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Charles Koeppen, Milwaukee.
Claims Hospital Patient.
Charles Koeppen. 41446 Thirteenth
etraet, Milwaukee, Wis., today identi
fied amnesia victim ‘‘No. 1” at the City ■
Hospital as his sen Erick Koeppen, .12, ]
who disappeared from his home in Mil
waukee about six weeks ago.
Erick, however, failed to recognize his
father and declared he did not remem
ber having seen him before.
It was almost six weeks ago that the
man appeared at police headquarters
and said he had been 111 and was un
able to tell his name or anything about
where he formerly lived or what 4 em
ployment he had followed.
The stranger was sent to the City
Hospital, where physicians said he was
suffering from amnesia.
A few days later a second, amnesia vic
tim appeared, but this mtn was later
Identified as C. C. Cathcart, an ex
soldier from St. Mary’s, Canada.
The police have tried vainly'to identify
Koeppen. ,
A careful examination of his clothing
showed that a necktie he was wearing
had been purchased in Mitawnkee.
The man’s picture was sent to the
police of Milwaukee with a statement of
the case and John T. Janssen, chief of
police of that city, remembered that
Koeppen had reported his son missing
at about the same date that the amnesia
victim appeared in Indianapolis and he
sent for him.
Koeppen appeared at local police head
quarters and showed a letter of in
troduction from Chief Janssen.
“My son is a bookkeeper,” Koeffen
explained, ‘‘and he is married and has
one child.
“When he was 16 years old he fell
from a bicycle and suffered a severe in
jure to his head.
, “Since that time he has suffered such
severe headaches that it was necessary
for him to remain in bed for two or
three days at a t : *ue.
“It was during of those times
when he had been ill with n headache
that he got up from his bed, dressed
and walked from the house.
"My son never served in the army or
navy.” *
“The stars Incline, but do not compel.”
While Jupiter rules strongly for good
today, according to astrology, Yenus
changes from benefle to malefic aspect.
Uranus is strongly adverse.
Business enterprises of all sorts should
benefit during this positing of the stars.
Commerce should benefit through some
rather daring venture Initiated by West
ern financiers.
For capitalists and all who possess
large resources extraordinary opportuni
ties for adding to wealth will come ag’ \
through foreign countries.
Lawyers will have great prospei
from this time on for there will be an
unusual amount of litigation.
There is an auspicious rule for profes
sors and teachers of every class. A col
lege professor is to receive high honors
through a political party.
Love affairs are subject to the most
variable and uncertain influences that
make for fickleness ami unfaithfulness.
It is not a lucky wedding day, since
they who pledge their troth when
Uranus frowns may soon find that they
cannot agree.
Women will start a national movement
that will mark a great step forward in
the progress of the arts, the seers de
clare. This will In some manner knit
together the forces that cherish beauty
and develop the higher talents.
Persons whose birthdate It is may have
a most eventful year, in which their re
sourcefulness will be tested.
Children born on this day may be too
carefree to be quickly successful in ob
taining an education or in progressing
in business. They will probably have
great possibilities if they are wisely
trained.—Copyright, 1920.
Club Plan Creates
Interest in Battery A
The plan of forming an athletic club
out of members is serving to increase
enlistments in the famous old Battery A
of the Ist Regiment, Field artillery, In
diana National Guard materially, offi
i-e.-s announced today.
The outfit Is being reorganized at the
rtmory at Sixteenth street and Senate
arenue, enlistments being received from
7 to 9 o’clock each evening.
The battery wilt be motorized by the
War Department as soon as at least
fifty members are enrolled and a supply
of athletic equipment is on hand ready
for use.
National guardsmen receive pay which
equals one-fourth of that of the regu
lar army, which, in the case of a pri
vate Is $7.50 per month and this la
serving as an added incentive for en
listment, officers state.
Keeper and II Others
Fined for Gambling
George Praenger. proprietor of a pool
room at 1933 Lexington avenue, was
found guilty yesterday aftetoeon in City
Court of the charge or Keening a gam
bling house and fined $lO s/ ! costs
nnd sentenced to .serve tmrty days in
Eleven caught in the rnid were
each fined $5 and costs for gaming.
Charges against a 16 year-old boy
were dismissed. F>ut charge# against a
14-year-old boy caught in the raid will
be tried in Juvenile Court.
So many thousands of women have
been restored to health by Lydia E.
Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound that
there is hardly a neighborhood iu
any city, town or hamlet iu this
country wherein some woman has
not found health in this good old
fashioned root and herb remedy. If
you are suffering from some wom
anly ill, why don’t you try it?
Just the n meat you apply Mentho
Sulphur to an Itching, burning or broker
out skin, the itching stops and healing
begins, says a noted skin specialist. Thi
sulphur preparation, made into a pleasant
cold cream, gives such a quick relief,
even to fiery eesema, that nothing hai
•var been found to take its place.
Because of Its germ-destroying prop
erlles, it quickly subdues the itching
cools the irritation and heals the ecsema
right up, leaving a clear, smooth skin in
place of ugly eruptions, rash, pimples or
You do not have to wait for improve
ment. It quickly shows. You can get a
little jar of Mentho-Snlphur at any drug
Store. —Advertisement, I
§slo.oo Sample Plaid and
Accordion Pleated Skirts
Sample Skirts,.new plaid and all-wool ac
cordion plea ted.
Blue serge Skirts. S. if |f[
. Values to $lO 4^
Wednesday—A Noteworthy Event
Children’s Winter Coals
of lovely Egyptian plush, quilted and interlined,
youthful and individual in their various clever modes.
Chic and becoming; f!Sßgil|B jM SI#
sizes 2to 14; $lB val- fLgJS JT OPl^
ues; special Wednes- h*
'lay •
Girls’ Winter Coats
J \ I / AH wool material; sizes 2 to 10 All
y[ [jf l years; a one-day special;
v good assortment of colors aud " B ■ I
• styles; $9.50 value
Men!! A Real Opportunity to Bay
* 1 9 8S *24* fl|
Bona Fide Savings of sls to S2O 'wtj
Wednesday Sale ol Men’s Pants 1 f
$8.50 MEN’S DRESS $4.00 MEN’S WORK $4.00 MEN’S CAR- V
blue serge, neat —Neat striped wor- —Also Sweet Orr I r*
stripes and green, steds. Sizes 28 to tnd Headlight Brand, f I
broiyn and blue flan- 42. Special Wednea- heavy blue, white j l
nels. Special— day— back donimß Aj j
$5.95 $1.95 $3.15 M
t Boys’ Hand-
Tailored Suits
$25 Values Reduced to
Made of the finest all wool
1 1 \ \ 6/3 tweeds, cashmeres and home
/\ I A spuns. alpaca lined throughout;
11 \ l double-breasted models, some
/111 \ class and kick in these suits;
I I \ \ specially new patterns of gray,
Uv rr oxford, brown, green and tan
I mixtures. Sizes up to 18.
iyf) \ V Boys’ Two-Pants Suits
i Si $10.75
SB | The greatest suit value you
iga have seen in many years; in
L / green, brown and gray mixture,
fully cut garments. Sizes 8 to 17;
$lO Boys’ Suits Reduced to q .g
$lO Boys’ Mackinaws Reduced to. IJ
$lO Boys’ Overfoats Reduced to.. ■ ■ %J U
Presenting, Wednesday, the
.. Ultra-Modish in
New Fall Sample
For Women and Misses Who
Seek Exclusive Types
Suits portraying the vogue for the com
ing Fall -and Winter seasons are de
veloped from rich materials in ex
quisite shades. Every new conceit of
fashion found in advance models. Beau
tiful silk lined French serge suits. Sizes
16 to 44. Special Wednesday—
Fall and Winter Suits
The season’s latest fashions for women
and misses. Charming, new, youthful
models at popular prices. Braid and but
ton trimmed—
Big Sale of
__ , -75# ft bought in
pJ way they
would sell
Jgßeffijfr for more.
V This extraor
chase em
i ISw-gy R brace s 600
YyP/1 beautiful
dresses, suit
a^e or dress
(/\j school wear.
j/ I / YJT Offered at
(j \ll t * iese two
Extra Special!!
