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G. A. R. Event Schedule for Tomorrow
Tomorrow’s program for the eneampmknt of the G. A. R. and auxiliary
organizations follows:
G. A. K.
10 A. M. —National patriotic instructor.
Commander Hosea w. Reed will meet
'department and post patriotic instructors
in the Y. M. C. A. auditorium Illinois
and New York streets.
2 P. M. —National council of adminis
tration, national headquarters, Claypool
7:30 P. M.—Campfire. Tomlinson Hall.
W. K. C.
9.30 A. M.—Business session of con
vention. Central Avenue Methodist Epis
copal Church.
2 p. M. —Afternoon session of conven
7:30 to 10:30 P. M.—lndianapolis W. R.
C., assisted by the Department Presi
dents' Co:ps, Jesse S. Ogden, No. 112,
Danville, Ind., will be “at home” to all
visitors. Mezzanine floor Hotel Lincoln.
8 A. M.—Meeting of the advisory coun
cil, national headquarters, Denison Hotel.
3d Indiana cavalry, 1 p. m. room 410,
Statehouse (Appellate courtroom).
Bth Indiana cavalry, with WHlich’s
brigade. Tuesday, Sept. 21, 10 a. m., Su
perior court, Room No. 3, cour house.
11th Indiana volunteers, Tuesday,
*l, all day. Room 411, Statehouse (Ap
pellate Court consultation Room No. 1).
ijth Indiana cavalry, Tuesday. Sept,
si, io a. m. to 2 p. m., George H. Thomas
room, courthouse.
14th Indiana Volunteers, with Ist
Brigade. 3d Division. 2nd Army Corps.
Tuesdav. Sept. 81, 9 a. m., assembly
hall, Oid Library building.
15th Indiana Volunteers, w;ch 2nd
Brigade, 2nd Division, 4th Army Corps,
Tuesday. Sept. 21, 9 a. m., room 210-211,
Federal Building. .
16th Indiana Volunteers, with Bur
bridge’s Brigade, Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9
a. m., Circuit Court room, courthouse.
17th Indiana Volunteers, with 2nd
Brigade, 2nd Division, 4th Army Corps.
Tuesdav, Sept. 21, 9 a. m„ rooms 210-211
Federal Building (Judge Anderson’s
courtroom). . ,
18th Indiana Battalion, with Wilder s
Brigade, Tuesday, Sept. 21, a. m., Juve
nile Court, room No. 1, courthouse.
24th Indiana Volunteers, Tuesday, Sept.
21 2 p. m.. Railroad Brotherhood hail.
Saks Building (just east of New York
Store on third floor, south end. Take ele
26th Indiana Volunteers, -Tuesday, Sept.
21, 10 a. m., Superior Court, room No. 4,
27th Indiana Volunteers, Tuesday. Sept.
21, 10 a. m., room 26, When building.
(One square east and one-fourth square
south of monument.)
S2nd Indiana Volunteer:, with Willich's
Brigade. Tuesday. Sept. 21, 10 a. m.. Su
perior Court, room No. 3, courthouse.
33d Indiana Volunteers, with Coburn’a
Brigade, Tuesday. Sept. 21. all day. room
317. Statehouse (Supreme Court room).
40th Indiana Volunteers, with 2nd
Division, 4th Army Corps, Tuesday, Sept.
21, 9 a. m., rooms 210-211, Federal Bulld
51th Indiana Volunteers, Tuesday, Sep
tember 21, 9 a. m.. Central Christian
Church, corner North Delaware and Wal
nut streets.
57th Indiana Volunteers, with 2nd
Brigade, 2nd Division. 4th Army Corps,
Tuesday. Sept. 21. 9 a. iu., rooms 210-211,
Federal Building.
V h Indiana Volunteers, wilb 2nd
Brigade, 2nd Division, 4th Army Corps,
Tuesday. Sept. 21, 9 a. m., rooms 210-211,
Federal Building.
S7th Indiana Volunteers, with Bur
bridge's Brigade. Tuesday, Sept. 21. 9
a. m.. Circuit Court room, courthouse.
68fh Indiana Volunteers. Tuesday. Sept.
21. 9 a. m., room 327, Statehouse (south
lobby to Senate chamber).
7jPh Indiana Volunteers, Tuesday, Sept.
21, 2 p. m., 6002 E. Washington street
(Home of W. H. H. Shank. Take East
Washington Car.)
72nd Indiana Volunteers with Wilder's
Brigade. Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. m.. Juve
nile Court Room No. 1. courthouse.
84th Indiana Volunteers Tuesday, Sept.
21, 9 a. m., Superior Courtroom No. 2,
rourthouse: also Whitacre's Iron Brigade,
Commissioners’ courtroom. All day.
99th Indiana Volunteers Tuesday. Sept.
81, 3:00 p. m., Central Christian Church,
corner North Delaware and Walnut
streets. Called by Mrs. Maude Lucas
Rumpler. a daughter of late Chaplain D,
ft. Lucas.
101st Indiana Volunteers Tuesday. Sept.
, 21, 9 a. m., rooms 245, Federal Building.
(Grand Jury Room.)
116th Indiana Volunteers with Persim
Healthy, Happy Men
Millions keep well this way
Millions of men have now found the
health secret. You know many such —hale,
happy always.
