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City Hospital Phone Sen ice
Blamed by Police.
While William C. Shear, 23, of 1513 Lin
den street, a railroad switchman, whose
less were crushed off beneath the wheels
of a freight car, lay beside the tracks
for more than a half hour the police
tried vainly to reach the City hospital
Fy telephone.
The chief operator assisted the police
sergeant in his efforts but when no an
swer could be obtained from the opera
tor at the City hospital, and therefore
no ambulance could be obtained, the ser
geant reported to Capt. Iteid.
Motor police were sent to the hospital
to get an ambulance and it is said by
those officers that the telephone operator
at the hospital had been asleep and there
fore did not answer the telephone.
The police were told by an employe
of the hospital that the switchboard was
out of order, but the police had the
telephone company test the switchboard
at once and the telephone company re
ported that the switchboard was in per
fect working order.
Shear was finally taken to the St. Vin
cent’s hospital, where he died.
Shear is a switchman employed by the
Illinois Central Itaiiroad Company.
He attempted to “cut off” a box ear,
but his foot caught in the rail guard
and both trucks of the car passed over
bis legs.
His left leg was crushed off above the
knee, and his right leg was crushed off
below the knee.
James H. Lestef, 1348 North Illinois
street, was the conductor, and J. C.
Boyle, 429 Parkway, was the engineer of
the train.
Yon remember In the last story that
a kind fish took Puss Junior across the
river on his back. Well, as soon as Puss
set foot on earth he started off on his
travels, and by and by he came to Plum
Pudding Town, and the first person he
met was little Jack Horner asleep in
his corner. I guess he had eaten so many
plums that it made him sleepy. Well,
anyway, Puss tickled Jack’s ear with the
tip of his tail, and, of course, the little
boy woke up.
And when he saw Puss he was so
glad that he ran into the baker's shop
and bought a Xmas pie with as many
plums as you have fingers and 1 have
“Who else lives in this town?” asked
Puss when the pie was all gone.
“Oh, Queen of Hearts, who makes fins
tarts,” answered Jack Horner. “And the
cold plum porridge man, and the patter
cake baker's and lots more be
“Well, I must be on my way,” said
Puss. “If I wait here I might eat more
than I ought,” and away he went once
more upon his way, and by and by,
after maybe a mile, he came to a stile
where stood a fat pig with.a very fine
wig. But he wasn't the pig that went
to Bonner, but another pig who was
going to Londonderry. “Let us go to
gether,” said Puss, “for traveling alone
£<& fl/
A De-Alcoholized Beer :
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experience to make a superior article jl
2fhe3sAierage]}e Suxe |
!s exhilarating and invigorating. Brewed from the choicest malt and hops. / I
Every bottle is aged four months. i
Ye Tavern is sold everywhere—grocery stores, drug stores, soft drink parlors,
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If your dealer can not supply you PHONE US. We deliver anywhere. V
Phones, Main 8315—Circle 1731 Indianapolis, Indiana //\^\
A New Serial of Young Married Life
“Babbs, who do you think of your
old fox. Neal?” he cried. “Two weeks
at his job and doesn’t he get a promo
tion already! Forty per, that's what he
gets. Uueßj he could almost support a
wife, hey ?”
There was a note of deep anxiety in
his voice, but I didn't fully sense it at
the time.
“Promotion already?” I cried. “It’s
wonderful, Neal, darling! I'll have to
kiss you for that. Tell your Babbs just
how i thappened ”
“Well, it’s like this,”.. Neal’s voice was
unsteady. “So many of the men are leav
ing and they’re afraid a good accountant
will be offered another job. So they ad
vanced me to forty, with a promise of
fifty in six months.”
“Oh, I see. So many of the men are
being drafted that they want to pay
their boys well.” I returned, easily, re
membering what a wizard Neal was at
At that Neal turned his head away.
“Babbs, I could get married, honest
now, couldn't I?”
I laughed.
“You could indeed. But bow sorry
you’de be in a week or so. You seem to
be taking your latest crush seriously.
Who is she. laddie?”
“This isn’t a crush. A fellow isn't
certain of much nowadays. That's why
he ought to make sure of his happiness
when he can. If a girl loved me”—began
Neal, but I interrupted.
“If a girl loved you and let you be
sure of it, you’d be bored to death, lad
die. Last week it was Evvy. This
Neal flung off the hand that was strok
ing his red curls and with the same
motion flung himself to his feet.
“I come to you—and you laugh at
me!” he cried bitterly.
Then I knew- that Neal had a real
is sorry business.” So he and the pig
started off and after a while they came
to a place that was all marshy. There
were great tall cattails and coarse wiry,
grass and little pools of water. And
right in the middle of a larger pool sat
an immense big frog.
"Tra-la-la-la, tra-la-la-la-la!” he sang,
only his voice was very low and deep.
“Is your name Rowley?” asked Puss,
for he had once met the Frog That
Would A-Wooing Go, only it was so long
ago that he had forgotten how he looked.
