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New Produce ’Change for
Housewives Is Success.
“Melons, ’taters, apples; right this
way, lady,” is the call of the farmer
on the sonth side market, at Arizona
and Talbott streets.
Although Rome was not built in a
day, markets are, for the south side
market, which has been in operation
only two months, bids fair to assume
metropolitan dimensions within the near
More than twenty stands crowd the
sidewalks and sixteen farmers sold out
their gooods long before the demand
was over.
Approximately $1,500 worth of pTOdnca
has been sold on the market, which is
open all day Saturdays and Wednesday
“We have lively' competition in onr
market,” said Mrs. M. L. Reiffel, presi
dent of the South Side Women’s club,
through whose efforts the market was
“It serves to bring down the prices
of goods,” she continued. “Yesterday
tomatoes were selling at 5 cents a
Mrs. Reiffel cited one farmer who
came in from thirty miles and sold
apples at six pounds for a quarter.
"Another producer from Morgantown
raid that he would bring in two truck
loads of peaches and sell them at 3c
l>er cent lower than the market price
Wonderful Clothes Buying Opportunity
In which you have choice of the season’s best
styles, finest qualities at a BIG SAYING, and can
buy them on our LIBERAL TERMS of
Dresses SIO.OO up Men’s Suits,
Ladies’ Suits.. .$25.00 up
Ladies’ Coats..slo.ooup B sTo.(xf up’ jSjjjn
\- v Ladies’ Skirts.. ss.ooup Raincoats, PWr
Ladies’Waists. ss.ooup slo ‘ oo up J/ If
Sweaters $6.50 up $5.00 up
BLT n e SQUAPe^DeA^sToeil
Two Wonderful Ranges
The “Eclipse” gas range
pact cabinet with ample ca
est improvements to insure
jj 563.00 J I perfect service andeconom
This specially constructed p™fß[ .
"‘Detroit Jewel” range is one f|//- '
of the latest productions. It 1
is complete in every detail, I j
yet occupies a space of only
40 inches. This range, like | j
all Detroit Jewels, is a per- I $50?00 II
feet baker and is guaranteed J ■ *BO days jl
in every way. MS.UU
_ ■pip
The entire stock will soon be sold out and we
can not obtain more at above prices. Prices in
clude connections. If you need anew range,
this is your opportunity.
49 South Pennsylvania Street
if the women would provide baskets to
carry them in.”
Not only green vegetables and fruits
are handled, bat also butter and eggs.
According to Mrs. Reiffel they can’t
get enough butter.
“The women are so anxious to buy It
that they get on the running board of
the car before it stops so they will get
first turn,” she said.
“We need more growers so that all
the women can get served,” Mrs. Reiffel
Now the women have to come early so
they can get something, and many who
come after 10 o’clock have been disap
pointed, was Mrs. Reiffel’s experience.
More than 600 women from all parts
of the south side patronize the market.
One woman came from Sixtieth street,
saying she could save more money than
her time was worth.
Mrs. Reiffel says that four submar
kets are needed In the four Sections of
the city In addition to the central mar
"We are continually receiving letters
from farmers regarding our market, and
every producer on the Arizona market
has asked for space on the proposed
Fountain Square market.”
Empire Partnership
Tried Out in Canada
Empire partnership is an idea under
lying the steel combine recently formed
in Canada.
The partnership lies In association of
ownership of Canadian resources In coal
and ore with British experience In steer
making and British capital.
Eight Canadian companies have entered
the amalgamation, which Is described as
having assets of $486,000,000.
Liquid assets are said to exceed lia
bilities by 22 per cent of the stock that
l.r being issued.
In addition to British directors of high
standing, there Is an advisory committee
in London.
This empire Industrial partnership is
expected by the promoters to point the
way for others, each developing natural
resources to their fullest extent on n
hosts that will permit competition iu
world markets.
Gtrist Make beauty lotion for
a few cents —Try it I
Squeeze the Juice of two lemons bate
a bottle containing three ounces of
orchard white, shake well, and you have
a quarter pint of the best freckle and
tan lotion, and complexion beautlfler, at
very, very small cost.
Your grocer has the lemons and any
drug store or toilet counter will supply
three ounces of orchard white for a few
cents. Massage this sweetly fragrant
lotion Into the face, neck, arms and
hands each day and see how freckles and
blemishes disappear and how clear, soft
and rosy-white the skin becomes. Teal
tt Is harmless and never Irritates,—Ad
“Mill-End” 9 to 11 Sales Tomorrow
•it Mtatm- 2
- 3<MdDMUbs
aways J PWOBMiI S * A ]
Labor is life. From the innermost heart of all who creditably perform
their duty they find the very essence of life percolates through work. The
hour sales start at 9 Saturday morning and close at 11. The busy,
prudent, noble souls will awaken early and be first among the diligent
seekers for the good things offered. C. A. LOCKHART.
