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(Continued From Page One.)
Dajjville; James H. Harnett, Robert
Sprtngsteen, Homer L. Cooke, Wood burn
Masson, J. W. Thompson, Harold Taylor,
Willis 8. Thompson. Glen Hauser.
Whitestown; Charles R. Hughes, Peru;
James Cox. Shelby ville; Sylvestei
Brown, Shelbyville: James W. Smith.
Gosport; J. Frank Shine, Winamac;
Frank R. Hale, Shelbyville.
DAYTON, Aug. 6 —Gov. James M. Cox,
democratic presidential nominee, awaited
today with keen interest official reports
from the state-wide primaries in Tenn
nessee on which the immediate fate of
the woman's suffrage amendment may
Thirteen vacancies in the legislature
are to be filled, three in the senate and
ten in the house, and according to Mrs.
Abby Scott Baker, political chairman of
the national womap's party, who Is here
conferring with Gov. Cox on the suffrage
question, election of that number of suf
frage adherents would Insure ratification.
The moral effect on other members of
the selection of candidales known to
favor ratification undoubtedly would be
great, aside from any votes that might
be brought by newly elected members.
Mrs. Baker said.
Mrs. Baker believes Gov. Cox would be
willing to go personally to Tennessee
and make a plea for ratification if he
thought it would bring success.
“The difference between Gov. Cox and
Senator Harding," said Mrs. Baker, “is
that Gov. Cox asks action, while Senatot
Harding asks advice.V
Mrs. Baker declared there is a tendency
among republican members of the Ten
nessee legislature to refuse ratification,
•‘because they do not wish to see the
democrats get credit for the victory,”
and “are opposed to suffrage anyway.”
(Continued From Page One.)
“Black Jack” Jerome. noted strike
breaker, sought refuge from the mob in
the Cathedral of the Immaculate Concep
As the fugitives rushed through the
doors priests stopped the rioters, telling
them the men would be afforded protec
A crowd estimated at several thousand
persons watched the mob st work.
Several of the injured were bystanders
whose curiosity led them to risk their
lives by crowding on the heels of the
men, who systematically wrecked street
cars, showered strikebreakers with
bricks, stones and clubs, and fought des
perately as they boarded stalled tram
cars, driving off the armed strikebreak
ers and demolishing the abandoned cars.
At Colfax avenue and Logan street,
a mob of rioters late last night pursued
a tram car, halted it and dragged its
armed crew to the street.
The din of the fight could be heard sev
eral blocks as members of the mob
clubbed the terrified strikebreakers.
So confident were the Denver news
papers that the strike would be termi
nated successfully and without blood
shed that stories were carried in yester
day afternoon's papers to the effect that
the strike was ended and normal service
would be restored within a few days.
City Officials’ Increases Begin
at Classification.
Salaries of officials in cities that have
rise nto anew classification through the
last census will be increased under the
new classification from and after the
date such city is advanced to a higher
class, according to a ruling of the state
board of accounts.
A report published In a local paper
yesterday concerning the time such sal
ary increases were effective was erron
eous. according to the members of the
A letter has been sent from the board
of accounts to the clerks of all cities,
giving full information regarding salary
increases where cities have risen to a
higher class through the recent census
City councils, however, may pass an
ordinance giving the official the maximum
salary, providing the ordinance is passed
within sixty days after the city goes into
the new class.
Otherwise he will get only the minl
"If the statutes provide a city official
shall be paid SI,OOO per year, which
may be increased by ordinance of the
common council to $1,200 per year, tho
official would be entitled to SI,OOO per
year from and after the date the city
advances to a higher class," the board
soys in its letter.
“Where the common council is givoti
authority to fix the salary within cer
tain limits, as provided by statute, such
salaries, when so fixed, will be effective
only from the time of final adoption of
sneh salary ordinance and not from the
date the city advanced to a higher
Hot Summer Sun Trying
On the Complexion
How to Protect Your Skin and Bring
Roses to Your Cheeks
A Free Oatmeal Prescription Does Its
Work Overnight. You Can Prepare
It at Home.