Keeping fit was once not so easy.
But now all men can keep their health at
par. The method is simple. Medical science
endorses it. Doctors recommend it.
Millions have found health this way.
Nearly everyone knows that con
stipation brings on most forms of disease.
But heretofore, slow-acting cathartics, un
certain of results have been used,* because
few people knew the importance of prompt
action from a physic. Few knew that germs
multiply by minutes in a clogged intestinal
tract. *
Now eminent physicians have
taught the vital need of promptness in re
moving waste matter from the human
system. Time, they say, is the first con
sideration. A laxative must act promptly
and completely , because waste matter in
the intestines quickly generates poisons.
Why constipation brings ill health
These poisons become absorbed
in the blood. Mental depression, foul
breath, muddy or pimply skin are outward
results. More serious—this condition is a
frequent cause of Bright’s disease. It is an
invitation to colds, headaches, influenza,
pneumonia and other ailments.
The waste must be removed at once.
A day—even half a day —is too long to wait
for results from a physic. That is why old
fashioned laxatives were unsafe. Their slow
ness and uncertainty endangered health. To
mon Brigade, Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. m.,
G. A .Jj. Hall. 222 East Maryland street.
117th Indiana Volunteers with Persim
mon Brigade, Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. in.,
G. A. R. *Hall 222 East Maryland street.
118th Indiana Volunteers with Persim
mon Brigade, Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. m.,
G. A. R. Hall, 222 East Maryland street.
132nd Volunteers Tuesday, Sept.
21, 9 a. m.. No. 56 K. of P. Lodge Room,
119 East Ohio street. (3d floor.)
154th Indiana Volunteers Tuesday, Sept,
21, 9 a. m., Roqms 233-234, Federal Build
ing (East Courtroom.)
Ist Ohio Volunteers with Rousseau’s
Brigade, Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. m., Super
ior Courtrcoip No. 1, courthouse.
4th Ohio Volunteers with Ist Brigade,
3d Division, 2nd Corps, Tuesday, Sept.
21, 9 a. m., Assembly Hall, Old Library
sth Ohio Volunteers with Ist Brigade,
2nd Division, 20tU Army Corp3, State
house Senate chamber, Tuesday, Sept. 21,
9 a. m.
7th Ohio Volunteers with Ist Brigade,
2nd Division, 20th Army .Corps, Etate
house Senate Chamber, Tuesday, Sept. 21,
9 a. m.
Bth Ohio Volunteers with Ist .Brigade,
3d Division, 2nd Army Corps, Tuesday,
Sept. 21, 9 a. in.. Assembly Hall, Old
Library Bldg.
lOtb Ohio Cavalry, Tuesday, Sept. 21,
9 a. m.. Room 329, Statehouse (North
Lobby to Senate Chamber.)
155th Ohio Volunteers with Willich's
Brigade, Tuesday, Sept. 21. 10 a. m„ Su
perior Court, room No. 3, Courthouse.
17th Ohio Volunteers, Tuesday, Sept.
21, 1:30 p. m„. 706 State Life building.
(Take elevator to seventh floor and go to
south end of hallway.)
26tn _?'jio Volunteers, with 2nd Bri
gade, 2nd Division? 4th Army Corps,
Tuesday, Sept 21, 9 a. m.,? rooms 210-211
Federal building. (Judge Anderson's
29th Ohio Volunteers, with Ist Brigade,
2nd Division, 20th Army Corps, ‘State
house Senate chamber, Tuesday, Sept. 21,
9 a. m.
49th Ohio Volunteers, with Willich’s
Brigade, Tuesday, Sept. 21, 10 a. m ,
Superior Court, room No. 8. courthouse.
64th Ohio Volunteers, with 2nd Bri
gade, 2nd. Division, 4th v-Army Corps,
Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. m., rooms 210-211
Federal building
65th Ohio Volunteers, with 2nd Bri
gade, 2nd Division, 4th Army Corps.
Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. m., rooms 210-211
Federal building.
66th Ohio Volunteers, with Ist Bri
gade, 2nd Division, 20th Army Corps,
Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. m., in Statehouse
Senate chamber.
83rd Ohio Volunteers, with Burbridge’s
Brigade, Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. m.. Cir
cuit Court room, courthouse.
96th Ohio Volunteers, with Burbridge’s
Brigade. Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. m.. Cir
cuit courtroom, courthouse.
97th Plilo Volunteers, with 2nd Bri
gade, 2nd Division, 4th Army Corps,
Tuesday, Sept. _2l, 9 a. m., rooms 210-
211 Federal building.
42nd Illinois Volunteers, with 2nd Bri
gade, 2nd Division, 4th Army Corps,
Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. m., rooms 210-211
Federal building.
51st Illinois Volunteers, with 2nd Bri
gade, 2nd Division, 4th Army Corps,
Tuesday, Sept. 21 9 a. m., rooms 210-
211 Federal building.
98th Illinois Volunteers, with Wilder's
Brigade, Tuesday,, Sept. 21, 9 a. m., Ju
venile courtroom 'So. 1, courthouse.
WOth Illinois Volunteers, with 2nd Bri.
eade. 2nd Division, 4th Army Corps,
Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. in , rooms 210-211
Federal building.
123rd Illinois Volunteers, with Wild
er’s Brigade, Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. in.
Juvenile courtroom No. 1, courthouse.
