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V-_rs. Marian P?/iw and daughter, Ma
-3432 North Meridian street, have
£jone to Linton, Ind„ where they will
Spend several days.
• • •
Miss Gertrude Apgar, 3353 Salem
. street, left yesterday for a baot trip on
the great lakes. '
• *
Miss Mary nelen Boyd and William
.Robert Higgins were married this after
hcon at the summer home of the bride's
.parents, Mr. and Mrs. Linnaes C. Boyd,
on Bnrt lake.
Dr. Owen D. Odell, pastor of the Sec
, cud Presbyterian ehureh of this city,
read the service.
Only the immediate family and a few
close friends were present, but a recep
tion for friends in the lake colony fol
Mr. and Mrs. Higgins will be at home
In Indianapolis after Oct. 1.
• *
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Spink, 3597 North
Pennsylvania street, have gone to New
York City, where they will spend sev
eral weeks.
• * *
Gamma Tau sorority girls met last
j night at the home of Mrs. John Shaw,
1 3359 Graceland v avenue, to plan for a
marshmallow roast, Monday night, to be
given in honor of Miss Louise Hart of
, Washington, D. C., and Mrs. Dorothy
j Brown of St. Louis, who are visiting
■ members of the organization. Miss Anna
' Border is president of the sorority.
i ...
I The marriage is announced of Miss
.Marjorie Rawlings, daughter of Mr. and
[Mrs. D. A. Rawlings, to Charles Wil
bourne Wren Swift of Indianapolis,
iwhich took place Aug. 8 in All Saints
| cathedral, Bishop Joseph M. Francis
Mr. and Mrs. Swift are now on their
wedding trip and will be at home after
Sept. 1 at 2235 College avenue.
Miss Josephine Fisher, whose marriage
to Noble T. Crane will take place Aug.
21. was the guest of honor at a hand
kerchief shower given by Miss Kathe
;rine Kenney, 960 West drive. Woodruff
. Baskets of pink and white garden
'flowers were used through the rooms and
the dining room appointments were car
ried out in the same colors.
• •
The double wedding of Miss May
Smith and Louis Bauman and Miss
; Edith Magandanz and Frank Bauman,
will be solemnized tomorrow morning In
Sacred Heart church.
The attendants will Include Miss
Elsie Heldeureich, maid of honor for
Miss Smith, Miss Anna Bauman. Miss
Magandanz' only attendant; William
Miser, best man, with Frank Bauman
and Elmer Staub, with Louis Bauman.
• ,
.Miss Bert Goldman of New York City.
Miss Frieda Binzer and Miss Rosalind
Shat sky of Taire Haute are the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Goldman, 2506
Broadway. •-
►* * •
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Lipps. 2219
Hovey street, announce the engagement
of their daughter. Lucille, to Edward C.
The wedding will take place Sept. 8 in
SS. Peter and Paul cathedral.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Kerlin, 806 North
Delaware street, have gone to northern
Michigan, wher they will remain several
* •
Miss Colleen Crowe of Newcastle is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lehman of
the Knickerbocker apartments.
Miss Crowe, who is a talented musician,
gave a group of voice numbers here last
spring at a musieale given by Mrs.
• * •
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Jones of the Pgter
Pan apartments have gone to Leland,
Mich., to spend a fortnight.
* * •
Mrs. M. C. Hunt, 1237 South West
street, has gone to Mt. Clemens, Mich.,
to Join her sister, Mrs. H. J. Mullins, of
Louisville, Ky.
They will go from there to Mackinac
Island, where they wiil spend several
weeks before returning home.
Miss Pratt Appears
in Chicago Recitals
Mis'- Myrtle Pratt, daughter of Mr. and
Mr*. John Pratt, 18 East Thirty-second
strjet, who is studying voice under
Jiavid Baxter In Chicago, has made sev
eral public appearances before Chicago
audiences, recently.
East we"k. she was contralto soloist on
a program presented by the Illinois
V.'omar s Athletic club.
