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4 CAUGHT in raid
Morals Squads and Federal
AgenfTtcund Up Tipplers.
A visit I>y Sergt. Russell’s morals squad
to the notorious Oakley club roadhouse
lit Kentucky aremie auu Rig Faglc creek,
resulted In the arrest of Kate Zimmerman,
04, and tiro men and another 'woman
early today.
Mrs. Zimmerman is charged with
operating a blind tiger, and the others
with drunkenness.
They gave their names a* James Wells,
on, 227 Madison avenue; Tom LalTey. 28,
>l7 West Vermont street, and Agnes Dil
lon, 27, 175 Geisendorff street. ,
A quart bottle partly filled with whisky
wa* brought to police headquarters to be
t used as evidence.
Following an accident yesterday after
noon the police arrested Drusella lihyes,
27, of 717 North Capitol avenue, charg
ing her with operating a motor vehicle
while under the Influence of liquor and
with drunkenness.
The accident occurred in front of 009
North Illinois street, where the auto
mobile collided with a street car and
wjs knocked into an automobile driven
by W. A. Reahrn of the Peter Tan apart
Detective George Winkler's morals
squad raided Lonnie Lyster’s home over
his dry bee rsaloon at 17 North Hast
street, yesterday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Lyster and a man giving
his name as Harry Rosenfeld. Anderson,
Ind., were arrested.
Two half pints of whisky were fonnd
In Lyster's .home, the police say, and a
bottle was found in Rosgnfleld's pocket.
Guy McCain. 44. 729 East Georgia street,
was arrested In a poolroom at Davidson
and Georgia streets, when the police eay
they found a bottle of whisky In hii
Federal officers arrested Amelia Itns
enstein, 706 North King avenue, wnen
they say they found a quantity of home
made wine in her home.
Lieut. McMurtry arrested Dennis Law
ler 742 South Capitol avenue, and
Joseph Lane, 609 East Washington street,
charging that he found a bottle of whisky
in tbet possession of each man.
Rergt. Rugsell arrested Lazer Newman,
817 South Meridian street, charging him
with operating a blind tiger.
Three and a half gallons of whisky
are said to have been found in Newman's
Newman told the police he paid tilt
for the liquor, which he said he bought
from a man who brought it from Day
lon, O.
Flags, Bunting and Horns Will
Contribute Gayety.
MARTON, 0., July B.—ln an effort to
get the first draft of his acAptance
speech‘well out of the way today. Warren
G. Harding virtually locked himself in
his offh-e and labored with a pencil and
pad of paper over the phrases in which
be will define the campaign issues on
July 22.
Will Hays, republican national chair
man snd Harry M. Daugherty Harding's
pre-convention manager are expected to
arrive for a conference with the presi
dential candidate tomorrow.
The nominee has been putting In eight
and ten hours a day at his desk since
his arrival here and has entirely ex
cluded recreation from his daily routine.
Location of campaign headquarters here
has brought an inflnx of visitors which
Is rapidly leading Mariqp to take on ‘‘city
Every effort Is being made to keep
dotvn profiteering, but housing conditions
are fast becoming acute.
Two girl stenographers, employed at
Harding headquarters, were reported to
be paying 5190 a month for board and
Propagations for the acceptance cere
monies are going ahead.
Shopkeepers are "getting flags, bunt
ing. horns, noise makers of all kinds and
confetti for the occasion.
Zone Rates
Advantage to City
Indianapolis enjoys more advantageous
postal zone rates than anv other citv of
its size in the United States, Wallace
Buchanan, superintendent **r the Indi
anapolis mails, told members of the
Klwanis club at the club's luncheon at
the Hotel Seven n.
This is due, he said, to the fact that
Indianapolis is located in the vers heart
of the industrial and business region of
the eonntry.
He said that for some time a large pub
lishing house of the east has been con
templating moving their plants here on
account of the superior shipping facil
ities and rates.
Among the other things that Mr. Ruch
anan toid the club numbers concerning
the postoffice were that its monthly
payroll ran around >100,009 and that-the
most vexations thing in handling of
the mails is the carelessness of the pub
lic in not addressing letters properly.
