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K'VIE concern
is for Children and Child
f Grown-Ups Object.
The Conrtlandt Pictures Corporation of
Indianapolis has Deen organized and has
announced Its purpose to produce mo
tion pictures for children and child
grownups, and to reproduce the fairy
tales and the stories so dear *o the im
aginative mind of the child, and the
grownup who likes child stories.
The incorporators are Indianapolis
business men.
The headquarters of the company will
be In Indianapolis, but the plans com
prise a studio in Los Angeles and dis
tributing centers at several of the larg
est cities.
Offices have been established at 822
Hume-Mansur building.
The officers of the company are
President. Cortlandt J. VanDensen.
professional motion picture director: vice
president and general counsel Alvab J.
Rucker; secretary, C. R. Hamilton;
treasurer; Otto L. Klauss, state au
These men, with George V. Coffin, for
mer Marion county sheriff and chief of
police of Indianapolis, and James A.
Collins, Judge of the Marion criminal
court,, and J. F. Wild Jr., broker, will be
the directors.
The Cortlandt Pictures Corporation is
incorporated for $50,000, all common.
The par value of the shares is $lO.
The company is an outgrowth of the
idea of Mr. VanDensen, who has served
In the picture industry as actor, director
and executive since the days of the busi
Mr. VanDeusen says the need of the
picture business now is these pure, sweet,
homely pictures which appeal to children
tad parents alike, pictures like “Treas-
He Island," ‘'Pollyanna,” “‘Peter Pan,"
“The Blue Bird," "Huckleberry Finn,”
tc.. which are so often overlooked by,
the producers in the effort to outdo
each other In the great spectacular ef
fects of the screen stage.
The plan of the Cortlandt Picture*
Corporation is to stage many of these
Remember —We Are Open Till Nine o’Clock Saturday Nights
The Big Event is Now in Full Swing
And this sale has proved a hummer from the start. Thrifty buyers of Indian
apolis and vicinity were quick to respond to our announcement of the wonderful
savings in store for them here during this big clearance sale of
Men’s and Young Men’s Suits
All crisp, new r , stylish garments of dependable fabrics and cut in the prevail
ing double and single-breasted models.
Come Tomorrow and Share in These Splendid Savings
s 2y=
>“ th ' ate °" “• ‘‘‘ he USS
all wool suits, made to ’ 1 ored, all superbly tailored and
M( , fl wool suits, made to retail made to retail at SSO
retail at 35 to S4O. at *42.50 to $47.50. to *55.
Boys’and Children’s Suits Cool Summer Clothes
__ — v t*t* Palm Beaches, Mohairs, Crashes, etc., In
at One-Third Off I both single and double-breasted models. I
Daring Our Big Clearance Sale J | $12.50 to $22.50 I
Rubens m
Open Saturday Nights Till 9 o’Clock
A New Serial of Young Married Life
At last he came and sanlr Into the
chair beside me, just behind the one
In which Evry sat. He leaned forward
gripping the top of her chair and whls
j ered to her. And now the droning air
planes were sinking to the level green
at the bottom of the “bowl," pit-boys
and repair men were darting about In
their little dugouts along the inner cir
cle- of the track, and the grahd staud
there on one sector of the rim was
leaning forward to a man watching the
giant cars wheel into place, while driv
ers and mechanicians groomed them as
lovingly as if they’d been high-strung
racehorses to nuzzle against the hands
that bad trained them.
Then the crack of a pistol, and thun
der and lightning seemed to burst about
us—as with the pop-pop of exhausts and
the heavy droning of engines—the grea.
cars started on the 100-mile race thut
would take th<m fifty laps around the
deep concave of the track.
When the cars reached the far sTde
of the field the grandstand rose and,
peering through field glasses, shouted
that Wetmore, the favorite, was leading
and “the Frenchman” had nosed ahead
of the gray car. Crouching lew we saw
them whirl by in that formation again
and again—ten laps—fifteen. Wetmore
—the Frenchman—the gray car. Back
in the rack the Yankee Kid drove, halt
hidden behind the wheel of his low
hung cream-colored car.
At the eighteenth lap he had come
up to tenth place. At the twentieth be
was eight. Then the gray car skidded,
slowed up, and panted to the pit edge,
where the repair men jacked It up and
all in a minute or two had put on a
new wheel and jerked off one with a
fiat tire. At the twenty-fifth lap—with
productions with child actors. Besides
these child plays, feature pictures will he
produced from such subjects as are con
sidered good.
the race half over—the Yankee Kid
whirled by in sixth place.
Then Jim loosed his hold on the top
rung of Ewy's chair, and turned to
smile at me. He was wan and gray.
I laid my hand In his and he crushed
it fiercely for a moment Then the pres
sure of his icy fingers relaxed and he
hunched forward again, hanging over
the top of Evy’s chair. And then like
a young demon that Yankee Kid drove
by again and again—annihilating space
in the roar of Its throbbing engine and
whirling wheels. He wa’s third; ho
was drawing up on the Frenchman
again—the flag waved for the last lap
—end with a roar the cream-colored car
dashed by and cut on the track beyond
tile tape—the winner.
