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j £
> ST the opening week of the fall se
mester of Butler college approaches,
fraternity and sorority folk are “getting
busy" lining up their program of fes
Girls of Pi Bet Pi are entertaining
tonight. Kappa Alpha Theta gave a
dancing party last night, and on Sat
urday the Indianapolis alliance of Delta
Delta Delta win give the annual “pink
party," entertaining the active chapter
and a group of guests, which will be
held at the Country club.
A luncheon will be served, after which
a surprise program will be presented.
Mrs. W. H. Hudson of the local al
liance, national president of the sorority,
Is in charge of general arrangements,
and Mrs. N. J. DeMotte is in charge of
• * •
Dr. Marie T. Rinnelin, 1530 South East
street, entertained a party of young peo
ple last night in honor of Miss Lena
• briefer and Miss Lena Randall, who
will leave soon to enter the missionary
alliance training school at Nyack on the
Hudfcon, to take up study preparatory to
entering foreign mission fields.
• * *
Mrs. George H. Nolte and Miss Emma
Nolte, of Richmond, are the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Turner, 1329 Marlowe
* •
Miss Martha Kenyon and Fred Eldea
Daniel were quietly married this morn
ing at the home of the bride's mother,
Mrs. H. E. Kenyon, 577 Middle drive.
Woodruff Place.
Rev. J. W. Duncan read the service
before the fireplace, banked high with
palms and fern, combined with masses
of asters and gladioli in rainbow hues.
Mrs. Addison J. Kenyon sang “At
Dawning” and “Believe Me If All Those
Endearing Young Charms” preceding the
ceremony, accompanied by Mrs. W. S.
Lynch, who also played the music for the
processional, using the bridal chorus
from Lohengrin.
The bride wore a smart frock of mid
night blue tricolette with a black velvet
hat, and a corsage of bride roses.
Among the out-of-town guests were
Mrs. N. R- Lynch of Nashville, Tenn.,
and Mrs. Fred Donnely of Anderson.
Mr. and Mrs. D&nlel have gone on a
trip north, and will be at home tem
porarily on their return at 577 Middle
drive, Woodruff place.
• *
Invitations have beefi Issued for the
marriage of Miss Josephine Horne, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. William L. Horne,
1535 North Pennsylvania street, and Hor
ace W. Nordyke, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Addison H. Nordyke, which will take
place Tuesday, Sept. 14, at 3:30, In the
First Baptist church.
Miss Horne’s attendants will Include
Miss' Helen Beck, Miss Eleanor Goodall,
Miss Elizabeth Fauvre, Hiss Mabel Gass
away and Miss Marjorie Appell of Boston,
bridesmaids, and Mrs. McHenry Horne,
matron of honor.
** * /
Miss Euphemia Fosdick, 720 West
Forty-second street, returned home to
day from New York, where she has been
connected with the physical training de
partment of Cornell university.
• * *
The Den Zare club will give the first
of its series of winter dances Friday
night, Sept. 17, in the ballroom of the
Independent Athletic club.
• • •
Miss Katherine Parkhurst of Lebanon,
Ind., and Donald Hogate, of Danville,
are the house guests of Mrs. Samuel Rals
ton and Miss Ruth Ralston, at “Hoosier
Home.” Miss Ruth Cravens of Blooming
ton will come Friday to spend several
cay a.
* • •
Alpha chapter of Phi Kappa Beta fra
ternity met at the home of James Fisher,
in Woodruff place, for election of offi
cers and a business meeting.
William Geizendanner was re-elected
president and the remaining officers in
cluded Abe Martin, rice president;
Thoma% Wilson, treasurer; James Fisher,
recording secretary; Earl Whiteman, cor
responding secretary, and Maurice Mor
gan, sergeant-at-arms.
A farewell party will be given by the
fraternity next Saturday night In honor
of Paul Kerran, who will return to
Notre Dame this fall, and Forrest Kirby,
who will enter Purdue.
Earl Lyons, Robert Jones and John
Mumford have been recently pledged.
• • •
Attendants for the wedding of Miss
Martha Ogle and Chris Matthews will in
clude Miss Andrey Groves, '■nusin of the
bride, maid-of honor; Martha Fielder,
..the bride's small namesake, flower maid,
skid Cecil Matthews, nephew of the groom,
best man.
Mrs. Nelie Brown, vocalist, and Mis*
Ruth Simms, pianist, will give the pro
gram of bridal music, and Rev. Kay
Ragsdale of the Brightwood Methodist
church will read the service.
• * •
Mrs. George Kern, Arlington avenue
and Forty-second street, who has been
Hundreds of girls go to work day
after day. afflicted with some ailment
peculiar to their sex, dragging one
foot wearily after the other, working
always with one eye on the clock and
wishing for closing time to come.