Children’s Summer
Hats, SI.OO
A 9 to 11 clean-up sale of
children’s straw hats, in all dif
ferent shapes and colors.
—Pettis infants’ dept.,
second floor.
Hot Weather Suits,
"Keep cool, men,” advises Mr.
Lockhart. Buy one of these
suits of mohair, crash, Kenner
cloth, offered from 9 to 11, at a
price far below the regular
—Pettis clothes for men,
third floor.
$2.50 Curtains, Pair,
Two hundred pairs of hem
stitched. lace-edged scrim cur
tains. White only. Come be
tween 9 and 11 it you want
—Pettis drapery dept., third floor.
$1.19 Drapery Material,
Shades of blue or rose, all 45
inches wide, and a wonderful
value. In the 9 to 11 sale.
—Pettis drapery dept., third floor.
$3.00 French Serge,
Forty and 42-inch French
serge, all wool and shown in
navy blue, brown, gray, taupe,
moose, plum, Burgundy and
black. Mr. Lockhart has it on
sale from 9 to 11.
—Pettis woolens,
street floor, ntsle one.
75c Tissues, 49c
“There’s a nice little saving
for women,” observed Mr. Ix>ck
hart, as he casually reduced the
price. Embroidered and silk
stripes in a beautiful assort
ment of patterns and colors—
-9 to 11.
—Pettis wash materials,
street floor, aisle one.
49c Percales, 35c
Standard percales, 36 Inches
wide. Full pieces and perfect
goods. Light and dark colors.
Fifty pieces on sale from 9
to 11.
—Pettis percnles,
street floor, aisle one.
Women’s Sports
Dresses, $13.50
Seventeen dresses of sports
silks, all in pastel shades with
yarn embroidery and very
smart, 9 to 11.
—Pettis dresses, second floor.
Women’s Voile Dresses,
Figured and printed voiles In
sizes 16 to 38. 9to 11.
—Pettis dresses, second floor.
Girls’ $14.95 Coats,
Navy blue coats In sizes 8 to
14 years. 9 to 11.
—Pettis junior dept., second floor.
$3.95 Khaki Middy
Suits, $2.25
Just 16 of them in sizes 8
to 16.
—Pettis Junior dept., second floor.
Juniors’ Suits Reduced
% One, size 12, $18.50 suit for
One, size 12, $24.50 suit for
Two, size 15, $49.50 suits,
—Pettis Junior dept., second floor.
$2.00 White Satins,
Washable satin in white only,
36 inches wide. 9 to 11.
—Pettis silks,
street floor, west aisle.
$3.00 Black Messaline,
Heavy black messaline, 36
inches wide. 9 to 11.
—Pettis silks,
street floor, west aisle.
SI.OO Hylo Lamps, 83c
Save your electric current by
using a Hylo.
—Pettis basement.
35c Tungsten Lamps,
30c; 5 for $1.42
All new bulbs. No reflls. 10,
25, 40 and 60-watt lamps.
■—Pettis basement.
40c Stationery, 25c
Every day stationery in va
rious tints, 24 sheets, 24 enve
lopes. 9 to 11.
—Pettis stationery dept.,
street floor, aisle four.
Women’s $1.49 to $2.98
Blouses, 75c
Voile blouses in tailored and
lace trimmed styles. All are
slightly soiled. 9 to 11.
—Pettis blouses, second floor.
Bathing Accessories
Half Price
All bathing slims, bathing
caps and bathing suits. 9to 11.
—Pettis bathing suits,
second floor.
$1.49 Curtain Net, 79c
1,000 yards of One curtain
nets in 45-inch width. Pieces of
5 yards and over. 9 to 11.
—Pettis drapery, third floor.
45c Dresden Cretonnes,
Allover stripes and Dresden
effects In 26-lnch width. 9to 11.
—Pettis drapery dept., third floor.
65c Marquisette,
Mercerized marquisette and
double thread scrim, 36 and 40
inches wide. White, ivory and
ecru. 9 to 11.
—Pettis drapery dept., third floor.
59c Curtain Swiss, 35c
Dotted with blue and pink, 36
Inches wide. 9 to 11.
Pettis drapery dept., third floor.
$16.50 Coffee Sets,
Four piece coffee sets, sugag
creamer, coffee pot and tray.
Sheffield plate. 9 to 11.
Pettis silverware,
street floor, front.
15c Cheesecloth, § l / 2 c
Thirty-six inches wide. Limit
@2O yards to a customer. 9 to 11.
' —Pettis domestics,
street floor, aisle two.
$1.25 Rubber Sheeting
Yard wide rubber sheeting,
double coated. 9 to 11 only.
—Pettis domestics,
street floor, aisle two.
$1.75 Turkish Towels,
Double and twist wide colored
woven borders. 9 to 11.