4th New York Heavy Artillery, with
Ist Brigade, 3d Division, 2nd Army
Corps, Tuesday. Sept. 21. 9 a. m., Assem
bly Hall, Old Library building.
40th New York Volunteers, with Ist
Brigade, :'-d Division. 2nd Armv Corps.
Tuesday. Sept. 21. 9 a. m.. Assembly Hall,
Fid Library building.
73d New York Volunteers, with Ist
Brigade, 3d Division, 2nd Army Corps,
Tuesday, Sept. 21. !) a. in., Assembly Hall,
Old Library Building.
74th New York Volunteers, with Ist
Brigade, 3d Division, \2nd Army Corps,
Tuesday. Sept. 21. 9 a. m., Assembly Hail,
Old Library Building.
86th New York Volunteers, with Ist
Brigade, 3d Division, 2nd Army Corps.
Tuesday. Sept. 21. 9 a. m.. Assembly flail,
Old Library Building.
124th New York Volunteers, with Ist
Brigade, 3d Division, 2nd Army Corps.
insure prompt, complete bowel action, thou
sands of well-informed physicians in this and
other countries now prescribe a harrftles3
mineral water. This water is known as Pluto.
It acts unfailingly. It is certain and quick.
The reason is the minerals it contains.
How prompt relief is now attained
- > -V
These minerals soften the waste
accumulation. The water helps to flush it
gently away. Results are never-failing.
They are prompt and complete. The action
is pleasant and gentle—entirely free from ths
griping effects of cld-fashioned cathartics.
An invigorating drink of Pluto, and
the poisons are soon flushed away. Health
is safeguarded, normal activity restored.
One.feels like anew person!
Ask at your druggist’s for a bottle of
Pluto Water. Try it in your home. Take it
first thing in the morning or before meals.
Learn for yourself its pleasant, harmless
action. Note how prompt the results —how
certain and complete. Safeguard your
health, and feel fit once more.
Pluto Water is equally effective for
children and grown-ups. Asa laxative take
>4 tumbler of Pluto; as a aathartic, y 3 tum
bler; as a purgative, y 2 tumbler —add hot
or cold water to fill glass. Pluto is remarkably
efficacious, too, in treatment of kidney dis
eases. Many people take Pluto periodically
even though their bowels move regularly. In
this way they ward off dangerous constipa
tion. For health, keep Pluto always in your
home. Bottled at French Lick Springs,
Indiana. Your physician prescribes it.
Tuesday, Sept 21, 9 a. m.. Assembly Hall,
Old Library Building.
28th Pennsylvania Volunteers, with Ist
Brigade, 8d Division, 2nd Army Corps,
Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. m., Statehouse,
Senate chamber.
99th Pennsylvania Volunteers, with Ist
Brigade, 3d Division, 2nd Army Corps,
Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. m„ Assembly Hall,
Old Library Building.
110th Pennsylvania Volunteers, Ist
Brigade. 3d Division, 2nd Army Corps,
Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. m., Assembly Hall,
Old Library Building.
132nd Pennsylvania Volunteers, with
Ist Brigade, 3rd Division, 2nd Army
Corps, Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. m., As
sembly Hall, Old Library Building.
41st Pennsylvania Volunteers, with Ist
Brigad®, 3d Division, 2nd Army Corps,
Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. ru., Assembly Tlall,
Old_Library Building. 1
147th Pennsylvania Volunteers, with
Ist Brigade, 2nd Division, 20th Army
Corps, Tuesday, Sept, 21, 9 a. m., State
house. Senate chamber.
Second U. i-L. Sharpshooters, with Ist
Brigade, 3d Division, 2nd Armj: Corps,
Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. m., Assemoly Hall,
Old Library Building.
24th New Jersey Volunteers, with Ist
Brigade, 3d Division, 2nd Army Corps,
Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a.'m., Assembly Hall,
Old Library Building.
28; ii New Jersey Volunteers, with Ist
Brigade, !Jnd Division, 20th Army Corps,
Tuesday, Sept. 21. 9 a. m., Assembly Hall,
Old Library Building.
4th Maine Volunteers with Ist Brigade,
3rd Division, 2nd Army Corps, Tuesday,
Sept. 21, 9 a. m., assembly hall, Old Li
brary building.
17th Maine Volunteers with Ist Brigade,
3rd Division, 2nd Army Corps, Tuesday.
Sept. 21, 9 a. m., assembly hall, Old Li
brary building.
ist Maine Heavy Artillery with Ist
Brigade, 3rd Division, 2nd Army Corps,
Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. m., assembl yhall,
Old Library building.
20th Kentucky Volunteers with 2nd
Brigade, 2nd Division, 4th Army Corps,
Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. in., Rooms, 210-211
Federal building.
Wilder’s Brigade, 17th Indiana, 72nd
Indiana. Ninety-eighth Illinois, 123rd Illi
nois, 18th Indiana Battery, Tuesday, Sept.
21, 9 a. ru., Juvenile Court, Room No. 1,
Rousseau's Brigade, Ist Ohio Volun
teers, 6th Indiana Volunteer, sth Ken
tucky Volunteer, Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9
t. m., Superior Court, Room No. 1. court
Willich's Brigade (Bth Indiana Cav
alry, 15th Ohio Volunteers. 49th Ohio Vol
unteers, 32nd Indiana Volunteers), Tues
day, Sept. 21, 10 a. in., Superior Court,
Room No. 3, courthouse.