Pawnshop Man Has
Heavy Liabilities
A schedule listing his assets at $39,-
749.02 and his liabilities at $488,192.29 has
been entered With the federal court by
Oscar 11. Hioom, proprietor of a pawn
shop at 220 East Washington streeAwho
fl!e<l a petition In vnlnntary bankruptcy
with the federal district court some time
ago. 7
The petition states that the *g/e of
$520,000 worth of diamonds for $226.00(1
was made to Sacks Brothers within six
months prior to the filing of the peti
If the sale Is held good. ,the schedule
recites, Sacks Brothers are not cred
itors; but should it he held Invalid,
Sacks Brothers are creditors, holding
diamonds worth $.150,000 as security sos
Sage Tea and Sulphur Turns
Gray, Faded Hair Dark
and Glossy.
Almost everyone knows that Rage Tea
and Sulphur. properly compounded,
brings back the natural color and lustre
to the hair when faded, streaked or
gray. Years ago the only way to get
this mixture was to make It at home,
which is mussy and troublesome.
Nowadays we simply ask at any drug
for "Wyeth's Rage and Sulphur
Xompound.” You will get a large bottle
of this old-time recipe improved by the
addition of other Ingredients, at very
little cost. Everybody uses this prepa- !
ration now, because no one can possibly
tell that yon darkened your hair, as It .
does it so naturally and evenly. You
dampen a sponge or soft brush with It i
and draw this through your hair, taking
one small strand at a time; by morning
the gray hair disappears and after an- '
other application or two, your hair be
comes beautifully dark, thick and glossy
end yon look years younger.—Adver- j
tisement • j
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Floyd, 3901
North Pennsylvania street, announce the
marriage of their daughter, Helen O.
Floyd, to Leonard Carlin, which took
place at their summer home at Maentawa,
Mich., Monday.
Mr. Carlin is a graduate of Wabash
college and a member of the Delta Tau
Delta fraternity. Miss Floyd attended
Akely hall, in Grand Haven. Conn., and
is a member of the local chapter of the
state sorority, Psi lota XI.
The wedding was very quiet, only the
immediate families being present for the
The bride wore a white silk sport suit
with a corsage of sweet peas and roses.
There were no attendants.
Mr. and Mrs. Carlin will be at home
at 4533 College avenue, after July 10.
* • *
The first of the series of dances to be
given In the Athenaeum summer garden
will be held Saturday night.
• * *
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Moag, 1515
North New Jersey street, returned last
night from Cincinnati, where they have
been spending the past week.
• • •
Miss Josephine Horn. 1835 North Penn
sylvania street, is spending a fortnight
in Freoporf, Ky.
Mrs. I. Leonard Janies of Atlanta, Ga..
arrived today to spend several weeks with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Valodin,
3012 Talbott avenue.
The marriage is announced of Miss
ETelyn Jones, 2202 - North Delaware
street, and Fred Butler, which took place
yesterday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Butler
have gone to Cambridge, 0., for resi
** * X
Miss Frances Pettis, 2614 Southerland
avenue, has returned from Benton Harbor
where she has been spending several days.
• •
Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. Tutewiler,,lsls
Park avenue, and her two daughters. Miss
Julia and Miss Mary Margaret, lef. to
day for a motor trip through Michigan
and Wisconsin.
• • •
Mrs. W. W. McCrea, 2952 North Illinois
street, who has been visiting In Cedar
town, Ga,, has returned to her borne.
• *
Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Roush, who have
be&i the house guests of Mr. and Mrs,
F. B. Clark, 210.'! Broadway, have re
turned to their home in Peoria, 111^
* * *
Mrs. Joseph F. Tyfrin and son Joseph,
,Tr.. of Connersville are the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Earl Purdy, 1506 English ave
• • •
Members of the Athens club, an organ
ization composell of former Oawfords
ville folk, will hold their annual outing
Friday afternoon and evening at Brook
side park.
* • •
Miss Charlotte Vanstonn. daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. R. M Yanstone, 937 North
Meridian street, and John Ran. Jr., were
quietly married Tuesday morning at St.
| Paul's Episcopal church. Dr. Lewis
Brown read the service. |
Mrs. K. K. Woolling. sister of Mr.
Rau, was the bride's only attendant, and
Mr. Woolling acted as best man. The
bride wore a blue Iricolette suit with a
duvetyne hat of reindeer shade and a
corsage of orchids and lilies of the val
ley. Mr. and Mrs. Ran have gone east
and on their return will be at home at
2466 Carrollton avenue.
Boost Given Ft. Wayne
by Automobile Plant
FT. WAYNE, Ind., July S. Officials
of the International Harvester Company
completed negotiations today for a site
of 140 acres on which will be erected a
factory to Increase the production of
the International motor truck.