Mi I’ratt was formerly soloist at the
Memorial Presbyterian church of this
foe is a member of the student sec
tton of the Matinee Musicals and is well
1 io'vn among musical circles of the city.
HARTFORD CITY, Ind., Aug. 17.
The Johnson Window Glass factory will
resume operations Thursday.
"Who’s that?" -roared the Giant, when
lie heard the knocking on his front door,
fffc I told you in the last t story, and
then he opened the door, abd who do
you suppose was standing outside? A
little dwarf all dressed in rel with a
lilgh peaked hat upon his head.
do you want?" asked the
(Slant, for he didn’t like the dwarf and
neither did the dwarf like the Giant,
you know.
And then Puss ran out to see wliat
was the matter and the little dwarf said,
"Come here, Puss, Junior, I joint to
•whisper in your ear.” And when the
Giant heard this he made a grab for
Pus*, but our little eat was too quirk
for him, and darted out of the rare.
And it was a good thing he did, for the
Giant really was a bad man and very
iikely would have done puss some harm,
end that was the reason the little dwarf
had come after Puss.
“Come with me,” he said, and he led
Puss down the hillside till they came
to a great hollow tree.
“This is my home,’’ said the dwarf,
and he opened a little secret door !u
the side of the old tree and beckoned
I’uss to follow him. And then he closed
tne door and lust then thev heard a
dreadful noise of breaking branches and
the wicked Giant came tearing through
the forest. But he couldn’t find them
for they were safely inside the old
hollow tree and the little door didn't
show the least little bit.
And after that the Giant went away,
and Puss said coodby to the little dwarf
and went on his way, and by and by he
came to a little cottage where lived an
old woman who told fortunes. So Puss
•went in and asked her to tell him what
was going to happen to him. So the old
woman said, “Give me your right fore
paw and I will tell you.
•’Tou will live to be a very old cat,
and gome day you will have lots of
money, l'our father is a very famous
cat, and lives in a great castle with a
moat around It. And his master is a
good lord, and his lady a lovely woman.’
“Tou are right,’’ said Puss. "You are
indeed a wonderful fortune teller.” and
he gave her a gold piece, and then he
went upon his way, and by and by he
hesrd the sound of wheels. And look
ing back he saw a splendid roach ap
proaching drawn by four milk white
horse* with gold harness and waving
And when the coach came up the
driver drew In his steeds, and the lady
who was riding inside called out to
“Cwa# h4*o, littia fuu la Boot*." Bo
Missing Boy
A search is being made in Indianapolis
for Paul Howard, 14, who disappeared
from the Indiana Masonic Home at
Franklin, July 23.
' The boy was supposed to have been
employed in the country, following his
disappearance, but is now believed to
have come to Indianapolis.
The search is being conducted by the
home and by H. S. Howard, who is em
ployed gt the West Washington street
car barns.
Ingredients—Eight large green man
goes. one pound of hamburg steak, two
large onions, four ripe tomatoes.
Method —Mix the hamburg steak, onions
and tomatoes together, and salt and pep
per to taste. Scrape out the mangoes
and stuff. Bake slowly in a moderately
hot oven for about an hour.
304 South Ritter avenue.
The Times will be glad to print YOUR
husband’s favorite recipe. Address Hec
ipe Editor. Daily Times.
Mrs, Housewife ,
Can You Answer?
Three questions on household topics
will be asked each day by The Dally
Times household expert for the purpose
lof bringing up problems with which
every housewife should be familiar.
Test yourself to see if you can answer
them, then verify your knowledge by the
correct answers which will appear, to
1. What vegetable is known to haTe
been under cultivation in the greatest
number of countries from the most re
mote time?
2. The best way to cook an egg for
invalids or children?
3. What to do to keep your hands
from staining black when you peel po
1. We should be especially careful to
keep flies out of our homes this year
because typhus is raging in parts of
Europe and may appear here. The fly
spreads typhus, as well as all sorts of
Intestinal disorders, and therefore should
be swatted with unusual enthusiasm.