—Pettis towels,
street floor, aisle two.
10c Palmolive soap, 6 cakes,
15c Auditorium bath soap, 6
cakes, 40*.
30c Djer-Klss talcum powder,
65c Djer-Kiss face powder,
43*. 9 to 11.
—Pettis toilets, street floor, front.
$2.79 Crib Blankets,
Pair, $1.98
“Beacon” brand crib blankets,
white with neat line striped
borders and ribbon bound. 9 to
11 only.
—Pettis beddings, third floor.
SI.OO to $1.50 Books, 45c
1,000 copleß of good, readable
books. Buy them now for Christ
mas gifts. 9 to 11.
—Pettis books, street.
floor, aisle four.
$6.50 Dinner Sets, $3.98
38-piece dinner set. Colonial
shape, decorated with gold band.
—rettla basement.
SI.OO Dozen Tumblers,
5c Bach
Made of thin blown glass.
—Pettis basement
PErns mar goods ca
V6^K r grT~i l ggl~'
$3.59 Satin and Taffeta
Hats, $1.49
Navy blue and black with
ostrich or burnt ostrich ami rib
bon trimming. 9to 11.
—Pettis millinery, second floor.
Children’s Hats, 25c
White MU&ns, trimmed rerdy
to wear. 3 o 11. Small sizes.
—Pettis millinery dept..
second floor.
$1.95 Barefoot Sandals,
Misses' and children's tan
barefoot raadals, sizes 8H to 11,
11 to 2. On sale 9 to il .
—Pettis shoes,
street floor, aisle six.
Women’s House
Slippers, $1.79
Black kid boudoir slippers
with low heel and silk pompon.
Pettis shoes,
street floor, aisle six.
Women’s $2.95 and
$3.95 Low Shoes, $1.95
Whi:e canvas pumps, oxfords
and colonial pumps. Broken
—Pettis shoes,
street floor, aisle six.
Women’s $23.75 to S4B
Dresses, $15.95
Thirty-five dresses of serges,
jersey, printed Georgette. Sizes
16 to 40. 9 to 11 only.
—Pettis dresses, second floor.
Tub Skirts, $2.10
About 200 in the lot, skirts of
fine quality gaberdine and trico
tine. These should sell regular
ly for $3.95 to $6.95. 9to 11.
- Pettis skirts, second floor.
Women’s $4.95 Ging
ham Dresses, $3.00
Just a keen saving of $1.95 if
you shop between the hours of
9 to 11. Plaids, stripes, checks
and plain colors. Dozens of
—Pettis house dresses,
second floor.
Women’s $6.95 and $7.95
Porch Dresses, $3.45,
Fine voiles, tissue ginghams,
in light and dark allover pat
terns. Trimmed with organdy
collars and cuffs. Come down
early, women, these are on sale
from 9 to 11 only.
—Pettis house dresses,
second floor.
J 55.00 and $6.00 Corsets,
Pink or white coutil corsets,
lace and embroidery trimmed.
Models for the average figure.
9 to 11.
* —Pettis corsets, second floor.
79c Bandeaux, 59c
Pink brocaded und repp ban
deaux in front and back fasten
ing styles. 9 to 11.
■--Pettis corsets, second floor.
Women’s 69c Bloomers,
Pink batiste bloomers,
trimmed with lace edging, ruf
fles or double elastic knee. Sat
urday a m. from 9 to 11.
—Pettis underwear, second floor.
Women’s $2.50 Coverall
Aprons, $1,49
Light and dark percalo aprons
in the popular coverall style.
Made with wldo bel£ and
pockets. 9 to 11.
—Pettis aprons, second floor.
$1.25 Wool Wall Mops,
A ocd wall mop, with long
and short handle.
—Pettis basement.
60c O’Cedar Polish, 31c
12-ounce bottle of O-Cedar
polish for furniture, floors, etc.
—Pettis basement.
$9.75 Garden Hose,
50 feet, 5-ply, % - inch,
—Pettis basement.
$4.25 Thermos Bottles,
One quart, green case, nick
eled trimmings.
—Pettis basement.
8c Shelf Paper, 4c
White with lace edge.
—Pettis basement.
Women’s $25.00, $48.00
Coats, $15.95
Spring coats of satins, trlcol
ettes, polo, serge. Many fully
lined with silk. Just 18 in the
lot. 9 to 11.
—Pettis coats, second floor.
Jap Fox Scarfs, $14.95
Eighteen taupe color scarfs.
On sale from 9 to 11 only.
—Pettis furs, second floor.
Women’s $14.95 to
$19.75 Serge Dresses,
Just an even dosen In the lot.
Sizes 16 to 38. For two hours
—Pettis dresses, second floor.
$4.50 Black Satin
Duchesse, $2.50
Yard wide and beautiful qual
ity. 9 to 11.
—Pettis silks, street
floor, aisle one.