New York—Exposure to sun, dust and
wind has a very bad effect upon the skin
and complexion. There is a way to over
come this. “It is my own discovery and
takes Just one night to get such mar
velous results,” says Mae Edna Wildei
when her friends ask her about her won
derful complexion and the improved ap
pearance of her hands and arms. “You
tan do the same thing if you follow my
advice,” she says. "I feel it my duty to
tell every girl and woman what this
wonderful prescription did for me. Just
think of it. All this change in a single
night. I never tire of telling others Just
what brought about such remarkable re
sults. Here is the identical formula that
removed every defect from my face, neck,
hands and arms. Until you try it you
form no idea of the marvelous change
it will make in just one application.
The prescription, which you can prepare
at your own home, is as follows:
“Uo to any grocery store and get ten
cents' worth of ordinary oatmeal, and
from any department or drug store a
bottle of Derwillo. Prepare the oatmeal
as directed In every package of Derwillo.
llefoie applying Derwillo cleanse the skin
thoroughly with a good cleansing cream
(Lisku cold cream I have found to be
the best). The first application will
astonish you. It makes the skin appear
transparent, smooth and velvety. I
especially recommend this method for
dark, sallow skin, shiny nose, freckles,
tan and sun spots, coarse pores, rough
skin, ruddiness, wrinkles and, in fact,
every blemish the face, hands and arms
are heir to. If your neck or chest is
diacolored from exposure apply this com
bination there and the objectionable de
fect will disappear as if by magic. It is
absolutely harmless and will not produce
or stimulate a growth of hair. Since
short sleeves are In vogue, it is neces
sary to have beautiful hands and arms
Stuart Walker Engages Jazz Orchestra for Next Week
Billie learns to pick pockets and crack
And she throws a knife as well as the
most hardened criminal.
She scales walls, “jimmiet’ windows,
and foils the police who try to catch
All this is done by Billie Burke in her
latest movie. “Away Goes I‘rudence.”
Asa headstrong young miss, she trie3
to stir her sweetheart's heart by faking
an abduction.
She leads her relatives to think that
she has been spirited assay by a band
of crooks, who will make life miserable
for her.
But her sweetheart sees through the
trick, and counters with another fake.
Things begin to happen, and Billie finds
herself in a dangerous position.
Billie is clever and engaging, but the
audience does not have to depend on her
ability for amusement.
For “the play is the thing,” and Billie
has a good story, and a good director to
stage this production.
Unusual situations and a fast-moving
plot make tile play what it is.
The leading man. Percy Marmont, has
some good opportunities and a good
Charles Lane is good as the father,
and the rest of the cast is fair.
“Away Goes Prudence” will be shown
at the Alhambra today and tomorrow.
Wagoner's dance orchestra, which
Stuart Walker has engaged to furnish
the “noise” during the Coney Island
case scene of “A Very Good Young Man”
at the Murat next week, makes no idle
boast when It is snid that its members
played before the crowned heads of
When overseas with the 150th field ar
tillery. the boys as members of the
famous Rainbow Saxophone Sextette,
gave concerts at Alx-les-Bains for tbe
queen of Roumania and the grand duke
*f Monaco.
The orchestra is composed of Bernard
Haney, Frit* Wagoner, Bob Hoover,
Horace Waters and Brace Loomis, all of
-I- -I- -!-
Popular vaudeville continues at the
Lyric, the Broadway and tbe Rialto.
"A Little Journey" is having a pros
perous week at the Murat.
"At the Bottom of tho World” is the
chief feature at the Ohio this week.
Thomas Meighan in "The Prince Chap"
is the main boxofflce attraction at Eng
Constance Talmadge U at the Circle In
“The Perfect Woman.”
The Isis is offering "A Ladder of
The Regent is featuring “The White
Squaw” this week end.
The Colouial is offering “Rklcrs of the
Takes Gubernatorial Nomi
nation by 25,000 Plurality.
NASHVILLE. Tenn.. Aug. 6. Incom
plete returns today from Thursday's
statewide primaries indicate that Gov.
A. H. Roberts was renominated by the
democrats, winning by a plurality esti
mated by his friends to be 23,000.
The winner of the republican guberna
torial nomination appeared today to be
Alfred A. Taylor, 75.
His friends claimed hla nomination over
Col. Jesse M. Littleton, former repub
lican national committeeman, by 26,000.
Thirty-four years ago, Taylor wa* de
feated for governor by his younger
brother, “Bob” Taylor, who later died
while he was in tho United States sen
60 Quarts, 11 Pints
in Kansas St. House
Joe Dawson, 46, 29 Lanaing itreet. is
under arrest today charged with operat
ing a blind tiger.
The police say they found sixteen gal
lons of whisky in the basement of Daw
son's home.