Every such girl should rely on Lydia
E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound
to restore her to a normal healthy
condition, then work will be a pleas
ure. For forty this famous
root and herb niedicine has been pre
eminently successful In controlling
the diseases of women. Why don’t
you try it? —Advertisement.
—II -
This is turning an old saying face about,but
modern methods of reducing fat ha ve made
this revision possible.
If you are overfat; opposed to physical ex
ertion; f oad of the table and its good things,
and still want to reduce your excess flesh
several pounds, go to your druggist (or
write to the Marmola Cos., 96 Garfieldlßuild
ing, Detroit, Mich.) and give him, (or
send them) one dollar, thus satisfying your
ambition for a trim, slim figure, by receiv
ing a good size box cf Marmola Prescrip
tion Tablets (compounded in accordance
with the famous Marmola Prescription);
take car of these pleasant candy tablets
after each meal and at bedtime, and you
will lose your fat at the rate of two. three
or four pounds a week.
Then continue the treatment until your
weight is what you desire. Marmola
Prescription Tablets are not only harm
less but really beneficial to the general
health. ' You don’t need starvation diet or
weakening exercises. Just go on eating
what you like, leave exercising to the
athletes, but take your little tablet faith
fully ana without a doubt that flabby fleah
will quickly take unto itself wings, leaving
behind it your natural seif, neatly clothed
in firm flesh and trim muscles.
Cuticura Soap
For the Hands
3oep,Oißineat.Ta;eaß.ge.T rwlurra .
It requires things, the boarding
school wardrobe, but oh ! the comfort of
a nice corduroy robe for the chilly eve
This one is of rose pink lined with
matching silk and piped with satin.
The sleeves'are cut separate and ex
tend to the hipline to form pockets.
A cord girdle and covered buttons fin
is the robe.
spending the summer In the Kero cot
tage, at Mackinac, has returned home.
... \
The Gatling Gun club. Including the
woman’s division, will fold open house
tomorrow night and will entertain with
dancing and cards, to be followed by *
“watermelon feast.” ,
... /
Mr, and Mrs. Theodore Craven, 1433
Bellefontaine street, have gone to Day
ton, 0„ to spend several days,
Hartford City Levy
Will Bejtncreased
Special to The Times.
HARTFORD CITY. Ind.. Sept. 1
Despite the fact that the assessed valua
tion of the county Is much higher next
year than at present, the republican
board of county commissioners will find
it necessary to increase the tax levy for
next year.
Funds ran short this year and the
board is seeking permission of the state
tax commission to Boat a $20,000 loan to
meet current expenses.
BYou Can’t Beat 1 '
PHOENIX Perk and Beans
If you want to give the family a p
treat they will appreciate -se rv e g
Phoenix Pork and Beans.
1 They have the body-building qual- 1 ”
- I gj ities needed by growing child |
JO —enhanced by a delightfully fla- If
HioViM | vored tomato sauce.
■ %m M ThoenS g After all, there is.no dish like S
Coggl m±m well-cooked beans to whet the palate |||i
H an d build the body.
IHI 11 If you are not acquainted with the superior-
M ity of the Phoenix brand, you have a surprise
Q I j 'in store for you.
a can today. Your grocer can supply
I' / Schnull 8c Company I
Each Phoenix food ts a specialized - jM
- Try each of these—Phoenio /y
Coffee, Catsup, Apple Putter, Peanut //
Butter. Jellied Fruits, Canned Vea- \\
e tables. Hominy, eto. You will be P' j" — p~ l—y-” - y //
delighted. //
Ingredients—Nine large ripe tomatoes,
two oniofts, one green pepper, one-half
cups of sugar, one cup of vinegar, one
tabiespoonful of salt, one teaspoonfm
each of allspice, cinnamon, cloves and
Method —Chop onion and green pepper
together. Cut the tomatoes into quar
ters and sugar.
Then add to the chopped onion and
Roll the above together until tender,
and then add vinegar, salt and spices
and boll five minutes longer.
Seal in glass jars with parowax.
221 South West street, Thomtown, Ind.
Mrs. Wetherald said this Is a fine
recipe for a relish, and is very nice to
eat with hot or cold meat.
‘‘lt Is my husband’s favorite recipe, and
the whole family enjoys eating It as
often as X make It,” she said.
The Times will be glad to print YOTJU
husband’s favorite recipe. Address Rec
ipo Editor, Daily Times.
2,500 P. B. Ministers
Meet at Winona Lake
Special to The Times.
WARSAW, Ind., Sept. I.—About 2,500
ministers and members of the Progres
sive Brethren church are attending the
annual national conference thts week at
Winona lake.
Rev. Charles A. Bame of North Man
chester is preaiding and large delega
tions are present from every state in
tie union.
