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Conviction of Negro Political
lieader Causes Sensation.
“I got no kick, I don’t cars, my shoul
ders aro broad,” declared Harry “Goosle”
Lee, negro, president of the Pioneer Re
public* club at 500% Indiana avenue,
as he signed the appeal bonds of sixteen
men convicted of visiting a gambling
house yesterday afternoon.
Lee had been convicted of being the
keeper of a gambling house and Special
Judge Remlster Bingham fined him $lO9
and costs and sentenced him to serve
thirty days on the penal farm.
Lm appealed his case and his appeal
bond was signed by Allen Sims, negro,
republican political worker, and an em
ploye in the county assessor’s office.
The sixteen negroes were fined $lO and
costs on charges of visiting and sentenced
to ten days In jail, but the jail sentences
were suspended.
Following Lee's boast to a Daily Times
reporter some wbeks ago that ‘‘we have
gambled, we were gambling and we will
gamble on Indiana avenue, no mutter
what the police or newspapers do,” the
case attracted considerable interest.
Three police officers, members of the
morals squad, described to the court
the raid made on the Pioneer club rooms
at 3 o’clock on the morning of Aug. 15,
when they captured Lee and eighteen
other negroes.
The police watched the place until one
of the men started to enter when they
grabbed him and the man, described as
“the watcher,” prevented them from
turning a switch connected with a light
that was suspended over the pool table,
where the men were alleged to have been
■hooting craps.
The police broke in a second door, they
testified, and there was a wild scramble,
one negro leaping through the front win
dow of the second story room and es
Lee, the police testified, grabbed the
dice and threw them Into a safe and
■lammed the door, but the police cap
tured the “ivories" and 80 cents.
“Goosle” Lee, who is reputed to hold
the negro republican vote of the avenue
district "in the palm of his hand," told
the court the “boys” were playing pool,
checkers and cards and a few were
sleeping and that the dice were -selected
by the police from a box containing
many pairs of dice.
“You see. judge,” explained Lee, "we
never permit gambling in the elubrooms
and any man who brings dice to the
club Is forced to place the dice In the
box in the safe."
Lee, well known as a professional
bondsman, denied on cross-examination
that he had boasted of gambling on the
avenue to a reporter, but Cliff Keeling,
known republican politician, who
was Lee’s attorney, prevented the re
porter from testifying at the trial, as
the reporter had been in the room dur
ing the trial and had not been requested
to leave the courtroom at the time the
state's witnesses were ordered to leave.
When the Lee trial was called eight of
the “club members” caught in the ralor
were missing, and the court threatened io
forfeit the bonds if the defendants failed
to appear.
There was a delay of an hour and then
Lee’s attorney announced that bis clients
were ready for trial, that is, all except
two, who were sick.
These two cases were continued and
the charges against Lee and the other
sixteen were heard. \
Charges of gaming were dismissed on
motion of the attorney for the -defense
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By David Cory.
In the last ‘story you remember Puss
Junior and the Blackbird were in the
cavern of the little dwarf, Vay down deep
underground, and when the lights went
out Puss had turned his magic ring
around three times and then the lights
appeared. And, oh, yes I After that, the
dwarf tried to steal the ring from Puss.
I suppose he thought It would be a fine
thing for him to have a ring like that.
But be didn't get It. For Puss wouldn t
have parted with that ring for a for
tune, let me tell you. And when that
wicked dwarf tried to pull it away from
Puss, our little hero drew his swird and
"Have a care, dwarf, lest I kill you
with my trusty blade!” and you can
well imagine the dwarf stepped out of
the way, for he didn't want to be killed
any more than you do or I do.
“And now for your treachery,” cried
Puss, “give me a bagful of your dia
monds!” And because the dwarf didn’t
go at once to get them. Puss gave him
a prick with the point of his sword, and
then you should have seen how fast that
dwarf went. And when he had filled a
little sack full of the precious stones, hs
handed them to Puss.