2. The safe way to keep vegetables
green while cooking is to add a little
baking soda to the water In which they
boiled. However, in this country the
connoisseur prefers fresh green veg
etables cooked rapidly in clear water,
. slightly salted, although they lose much
of their greenness by this method.
3. An old broom can be freshened by
dipping the bristles in a pail of very
hot soapsuds. Then sand it on end on
the handle, and let It dry.—Copyright,
! Maple Circle No. 700, U. A. O. D.. will
1 give a card party tomorrow night In the
|G. A. R hall, 222 East Maryland street,
I for the benefit of the grand circle.
Frances Review, W. B. A.. Maccabees,
will give a card party tomorrow after-
I noon at 137 West North street.
| The Only Euchre club will give a card
j party tonight in Musicians' ball, 143 East
i Ohio street.
Wednesday Needle club, Myrtle Tem
ple No. 7, Pythian Sisters, will hold an
all-day meeting tomorrow at the home
lof Mrs. Ethel Willis, 954 Indiana avenue.
Puss stepped up to the side of the
roach, and the iad.v asked him to get
inside, "For,” said she, “It is dusty
traveling on the road.”
And after they had gone for maybe
a mile or more, a band of robbers rushed
out of the woods and surrounded the
roach. And then they took the lovelj
lady and Puss prisoners nnd carried
“You Are a Wonderful Fortune Teller,”
Said Puss. Jr.
them off to their biding place In the
woods. And in the next story you shall
hear something very strange, but you
must w&it until then, for I don’t know
myself just how Puss and the lovelj
lady will ever be able to escape.—Copy
right, 1920.
(To Be Continued.)
New Hair Remover
Works “Like Magic* *
PoMitivl* Remove* Root* and All)
No discovery of greater benefit to hair
disfigured womankind has been made in
recent years than the marvelous phelac
tine method. It Is entirely unlike and
much superior to electrical, depilatory
or other methods, because It actually
removes the hair entire, roots and all—
before your very, eyes -easily, quickly,
harmlessly! Get a stick of phelactlm*
from your druggist, follow the simple di
rections, and you will be astonished and
delighted with the result. It is odorless,
nonirritating, and so harmless a child
could safely eat It. It leaves the skin
so soft, smooth, hairless, that not the
least sign of your former trouble re
matne —Ad vertlmuMea^
-I- -|. -|- -I- -I- -I- -I- -I- -I- -I- -j- -I- -I- -I- -!-
Evidence of Camouflage in Food Products
When is a hum a ham and when isu’t
a ham a ham?
That is the question.
Watch your step, ladies, when you
instruct the butcher to pull down a
nice, innocent hammy looking ham, be
cause perhaps it Isn't ham at all.
Oh, yes, it’s pig, but pigs ain’t all
bam, since parts of their anatomy are
ground out Into "hot dogs.”
Well, according to the latest informa
tion from I. L. Miller, state food anti
drug commissioner, certain wicked butch
ers eanioudage a snouluer into two pieces
which have the resulting appearance ot
looking like a big mother bam and a
little baby ham.
The process wasn’t exactly clear to
me, but Mr. Miller assured me that the
shoulder cut in two parts would have
that appearane, wherefore the butcher
having made two hams from no ham
would be charged with misbranding his
goods to the unsuspecting lady or her
To my horror I learned that trrpss
are set by the evil salesman of edibles
which endanger my life in every hue
1 consume.
"Taste this," commanded my friend,
opening a foaming bottle of pop just off
the ice.
Os course I had not expected any free
refreshments but I am always obliging
whenever anybody offers me anything to
drink, especially on a day when the
thermometer hits 200 In the shade, ac
cording to my feelings.
So I tasted, and sensations of drink
ing from Ponce de Leon’s fountain of
immortal youth took possession of me,
and 1 made an effort to take a .nice long
To my disgust the bottle was firmly
taken away from me.
"You're drinking saccharin," I was
"Well, what about It” 1 demanded.
"Nothing, except it s an adulteration
used Instead of sugar,” he informed me.