“Yes, I am Rowley!” said the Frog,
"and I'm now a wiser frog. Never again
will I leave my pool.” And then he sang
his little song:
“A frog who would a-wooing go
Had better have a care,
And not suppose because his clothes
Are gay and debonair.
That every lady frog who sees him
Will most anxious be to please him.”
And then- Rowley sighed and croaked
so mournfully that Puss and the pig
run away. For mournful people, you
must remember, are not liked nearly as
well as those who smite and laugh. And,
in the next story, you shall hear about
a little dog who laughed because a dish
ran away with a spoon—that is, the dish
doesn’t catch the spoon and eat it up.
—Copyright, 1917, David Cory.
(To be continued).
problem. Not a boy’s flickering desire
for sympathetic attention.
I followed him and catching his hands
in mine pulled him round to face me.
“Neal, you’ve more to toll—l can see
that. What is it?”
Again he flung me off—almost wear
ily, Then he became alert, as a key
turned in the lock and Jim limped Into
the room.
Jim stooped to kiss me. Out of the tail
of my eye I could see Neal standing taut,
“What’s the matter, young fellow?”
Jim turned to Neai with real concern.
“You look as if you’d something on your
mind. Anything I can do?”
Neal's eyes flashed. His voice as he
replied held warm gratitude to Jim and
reproach for we.
“There sure is! You’re a brick to see
it Without my asking. I'd like a talk
with you—alone, Jim."
Jim’s eyes met mine for a moment.
They held a question 1 couldn’t answer.
I didn’t know what was my brother’*
Then Jim said:
“Come on into the bedroom while I get
my slippers on.”
He meant his words to seem natural,
casual and to assure me against feeling
shut out.
Then he limped into the bedroom and
Neal followed. The door closed behind
them—and I was on the outside again.—
Copyright, 1920.
(To Be Continued),
WARNING! Unless you see the name "Bayer’* on
tablets, you are not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed
by physicians for 20 years and proved safe by millions.
SAFETY FIRST! Accept only an "unbroken package’' of
genuine "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin,” which contains proper direc
tions for Headache, Earache, Toothache, Neuralgia, Colds, Rheuma
tism, Neuritis, Lumbago, and for pain generally. Strictly American!
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One of Two, Wedged in Win
dow During Raid, Escapes.
“Rip”—that’s the name of the card
game on which the police say 5 cents
a corner is chanced and on which It
is wise to have a 5-cent limit.
The latest edition of Hoyle does not
explain the game of “Rip,” and the po
lice admit they are unable to explain
it’s points.
“Rip” !s what six negroes caught
!n a raid on a second floor room at
515 Hudson street, at 1 o’clock this
morning, toll the police they were
A half pint of whisky was found by
the police.
When the police entered the room
there was the usual wild scramble and
ihree negroes escaped through a win
Two other negroes attempted to get
through the same window at the same
time and became wedged.
A sergeant polled one back into the
room but the other man went In the
other direction and escaped.
James Turner, 42, 515 Hudson street,
is the reported game keeper, and he is
charged also with operating a blind
The others who are charged with gam
ing and visiting a gambling house gave
rheir names as Ben Edwards, 38, 728
Adelaide street; Sam Parker, 38, 509
Ogden street: Thomas Stepp, 42, 306 East
.Michigan street ; Robert Walters, 42, 417
Adelaide street, and William George, 220
l’uryear street.
All Yets Welcome at
G. A. R. Outing
Asa preliminary event to the national
encampment of the G. A. It. to be held
in Indianapolis Sept. 19 to 25 a joint
outing of members of every post of the
G. A. It. and Women’s Relief Corps will
be held next Wednesday at Turner park,
near Fairview.
Every veteran of the Civil war who
is in Indianapolis is invited to attend
the outing.
Dinner will he served at 1 o'clock at
the park, and will be followed by a pro
gram at which Robert Mcßride, state
commander of the G. A. R„ will make a
brief talk.
Members of the Women’s P.elief Corps
are assisting in every way possible in
arrangements for the national encamp
Mrs. Edna E. Pauley, 1032 Olnoy
street, chairman of the committee for
the Joint picnic, and chairman of the
hospitality committee for the encamp
ment. will soon name fifty assistants
on this committee, representing each of
the six women’s organizations in the
Art Furniture Cos.
Eight Floors—Th.? Big Store With
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Low rent, small expenses, buying in
carload lots, enables us to save you
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time, 6 per cent added for 1 years’'
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Jjpn Itom pSf
The coa! proposition is
going to be a trying
one this winter unless
you own a
If you own a Palace you
need not worry what kind
of fuel you get. The Pal
ace burns any kind -of
coal, even the commonest
slack coal, find burns It
See a Palace Saturday
Easy Payments
Out of the High Rent District
South Bend
T7*e Watch With the Purple Ribbon
That is a good point to remember—then, too, South Bend has only the one price, $45,
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Prosperity and Diamonds
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