Mollie Grant, alias Mary Rife. 538 East
Court street, was arrested on the charge
of operating a blind tiger.
In a raid on a house at 343 Kansas
street a few days ago tbe police found
sixty quarts and eleven pints of bottled
in-bond whisky.
Tbe Grant woman admitted she owned
tbe bouse, but said she used the butldtng
as a place to store furniture.
She denied all knowledge of how the
whisky happened to be there.
James Ballinger, proprietor of n pool
room at 717 Blake street, was arrested
yesterday afternoon on the charge of per
mitting minors to play.
Columbus (O.) Editor
Dies of Heart Attack
COLUMBUS, 0., Aug. 6—George F.
Burba, 55, editorial writer of the Colum
bus Dispatch, dropped dead of heart dis
ease at his home here today.
He was formerly editor of the Dayton
News, owned by Gov. Cox, and was the,
latter's private secretary during his first,
and no matter how rough and ungainly
the hands and arms or what abuses they
have had through hard work and ex
posure to sun and wind, this combina
tion will work a wonderful transforma
tion. Thousands who are using it re
port the same results I have had."
Miss O. C. says: “My complexion was
poor and ray skin rough. My neck,
chest, hands nnd arms were dark from
exposure. The very first application of
this wonderful Derwlllo-oatmeal combina
tion convinced me that my poor con.,
plexion and skin blemishes would soon
be a thing of the past. In a few weeks
all these unsightly defects had entirely
disappeared and I shall always use It
to keep my complexion ot its best all
the time I have recommended it to m>
girl friends and they are just as enthus
iastic over it as I am. We till use it
before going to the theater, dances’ or
parties, and it's wonderful what a dif
ference it makes in our appearance.”
Mrs. <i. V. writes: “Oatmeal and Der
willo have worked miracles with my com
plexion. I had many despised wrinkles
and a sallow, rough skin. My hands and
arms were covered with freckles. Aftet
eight weeks’ use of Mae Edna Wilder
wonderful complexion prescription these
objectionable defects have entirely van
ished. I look ten years younger, and
advise every girl and woman to try it
and l'eel confident after one or"two appli
cations they will uRe it continually and
be Just as favorably impressed with it
as I am. I recommend it to all of mv
NOTE —To get the best effect be sure
to follow the complete directions con
tained in every package of I'erwilio, and
it is so simple that anyone can use it, and
so inexpensive that any girl or woman
can afford it. Department stores and
druggists guarantee that there will be
a noticeable improvement after the first
application or they will refund the money,
it is sold in this city at all toilet coun
ters under a money refund guarantee,
including the Hook and-Haag Drug Oom-
Bull Montana as the gorilla and Noah Beery as the scientist In "Got
and Get It."
Advance showing of Marshall Nellan’a
latest movie, "Go and Get It,” gives the
Now For Some Rapid Fire Action
A Real Sale With a Real Reason
It ■
See Our Windows for a Few of the Many Elegant Patterns
Starts promptly at 8 o’clock tomorrow (Saturday) morning and con
tinues until closing time, 9 o’clock Saturday night.
Remember —For One Day Only —So Shop Early
Just 537 suits in the lot, bought from prominent makers who needed
“ready cash” at a price enabling us to sell them at
All-Wool SOK Young Men’*
All-Wool Models
All TXT 1
All-Wool w „ . ,
* * Models
Cassimeres " ~~~
No Exchanges. Men’s
All-Wool Limit, Two Suits to a Customer. Conservative
Cheviots No Charges for Alterations. Models
.. . ~ ~ - , , , . A , The majority of these goods are dark
Not a suit in the lot made to retail at less * *■ 5 ——-
—27 Z rr-r colors and medium weights, suitable for
than SSO and some as high as S6O. 2
fall and winter wear.
ft ’ ~ : ft ' '
Guarantee fc'et £££ Extra Special I“ 0 S
ly guaranteed to be absolutely all 100 extra tine, strictly all-wool blue
wool, and to give perfect satisfac- serge suits, sale price $25 while they
d° n - last. Actually worth S6O.
VTi ■■ 'J - . .... >J
Plenty of Salesmen Assure You Prompt and Courteous Service
This is the big sale you can’t afford to miss
RUBENS 39.Er.39
Indiana daily times, Friday, august 6, 1920.