I learned that saccharin is a sub
stance which is about 500 times sweeter
than sugar, and sometimes is used lu
place of sugar because will go much
farther than sugar for sweetening pur
"Want to taste some?" I was asked.
Now, I didn't believe that there was
A New Serial of Young Married Life
There was no question of Jim’s going
to work next morning. He couldn’t
even get out of bed. for his ankle
doubled under bim when he tried to and
deprived him of choice in the matter.
He had been protesting vigorously
against my sending for a doctor, and
though his face was gray and twisted
with pain, he kept insisting that he
was perfectly all right If only I'd stop
acting like the first mourner at a fu
But when nvy poor, cfoss boy and his
ankle collapsed together, he actually be
gan shouting for a doctor. And 1 didn't
know of one. I suddenly felt aslismeii
of my vulgar good health all through my
four years in New York. But I ran to
the telephone and consulted Vlrgtnla.
This seemed one of the times when 1
must act as If my sistser-ln-law and I
were really sisters.
“I'll phone for Dr. Kellogg at once.
He is a wonderful man and will know
Just what Jim needs,*’ began Virginia
with the coldness to which I had be
come quite accustomed, t hen her voice
warmed to tehder anxiety. Ob Anne
you’re sure none of Jim's wounds have
opened? Why didn't yon send for a
doctor last night—or for me? 11l be
over In five minutes- Just as soon ss
I've called Dr. Kellogg."
Then I went In to inform Jim of tho
impending visit of Virginia and the
doctor. # /
''Now. you've gone and frightened
Jeanie to death!" cried Jim in irritation
that was all for me—as I realised when
he used his pet name for Virginia. "Why
did you do that? I won't have her see
Ad Club Movement
Taken Up by C. of C.
New appointments to the municipal
advertising committee of the Indianapolis
Chamber of Commerce are Howard T
Griffith, sales manager <>f the I’dell
Works, and Ralph W. Wlshard, man
ager of the Indianapolis Illil Posting
This committee, with Merle Sldener as
chairman, will have charge of the cam
paign to advertise Indlauapob^
This committee of the cE mber will
carry out the plan to make Indianapolis
more appreciated both by Its own cltl
xens and oxer the country.
The movement was started bjt the con
vention board of the Advertising club.
Let Cuticura Care
For Your Complexion
Daily use of the Soap keeps the skin
fresh and clear, while touches of the
Ointment now and then prevent
little skin becoming serious.
Do not fail to include the Cuticura
Talcum in your toilet preparations.
ttmpUEtebFrMfcyMiU. Address: "CstlcorsLsb
srstertst,Dp. 10. Msidsn tt.Mm" Sold*v*rr
whtfg Sosp23c. Ointment2Ssnd6oc. Tslcumwe.
SpV Cuticur* sop shaves without mug.
“Say It With Flowers”
Cor. Ohio and Merldiajs.
Ax New 21-408, Main 371*.
vtsll Wash. 3712 Alter Closing Hours.
A Speedy Recovery
41 All Druggists J
on MotSodMod tad Bob?, Proo
'WAgmyajtfCMlAlro* co.nsrr a-o, Atusta, Cai
anything sweeter than sugar, but I tried
it even if I was being kidded.
Oh, boy, it was sweet, and I don’t
'intend to taste anything ever again un
less I have tasted it in the past.
I also learned that I may very Inno
cently go to the grocery and pay 21
cents for a pound sugar which con
tains 5 per cent corn meal because the
grocer decided that that too much sugar
wasn't good for me.
Then, If I purchase saccharin, which
sells for /the moderate sum of $4.50 per
pound, I am in danger of getting part
sugar, since sugar is cheaper in welgt*
thau saccharin.
A comedy of errors hasn’t anything on
the man who bought some rock candy
syrup and sold It to his customers for
maple cane syrup only to find that he
baß purchased a concoction of glucose.
Among other things I learned that the
apples used In cider are usually picked
! for their nice wormy appearance.
I Apple cider vinegar is made out of ap-
J pie waste after all the Juice has been rc
j moved for other purposes, I was ln
j formed.