Boys’ Raincoats, $8.95
The manufacturer's wholesale
price of these coats averages
SIO.OO to $15.00, Fine quality
material and smart, snappy
models. 9 to 11.
—Pettis raincoats for boys.
third floor.
75c Colored Dimity, 45c
30-inch fancy colored dimity,
polka dots, pin dots, small
checks, etc. 9 to 11.
—Pettis wash cords,
street floor, aisle one.
Dress Challis, 25c
1,000 yards of dress challis,
In remnants of 2 to 10 yards. 9
to 11.
—Pettis dress materials,
street floor, aisle one.
75c Plain Organdy, 55c
40-inch plain organdy, four
good colors and plenty of them;
Copen, rose, bisque and light
shades. 9 to 11.
—Pettis wash materials,
street floor, aisle one.
98c Barpins, 59c
Sterling top barpins, mounted
with colored and white stones.
9 to 11.
—Pettis Jewelry,
street floor, aisle four.
50c Pearl Beads, 25c
Neck length pearl beads In
white or cream. Have gold
filled clasp. 9 to 11.
—Pettis beads,
street floor, aisle four.
$2.50 Necklaces, $1.25
Jet necklaces, graduated
styles. 9to 11.
—Pettis beads,
street floor, aisle four.
69c Rings, 25c
Gold filled rings, mounted
with Tiffany settings. 9 to 11.
—Pettis Jewelry,
street floor, aisle four.
Women’s $2.98 Silk
Gloves, $2.19
Long silk gloves, of heavy
quality; in white only. 9 to 11.
—Pettis gloves,
street floor, aisle four.
Women’s $2.50 Silk
Gloves, $1.39
Long silk gloves of heavy
quality; pink and blue. On sale
from 9 to 11.
—Pettis gloves,
street floor, aisle four.
$5.00 Beauty Boxes,
New Tokio leather beauty
boxes in camera shape; nicely
fitted. 9 to 11.
—Pettis leather goods,
street floor, aisle three.
9 to 11 Specials in the
7c Kitchen Klenzer. 6 cans,
29*. (Limit 6 cans to a cus
13c Toilet paper, 6 rolls, 59*.
$1.50 Brooms, 98*.
25c Sani-Flush, 19*.
Package of 25c teaspoons for
luncheons and picnics, 19*.
Bread boxes, size 14x17
Inches, 49*.
—Pettis basement.
Men’s 64c Underwear,
“I want the men to tome to
this hour sale, too,” cried Mr.
Lockhart. Balbrlggan shirts
in short sleeves and drawers In
akle length styles. (Just four
of these to the man.)
—Pettis underwear for men.
street floor, aisle six.
Women’s 49c Pants, 18c
Made of gauze cotton fabric
in tight knee styles. (2 to a cus
tomer.) 9to 11.
—Pettis knit underwear,
street floor, aisle five.
Women’s $1.50 Silk
Hose, 75c
Pure threcd silk hose with
seam up the back. African
brown and a few pairs of black.
Because of slight imperfections
these are included In the Mill
End Sale; Saturday from 9 to
—Pettis hose, street
floor, aisle five.
20c and 25c Ceiling
Paper, 10c
Independent ceiling raper, In
golds, silks and flats. 6 to 24
rolls of a kind. 3 to 11.
—Pettis wall paper, third floor.
Two-Hour Specials
in Arts
$5.50 Japanese lunch sets,
$3.39. (Size 72x72.)
$4.25 Japanese lunch sets,
$2.59. (Size 54x54.)
Sanitas lunch sets, one-fourth
$2.50 Stamped pillowcases,
pair, $1.89.
—rettls art dept., fifth floor.
25c to 39c Laces, 14c
Net tap laces and edges, In
widths of 4 to 6 inches. You
can buy them Saturday from a
to 11 only.
—Pettis laces, street
floor, aisle two.
Moire Ribbons, 37c
Pure silk moire ribbon in all
shades. Just what the little
girls want for hairbows, sashes
and girdles—9 to 11.
—Pettis ribbons, street
floor, aisle three.
9 to 11 Notions
50c dress shields, sizes 2j 8
and 4, 35*.
50c baby pants (waterproof)*
9c buttons, ard of 6, s*.
—Pettis notions, street
floor, aisle one.
$1.25 Vestees, 89c
Lace and net vestees, tucked
and ruffled with collars at
tached. Very smart for wear
with fall trocks- 9 to 11.
—Pettis neckwear,
street floor, aisle two.
Infants’ $3.95 and $4.95
Dresses, $2.59
"Pless the little darlings, I
like to see them look sweet and
pretty,” remarked Mr. Lockhart,
as he examined these dresses of
organdies in both plain and
fancy effects. Sizes 2 to 6
years—9 to 11.
—Pettis Infants’ dept.,
second floor.

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