Fur Trimmed
Plush m
Coats M
suitable for women
and misses. Sizes 16 to
w* T
Women’s and Misses’ Silk and
Muslin Underwear
Pink and Satin Wonderful assort- Pink Crepe de
Camisoles, dainty ment of Cami- Chine Envelope
lace and ribbon soles; come in Chemise; all sizes,
trimmed, extra navy, red and lace and ribbon
special flesh; all sizes.... trimmed
49c 98c *1.79
Wednesday Special
Satin, Taffeta, Flowered
Georgette and Silk
In shades that lead in better
grade dresses. Full range of
sizes in many models for
women and misses. The price
of these dresses is exception
ally low. Special Wednes
sls.oo Values
t- V ' ''l
The Following Local Citizens Tell How They Have
Been Aided—Stomach, Kidney and Liver Ills
Vanish —Henry J. Huaer and Other Leading
Druggists Recommend Pepgen. J
C. R. Day, 1141 Park avenue, Indi
anapolis, says: “Pepgen relieved my
kidney trouble and backache. I sleep
more soundly and feel better In every
C. Alvardo, 412 E. Court street. In
dianapolis, says: “Pepgen did me a
wonderful lot of good. It relieved my
kidney trouble.”
Mrs. Carrie Heger. 2315 E. New York
street, Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen
helped roy three girls. It increased their
appetites and the change in their con
ditions is wonderful. I am glad to |
recommend the medicine.’’
Mrs. Charles Delveaux, 1962 Cornell
avenue, Indianapolis, says: “Sinta tak
ing Pepgen I feel better than I have
for a long I eat heartily and
- soundly. 1 am glad to indorse the
•medicine to all my friends and ac- i
Sirs. Ray Rittenhouse, 1206 Sturm
street, Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen re
lieved my mother of a severe case of
stomach trouble. We are very thankful
for what the medicine has done for- her
and It certainly gives me pleasure to
tell our experience.’’
Mr*. Lillian Garrett, 262 North Eastern
avenue, Indianapolis, says: “I have not
had a severe attack of indigestion since
I began using Pepgen. 1 sleep good and
feel better all over.”
Omer N. Ellis, Winston apartments.
21? H North Illinois street. Indianapolis,
says: “Pepgen went right to the seat
>f my. trouble and gave me relief from
Carl McCoy. 428 North Illinois street,
• Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen is an cx
i ceptlonally fine medicine for the stomach.
|lt makes you feel good all over. It is
! a pleasure for me to give this endorse
■ ment.”
Mr*. Charles Crosby, 1412 Churchman
avenue, Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen re
; llevcd my husband of stomach trouble
! and nervousness. It is a splendid tonic
i and we both recommend It.”
Mrs. Minnie llrey. 526 West Vermont
i street. Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen acted
as if it were especially made for my
! case. My general health Is better in
j every nay since taking it.” v
Mrs. Edward Schneider. 1830 Singleton
street. Indianapolis, says: “I think Pep
gen is a great tontc and system bnilder
1 and my husband Joins me in recommend
| Ing it. lt % relieved him of pains in his
| back and stomach."
j. xf Walts. 1312 Union street. In
t dlanapolis, says: “Pepgen helped our
son. HU stomach doesn’t bother him in
j the least and we feel that we owe a big
! debt of gratitude to Pepgen.”
Mrs. C. A. NeUler, 36 W. Vermont
street. Indianapolis, tays: “I am glad
f„ (cl! about the benefits 1 received from
am! I fpM mire thst nnv woninn
v.-ho 8 I did will get equally g-od
Tom Sheehan. Pig Four switchman.
1018 Rates street. Indianapolis, says: ”1
know from experience that Pepgen is far
I better than other medicines. It relieved
indigestion and increased my appetite.”
Mrs. J. A. Brown, 727 West Twenty
seventh street, Indianapolis, says: “Pep
gen is s wonderful medicine. It made
me stronger and built up my nervous
Mrs. Kate Mnllen. 221 West South
street. Indianapolis, says: ’’Since tak
ing repgen my food doesn’t sour in my
stomach and distress me l am not
nervous and I know rcpgen benefited
j me.”
Mrs. Thomas Scott. 531 South Dela
ware street. Indianapolis, says: “1 fear
that mr words do not do Pepgen justice,
for the medicine is even better than I
j am able to describe.”
Mrs. Julia Adama. 705 Ft. Wayne ave
nue. Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen relieved
I me of stomach trouble and indigestion
and 1 think it both Just and right for
me to recommend the medicine to oth
t crs. It is fine.”
Mrs. 8. C. Freeman, 943 English ave
nue Indianapolis, says: “Since taking
1 Pepgen I feel like a different woman. I
sleep fine at night." I am a great deal
stronger, too. I sure do recommend
Pepgen.” V .
Mr#. Ella Ayers. 934 Chadwick street.