I Since water is cheaper than fruit, it is
I customary to fill fruit cans with a
! large quantity of Juice anil a small
’ amount of fruit for fear the consumer
; may get more than he is entitled to.
i But that isn’t all; a box of cherries br
i berries may have every earmark of being
perfectly legitimate and yet be dishonest.
Under the food acts the boxes have
be made without any little platforms
and since the middleman can't cheat that
way any more he fills the boxes slackly
so that they look nice and full.
The family iceman may cheat you out
of dozens of pounds of ice in one sea
son, even if it is 60 cents a hundred,
by not weighing the “fifty" that you
I buy a dish of tea cream at the cor
ner drug store which has every ap
pearance of having honesty Incorporated
into its anatomy, but alas, I have been
cheated because it does not contain the
amount of butter fat required by the
state law.
A luscious pound of butter reposes
on the table delightful in Its coloring,
but horrors, it's adulterated from tho
very bottom up, since It contains too
much water.
"Despite all this, food adulterations
are few and far between,” I was as
W in bed -it'll break her all up. Help
me out of here.
<*f course It hurt to have Jim ignore
the fact that it might break me ail up
to see him In bed. but I'd always heard
that sick men were Irritable, and now
It was being demonstrated for me. So
I bit my lips and summoned any shreds
of hnmor 1 might possess.
“Jimmie, I’ve got you where 1 want
you. You’re helpless and so you'll Just
do Just as I order," I began In a tone
of mock-heroic*. Then I continued more
seriously: "This ts your program:
“You'll wash out of a nice little bowl
Nursey brings you, and eat your break
fast from a nice little tray similarly
witched to your side. And then. If his
porridge and cream is all gone. Little
Jimmie will be taken out to the nice
comfy couch In the living room by the
lean-onme-grandpa method. How's
Jim only grunted and turned his face
to the wall, but he let roe carry out my
program. And as we were staggering
out to thv living room together, Vir
trinli*errlvd. with Phoebe bringing tip
the t-*r la'len with fruits and Jellies
and a regular market supply of dainties
The'little sister was only allowed to
stay for a kiss and ahe was ordered
off to see to the day’s work In Vtr
glnla s apartment. In the doorway she
sadly whispered to me:
“Vee doesn't think any one ean do
as much for Jim as she can And she
doesn't think I matter to him at ait.
I didn’t fell her about the necklace."
Rhi* squeezed my hand, blew a kiss to
Jim and drifted away like a mass of
spring blossoms on a hreexe. For a mo
ment a flicker of pity for Virginia
passed across my mind—how much she
•clased when she froxe Phoebe to Im
mobility. And after this thought 1
found It more natural to pity myself,
for Virginia was taking possession of
Jim, rearranging hta pillows, undoing all
ray plana for his cotnforu and—yes, I
confess It doing everything twice as
skillfully as I had. —Copyright, Ur.i).
(To Be Continued.)
ci/r oar cot/po/se, geta full
;m.t coupon G/2?JE /dS
[MS asoc.S-USON SHMKT.tUW OS T>, J} /X A /* f
!e 0 o os* ui" ; , “ nt CM A Gi ~
■*■■ -—.— i rnrn
zrrr — r \J t f* |
•OSLV 0N SCK, Q, T j e „, rtM , ty -fl S |
J esocisi 0., -vm ,* cw... r ,. Ii ®
- * ,
i „
Board of Health to Ask City
for $500,000 Issue.
Plans for the construction of a nurses’
home at the City hospital were sent for
ward today when a resolution, adopted
by the board of public health last night,
calling on the city controller to ask the
city council to authorize a bond Issue of
$500,000, was spread on the records.-
Drawings for the proposed home nearly
are completed, the board was Informed
by President Gatch.
The board authorized “sufficient ex
penditi/res from the tuberculosis fund to
properly equip tuberculosis clinics at
Chrlstamore Settlement, the Jewish Com
munal, Flanner Guild and the city dis
pensary at Market street and Senate
Salaries of the thirteen school nurses
were raised from the scale of SBS, S9O
and SIOO a month to SIOO, slls and $123
a month.