'Evry turned and smiled full In Jim’s
“Did you play him for place or to
win?” she cried in a tone that fairly
glittered out in crispness unlike her
usual purring huskiness.
“To win—as you told me. That was
a real hunch, little Evvy. And now for
your reward. Name ltl Nothing’s too
good for you—partner. I can’t thank
Jim’s voice came in husky gasps; then
it trailed off. His face was gray and
Ms mouth twitched. For all the warmth
of the sun which still rode high, he
looked cold.
Evvy gave him a slow glance from
eyes that veiled themselves languorously
ir. closely curtained lashes. Her volco
dripped honey as she murmured her an
“Jlmmie-boy, you may Just take your
little partner to dinner."—Copyright,
(To Be Continued.)
’Tis harmony thr.S represents
A state of bliss profound.
But while they tune the instruments
Some discords always sound.
—Washington Star.
What’Ya Think, Huh?
Reds Are in Alaska!
SEWARD, Alaska, July 23.—Consider
able 111-feeling has been aroused In va
rious parts of Alaska over the remarks
of Gov. Thomas Riggs, Jr., concerning
an alleged red menace in Alaska. News
papers here and In other Alaskan towns
are venting their disapproval editorially
while others have come to his support.
The objectionable statements are said to
have been uttered by Riggs during a
tour through the United States. “There
are not a dozen bolshevik reds in ail j
southeastern Alaska,” a Juneau district j
writer retorts. ’
Stops Hair Coming Out;
Doubles Its Beauty.
A few cents boys “Danderine." Aftes
KB application of "Danderine" yon can
net find a fallen 1 hair or any
besides every hair shows new life, vlgoa
brightness, more celer and thickness.
S3 Year. Id Thl. Smw Imhllos
Three blocks west—easy to find and worth finding.
Saving Yon Money Always Our Pleasure
What Woman Doesn V Want One?
A Voile Frocks
upto $7.75
! I $ 12 ' 50 | 1 u
J j f f* 1 T7OILE frocks for Immediate wear—summer
i if V dresses of pretty figured voile materials, that
ißPllil rti'' regularly sold up to $12.60. There should be a
qlr MTifr ' lijnrcSW brisk demand for these Saturday, as the price Is
.r *- TjßEh exceptionally low. Various pretty models, In novel,
| Ilf" ** straight and draped tunic styles, with wide sashes
fx xt or narrow velvet ribbon belts. The bodices display
n \ fetching trims of dainty laces and flutlngs. Many
j/j v of these frocks are trimmed with lace-edged ruf-
Taffeta Dresses
ATRILY remarkable value tn
taffeta dresses for women. In
navy and all the new colors, trimmed
with tunics, overdraperies, ruffles
and other smart styles; all slzea.
$6.00 Blouses
STEP lively, women! One grand
opportunity! Blouses of Georg
ette, figured taffeta and trlcolette,
trimmed with dainty collars, hand
emhroldered tucks, round and square
necks; all colors. A ®Q Qff
$(1.00 regular, Saturday . dost 7 0
We Announce a New Shipment of Those
The remark. mmri f*
fable point about
j these shirts is nr
outwear a pure
silk shirt. They
arc a silk mix
ture crepe and
have the appearance and feel of a pure
silk shirt. The material is light weight
and sheer, yet durable. Great array
of smart patterns. Sizes 14 to 16Vfe.
—Main Floor.
Again Saturday!
Silks 1.85
Hose I
THE out
feature about
these hose is
that we’ve had calls all week
after lasi Saturday’s sale.
So, evidently, they must be
very good.
Well-known advertised
brand. First quality pure
thread silk, mercerized lisle
garter top, and. ible sole with
high spliced heel, fashioned
seamed leg. Satisfactory wear
guarantee ticket with each
pair. Colors, black, white,
cordovan, gray, navy and
—Main Floor.
of the SIO.OO Kind
the seagoa
you’d pay SIO.OO for and think they were
reasonable. Our finest grades of black and
brown kid and patent colt; Cuban, military and French heels;
every size and width. Upon our word, regular SIO.OO values, and
Saturday only, the price is *5.45.
WOMEN'S white oxford*
and snug fitting pumps,
of fine quality white shoe cloth
with white enameled soles and
heels. A stylish QtZ
$4.00 model, only..