“Now lead us up to earth,” and Pass
gave the dwarf another prick with the
point of his sword to make him obey
quickly. Well, pretty sooh after that
Puss and the Blackbird walked out of
the little door in the old dead pine tree,
and you can well imagine they were glad
once more to see the bright sunshine.
“Now let me give you a piece of ad
vice,” said Puss to the dwarf. “Don’t
yon ever try to hurt people who trust
you, for I believe eVen if I hadn’t had
iny magic ring that the good fairies In
the forest would have saved me from
you, for Good always conquers Evil,”
and then Puss strode away and by and
by he and the Blackbird came to a great,
tremendous egg lying under a tree.
“Well, If that Isn’t the largest egg I
ever saw,” cried the Blackbird. “It
when the state failed to show which of
the defendants had won or lost money.
Judge Bingham refused to dismiss the
visiting charges, declaring that there was
strong evidence of gambling.
Lee was the star witness for the de
fense, but a negro who said his name
was Williams testified that he was the
secretary of the club and that he always
stood at the door to make the members
show their cards as they enterwl.
police say Williams was hot the
man who opened the door to admit the
member when they rushed through and
raided the club.
Lee admitted on cross-examination
that he had paid fines for gambling.
The conviction of Lee and the sixteen
others caught in the raid caused a sen
sation among the police and among the
negroes of the avenue djgtrict, as
“Goosle,” professional bondsman and
prominent political worker, had always
been described as “hard to catch and
harder to convict.”
Falls From Berth in
Hawmow at Fair Lot
S. E. Linley, 45, Russlavllle, who is
in charge of an exhibit of cattle at the
state fair grounds, fell from a hay
mow of one of the barns at the fair
grounds early this morning and was
Linley was asleep and it Is believed
rolled! over, falling eighteen feet
through the opening in the mow floor.
He was taken to the Methodist hospi
must have been a giant bird who laid
it!” and ho flew off of Puss Junior's
shoulder and alighted on the great egg.
And then, all of a gudden, it opened
with a click and in fell the Blackbird,
and then It closed again with a snap,
and of course the poor Blackbird was
inside. Yes, indeed! He was a prisoner.
“Oh, dear! Oh, dear!” said Puss.
‘‘Will trouble never en 0?” an<J he ran
“The huge egg opened and In fell the
blackbird 1”
over to the great egg and tried to break
It with his sword. But, of course, he
couldn’t, for the shell was as bard os
iron and thicker than a board.
Aud then a little yellow bird began
to sing:
‘•Hold your golden feather
Underneath the egg;
Then say, “Tlddle dumpty,
Mary, Martha, Meg!”
So Pass did as he was told, although
it seemed Tery foolish to say all those
names, and In the next story I’ll tell
yen wbat happened after that.—Copy
right, 1020.
(To Be Continued.)
Dip Works on Hoosier
on Train From Cincy
David Brummet, 2763 Chester avenue,
had a purse containing $1,185 when he
left'Cincinnati. When be arrived In In
dianapolis the purse and cash were miss
ing, he told, the police.
•■ML Hi URING the month of
Jl, SB© May, 1920 (latest fig
i ures obtainable), the gaso
line production in the
mKaSIZIS United States was 381,-
079,291 gallons, a daily
TiJ n average of 12,292,880 gal
iSi 111© lons, the highest on
record. (Bureau of Mines.)
The rising tide of petroleum con
sumption may be taken as an indica
tion of increased industrial activity
and of the extension of power farming.
The Standard Oil Company (Indi
ana), serving eleven Middle Western
, states where both agricultural and in
dustrial production are high, is bend
ing every effort of its vast and experi
enced organization to produce suffi
v cient gasoline to meet the rapidly
rising demand.
The Standard Oil Company (Indiana)
refineries are working intensively to
obtain the maximum of gasoline from
every gallon of crude oil. Not only
are the methods in use by the Com
pany the most modern known, but
they are carried on with that maxi
mum of economy attendant upon
large-scale operations.