A resolution calling for the appropria
tion by the city council of whatever is
deemed necessary to keep the venereal
disease clinics in the city In operation
until Jan. 1 was adopted following a dis
cussion in favor of the clinics by Dr.
William F. King, representative of the
United States public health Bervlee in
From $2,500 to $3,000 will be required
for this work, it is estimated by health
A step toward making the laboratory
at the City hospital more efficient was
taken in the appointment ol - John Vie
is laboratory technician, on the recom
mendation of Dr. Harry Foreman, super
intendent of the hospital.
The laboratory has not been as effi
cient as could be desired for some time
because of the lack of a permanent nad
efficient director on full time duty, Dr.
Foreman said.
Delegates From All Over State
Are Present.
An all-day conference of the republican
women’s state executive and advisory
committees was held today at the Hotel
Reports of the work that has been done
among the women in a political way were
read and future plana discussed.
At noon a luncheon was served In Par
lor A and the business was to be con
tinued this afternoon.
Mra. Joseph Keallng of Indianapolis
Is chairman of tbq, executive committee,
and other members from over the state
who were present included Mrs. B. 8.
Rose and Mrs. Anne Studebaker Car
lisle of South Rend, Mrs. Edward Toner
of Anderson, Miss Dorothy Cunningham
of Martinsville, Mrs. Irene J. Erlbacher
of Evansville. Mrs. Clara Ulen of Cory
don, Mrs. Ethel • 'ox of Columbus, Mrs.
Robert E. Lee of Terre Haute. Mra. John
Goodwin of Brookvllle. Mrs. James Lari
more of Anderson, Mrs. Cal lie Hartman
of Lebanon. Mrs. James A Patterson
of Gary, Miss Flora Purvlar.ee of Hunt
ington. Miss Hilda Hughes of Lagrange
end Mrs Erwin N. Cook of Warsaw.
Tomorrow 'ifternoon a meeting of
other republican women of the state
active In politics will be held, Mrs.
Keallng presiding.
Family Reunion Is
Held at Garfield Park
The Geiger Gross reunion was held in
Garfield park Sunday afternoon.
A program of games and contests was
held in the afternoon followed by a ,
basket dinner In the evening. Those
present, Included: Mr. and Mrs, Tom;
Geiger, Miss Ruth Donaron. Mis* Ester'
Gobr. of Omaha. Neb.: Mr. and Mrs.!
Roy Shame!. Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Aker, j
Miss Rtith Moore of Indianapolis: Mr
and Mrs John Pfeiffer, Miss Maxell
Pfeiffer, Howard Pfeiffer. Mr. Milton
Pfeiffer and son, Mr, and Mrs E. V.
Plgman. Mr. nnd Mrs Clam! Pair of |
Connersville; Mr. and Mrs. Qua Zscheid-i
rich. Mias Hilda Zscbiedrleb. Miss Ester j
Z*ch led rich. Mr. Harold Zsi’hleflrtcb, Mr. j
nod Mrs, Elmer Geiger. Miss Mary j
< re! ge r of Greenwood; Mr. and Mrs. l
Eaton. Mis* Margaret Eaton, Mr. and;
Mrs. J. G. Geiger, Mr. and Mrs. Adam
Geiger. Mr. and Mrs, Thomas Bryant. Mr. I
Carl Bryant. Mr. Elmer Voiles. Miss
Edna Miles, Mr. and Mrs. Iren Mile*. Mr j
Paul Miles. Mr and Mrs. Fred Prtgger.