$7.50 and $9.75
Middy Suits
These are the m —v /A / & STxSM
regulation mill-€P BBS B fil '
dy suits, in sixes ■ I >r\
and up. A good%|/ • JL W'T \Jpsb VTJ
collection of col- * m 7\
ors, including rose, n BMEjgT V
roalze. Copen and A s \ wgK
navy. Trimmed with \ ■£ N* sjgr
the large emblem N L
on sleeve, and pleat- JjffTT si '
ed skirts; regularly sold at |T.OO to $9.75, JL 1 | 1 I l\'
choice, $5.19. t trail I I
$25 Dress Skirts M |\
ONE es the best bar- /fl Pf /L \lf IL. J*-*
gains of the sea- ak 1 B /La ftg
son! The newest mod- H * WMBB. / r'
els In silk skirts; pleat- WV • f
ed and gathered es- * U mM*
sects. with newest belt * \ r?!SnjfWU.
and pocket Ideas and pearl button trim
mtng. Real $25.00 value at 90.75.
—Second Floor.
Toilet Goods
Cutlcnra toilet *oap, 26c value,
cake 18*
Palmolive toilet Boap, 3 takes
for 20*
Lore-Me talcum powder. 25c
value 19*
Nadine face powder, 50c
value 35*
Jar din da Koae face powder, 60c
value 39*
Cutes cuticle remover. 35c
value 29*
Mavla toilet water, sl-25
value 89*
Day Dream Poudre cream, 00c
value 39*
Palmolive cold cream, 60c
value 29*
Senreco tooth paste, 29c
value 22*
—Main Floor.
$6.95 Silk Skirting
Priced * .7 O
for Final f I ard
THcm are perfect quality, 40
Inches wide, In colors as follows:
White, pink, rose and gold; only a
few pieces which we do not want to
carry over the season. There Is
plenty of time to get much use out
of a silk skirt and, at this price,
It Is remarkably Inexpensive.
—Main Floor.
WOMEN'B comfort oxfords
that give real comfort to
the feet. Finest soft kid up
pers, with cushion soles and
rubber heels; {ftQ Af
only $9*99
—Main Floor.
;the star store;
Open Saturday
Afternoon s^Tock
Regular Up to
'WV $28.75 New
Jw Summer Suits
H3 95
Bp. if
f 'The gospel truth, mini
J- Summer suits that we
sell regularly up to $28.76,
choice, Saturday, at $13.95.
tyu'i_ay 1 I Models for men and young
1 \ men of rep-wool and crash
/Z~' Ay 1 cloth; all sizes in the IoL
4 Believe ns, men, this Is a
\ rare chance to secure some
J bargain in a summer suit.
-O" yr 8 'j We are open Saturday aft-
J ernoon, come in.
1 w and $17.50
\1 Palm Beach
111111 l '\\ SUITS
Boys’ Suite $11 4 ®
Also Reduced
OYS fancy casslmere and X suits, with the label on
blue serge suits, includ- inside of the coat. There
ing the famous “Dubbelbilt’’ axe styles for men and
suits for boys. young men, in gray, tan,
$28.75 Suits 51 7.50 blu ® and green. The same
, IQ . r model suits we sold earlier
$18.75 Suits $12.95 in the season at $16.00 and
$14.75 Suits $10.95 *17.60; choice, Saturday, of
$12.(5 Suits $7.95 sh f*
SIO.OO Suits $5.95
—Main Floor
Look! The Basement!
Honeycomb bedspreads, large
double bed size, hemmed, new
designs and heavy
weight; $2.95
vsUu ®. tfO Q/l
Mdwl each vMtvi
|| E§ 1,000 feet Goodyear
'§ || guaranteed garden
U J 1 hose, %-inch size, 5-
llAft I ply, coupled and ready
to use. This hose
carries an unlimited
ySy guarantee. An SB.OO
value; 60 Mg"
feet for... 90*TCe)
Three-spray hose nozzles, 75c
ST. ,45c
42x36 bleached pillowcases,
good quality, pure OA n
white; 35c value, each.. .m9\*
76x90 unbleached aheet pat
terns, torn and ready to hem;
heavy round thread quality;
$2.39 value, *4 QQ
eaclM..... 91*09
Here They Are!
Those New
Bags and
Popular Prices
THE most popular bags and
purses of the season. Os
new, hand-tooled leather. All
the new top and back-strap
styles, canteen boxes and hand
bags. Each fitted with mirror
and accessories. Prices range
—Main Floor.
Strictly New —
Satin Transparent Brim
satin A
transparent fIL
brim hat s, J) 0. J J
some have jet '
edges and
feather trim
med. A spe- 0M
clal lot for
—Second Floor
Parlor brooms,
enameled handles
of red, black or
yellow, 6-sewed,
ftKECgl’a best grade corn;
up to 89c values
jifl 5.‘.!!’„.54c
mmm 72x90 bleached
sheets, made of a
good grade muslin, with center
seam; 3-inch hem, worth $1.69
(limit four), £4 4 A
each SX#XaJ
81x90 bleached seamless
sheets, heavy, soft finish, seam
less sheeting, 3-inch hem; $2.59
value (limit 4), £0 AQ
81x90 Mohawk bleached
sheets. Everyone knows this
well-known brand; $2.95 value
(limit 4), IQ

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