Rurbride’B Brigade (10th Indiana Vol
unteers. 83rd Ohio Volunteers, 96th Ohio
Volunteers, 60th Indiana Volunteers).
Tuesday, Sent. 21, 9 a. m., Circuit Court
room, courthouse.
Coburn s Brigade (33rd Indiana Volun
teers, 85th Indiana Volunteers, 19th Mich
igan Volunteers, 22ud Wisconsin Volun
teers, 9th Ohio Battery Artillery), Tues
day, Sept. 21, all day. Room 317, State
house tSupreme Court room).
Persimmons Brigade (116th, 117th and
118th Indiana Volunteer*), Tuesday,
Sept. 21, 9 a. m„ O. A. R. hall, 222 East
Maryland street.
2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 4fh Army
Corps and 26th Ohio Volunteer* (42nd Il
linois, 51st Illinois, 15th Indiana, 40th In
diana, 57th Indiana, 58th Indiana, 51st
Indiana, 28th Kentucky, 15th Missouri,
6ith Ohio, 97th Ohio). Tuesday. Sept. 21,
9 a. m.. Rooms 210-211 Federal building
(Judge Anderson's court room).
Ist Brigade, 2d division, 20th Army
corps, Tuesday. Sept. 21, 9 a. m.. Room
328 (Senate chamber), sth Ohio 7th
Ohio, 29th Ohio, 6th Ohio, 28th Penn
sylvania, 147th Pennsylvania.
Whitacre's Irou Brigade of C'hlcka
mauga (40th Ohio volunteers, 84th In
diana volunteers, 96tli Illinois volunteers
and 115th Illinois volunteers), Tuesday,
Sept. 21, all day, Commissioners’ court
room courthouse.
Ist Brigade, 3d division, 2d corps (Han
cock a>, Tuesday, Sept. 21. 9 a in., as
sembly hall, Did library building (one
half square north rrt Monument). 14th
Indiana 4th Ohio. Bth Ohio, 4th Maine,
17th Maine, Ist Teavy artillery
Maine, 24th New Jersey, 28th New
Jersey, SOrh New York, 124th New York,
4th New York Heavy artillery, 78<1 New
York 74fh New York, 99th Pennsylvania,
110th Pennsylvania, 141st Pennsyvlanl*,
132d Penaylranla, 2d United States
Survivors of the Battle of Shiloh. Tues
day, Sept. 21, 1:30 p. in.. Criminal court
room, courthouse.
Survivors of rebel prisons, Tuesday,
Sept. 21, all day, Room 308 Statehouse
(House of Representatives). Headquar
ters ail week.
National Association Civil War Music
ians headquarters all week twelfth floor
Odd Fellow Hall (one square south, one
square east of Monument). 1
Loyal liegion—Coionel Perry’s com
mand, Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9 a. m.. Board
of Trade parlor (one square north of
Society of the Survivors of the Ram
Fleet and Marine Brigade. Tuesday, Sept.
21, 1:30 p. m., city council chamber (one
square north, three squares east of
Brigade reunion, consisting of the 40th
Ohio, 96th Illinois, 84th Indiana, 145th
Illinois Infantry regiment, Tuesday, Sept.
.21, 9 a. m., Salvage uorps, New York and
Adelaide (block north and one-half
block east of City Hall).
T. J. Harrison Post No. 30, Kokomo,
Ind.', Orfamdo A. Somers, Tuesday, 10:30
a. m. Castle Hall, 3d floor K. of P.
building. 230 East Ohio street.
SEPT. SI, 1&S0.
—Tomlinson Hall—
2 p. m., memorial services, Auditorium.
Masonic Temple, Illinois and North
3 p. m.. exemplification of ritualistic
work, Auditorium. Masonic Temple.
9 a. m. first business session. Supreme
Court room, Statehouse. Memorial serv
ice during morning session.
1:30 p. in., business session, Statehouse,
3 p. m., adjournment to receive greet I
ings from allied patriotic orders.
2 p. v m., councll-in-chief, meeting for
auditing and peeking books and ac
counts and transacting its annual busi
ness at Hotel Severln.
8:30 p. m.. Get acquainted party of 8.
of V. and 8. of V. auxiliary in conven
tion ball at Hotel Severin.
9 a. m., business session, House of
Representatives, Statehouse.
9:30 a. m., opening session of the
Thirty-fourth Annual Convention, Eagles’
Lodge room. 42 West Vermont street.
2 p. m., scsssion of convention.
8:30 p. m.. informal “Get Acquainted
Party.” In ballroom of Hotel Beverln, un
der auspices of the Benjamin Harrison
Camp, Sons of Veterans, aud auxiliary
of Indianapolis.
Bursted Valve Frees
Ammonia Fumes
Bursting of a valve on < no of the fee l
pipes in the Klngan & Cos. refrigeration
plant, releasing ammonia fumes in the,
main tank, with a pressihee of eighty
pounds behind it, brought visions of a
recurrence of terrorises’ atrocities to
minds of Indianapolis citizens and vis
itors early Sunday morning.
For a region of about one mile square
the air d’Ss dense with ammonia fumes
and telephone nnd poUge headquarters
were heseiged with frantic calls for help
and information.
