Naturalization and the
Nationalizing of the Allen.”
Election of officers will conclude the
English Prof. Flays
Textbook Editors
SALT LAKE, Utah, July 7.—Publish
ers of text books for the public schools
were condemned as being unpatriotic by
J. W. Searson, professor of English at
the state agricultural college at Man
hattan, Kas., at the convention of the
National Education association here to
He asserted the dally press was far
more patriotic and that the book pub
lishers had permitted foreign propa
ganda to creep into the books which were
used for the education of young America.
TPHE crude petroleum market
plays no favorites. All refiners
come to it on equal terms.
The Standard Oil Company (Indiana)
is no exception to this rule. It buys
the crude oil it needs in the open
market and pays the market Drice.
Only an infinitesimal part of the
crude oil used by the Standard Oil
Company (Indiana) comes from
wells in which it has even an in
direct interest.
The Standard Oil Company (Indiana) concen
trates its attention upon the highly special
ized business of refining crude oil. It sticks
to its knitting.
In the past four years the demand for the
refined products of petroleum has more than
doubled, while the increase in the production
of crude has been only about 25 per cent.
This growing demand, plus the increased cost
of drilling and equipping wells, has caused the
price of crude petroleum to advance.
The market price of crude oil is a dominant
factor in the price which the Standard Oil
Company (Indiana) charges for gasoline.
Wherever possible the Company anticipates
the trend of the market in making its con
tracts for crude petroleum. Whatever benefits
it derives accrues to the public in lower gaso
line prices.
The price charged by the Standard Oil Com
pany (Indiana) for gasoline has advanced, but
not to the extent warranted by the advance
in the cost of crude oil.
The cost of this commodity to the consumer
would be very much higher were it not for
the fact that tine Standard Oil Company
(Indiana), through more efficient refining
methods, is able to utilize and make into
useful products all portions of the crude
The extreme economy and efficiency of the
Standard Qil Company (Indiana) refining and
distributing methods have acted as a deterrent
upon the upward trend of gasoline prices.
This Company gives its customers in the 11
Middle Western states which it serves the
benefits derived from any savings wiiich it
effects in the refining of gasoline and other
petroleum products.
Standard Oil Company
910 So. Michigan Ave. a Chicago, 111.
Pet Dogs Lead Futile
Rescue of Boy Owners
FT. WAYNE, Ind., July 7.—Ralph
Argubright, 14, and Ray Brown, 11,
Rpencervllla boys, were caught In a
cave-ln at a gravel pit and died be
fore the bodies were by
the Argnbright boy's father.
The boys were shoveling gravel
from the side of an excavation into
a wagon when the cave-ln occurred.
Pet dogs digging frantically at tho
place where the boys disappeared
led to the finding of the bodies.
May Offer Prize for
Nurses* Home Plans
Arrangements for the selection of
plans and specifications of the pro
posed $350,000 Nurses’ Home to be built
at the City hospital wl'l be reconsid
ered at a special meeting of the city
board of health, council members and
other city officials and Walter B.
Stern, building commissioner, Monday
The board. Dr. Herman G. Morgan,
secretary, said, had made arrangements
to carry on a competitive arrangement
with architects in selecting plans for
the building, but it was found that
architectural associations have certain
requirements for thr carrying on of com
petitive movements among their mem
bers which conflict with the board's
Dr. Morgan said the board probably
will offer a cash prize for the best plans
and specifications submitted by architects
in order that the expenses of prepar
ing such plans may be met.
Centerville Man
Commits Suicide
CENTERVILLE, Ind., July 7.
Caleb Harvey,\77, retired farmer, Is
dead here as a result of cutting his
throat with a butcher knife.
Ho had been in feeble health for
some time and Is supposed by h!s
friend* to have been mentally un
balanced at the time of the tragedy.
Mr. Harvey wag one of the best
known citizens of Centerville and had
been prominent In various civic move
He served two terms as county
commissioner of Wayne county and
was president of the Wayne County
Association of Pioneers, which has
annual meetings at Centerville.
Pistol Battle Reveals Plot to
Get Millions.
NEW YORK, July 7.—A gigantic in
ternational plot through which ships of
the International Mercantile Marine
said to have been looted of merchandise
valued at several million dollars has been
revealed here today.
Three men, seamen of the steamship
Belgic, are held in $2,500 bail each and a
fourth is detained as a material wtiness.
According to Stephen Dunleavy, a de
tective employed by the International
Mercantile Marine, the organization has
headquarters in both American and Euro
pean cities.
Dnnleavv said he believed that $5,000,000
of goods had been stolen In the last year.
Members of the gang, Dunleavy as
serted, ship as members of the crews of
various vessels and while aboard open
Name “Bayer” on Genuine
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin” is genuine
Aspirin proved safe by millions and
prescribed by physicians for over twenty
years. Accept only sn unbroken “Bayer
package.” which contains proper direc-
Wone to relieve Headache, Toothache.
Earache, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Colds
snd Pain. Handy tin boxes of 12 tab
let! cost few cents. Druggists also sell
larger “Bayer package*.’ Aspirin is
trade mark Bayer Manufacture Monoaeet-
Indeater of SalleylleacM.— Advertisement.
When Meals
and gassiness, sour stomach,
water brash and such dis
tresses follow, due to indi
gestion or dyspepsia there is
prompt relief in
After meals they neutralize the
acid stomach, giving the alkaline
effect, the same as when in normal
working order.
These tablets are sold lh every
drug store in the U. S. and Can
ada at OOe a box. Known to a
host of people for 25 years as
the one talng needful in an at
tack of Indigestion.
To cure Granulated Eyelids, apply DR.
to the lower lids iuet at the base of the
lashea. Puli the lower lid a-av from the
eye eo that you can get at it better and
avoid touching tho eyeball
It relieves instantly, tafces out all inflam
mation and heals and cures the sores.