Impression that this movie drama Is one
of the weirdest affairs yet produced on
‘Wifie’ Couldn’t See ,
but Tube Told Her
CHICAGO. Aug. o.—“lf wlfie could
see me now," George Smith Is al
leged to have said, while being en
tertained In another woman’s apart
She didn't have to.
She heard him through the speak
ing tube leading to the hall.
the screen. Bull Montana plays the role
of a big gorrllla and for slcentiflc pur
poses a doctor performs an operation on
the gorrilla.
After the operation is completed, a
series of murders tends to increase the
intensity of the movie drama.
“Go and Get It” opens Sunday at tns
Marion Institutions
in Bad Need of Coal
Speolal to Tho Times.
MARION, Ind., Aug. 6. —If a supply
of coal can not be secured by the county
commisnionevs during the next two
months inmates of the county infirmary
and children at the orphans' home may
suffer this winter.
The commissioners have repeatedly ad
vertised for bids for coal, but local deal
ers refuse to promise a supply.
New Act May Not Aid
Unless the contracting parties agree to
substitution of anew contract for the one
In vogue when the acta of the special ses
sion of the legislature are published ano
effective, teachers employed for the school
year for 1920 1021 will not benefit by the
new minimum wage law, according to au
opinion of Ele Stansbury, attorney gen
eral, submitted to L. N. Hines, superin
tendent of public instruction.
The acts of the special session will not
be published until Sept. 15, when Gov.
Goodrich will Issue a proclamation de
claring them In fore*.
Teachera by that time will all have been
employed and therefore can not benefit
by the new salary act.
Since the minimum wage will become
effective about the time the new school
year beglna. It Is exjected that many
teachers will delay entering into a con
tract unless township trustees guarantee
a wage level as high as the new minimum
Petitioners Cite Evidence of
Mayor Jewett’s Policy.
As further evidence that Mayor Charles
W. Jewott has participated in the gen
eral game of making a political football
out of the Indianapolis Street Railway
Company residents of the district served
by the English avenue Una today re
called that a petition for an extension
of the line presented more than a year
} ago has never been acted upon seri-
I ously.
During his campaign in 1917, residents
We Will
Double Our
Big 1919 Sales Record
Ladies’ White Linen A new selling record SP ECI AL !
/"V. HYFfIRnQ bas been established Regular Price $9.00
& UAt Ul\i/U by the 71-chain Boston C QC
Shops in the first six t
MiUtaryVkSjSk S _ High arch,
"'.-Ur \\ / U/L..9
*to V 1 rr ml Jr • vamp ; sixes 2M. to 3. widths AAA to^
’file answer for this Queen of The STYLES
ATTENTION! greatest of all our /V White
sales records we attrib- m jjfcs. k
\ Small Rapt ute to our close atten- UfCSS
£ omdll lccl tion to DEPENDABLE W \\J c
r- nr Walking SHOES SC 95
\ 4 Qk - fitting, long W
NGjk ? | .30 J j 95 a”"'. L
4D**s eclally I * Lika Illustration
J. lL L|W Babies’ Delight
.1 *§ Jul Black dress shoe;
fLMJ * T m A f 1 .1 .§ aal broad, roomy toes
Childrens lan Play Oxfords i. \j m qja- qr W
Note the Location. Open Saturday Evening Until 9 P. M.
1 hese Price3 amish Conclusive Evidence of Boston Shop Bigger Values
IJ ' ’ ]/1 Prices ir,
of tbe section say, Mr. Jewett /repeated
ly promised them that one of the first
things he would do, If elected, would
be to force the street car company ito
put In the desired extension.
The English avenue people waited un
til after the armistice was signed and
then presented to the board of public
works a petition signed by almost 2,000
They are still waiting.
They blame the mayor, it is said, not
so much for not forcing the street car
company to do something which, it Is
generally admitted, its depleted finances
will not permit, as for his insistence be
fore election that he would force the Im
provement, and his insistence, in the
face of knowledge of the straits of the
company at a later date, that he would
carry out his campaign promise.
Puts Blockade on
Lower California
MEXICO CITY. Aug. 6.- Lower .
fornia Is in a state of blockade, tlA|
Mexican government proclaimed
Instructions were forwarded to IglesiW
Calderon, Mexican representative at
Washington, to advise the state depart
ment that the ports of Lower California
were closed. The government also in
structed Calderon to ask the state de
partment to issue a proclamation call
ing on Americans to remain nemtra)
during fighting in Lower California.

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