A night engineer at the plant donned
a gas mask and succeeded In pugging
the damaged valve.
It is estimated that damage will
amount to several hundred dollars.
Peeling the Skin is
Better Than Bleaching
Ever since the discovery that ordinary
mercollxed wax would absorb and re
move a discolored cocnplexiou. Its use hy
ladles as a substitute for bleaching
creams has growu rapidly. A perfect
complexion can tie maintained Indefinite
ly if this remarkable substance is used.
Its bem-floent cleansing, clearing and
preservative action Is quickly apparent,
and ladloe who have been paying high
prices for “special - bleach” from beauty
apeclalisls, soon recognize that nicr
eolized wax outranks them tUi. It has
become so popular that IT .Tin be op
tcliyel at all druggists’, who bast* It
In original, one ounce package* *The
favorite way of using is to apply It liks
cold cream, before retiring, washing tt
off ln the morning
The saxollte lotion for wrinkles and
flabbiness has alao become extremely
popular. One ounce of powdered *uxo!ite
Is dissolved in one half pint witch
hazel Bathing the face In this has a
remarkable effect ln erasing wrinkles nod
Jr Improving contour.—Advertisement
Stay Nervous, Weak, Pale, and
Hold Out Much Longer.
Cardui Helped Her.
Dublin, Va.—Mrs. Sallle Ilugheti,
of Route 2, this place, recently re
lated her Interesting experience In
recovering her health, saving: "when
i. . . came on I was in a very bad
condition and nothing the doctor
gave me did me any good. Some say
you have to let this take its course
. but 1 knew there ought to
be something to give relief. I wan
nervous, weak and pale. I couldn't
eat or sleep to do atfy good, and felt
I couldn’t stand this very long.
"I heard and read of Cardui, and
how It had benefited other women la
the same condition, so decided to use
it myself. After my first bottle I felt
better, so of course kept It up, and
It did the work.
“It helped mo as nothing else did.
I began to pick up right away. I ate
and slept and could rest. I knew I
was getting better. 1 kept it up and
it did wonders for ;nc.”
Thousands of women, suffering as
this Virginia lady <lld, have used
Cardui with equally happy results,!
and voluntarily relate tholr ex
periences so that other*, troubled!
with disorders common among wom
en, may learn to take Cardui.
Let your druggist supply you, to-i
After you eat—always use
(Tor Vour stOMAcrfs sake)
—one or two tablets—eat like candy.
Instantlyrelieveslleartbum, Bloated
Gassy Feeling. Stop3 indigestion,
food souring, repeating, headacheand
the many miseries caused by
E ATONIC is the best remedy, it takes
the harmful acids and gases righbout
of the body and, of course, you got
well. Tensof thousands wonderfully
benefited. Guaranteed to satisfy or
money refunded by your own drug
gist. Cost a trifle. Please try it!
Dr. Glass liu posi
tive proof that lie
bee discovered a
•ueecHgful remedy, w
need at home, In I
any ellninte, wiiii M
no returir of the V
(ilaeaee. For further V lity
Information addree*. i“g'-J&ff
masonbldg., T
CAL. Advertise- t
ment. *
Salvation Army Gets
$1,773 From Ball Game
Claude S. Wallin, dlfector of the base
ball frolic in which teams representing
the Rotary and Kiwanls clubs, the city
hall and courthouse, contended at Wash
ington park Aug. 14, reported today that
the Salvation Army home service fund
was enriched f1,773.35 by the proceeds.^
Total receipts were $2,184.13 and ex
penditures $410.78.
In the advance sale of tickets the Ki
wanls Club led with $644.50 worth, with
the others as follows: City hall, $538;
Rotary Club, $346.50, and courthouse,
Sate of programs by twenty young
women under the direction of Miss
Bertha Gel man, stenographer to Mayor
Jewett, brought $120.13.
Indianapolis Woman Says She Don’t Re
lieve Pershing’s Army Could Excite
‘ Her Since Using Perfect Tonic.
t >-
“Before I took Trutona I was so ner
vous that if anyone stepped up on tho
porch I would jump'jmd my heart would
Mutter, but I don’t believe It would ex
cite me now, if Pershing’s army were
to walk up on the porch,’’ Mrs. Myrtle
Herman, a well-known Indianapolis
woiqpu who lives at 831 South Chadwick
Street, declared recently to a Trutona
“I had tried so many different medi
cines without getting any relief from
lay indigestion aud nervousness, that I
was skeptical about any. preparation,"
sh continued. “Everything I ate seem id
to sour in my stomach and I would
belcli up such bitter, sour stuff after
meals. I was annoyed by heartburn all
the time aud I was very constipated. In
fact, I was In a terrible condition when
I began using Trutona
“Trutona has proven to be the one
medicine that would reach my case and
1 simply feel like anew woman in every
respect, since using the Perfect Tonic.
Eruptions of the Skin
Cause Torturous Itching
If you aro afflicted with any form
of akin disorder, you are well ac
quainted with the llaming, burning.
Itching that theso diseases produce.
So many people continue to suf
fer from eczema, tetter, and other
forma of skin disease because they
do no(. seek the source of their suf
fering. and no disease can be suc
cessfully combated unless attacked
at its source.