Distribution of petroleum products
by the Standard Oil Company (Indi
ana) is both comprehensive in devel- \
opment and economical in practice.
The Standard OilCompany(lndiana)
offers its highly developed efficiency
as a service to the people of the
Middle West.
Standard Oil Company
910 So. Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111.
Police Ascribe It to Firing by
Disappointed Lover.
A climax of a love affair said tq have
started eight mouths ago in a hospital
at Ft. Wayne was reached at 3:40 o’clock
ibis morning when the disappointed lover
tired four shots from a revolver near
the Methodist hospital nurse’s home,
1550 North Meridian street.
When the police arrived the man had
disappeared, but thpre was wild excite
ment among the nurses. .
The police reports show that W. H.
Madison, 24, formerly an orderly in tho
Ft. Wayne hospital, but who has been
In this city for two weeks, is alleged to
have fired the shots, but that he escaped
following the shooting.
Mtss Mary Maxwell, 20, a nurse, is the
young woman with whom Madison is
said to be in love.
She told thA police she was a nurse
at the Ft. Wayne hospital, where she
met Madison, and that he wanted Her
to marry him, but that she refused.
Miss Maxwell admitted she had ac
companied Madison to Falrvlow park yes
terday, and that she - again refused his
proposal of marriage.
The details of the alleged shooting af
fair are lacking but persons in the neigh
borhood say that three shots were fired
in the rear of the nurses' home building
and later another shot was fired at the
side of the building.
Panhandle Switchman
Is Instantly Killed
Special to The Times.
LOGANSPORT, Ind., Sept. B.—Harley
D. Adams, 23, Pennsylvania switchman,
was instantly killed In the south yards
here Tuesday, when he lost his footing
while attempting to climb aboard a flat
car and fell under the wheels.
He had been In the employ of the com
pany since June.
He Is survived by a widow and two
small children and hie parents, who live
near Starr City.
GREENSBT'RG, Ind.. Sept. B—The .Toe
Welch post, American legion, of this city,
estimates it will realize approximately
$4,000 from the recent annual Jubilee
This money la to be used in buying a
home for the post. Officers of the legion
believe they will hare #IO,OOO in the treas
ury within the next ten months.
45,000 PUPILS IN
Half-Day Sessions Are Sched
uled for Week.
Half day sessions will be the rule at
all public schools the remainder of this
week In order to work out class sched
ules, it was announced at school head
quarters today.
All but two schools opened according
to schedule yesterday.
School No. 7 was not opened because
of repairs which are not expected to be
completed until the last of next week,
WARNINGI Unless you see the name “Bayer’’ on
tablets, you are not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed
by physicians -for 20 years and proved safe by millions.
SAFETY FIRST! Accept only an “unbroken package” of
genuine “Bayer Tablets of Aspirin,” which contains proper direc
tions for Headache, Earache, Toothache, Neuralgia, Colds, Rheuma
tism, Neuritis, Lumbago, and for pain generally. Strictly American!
Handy tin boxes of 12 tablets cost bub & few cents—Larger packages.
Aspirin la th. trad, mark of Bayor Manufacture of Mopoacetlcacldsster of Sallcyllcaeld
while school No, 16 opened but was closed
again today to permit the completion of
Incomplete and unofficial figures com
piled from principals' and supervisors'
reports show an approximate enrollment
of 45,000 in all public schools, 5,220 of
the number being in the three high
The high schools reported as follows:
Arsenal Technical. 2,764; Manual Train
ing, 1,179, and Shortridge, 1,277.
MARION, Ind., Sept. B.—Miss Eleanor
Barker, IndianapoUY* attorney, will ad
dress republican women of Marion at a
meeting tonight. She made an address
at Swayzee last night.
The Reason Why So Many Local Citizens Praise Pepgen
For Stomach, Kidney and Liver Ills Is Because
It Relieves the Cause. Henry J. Huder
and Other Leading Druggists
Recommend It.