More than twenty-five ministers and
lay delegates are here from California.
Don’t streak or ruin Tour material la
H poor dye. Inslat on Dyes."
Easy directions in every package.
Make Lemon Lotion to Double
Beauty of Your Skin
1 'l
Squeeze the Juice of two lemono Into
$ bottle containing three ouncee ol
Orchard White which can he had at any
• rug store, shake well and you have a
auarter pint of harmless a*d dollghtfui
lemon bleach for few cents.
* Massage thl* sweetly fragrant lotion
Into the face, neck, arms and hands each
iay, then shortly not* the beauty of
pour Ain.
Famous stage beauties use lemon Juice
|a bleach and bring that soft, clear.
•aay-whUe complexion. Lemons hava
always been need as a freckla, suuburr
tod tan remover. Make this up sad
C-—Ad ve rtl semen t
Mrs. Housewife
Do You Know—
1. Why Is unpolished rice better than
polished rice?
2. The easiest way to prepare dry
bread crumbs?
3. How can a grease spot be removed
from wall paper?
(These questions will be answered to
morrow by the Housewife.
1. Teople who depend on rice for
fheir chief cereal do not make bread of
it because it is lacking in gluten neces
sary for raising.
2. For young children prunes should
be cooked until soft, as much as pos
sible of the dark skin removed and the
remaining pulp thoroughly mashed or
put through a coarse wire sieve.
3. It is best to remove eggs from
pasteboard container after purchasing as
they are apt to absorb the flavor of the
paper.—Copyright, 1920.
Relief Corps Meets
Maj. Robert Anderson’s Woman’s Re
lief Corps No. 34 will hold a special
meeting In Saks hall tomorrow morning
■at 10 o’clock for the purpose of appoint
ing an Investigating committee.
Wall Paper Sale
We have bought several carloads of
wall paper at a bargain and due to
lack of space in our store we are offer
ing them to you at less than present
wholesale prices.
Think of It!
This stock includes all grades and pat
terns suitable for any room. This is
your opportunity for a real money sav
ing for your fall or spring cleaning,.
Prices Sc Per Roll and Up
Long-Hunt Painting and
Decorating Cos.
18 West Ohio St. Indianapolis
Registration Polls
to Be Open Saturday
Registration polls will open at 8 a. m.
Saturday and will close at 9 p. m., ac
cording to a statement made by Leo K.
Fesler. county auditor, at a meeting last
night at the courthouse for the purpose
of instructing registration officials as to
their duties.
More than 400 registration officials ap
peared at the meeting and a numbef of
women who have been appointed on the
boards appeared and took many notes
while Mr. Fesler explained the various
duties of the registration officials.
( \
# Ladies’ last -
year’s velours,
plush, heaver
and felts re- v
shaped Into
seasonal) le
38 W. Ohio St. Main 3496
Indianapolis, Ind.
Out-of-town parcel post orders
care of promptly.
open T A—D. c/ose
8:30 VCo 5%0
BaSemetlt AppUTel Shop I " JN
150 School Girl Middy Suits
An Extraordinary Purchase —A Real Concession As to Price
U'Jhn $12.95
I ''M&il f Best of all, they’re regulation, th.e kind that will
sSrLsf worn by school girls of discrimination and taste.
1/ Fine big plaits in the skirt, and hand done em
blems on the blouse. It should not take all day
Thursday to sell every suit in the lot, for the pop- |
ularity of the woolen middy suits is still on the in-
The suits are of navy blue men’s wear serge. There are
only a few brown suits. The collar braid is white; stars
hand made. Pocket arrow heads are also hand done. The
emblems are boldly nautical, large and comply with the
schoolgirl rules and regulations. The generous plaiting in
HH9 the skirts dubs the suits as excellent hiking outfits.
I \ The price has grounded the rocks, the middies are top-
I notch, and the opportunity is yours Thursday. Do not delay.
" Ayres—Basement.
?T?°w E <r RI1 ?? i The New Victor Records
Through the T urns tile J _
BI TTER, Ayr**’ *p**Ul cr*am- lOF Dol*
ery, “Extra Quality,’’ pound, G 2“: "*•
S >ruud k ss * B °° d creamer 7 butter ’ Here are some of them, and well worth trying, surely.
1 ' .V... , ... . 64902—Wh0 Can Tell (from Apple Blossoms) —Kreisler $1.25
TINA FISH, all vihite meat, „ . , _
Club ’lions* brand. No. Vi can*. <4630-Treika en traineaux-Rachmaninoff *1.75
35<“; Mousoon brand. No. vi cana, 18684—Whirlwind (flute solo) —Arthur Brooke
SOc; No. l cans, 69e Hungarian Fantasie ...SKd
ROOT BEER EXTRACT, Hire’s, 18683 —Comrades of the Legion—Gruner—Sousa’s Band.
bottle, 2j c. Who’s Who in the Navy—Gruner—Sousa’s Band 85<S
Miller A Hart's Berkshire 18682 Hold Me Palace Trio.
brand, 8 to 12-lb. averag*. pound, Wond’ring—Selvin s Novelty Orchestra 85£
41<?. 18680—Slow and Easy—Esther Walker.