Bkin diseases are caused by an
impurity or disorder in the blood,
and there Is no real and genuine
relief within your reach until such
impurities are removed.
Pate Children Meed Iron
Iron in Syrup form is more readily digested
and assimilated than Iron Pills or Iron Tablets,
and naturally you get quicker results. The
digested as soon as it is swallowed and, there
• fore, is promptly assimilated. You can soon
feel its Strengthening, Invigorating Effect. *
The Syrup is flavored and children love to
take it. Contains no Nux-Vomica or other
poisonous drugs, therefore, it can be given to
The Babe, The Child, The Mother and The
Grandmother with perfect safety.
iron Tonic
Prica 60 Genfs.
Look for this signature on the package.
Conditional Bequest
Made City Hospital
The City Hospital will receive a be
quest of SIO,OOO from the estate of the
lato James A. Lane, who lived at 2030
Park avenue, provided the city council
raises a like amount, Corporation Counsel
Samuel Ashby announced today.
Mr. Ashby said he would present the
matteT to the council soon.
HARTFORD CITY, Ind., Sept. 20.—The
memory of the Rev. Alonzo Hemlnger,
Hartford City man, who waa killecLjrfhtle
serving as a missionary in West Africa,
last April, was honored at memorial
services Sunday at the Presbyterian
I’m not one bit nervous now and I can
eat just anything without suffering tho
former bail after effects. I have some
appetite, too. Why, I eat like I never
did before. My bowels act as regularly
as clockwork now. I sleep like a log
all night long, also.
“Yes, I can heartily recommend this
wonderful medicine, Trutona. to every
one who puffers as I did.”
Asa combatant of stomach, liver and
bowel troubles, sleeplessness, nervous
ness. loss of appetite and the like, Tru
tona is without a peer. It Is equally as
efficient as a reconstructive agency for
overcoming the after effects of deep
colds, pneumonia and influenza. Let
Trutona rebuild your nerves and tis
sue, and restore the strength which hot
summer weather has sapped. Give the
Perfect Tonic a trial today, and enjoy
the vigor of life which is sure to fol
low. A good, healthy body almost in
variably wards off the ‘flu.’
Trutona Is sold In Indianapolis at the
Hook Chain of Dependable Drug Stores,
and alao at O. W. Books’ Drug Store.
Pennsylvania and Ohio Streets, and by
all good druggists everywhere.—Adver-.
This explains why disappointment
comes from the use of lotions, salves,
ointments and other local remedies.
S.B.S. has given great satisfaction
in the treatment of these disorders,
because it is such a thoroughly sat
lnfactory blood purifier. It cleanses
the blood of all impurities, and thus
counteracts the Vffects of the germs
that attack the skin.
Begin taking 8.3.8. today, and if
you will write a complete history of
your case, our medical adviser will
give you expert advice without
charge. Address Chief Medical Ad
viser, 822 Swift Laboratory, Atlanta,
Ga. -Advertisement.
Indianapolis People Who Have Suffered With Stomach,
Kidney and Liver Troubles for Years Now Say They
Are Relieved of Their Ailments—Big Firms
Like Henry J. Huder and Other Leading
Druggists Recommend Pepgen.
Mrs. Norman Haekett, 436
Holmes avenue, Indianapolis, says: i
was left in a weakened condition by in
fluenza. 1 took Pepgen and began to feel
better immediately. Pepgen also helped
my son.”
Mrs. Albert Ev*n. 650 Birch avenue,
Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen
my husband of stomach troubles" it
also did wonders for my mother,
all recommend the medicine.
'Mrs. W. 11. Welst, 651 Holly street,
Indianapolis, says: “I had
for three years. 1 tried every . “
I heard of, but nothing ever did me any
good till I took Pepgen.”
Rev. Owen MeCune, pastor of the Free
Christian Church, on Sangster avenue,
and residing at 1126 East Twenty-Second
street., was relieved of stomach
according to his Fife’s statement, who
savs: "We will gladly recommend Pep
geit to all who need a tonic for the
stomach or kidneys.’
Miss Jeannette Cadwalder, telephone
operator. 2120 Broadway, says: I was
In a rundown condition and iny stomach
was out of order. Pepgen made me
much stronger and my nerves are de
cidedly steadier."
Charles Miller, 330 Orange street, In
dianapolis, says: “My blood was im
pure. due to the bad condition of my
stomaeh. Pepgen cleared my complexion
and helped me in every way. I gladly
recommend the medicine.”
Mrs. Dorn Wasson. 914 South East
street, Indianapolis, says-, “Pepgen was
very beneficial to my husband. It re
lieved catarrh, built him up and he
gained five pounds while taking the med
Jacob Helium, apartment No. 21. 23
South Alabama street, Indianapolis. sayß
- certainly believe Pepgen to be a first
class medicine. It relieved me of consti
patlon. It helped my wife of the same
ailment.” ,
Mrs. R. Peters, 90$ South East street.
Indianapolis, says: ‘Since taking Pep
gen roy stomach trouble has been re
lieved. I eat things I -couldn’t eat be
fore I have gained In weight and I
feel like ij, different woman.”
Herbert Shepherd. 2120 Broadway. In
dianapolis, says: "I glsdly recommend
Pepgen to al! who need a good tonic.
I believe It to be especially good for
kidney trouble.”
