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State Pardon Board Will Hear
Many Petitions.
Twenty-two additional pleas for clem
ency have been filed with the State Par
don Board.
All the cases now on file will be heard
at the quarterly session Sept. 20 to 24.
The new list followa:
Harry Voorhis, Boone County. April 16.
1920. one to fourteen years, grand lar
ceny. Reformatory; Ross Miller, Wayne
County, Nov. 1, 1818, incest, two to
twenty-one years. State Prison; Law
rence Tucker. Marion County, Feb. 15.
1939, ten to twenty years, burglary.
State Prison; Jesse Wolf, Shelby County.
May 6, 1919. two to twenty-one years,
grand larceny. State Prison; Carl Coon?,
Boone County, March 8, 1920. grand lar
ceny, one to fourteen years. Reforma
tory; Hobart Hubbell. Morgan County.
July 10. 1920. ten to twenty years, bur
glary, Reformatory; Isadore Kroot, Ma
rion County, March 16. 1920 receiving
stolen goods, one year. State Farm; Merl
Yocumf Bluffton, Reformatory; Raj-
Hays, Lake County, Oct. 1, 1919. two to
fourteen years, burglary. Reformatory:
Ernest Hill. Lake County, Jan. 25. 1917,
Are to fourteen years, robbery, Reforma
tory; Frank A. George. Perry County,
May 27, 1920, two to fourteen years, as
sault and battery. Reformatory: Lloyd
Haag, Dekalb County. April. 1920. petit
larceny. Reformatory; Andrew Max.
Wayne County. Aug. 8. 1916. life, murder,
State Prison; Donald O. Stanley. Bar
tholomew County, June. 1919. two to
twenty-one years, aiding prisoners to
escape. State Prison; Walter Shively,
Wells County. Oct. 9. 1917, ten to twenty
years, burglary. Reformatory, transferred
to State Prison; Otto Krenn. Wayne
County, forgery. Reformatory; John Hus
ton, Ynnderburg County. April 2. 1913.
life, murder. State Prison: Louis Kitchen.
Spencer County, five to fourteen years,
robbery. Reformatory; William Rashall,
Spencer County, five to fourteen years,
robbery. Reformatory; Donald L.
Storms. Lake County. Oct. 15, 1918. two
to fourteen years, assault and battery to
murder, Reformatory; Henry Risedon,
Connersville. life, murder. State Prison.
Reopened James Perkins, Fayette
County, Oct. 3. 1917, one to fourteen
years, robbery. State Prison.
Ayres Downstairs Store
Sends to the Men and Women of Indianapolis
a Message of real Dollar and Cents Economy.
If the Ayres Method of Merchandising will
Save Tou One Dollar or Five or Ten Dollars
Isn't it to Tour Interest to Shop—At Ayresf
Suk sc* H nFur
Lined JL I Wof t Trimmed
527 5 39 5 47 s s9 aha 5 69
A Real
Pictured are
three of these beau
tiful Coats show
ing three of the
numerous styles
v w
Models which
follow faithfully
the graceful lines
and smart style
touches of the more
expensive gar
ments of rich furs.
They Look Good—Don't They—And They Are Good!
Women Who Buy These Coats Thursday Will Buy Bargains
They are fashioned from the famous Salt's plush
Just the minute you slip into one of them you are going to feel
that it is a wonderful Coat at the price . The quality of the
fabric, the big friendly fur collars and their charm of style—
and then, the low prices!
Truly A Remarkable Coal Opportunity — Don't Miss It!
dOH (gmp&JTy
But Turned Out to Bea Film Shadow
Did you know that Colleen Moore,
that talented little screen actress j-ou
have seen In some of the recent Marshall
Nellan pictures, studied years for the
concert stage?
She graduated from the Detroit Con
servatory of Music and then well, then
she went into the movies.
We have never heard Colleen's voice,
but we have heard some concert singers
who surely would have been better had
they followed her footsteps into the
silent drama.
Perhaps some other girls with a won
derful voice and operatic aspirations
would be willing to become famous ltv
riot using their voice as Colleen has.
Myrtle Stedman Is another beautiful
screen actress who once studied for the
concert stage.
-I- -I- -I-
Irene Franklin and Ralph Herz con
tinue to be the bright lights in "Always
You,” now at the Murat.
The hold that B. F. Keith’s has on
the Indianapolis theater going public is
well shown by the big crowds waiting
for tickets during the opening week of
the season.
"The Whirl of Mirth” is the current
offering at the Park.
Popular vaudeville is to be found at
the Lyric, the Rialto and the Broad
The movies on view today Include "A
Village Sleuth," at the Isis; "The Mutiny
of the Elsinore," at the Colonial; "Hu
moresque,” at the Ohio; “The Orphan,”
at the Regent; "What's Your Hurry 1”
at the Alhambra, and "What Women
Love,” at Mister Smith’s.
-1- -i- -1-
Ralph Dunbar will present his re
vival of “The Mikado" at English's on
Thursday night for the first of four
While here a representative of Mr.
Dunbar will give hearings to Indianapo
lis singers who would like to test their
voices for the operatic stage.
"X want Americans to sing in my
opera,” said Mr. Dunbar in a recent in
"We have just as good, if not better,
voices in the United States as are in
Italy and other foreign countries.
“For example, take Geraldine Farrar,
John McCormick and Orville Harrold.
"They are just three of many. Har
rold once drove a laundry wagon in
CHAPTER LXXI. (Continued.)