Twenty-eight other industrial centers
were eonsider.il.
A contract with the local Chamber
of Commerce calls for the completion
• t 1,000 new modern homes for work
These homes will he sold to the em
ployes at actual cast pins 10 per rent
on the amount of investment.
First Woman Clerk in
Store Dead
Belle Tliford, 72, the first woman clerk
employed in a Martinsville store, and
who was In the employ of a local con
cern for more than thirty years, is dead
at her home in this city of a tumor on
the brain.
Miss Tilford was horn here and passed
most of her life in Martinsville.
Four sisters and two brothers survive.
Skia Troubles
|| v ' by Daily Use of
\ \ Make Cuticura Soap
!y I\\ \ ] and Ointment your
fvV I every-day toilet prep
/ arations. Bathe with
/( A the Soap and hot
• / \ water on rising and
/--rj retiring, using plenty
" If of Soap, best applied
I with the hands.
BSe&rr ll Smear any sign3 of
pimples, redness or
roughness with the
Ointment and let it remain five
minutes before bathing. Finally
dust on a few grains of the ex
quiriteiy perfumed Cuticura Tal
cum, it takes the place of other
perfumes for the skin.
■*i* S*li 7r%7 Mull Addrrsc "CttlcanSifr
•rUariw.l>rt CB.Kutea4B.Mu> " SoUernr*
whjrvßoaplSe. Ointment 26 ard 60c. Taicnci 21*;.
9V*Cu!icur> Soap ihtres without mug.
i PACKEDAiPTIGHT sothattt 1
| isALM&YS 100% EFFECTIVE feg
Exchange of Prisoners Now in
Full Swing.
BERLIN, July 8. of pris
oners between Germany and Russia is on
i in full swing.
Conclusion of an agreement between the
German and soviet governments made
; thW possible* but now as a result of the
agreement the soviet representative here,
Wigdor Kopp, conteuds t&at Germany lias
recognized sovietism as the de facto gov
He points to the text of the treaty
made between the “German government"
and the "Russian soviet government"
as proof of his claim.
The hope of the soviets that the pris
oner agreement would quickly lead to a
wider agreement, namely, a business
treaty has not been fulfilled, and the
indications are that it will not be con
summated for some time to come.
In fact, the .foreign office has let it
be known ha t it doubts Russia's claims
as to ability to deliver goods, while in
a recent speech in the Bavarian parlia
ment Secretary von Mueller of Bavaria
declared that the Russian claims were
exaggerated and her transportation situa
tion such that she could not be a trade
factor for some while yet.
Meantime, Kopp stays on in Berlin. In
fact, ho operates quite openly, as the
German government considers him an
accredited agent and he now has oiTices
In llnter den Linden.
Many persons foresee the possibility
tbat ultimately Germany—not England or
any other power —will be the one to ex
ploit Russia.
Japan is constantly making friendly
statements about Germany, and some ob
servers consider these as the forerunner
of an eventual agreement between the
Nioponse and the Teutons wherein Ger
many will explMt Russia, and Japan ex
ploit China.
For the present, however, this remains
only a possibility.
Germany is In no position to undertake
any extensive business in Russia now.
But Germany ha* always had strong
, representation in Russia and her busi
ness men know Russia, her language,
customs and people.
Volunteers Will
Give 14th Outing
Jhe fourteenth free annual outing for
; poor mothers and children of Indinn
i apolis will be given by the Volunteers of
■ America at Brookside park July 28.
! Annual reports for the year of 1019
! show that the Indianapolis branch aided
i 3,500 persons during the year.
Lodging was provided for 204 persons,
j the reports show, and 6,212 free meals
' were given.
Nearly 250.000 persons attended the 265
gospel meetings held during the year.
I Friday Only
39 Pretty dark voile dresses for
street wear, late <?/fl GQ
models, up to $8.00.. C/
9 Palm Beach, linen and pon
gee auto coats, CQ AQ
tip to $1 i
Up to $25 fur chokers, squirrel
and Australian ge 4
opossum Jp X
5 Net dresses with pointed
tunics, net lined, £*> "
up to $15.„ VVtS’d
11 Spring coats in black snd
white checks and light to!-
p. up '.° $1.98
Silk corset covers and ei o ih
2Sjj brass!ers, slightly oa .
pjgj soiled u/C
H 50c silk fiber hose, pink, hello
and sky, limit qn .
j$S 0 pairs.