A Healing Antiseptic of the highest quality,
recommended by every Inigtlst. 30c pet
That’. What Mrs. Smith of Indianapolis
Thinks About Perfect TonJo Since
Wonderful Medicine Gave Her Relief.
“In my estimation there's no other
medicine like Trutona, and I think It
abould be kept In every home. “Mrs.
Mary Smith, a well-known Indianapolis
young woman, who lives at 139 West
McCarty street, recently remarked to the
Trutona representative, who called upon
“I think I had tried everything I beard
of or read about it, in an effort to get
relief from constipation and lack of ap
petite,” Mrg. Smith continued. “Some
times my bowels would go for two or
three days without an action, and 1
never seemed tc> want anything to eat.
Tbo little I ate caused me much misery.
I would suffer from-bloating and "short
ness of breath, after meals, and there’d
be a gas pressure against my heart.
Dizzy spells often attacked me, too.
“Trutona has simply worked wonders
in nry case. My husband says I eat like
a horse since I've taken Trutona. and
I know it’s a fact that I eat anything
and seem to be hungry all the time. I
no longer suffer from the former dizzy
spells and my bowels are more regular
than they've been since 1 can remember.
In addition to these benefits I’m gain
ing weight rapidly now.
"I think Trutona should be kept In
every home and I can surely heartily
recommend this wonderful medicine to
anyone who Is troubled as I was.”
Trutona Is really a medicine of un
usual merit. It Is unsurpassed as a re-
At Last, Relief
From Rheumatism
Now Is an Excellent Time to Qet R!d
of Its Tortures.
_r '
Victims of Rheumatism should
take advantage of the warm season
which Is so favorable to the proper
treatment for this painful ailment.
Rheumatism is more than a mere
local disorder confined to the locality
of the painful parts. It can not be
rubbed away, because it la a deep
seated disease that has Its source in
the blood supply. ■ The tiny min de
mons, the millions of little Usease
gern s that cause the disease Ast be
boxes, remove the contents and refill (Hi
with rubbish.
Working with confederates on
the stolen goods would be removenHH
sold through an established organizaH|
Dunleavy said
The seamen under arrest were ‘l2l'
after detectives, disguised as
men,’’ had fought a pistol battle witbH
motorboat load of sailors from tjhe BelglH
400 in Notre Dame
Summer Term Classes
NOTRE DAME, Ind., July 7,_
Registration at the Notre Dame uni
versity summer school has reached
the 400 mark, the highest registra
tion yet recorded.
Students from nearly half the
states Ir. the union and from Canada
and South America are here.
Terre suffered for year#
from liver, kidney and bladder
troubles. Had pain in her
back; was dizzy and
vomited frequently.
Read in the .paper how Dreco had
helped so many others in her con
dition, and decided to see what
it would do for her. She is very
glad she tried it, for now
she is well.
Said Mrs. Emma Kelly, wife of the
well' known contracting carpenter and*
builder, whose home is at 2141 Lafay
ette avenue, Terre Haute, Ind.: “I have
been a sufferer from liver, kidney and
bladder troubles for the past three years,
had a severe pain in my back, extending
forward and down into my bladdeg.
very dizzy and vomited
“My eye balls would get real yellow
and my skin would look like bronze.
I had weak, fainting spells and my kid
neys were so bad off, I had to get up
so many times during th night that
I got practically no rest-at all and I
was a bunch of nerves. I tried many
different things, but it seemed like noth
ing would reach my trouble.
“One day 1 read in the paper about
a woman, whose case was very similar to
mine, being helped so much by Dreco,
so I went to the druggists and laid
in a supply, and it was a fortunate day
for me when I did, for I feel like a,
different woman now. I haven’t a pain
nor an ache. I don’t have to get up at
night, hut sleep quietly and restfully,
awakening in the morning refreshed and
ready for the day's duties.
“I have a fine appetite and am get
ting the benefit of what I eat for tbo
first time in years, for I don’t have any
bad after-effects. My bowels move reg
ularly and easily. My color has re
turned and my flesh is getting finer each
day. I feel like I can’t say enough good
things about Dreco.
All druggists now sell Dreco and tt
Is being especially introduced in In
dianapolis by Clark & Cade's Claypool
Hotel Drug Store.—Advertisement.
. t i—.
After you eat —always use
—one or two tablets—eat like candy.
Instantly relievesHeartburnj Bloated
Gassy Feeling. Stops indigestion,
food souring, repeating, hesdai&eaaa
the many miseries caused by
E ATONIC is the best remedy, it take*
the harmful acids and gases right out
of the body and, of course, you get
well. Tens of thousands wonderfully
benefited. Guaranteed to satisfy or
money refunded by your own drug
gist. Cost a trifle. Please try it l
constructive agency, system purifier and
body invigorant. It has been declared
peerless as a treatment for stomach,
liver and bowel troubles.
Trutona is sold In Indianapolis at the
Hook Chain of Drug Stores and O. W.
Brooks’ Drug Store, Pennsylvania and
Ohio streets.
And by all good druggists everywhere.
ranched and eliminated from the*
blood before real relief can be had. j
S. S. 8. has been successfully uapd'
for Rheumatism for more than flCkyj
yean. It ts the most thoroughly)
and reliable blood remedy becaubfj
it searches out and eliminate* all dbfej
ease germs whioh infest the blood, j
Go to your drug store and get Ml
bottle of S. 8. 8. today, and begin •©!
take a rational, sensible treatment’
for Rheumatism that will show re-!
suits. For free expart medical ad*'
vice regarding your own case, wrife
fully to Chief Medical Adviser, 80S,
Swift Laboratory, Atlanta, OerHfrlrj

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