Indianapolis, says: “I am glad to in
dorse Pepgen. It is a great strength
maker It relieved stomach trouble and
built me up generally.”
Mrs Clara C. Badgley. 920 Bates street,
Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen gave my
daughter quick relief from stomach trou
ble She has a better appetite and can
eat anything she desires. 1 am glad to
recommend the medicine.
Mrs. W. T. Wheatley, 902 East Morris
street, Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen re
lieved my son of stomach trouble and I
can conscientiously recommend it to other
James A. Kirk. 715 Roaehe avenue. In
dianapolis. says: “Pepgen eliminated
my stomach distress. It also relieved
rheumatism, made me sleep more soundly
and I feel better than 1 have in years.”
Mrs. Faye Austin. 60 East. LeGrande
avenue, Indianapolis, says: "Pepgen
helped my husband, my daughter and
myself. After our experience. I can
recommend Pepgen as being a first-class,
reliable medicine.”
Ernest Craig. 1612 Fletcher arenuo, In
dianapolis. says: “X am glad to recom
mend Pepgen. It relieved me of a case
of stomach trouble, and I believe any one
who suffers from this ailment should try
C. C. cash. 1514 Market street. Indian
apolis, says: "To all my friends who
suffer from stomach trouble I want to
say that Pepgen is a far better medicine
than you can realize until you try it.”
Nn, A. G. Flel. 1C22 West Morris
street. Indianapolis, says: “My father
gained several pounds In weight while
Faking Pepsin. It built up his rundown
condition and relieved him of stomach
Mrs. John Carlin, 2820 Walker street
Indianapolis, says: “To all women who
feel nervous, have indigestion, headaches,
backaches, who can’t sleep soundly and
who have not sufficient strength, I say
by all means take Pepgen.”
Mrs. W. Shinn. 310 Pine street, Indian
apolis, says: “Since taking Pepgen my
husband feels much better. His appe
tite is splendid And there is no doubt
that Tepgen has been a grest help to
him.” /
Mrs. Mary Eaton, 239 West Morris
street, Indianapolis, 6ays: “Pepgen has
been a wonderful relief to me.- It is
the only thing that ever helped me after
I had Influenza."
H. L. Crommcr, 1006 Ashland avenue,
Indianapolis, says: “Asa tonic Pepgen
sure can not be beaten, ahd any person
who feels that they need more strength
will make a big mistake if they dpn’t
try it.”
Mrs. Jessie Arnold, 1401 Olive street,
Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen built up
my father’s system after he had in
fluenza. He is not troubled with head
aches. has a good appetite and feels bet
ter in every way."
M. Cunningham, 1049 Sheffield avenue,
Indianapolis, says: "After taking Pep
gen I can truthfully say that I feel 100
per cent better than I did before.”
Mrs. Mary Striggow, 1621 Draper street,
Indianapolis, says: "Since taking Pep
gen sour stomach, bitter taste in the
mouth, distress after eating and wakeful
nights have disappeared. I recommend
the medicine as an honest tonic.”
A. C. CarroD, 439 East. Vermont street,
Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen is a won
derful tonic. I had taken it only a week
or so when I felt like a different man.”
Mrs. Mary Ilaeyer, 126 West Southern
avenue, Indianapolis, says: “After the
first few doses of Pepgen 1 felt improved.
My anpetite returned and 1 could sleep
soundly. Pepgen means everything that
stands for good health.”
John If. Nelson. 10OS Ashland avenue,
Indianapolis, says: “It gives
me pleasure to endorse Pepgen. Only
those who are troubled as I was can ap
lyeciate what 1 think of the medicine."
F. S. Jared. 1029 East Washington
street, Indianapolis, says: ”My wife
rook Pepgen with the most gratifying
results. It relieved her of stomach
trouble, improved her appetite and
strengthened her nerves.”
Mrs. * F,. J. Brosnan. 820 Division
Rtreet. Indianapolis. says: “PepgCu
helped my husband's nerves, relieved hi* .
stomach trouble and made him sleep more
J. W. Smith. 715 McCarty street, In
dianapolis, says: “I never found any
thing that gave me satisfactory relief un
til I tried Pepgen. It is the best medi
cine I ever took and I highly recom
mend it,” v
• Mr#. C. Schneider, 1518 South Meridian
street. Indianapolis, says: "Pepgen <t*r- -
tainly is a tine preparation. If acted on
my son like a charm. 4t relieved bis
headache, cleared his eompViion and in
creased his appetite.”