H $4.00 Gingham overall suits,
n 53?....: si.sß
H $3.00 Crepe kimonos, plain col
gfef ors, up to 46 (k J AQ
| j size
H $1.50 Gingham petti
coats, limit 2 a
E3 $2.00 muslin or crepe gowns,
I.*, white or flesh, AA
BJ limit 2 DX*4Ucr
Lj $3 Silk fiber sleeve- AC)
less sweaters
Massachusetts Ave. and Delaware St.
utrtNutu ururi
Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vege
table Compound Has Been
This Woman’s Safeguard
All That Time.
Omaha, Neb.—“l have used Lydia
E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound
miHiiMPniiriHinn * or over twent y
i years for female
troubles and it
iJSMT has helped m e
v <?ry much. I
& ' h a m‘s Sanative
Wash with good
m, results. I always
I mmim \ avc & i>otti of
I H; Vegetable Com
pound inthe house
as it is a good
remedy in time of need. You can
publish my testimonial as every state
ment I have made is perfectly true.”
—Mrs. J. O. Elmquibt, 2424 S. 20th
Street, Omaha, Nebraska.
Women who suffer from those dis
tressing ills peculiar to their sex
should be convinced by the many
genuine and truthful testimonials we
are constantly publishing in the news
papers of the ability of Lydia E.
Pinkham’s Vegetable to
restore their health, a
To know whether Lydia E. Pink
ham’s Vegetable Compound will help
vou try it! For advice write to Lydia
E. Pinkham Medicine Cos. (confiden
tial), Lynn, Mass. Your letter will
be opened, read and answered by a
woman, and held in strict confidence.
Given High Post
Dr. Royal Meeker, former U. S. com
missioner of labor, has resigned his post
to accept the position of editor-in-chief
of the monthly bulletin of the interna
tional labor office of thq league of na
tions. Dr. Meeker's selection for this im
portant task is regarded in ' official cir
cles as a splendid tribute to his ability
and record since the United States is not
n member of the league. The action of
the Internationa! labor office in choos
ing him is also considered proof that
this international body is organising, ils
staff to secure results without regard to
politics. Dr. Meeker will sail for Gene
va, Switzerland, July 31.
Presbyterians to
Plan Winter Work
Plans for the winter’s program at their
new location at Central avenue and
Thirty-fourth street, will be considered
by raemboxs of the Tabernacle Presby
terian church, at Eleventh and Meridian
street*, tonight.
The church purchased two lots at Cen
tral avenue and Thirty fourth street
some time ago and plan to build an
SIB,OOO chur-h of the bungalow type
there this summer.
It Is hoped that the church will be fin
Ished in time for tbo reguinr winter pro
gram of church work.
Later they intend huildlng a larger
and more expensive building on the new
Candyland Candyland Candyland
334 Massachusetts Ai/e.
Milk Chocolate Cream*, fourteen true fruit flavor*, hand rolled and Gsc
hand-dipped, per 1b ; ....,
All eun*> made the best way and of the best
material. Telephone your order. >Ve will deliver 30 DO
any Quantity.
8 Big Features |
liar gain Matin** E**rjr
Monday, Wdnoday and Y*rldajr.
I,*t*s C*o— It*n rontlnaou*
A Downtown Beach
:ing Kewpies
in* ut faitt theater
mdoo>t mutlnee*
day and Friday.
fining on All the Time.
1 Until 11 I*. M.
John F. Kuhn Sister*
Conrov Gilbert and Saul 1
/ Hart iuid Helene I
Cy and Cy
Sister Three Ambler
" World's Brother*
Greatest Francl* |
Water Expert* Dougherty
Dancing In the Lyric Ballroom |
Afternoon and Evening
Mack Sennett i n
"by'golLy" “YES OR NO”
A play of married life with Miss
The Circlette of News Talinadge' in a remarkable dual role
Circle Orchestra as the “Yes” girl and the “No" girl.
■**■!■ n— nraii mi* i——i* imi*mi*iiinhhm m*i j
mmim p° k
Britain’s Leading Woman Poli
ticians at Variance.