And they fell on my heart with heavy
impact. Thud —thud! I hope I’m a
patriot. I know I'm proud of my Neal.
But I wonder if when, the moment of
separation conies, every woman-hea-t
doesn't cry out to Heaven, “Not yet. Not
today! Ob, let me keep him a day
But I bit my lips and steadied my
voice as I murmured:
"Boy, dear—l'm proud of you! There
will be no soldier finer than my brother.
Muncle, Ind., and sang as his horse
trotted from house to house.
"Then he joined the Apollo Club, a
local musical organizations, and before
long his talent was recognized.
"Harrold studied diligently and suc
“The Hoosler folks who once allowed
him to call for and deliver '.heir slilrti >
and collars now pay $lO co hear shim i
sing a cycle of songs.
"My plan of giving local singers a
hearing helps the worthy jnd may be
the means of developing more Harrolds |
and McCormicks and Farrars,” claims
Mr. Dunbar.
-I- -I- -I-
The Circle today changes its bill by
replacing "The Jack-knife Man," a quiet
little movie with a heart appeal, for the
exciting “Go and Get It,” which recently
played to big business at that house.
"Go and Get It" is a story concerning
a newspaper reporter and a murder mys
Onion Price Increase
Boosts Crops $40,000
Special to The Time*.
SOUTH BEND, Sept. 15— Increases In
the Chicago wholesale price for onions
has added $40,000 to the value of the
St. Joseph County crop. Grocers declare
that their onions could not be marketed
at the former price without loss.
A New Serial of Young Married Life
By Ann Lisle
A Real
One may choose
a loose or belted
model, either in 34,
or 46 inch length,
just a matter of
* ▼
Beautifully lined
with figured or
plain satins rich
in texture and dur
able in quality
with various style
Oh, Neal—how gloriously proud father
will be!"
Then we sat and planned for a little
while. How soon he'd be a corporal
when he'd got the sergeant's third stripe
—and how long after that before they'd
discover that he was “officer material.”
Other women—all over the land—have
talked like that I’m sure. And other
women have folded In a tear or two, like
lavender, between layers of socks ami
ties and linens as they packed for tholr
soldier boy.
But Neal didn't see the tears. I was
the sister of a soldier now, and if my
loneliness was complete I bad to be a
line enough woman to bear it without
stealing his strength to help me meet It.
By 6 our packing was finished, and
then came a wonderful twilight chat. Wo
sat close together on the big couch. Neai
forgot his boyish horror of being “soft,”
and sat—quite unashamed—his fingers
locked In mine. Whispered confidences,
little promises—onr youth conjured up
again. Then Neal—very shyly:
“Babbs—do you think I might have
this evening with Phoebe? We may start
tomorrow in order to report Monday. I
don’t know yet.”
“You shall have it, lad, dear. I'll see
to that,” I promised rashly.
But how Virginia was to be managed,
I didn't know. Then into our quiet room
came Jim and Phoebe aglow with the
zest of their afternoon. We told them
that Neal was starting for camp at once,
and Jim took It as the best news In the
world. But Phoebe started back with
star-lit eyes and trembling lips.
‘Oh, Neal!” she cried, “I’m so proud—
and so lonesome.”
“Not yet. You aren’t going to be lone
some yet awhile Phoebe," cried Neal,
beaming with tender joy because she
cared. "We're going to have this even
ing—ls Jim Is willing."
Phoebe turned to Jim—cheeks ablaze
hands flying out to him.
•‘Virginia!” she pleaded. "Make her let
me have this one evening.”
“This evening is yours by every right
In the world, children,” said Jim. "I’ll
coroe with you and tell Je&nie.”
Then he limped out with them to claim
their one evening from Virginia. After
live minutes ha came back alone—and
with quiet understanding of what Neal’s
And Now You Can Get the Great
New Edison Phonograph
On These Startling Terms
Pay Nothing Down on
the Instrument —
Just Buy a Few Records
This offer means just what it says. Select any model, any finish,
and pay merely for the few records you will need to play on it.
The New Edison and the records will be delivered at once; pay
ments on the instrument start at the end of 30 days.
This offer is made only to readers of the Indiana Daily Times, and
is for a limited time only; come in at once if you want the genuine
New Edison, the “Phonograph with a Soul.”
The Edison Shop
122 North Pennsylvania Street Opposite Keith’s
Prepare Your Children
to-meet the duties of tomorrow
Return your empty
milk bottles prompt
ly. Without bottles
we can not make de
liveries to you.
going meant, he caught me to him.
"You'll be lonely, honey. I wonder
If It wouldn’t be better for you If we
arranged to share an apartment with
Jeanie and Phoebe?” he said.
The future of our country rests
with the children of today.
Don’t handicap your children
by not paying attention to their bodily growth.
Give them plenty of milk and
aid them to grow up healthy, strong in body
and mind.
No food furnishes the elements
necessary for energy and growth as thoroughly
as milk.
“Give the youngsters lots of
milk, with meals and between meals, in every
form possible. Milk is the best all-round nour
ishing food for developing a healthy body.”
—Jtew England Dairyman, January, 1920.
Milk gives the greatest return for
the money spent. Many Indianapolis families, realiz
ing the belieftt to be obtained from milk, are using a
quart a day for each child in their family. Why not
order a quart of Polk's for each child in your family ?
Best Milk
Ask Your Physician.
Order by Phone. North 852, Auto. 23-331
I gasped and my heart misled a beat.
How could I tell Jim that Virginia and
I weren't even on speaking terms?—
(Copyright, 1920.)
(To Be Continued.)

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