Mrs. Mattie Rnbish, 723 S. Illinois
street, Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen re
stored my daughter and son-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. Dexter White, to normal health.
We sure think a great deal of the medi
Mrs. Mary Gilbreath, 1308 Nordyke
avenue, Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen
builds one right up in a hurry. I be
lieve It will give any one who Is af
flicted as I was, prompt relief."
Hamilton Russell, 514 S. Pennsyl
vania street, Indianapolis, says: “It
is my opinion that any person who suf
fers from stomach trouble or is nervous
had better try Pepgen. without delay.”
Mrs. Mattie Wheat, 228 N. Alabama
street, Indianapolis, says: “Yeß, Pep
gen is a great tonic. It quieted mj
nerves, made me stronger and I gained
Just ten pounds while taking It."
Mrs. Ida Sharpless, 39 Alexandra
apartments. Indianapolis, says: "I am
certainly glad io recommend Pepgen. It
relieved" ffltomach trouble, cleared mj
complexion and made me stronger in
every way.” .
Mrs. Harry Martin, 532 Jefferson ave
nue. Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen has
been a great benefit to my husband. He
has a good appetite and eats anything
he desires.”
Mrs. Langcmbers. 406 N. Randolph
street, Indianapolis, says: “I lived on
orange Juice for three weeks before tak
ing Pepgen. Now I eat anything I de
sire without having Indigestion after
John Cox, 605 E. Market street, Indi
anapolis, says: “Fepgen helped my
wife’s stomach trouble wonderfully. It
also relieved kidney complaint. We are
both glad to recommend the medicine.”
Mrs. Elisabeth Plunkett, 23 8. Ala
bama street, Indianapolis, siys: “Pep
gen relieved me of catarrh, from which
I suffered for ten years. It also helped
kidney and bladder trouble.”
Burtls Hicks. 318 Emerson avenue. In
dianapolis, says: “I sure do recommend
Pepgen. It relieved gas and bloating
after eating and made my liver act reg
ularly. I gained four pounds while
taking repgen.”
Mrs. Clarence Dlttmore, 2.519 Prospect
street. Indianapolis, says: “Since tak
ing Pepgen my husband feela better than
be has for five years. His appetite Is
splendid and he sleeps soundly.” i
Mrs. E. Laforge, 615 F.. Norwood
street, Indianapolis, saya: “It gives
me pleasure to recommend Pepgen to
people who suffer with their stomachs,
because I believe It will help them.”
Mrs. I loi*nc WRson, 635 S. Alabama
street. Indianapolis, says: “Since tak
ing Pepgen 1 feel fine. I can eat a big
meal and have no fear of indigestion.
My nerves aro much improved, also.”
William Roesinger. 1956 Dearborn
street. Indianapolis, says: “In my opin
ion Pepgen is a worthy tonic and a
good blood purifier.”
Mrs. Bella Wlnzenread. 1215 Capitol
avenue, Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen is
an honest medicine and one that 1 be
lieve will help others Just as much as
It helped me.”
Mrs. C. R. Stewart. 1634 Barth* ave
nue, Indianapolis, says: “After the way
Pepgen relieved me I feel perfectly safe
in recommending It to other people who
suffer with stomach troubles.”
Clyde Cheek, 2009 W. New York street,
Indianapolis, says: "I think Pepgen Is
the best medicine on earth for stomach
trouble. It did for me what seemed
almost Impossible.”
Mrs. J. W. Icm mo ns, 425 S. Tine
street. Indianapolis. says: “Pepgen
helped ray huYband almost from the
start. We sincerely and gratefully rec
ommend it to the people of Indianapo
Mr*. Henry Andrews, 1002 Olive
street. Indianapolts, says: ’'Since tak
ing Pepgen ray husband's stomach Is In
good condition. It also relieved bis
rheumatism. I am glad to recommend
Mrs. Edward J. Holman, 1514 Finley
avenue, Indianapolis, says: ''Pepgen
helped my husband's stomach trouble
from which he suffered for more than
ono year. It Is a splendid tonic and 1
am glad to recommend it.”