LONDON, July' B.—Britain's two lead
ing woman politicians are at variance
over the divorce question.
While Licly Astor recently spoke in
the house of commons enlarging on the
necessity for tightening the marriage
bond rather than loosening it, Lady
Bonham Carter, daughter of former
Premier Asquith, declares that new di
vorce laws are absolutely imperative.
“It Is not so much easier divorce that
we want today; It is fairer divorce," she
“We want equality- of treatment for
the sexes, equality between rich and
poor; we want for all innocent victims
of unhappy marriages a clean and hon
est way out, not one which depends on
trickery, faked evidence and a hired ac
Pointing out the tragic circumstances
of the poor in eases of incurable drunk
enness, cruelty and desertion, Lady Bon
ham Carter asks why those "with blind
minds adrift in fallibility should pre
sume and doom their fellow creatures to
such a fate.
“When I hear it urged in the name
of Christianity that these things must
go on, and when 1 hear the name of the
great nil gentle Founder of our religion
invoked, as It constantly Is, in this
controversy, 1 long to remind people
that though He embraced the cross him
self, He never advocated that we should
crucify one another.".
What specially appeals to Lady Bon
ham Carter in the matter Is not any par
ticular point in ecclesiastical low or his
tory, bpt “the great and undeserved
misery which thousands of Innocent vic
tims of unreal marriages men. women
and children are suffering without hope
Luther League Meets
at Ft. Wayne July 13
FT. WAYNE, Ind., July 8 - The Lather
League of America will celebrate Its
twenty-fifth anniversary by holding its
biennial convention hero July 13 to 15.
A* the convention has been arranged for
the vacation period, it is expected thou
sands of delegates and visitors will at
tend the conclave.
f foeftu*Sid*
WiPT&ttfrns *'(r.{ e.fprci& l
With Mildred Roger* In
Due* Cycle
Tulip and i*an*y—Comfdy Hong. Talk,
I'.ii'tt* it v> if
. The V-t Different
A Coined> \arletv offering
International Entertainer*
I p-to-flrtt* C otwrdv fycl*
Koto-Film New*
Pltliy Paragraph*
tie'll < mil nt Keith'*.
Matinee at 2:30.
Evening* nt 7:80 anil 0:00.
Are you a Walrus
or a Car pettier?
flLBRin JJTMatinee Today
nailßSn 3 Evenings 8:30
£23 Mats.Weti.,Thurs.,Sat. 2:30
; , —The—
f| Gypsy Trail
A Romantic Comedy by
Robert Housum
fa PDIPCQ. Lvr., 50c. SSI.OO, $1.50
9 rltiuco. Mat*.., 25c, 50c. 750.
, ' • , , V -
Open nr ar< A fl A Close
B a jo *
These Smart Shirtwaist Dresses
Os Crepe de Chine Are Marked Down
They answer most distinctively the morning and midday
needs of Madam, and even afternoon at home. In fact, they
may be worn, here in town, at any time of day that is not de- I j;
fined by, special occasion. / / / /1
Shirtwaist dresses—all nice shirtwaist dresses —are iWf\ \
fashioned-of crepe de chine in such light shades as green, JHL ui
yellow, white, pink, taupe and blue. And there are us
three models in stock—an overblouse effect, a coat style (j! i fi' \ I
and a tucked-in waist, happily trimmed with dainty little |f M
plaitiugs on the cuffs and the collars. >ta **^ t
More ambitious ones are of Georgette crepe ivith tiny insert- , , j
ings of self puffing and plaitings. In taupe and blue. But either T* l |
material and any style is now reduced in price to $59.50.
More of Crepe de Chine
Other frocks in one-piece modes employ very fine qualities of A V
the silk, and have insisted upon beauty of workmanship in their /If/*
making. There are sports models, too, in white, with U,F
Quietly Distinctive Mourning Gowns - •
Simply smart, with refinement and restraint in their fashioning, mourning gowns are made of
Georgette crepe, crepe de chine and pussy willow silk. In these, style is confined rather to
gracious lines and subdued treatment befitting a mourning costume.
Among the black gowns are featured the Blackshire dresses, renowned for their smartness
and quality. A choice collection now holds in the —Ayres Gown Room—Third floor.