Mrs. Val Sturms, 927 Division street,
Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen is a n*'>st
excellent medicine. It relieved my hus
band of stomach and liver troubles with
which he suffered the greater portion of
his life.”
Mr#. John Smith, 419 North Pine street,
Indianapolis, says: “I advise every per- •
son who has stomach trouble or who is
annoyed by headache or pains in th<
back to try Pepgen. It is a wonderful
Thomas Friar, who lives at the Puritan
Hotel. Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen re
lieved me of severe headaches. It in
creased my appetite, too. 1 recommend
the medicine because I feel it is my duty
to do so.”
•t. B, Powers, 1457 Lee street, Indian
apolis, says: “repgeu acted on me al
most like magic. A numbness in my
limbs has disappeared. I have a splen
did appetite and no trouble with my
Mr#. Henry Phelan. 1314 East Eleventh
street, Indianapolis, says: “X was quickly
relieved of stomach trouble and nervous-'
ness after I started to take Pepgen. I
feel that I esn not endorse it too highly.*"
Mrs. Mary Holder. 218 Noble street,
Indianapolis, savs: “Pepgen relieved my
son-in-law of intense misery caused by
stomach trouble. 1 am certainly glad to
recommeud it." •
Mrs. j. M. Alee. 1409 North King ave
nue, Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen h #
-been the means of making me. a well
woman. It strengthened my nerves and
mad© me sleep better than I had for
* W. F. Golden. 633 Ixickbery street, In
dianapolis. says: “I want to say that
Pepgen is a mighty tine tonic, for it cer
tainly helped me. Tt”relieved me of kidr
ney trouble, backache and a tired, draggy
Mrs. Sadie Rollen. Vtrginia^Bf;‘ l
nee. Indianapolis says “Pepgen HQ
mv stomach. M nerves ere" st
while taking I: .'r.l my headache
less often than before. 1 am
recoin mend it ”
Mr*. V 1 lenst -heftbeid :
Indianapolis, sms “pepgen is
1 take i->,j in ni:nfndlnj#Bßr i-l
those v h i suffer with stomach iflH
Mrs. Joseph N. Dow, 2433 Northwel^^te
atenue. Indianapolis, says: • Slgce
Ing Fepcen my husband is better in
way. It byjit up his system,
his appetite and made him sleep
soundly.” ■
William Schnlbley. 2512 Feris avenue,
Indianapolis, says: “After using Pen
gen my wife felt like anew woman. FL'r
nerves were steady, her appetite was
good and she had gained weight. It cer
tainly gives me pleasure to recommend
this wonderful tonic.”
Andrew Maa*s. 421 East Morris street,
Indianapolis, says: “I tried many med
icines for my stomach trouble but noth
ing seemed to give me much Relief until
I took Pepgen. Pepgen hit the spot and
I recommend it to others."
Mrs. T/ouella Armstead. 1014 Sterling
street. Indianapolis, snys: “Since taking
Pepgen my entire system Is better. It
relieved a pain in my side, eliminated pa#
formation in my stomach and I am not
bothered with dizzy spells."
Frank Broyles, farmer. Bridgeport. In
diana. says: “I speak honestly when f
say that Pepgen has been worth more
than SI,OOO to ray health, and I am glad
recommend it."
William Bossert. 316 West Sixteenth
street. Indianapolis, says: “1 cm mra
that Pepgen Relieved my wife: otherwise
T would not recommend it. The rheum--
tism in her limbs and arms is ranch bet
ter and she feels better all ovgr.”
James Dolan. 1015 Harrison street, In
dianapolis. says: "Since taking Pepgen
I feel 100 per cent better. My stomach
does not torture me, I eat whatever l
like without any bad after-effects.” *
J. W. Bagga.-ev, 631 North Division
street. Indianapolis, says: “Since taking
Pepgen I have a very keen appetite and
enjoy all my meals. I sleep soundly ami
feel fine when I get up in the mornlm:.
Any person who is in a run-down ©*uxdi
tlon had better try Pepgen."
Mrs. Harry Williams, 2822 Chester
street, Indianapolis, says: “Pepgen re
lieved me of nervous dyspepsia, and my
wife of neuralgia. We both gained in
weight and it is a pleasure for us to rec
ommend the medicine.”

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