Sirs. Fred Brown, 2111 Bellefontaine
street. Indianapolis, says: ‘‘Pepgen
built up my husband after he had the
Influenza and I certainly hope that ail of
our friends who are suffering as he did,
will try Pepgen.” -
Mrs. .lames Lawrence, 1202 MrDou
gnil street, Indianapolis, says: ''Pepgen
seemed to benefit my husband's entire
system. It gives us pleasure to recom
mend so good a medicine as Pepgen Is.”
Mrs. Mcttie Wethington, R. E. “O” Box
143, Indianapolis, says: "The first dose
of Pepgen ! took helped me. My stom
ach feels better In every way. I am
recommending Pepgen to many of my
Mrs. Henry Phelan, 1814 E. Eleventh
street, Indianapolis, says: "I was
quickly relieved after I started to take
Pepgen. It helped Indigestion and stom
ach trouble.”
Ben Myers. 5114 Twenty-ninth street,
Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen relieved
my wife of kidney trouble, helped her'
stomach and mad© her sleep better. She
has great faith In the medicine.”
E. B. Bennett, 2728 Bellefontaine
street, Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen re
lieved me of constipation, put my stom
ach and nerves in excellent condition and
I never felt better in my life.”
E. 11. Relnkenobbe, 1845 TV. Morris
street, Indianapolis, says: ‘Pepgen did
for me what no other medicine ever did
and I know it Is a fine remedy.”
TVm. Bossert., .11(1 TV. Sixteenth Place,
Indianapolis, says: "I am safe In say
ing that three bottles of Pepgen helped
my wife more than $1,800.00 worth of
other medicines.”
George Murray, 919 Bates utreet. In
dianapolis, says: “Pepgen relieved
rheumatic pains In my limbs and shoul
ders. I am g!gd to recommend the med
icine to my friends.”
Mrs. Homer Foster, 5127 Walnut
street, Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen Is
a ®>ood tonic. It helped my
husband of stomach trouble and im
proved his nerves.”
Mrs. Faye Withered, 3093 E. Wash
lngton street, Infii&iiapolls. says* “I
consider the day I heard of Pepgen the
dsy £ my Ilse - 1 deeply in
health ”*° >e * )gen * or regaining my
Mrs. Andr ew H a big, grocer, Orange
and State streets, Indianapolis, says:
•Pepgen relieved my husband's stom
ach trouble from which he suffered for
tW ji y i ear f' We keartily recommend the
,***•• Reuben Bailey, R. R. “O” Box
142, Indianapolis, says: “My husband
improved very rapidly while taking Pep
gen. It relieved his rheumatism, stopped
b * adach ” and he is looking much bet
*r’fJ,hr,Bt * Uira *- 655 Virginia ave
nue, Indianapolis, says; “i am glad to
’ recommend Pepgen to any one because
It is certainly a good medicine. It re
lieved my kidneys, heart and nerves.”
Mr * - Margaret Perry, 1952 Cornell ave
; nue, Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen re
' -J ore< l nervous indigestion. It also
| cleared my complexion. I surely recom
?, end , th ** medicine because of the bene
i at I derived from It.”
Mrs. (arev Shepard, 524 E New Tnrt
Mrs. John Gaalema, 208 N Libertr
street. Indianapolis, says: “My husband
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I° r , hiln what other medicines
failed to do in the last fifteen years."
Mrs. Decker, 649 BuchaDan street In-
“Since taking Pepgen
*my stomach it entirely normal. I do not
are betfer S ”° r bloatlng and my nerve.

C. B. Love. Carmel, Indiana, savs:
Pepgen rel.eved my uncle. Frank
Strong of stomach trouble. It restored
his color and Increased his appetite.”