Mrs. Walter Plake, 1214 East Twenty-
Third street. Indianapolis, saya: “My
husband had stomach and liver trouble.
After ho bad taken only a small quantity
of Pepgen be was feeling very much
Mr*. Frank Foy. 812 East Twenty-
First street, Indianapolis, says: "I know
'that I’epg-’ti is a good tonic. It relieved
me of bladder trouble and nervousness,
anil I recommend It to all of my
Mr*. D. J. McGrath. 1310 Fletcher ave
nue. Indianapolis. sayai “Pepgen re
lieved mo of Indigestion. I recommend
the medicine to any one who suffer*
with the ailment. I believe they will
get relief.”
Mr*. J. W. Whiteside 732 Islington
avenue, Indianapolis, says: “I had In
fluenza and it left me In a rundown con
dition. i’epgen built me tip and I recom
mend it to any one who suffer* as I did."
Vs. A. Mundy. 3367 North Illinois afreet.
Indianapolis, says: “Everything I ate
would cause formation of ges. T took
Pepgen and It put me In first class con
dition. I recommend Fepgca highly."
Mrs. Frank Castor. 8319 North Capitol
avenue. Indianapolis, says: “I suffered
with stomach trouble and was Retttng
works right along. Pepgen relieved me.
It Increased my appetite and I gained
nine pounds.'’
Mrs. Anna Sommer*. 4C7 South Tine
street. Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen N re
lieved my stomach trouble. Increased my
appetite and I feel better all around.
I would recommend Peppen to people
who are nervous and run down.”
Kenneth Seay. 627 E. North street.
Indianapolis, says: “I suffered with In
digestion and nervousness. A friend re
commended Pepgen to me. It relieved
me In a short time. I believe It to be
a very reliable medicine.”
Mrs H. Shepherd, 2120 Broadway,
Indianapolis, says: "Since taking Pepgen
I hnve been feeling fine. I have a good
appetite and eat things that are hard to
digest, without having any trouble.”
Mrs. Frank Whitlow, 1409 English ave
nu? Indianapolis, sayai “Sine* taking
Pepgen I am in much better condition.
I have recommended Pepgen to neighbors
and friends. It is the best medicine I
ever took.”
C. C Brooks of the City Fire Depart
ment, president of the City Firemen's As
sociation, says: “Pepgen made a great
change In me, it increased my appetite
and I ’have recommended It to the T>oys
In the department.”
W’. B. GrlfT*. secretary of the City Fire
men's Association, who lives at 400 N.
Oxford street. Indianapolis, says: "My
stomach hadn't been right for ten years.
Pepgen relieved me of all my troubles.”
Conrad W. Barger, of the City Fire
Department, whose home is at Broadview
Apartments. Broad Ripple, says: "Pep
gen was mighty good for me. It put my
stomach In good shape and I recommend
the medicine.”
Mrs. E. P. Van Imran, 1122 Trowbridge
street.’ Indianapolis, says: “I had kidney
and Madder trouble for two years. I
took Pepgen and it gave me wonderful
relief. I gained six pounds while taking
Mrs. Margarot Perry. 1932 Cornell ave
nue. Indianapolis, who is 76 years old.
says: “Pepgen has surely made me feel
fine. I gladly recommend it to any one
who is In need of a good system builder.”
Sirs. Isidndß Kimball, 1433 Columbia
avenue. Indianapolis, says: “I was a suf
ferer from stomach trouble. Nothing
helped me until I got Pepgen. I recom
mend the medicine with confidence and
Mrs. John Cross, 630 W. Abott %tAet,
Indianapolis, says: "I have taken a
great many kinds of medicine In the ef
fort to secure relief from stomach trouble,
but Pepgen has done me more good than
all the rest."
O. P. Nrablt of the Indianapolis fire
department, living at 433 Fulton street,
says: “I most certainly recommend Pep
gen to v any one who has stomach trouble.
It is a splendid tonic. I gained 20 pounds
while taking it.”
Sirs. J. Gedlg. 007 Lincoln street, In
dianapolis. says: "Since I have taken
Pepgen I am happy to say that I am
feeling fine. It relieved stomach trouble
and severe headaches.” *
Mrs. L. K. Grove, 910 E. Twenty-second
Btreet, Indianapolis, says: "I am willing
to recommend Pepgen because it certainly
helped me in many ways."
Mrs. Frieda Sprecher, 542 Jones street,
says: "This wonderful tonic Pepgen has
been a great benefit to me. All my aches
and pains have left me and I get good,
sound sleep at night. I gladly recom
mend the medicine.”
Mrs. T. Bleistein, 906 Wright street,
Indianapolis, says: “I had stomach and
liver trouble. Pepgen relieved me of my
ailments. I feel a great deal stronger.
I believe Pepgen is a mighty good medi
Mrs. E. Huff, 1333 W. Twenty-eighth
street, Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen
made a complete change in my condi
fioi. I recommend it because it has done
me so much good, and I feel sure it will
benefit others."
Mr. L. Ayres, 310 Harris avenue, In
dianapolis, says: “I am certainly glad
I tried Pepgen. It relieved my stomach
trouble, increased my appetite and T
cine ”** BIX ponndß wh,le taking the medl-
Maynard Fillmore, 219 N. Traub street.
Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen certainly
proved to be the medicine I needed. I
haven’t had any stomach trouble since
taking It. It Is a splendid remedy.”
Mrs. William Watters. 537 Lord street.
Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen certainly
made a wonderful change in my condi
tion. My appetite improved and my
sleep became more Sound. I can do all
of my work without feeling exhausted.”
r V H * rrlJ, • 2503 Jackson street.
MJB: “Pepgen has
str ngtbened my appetite. It also regn
J** “J l9 ' 1 ™ n,<! "commend
och , k. * Dy ° ne BDfffr,D * with stem
ach trouble.”
Ind.Tn. M “n CO " er - 520 Xorth street.
Indianapolis, says: “The change Pep
gen made l n me was wonderful. It gave
n " nd 1 gßln,Bn P° un <^
I cheerfully recommend Pepgen.”
ii ter i aIEDOBt immediately. Her anne
pounds™’””' 1 1 TANARUS,
my h "'l*l °d fin. r0.n1,. It ,p.
IS congestion of the stomach We
and recommend u^ Shty * ood “^^ine
i 561 Belmont svenot^
gratified* owidth 0 width sh* 1 “ l am certainly
f™'®? with the results I obtained
[t u nse of Pepgen. In mv opinion
Ihe system 0 .” Ul toDic for ”P
avenue 285 Wurman
catarrh ra i P °*’. s ' was relieved of
thp heaJ by Pepgen, accord
ing to the statement of her mother.
Mrs. 8 f. Scarce, 266 North Holme*
avenue, Indianapolis, says: “From mr
experience with Pepgen I would say
*J B * ff ? d Ly nic for children. It helped
m.v eon Maurice, who is 12 years old."
s-rl!?' A , n GoId "- 23 South Alabama
SiTett Indianapolis, cays: , ‘Ppn<--*n
greatly Improved ray entire system ?
have recommended the medicine to a
ando M so. maDV P °° p,e and wlu to
Mr*. Nellie Harris, 437 Blake street In
'frr^thr 118, 8ay8: “* had stomach trouble
for three years and was discouraged
I epgen surely benefited me. It improved
rh’lng. PPet tP aDd 1 Caa eat almost ny-
Brady - 433 Bright street, In
dianapolis, says: "Mv husband had
stomach and kidney trouble for about
five yea.s. Since taking Pepgen he 1*
feeling much better. H e |fts good
sound sleep and he does not have' the
sick spells he used to have.”
r A ? na W ! lal ''y 133 North Noble"
Pn.ttnn 1 K dlanap °T a ' *V |: " l recommend
Pepgen because I surely thick it is the
best medicine for stomach trouble. I u
not begin to tell the benefits I have re
ceived from the medicine.”
r *- c ,f' ro **U.~ 121 E. Vermont street.
Indianapolis, says: “I had stomach trou
Pjf fo . r fire years. Pepgen relieved me
mend 111 J C ' Pt ‘ lal *
Alfred Foy, 1121 E. Twenty-second
street, Indianapolis, says: “Since takin-
Pep*en my wife sleeps better and her
digestion is fine. I can see a great change
lit her for the better. We recommend
Mrs. Jessie Jamison, 2258 Yandes street.
Indianapolis, says: "Influenza left- me
In a run-down condition. Pepgen built
me up and I can say I am feeling great.
I recommend Pepgen.”
Mrs. F. P. Lacey, 2132 Columbia av®jliue.
Indianapolis, says: "I suffered with kid
ney and liver trouble. Pepgen gave me
fine results. My appetite is line and the
aches and pains have practically leii/*
W. C. Home*. 652 E. Tenth street, In
dianapolis, .says: "Since taking Pepgen
my buck dees not ache any more and I
get much more restful sleep. Pepgen has
benefited me greatly.”
Dominie Gary. 60S N. Pine street. In
dianapolis, says: “I am vefy glad to
recommend Pepgen. In my estimation It
Is a great medicine for the stomach—it
Is simply splendid.”
Mrs. R. K. Morris, 807 E. Fourteenth
street. Indianapolis, snys: “After taking
Pepgen for only a short time T consider
myself about froe ffom stomach trouble.
I gladly recommend the medicine to other
Mrs. Harry Kountz, 1153 Evinson street,
Indianapolis, says: "Influenza left my
husband in a terrible condition. He be
gan to improve immediately upon taking
Pepgen. We both recommend the medi
Mrs. F. E. MeComb, 2080 Cornell ave
nue, Indlananoils. says: “I thoroughly
believe that Pepgen Is as near to an ideal
tonic as will ever be discovered.”
Mrs. August P. Wacker Jr., nurse, 2917
W. Tenth street, Indianapolis, says:
“Pepgen relieved me of Indigestion. After
my delightful experience I am telling all
of my patrons about Pepgen.”
• Mrs. Jennie 'V:Jlee. 1436 Cornell ave
nue. Indianapolis, nys: "Pep-ren gav
me a nood appetite. Mv food digests
well and my tre->.-ml condition Is great!v
improved. "I gl.idlv recommend Pepgen.”
Mr*. Lillie t><ueh. 2107 Columbia ave
nue, Indianapolis, sas-s: "Since taking
Pepgen I sleep fine and my nerves are
much stronger. In fact, I feel better In
a great many wavg.”

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