BREAKFAST BACON, fancy N Whatcha Gonna Do When There Ain’t No Jazz 85^
sugar cuied, lean cut. machine 15679 —Pretty Kitty Kitty—Charles Harrison.
s4io*u, pound, 45c Drifting—Peerless Quartet , 85<
COFFEE. Chase Sc Sanborn’* geal „ Ayres—Fifth floor,
brand, pound cans, 57<*; 2-pound _____________________
ran*, 81.12; 3-pound cau3.
$1.68; 6-pound cans. $2.25- A TV • j rxx 1
AIIM.E DDT TE B. Ohio CT>lf ATOY OU GOlllg tO i cIKC -
brand, 1 cry good cider butter, O
pound jar, SO?; quart Jar. 630 i • Ci # TXT 1
OATES. Dromedary i rated. In IJOIIIGS tIC SCIGTICG W Ollt
f*ct condition, box, 25c-
Royal anne CHERRIES, Dei YoVll have to be supplied with many a cap and apron befqre the
Metric brand. No. i onus, special at dav of cap and gown
32*; th* dozen, 83.60- ’ ,
IDIV ,. loung women specializing in domestic science courses at school
‘ ” “T y I ‘ ll ' * will find the right kind of immaculate, starchy white aprons with bibs
si’NS Hl-ND CAKES vn I>r RACK- f ° r laboratory or practi<e wear - These aprons are priced at $1.25.
ehs, box, oc. 17*. :i9c. Domestic science caps, white and singularly attractive, are priced
—Ayr**—Basement. at 55c. , —Ayres—House'dress section—third floor.
! Under-Beauty of Gleaming Silks
Madam’s finishing school daughter will
agree with Madam herself that there’s /Tv.
nothing so delicious to wear as silken un
der-attire, whether it’s underneath the aft- IrL Y'
ernoon gown of chiffon or the filmy evening j \
frock with which it must be worn, or ’neath I \ VlkWi
a very smart frock of I’oiret twill or trico- / V /
tine for street wear. j jj j jra jv\\ /WGu EB *
If you wear it exclusively or just for j>' | < /
“dress up,” you’ll want it to be lovely and Ass . ,
give the maximum of service—and you pre- VI | \
fer it to be as lowly priced as quality will Q'| \' j / \
Such Are These Irrcsistibles
GOWNS of crepe de chine and wash satin, plain tailored—and that very prettily—or trimmed
with lace in almost gala effect. Priced from $4.50 to $16.75.
PAJAMAS, duckie one-piece affairs of crepe de chine, in flesh tint. Priced from 810 75 to
ENVELOPE CHEMISES of crepe de chine and wash satins, as demurely tailored as a silken,
thing can be. or out and out vain with trimmings of Georgette crepe, lace and satin ribbons. Priced
from $6.75 to $15.00.
BLOOMERS of crepe de chine, trimmed with lace, priced at $2.75. Os & heavier quality
crepe de chine, in simple style, with ribbon rosebud trimming, priced at $7.50 and $8.75. Plain
i wash satin bloomers, priced from $4 50 to $7.95.
CAMISOLES of crepe de chine and wash satin, delectably trimmed with laces and ribbon, or in
simple effect, with touches of handwork. Priced from $2.75 to f8.75.
—Ayres—Third floor.
Tricotine Frocks Make a Showing
Os Their Own—and a Tempting One
tThe (fay for tricotine is almost with us. when the air is
a bit too crisp for a silk frock without a wrap and not chilly
enough to warrant wearing a suit. And then (in a snappy
model yourself) you’ll see women of taste and swagger
smartness faring forth during the daytime in fascinating
cloth tailleurs of navy blue tricotine.
Do Your “ Tricotining' ’ Now *
While the stocks are at iheir fullest and loveliest, select the frock
' or frocks you will want for September days on the street. Striking
models of a very fine quality and in a great range of winsome
styles, may be had from $34.00 upward to $59.50.
Some of the models employ silk duvetyne in one of the new red
shades as part trimming.
Some are braided In gold and embroidered in black and subdned
tones of bright colors.
The new sleeves, the new length, the low waistline are distinctive
features of them all.
Many Higher Priced Gowns , Also
These of tricotine and of Poiret twill In very beautiful qualities,
and navy blue, of course. In line aid treatment they are ultra-smart,
and the first group, are very reasonably

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