Two “Strong” Dress Values
Every Day Has Its Own Circle Special, Keep Watch
Mv Gingham and Voile
Frocks, Choice at $7.95
fw7 A positively startling value! 198 attractive dresses in a Y%\
Jjt/ number of smart models, featuring draped and tunic skirts,v yK
ifi/ m the voiles, and tucks, fancy pocket effects and such in the V\
Hu ginghams. All decorated freshly and cleverly as to collars and cuffs, VjU
/? / vestees anti piping. Every combination of colors imaginable and be- wjA
Jfj witching prints in this offering of The Basement Store. 11
in At Only 519.50 j§j
il Georgette and Tricolette Dresses Isl
Egl Basement Store values—values to excite wonder and the desire to U
\ ‘SA Dresses of Georgette crepe over silk, artistically beaded to harmonize J§J
\%A with the color of the dress proper. MJtJ
In brown, flesh, navy blue and white. Made with tunics and three- MLff
quarter length bell sleeves.
\£\ Rich, handsome tricolette models in three styles, featuring the ij&f
\V\ overblouse and smock idea prominently. Embroidered with self- fffj
colored yarns. In brown, pink. Copenhagen and navy blue, sand
Where, anywhere, have you heard of such
-frocks for such a price?
Cosmetics and Toiletries
From the Toilet Goods Section
Cosmetics and tools to apply them; soaps and soap substi
tutes; preparations for the hair and the complexion; a reg
ular miscellany of toilet goods, invitingly priced. That tells
briefly the news following in itemized detail.
Metal incense burners, 50<L
Sandalwood incenße powder,
Bath sponges, 50^.
Bath brushes, 50f
Garden Fragrance talcum,
Cocoa butter cream, 45<*.
Vail’s hair remover, 2-i<‘.
Cucumber lotion, 39^.
Henna Marvella hair color,
Rice powder, 29*.
Luthol tooth paste, 45*.
As-the-Petals talcum, 19*.
Mavis talcum, 19*.
“Through the Turnstile"
Ice cream, salads, fruit, ice tea —summer dishes all. ,Y° U
will want them for hot weather meals, and will find them
or the wherewithals for their making in the Basement Grocery.
Domino granulated sugar, 2 and 5-pound cartons, 10 and 25-
j pound cloth bags. Special at 28* a pound.
Ice cream salt in 5-pound bags at 8*; 10-pound bags at 15*.
Del Monte assorted cases of canned fruits and vegetables: No.
1 assortment —24 No. 2 cans of fruit, $9.60; No. 2 assomnent—
-12 No. 2 cans of fruit and 12 No. 2 cans of vegetables, 24 cans in
the case. ST.SO.
Jello ice cream powder, all flavors, the box, 14*.
Borden’s evaported milk, “with the cream left in.” Tall cans,
12%*; case of 48 cans, $6.00.
Orange Pekoe tea for iced tea. Batavia brand, %-pound, 30*;
Lipton’s, 22*; Salada, B*.
Wesson oil for salads oi frying. Pint cans, 38*; quart cans, 75*.
Orange marmalade. Domestic—Batavia, 55*; Premier, 38*;
Wright’s, 40*; Sunklst, 29*; Del Monte, 45*. Imported—Keiller’s,
55*; Southwell’s, 55*; Cross & Blackwell’s, 58*.
Ayres—Basement grocery.
As-the-Petals face powder,
Peroxide cream, 25*.
Garrity waving fluid, 50*.
L. S. Ayres hardwater soap,
SI.OO the dozen cakes.
Non-Spi for perspiration, 39*.
Softola, a cleanser used in
stead of soap. 19* the can.
Long bars La Perla castile
soap, 95* each.
Broadway bath soap, SI.OO
the dozen cakes.
Vantine’s wistaria toilet water,
—Ayres—Toilet Goods —Street floor.
We are framing a great
many diplomas just now,
and are well prepared to
give yours attractive framing
and mounting.
Frames come in mahog
any, walnut, dull and pol
ished ebony. There is no
extra charge for mounting.
—Ayres—Fourth floor.
You Can Do Wonders With a
Steam Pressure
Cook a meal in one-third
the time necessary other*
Cook a shad or red horse
so that its numberless bones
will crumble like those of
canned salmon.
Can vegetables three times as
fast as by boiling.
Reduce a tough old hen to the
tenderness of a spring fry.
Until you, as a housewife,
have used super-heated steam
In cooking there’s coming to yon
anew revelation in economy,

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