Miss Katherine Lucille Prtgger. Miss
Sarah Alice Prtgger of Indianapolis, and
Mr. Paul Iltday of Fortvllle.
a &Gr a
* f --rm- if - *
c the Circle, Special
/65 White Wash Skirts ,
Plain tailored gaberdine models, novel OCT
pockets, belts, pearl buttons, at \sA
50 Plaid Wool Skirts iQ
. New fall shades, varied plaiting, for r% fn f-’ v
school, street and sports, at
Color combinations are navy and brown, green and black, gray and ky
Copenhagen blue, navy and green. —Ayres—Third floor.
va 18-Piece Chinaware Dinner Set jn
\/A Circle "1 Q for Only JR#
Price, vp JL •tJ S0 One Day jjd,
\k White Semi-Porcelain Py
- Set consists of 4 cups, 4 saucers, 4
! \ K plates, 4 fruit saucers, 1 meat platter
Striking Tub Frock Opportunities
—Possible Only at End of Season
Amazing savings on tub frocks of every style are possible while the collection
lasts. Frocks for every conceivable need, from sports to evening attire, 'are re
duced for the big end-of-the-seaaon cleanup. Our necessity for disposing of these
frocks at radical cuts in price is your opportunity to secure smart apparel for the
remainder of the warm season.
$4.95, $12.75, sls, 17.75, $22.50
And a Few Higher Prices
Every summer dress in stock has been drawn into the reduction of prices, de
spite the fact that many of these dresses were bought late in the season and are
fresh and crisp and new looking.
White and Colored Organdy Frocks
— Piquant, Dainty Dotted Swiss Frocks
—Pleasingly Patterned Voile Dresses
—BrigHt Plaid Ginghams , Snappily Made
The collection is admirable in point of the quality and freshness of the fabrics,
and it is tempting in its values because of the chic and smart styles and the ex
ceedingly low prices. Ayres Third floor.
“Through the 1 urns tile''
TOMATOES, Plymouth Rock
brand. No. 2 cans, standard pack
site, 12Vie; tue dozen cans. 91 35
APPLE BUTTER, Libby’s per
fectly spiced, 2-pound cans,
pound cans 20(*
PRUNES, Santa Clara fruit In per
fect condition, two sites, pound,' 20tf
and 350
GRAPE JUICE, special, Ar
mour's Welch's, Batavia and
Royal Purple, pints, 35<?;
quarts 65 6
BORDEN'S Eagle Brand condensed
milk, can
QUEEN OLIVES, large fruit, plat
jars, 23<*’. - Jrs 4-s<*
I BUTTER, Ayres’ special cream
ery, "Extra Quality,” pound,
GOe*'. Swastika, n good creamery
butter, pound 57C
SALMON, Waif brand, fancy pink.
No. Vi cans 15d
CORN REEF, cooked, ready to
serve, fino for sandwiches, sliced, in
half pound packages 250
CORN, fancy Crosby Sales brand,
No. 2 cans, IDO, the cloaca
cans 92.25
Bros’. Diamond, n brand of extra
fnney sugar cured In the piece
wild machine sliced, pound.. 4-50
SUNSHINE Cakes and Crackers,
box, 9c- 170 190
During the Fore- XVeek
Seven SILK Specials
May Solve Tour Present Needs
Gros de Londres, $2.98 the Yard
Our best quality and a favorite weave for fall. Black, light
and dark navy blue, medium brown and a dozen combinations
In glace effects; also fine glace taffetas in this lot. 36 inches
Printed Taffetas, $3.68 the Yard.
Splendid qualities in white, light and pastel grounds, with
print-warp designs in Pompadour, Dolly Madison and charming
floral effects. A remarkable value for making frocks or as lin
ing silks. 36 Inches wide.
Colored Habutais, 88c the Yard
Genuine Japanese habutais in a score of most wanted shades;
for lamp shades, linings and the like. 27 inches wide.
Shantung, $1.28 to $1.78 the Yard
Some extra fine, heavy Qualities of hand-loom Shantung in
the natural tone. 32 inches wide.
Shantung, 32 Inches Wide, 78c
A remarkable value for draperies or dresses. Genuine Shan
Tussor Shantung, $3.48 the Yard
Duplan’s extra heavy, firm quality Shantung, made for men’s
suitings, sports skirts, etc. 40 inches wide.
Skinner’s Satins. $3.50 and $3.75
Lining satins and dress satins in the new fall color range,
Just received. Skinner’s name stands for quality unsurpassed.
36 inches wide. —Ayres—Second floor.

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