„ ” en fT Swift. Rural Route “K,” Box
Indianapolis, says: "Pepgen re-
Leved my wife. Her stomach Is better
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will be glad to recommend Pepgen to
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Mrs. Tiara Wilson, 826 Booth street,
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mother-in-law In fine condition. She
thinks It is the greatest medicine there
Mr.. R. W. Beckman, 220 W. North
street, Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen
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Mr*. A. P. Bougie, 220 N. Illinois
street. Indianapolis, savs: “Pepgen iro
proved my husband's condition won
derfully. It did more for him than anv
other treatment or medicine he ever
Mrs. Eva Ste Hon. 1221% Brookside
avenue. Indianapolis, says: “Since tak
ing Fepgeu my nerves havo grown
stronger, until now I feel as if 1 have
an entirely new set of nerves.”
Mr*. Emma Gibson, 2106 Morgan
street, Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen
built up my daughter who was in a run
down condition. Her nerves are better
and she Is full of vigor and energy.”
Mrs. Daisy Donewitx, 417 N. Noble
street, Indianapolis, s.ys: "Pepgen re
Ueved my mother of Indigestion aud
strengthened her nerves. She recoin
mends the medicine because it has
helped her so much.”
f Mr*. Myrtle Weaver. 137 Leota Street.
Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen relieved my
liver, kidney and stomach trouble, it.
quieted my nerves and cleared my com
Frank Featherotene, 5840 Broadway,
Indianapolis, says: "I want to recom
mend Pepgen because ! think it is a
great medicine and a fine tonic.”
A. R. Heath. 1948 Hillside. Indianapo
lis. says: “Pepgen regulated my kidneys
and my nerTes quieted down. My stom
ach is right and my rheumatism* Is bet
ter. I recommend the medicine."
George A. TVlnrenrewd. 1215 8. Capi
tol avenue, Indianapolis, says: ”1 ad
-1 rise every man who baa a wife or daugli-
I ter who does not feel exactly right to
! have her try Pepgen.”
Harry Settle. 205 N. Temple avenuX In
dianapolis. says: “Since raking Pepgen
1 feel like a different man. I eat heart
ily and 6leep soundly. 1 am certainly
glad to recommend the medicine.”
Sir. A. Lunsford. 1804 Ludlow avenue,
Indianapolis, says: “In a short time
Pepgen made mv husband feel fine. He
can eat anythin? he wants and never
has a sign of indigestion.”
Mrs. Ora Slagel. 963 N. Tibbs avenue.
'lndianapolis, ea.vs: "I want to advis
over.- woman who Suffers with her stom
ach or nerves not to hesitate to take
Pepgen. It is a great tonic.”
rhas. Goins. 310 Parkway avenue. In
dianapolis, says: ‘‘l found Pepgen splen
did. It relieved my cough and im
proved ray appetite. I can eat anything
I like without having Indigestion after
Cha*. Marksbnry, 1877 S. East street,
Indianapolis, says: "Pepgen is a won
derful system builder and auy person
woo is in a run-do*wn condition will do
well to try it.”
Mrs. Sophie MahaffeT. 1325 Bellefon
taine street. Indianapolis, says: “Pep
geu Is surely a wonderful medicine. It
relieved me of stomach trouble. My ap
petite is splendid and I sleep more
Mrs. Mary Rigby, 5879 Central avenue,
Indianapolis, says: 'Pepgen is a won
derful stomach medicine and strength
maker, and for that reason I am glad ta
endorse it.”
Mrs, Amanda Bogardus, 407 W. Nor
wood, Indianapolis, says: “I gained ten
pounds in five weeks while taking Pep
gen. It relieved me of kidney trouble,
pains in my side and back and improved
my appetite 100 per cent.”
Miss Meriam Morris. 138 TV. Eight-*
eenth street. Indiauapolis, tays: “Pep
gen made me feel like my old self again.
It built me up after a case of Influenza
and pneumonia.”
Mrs. Johanna Milner, 1407 Madtsen
avenue, Indianapolis, says: "Pepgen re
lieved my husband of stomach trouble
and he eats foods that he had not tasted
for months. It also helped bis nervous
ness.” —Advertisement.

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